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30.01.2010 | 滅絕蚊蟲

我極度討厭蚊, 加上我肉軀肥潤, 所以就更受啲蚊歡迎.. 雖然我有罐萬金油可以搽蚊咬, 不過點都係防備較為上策.. 以下介紹呢樣嘢, 我就覺得係世紀最偉大發明之一, 各位觀眾!! 你我家居必備嘅蚊見愁, 超級無敵滅絕蚊蟲電擊拍, 一拍冚~包~散~

i hate mosquitoes to a huge extent.. and because of my meatily scrumptious body, i'm even more prone to be bitten by the insect.. though i have oilment to soothe the mosquito bites, but nothing comes better than to prevent being bitten.. the following object i'm going to introduce, i should say it is one of the greatest creation of the century.. ladies and gentlemen, a necessity in every household, the almighty electric mosquito killer racket.. taa-daah, they'll hide nowhere from death~~
今後唔駛再忍受失手之後, 大肶上一噠化骨綿掌嘅夭心夭肺.. 有咗呢支拍, 只要輕輕一揮, 不費吹灰之力, 就可以將一咋蚊同時置之於死地!! 仲可以聽到令人心涼嘅霹霹啪啪聲, 見到啲蚊血濺拍上嘅電光, 嘩, 痛快呀!! 話我變態, 哇哈哈哈哈哈(今回唔係梅超風, 係裘千尺!! 問你死未??)

from now on, we don't have to suffer from that awfully painful slap on our thigh after missing the insect.. with this racket, just strike it in the air and instantly without any effort you can have a few mosquitoes killed!! what's more, you'll hear the ever exciting spluttering "pikk-paakk" sound, and see sparks of blood splatting onto the racket, OMG, isn't this an undescribable rapture?? say i am cruel, muaaahahahaha~~ :D

27.01.2010 | 意粉三味

其實我唔係好想又寫美食, 不過見前日影啲相都幾靚, 雪藏又覺嘥喎, 所以算啦.. 呢間日意fusion嘅「パスタ三昧」網上應該有九萬幾人寫過架喇, 所以都不多作介紹.. 反而我想推薦大家食佢哋個Mini Set, 一set兩款(一個主食+一個細份意粉), RM22我覺得好味又抵食.. 主餐牌上係搵唔到架, 而係喺另外張副餐牌背面, 留意吓喇噃.. :)

i'm quite reluctant to write about food again, but looking at the photos i've taken the day before, they are just too nice to be missed, so i'll just share them out here today.. i'm sure you've heard of this Pasta Zanmai doing japanese-italian fusion, and there are tons of reviews found in the web, hence i'm not going to introduce any more details.. rather i would like to recommend the Mini Set, which comes with a main dish and a mini pasta (infact they only use spaghetti) at RM22, i think they taste good and worth it.. you won't find them in the main menu, they are printed at the back of the add-on menu, take note of this.. :)

[Set 1]
蔬菜和風意粉湯.. 蔬菜清甜, 意粉彈牙, 和風湯頭好美味.. 呢個fusion配搭好特別, 仲有上邊啲炸蒜片, 本人推薦..
pasta in wafu soup with vegetables.. vege are fresh, pasta is al-dante, wafu soup is flavourful.. i think they paired up a uniquely nice fusion, i recommend this personally..
[Set 1]
日式咖喱雞扒飯.. 普通水準, 但係講到咖喱喎, 一定係惹味到可以整份啃晒, 仲要lam埋啲咖喱汁囉.. :p
chicken katsu curry rice.. normal standard, but when it comes to curry, i'm sure to finish the whole portion and end up licking the curry sauce on the plate.. :p
[Set 2]
照燒雞扒意粉+溫泉蛋.. 嘩, 個溫泉蛋靚到, 係呢碗嘢畫龍點睛之作囉.. 食嘅時候記得㓤穿個蛋, 等個蛋黃流晒出嚟然後撈埋一齊食喎..
chicken teriyaki pasta with half-boiled egg.. look at the wobbling egg, it's the cream of the dish.. remember to poke the egg and let its yolk ooze out, then stir well with the pasta and bon-appetit!!
[Set 2]
日式鮮元貝pizza.. 冇芝士嘅pizza, 但係薄薄餅皮上有秘制醬汁, 加上(兩角錢咁大嘅)鮮味元貝.. 撞鬼, 鬼整咁好味囉!! 推薦, 一定要試呀~~
scallop pizza japanese style.. pizza without cheese, but special made sauce on the thin crust, with fresh scallops as big as a 20-sen coin.. gosh, this is totally heaven!! recommended, must try~~

25.01.2010 | 阿彌陀佛

聲明: 今日呢篇貼帶有年幼者不宜閱覽成份, 未滿18歲者請勿繼續閱覽..

DISCLAIMER: today's post contains materials not suitable for juniors,
do not continue if you are below 18 years of age..

22.01.2010 | 是但噏噏

曾經聽某位朋友講過「我哋嗰度冇麥當當架」, 我竟然好驚訝咁「嚇??」咗聲, 認真失禮人前!! 生長於大城市嘅我, 冇幾遠就有間麥當當, 實在好難想像一個冇麥記嘅地方.. 最尷尬嘅係顯得自己幾咁見識淺薄..

i've heard a friend saying "there's no McD back in my hometown", i was so astonished about this with a loud "huh??", and i instantly feel like i humiliated myself.. i was born in a big city, McD is just so accessible everywhere, i just couldn't imagine a place without any.. the most embarrassing would be to show that i was so ignorant and so not knowledgable..

公司廁所係成層樓公用嘅, 租客多咗後, 搞到個廁所烏煙瘴氣!! 啲煙產成日齊集暱埋廁所煲煙, 仲有人出口成章!! 我極之討厭之余, 同時都好睇唔起佢哋囉.. 做乜要踎喺咁不見天日嘅地方過時日呢?? 唔覺污蹧, 唔覺臭咩??

we share toilet with tenants on the same floor in office, the toilet has since then become very dirty and choky.. there's a gang of smokers frequently gathered, sneak out from working hours smoking and enjoying in the toilet, some even speak foul language!! i hate this really, but at the same time look down at them.. why do they like to spend time in such an obscure place?? not smelly?? not filthy??

我每日都搭輕鐵返工, 係每朝都逼爆人嗰個.. 最討厭遇到孭住大背囊, 又唔肯放低嘅乘客!! 第一, 個背囊佔位, 放低嘅話其他乘客可以鬆動好多.. 第二, 孭住個背囊郁動, 整親人係唔知架喎.. 最憎呢挺人逼喺我前面, 一啲都唔醒目..

going to work every morning is a trip in packed LRT to me.. i hate most passengers with bulky backpack on their back.. first, the backpack consumes space, if you can put it down, it gives more free space to other passengers.. second, with the backpack on back, you won't realise that you kena (what's the correct English word here??) other passengers.. i really hate this type of people stucked in front of me, so inconsiderate..

唔經唔覺都blog咗將近四年喇, 要keep住有update其實都唔容易, 所以要多謝大家一路支持.. 其實有時寫到冇嘢寫, 我會諗, 我好唔好就咁停寫呢?? 所以當有日你發覺我好耐冇新post, 好可能我已經唔再寫blog喇.. :p

been blogging for nearly 4 years without realising how long it's been.. it's never easy to keep updating, hence i would like to thank everyone for the support.. there are times i find no idea what to blog about, and i'll start to think maybe i should just stop like that?? so one day if you don't find me updating this blog for some time, probably i've already stopped blogging.. :p

20.01.2010 | 飛士卜擎

相信大家都有玩吓飛士卜啦係嘛?? 我都係幾年前朋友三催四請之下先開始玩, 而家冇事做都會login嘅, 但係就唔活躍囉.. 以下我有幾個關於飛士卜嘅有趣"心得"..
  • 喺飛士卜遇返好多舊朋友, 開始嘅時候都會好興奮咁寒喧一番「好耐唔見喎, 點啊你??」, 之後就不了了之如同陌路.. 呢啲叫做門面功夫?? 哈哈..
  • 飛士卜個friend list其實有好都素未謀面嘅「朋友」, 我通常都來者不拒嘅(驚搞錯得罪人吖嘛).. 所以唔明究竟係畀人點錯相吖, 定係啲人漁翁撒網呢??
  • 最近飛士卜改版, 搞到每次入去就見到好多事不關己嘅updates.. 至討厭睇到玩游戲嘅成績, 嘩大佬, 你玩游戲啫, 唔駛公諸於世係嘛??
  • 至怕有萬人迷朋友update profile相或status, 就算簡單一句「我食緊蘋果」都會有好多fans回應.. 係就係唔關我事, 不過會收到好多notification囉, 就煩喺呢度囉咪..
你對飛士卜有何睇法呢?? what do you think about facebooking??

i believe many of us have been facebooking?? i created my account few years back after massive persuades from a friend, i do login quite often now but not really active.. anyway, i have these few interesting views about facebooking..
  • bumped into some long-lost friends in FB, it's very normal to get excitedly hooked up "hey, long time no see, how are you doing??".. but i guess 90% of the cases ended up as strangers again.. so this is call socialising?? haha..
  • i have many "friends" in FB list that i have never met before, i never reject people because i'm afraid i'll offend if i make mistake.. but really wonder if simply adding somebody you don't know is a perpetual habit or an accidental wrong click??
  • the change of FB recently flooded the page with loads of none-of-my-business updates.. to be frank, i hate most to see the games results.. well, if you are playing the games, you don't need to tell the whole world right??
  • some friends can just update profile photo or a simple status like "i'm eating an apple" and there goes hundreds of followers commenting.. by right it has nothing to do with me, but i hate being bombarded with tons of notifications when i login..

18.01.2010 | 收藏輸家

噚晚收拾衣櫃嘅時候, 發現自己收埋好多香水空樽, 有者更達十年之久.. 當時刻意用淨幾滴, 諗住要收埋留作紀念.. 但係而家我反而問自己: 「收埋做咩啫, 阻訂!!」.. 結果狠狠地全部打包起嚟, 毫不留情咁一嘢掟晒..

所以我話, 我唔會係個成功嘅收藏家.. 開始可能會有心機收藏自己認為有紀念價值嘅嘢, 但係隔咗一段時間, 我就會嫌棄, 之後就連望都唔望多眼, 就通通掟落垃圾桶.. 由此可見, 我收嘢叻, 掟嘢更加叻!! 哈哈.. :D

一分鐘前仲係長達10年嘅收藏, 一分鐘後就全部消失眼前..
a minute ago, they were kept for not less than 10 years.. a minute later, they are forever gone..

i was tidying up my wardrobe last night when i found all these empty perfume bottles, some of them are even more than 10 years old.. i remember back then i purposely left a little and was thinking of keeping the perfumes as my own collectibles, but now i'm asking myself: "what the heck are you gonna do with all these??".. and so without any hesitation, i just packed them all in a garbage bag and threw them all away..

that is why i would consider myself a lousy collector (of any kind).. initially i would perhaps be able to keep things i think are worth to keep, but some time later, i would most probably get sicked of them, and without giving an extra look, they will just end up in the garbage bin.. so, as a conclusion of this, i am good at keeping things, but even better in dumping things!! haha~~ :D

15.01.2010 | 識廚尊便

還記得當年讀大學離鄉別井, 一日三餐都需要自己解決.. 阿媽煮飯我食十幾年, 突然間要自己入廚房煮飯, 確實係揦手唔成世.. 好彩我都尚且有幾條烹飪慧根, 兩年來總算有餐溫飽..

其實我對烹飪頗有興趣架, 我頗鐘意睇烹飪節目, 見到吸引食譜我會順手拎嚟揭佢數頁, 當然見到美食就絕非手下留情啦.. 閑情逸致自己整番幾味, 再present到靚咁靚(我尤其鐘意玩food presentation), 我覺得係一種生活上嘅享受嚟架.. 你呢?? 喜歡定討厭烹飪呢?? :)

唔好畀副圖呃咗, 呢篇唔係美食篇.. 係早前影開, 而家畀佢哋有機會重見天日啫.. :p
don't get fooled by this picture, this is not a food post..
photos taken a while ago, just to post them here for a chance to meet the world.. :p

i still remember i was far from home during my uni days, and hence i need to take care of my meals.. have been relying on mum's cooking for ten over years, and a sudden need to get into the kitchen and cook for myself was indeed a little too inconvenient.. anyway, i was lucky to say i was not born a kitchen-dumb, hence i still manage to survive through the two years..

i actually find cooking interesting, i quite like to watch cook shows, i would pick up nice recipe books and have a flip, and when it comes to nice food for sure i won't let them escape.. during your leisure time, cooking few dishes and then present them nicely (and i realised how much i love food presentation) is something very enjoyable i would say.. so how about you?? love cooking or hate cooking?? :)

13.01.2010 | 百變叮噹

無意中喺網上發現好多變裝多啦A夢嘅圖片, 呢位仁兄果然高囉, 將多啦A夢搞到咁出神入化嘅境界, 抵死到吖, 真係要拍爛手掌先至得.. 以下揀咗其中小部份, 如果有興趣, 可以前往熊貓盒子網站繼續觀賞.. 咁多張, 你最鐘意邊一張呢??

accidentally found loads of Doraemon "make-over" photos from the web, i would think these are really cool pieces of art that deserve a loud applause, kudos to the one who did it.. selected a small portion from the whole collection to share with here, if you wanna see more, visit the PandaBox website.. amongst all in the collection, which is your favourite??

我最鐘意李小龍喇, 個表情真係抵死到哩!! 卡~~~咋~~~
i just love that Bruce Lee's superb expression!! kaa~~chaakk~~

呢個超人肥到成個波咁, 飛得上天咩??
look at this fatty bubbly Superman, can he fly actually??

嘩, 米高積迅翻生啊!! beat it, beat it~~
oh my holy J-C, MJ resurrected!! beat it, beat it~~

11.01.2010 | 街頭捕飛

有時會諗點解fine-dining喺馬來西亞唔普遍?? 我覺得最大原因係我哋嘅街頭美食, 又平又靚又正.. 與其拘謹手握刀叉, 擔心舊扒飛落對面女士乳溝中(=.=")嘅攞爆場面, 好多人都寧願選擇踎喺大排檔用手食雞肶嗰種無拘無束.. 我覺得, 食得安心先叫做係食得開心..

i sometimes wonder why fine-dining is not common here.. one major reason must be the street food we have, cheap and nice and delicious.. instead of gingerly holding your forks and knives in a high-end restaurant, and at the same time so worry about your steak flying out of your plate and land on the cleavage of the lady in front of you (=.="), i would think many would prefer to be more relaxed eating that piece of generous whole chicken leg using hands on the scruffy street side.. i think, to be able to eat happily is to be able to eat comfortably..

*****************************************因為睇到博友uLi一篇貼文, 引發我前往呢條「為食街」嘅慾念.. 週日晚, 逼爆人..
my desire drove me here for food after reading blogger uLi's post.. crowded on a sunday night..

咖喱腸粉+豬皮, 腸粉麻麻不過咖喱同豬皮好正(RM3.80).. 豬雜粥, 好好味(RM4.00).. 炸雞翼, 拍得住KFC味道, 排咗十分鐘隊先買到(RM2.00隻).. 炒蘿蔔糕, 都係普普通通水準啫, 都唔明個攤主憑咩咁囂囉(RM4.00)..
curry chee cheong fun with pig's skin, chee cheong fun is nothing but i love the curry pig's skin (RM3.80).. pork & organs congee, very nice indeed (RM4.00).. fried chicken, so close to KFC, queued up for 10min for this (RM2.00 each).. fried carrot cake, very normal indeed but can't understand why the owner is so arrogant (RM4.00)..

08.01.2010 | 不要志窮

市面上有本書《再窮也要去旅行》, 冇睇過本書, 但係就覺得個書名很有意思.. 2003年開始我叫自己每年至少都要出國旅行一次, 或近或遠.. 當時買咗自己生平第一部數碼相機, 捕捉每次旅行嘅景物.. 雖然不至於環遊世界, 但係呢幾年來總算能夠持續對自己嘅呢一個承諾, 都總算老來安慰.. :p

there's a book called "The Journey Must Go On", i did not read that book but find the name meaningful.. since 2003 i have told myself to go travel overseas at least once a year, be it near or far.. that was when i bought my very first digital camera to capture every moment, every scene and every object i found interesting during each trip.. though not around the globe, but at least i am able to keep this promise to myself for the past years..
2010年, 尚未有計劃, 但係想去嘅地方不盡其數, 看家們有咩建議呢??
year 2010, i have yet any plan, but there is a whole bunch of places i wish to go, any good suggestions for me??

06.01.2010 | 天南地北

我都幾經常睇電影嘅, 不過一般上就唔會喺blog度點樣提到, 除非係特別好(或特別差)囉.. 2010年新蒸頭就睇咗以下兩部電影, 正好一個強烈對比.. 係天南地北兩個極端, 搞到如果唔寫就會好對唔住自己!!

第一部《阿凡達3D》都唔駛點作介紹, 網上十之八九博友都有詳述, 係值得推薦嘅電影一部.. 第二部《帕納大師的魔幻冒險》, 見有眾多大卡士而且故事應該幾有趣, 結果係四個字可形容, 欲哭無淚!! 我好想問導演,「你想點啫究竟??」

今年奧斯卡最佳電影同金草莓最爛電影, 呢兩部電影仲唔風光入圍?? :p
i watch movies quite often, but i don't normally blog about the movies i've watched, unless i think it is a very good (or very bad) movie.. i enjoyed the new year 2010 with two movies above, two total contrasts, till i am gonna feel so sorry to myself if i'm not going to blog about this heaven and hell..

the first one was "Avatar: 3D" and i think i don't need to get into more details, as eight out of ten bloggers out there are posting about this movie, nonetheless one movie worth recommended.. the second one "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", i watched it because of the list of huge names and thought the storyline would be fun, but turned out to be a total disappointment.. you know, a situation where you feel like crying but there's no tears.. i kind of feel like asking the director, "W-T-F are you trying to do actually??"

so we already have the nominees for Oscar Best Picture and the Golden Strawberry Worst Picture of the year, don't you think so?? :p

04.01.2010 | 腳傷週年

話說舊年一開年, 我就喺gym度整傷右腳大腳趾, 當時確實係個血淋淋嘅情況.. 到今日足足一年時間, 隻腳趾都尚未完全傷愈喎!! 受傷之後, 三日後先止血, 個幾星期後傷口先慢慢埋口, 跟住兩三月後腳甲脫落, 再來半年新腳甲慢慢生返出嚟..

新腳甲生出嚟之後, 問題嚟喇!! 兩邊腳甲尖切入趾肉, 搞到又腫又痛又膿又血!! 本來都七七八八嘅, 但係嗰日剪甲時候唔小心又整親, 認真麻煩.. 大家吓下邊張相啦, 呢隻咁肉酸嘅腳趾, 幾咁損我型像吖.. :(
the story begins with my toe injury in the gym last year, certainly a very bloodiful scene you won't want to see.. it is now one year after the injury, and yet my toe has not fully heal yet, can you believe that?? it took three days to stop bleeding, more than a week for the wound to heal, then another two to three months for the nail to come off, and finally a period of six months for the new nail to grow..

problems came when the new nail was almost completely grown, both edges cut into my flesh, swell and pain and pus and blood all come at the same time, that is really excruxiating i have to say.. glad that it's near recovery recently, but while cutting my nails few days back, i accidentally hurt it again, look at the photo, doesn't it just look so UNCOOL on me?? :(

01.01.2010 | 新年展望

真係話都冇咁快, 上星期都仲沉醉于聖誕嘅歡樂當中, 期待緊新一年嘅來臨, 今日就已經踏入2010年喇.. 老實講, 咪又係一日咁過?? 我唔會有雀躍嘅感覺, 更加唔會因為新年而為自己定下一咋新年展望而雄心壯志囉..

見好多朋友都寫低成籮願望, 嘩, 好鬼攞命囉我覺得, 365日之後能夠達成嘅又有幾多吖?? 我知架, 因為我試過好多年都重複同樣一set願望, 但係依然係石沉大海喎, 越見尤憐啊!! 所以我唔定新年願望架囉, 如果真係要我定, 會係得一個咁多: 的起心肝, 將過去嘅願望一一實現, 明年唔好再重複喇, 唔該..it just seemed to be faster than a blink, while we were still enjoying the fun of christmas last week and looking forward to the new year, and now here we are officially in the new year of 2010.. to be very frank, i don't have any special feeling, isn't this just a normal day itself?? i certainly do not feel excited, nor will i get very motivated because of that long list of new year resolutions..

i've seen a lot of friends setting up one whole bunch of resolutions for the new year, and i was like, OMG can't you be harsher to yourself?? come to think of it, after 365 days, how many of them can be accomplished?? i knew because i have been repeating the same set of to-do list for many years, yet nothing has come surfacing the deep sea, what a pity me!! that is why i don't set my resolutions, alright, if really get me to set, i'll only have one this time: to really get my butt up and clear off that list i have been dragging on, don't you ever get them repeated next year, please..