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30.11.2012 | 街頭涂鴉

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1614]
好多人都認為街頭涂鴉有損市容, 其實我又唔係咁認為喎.. 我反而好鐘意街頭涂鴉, 覺得啲人好犀利, 單靠一支噴漆就可以完美作畫喇.. 點講都係人哋成副心機畫出自己一件藝術品吖, 應該當係藝術品嚟欣賞囉.. 以上組圖係我多年前喺巴塞隆納求其一條街上見到嘅涂鴉, 為之驚艷即刻用相機影低嘅, 好鐘意下邊嗰隻橙色凸眼怪, 哈哈!! 當然, 我話鐘意涂鴉, 肯定唔係指廁格牆上畫滿生殖器官, 寫滿電話號碼嗰種涂鴉啦~~ :D
many claimed that graffiti are a kind of vandalism that bring bad image to a city's appearance, but i totally disagree with that.. instead i like graffiti and admire how talented those people can be to get things up with just a can of spray paint.. afterall those graffiti are definitely done with effort and heart, i think we should treat them as artwork.. the collage of pics above are graffiti taken while i was walking down a random street in barcelona years back, i was so impressed and quickly took my camera to take snapshots of them.. i especially like that orange eye-popping habitat at the bottom, hehe!! of course, when i say i like graffiti, i am not referring to those reproductive organs and numbers all over the toilet walls.. :D

29.11.2012 | 收拾行李

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1613]
年尾流流, 相信好多朋友都準備去旅行.. 我有位朋友逢親去旅行都會顯得過份期待, 甚至三個星期之前就已經執好晒行李!! 我覺得非常誇張, 我通常都係前一晚先執㗎, 其實一下子就可以搞掂啦, 因為我通常都習慣輕便.. 執行李對我嚟講絕對唔係件難事, 不過有啲人就永遠唔會妥當執好自己嘅行李, 又有啲(女)人喜歡幫另外一伴執行李, 跟住就借啲意(將自己啲化妝品)霸佔對方一半行李, 呵呵!! 收拾行李呢方面, 你又係咩態度, 扮演咩角色呢?? :p
it's end of the year and i guess many are preparing for their year-end trip now.. a friend of mine is ever so excited about traveling, till she can finished packing her luggage three weeks before departure!! don't you find this a bit too unbelievable?? i always do that only a night before, and it really won't take up much of my time because i always travel light.. to me packing is nothing tough, but some people can never get they own luggage properly packed, also there are some (women) who always like to pack for their other half, and then with many excuses (use their cosmetics to) occupy half of the luggage space of the other party, haha!! when it comes to packing luggage, what is your attitude and what is your role?? :p

28.11.2012 | 最佳位置

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1612]
喺輕快鐵車廂內, 我通常都係選擇企.. 第一, 以我胖大身軀同其他乘客排排坐, 大家會好逼夾.. 第二, 既然我選擇坐低, 我又唔係好想讓位俾人.. 所以為大眾著想又好, 為自己著想又好, 索性全程企冇咁嬲.. 講到企, 我就最喜歡企喺如圖中門側邊同座位之間嘅一條罅.. 企喺呢度, 保證你可以全程企得舒服, 唔怕俾人逼撞, 唔怕企得太入要落車嘅時候需要沖破重重關口.. 而且最重要係企得攰喇, 可以有嘢俾你靠住, 確實係一個最佳位置呀.. 不過個位其實係為坐輪椅嘅傷殘人士特設嘅, 如果遇到佢哋就記得要讓位喇~~ :)
i don't usually sit but prefer to stand when i'm in the LRT.. first, my huge body will cramp everyone if sitting side by side.. second, if i happen to sit then i am quite reluctant to give my seat to others later.. hence, for myself or for other passengers, i would rather stand the whole journey.. talking about standing, i always like to stand in between the side of the doors and the row of seats, as seen in the photo above.. i guarantee you can stand in comfort there, no need to be pushed by others, no need to be afraid of getting too deep into the coach and find it tough to get out.. most importantly, when you are tired you can always lean on the walls too, definitely a strategic spot to stand huh?? anyway, this spot is actually meant for those on wheelchairs, if you see any please remember to let them occupy that space.. :)

27.11.2012 | 超級肥膩

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1611]
網上無意中見到呢張相, 我即刻打個大冷震, 世界上點會有人拎住成樽蛋黃醬(mayonnaise)就咁食??!! 睇到都覺超級油膩, 比吞魚肝油更加恐怖!! 講到蛋黃醬, 其實我好討厭啲人當正佢係仙丹一樣, 乜嘢都要落蛋黃醬.. 喺佢哋嘅世界裡面, 蛋黃醬=沙律醬, 冇蛋黃醬就唔係沙律!! 嘩, 大佬, 唔係咩都要落蛋黃醬去撈係嘛, 尤其係落蛋黃醬嘅水果沙律更加令我反胃!! 呢個世界上有上千種沙律醬㗎唔該, 而且好多嘢就咁食就已經很好味, 根本唔駛咩畫蛇添足嘅醬汁囉.. @_@"
i found this photo from the web by accident, and i immediately shuddered and think how can this person has one whole bottle of mayonnaise as snack??!! even looking at that i feel super oily, it's even worse than gulping your cod fish emulsion wokay?? talking about mayonnaise, i really hate those who treat mayonnaise as elixir, they would add mayonnaise into basically everything.. in their world, mayonnaise = salad dressing, without mayonnaise then that is not salad!! come on friend, not everything must be tossed with mayonnaise, and i especially lost appetite when i see fruit salad with mayonnaise dressing!! there are thousands different kinds of salad dressing in the world, and many things are already so tasty on their own, and surely need no dressing at all.. @_@"

26.11.2012 | 彈性流動

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1610]
係唔係好奇點解呢啲浴室用品全部用個籃仔裝住呢?? 因為同家人一齊住, 有時候等廁所係在所難免, 尤其每朝返工大家都要爭用廁所.. 多年前突然有個好主意, 就係將自己啲嘢全部用個籃裝住, 見呢個慣用嘅廁所有人, 就拎住成個籃去第二個廁所.. 咁就可以好彈性同好流動, 唔駛擔心趕時間又冇廁所用啦.. 果然係明智之舉, 而且啲嘢自己一個人用, 唔駛share, 可以慳返好多㗎, 呵呵!! 尤其同其他人合租一間屋嘅朋友, 不妨考慮呢個方法喎~~ :p
are you wondering why are all these toiletries kept in a basket?? because i stay with my family, so sometimes waiting to use the washroom is inevitable, especially every morning when everyone is rushing to work.. this was an idea that came across my mind one day years back, i get myself a basket and placed all toiletries into it, when the washroom i usually use is occupied, i will bring the basket to hunt for another one.. with such flexibility and mobility, i have never worried about getting late for work because of an occupied washroom.. it's a brilliant idea huh, and because i use the toiletries without the need to share, i even save money, haha!! especially those who co-rent a house with others, don't you find this a good consideration for your own convenience?? :p

25.11.2012 | 大字馬騮

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1609]
今日fing-fing為大家表演從天而降呢個特技?? 雖然fing-fing係點樣跌都跌唔死, 不過呢個只不過係角度問題, 其實佢係表演佢個睡姿俾大家睇啫.. fing-fing最喜歡就係好似海星咁「大字型」姿勢瞓覺㗎喇, 夠晒舒服, 夠晒反映佢嘅豪氣!! 大家瞓覺時又係點樣㗎呢?? 面向上, 面向下, 定係打側瞓呢?? :)
today fing-fing is performing the skyfall stunt?? though fing-fing will never die no matter how he falls, it's just the angle this photo was taken, he is just showing his sleeping pose.. this is the way fing-fing likes to sleep, the starfish pose, so relaxing and reflects how easy-going he is!! so how do you pose when you sleep?? facing the ceiling, burying your face into the pillow or sideways?? :)

24.11.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1608]
第47週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 47
[17.11.2012 - 23.11.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger留言 Count實得分
1(3)MEcoy @ I am MEcoy4411.3-0.1
2(8)yvonne @ From Taiping with L♥ve3610.7+0.1
3(2)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard3810.2-0.6
4(4)Yan @ Blog with Yan319.3+0.2
5(6)wenn @ Experiences168.5-0.1
6(7)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years158.0-0.5
7(11)HappySurfer @ From where I am147.8-0.6
8(1)Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING187.6+0.8
9(-)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓77.0-0.7
10(5)Simple Person @ Simple Life216.8-0.3
十一月最新走勢 Latest standing for November
(得分累積截至 Score accumulated up to: 00:20AM 24.11.2012)
#1. yvonne, Yan [37.8]...  #2. Small Kucing [36.5]...  #3. MEcoy [36.3]...  #4. lina [34.5]...  #5. suituapui [31.5]...  #6. Simple Person [30.0]...  #7. wenn [29.8]...  #8. Twilight Man [23.9]...  #9. Bananazஇ [22.7]...  #10. HappySurfer [22.1]...  
大家好, 又到咗揭曉本週金榜嘅時候喇.. 呢個星期都好有趣喎, 整個榜可見一片起起落落, 而且我哋引頸長盼, 終於都有一個全新冠軍誕生喇!! 有意思, 有意思.. 雖然有感呢個blog最近一片靜局, 仍然感激所有到訪以及誠意留言嘅朋友, 恭喜晒所有榜上題名嘅讀者.. 最後, 當然又係一句, 祝大家有個愉快又開心嘅週末!! :)
hello folks, it's time to announce the weekly chart again.. the chart this week seems interesting, we have ups and downs all over, and after such a long wait, we finally have a brand new champion of the week!! that's fun don't you think?? despite the recent quietness of the blog, i am still thankful to everyone who has dropped by and being supportive to leave a comment or two, also congratulations to all the readers who have made it to the top ten.. finally, the same old greeting again, wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable weekend!! :)

23.11.2012 | 最強之鍵

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1607]
你鍵盤上隻enter鍵喺度投訴你呀, 點解咁多鍵, 你偏偏每次都最鐘意大大力咁拍佢.. 尤其當你輸入密碼之後, 完全毫不憐香惜玉大大力拍隻enter鍵登錄, 係唔係冇投訴錯你先?? 呵呵!! 仲有某啲人, 同人網上傾偈嘅時候, 每打三兩個字或一個句子之後, 就好慣性地拍隻enter鍵將訊息send出去.. 搞到對方接二連三不停有notification, 收到十幾個message其實就講得一個point咁大把.. 其實都幾好煩囉, 喂, 唔可以打長啲先send出去㗎咩?? @_@"
the "enter" key on your keyboard is complaining, why among all the keys, you just like to hit it so hard everytime you use it.. especially when you have finished keying in your password and hit the enter key to logon, very true right?? haha!! besides, some people when chatting online, will habitually hit the enter key to send out the message after typing just a few words or a sentence.. as a result of their perpetual "enter" habit, the other party will get tons of non-stop beeps and notifications back-to-back, after receiving over 10 messages and found out there is only one point to tell.. actually it's quite irritating right?? can't they just type longer before sending out the message?? @_@"

22.11.2012 | 超大漢堡

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1606]
見到咁高咁大一個漢堡包, 我首先當然係好興奮, 跟住就盤算到底要點樣食.. 雖然我口唔係細, 但係要一口咬落去都唔可能, 所以通常我會一層一層分開食, 其實咁樣會更加滋味.. 如果可以一口咬落去, 你習慣水平定垂直咁拎住個包呢?? 其實水平比較正確, 而且比較安全, 點解?? 因為見過某人垂直咁拎住個漢堡包, 都未咬落去啫, 兩舊肉餅就咁「嗶出嚟」跌落地下喇, 真係唔知好喊定好笑, 呵呵!! :D
when i see such a huge and tall burger, first i will of course feel excited, next i will plan how to eat the burger.. though my mouth is not small, it's still impossible for me to open my mouth wide enough to give it a big bite, usually i will eat the burger layer by layer, and actually it seems to be tastier this way.. if you are able to give it a full bite, do you usually hold it horizontally or vertically?? i would say it's better and safer to hold it horizontally.. as i've seen somebody holding the burger vertically, before even giving it the first bite, the two patties just "squeezed out" and dropped onto the floor, that is really ironic, is it better to cry or to laugh?? hahahaha~~ :D

21.11.2012 | 冬甩沒落

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1605]
可能係大家嘅健康意識提高, 又或者已經唔再覺得新鮮, 又或者有其他新鮮事物取而代之.. 大家有冇發現曾經風靡一時嘅繽紛冬甩, 依家已經乏人問津呢?? 我就眼見當時風光入駐某商場旺鋪位置, 曾經轟動一時, 每日門前大排長龍嘅兩間冬甩專賣店, 依家已經被逼搬遷到一二角嘅小攤位繼續慘淡經營, 門可羅雀.. 突然想到下一批即將面臨如此慘況嘅行業, 必定係現時紅到爆炸嘅珍珠奶茶同台式甜品.. 去到高峰跌入谷地係好常見嘅自然定律, 花無百日紅呀,純屬個人意見, 並非惡意詛咒.. :)
maybe there's higher level of health awareness, maybe people started to get bored, maybe there's some other more interesting things to replace.. did you realize the fancy donuts that once stirred up the community, has now become something almost neglected?? i just saw two donuts specialty shops that once high-profilely took up strategic shops in a mall, created hot topic in the town, brought long queues in front of the shops everyday, but now were asked to moved to tiny stalls at one corner to continue their declining businesses, serving some rare patrons.. i suddenly thought of the next business that will be facing the same problem, probably the now-so-popular bubble milk tea and taiwanese dessert business.. steep growth and disgraceful decline are very natural in a product lifecyle, nothing can boom forever, just my very humble opinion and not intentionally cursing..:)

20.11.2012 | 文武雙全

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1604]
兩個星期前俾大家睇咗我在運動場上嘅威水史, 今日就俾大家見識一下我文藝嘅一面.. 當然呢啲都係咸豐年前嘅事喇, 呵呵.. 話說當年除咗運動場上, 我參加各類作文演講等學術性比賽, 都有不俗嘅成績, 曾經一度於同一個集會, 上台領獎五次咁多, 哈哈!! 當年仲俾老師甄選為學校在天后宮舉辦嘅年度籌款盛事上台表演壓軸節目, 相裡面就係同我個老拍檔嘅相聲表演《生活的習慣》(當然, 我係相中左邊, 化晒濃裝嘅個小男生, 呵呵!!).. 當然演出得到千人觀眾嘅如雷掌聲啦, 算係我小學生涯中一點輝煌成就, 呵呵!! :p
two weeks ago, i showed everyone the athletic side of me and today let me show you the artistic side of me.. of course both were already a gazillion years ago, haha.. it was way back aside of the sports scene that i had been participating in academic competitions like writing composition and giving speech.. i got good results and there was once in an assembly i went up stage to receive my prize as many as five times, hehe!! and on that year, i was selected by the teachers to perform for the annual fund raising event held at Tien Hou Temple, that was the xiang sheng titled "habits of life" that i performed with my good old partner in the photo above (of course i was the little boy with thick makeup on the left in the photo, hoho!!).. of course we received loud applause from the thousand of audience, that could be a little glory during my primary school life, hehe!! :p

19.11.2012 | 最後一擊

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1603]
卒之.. 歷經四個半月, 上個星期五終於submit咗呢「兩硬一軟」, 終於都完成咗我呢個dissertation喇.. 好多日坐定定電腦前郁都唔郁, 好多個夜晚夜有所夢嘅日子終於過去喇!! 三個月之後先有暫時成績, 再等多三個月先知道最終成績.. 都算了咗件事, 不過尚未有嗰種松一口氣嘅感覺, 完成呢個dissertation就表示讀完呢個MBA喇, 下一步係咩呢?? 享受生活?? 傻啦, 要正式搵份差事喇, 唔駛做咩?? :D
finally.. after four and a half months, i submitted these "2 hard 1 soft" copies last friday, finally i have completed my dissertation.. the many days of sitting as a stone in front of the PC, the many nights of thesis chasing after me in the dreams, are all finally over now!! need to wait for another three months for the provisional results and three more months for the final results.. anyway at least this is done, i have yet to feel the relief, completed the dissertation also means i am done with this MBA, what's next?? enjoy life?? of course not, it's time to get a job, you think i can grow money?? :D

18.11.2012 | 好多馬騮

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1602]
嘩!! 點解會咁多fing-fing㗎??!! 哈哈, 當然呢啲全部都係fing-fing身在全球各處嘅親朋戚友啦.. 我記得上次去香港, 第一晚坐的士去旅店嘅時候, 就俾我見到巴士上一個大大嘅fing-fing廣.. 所以當我上網google fing-fing時, 竟然發現佢原來有咁多同胞存在呢個世界各個地方!! 誓估唔到原來fing-fing係隻咁出名嘅馬騮, 原來佢都有好多fans㗎喎, 呵呵!! :D
oh my gosh!! why are there so many fing-fing??!! haha, of course all these are friends and relatives of fing-fing all around the world.. i still remember the recent time i went to HK, the first night when i was taking a taxi to the hostel, i saw a huge fing-fing advertisement on a double-decker.. so i just googled for fing-fing and found that he indeed has tons of his kind all around the world!! that really surprised me as i didn't know fing-fing is actually such a famous monkey, and he has got so many fans too, hahaha!! :D

17.11.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1601]
第46週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 46
[10.11.2012 - 16.11.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger留言 Count實得分
1(8)Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING
★★ 浴火重生小野貓!! resurrection of the cat!!
2(7)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard4311.2-0.1
3(4)MEcoy @ I am MEcoy4211.1-0.1
4(2)Yan @ Blog with Yan3110.5+0.4
5(5)Simple Person @ Simple Life5910.2-0.7
6(9)wenn @ Experiences279.3-0.4
7(3)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years339.0-1.3
8(1)yvonne @ From Taiping with L♥ve248.3+0.9
9(6)Twilight Man @ TWILIGHT ZONE227.5-0.7
10(10)Bananazஇ @ BananazஇPeople137.0+0.7
十一月最新走勢 Latest standing for November
(得分累積截至 Score accumulated up to: 07:45AM 17.11.2012)
#1. Small Kucing [28.9]...  #2. Yan [27.8]...  #3. yvonne, MEcoy [25.0]...  #4. lina [24.3]...  #5. suituapui [23.5]...  #6. Simple Person [23.2]...  #7. wenn [21.3]...  #8. Twilight Man [20.9]...  #9. Bananazஇ [16.3]...  #10. HappySurfer [14.3]...  
星期六當然又係公佈週榜嘅時候啦, 咁快又一個星期喇?? 可能呢一個星期有兩日假期嘅原因, 應該仲有人放緊悠長假, 不過我就當然為咗我份thesis嘅最後衝刺而忙碌啦.. 講返個榜, 都頗多上落變動喎, 而且個「小野貓」又再次攻陷榜首位置, 唔怪得話貓有九條命啦, 呵呵!! 多謝各位不辭勞苦地俾面留言, 恭喜晒所有榜上題名嘅讀者(尤其位置上昇嘅朋友), 最後當然要祝各位有個開心又愉快嘅週末!! :)
saturday is the time to announce the weekly chart, another week has passed so quickly again?? perhaps because of the two days of public holidays this week, i guess some are still enjoying their long break, but for me of course i have been busy with the final strive of my thesis.. back to the chart, we see many changes with ups and downs in positions, and that the "pussy cat" has resurrected and grabbed the throne again, no wonder they say cats have nine lives, haha!! thank you everyone for the effort to leave a comment, congratulations to those on the chart (particularly those who has their position gone up).. last but not least, wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable weekend!! :)

16.11.2012 | 咖啡或茶

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1600]
有啲人每日都要飲杯咖啡和嘆返一壺茶, 如果唔係就成日覺得週身唔聚財.. 我就剛好相反喇, 從來都唔係咖啡或茶嘅擁躉, 你俾我飲汽水果汁我會開心啲.. 而且我對咖啡因特別敏感嘅, 譬如話下午之後, 我就肯定唔掂得咖啡或茶, 如果唔係, 夜晚就肯定會瞓唔著, 分分鐘眼光光對住天花板到五更!! 唔係我誇張, 而係試過好多次都係咁, 所以就下此定論.. 所以城中大熱嘅各款珍珠奶茶, 好難做得到我生意, 呵呵~~
some people must have their daily cup of coffee or pot of tea, else they will feel uneasy for the whole day.. i am totally the opposite, i am never a fans of coffee or tea, but i would be happier if you offer my fizzy drinks or fruit juice.. also i think i am very sensitive to caffeine, for example after late afternoon i can never touch coffee or tea, or else i will not be able to sleep at night, worse still i may stay awake looking at the ceiling till dawn!! not that i am exaggerating, but i have experienced that many times hence i make such a deduction.. that's why the recently popular bubble milk tea can hardly earn my money, hehe~~

15.11.2012 | 又是假期

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1599]
又係假期!! 呢個星期都幾玩嘢, 星期二同星期四都係公共假期, 所以啲人返一日工又休一日假咁, 感覺上好他條, 呵呵!! 聽聞馬來西亞係全球第七多假期嘅國家, 所以好多時候因為太多假期, 尤其接二連三嗰啲, 連我自己都搞唔清楚係咩假期, 要周圍問或上網查先知道.. 不過老實講, 係咩假期唔重要, 話知佢, 總之有假放又有得休息就得啦, 你話係唔係先?? :p
it's holiday again!! this week is rather funny, because tuesday and thursday are both national holidays, hence many people are working alternate days and resting alternate days, seems to be quite relax huh?? haha!! heard that malaysia is the 7th country with most public holidays, and many times because of too many holidays, especially those that are close to each other, even myself do not know what day it is unless i ask around or verify from the internet.. frankly, it's not really important what day it is, as long as it's a holiday and we can take a break, who cares right?? :p

14.11.2012 | 晴天雨天

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1598]
最近天氣好慣性地在傍晚時份落雨, 搞到人嘅心情都跟住moody咁.. 有人好喜歡雨天, 但係就肯定唔包括我在內, 因為我最討厭落雨, 除非我正在酣睡中啦, 呵呵.. 我鐘意見到太陽, 鐘意見到藍藍的天空, 感覺朝氣蓬勃, 個人都開朗啲.. 藍藍的天空中, 我又會鐘意睇雲, 由雲嘅形狀聯想其他物體.. 其實係個幾童真又好玩嘅游戲, 但係而家當然少做咁嘅事啦.. 係心態, 係成長, 係好多因素, 你覺得呢??
the weather is quite predictable recently, once late afternoon it will sure be raining, seems to make everyone feel moody too.. some like rainy days but definitely not me, because i hate rain, unless it rains when i am sound sleeping, haha.. instead, i like seeing the sun and the blue sky, they make me feel more vibrant and happy.. and in the blue sky, i like to look at the clouds, and from the different shapes of clouds i will associate them with some other objects.. it's kind of an interesting childhood games, but of course i rarely do that now.. perhaps it's mentality, it's growing up, it's lots of factors, what do you think??

13.11.2012 | 合法貸款

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1597]
唔好誤會, 我唔係「大耳窿」叫你借錢, 呵呵!! 而係最近見到好多呢啲街招, 貼到週圍都係, 而且仲口口聲聲話合法貸款添, 係真唔係?? 聽人講過「九出十三歸」, 即係話你借一千, 拿九百, 還千三, 淨利息40%!! 可能係市場競爭大, 呢個計落利息只係20%喎, 不過寫明5%又係咩呢?? 難道係每拖一日就5%利息??!! 果然好喇利!! 所以大家真係唔立亂同人借錢呀, 一身錢債好纏身㗎~~
祝大家屠妖節快樂!! दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं
don't take it wrong, i am not a loan shark asking you to borrow money, haha!! just happen to see lots of such bills everywhere recently, some even claimed they are licensed, but is that true?? i heard people saying "nine out thirteen back", meaning if you borrow a thousand, you will only take nine hundred but have to return one thousand three hundred in total, net interest 40%!! maybe it's very competitive now, so this bill says the interest is just 20%, but what is meant by the 5% there?? maybe 5% daily on arrears not cleared?? wow, that's scary man!! that's why, don't simple borrow money from others, cos it's so easy to get into tangled trouble~~
happy diwali everyone!! दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं

12.11.2012 | 超級相機

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1596]
唔好自己嚇自己, 相裡面面容模糊嘅係人唔係鬼, 呢兩張相係同朋友「借」嚟用嘅, 所以循例打格子以保私隱.. 焦點其實喺啲uPad度, 大家有冇覺得勞動兩隻手托住咁大舊uPad週圍影相, 其實感覺好怪雞呢?? 嗱, 我唔知點樣去準確又貼切地形容同解釋, 就係覺得好輪盡好idiotic咁囉.. 就好似你用緊部磚頭咁大嘅手提電話, 跟住聽唔清楚仲要大大聲對住電話嗌「喂!喂! 聽唔聽到? 聽唔聽到?」咁, 咪就係騎呢囉.. 純屬個人意見, 不含任何惡意針對..
don't be scared off by the defaced in the photos, they are human and not spirits but i "borrowed" the photos from friends, i think i should mask all the faces for their privacy reason.. the focus should be placed on those uPad, don't you think using both hands to carry such a humungous thing to take a photo is rather weird?? hmmm, i really have no idea how to precisely elaborate in details, it's just the gut feeling that this is quite clumsy and "idiotic".. just like you are using a cellphone as huge as a brick, can't hear clearly and then shouting "hello! hello! can you hear me? can you hear me?" loudly at the phone, that's bizarre right?? strictly my personal opinion and no offending discrimination at all..

11.11.2012 | 開心馬騮

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1595]
今日fing-fing好開心呀, 因為有個新朋友陪佢玩.. 呢個新朋友係爸爸個博友wenn送俾佢㗎, 原來係隻獅子仔喎.. 睇下fing-fing一見到新朋友就撲埋去攬到實一實, 真係冇禮貌, 仲唔快啲同人講多謝?? 呵呵.. fing-fing問呢個新朋友叫咩名, 大家覺得應該幫佢改個咩名先夠晒風范夠晒霸氣呢?? :p
look at how happy fing-fing is today, because he has got a new friend to play with.. this new friend is given to daddy by a blogger friend wenn, and it's a cute little lion.. look at fing-fing hugging his new friend in excitement when he saw him for the very first time, so impolite and have even forgotten to thank wenn at all!! hehe.. but naughty fing-fing was asking for the name of his new friend, what do you think we shall call him so that it will sound glamorously bombastic?? haha~~:p

10.11.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1594]
第45週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 45
[03.11.2012 - 09.11.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger留言 Count實得分
1(4)yvonne @ From Taiping with L♥ve5713.0+0.3
2(3)Yan @ Blog with Yan5012.5+0.5
3(1)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years5811.5-1.3
4(12)MEcoy @ I am MEcoy
★★最大躍進!! Biggest Leaper!!
5(9)Simple Person @ Simple Life4710.6-1.1
6(6)Twilight Man @ TWILIGHT ZONE4510.4-1.1
7(5)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard4210.3-0.9
8(2)Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING339.9+0.6
9(7)wenn @ Experiences259.1-0.4
10(8)Bananazஇ @ BananazஇPeople146.8-0.6
十一月最新走勢 Latest standing for November
(得分累積截至 Score accumulated up to: 00:21AM 10.11.2012)
#1. yvonne [16.7]...  #2. Yan [15.7]...  #3. suituapui [14.5]...  #4. MEcoy [13.9]...  #5. Twilight Man [13.4]...  #6. lina [13.1]...  #7. Simple Person, Small Kucing [13.0]...  #8. wenn [12.0]...  #9. Bananazஇ [9.3]...  #10. HappySurfer, 海市蜃樓 [8.0]...  
大家好呀!! 又係星期六, 又係時候公佈本週金榜喇!! 有趣呀, 睇嚟一直稱霸嘅「年輕俊男」同埋「小野貓」都有意讓出冠軍寶座咁喎, 冇咗兩位嘅強勢阻擊, 我最近嘅留言的確少係咗一大厥!! 不過都好嘅, 難得佢哋大發慈悲, 所以呢個星期嘅十大排名確實係大地震一番呀!! 新嘅一月新嘅景象, 希望大家齊齊努力, 我哋放眼睇下十一月會係誰的天下!! 呵呵.. 多謝各位讀者鼎力支持留言, 恭喜所有榜上題名嘅朋友, 祝大家有個愉快開心嘅週末~~ :)
hello folks, it's saturday again, and time to reveal the weekly chart again!! exciting, seems like both "handsome young man" and "pussy meow" are intentionally slowing down to give chance to other bloggers, without them my recent posts undoubtedly lost a large number of comments!! but i think this is not a bad thing anyway, at least they are showing mercy to the other bloggers, hence we seem to have a nice shuffle for the chart this week.. it's a new month and a new beginning, hope everyone will strive for that throne, and we shall see who is the king or queen of commenters for the month of november then!! hehe.. thank you all for dropping by, congratulations to all who made it to the chart.. last but not least, wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable weekend~~ :)

09.11.2012 | 星光熠熠

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1593]
哇哈哈!! 係時候公佈十月分嘅留言之王同兩位留言之后嘅禮物喇.. 啲小禮物就唔多講喇, 都係買俾佢哋啲小朋友嘅cutie嘢囉.. 講返三張DIY card啦, 呢個月嘅主題係「星光熠熠耀巨星」, 各位先生女士們, 請大家俾啲熱烈嘅掌聲歡迎三位巨星大贏家!! 三位之中, 大家覺得邊位最具有明星風采呢?? 呵呵.. 呢個月嘅冠軍之前放話要急流勇退, 所以大家有機會成為下一位得獎者喎, 想唔想要呢啲獨一無二嘅禮物?? 咁就要多多留言喇~~ :)
hurray!! it's time to show (off) the gifts for the commenter king and the commenter queens of october.. not going to talk about those little gifts as they are some cute things bought for their kids.. for the DIY cards, the theme for this month is CELEBRITY GLAMOUR!! ladies and gentlemen, please applause to welcome the three superstar winners!! among the three, who do you think has the most celebrity glamour?? hehe.. the champion said he will step down to giveaway the throne, so everyone stands a chance to become the next winner now, do you want those very unique gifts?? then do come and leave more comments~~ :)

08.11.2012 | 豬原肉潤

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1592]
三板頭 | sanbanto
上個週末與朋友去SS2呢間三板頭食晏, 係臨時上網搵下睇附近有咩好嘢, 結果見到呢間評論一致贊好, 所以就去試一試, 反正食豬肉, 我不嬲都冇咩異議嘅, 呵呵!! 基本上係間西餐廳, 地方不大大概得7-8張檯, 入到去幸好有最後一張檯俾我哋.. 翻下個餐牌, 真係全部都係豬(正呀!!), 隨手叫咗以上幾樣店自薦.. 除咗個野菌忌廉湯稍為一般之外, 其餘嘢食都做得很好味!!個人推薦漢堡包同意粉.. 最後張單一共RM127, 唔平, 但係偶然食下好嘢, 我覺得係件好開心嘅事嚟嘅~~ :)
went to this Sanbanto @ SS2 for a late lunch with friends last weekend, it was an impromptu search over the internet for something nice nearby, saw this with generally good review and hence decided to give it a try, anyway when it comes to pork i don't really have much objection, hehe!! it's basically western food, the shop is not big with only 7-8 tables, luckily there was one last for us when we got in.. flip the menu, everything was truly oink oink (nice!!), and we ordered the above dishes recommended in the menu.. besides the cream of mushroom soup that was slightly ordinary, all other dishes were delicious!! i'd personally recommend the burger and pasta.. the bill was RM127, not cheap, but i think having good food once in a while is actually something happy to do~~ :)

07.11.2012 | 烏鴉傳說

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1591]
相信大家都有聽過關於一隻聰明烏鴉如何飲用瓶底中嘅水呢個故事.. 當然我唔係要講呢個故事大家聽, 如果你想知, 麻煩你去翻一翻幼稚園小朋友嘅課本啦, 呵呵!! 我想同大家分享嘅, 係以前某個朋友話我知, 如果你朝早瞓醒嘅時候見到一隻烏鴉, 咁好可能呢一日你會行衰運, 除非你係見到超過三隻烏鴉而唔係單單一隻囉.. 自此我就一路認住認住, 所以每次一見到烏鴉, 我都會好自然去搵其他幾隻烏鴉, 叫做「化解」咁啦.. 有時又真係會行衰運喎, 可能係自己認住?? 不過又唔可以話完全迷信.. 大家覺得呢??
i am sure you have heard about the story of how a clever crow drinks water from the bottom of a jar.. but this is of course not the story i wanted to tell here, if you want to know, go flip the books of a kindergarten kid, haha!! what i wanted to share here is, i heard a friend who once told me, if you wake up in the morning and see a crow, then it will be a bad bad day for you, unless you see more than three and not just a single crow.. since then i have always believe that, and always try to find other crows if i see one in the morning, haha!! but sometimes it did make me a bad day, i wouldn't say it's true but it may not be just a myth too.. or maybe it's my prejudice?? what do you think??

06.11.2012 | 十步之差

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1590]
昨日回家時候覺得口干, 輕快鐵到站後, 一支箭走去買啲嘢飲.. 呢間連鎖便利店相信大家都頗熟悉啦, 身處車站想要買嘢第一時間梗係諗到佢啦.. 結果買咗罐RM1.60嘅菊花茶, 俾咗錢飲咗兩啖, 一轉身就俾我親眼見到十步之外, 竟然有部售賣機, 一罐只賣RM1.00!! 雖然係區區幾毫, 而且間便利店我唔覺得佢貴, 但係點解偏偏要我一買完唔夠30秒之後, 就俾我發現自己原來做咗傻仔?? 好諷刺, 好殘忍呀~~ @#$%^&*!!
was so thirsty yesterday on the way back, when i arrived at the station i quickly rushed to get some drinks.. and i supposed everyone is familiar with this convenience store, when you're in a station the first thing you can think of must be this store.. so i bought a can drinks at RM1.60, paid and had two sips when i saw 10 steps away, there was a vending machine selling canned drinks at RM1.00 each!! though it's just a few cents and i don't think the store has overcharged, why must i realized i've been such a fool just within 30 seconds after i have made the payment?? don't you think that was just too ironic, and also a little too cruel to me?? @#$%^&*!!

05.11.2012 | 好貴嘢飲

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1589]
出面賣啲嘢真係越嚟越貴, 尤其係嘢飲, 本來就係好低成本嘅嘢, 但係偏偏就可以賣到差不多嘢食嘅價錢, 有的候都真係寧願唔叫嘢飲嘢.. 餐廳cafe啲嘢飲唔講啦, 求其收你十蚊八蚊係等閒事.. 依家就連茶室一杯溝水溝到淡到冇人有嘅嘢飲, 都可以面不改容收你兩蚊!! 搞到(孤寒嘅)我俾錢都俾得肉赤啦, 呢個係咩矜貴世界呀?? @.@"
things out there are being sold more and more expensive, especially drinks that are always at a very low cost, but can be charged at almost the price of food, that's why sometimes I rather not order drinks when dining outside.. leave aside restaurants and cafes that can easily charge you RM10 for a cup of drink, now even the coffee shops are charging you RM2 for drinks so diluted that they are almost tasteless!! really make (the stingy) me feel so unwilling to pay for that, what an expensive world!! @.@"

04.11.2012 | 掃塵馬騮

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1588]
大家話fing-fing對住爸爸部電腦究竟想點呢?? 難道細細個就想好似爸爸咁每日寫blog?? 錯錯錯, fing-fing咁貪玩, 邊有可能好似爸爸咁勤力吖?? 其實係爸爸捉佢喺度, 用佢軟綿綿毛絨絨嘅大手板, 掃下螢幕上啲塵啫!! 呢個就係fing-fing隻「掃塵馬騮」唯一對爸爸有所幫忙嘅舉動喇, 呵呵.. 其實除此之外, fing-fing成日都有幫爸爸抹乾淨手機上啲手指印㗎, 真係乖喇~~ :D
what do you think fing-fing is doing with daddy's laptop there?? trying to be like his daddy to blog everyday?? no no no, fing-fing is so naughty and can never be as hardworking as daddy right?? actually fing-fing is placed there so that daddy can use his soft and fluffy palms to wipe off the dust on the screen!! this is the only time when fing-fing the "dust cleaner" is a good boy to help daddy with some chores, haha.. besides that, fing-fing also often helps daddy to clean the finger prints on his mobile phone, such a good boy right?? :D

03.11.2012 | 雙囍臨門

[Volume 7 Issue 11, #1587]
大家一見到雙囍, 係唔係以為東主有囍, 想八一下究竟係咩囍事?? 哈哈.. 唔好誤會, 其實因為今日係禮拜六, 大家都知我循例都會公佈留言週榜.. 咁啱又係月頭所以都要公佈上一個月嘅留言成績單, 所以咪為之「雙囍臨門」囉, 呵呵!! 好喇, 廢話少講, 大家自己click以下個別button睇下邊幾位讀者係大贏家?? 多謝各位嘅鼎力捧場, 恭喜晒所有金榜題名嘅讀者, 祝大家有個開心愉快嘅週末!! :)
when you see the double happiness, did you think the blog owner has some events going on, and feel like gossiping what's happening?? haha.. don't take it wrong, actually it's because today is saturday again, and it's a custom for me to present the weekly comment chart.. and coincidentally, it's the beginning of the month hence i am also presenting the comment chart for last month, hence the so-called "double happiness", hehe!! ok, i'm not going to be long-winded here, just click on the respective buttons to see who are the big winners?? thank you so much to everyone who have dropped by my blog, congratulations to all who have made it to the chart.. wishing all readers a happy and enjoyable weekend!! :)