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29.12.2009 | 四百在手

如果唔係因為政府強徵五十蚊信用卡服務稅, 我就唔會cut晒我啲信用卡.. 如果唔係因為要cut晒我啲信用卡, 我就唔會去用積分換禮物.. 如果唔係因為要用積分換禮物, 我就唔會有以下呢八張現金禮帣.. 哇哈哈哈(請以梅超風氣量笑出)~~ :D

2009年冇任何升官發財或者橫財就手, 不過年關將至嘅今日, 至少仲有呢四百蚊慰勞一番.. 冇橙得個桔都好啦!! 而家諗緊呢四百蚊, 應該點樣去敗得痛快呢?? 唔好諗住要打劫我啊警告你, 哇哈哈哈(請以梅超風氣量笑出)~~ :D
if not because of the mandatory RM50 service tax the government imposed for every credit card, i would not have gone to cancel off my cards.. if not because of cancelling my cards, i would not have gone to redeem my rewards points.. if not because of the rewards point redemption, i would not have had these eight pieces of cash vouchers.. muahahaha~~ :D

the year of 2009 did not bring my any huge prosperity, but approaching the end of the year, at least i have a consolation prize of RM400 richer.. half a loaf is always better than none right?? so i'm now thinking deep, how should i spend this money, to make myself happy?? warn you, don't ever think of robbing me ok?? muahahaha~~ :D

27.12.2009 | 肉球天使

今日個標題似乎三級情慾咗啲, 唔好意思呀各位伯虎, 其實我所指嘅係呢一味「免治豬肉球天使麵」啫, 哈哈!!

冇錯喇, 呢味就係在下另一親手下廚之作喇!! 我煮嘢唔叻, 但係呢味都叫做食得吓人.. 其實我覺得煮意粉, 只要花點心思, 都好難會煮得唔好食囉.. 各位朋友, 為大家介紹, 免治豬肉球配黑椒蛋白汁嫩蘆筍天使麵.. 簡簡單單, 但係滿足感十足..
today's post title literally translate to "meaty angel", a little R-rated i think, but ooops.. i am refering to this "meatball angel hair" actually, haha!!

yes!! you are right, this was another dish that i cooked myself!! i'm certainly not a good cook, but this pasta was at least not too bad.. to me, as long as you put in some heart, i would think it's quite impossible that you could cook your pasta inedible.. hi there everyone, let me introduce pork meatballs on angel hair with baby asparagus in light creamy egg-white sauce with crushed black peppercorn.. a very simple, yet very satisfactory dish..

23.12.2009 | 愛不釋手

話說上星期公司搞交換聖誕禮物, 預先聲明唔可以買朱古力呀曲奇餅之類, 結果皆大歡喜.. 我就抽到呢隻馬騮仔, 在此為我玩具王國呢個新成員, 正式改名為Fing-Fing啦!! 係唔係好靚仔呢?? :p

it was our company's xmas gift exchange last week, a rule was set to ban any kind of chocolates and cookies as gift, hence everyone happily got themselves something more "tangible".. i got myself this chimpanzee plush toy, another new member to my toy kingdom, and let me officially name him Fing-Fing!! nice name for such a handsome dude huh?? :p
去年我為公司每位同事準備小小聖誕禮物一份, 當係一份心意.. 開咗個頭, 今年梗係不可赦免啦.. 今次唔再一堆垃圾喇, 而係每人一個小型盆栽擺設, 加聖誕曲奇一個, 自己再親手做賀卡同個透明禮物袋(with絲帶架)包起嚟.. 嘩!! 我又唔得唔再次讚嘆我自己嘅心思囉, 出嚟效果好鬼靚, 連我自己都愛不釋手囉~~ :D

last year i gave a little christmas gift to every colleague as an appreciation for working well together, hence there is no reason for not doing so this year.. instead of junk load, this time i got each a mini decorative bonsai, a piece of cookies, and then i handmade the greeting card and transparent gift bag (with nice ribbons ok?).. put everything together, wow, i just have to say i was impressed!! the gift looks really cool and even myself love them so much till reluctant to give away~~ :D

20.12.2009 | 年度盛事

每一年嘅年終, 公司都例牌會搞個聖誕晚餐同交換禮物.. 我哋公司仔, 唔似得大公司咁大排筵席搞晚宴同幸運抽獎.. 之不過簡簡單單咁, 都叫做係每個人都looking forward嘅年度盛事, 大家樂也融融咁, 都好開心架..

it has been a ritual for our company to organise a xmas dinner & gift exchange every year end.. we are a small company, hence we do not have ball & dance dinner and lucky draw like large organisations.. but instead we have simple ones that everyone is looking forward to, kind of our annual big event where everyone gets along happily..

[交換禮物] 每年肯定有一次, 但係我突然驚覺: 咁快又一年喇??
[gift exchange] though compulsory every year, i just realised how fast it's another year again..

[聖誕晚餐] 今年大家似乎食得好斯文喎, 可能係太多肉啦, 哈哈!!
[xmas dinner] everyone was surprisingly modest this year, perhaps too much meat?? haha!!

[聖誕狂歡] 今年首次有第二場, 呢間SkyBar氣氛唔錯.. 不過大家返咗成日工, 捱唔過12點添!!
[chill out] the first year we have a second round, nice ambience in this SkyBar, but maybe because of the long day, we just can't stay past 12am!! what a shame..

16.12.2009 | 好寶里活

你知唔知生產最多電影嘅, 唔係荷里活, 而係印度嘅寶里活?? 咁你又有冇睇過寶里活嘅「必屬佳品」?? 點樣為之佳品呢又?? 我觀察之下, 就係俱備以下四個特點喇..

do you know the most movies produced are not from hollywood, but the indian's bollywood?? have you ever watched any masterpiece from bollywood then?? how do you regard one as a good bollywood movie?? it's the four characteristics of a masterpiece under my observations..

[俊男美女] 男主角一定要高大威猛英俊瀟灑, 女主角一定要千嬌百媚婀娜多姿.. 呢一個係吸引十億印度人口入場睇戲嘅先決條件..

[hunk & beauty] the lead actor must be someone handsome and hunky, the lead actress must be someone pretty and elegant.. this is the first most important factor to attract 1-billion indian population to watch that movie..

[歌舞昇平] 電影一定有歌舞片段, 男女主角需要親身上陣, 又唱又跳, 穿梭於唔同景色之中, 仲要互相追逐添架!! 你話唔能歌善舞, 個肺細啲都唔得啊..

[sing & dance] there are always compulsory sing and dance scenes in the movies, both actor and actress must be able to do so with no substitutes, traversing between scenes and chasing after each other!! if they are not talented, i guess they just can't qualify the role..

[刀槍不入] 男主角喺戲裡邊一定係強悍威猛, 「逢逢聲」打斗音效之下, 拳拳到肉, 點打都絲毫唔會受傷架!! 你話喇, 呢副金剛身軀, 除咗寶里活, 邊度搵吖??

[invincible] the lead actor must be potrayed as someone stronger than hercules, under the deafening sound effect, not even a single punch and box on his body would ever hurt him!! so tell me, where else other than bollywood could you find the invincible?

[出人意表] 故事結構一定要晴天霹靂, 出人意表!! 當中最經典嘅係, 男女主角墮入愛河, 卻又不幸發現 (1) 佢哋係失散多年嘅兄妹 (2) 男主角係殺父仇人!! 嘩, 呢種橋段, 幾得吖你話~~

[tragedy] the plot of the movie must be tragic and unexpected, like the classic storyline when both actor and actress fall in love, only to find out (1) they are long lost siblings (2) the actor is the one who killed her father!! gosh, don't you think these are very stunning plots??

13.12.2009 | 無心睡眠

話說我平時十一點幾就瞓架喇, 不過如果第二日唔駛返工嘅話, 我經常都會唔捨得去瞓囉!! 咪住, 我絕對唔係個浦人, 所以唔好誤會我會喺出邊浦天光呀.. 我就係留喺屋企, 萬分深閨咁, 上網/睇書/煲劇/玩game, 總之就係冇事搵事做, 唔到三四點(有時甚至五點)都唔去瞓..

就係覺得話, 聽日又唔駛返工, 咁早就瞓好似嘥咗個良宵咁囉.. 之但係第二朝又唔會瞓到太陽曬屁股喎, 最遲十點幾就自動醒架喇.. 你話喇, 有得瞓都唔去瞓, 係唔係怪癖吖嗱?? 我知, 其實咁樣對身子唔好嘅~~
i normally goes to bed at 11 plus at night, but if the next day is not a working day, i will often like to stay up late, real late!! but chup, i gotta say i am not a midnight-ranger, so please don't mistaken me that i'll be hanging out clubbing outside.. infact i'll just stay at home, surfing net/read books/ watch drama/ play games, just to find something to do, and won't retire before 4 (or sometimes even 5)..

i just think that, since i don't have to work the next day, it's just kind of wasting the young night by going to bed so early.. but still i won't sleep till the sun crawls to the other side the next day, by 10 plus latest i will automatically wake up.. so what say you?? refuse to go to sleep while i can sleep soundly, isn't this something very odd about me?? i know, this is just not healthy~~

10.12.2009 | 獅城一遊

平時去親新加坡出差都係來去匆匆, 呢幾日過咗去一趟, 算係有比較多時間可以約朋友食吓飯逛吓街..
my usual trips to singapore are short and rush, am now here again but this time round i have more time to spend in meeting up with friends..

[住] 呢間叫做Hotel 1929嘅精品酒店, 我差不多每次都選擇入住.. 唔係咩星級大酒店, 但係我鐘意呢啲走型格路線嘅contemporary design多于浮誇嘅富麗堂皇.. 加上員工態度友善, 我覺得幾滿意..

[STAY] this is the boutique Hotel 1929 that i have been staying, and infact i have been choosing to stay here most of the time.. it's not star-graded grand hotels, but what makes me like it is the vogue contemporary design instead of those traditional larger-than-life design.. and one more thing to highlight, the staffs are all very friendly, which makes the stay very cosy..

[食] 噚晚同幾位朋友去呢間Mag's Wine Kitchen晚餐, 我叫咗鴨胸沙律, 香煎黑豚里脊扒, 朱古力暖心蛋糕+香草雪糕, 食物味道唔錯, 不過小店用上開放式廚房, 通風系統有待改善.. 其實最重要係可以同朋友聚一聚, 埋單每人承惠S$64, 多謝ML同BP請客!! :)

[EAT] dinner with friends in this little restaurant called Mag's Wine Kitchen yesterday.. i had coffee bean and tea leaves infused duck breast salad, pan fried kurobota pork loin, chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.. the food taste good, but the concept of open kitchen in a tiny shop is not a good idea, need to invest a much better ventilation system.. anyway, the best part is actually catching up with friends over the dinner, the bill came to S$64 per person, thanks ML and BP for the treat!! :)

[看] 烏節係新加坡重點吸引遊客嘅購物區, 每年聖誕燈裝都引人話題.. 今次有機會可以親眼目睹呢一個火樹銀花嘅街景, 都真係幾靚架.. 不過唯一遺憾的是, 淨係可以齋睇但係就冇錢買, 唉.. :(

[SEE] orchard is singapore's biggest (shopping) attraction to tourists, and every year the christmas lightings is sure a topic.. i finally have a chance to see the blings blings on the streets, not bad at all, but how saddening that i can only see but have no extra cash to do shopping.. :(

07.12.2009 | 最後衝擊

我應該係屬於個last minute嘅人, 好多嘢唔到最後一分鐘都唔會著緊, 硬係鐘意拖到火燒眼眉先會急過熱鍋上的螞蟻.. 嗯, 呢一點唔好, 需要認真改善:p

年尾喇(咁快又年尾!!), 當務之急就有兩樣嘢要做嘅.. 趁機會順便喺度提醒大家啦都~~
  1. 最近開始培養睇書習慣, 而且買書可以扣稅, 所以應該嗱嗱聲買多幾本, 明年扣稅有幾多就得幾多.. 呢種「寧益自己唔益人」嘅心態, 係為勢所逼, 唔好怪我市儈..
  2. 政府規定明年開始每張信用卡徵收RM50服務稅, 明屈之下, 我慎重考慮後決定cut咗其中三張.. 而家忙于度積分換禮物, 之後要搞自動轉帳事宜, 然之後先可以取消.. 搞掂咗兩張, 仲有一張進行中..

i think i can be considered as a last minute kind of person, i won't get too anxious about things until the very last minute.. most of the time i'd procrastinate, and only get as worry as ants on the hot pan when time ticks.. hmmm, this is something not good, i think i should improve on this :p

it's year end (oh!! that quick!!), and there are two things i need to accomplish urgently.. maybe this could be a reminder to everyone too..
  1. i've been cultivating a reading habit recently, and since buying books can enjoy tax relief, i should try to buy as many books as i can afford, so that i can get as much tax relief possible next year.. well, don't blame me for being so "kiasu", i'm sure you'd already know why we have to do so??
  2. the government imposed a compulsory RM50 charge for every credit card starting next year, under such circumstances i just have to cancel off three of my cards.. am now busy with rewards redemption, and then coordinating on the auto-debit payment before i can finally cancel the cards.. have got two cards done, and now still working on the remaining one..

04.12.2009 | 喜惡分明

我絕對唔係鐘意飲咖啡嘅人, 不過咖啡嘅製成品我又好喜歡喎..咩咖啡蛋糕, 咖啡牛奶, 咖啡雪糕之類嘅嘢, 帶有淡淡入味嘅咖啡香, 我又覺得幾正喎..

i don't really fancy drinking coffee, but surprisingly i like things made with coffee instead.. coffee cake, coffee flavored milk, coffee ice cream, it's that little hint of coffee blended into the food that i do think they taste good..
我鐘意飲綠茶, 不過對於所有綠茶嘅製成品, 我實耍手擰頭架喇.. 人人趨之若騖嘅綠茶蛋糕, 綠茶雪糕, 我其實完全冇興趣.. 我覺得綠茶應該係清淡享受, 嗰啲製成品就過份濃郁喇..

i kind of like green tea, but surprisingly i hate things made with green tea instead.. i'm never interested in green tea cakes and green tea ice creams (though many would crave for).. to me, green tea should be savour lightly, those by-products are just too infused with the flavour..
我以前好揀飲擇食, 尤其青菜, 就算撈埋入碗飯度, 都肯定逐一撩晒出嚟.. 不過唔清楚幾時開始(但係肯定廿歲之後), 我先開始接受, 而家就算一整碟青菜我都可以食得落肚..

i remember i was rather picky, especially greens was something i'd always filtered even if mixed well into my bowl of rice.. many years later (but i know for sure was after 20 years old) i started to accept them, and now i never have problem with a whole plate of vegetables anymore..
萬果之王, 有人著迷有人唾棄, 我屬於兩者, 點講呢?? 細個時候我係會食榴槤架其實, 但係之後就漸漸唔鐘意, 到咗今日可以話係好討厭榴槤囉簡直!! 我唔之點解喎, 就算聞到都會想作嘔..

the king of all fruits, either you love it or loath it.. i belong to both categories, why?? i remember i used to like them when i was a kid, but slowly gave up eating, till i consider myself to hate durians nowadays!! i don't know why, but i just feel disgusted even if i smell it..

01.12.2009 | 捨不得說

成個幾星期冇寫blog喇, 大家可以放心, 我尚健在.. 上星期屋企確實係發生咗一啲事, 但係我唔會刻意喺度詳敘, 有啲嘢始終係輕描淡寫比較恰當, 有一種思念擺喺心底係最好嘅.. 多謝關心同慰問我嘅朋友, 現時我腦海中正在浮現呢一首歌, 心情卻係平靜嘅.. :)

have not been updating my blog for more than a week, no worries everyone, i'm still in a piece here.. yes, something has happened to my family over the week, but i think i'm not gonna write in details about that incident, afterall there are things that should be better kept simple, there are times you best keep things in your heart.. thanks for everyone who have sent me their warm regards, i now have this (mandarin) song playing in my mind, but i am really staying calm and fine here.. :)

林憶蓮《捨不得說再見》... 還來不及說再見淚已搶先 把傷感加在牽強的笑臉 從此妳離我好遠 我捨不得眨眼 說再見 ...

Sandy Lam "Reluctant to bid Goodbye" ... my tears flow before i can say goodbye .. it's sadness on my farfetched smiling face .. you're now far away from me .. i'm reluctant to even blink .. and then say goodbye ...

22.11.2009 | 議論紛紛

網上睇到英國BBC Radio 4越洋嚟到馬來西亞, 探討族群課題嘅兩個專訪.. 我覺得呢個課題雖然係個甚俱爭議性嘅話題, 不過身為[一個馬來西亞]公民嘅我哋一定要認真睇一睇..

the following two clips are found from internet, on British BBC Radio 4's exploring the race relations in Malaysia.. i think this is rather a highly controversial issue, but being [1-Malaysia] citizens we really ought to seriously take a look..

"... 我哋馬來人應該得到呢啲特權, 因為馬來人係呢片土地上土生土長嘅族群.. 基本上我哋享有特權係因為我哋畀咗其他非馬來人(華裔同印裔)國家公民, 所以佢哋得到公民嘅回報, 就係馬來人可以享有教育, 獎勵, 貸款同買土地擁有上嘅特權"

[backward conservative]
"... the Malay should have the special rights, because basically the Malays are the son of the soil of this country.. and basically we are given this type of rights because we have given up the citizenships to the non-Malays, the Chinese and the Indian, and for that in exchange, we get the privilege of such as education, scholars, loan from the bank and some land for the Malay reserve"

"... 特權唔應該同族群背景有任何關係.. 我最近學識閱讀可蘭經同埋先知嘅生活守則.. 我而家認為族群唔應該係規劃人民嘅一個課題, 老實講, 如果要以族群背景去看待一個人, 我覺得係非常之唔公平嘅一件事, 就係咁簡單"

[forward thinking]
"... privileges should not be based on your ethnicity.. i've just learned to read the Quran and the practices of the Prophet.. now i believe that race should not be an issue from one man to another, it's unfair honestly a person to be based on their racial background, as simple as that"

20.11.2009 | 十四年前

無意中摷到呢一副陳年舊相, 十四年前高中三時候嘅班照.. 上一回講到私隱呢個話題, 見今日星期五大家懷著週末心情, 我掙扎良久, 決定豁出去, 同大家分享我以前副(不堪入目嘅)尊容!! 搵下睇我喺邊?? 哈哈, 不過唔準笑啊!!

found this old photo by accident, this Form 6 class photo was taken some 14 years ago.. i've blog about personal stuffs in my previous post, in view that it's friday and everyone is in the weekend mood, after some struggles i decided to go no-care but to share with everyone my (unbearable) look back then!! try to find where i was, but you are not allowed to laugh, ok??!!
[按照片放大] [click photo to enlarge]

搵唔到?? 好好好, 畀小小提示大家啦.. 不過呢個提示唔可以咁張揚, 我怕大家肚痛!! [提示]
can't find?? ok ok, let me give a little hint here.. but i'm not gonna show it explicitly here or else you'll get stomachache!! [HINT]

仲係搵唔到?? 放棄喇?? 好啦, 就公佈答案啦!! [答案]
still no luck at all?? gave up already?? ok, then let's reveal the answer!! [ANSWER]

18.11.2009 | 不愛曝光

曾經有個朋友話, 我寫嘅題材已經逐漸趨向「大眾化」, 唔似得以前咁帶有私人情感..

係架, 我覺得一旦有嘢寫上去, 就一定會有人睇(包括你老闆在內!!), 就代表你已經赤裸裸地向世界表白自己.. 而當越多人睇嘅時候, 我就覺得唔好去得太深入同太私隱, 唔好太高姿態, 唔好涉及太敏感嘅話題囉.. 所以我覺得應該點到即止有所保留, 始終呢個所謂嘅私人部落格, 其實係處於一個大眾平台上..

可能大家唔認同, 話到底都係我自己嘅風格啫.. 其實越係私隱嘅blog我越係鐘意睇, 因為八卦係人嘅本性嘛, 哈哈~~ :Da friend told me previously that the topics i'm writing in my blog has gone more and more "common interest" now, unlike my older posts that touches a little more on my personal feelings and emotions..

well, i guess he was right, because i think as long as you have something posted, there will be people who read (including your boss!!), and that means you have already exposed yourself to the world.. when there are more and more people reading your blog, i would rather not go too deep into details and be too personal, don't be loud, and of course avoid talking about sensitive issues.. hence, i think being moderately and wittily reserved would be the best, we have to know that despite this is our personal blog, it is still sitting on a public platform..

you might not agree on this, but this is my style of blogging anyway.. actually i like to read very personal posts, well, many of us (by nature) loves gossips right?? hahaha~~ :D

16.11.2009 | 食你落肚

最近有個習慣, 就係會拎起部相機影低眼前食物, 儲埋都有好多美食相噃.. 我其實要伸冤啊!! 我係鐘意影多過鐘意食囉, 大家唔好睇到相就認定我係食家至得架.. 為咗唔再令人誤會, 所以最近儘量避免寫美食為妙.. 以下一次過同大家分享, 琳琅滿目之中, 你而家最想食嘅係邊一樣呢?? 呵呵~ :p

i have a little habit recently to snap the food i'm having, hence i found quite a number of food photos in my harddisk.. actually i wanted to appeal!! i'm more interested with taking photos than eating the food, haha, so please do not see my photos and think that i'm a gastronome ok?? in order not to make people misunderstand me, i try to avoid writing food posts recently.. here i'll share with you in one go some of the photos, amongst the various which do you think is the one you feel like eating the most now?? hehe~ :p
如果見到想試嘅, 歡迎查詢相關食肆喎, 我絕對樂意同大家分享.. :)
if you see something you would like to try, welcome to ask for the place to go, i'd be very happy to share information.. :)

13.11.2009 | 健康午餐

繼早前不斷喪食麥當當之後, 上個星期嘅午餐我幾乎日日都係雜菜飯盒, 諗返起都覺得自己十分之「麻甩」.. 痛定思痛之後, 呢個星期決定要開始節食, 踏出(講咗N年要減肥嘅第N次)第一步, 谷糧飲品+芝士麵包+蘋果.. 雖然份量上尚係大堆頭, 不過慢慢嚟啦, 至少(我覺得咁樣)係健康啲嘛..

後記: 其實食咗呢四片麵包之後, 我個肚爆漲!! 太高估自己食量喇, 結果個蘋果原封不動擺返入雪櫃.. :D
after that crazy period of walloping McD meals like no business, i have been craving for chap-fan (rice with dishes) and having it for lunch everyday last week.. suddenly i feel myself being so sleazy with all those eating habbit.. after giving myself a good thought, i've decided to slowly go into lunch diet, finally having my (Nth) first step (after N years of talking about on diet) out this week, cereal drink + bread with cheese + apple for lunch.. ok ok, i know the portion could be still huge, but i'm doing it slowly, at least i think they are healthy to me..

post-note: after walloping that four slices of bread, my stomach got super duper bloated!! over-estimated the capacity of my stomach, i gave up the apple and bring it back to fridge at last.. :D

11.11.2009 | 繼續雜碎

無心插柳之下用咗呢個方式寫blog, 估唔到竟然有好多讀者話鐘意.. 開心之余, 我都猶豫緊是否繼續呢個方式.. 最後決定, 見好就收囉, 所以今日寫多次完成三部曲就算喇,下期回復正常 :p

wrote my blog in this new style by accident, but never expected readers to respond with good comments.. while getting excited, i wonder if i should continue with this.. and the final decision is, stop before everyone gets bored.. so i'll just complete the trilogy with today's post, and back to my usual style next post.. :p
最近電台每隔一段時間就狂轟林小姐啲歌, 原本我應該好enjoy, 但係啲歌又令我諗起佢兩個星期後嘅演唱會.. 似乎係要提醒我, 喂, 你仲未買飛喎!! 唉, 我知, 我仲猶豫緊, 一就索性唔去, 一就一支公去.. 超可憐啊~~ :(

the radio is bombarding Ms Lam's songs every now and then, should be enjoying the songs actually, but somehow they reminded me about her concert two weeks later.. telling me "hey, you've not got your tickets!!" ok, i know i know, i'm still deciding - either i don't go at all, or i'll go all alone.. so pity~~ :(
週末去咗睇呢部電影, 睇完之後先發覺佢同一般娛樂性豐富嘅卡通片唔同.. 成齣戲係有一個非常鮮明嘅訊息帶畀觀眾, 就係探討綠色革命呢個話題.. 其實都幾有教育性質架, 仲上映緊喎, 大家不妨去捧場喎..

watched this movie last weekend, and realised it is very different from the conventional cartoons.. the whole movie has a clear message to the audience, that is about going green and protecting our planet Earth.. it's actually a very educational cartoon, still showing in cinemas, why not go and watch it??
係係係, 我知, 一定會有人話我核突, 不過我真係要講放屁喎!! 最近個腸胃應該係好唔健康, 時時放屁連連, 而且仲可以好清脆響亮添喎.. 其實我鐘意咁樣, 覺得好舒服, 毫無拘束, 當然就唔係大庭廣眾之前啦, 哈哈..

alright, i know i know, i'm sure many will think i'm disgusting, but i'm really going to talk about farting here!! i think my stomach is not so healthy recently, have bee farting so frequently, and could be crispy clear and loud too.. anyway, i like it as i feel so comfortable and relax, of course not in front of anyone though, i do it privately in my room, haha..

08.11.2009 | 瑣碎雜談

聽聞有啲人一日唔飲過咖啡, 就會週身唔自在.. 我就完全相反, 只要我午後一飲咖啡, 跟住我就會成晚眼光光瞓唔著架喇!! 可見咖啡因(嘅傷害)對我幾咁有效..

i've heard people who feel uneasy if they have not had coffee for the day.. but for me, once i have any coffee after noon time, i will certainly stay awake at night and never sleep well!! this is how effective caffeine can be (stimulating) on me..
以前返學嘅時候, 曾經作過好傻嘅一件事: 每朝會專登早40分鐘起床, 然後去梳洗, 跟住再返去瞓多30分鐘先真正起身!! 因為感覺上係瞓得比較耐, 比較有瞓飽嘅滿足感囉!! 哈哈..

i've done something quite silly when i was in school: purposely wake up 40 minutes earlier, go wash up, and then go back to sleep for another 30 minutes before i really wake up for the day.. because in this way i felt like i have slept longer, and the crave to sleep is fully satisfied.. haha!!
最近啲歌手翻唱成風, 一個跟住一個毫無顧忌地推出口水碟.. 當中我覺得最出色嘅, 當然係呢位方先生啦.. 由《紅豆》開始, 一波接一波到《狂潮》同《月亮代表我的心》, 果然係波波好歌, 正到哩..

it seems like a trend recently that many singers are doing covers of the past classic songs.. the one that i think who did more outstandingly is Mr Fong with his latest cover album "Timeless".. just love the R&B and Jazzy style he renders those golden oldies, cool!!
突然間好懷念秋吉路嘅「天涯客」板麵.. 廿幾年前, 當板麵尚未普遍嘅時候, 我就經常去幫襯架喇.. 我覺得同而家啲板麵略為唔同, 係偏向家鄉傳統嘅味道, 真係僅此一家.. 十幾年冇去喇, 唔知仲喺唔喺度呢??

i suddenly miss the pan-mee in Chow Kit.. over 20 years ago while pan-mee was still not popular, i've already been patronising that stall very often.. quite different from the pan-mee we normally have, this is more to the homestyle tradition, definitely one and only.. missed it for more than 15 years, i wonder if it's still there??