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31.01.2012 | 路中綠肺

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1310]
見到兩條繁忙道路中間(Menara Standard Chartered, Jalan Sultan Ismail)呢個迷你日式花園, 我為之驚喜.. 真心講一句, 整個結構非常之靚, 美化城市的確有嘉.. 不過往實際方面睇, 鬧市中整個咁嘅迷你花園, 邊個會去欣賞?? 企喺度食塵咩?? 不如用笪地整闊條路, 舒緩下*無時無刻*阻塞嘅交通仲好.. 贊成定否定??
i was pretty impressed when i saw this mini japanese garden in the midst of two main roads (at Menara Standard Chartered, Jalan Sultan Ismail) in the city center.. frankly, i find the landscaping rather beautiful and a good one to decorate the city.. but practically, how many will come to this mini garden in this bustling place at all?? to feed on the dust?? rather use the space to widen to road, so that the *always* congested traffic can be put at ease, agree or other thoughts??

30.01.2012 | 利利是是

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1309]
相信大家今日都開晒工返晒學喇, 新年一共逗(或派)咗幾多封利是?? 我就逗咗十八封咁啦, 其中一半仲要係同舊同學一個小小聚會中逗返嚟嘅, 呵呵!! 好多人話:「仲好意思?? 今年逗埋明年要派喇!!」.. 其實我絕對唔覺得醜囉, 親朋戚友派得利是俾我係佢哋福氣, 我開心接受係一種禮貌, 所以就算食到80歲, 都係同樣想法架.. :)
i believe everyone is back to work or study by today already, so how many angpows have you collected (or given)?? i got like 18 and half of them are from old classmates during a little gathering, haha!! many said "still getting angpows?? make sure this is the last year and you'll be giving next year!!".. frankly i never feel embarrass to get angpows, because i think it's a bliss to those relatives and friends to be able to give, and it's being polite to happily accept them right?? so even if i'm 80, i'll still think the same.. :)

29.01.2012 | 情急智生

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1308]
幾日前幫兩位朋友預先慶祝生日, 點知負責買蛋糕嘅朋友以為生日已過, 寫咗句belated happy birthday喺個蛋糕上!! 情急之下, 唯有攞咗招呼客人啲新年小食遮住個belated, 囧!! 原先都有諗過用肉干/柑桔/餅乾, 不過最後都係覺得朱古力同腰果比較夾個蛋糕!! 哈哈, 效果OK, 至少其中一位壽星毫不察覺~~ :D
was celebrating the birthday of two friends in advance the other day, while the one who bought the cake thought their birthdays were over, hence he got a "belated happy birthday" message on the cake!! under such an embarrassing situation, we had to take some CNY tidbits to cover up the word "belated", mean.. at first things like bakwa, oranges and cookies were in the list, but at last we thought chocolate and nuts the closest match to the cake, haha!! the result, at least one of them did not even notice anything wrong, considered good yeah?? :D

28.01.2012 | 辣椒神偷

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1307]
連食幾日年菜食到怕怕, 大年初三走去偷吃麥當當(呵呵!!).. 有幸見到一位辣椒醬女神偷, 當我已食完一個漢堡包, 佢仲忙緊將一碟接一碟嘅辣椒醬拎返埋位!! 好似唔食會死咁, 結果一共拎咗12碟嘅辣椒醬(加一隻烏蠅)!! 囧~~ 老實講, 啲人真係貪得無厭(兼浪費), 如果麥當當實行辣椒醬要俾錢買政策, 我會好意支持囉..
tired of CNY dishes for few consecutive days, i secretly went to have McD on the 3rd day of CNY (hehe!!).. was so fortunate to see the "chili sauce terminator", when i've finished my burger but she's still busy getting plates after plates of chili sauce back to her seat, as if she'll die without it.. total 12 plateful of chili sauce (plus 1 fly tasting her sauce) she took, crazy right?? i really find these people greedy (and wasteful), frankly if McD is charging for the chili sauce, i would be happy to support..

27.01.2012 | 一股清涼

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1306]
大家係唔係連續食咗幾日團圓飯剩下嘅飯餸?? 又或者睇週圍朋友猛喺面卜上載團圓飯餸菜睇到怕?? 其實我兩樣都係, 所以頭先去買咗支雪糕消一消濟, 哈哈!! 我覺得Wendy's呢個雪糕其實巧巧食!! 雪糕香滑又唔係死甜, 尤其雪糕筒唔係一般(氹細佬嗰啲)威化餅, 而係誠意滿滿嘅朱古力脆餅.. 想要一股清涼, 我推薦呢個RM1嘅雪糕~~ :)
are you sick of eating the leftover from reunion dinner for days?? or sick of seeing tons of reunion dinner dishes posted on facebook?? unfortunately i am both yes, hence i got myself a sundae to refresh myself, haha!! i actually find this from Wendy's very nice, smooth creamy vanilla and not entirely sweet, especially the cone is not of those wafer type (used to satisfy kids) but sincerely chocolate crispy cone.. something to freshen up, i recommend this RM1 thingy.. :)
[聲明] 呢個唔係贊助貼 [disclaimer] this is not a sponsored post

26.01.2012 | 新年禁忌

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1305]
新年期間當然有好多禁忌啦, 樣樣要好意頭, 呢樣唔做得嗰樣唔講得.. 咁大家有冇認住邊幾句話, 係當啲唔識趣嘅人(寒喧)一問, 就兜口兜面一嘢埋嚟, 崩口人忌崩口碗嘅呢?? 譬如話:
  • 拍咗拖未呀?? 幾時結婚呀?? (我上星期啱啱分咗手!!)
  • 今年幾多個月花紅呀?? (關你叉事?? 我又唔會分俾你洗!!)
  • 一年唔見, 食咩食到你咁福相呀?? (你唔瘦得我幾多!!)
CNY is all about auspiciousness, so the chinese believe there are many things we can't do and say during CNY, else they will bring bad luck.. so have you had something that when somebody asked about, you feel like a stab in your heart?? for instance,
  • are you dating already?? when are you getting married?? (i just broke up last week bast**d!!)
  • how many months bonus you get?? (none of your business, i won't share any with you anyway!!)
  • you've grown much more steady since the last time i saw you!! (you are not a lot slimmer than i do ok??)

25.01.2012 | 無所事事

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1304]
我嘅新年大部份時間都係留在屋企, 咁喺屋企其實真係冇咩嘢做.. 所以唔係睇電視就係食嘢飲嘢, 食飽飲足飯氣攻心, 自自然然就昏昏欲睡.. 所以我嘅大年初一竟然瞓咗兩輪晏覺, 實在好頹!! 幸好年初二懂得懸崖勒馬, 唔係嘅話, 就靈驗咗友人所說:「你其實唔肥, 係多幾兩肉啫」~~ @_@
my CNY is mostly spent at home, but there's just not much to do staying at home.. can be so free that i only watch TV and eat, and after eating the "sugar rush" makes me sleepy.. hence i spent my 1st day of CNY on two rounds of afternoon naps, so inspirited!! fortunately i manage to stop myself from doing so on the 2nd day, else i sure make the statement of a friend come true - "you are not fat, just with some extra flesh"~~ @_@

24.01.2012 | 下雨新年

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1303]
印象中嘅農曆新年係天氣炎熱, 從來都唔會落雨嘅, 不過今年(應該)係我生平第一次落雨嘅新年.. 人哋話今年係水龍年, 所以帶來雨水.. 都好嘅, 天降甘露呀, 涼涼嘅天氣仲得人歡心啦.. 而且重要係水為財, 大家今年一定發發發呀, 哈哈!! :D
i have the expectation that the weather is very hot during CNY and it never rain during the period, but this year is a little different and perhaps the first rainy CNY for me.. people say it's the year of the water dragon hence it brings more rain.. good though, at least the cooling weather is more likeable and more importantly water symbolizes prosperity, so everyone will sure HUAT a lot this year, haha!! :D

23.01.2012 | 恭喜恭喜

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1302]
今日係壬辰年大年初一, 喺度同大家拜個年先.. 祝大家萬事如意, 心想事成, 身體健康, 恭喜發大財!! 順便送上懷舊新年歌一首, 按上邊雙妹嘜個play就可以啟播喇.. 恭喜恭喜~~ :)
it's the first day of CNY so let me wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year with lots of health and wealth!! at the same time dedicate a classic CNY song to everyone, just click the "play" button in the twin photo above to listen.. gong xi gong xi~~ :)

22.01.2012 | 過年新衫

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1301]
除夕喇今日, 相信大家都已經買齊晒新衫過年啦.. 哈哈, 唔好誤會呢堆係我啲新衫, 只係我現時衣櫃一部份啫.. 其實呢, 我都冇(可能仲未)買到新衫, 唔係我冇去shopping, 而係每次好興奮睇啱啲衫, 好開心去試咗之後, 都要好失望地放棄.. 係肥到哩, 著親咩都唔順眼, 連自己都接受唔到!! 唉, 真係兜頭淋盆冷水落嚟咁, 掃興~~ :(
it's CNY eve and i guess you've already got all your new clothes?? haha, don't mistaken those as my new clothes, they are just part of my existing wardrobe.. anyway, didn't (or maybe haven't) get myself any new clothes, not that i didn't go shopping but just that when i happily spotted nice clothes, excitedly put them on and i have to however disappointingly give up.. i'm just too fat and flabby to look good on anything!! haiz, it's like pouring cold water onto the burning fire, potong stim~~ :(

21.01.2012 | 回鄉過年

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1300]
感覺唔到農曆新年嘅來臨, 我覺得其中最大可能係因為我冇鄉下返.. 喺呢個城市土生土長, 眼見身邊啲朋友都頻頻撲撲返鄉下過年, 應該就係爭呢一個心急回家嘅感覺.. 雖然話好頻撲, 不過我都幾羨慕過時過節返鄉下嗰一種好特殊好過癮嘅情懷㗎, 呵呵~~ :)
i think one of the reason why i don't really feel CNY coming is because i don't have a hometown to go back.. born and brought up in this same city, i see friends around busy packing to go back to their hometown for CNY, i think the "shiokness" and anticipation of heading home could be what's lacking.. though may be very tiring, i actually quite envy about that special feeling of going back hometown for major festive, haha~~ :)

20.01.2012 | 一覽無遺

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1299]
呢個唔係今個月嘅留言成績榜, 其實係我自己寫咗一個javascript(好自豪, 呵呵!!)幫我自動統計留言啫.. 所以大家唔好誤會我咁得閑走去一個一個計呀, 咁計法三日三夜都計唔晒啦.. 尤其依家我一日一貼, 有咗呢個javascript之後, 就可以好清楚睇下究竟邊位朋友咁懶, 咁耐都冇嚟俾我留言!! 哈哈, 講笑講笑, 大家有心到訪就得喇~~ :p
this is not the comment result chart for the month, just that i've written my own javascript (so proud of myself, hehe!!) to help me count the comments.. so don't mistaken again that i have the time to do the count one by one, if i do for sure it will take me 3 days to get it done.. especially for now that i post daily, with this javascript i can easily see who are the lazy bloggers who have not come to comment for a long time!! haha, just kidding, as long as you drop by that will be good enough~~ :p

19.01.2012 | 小心行事

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1298]
去餐廳用膳, 如果有咩投訴, 千其要禮貌同留一點余地, 唔好無理投訴.. 雖然侍應同經理可能喺你面前頻頻俯首認錯, 但係喺背後嘅廚房, 你真係唔知佢哋會對你碟睇落如天上珍品嘅食物做過咩手腳.. 係唔係個人經歷?? 唔知, 不過我通常都投訴有理嘅.. :)
when you dine in a restaurant and have some complaints, do it politely and don't go too far, make sure you are valid.. the server or manager may apologize for whatever reasons in front of you, but behind there in the kitchen you may not know what they are going to do with your plate of delicacy.. is this my personal experience?? no idea, but i always make sure i complain with valid evidences.. :)

18.01.2012 | 要大要細

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1297]
去幫襯小販檔攤時, 我通常都係叫細份嘅(除咗雲吞麵我通常叫大).. 所以至憎就係當我唔記得指定要細份, 而老闆問都唔問下就直接整份大嘅俾我.. 嘩, 老闆, 唔係咁都要谷銷係嘛?? 定係你覺得我呢個嘥屎一定食得多先?? 其實我好(努力要)細食咋~~ O_o
when i eat at hawker stall, i usually order small or regular portion (except wantan mee i will usually go for large).. i hate it when i forget to specify small ones and the stall owner doesn't even bother to ask but straight away give me a large one!! hello, you must be trying to push your sales huh?? or do i look like i must eat that much with my size?? O_o

17.01.2012 | 鎖櫃奇聞

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1296]
噚日喺gym沖完涼出嚟之際, 發覺有個人企喺我個locker側邊呆等.. 跟住我明明係128號locker, 點解個鎖頭鎖住隔離127號locker架?? 死喇, 梗係頭先匆匆忙忙, 冇鎖到自己個locker, 反而係佢眼金金睇住我鎖錯佢嘅locker然後懵性性走咗去沖涼定喇!! 嘩, 真係抄~尷~尬~.. 好彩人家冇同我計較!! 真係要同呢位好好先生講聲唔好意思~~ @.@"
after my shower in the gym yesterday, i noticed a guy waiting by my locker.. then i wondered why my lock was locking locker #127 just next to mine at #128.. only to realized i must have rushed to the shower, did not lock my own locker but instead he saw me locking his locker right in front of his eyes and unknowingly went to shower!! OMG, how embarrassing!! fortunately this mr nice did not even say anything.. i must say sorry to him again~~ @.@"

16.01.2012 | 試唔試下

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1295]
一般超市促銷員都會好熱情, 大力推銷之余仲會猛叫顧客試食.. 前日就遇到一個例外, 中年婦人手上捧住一盤sample, 企定定就咁一塊接一塊放入自己個口.. 當佢發現我睇住佢之後, 居然有氣冇力咁堆個盤埋嚟, 愛理不理咁問我「試唔試下??」.. 嘩, 個樣唔開胃到哩, 都唔知邊位顧客會想試食囉~~ @.@"
promoters at supermarkets are generally enthusiastic, they happily welcome people to try while promoting their products.. however i just met an exception the other day, a middle-aged lady taking a plate on her hand, standing still and keep pushing the samples one by one into her own mouth.. when she noticed i was looking at her, she pushed the plate to me hastily and with a poker face she said "try??".. OMG, i really wonder who will ever try those samples under such an unappetizing "culture shock"~~ @.@"

15.01.2012 | 分秒必爭

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1294]
趕時間嘅時候, 我頂多都係買兩個麵包一邊行一邊食.. 所以我非常佩服有啲朋友, 竟然訓練到自己喺揸緊車嘅時候, 都可以搞掂一餐飯.. 唔係簡單一個三文治噃, 而係完完整整食晒一個三餸飯盒再加包飲品(仲要係用膠袋包住再用繩扎嗰一種)!! 雖然係唔健康又頗危險, 不過確實係神乎其技囉~~ @.@
when i'm in a rush, i would the most get two pieces of bread to eat on the go.. hence i really salute some friends who have trained themselves to get their meals done even while driving.. nope, not just a sandwich but a complete lunchbox with rice and dishes plus a packet of drinks (mind you it's those plastic bag packing tied with nylon string)!! though not healthy and put safety at risk, i am so frankly overwhelmed with that "skill"~~ @.@

14.01.2012 | 貪小失大

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1293]
有好多時候, 我會因為贈品而買嘢.. 尤其啲睇落好精緻嘅碗呀碟呀杯呀盒呀咁, 確實好吸引我架!! 所以就算呢個朱古力係抄~甜~的, 不過個杯靚喎, 反正新年近, 我係辦緊年貨啦, 好唔好?? 係, 我承認某些時候, 我的確係好師奶仔思想嘅~~ :p
there are many times i would buy things because of the freebies.. especially those nice looking containers, mugs, plates etc are sure attractive to me.. hence even if i find this chocolate super-duper sweet, i still buy it because the mugs look good!! furthermore CNY is coming soon, so this is considered CNY shopping okay?? yes, i admit there are times i am rather "auntie thinking"~~ :p

13.01.2012 | 七國咁亂

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1292]
救命啊!! 點解我個google會變成咁㗎?? 點解好似地震冧樓咁㗎?? 中毒??!! 千真萬確, 我真冇喺張圖片上做過任何手腳㗎!! 哈哈, 其實你都可以玩下嘅.. 你去呢個google, 跟住是但search樣嘢, 睇下會有咩事發生?? :)
HELP!! what happened to my google?? why does the page look like earthquake debris after tsunami?? virus??!! it's real, i did not do any photoshop on the picture above!! haha, actually you can try this too.. just go to this google and do any search, see what's gonna happen then?? :)

12.01.2012 | 百萬富包

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1291]
朋友喺面卜post咗佢囡囡問佢嘅一條謎語, 我覺得好有趣, 响度同大家分享一下:
■ 有隻叉燒包某日喺街度執到一百萬, 佢發達咗會變成咩包??
a friend posted in facebook a little riddle his daughter asked.. found it funny and would like to share it with my readers here..
■ one day a BBQ chicken bun found a million dollars, it gets rich instantly and guess what bun it becomes then??

11.01.2012 | 最想食咩

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1290]
同個喺外國生活嘅朋友交談之際, 突然傾到最掛住邊一樣馬來西亞美食.. 結果就咁噏就有張水蛇春咁長嘅lis出嚟.. 唔單止係喺外國生活嘅朋友, 就連有時出國旅行多日, 都會好掛住啲嘢.. 如果你唔喺一段時間, 返到嚟最想食嘅係咩呢?? :)
was chatting with a friend who is now staying oversea, we talked about malaysian food.. and just a brief chat we were able to come out with a long list.. actually not only them, for us who sometimes go traveling for quite some time, we will already miss the malaysian food.. given you, which food would you miss most and will eat once you're back home?? :)

10.01.2012 | 唔好埋嚟

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1289]
我覺得我係一個鐘意怪雞樣嘅卡通或公仔.. 某日經過某商場禮品部, 咁啱俾我見到呢兩隻怪雞公仔擺埋一齊.. 見到佢哋一臉無價表情, 我即刻聯想到以下對話, 真係好搞笑~~
  • 啡色擘大口: 你呢個青BB赤裸裸嘅怪物!! 唔好埋嚟呀你~~ @_@"
  • 綠色笑吟吟: 呵呵!! 你驚咩唧?? 我又唔係猩猩王~~ :p
i think i should be somebody who quite fancy those weird-looking cartoons or dolls.. saw these two dolls being placed together coincidentally on the shelf in a shopping mall the other day, and their priceless expressions made me thought of the following conversion, it's just so hilarious~~
  • jaw-dropped brown: you green naked pervert!! don't come any closer~~ @_@"
  • giggling green: hehe!! you don't like me meh?? :p

09.01.2012 | 嘆為觀止

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1288]
唔好誤會, 呢一堆成座山咁多嘅醬包係某位朋友嘅心血積蓄, 我最多係貢獻幾包啫.. 其實唔係自己攞架, 係外賣用唔晒幾包幾包積落嚟嘅.. 你話如果有一日將佢哋全部還返俾麥當當, 呢個場面都相當令人嘆為觀止噃~~ :D
don't misunderstand, this mountain-high of sauce sachets are actually the property of a friend, i just contributed a few the most.. actually it's not that we took extra, just we couldn't finished those that comes with the takeaway, so a few sachets a time lead to this much now.. i wonder how overwhelmed the McD staff would be if all these are returned to them one day?? :D

08.01.2012 | 那一些年

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1287]
我覺得好多博客每當唔知要寫啲咩嘅時候, 都會去自己嘅picture folder摷下啲舊相借題發揮.. 哈哈, 所以今日俾我見到呢張17年前讀中六嘅班照, 大家估下我喺邊?? click張相就有分曉啦, 祝各位週末愉快.. :)
i think many bloggers when do not have anything special to blog, will usually flip through their picture folders to get some ideas.. haha, so i saw this class photo taken back in 17 years ago while i was still in form 6, can you guess where i was?? click on the photo itself to find out, have a happy weekend everyone.. :)

07.01.2012 | 如同虛設

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1286]
發現某車站居然安裝咗呢個(尚未啟用嘅)電子巴士班次顯示器.. 係就係非常之靚仔兼且令人振奮, 但係身為馬來西亞人嘅我哋, 其實心裡已經知道一團糟嘅公共交通系統, 突然殺出呢個高科技產品有鬼用咩?? 又唔係如同虛設, 難道安裝之後可以改善咩??嘥氣~~
noticed this (not yet operating) electronic bus schedule signboard installed at a bus station.. though it looks so handsome and impressive, but being malaysians we already know with such a messy public transport system, how much a sudden installation of high-tech gadget can help?? just so superfluous and expecting it to improve things?? forget about it~~

06.01.2012 | 反拍猜那

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1285]
聖誕一過, 呢間商場就即刻換上農曆新年新裝喇, 果然高效率.. 唔似相中啲人咁對條巨龍嘆為觀止, 我覺得非常老土兼且好「猜那」, 一點都唔吸引.. 反而覺得反拍竭盡全力影緊相嘅人更加好玩囉, 哈哈!! 所以呀朋友們, 千祈唔好俾我捉到你喺度做啲咁嘅嘢吓~~ :p
it's barely over xmas and this mall is now dressed up in CNY deco, that's efficient i'd say.. unlike those in the photo who were so impressed by that huge dragon, i don't find it attractive at all but rather very old-fashioned and cheena.. instead, i find shooting them taking photos with all their mights more interesting, haha.. so don't ever let me caught you doing the same thing in this mall okay?? :p

05.01.2012 | 患得患失

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1284]
噚日去領頭兩個學期嘅成績, 四科有齊晒ABCD全部等級.. 個range好大囉, 我完全冇因為有個A而開心, 但係就因為有個D而閉翳而耿耿於懷, 唉~~ 不過好方面諗, 至少呢四科全部合格囉.. 我呢個MBA冇考試, 每科食飯定食粥就靠一份assignment, 所以靈靈性性, 跟住落嚟嘅全部靚靚仔仔呀!!
collected the results for my first two semesters yesterday and i get all ABCD grades for all four subjects.. that's a big range i don't get any happy with the A but definitely a little down with the D, haiz~~ anyway think from the brighter side, at least i pass all those subjects.. there's no exam for my MBA but each subject depends solely on one assignment, so by hook or by crook, the remaining ones must get handsome results!!

04.01.2012 | 青春青蔥

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1283]
新年第二日晨早仲懶喺床上之時, 接到朋友嘅電話:「起身喇, 我哋金馬崙一日遊!!」.. 成十年冇去過金馬崙, 加上如此即興情況之下, 突然覺得自己好似呢個綠草如茵嘅地方, 咁青蔥(春)咁朝氣!! 哈哈~~ :D
on the morning of the second day of the new year while still lazying on my bed, got a call from a friend: "wake up due, and let's do a day trip to cameron highlands!!".. have not been there for more than 10 years, and with such a spontaneous trip, i felt myself as young and as vibrant as the lush green right in front of my eyes, haha!! :D

03.01.2012 | 年度大賞

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1282]
萬眾期待, 2011年度SK0617博客大賞嘅各獎項得獎名單, 歷經各位讀者過去一年車輪式嘅奮鬥努力, 今日終於有咗結果喇!! 恭喜晒各位實至名歸嘅得獎者!! 我跟住落嚟嘅任務就係四處收羅獎品喇, 以下列表中嘅各獎項十強得獎者請記得電郵我你個郵寄地址喎~~ :)
after the continuous hardship from the readers over the past year, the list of winners for the most anticipated SK0617 Annual Bloggers Award 2011 is finally right in front of your eyes!! many congratulations to all the deserved winners!! and my next mission is to go hunt for the prizes, top 10 winners for each category listed below please don't forget to email me your postal address~~ :)

02.01.2012 | 有時簡單

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1281]
一輪聖誕加新年大餐食濟之後, 其實都會好想簡簡單單就咁叮個麵平衡下.. 多謝多年老友每次由倫敦返嚟都記得帶呢個香腸俾我~~ :)
after rounds of xmas and new year feasts, i find it sensible to just have some to balance up.. thanks my dear old friend who never fails to bring me this sausage everytime she comes back from london~~ :)

01.01.2012 | 新年快樂

[Volume 7 Issue 1, #1280]
公元2012年第一日, 祝各位新年快樂, 財源廣進, 身體健康, 青春美麗, 心想事成.. 黑皮牛耳!! :)
it's the very first day of 2012, wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, good health, good fortune, good look and every dream comes true!! :)