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31.08.2008 | 五十一歲

2008年8月31日, 國家今年嚟到51歲喇.. 其實對於國慶呢一日已經毫無感覺喇, 頂多都係可以假放, 唔駛返工可以趁機休息一日.. 以前都會起身坐喺電視機前睇國慶慶典直播, 不過而家瞓多兩個鐘仲好過啦.. 我承認我唔係一個愛國者, 不過都唔係個憎恨國家嘅人, 國慶真係唔關我事囉其實.. 不過每年國慶, 我都會留意國油公司嘅祝賀廣告, 每一年都係高水準有意思嘅.. 今年主題係父母恩, 睇睇片啦..

August 31st 2008, our nation turns 51 this year.. i don't really have much feelings towards this merdeka day really, all i know is that i get a public holiday off work and a good day of rest.. i used to wake up early previous years to watch the live telecast of the national day parade, but now i would rather choose to have two more hours of sleep.. i must admit i'm not a patriot, but not someone who dislikes the county, i just don't really pay a care.. anyway, each year during the merdeka month, i will always have noticed on the petronas merdeka greeting tv commercial, high standard and always projecting meaningful messages to the nation.. this year, the theme is thankfulness for parents, let's enjoy the clip..

片中當父親將本存折簿交畀個仔, 戶頭持有人嗰一欄顯示嘅係個仔嘅名, 呢一幕我覺得好感動..
when the father handover a savings passbook to his son, and the account holder name column clearly written the name of the son.. to me, this scene is absolutely touching..

30.08.2008 | 琴棋書畫

古時有琴棋書畫呢四大才藝, 通常都係啲富家公子或千金小姐必須練成嘅絕技.. 嚟到呢個年代, 究竟琴棋書畫又有幾重要, 又有幾多人會重視呢?? 我覺得現時琴棋書畫只不過係嗜好咁簡單, 你鐘意就去搞, 唔鐘意嘅話你父母都唔會逼你.. 而家啲細路實在係又太多知識技能要學, 邊有時間嚟琴棋書畫陶冶性情啊?? 而我自己, 就係一個琴棋書畫全部不通嘅一個人版喇, 呵呵~~
  • [琴] 記得好耐以前, 父母問我想學鋼琴定電腦, 結果我選擇咗電腦!! 而家覺得有啲遺憾, 反正自己今時今日做IT呢一行, 每日都用電腦, 當時點解唔去學鋼琴?? 其實我好羨慕識得彈鋼琴嘅人架, 好型好有氣質囉覺得..
  • [棋] 我諗我唯一識得玩嘅棋就係圍棋同買啲白癡飛機棋喇(哇哈哈哈哈!!), 皮毛些許但係一啲都不精通.. 另外中國人偉大嘅像棋, 我點極都唔識捉, 父親大人卻係像棋迷一個, 始終都得唔到真傳, 失禮失禮..
  • [書] 初時以為係閱讀, 不過應該係指書法吧?? 乜嘢都好, 閱讀永遠唔係我杯茶, 我唔會有耐性精心坐低睇書.. 書法更加唔係我嗰皮啦, 以前每次書法功課都係得個丙等, 你話藝術書法可能我叻少少, 不過話到正氣書法就係咁先喇..
  • [畫] 講到繪畫, 我承認我天生有啲慧根架, 藝術細胞都頗發達, 以前曾經一個隨意作品都令好多同學仔讚嘆不已架.. 不過可能就係小時了了, 加上冇好好發揮, 而家從事IT呢一行幾何有藝術可言吖, 所以就慢慢咁慧根退化囉, 可悲..
the ancient chinese categorised four major talents - musical instruments, chess, reading/caligraphy and paintings.. and these talents were most commonly being pursued by those from rich families.. however when it comes to now, how important are these talents and how many of us really cares about possesing those talents?? to me, they are nothing more than what we called "hobbies" instead, so optional that your parents will not force you to do it should you are not keen on them.. and furthermore, kids nowadays have too much more important knowledge and skills to learn.. for me, i am gonna say that i am never good in any kind of those four talents, haha!!
  • [musical instruments] i still remember when i was asked to choose between learning piano and computers, i opted the latter.. it has always been a regret for me, as i'm now earning my bread in the IT industry and i am using a computer everyday, i started to wonder why i did not choose piano then?? i always envious about great pianist, how smart and how cool they look when they are playing their piano..
  • [chess] other than orthello and the stupid snake-and-ladder, i know nothing about chess at all, and mind you i'm just very lousy with those i know too.. also to the chinese chess, i can never ever learn to play, in contrary to dad who is a chinese chess fans, i just could not inherit his skills on this, shame shame..
  • [reading/caligraphy] i am not too sure if this is about reading or caligraphy, but anyhow i'm never good in any of them.. i'm not someone who will have the patience to sit quietly to read, and i can never get anything better than a C grade for my caligraphy homework back then.. or perhaps i say i'm quite good in creative caligraphy, but never those traditional style required by teachers..
  • [paintings] well for painting i think i was quite gifted and talented, at least back then in schooldays my artwork would normally impressed my peers (of i feel so proud of myself back then).. however due to immersing myself too long in this virtually artless IT industry, my talent somehow shrunk to almost none, pity pity..

29.08.2008 | 意國風味

噚晚放工飯局去咗呢間經一位嘴刁友人介紹, 叫做Buonasera嘅意大利餐廳.. 因為國情關係, 要喺呢個地方可以食到豬肉嘅西餐廳其實唔係多, 所以去到呢間嘢嘅時候, 就梗係要食豬肉料理啦, 其實我自己本身就已經非常喜歡食豬肉架喇(:p).. 去到嘅時候, 竟然係一個客都冇, 再加上友人唔見之前個肥佬意大利老闆Enzo, 而係個年輕(似劉卓琪)嘅適應小姐, 開始懷疑究竟係唔係好嘢.. 不過最後都係既來之則安之, 點咗兩個是日例湯(蘑菇同埋番茄), 一個迷迭香豬扒(sakura crackling pork chop with special rosemary Enzo sauce, mashed potato and garden salad ), 一個茄汁意粉(abbariate fettucine with pork bacon, grilled capsicum and whole olives in tomato sauce), 最後甜品係tiramisu.. 柯打完之後, 其實係有其他客人入嚟囉..

例湯送上, 第一啖就已經覺得係誠意十足果然落足料.. 啲湯唔係一般罐頭忌廉湯, 蘑菇湯係用真正蘑菇剁碎煮出嚟, 番茄湯就成個都係番茄嘅鮮味(入邊有啲碎料似係minestrone不過就切得比較幼細), 非常之開胃.. 主菜端上嘅時候, 個賣相就已經令人期待, 又係一句落足料.. 豬扒只係食咗友人份兩小塊, 覺得煎得僅僅好, 肉汁仲喺返度, 而且好嫩好味.. 我自己個意粉都整得很好, 意粉係我鐘意嘅硬度, 配合濃度適中嘅番茄漿, 我係整碟幹完不留痕跡.. 最後係甜品, 唔係平時食慣嗰啲一層層嘅, 覺得係OK水準囉.. 埋單一共RM109, 食物好服務OK, 會再返嚟試其他嘢..

[BUONASERA 意大利餐廳] 地址: 42 G/F, SS2/66 Petaling Jaya. 電話: +603-78778586

went to this italian trattoria "Buonasera" recommended by a picky friend last night after work.. due to our national culture, you seldom find western restaurants serving pork, and hence i have already decided i must order pork for myself.. reached there around 7:30pm but was surprised to be the first customers, and we didn't see the regular Italian chef Enzo but instead another young waitress, was that something not good?? anyway since we were there, we ordered two soup of the day (mushroom and plum tomato), sakura crackling pork chop with special rosemary Enzo sauce mashed potato and garden salad, abbariate fettucine with pork bacon grilled capsicum and whole olives in tomato sauce, and tiramusu for dessert.. well, actually people started coming in after we placed our orders..

the soup came and the first sip was already promising and appetising, not those regular canned cream soups you would always get elsewhere, but really they are made from scratch with fresh ingredients.. the mushroom soup was full with finely chopped mushroom pieces, the tomato soup was rich with finely chopped vegetables in it.. and then the main dishes, pork chop was well cooked with juices still locked, tender and delicious.. my fetuccine was cooked in the way i liked it, al dante, and with the tomato base sauce, i finished it up with the plate licking clean, haha!! finally the tiramisu, not the common layering you get elsewhere but in a whole big block, i would say just OK standard.. the bill came at RM109 (a bit expensive), food and service was good, will definitely come back for other items on the menu..

[BUONASERA Italian Trattoria] Address: 42 G/F, SS2/66 Petaling Jaya. Tel: +603-78778586

28.08.2008 | 飯飯之輩

我唔係一個飯桶, 梗加唔係一個無飯不歡嘅人.. 對於飯類食物, 尤其淡而無味嘅齋白米飯, 我其實唔係咁感興趣, 如果一碗白飯同一碗粉麵我揀, 我一定唔會揀白飯.. 白飯我會延伸壽司, 雖然壽司係有調味同伴埋其他佐料同食, 我都依然興趣唔大.. 我唔知點解?? 不過如果你話其他本身帶有味道嘅飯類食物, 我又冇呢個問題喎, 可能係我食嘢口味偏重定喇.. 各式炒飯, 臘味糯米飯, 海南油雞飯, 燴飯焗飯, 椰漿飯, 竹筒飯, 粽.. 只要有味道嘅飯, 我其實可以齋食(唔駛其他餸)都啃得晒架.. 其中最愛就係炒飯同糯米飯.. 其實呢都有一個例外, 如果白飯撈咗啲潮州嫂(即係家母)特制嘅鹵豬肉汁, 我都可以全部落肚不成問題嘅.. 好怪哦呵我?? :p

i clearly understand myself that i am not a fans of rice, and especially plain white rice is never something i am fond of.. if you are to let me choose between rice and noodles, i will definitely not choose the rice.. also i will regard sushi as this category as well, although sushi rice are seasoned and eat with other ingredients, but really i have no crave at all with sushi, so you will seldom see me have japanese.. well, i really don't know why?? however, when the rice is cooked with flavours, i have no problem with them at all, perhaps my taste buds needs stronger "stimulants"?? haha.. and hence, all sorts of fried rice, glutinous rice, hainanese chicken rice, risotto and paella, nasi lemak, lemang, rice dumplings are those that i can even it them on their own.. fried rice and glutinous rice being my favourite perhaps, if i could clearly mention.. there should be an exception though, plain white rice if ever drizzled with the delicious gravy from mum's secret recipe stew pork, haha.. pretty weird about me on rice huh?? :p

27.08.2008 | 摩登月餅

一年一度中秋節就快又到喇, 個幾月前時候市面上開始銷售月餅, 每年呢個時候都係各商家絞盡腦汁推出創新月餅嘅時候.. 傳統蓮蓉豆沙暫且擺埋一二角唔講喇, 啲咩水果/綠茶/咖啡/朱古力月餅都已經唔再新奇喇.. 而家係開始打鹹味月餅市場嘅主意囉, 見到廣告一大堆鹹味月餅, 由左至右:蝦米鹹蓉月, 娘惹布丁咖哩月餅, 沙茶海味.. 你見到會唔會先打個冷震?? 其實仲有好多口味架, 上網搵唔到相, 譬如人參雞絲月餅, 韓國泡菜月餅(!!), 我覺得好怪好格硬囉.. 做乜要咁啫?? 好地地一個純白蓮蓉唔好咩??
the mooncake festival is just around the corner, more than a month ago you can start buying mooncakes almost everywhere, and this is the time where bakeries and restaurants will scratch their heads for innovative mooncakes.. put aside the traditional lotus seed paste, the later innovations like fruits, green tea, coffee, chocolate mooncakes are now not surprising at all.. what i noticed is the trend for savory mooncakes now, from left to right: salted lotus with dried shrimp sambal, nyonya pudding curry, sa char sauce seafood white lotus.. err, pretty scary right?? actually there are more such innovations but just could find pictures from web, for example: ginseng chicken, kimchi mooncake (!!), can you believe how weird they would taste?? i just gotta ask why, what's wrong with the simple plain lotus seed paste mooncake??

各種不同創新口味其實都會有日玩厭, 由甜味到鹹味到不倫不類, 下一步係咩?? 咪就係玩月餅造型囉!! 今年若論最創新月餅, 我諗非呢個香港住好啲x奇華餅家嘅「八月十五」系列月餅莫屬喇啩?? 暫且唔理佢味道如何, 就係見佢個屁股樣就覺得超搞笑啦~~
well, there will still be a day that the different tastes of mooncakes shall get boring, from sweet to savory to "undefined" perhaps (hehe), what's next?? innovative shapes of the mooncakes that is!! to rate the most innovative mooncake this year, i should say the "Full Moon" series from the crossover of HK's G.O.D and Kei Wa.. just put aside how it taste, the butt shaped mooncake is already worth an applause, don't you think so?? [Note to English reader] if you can't understand the link between mooncake and butt.. mooncake festival falls on the 15th of the eight month in the lunar calendar, and the cantonese has a slang for butt as "august 15" (because it's as round as the moon on that day).. that is why they are linked together..

26.08.2008 | 玩煮飯仔

早幾日去友人JY屋企串門子, 適逢食晏時間, 於是佢就心血來潮話煮飯仔過我喫.. 嘩, 更係好啦, 其實好鐘意有朋友肯煮嘢我食架, 感覺好幸福, 哈哈.. 對上一次有朋友為我親自下廚, 應該係6年前小春嘅家傳撚手海南靚雞飯喇(幹掉三大碗飯啊我仲記得!!).. 講返JY啦, 佢話:「係fusion菜, 因為用西式材料煮日式便當..」, 我咪回應佢:「哦~~」咁囉, 哈哈!!

材料同埋做法都好簡單, 用咗日本米飯+蝦子+粟米仔+蘆荀+煙肉, 五種材料五種顏色, 係唔係好健康呢?? 做法係[1] 先煲飯(要落啲鹽調味), [2] 跟住汆熟粟米仔同蘆荀再用油略為炒香, [3] 煙肉切碎再煎熟.. [4] 搞掂之後盛起碗飯, 落蝦子, [5] 最後將粟米仔+蘆荀+煙肉鋪於飯面.. 簡單五個步驟, 大公告成, 一碗熱辣辣便當就食得喇!! 食之前記得撈勻所有材料, 白飯中有彈牙蝦子, 爽口粟米仔, 脆口煙肉, 簡單不過真係幾好味喎, 我成碟食晒仲可以「美人照鏡」添, 哈哈!! 難得有人誠意下廚, 食得當然滋味感動啦, 多謝晒你呢個五色便當喎朋友, 我鐘意啊~~
went to visit JY at home couple of days ago, it was lunch time and he suddenly had the urge to cook a DIY lunch for us.. well, of course i like it, i will certainly feel in heaven whenever a friend would ever cook for me.. i still remember the last time a friend cooking for me was 6 years back in HK, where CSWS cooked her home recipe hainanese chicken rice, and i recall i ate 3 big bowls of rice then, haha!! back to JY, he said "this is a fusion, as i'm using western ingredients to cook a japanese style bento", and so i responded "oh~~" with a look, hahaha!!

very simple ingredients and cooking steps, we had japanese rice + ebiko (shrimp roe that is) + baby corn + asparagus + bacon, 5 ingredients with 5 colors, healthy eh?? to cook, [1] cook the rice and put in a pinch of salt to taste, [2] bring the baby corn and asparagus to cook in water, and then slightly stir fry them in oil, [3] cut bacon into pieces and fry till crispy, [4] serve the rice into a bowl and put on the ebiko, [5] finally lay the baby corn, asparagus and bacon on top.. simply 5 steps, done, and a piping hot bento is ready to serve!! remember to blend everything before eating, popping ebiko + crunchy baby corn and asparagus + crispy bacon with rice, that was something simple but rather delicious.. i finished every bit up and end up with a lick-clean plate, haha!! feel so lucky a friend is cooking for me, for sure it tastes excellent and feels touching, thanks pal for this 5-color bento, mmmm i just love it~~

25.08.2008 | 一肚苦水

噚日心血來潮同朋友上咗去雲頂玩.. 諗住幾年都冇上過去(記得以前逢學校假期, 我哋成棚人一定上去3D2N, 超瘋狂), 又冇乜地方好去就是但啦.. 諗住最近天氣鬼咁熱, 就上去涼一涼啦.. 諗住有專巴上去, 貪方便唔揸車啦.. 點知, 點知成肚苦水咁落返嚟, 真係不知所謂..
  • 去到車站買車飛, 下兩班都爆滿, 要等多一個小時先有位.. 再等就有啲晏, 所以逼住搭黃牛的士上山, 司機每人狠狠收取RM15(單程車飛只需要RM7.60), 我認係願者上吊..
  • 上到去雲頂, 週圍都係人, 醒起係學校假期喎, 我認係一時疏忽, 不過人家都十幾年咁耐冇做學生啦..
  • 身處雲頂, 想話揾啲嘢食揾啲嘢飲, 但係全部商家都以為你老豆開金礦咁唔怕殺你一頸血, 最後揀食至平嘅麥當當, 都比平時貴四成咁誇張, 我認係背脊骨落..
  • 入去賭場, 我其實係唔掂呢家嘢, 不過既然一場嚟到就玩玩積寶機啦.. 點之啲錢一眨眼就唔見晒, 實係program咗去食錢啦啲機器, 我認係心甘命抵送錢畀佢..
  • 選擇搭纜車去半山再搭專巴返市區.. 纜車站忽然出現成群結隊百幾個孟加拉人(傻眼!!), 最後重要同佢哋逼埋一架纜車, 其中一位仲過份到用手機播放孟加拉歌添!! 我認係爭啲想鬧佢息咗部機架喇..
  • 纜車到站轉搭巴士落市區, 豈有此理所有當日車飛竟然售罄!! 有關單位竟然無動于衷, 完全忽視其他落難旅客.. 結果唯有又搭黃牛的士落山, 水浸船高叫價RM20(落山車票只需RM2.60!! 十倍!!), 我認係犯賤上咗嚟呢個呃錢嘅地方!!
went to genting with friend unplanned yesterday, was really impromptu because thinking that i have not been there for years (i can still remember a 3D2N stay whenever there's school holidays back then - crazy), and thinking that maybe we could chill out up the hill, and thinking that we don't have to drive all the way up since there are express coaches going.. but, but it all went extremely wrong, was really frustrated when we got down back town..
  • at the terminal to get tickets to go up the hill, only to find out we have to wait another hour for the next 3rd coach.. didn't want to be that late, we decided to take tout taxis, paying the driver a good RM15 each (coach ticket is only RM7.60).. yeah, i admit i was willing to pay that for a reason..
  • arrived in genting and it was packed with people, only to realised it's school holidays and that tells why.. yeah, i admit that was a mistake, but pardon me i have not been a student for more than 10 years..
  • wanted to get something to bite and drink, and all food and drinks are sold in the-vendor-thinks-my-dad-owns-a-gold-mine prices.. can't help, finally lunch at the cheapest place (McD) but still about 40% more expensive than normal.. yeah, i admit i was there to burn money..
  • went to the casino, not something i will do to gamble, but since i was there then why not just play jackpots?? only to find out the money goes in seconds before you can realised, the machines must have been programmed to cheat money.. yeah, i admit i was there to contribute to the casino..
  • chose to take cable car and then coach to get back to town.. too shocked to get surrounded by groups of bangladeshi tourists (??), and finally gotta share a car with them.. one of them even switch on his mobile phone to play his favourite bangladeshi music!! mind him, it's never my favourite, and i admit i'm on the verge to shout at him to get it switch off..
  • alight cable car and rush to get coach ticket back town, and DAMN it all tickets for the day were already sold out!! can you believe that?? the authority wasn't doing anything to cope with the overwhelming response on a holiday, stupid stupid!! can't do anything, we were forced to take another tout taxi trip, and this time RM20 each (the coach ticket is just RM2.60, that is 10 times!!!) i really gotta admit, yeah, i was putting myself into shit to go up there..

24.08.2008 | 曲終人散

一連17日嘅北京奧運今日正式閉幕.. 開幕禮之後其實冇睇過任何京奧項目, 不過既然有個開始(中間啲唔緊要啦)咁當然要有個結束, 所以頭先喺出邊喺食咗晚餐, 突然醒起開幕禮, 所以嗱嗱聲搵間有電視嘅地方飲嘢(其實係要睇直播), 仲要係bottomless refill嘢飲, 哈哈!!
  • 係唔係開幕典禮太過震撼, 定係我有先入為主嘅期待, 硬係覺得個閉幕典禮好求其咁嘅?? 好似冇個主題, 是但搵咋人搞啲圖案算數.. 不過最後掀起布條show個京奧logo再放煙花嗰一個環節就相當唔錯..
  • 下一屆奧運2012年倫敦舉行, 倫敦奧委會派咗架雙層巴士入場表演, 難道等巴士就係英國文化?? 原來架巴士內有乾坤, 好似變形金剛咁彈咗兩個人出嚟, 一位係英國熾手可熱嘅流行歌手Leona Lewis, 另一個係勁似我國首相拉伯嘅伴奏guitar手(英國搖滾樂隊Led Zeppelin嘅Jimmy Page)..
  • 倫敦市長好失禮, 件西裝竟然唔扣鈕, 而且上到台上雙手仲插入大衣口袋, 毫無貴格.. 隔離檯咁啱係一班英國旅客, 聽到佢哋不停取笑, 好過癮.. 好彩最後突然出現萬人迷碧咸, 算係彌補市長大人嘅失禮啦, 哈哈..
中國始終都係由頭到尾一路領先, 最後以歷史性嘅51面金牌, 取替美國穩坐一哥位置.. 呢次京奧中國能夠舉辦得咁成功, 而且獲得有史以來最好成績, 我身為華人覺得好驕傲好光榮.. 北京奧運, 你是最好的, 你知道嗎??for consecutive 17 days, the beijing olympics finally comes to an end tonight.. after the opening ceremony, i didn't actually watch any broadcast of the events, but i think it's a good idea to watch the closing ceremony tonight (for a good start and a good ending).. and hence when suddenly recalled about the event after dinner with friend just now, we quickly look for a place with television for drinks, and finally we got Chilli's for bottomless refills (hahaha) and most importantly closing ceremony live..
  • could it be that the opening ceremony was too wow-able, i found that the closing ceremony was just so errhh-able.. it's like so simply, just arrange the people to do the work without the passion of the opening ceremony.. but the final part where they showed the beijing 2008 logo while lifting up the cloth and the firework play were impressive though..
  • the next game is 2012 in london, and the authority brought into the bird's nest a classic london double-decker, english culture is all but just waiting for bus?? hehe.. anyway, the double-decker did transformed and shot up Leona Lewis the hot singer, and our dear PM Abdullah Badawi look-alike guitarist (Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin).. oh, they really look so alike i thot PM went to dye his hair silver!! haha
  • the mayor of london was entertaining, he has got his coat unbuttoned all the way, and hands in the coat pockets when on stage, really casual in such a solemn occasion yeah?? coincidently our next table sat a few british tourists, and they just had a good laugh on their dear mayor.. anyway, luckily Beckham's appearance near the end of the londoners' performance save some face for london?? haha..

china has all the while leading in the gold medal chart, and rounded up the game with a striking 51 golds!! a very successful olympics they organised, and the best result in history ever for china, i do somehow feel proud and ego being an overseas chinese.. beijing you are the best!!

23.08.2008 | 微服出巡

幾日前同事ST一踏入公司就週圍話搭火車返工嘅時候撞見首相大人拉伯, 當時未有為意, 就係當佢三生有幸見到大人物咁咋囉.. 之後見到報章報道, 原來係拉伯微服出巡, 做一個早上嘅大眾上班族, 紓尊降貴乘搭市內公共交通前往目的地.. 結果深深體驗乘搭電動火車同輕快鐵嘅困境, 拉伯苦等數班火車先勉強逼得入車廂, 喺車廂內更與乘客傾偈以了解情況.. 拉伯最終用咗一個小時先到達目的地, 對公共交通設施十分之不滿..

全國上下有苦自己知嘅搭車一族, 聽到拉伯微服出巡乘搭公共交通, 並對設施大表失望之時, 相信係非常之心涼兼且雀躍萬嘅.. 因為呢一次出巡之後, 有關當局肯定猶如被拉伯隔空狠狠刮咗一巴, 實會「拮」起久貼懶佬椅嘅肥屁股, 知道事態嚴重喇, 會(不惜大灑金錢為求)採取適當行動改善.. 猶記拉伯得數年前剛剛上任一個星期後, 突擊臭名遠播嘅海關移民廳, 當場大動肝火批評其差無比嘅工作效率.. 之後, 當局立即採取行動改善, 而家申請護照唔駛一個星期, 一日就可以搞掂啦.. 希望拉伯出巡呢一招都會對公共交通設施嘅改善有所奏效啦..

欲知更多詳細報導, 請參閱以下報章報道: [南洋商報] [中國報] [星洲日報]
couple of days ago, colleague ST stepped into office and told (almost) everyone that she bumped into the PM in the train while going to work, not surprised but just thought she was lucky to have bumped into the VVIP of the country, that's it.. until the next day when reading the papers, only to find out that the PM was setting aside protocol to take the public transport secretly to experience the commuters' problem.. in his hour long journey to his destination, he took the notorious KTM Komuter and LRT, and deeply experienced the congestion and inconvenience of public commuters.. enroute in the train cabin, he talked to the fellow passengers to get understanding on the problem and complaints.. alight at his destination, he was totally disappointed with the public transport system, and would like an immediate improvement..

commuters nationwide, while heard the news of the PM's ride and his express of total disappointment, should feel rather happy for his deed i supposed.. with this incident, i can feel that the PM is virtually giving a slap on the respective authorities on their face over the air, and i'm sure they will quickly lift up their lazy fat ass, (plan for an unbelievable huge amount of budget in order) to do something in response.. i can still remember few years ago when the PM first report to duty, he visited the notorious Immigration Department by surprise, and on the spot he furiously complained the unreasonable low efficiency of the department.. the ministry then for sure got a shocked and immediately took action, and now that we can have our passport ready within a day instead of a week!! wasn't that effective?? well, hopefully after the PM's ride that day would be as effective to the public transport system's improvements..

for more news coverage on the incident, please read: [The Star] [New Straits Times] [The Malay Mail]

22.08.2008 | 飲食雪隆

前晚放工去咗紀伊國屋書店, 無意中畀我發現呢本《馬來西亞大眾美食2》.. 隨手一揭, 不得了喇, 即刻畀入邊所介紹嘅美食深深吸引住添.. 雖然係好簡單嘅介紹, 但係作者就食盡雪隆各地美食, 由大排檔到茶餐室到餐館到市正啲嘅餐廳, 無所不吃.. 鐘意佢夠大眾化消費得起, 唔似得其他食評行高檔路線.. 當我正在猶疑買唔買呢本嘢嘅時候, 竟然有兩個人行過嚟諗都唔諗就拎起本書去畀錢, 仲話「你睇, 出第二本喇」(都唔知係唔係作者畀錢人作戲呃銷量, 哈哈!!).. 就係趨之若騖心態之下, 終於決定買喇, 其實280頁全色彩印刷, 只埋RM15.90我覺得唔貴囉.. 小小錢買本秘笈返屋企掌門口, 以後想食好嘢就可以即時參考啦.. 呢本書是否可靠, 現時暫且保留..

其實呢, 可以好肯定咁話大家知, 我唔係個鐘意睇書嘅人, 更加唔係個會買書閱讀嘅人, 頂多都係偶而買本雜誌過吓日辰.. 不過最近考慮到購買書本雜誌可以用嚟扣稅, 覺得無謂奉獻咁多金錢而得唔到應有回報兼且益埋其他「嗰挺人」, 所以我話自己知, 閱讀係有益嘅, 儘量買多啲充實自己咁啦.. 一開始竟然買咗本飲食指南開頭, 難道我真係咁為食??!!went to kinokuniya bookstore the night before after work, accidentally found this book titled "Popular Food Guide - Malaysia 2".. caught my attention, i grabbed and flipped it on the spot, only to get holy impressed with the food featured in the book.. although with just simple elaboration for each spot, the author has covered hell lot of places within KL and Selangor, from hawker stalls to coffee shops to restaurants, she eats just everywhere.. what i like about the book is that the author drilled into casual dining, common and affordable food, unlike some other food-logue that focus only on fine dining and exquisiteness that i could hardly afford.. while i was doubting whether to buy the book, two person just came by to grabbed one and went straight to pay for it while saying "look, it's number 2 already!" (could this be an acting con to boost sales, hehe).. under such don't-want-to-miss-any-good-thing-by-mistake attitude, i decided to pay RM15.90 for this full color printed 280 paged food guide.. quite worth for this small money i think, as i can always refer to this food "bible" anytime i feel like eating something new.. anyway, i reserve telling whether this book is trustworthy as at now..

frankly, i am not a bookworm and hardly buy any books to read, the most a magazine to kill time.. however recently considering that buying books and magazines is entitled for income tax relief, and in order not to contribute too much but receive nothing in return and yet benefit some other kind of those people, i think i have to start buy more books for myself.. afterall, reading is something good, i can value add myself by reading, so why not?? but rather i've started with buying a food guide, am i really such a glutton?? OMG!!

21.08.2008 | 部落與我

如果你有留意, 最近我呢個blog經常都會以唔同面貌示人, 頻密嘅話每一日都會換個新banner同埋個色調, 以下收集齊晒過去16個面貌, 果然係色彩斑斕.. 當初膽粗粗學人寫blog, 曾經經歷一段幾乎放棄嘅階段, 不過好彩都係過渡期啫.. 之後唔知點解好似鬼整咁, 搞到每一日都一定抽時間寫blog, 而且越寫越瘋狂添喎, 不過唔駛擔心, 我尚係理智嘅!! 由開始嘅簡略數句完畢, 到今時今嘅日圖文並茂兼雙語出擊, 再到每日更換新面貌, 有冇啲佩服我咁呢??

最近呢, 只要能夠上網, 我就無時無刻都會喺網上blogging, 搞搞自己呢個blog再週圍閱覽其他朋友嘅blog, 咁樣已經可以好輕易地消磨數個鐘頭時間架喇.. 其實每次有人留言, 我就會鬼咁興奮, 因為睇我blog嘅朋友雖然應該唔少, 但係有留言嘅就寥寥無幾囉(嘿嘿, 請恕在下在此有些微言:p).. 每當有朋友貼上新post, 我亦都會好高興第一時間去睇, 跟住就留言以示支持.. 最近沉溺于blogging呢個唔係人人都接受到嘅玩意, 我承認係千真萬確嘅一回事.. 如果你要問我點解可以有咁多時間搞blogging, 我答唔到你, 就好似你點解可以花咁多時間喺你嘅喜好上一樣道理囉, 呵呵..if you have ever noticed, my blog has always been showing different appearance recently, and it could be as frequent as having the banner and color themes changed daily.. showing above is the 16 most recent appearance of my blog, pretty colourful huh?? i still recall i started this blog just because of the trend, although have gone through super-down period where the blog was totally stagnant, i have now picked up intense interest in writing a post everyday for this blog.. i'm getting a little bit crazy on this, but no sweat i'm still sane.. from the then simple lines, to now words and pictures side-by-side and in two languages, not least changing face almost everyday, are you actually impressed with my effort?? hehe..

whenever i hook on to the internet recently, i will certainly do blogging.. running my own blog and also reading other people's blogs, and easily spend few hours doing them.. frankly, whenever i see new comments on my post, i would be absolutely thrilled, as i know my blog has quite a number of readers but those who bother to leave comments are just a handful (pardon me for complaining here anyway :p).. also, when i notice new posts from friends, i would immediately read them at no hesitation, and of course comment to show my support.. going deeper and deeper in blogging?? i gotta admit this.. and if you ask why i have so much time for blogging, sorry no answer, as is the same case why you can spend so much time on what you like to do, no joke, hehe..

20.08.2008 | 新官上任

噚日澳洲總公司個CEO帶咗東南亞區(SG, MY, HK)個新MD, 同埋兩個新加坡老細過嚟, 大家齊齊見個面兼食餐晏.. 其實呢個職位係之前都冇嘅, 因為CEO同新加坡老細(呢兩位係公司元老)覺得公司規模逐漸變大, 而且業務都逐漸擴充, 所以覺得係時候要請返個MD嚟管理operations上嘅事務.. 呢個東南亞新MD係澳洲總公司個新MD推薦畀CEO嘅, 睇個樣卅幾歲都幾後生, 佢會base喺新加坡, 管理本區域SG,MY,HK三個分公司..

晏晝一落機就去同大家一齊食晏, 跟住就返公司開個會啦梗係, CEO同MD輪流致詞, 都係啲公司動向例牌嘢囉.. 話是話, 喺呢間公司做咗兩年幾, 噚日都係第一次見個CEO, typical鬼佬阿伯個人幾nice喎.. 散會之後緊接management meeting, 升職以嚟嘅第一次, 同我之前開啲會截然不同, 有啲 唔習慣.. 新官上任三把火, 當然有嘢會改革, 當然會有新政策, 當然會有過渡期, 以後做嘢就唔會好似而家咁求其喇.. 下個月新官會過嚟一個星期逐個見, 唔好行差踏錯, 要醒醒定定喇喂..
the CEO from Sydney HQ brought the new MD for SEA region (SG, MY, HK) and two SG bosses over yesterday, to have lunch and meet up with all of us.. the new MD position was new recently, seeing that the company and business is growing more corporate, the CEO and SG boss (the two very pioneer for the company) both think it's time to get a new MD to manage the operations of the company, which is never the expertise for the two sales oriented guys.. the new SEA region MD was actually recommended to the CEO by the new Australia MD, in his 30s and looks young, will be base in SG office and overseeing the three offices in SEA region..

they arrived in the afternoon and headed straight for lunch with us, after lunch back to office for a meeting on company's direction (and all those typical debriefing you know).. and hmm, yesterday was my first time to meet with the CEO after more than 2 years joining this company, kind of a nice guy he is.. following the meeting is another management meeting, my first time since the promotion last month, totally a different meeting from what i have been attending all the while, not used to it.. new MD, for sure there will be changes, new policies and transition period, will not be working as relaxed again i guess.. and new boss will be in town for a week next month, to talk in person with each one of us, hmmm, gotta be working wiser~~

19.08.2008 | 美味烤雞

上個禮拜五有位朋友經過公司呢頭搵我一齊食晏, 驚覺好耐都冇朋友搵我食晏喇, 平時大家各有各忙, 都好難湊個時間嘅其實.. 禮拜五食晏週圍都係人, 我哋兩人兜兜轉轉(唔知要食乜吖嘛), 尋尋覓覓(四週圍搵位呀), 終於去咗食肯尼羅渣(Kenny Roger's Roasters)食烤雞.. 都有一段時間冇食喇, 其實都幾中意嘅, 不過就嫌佢偏貴囉.. 係就係普通啲, 不過論快餐類烤雞嘅話, 佢嘅味道算係幾好架喇, 如果唔係貴都可以時常食, 因為都幾健康吓架..
  • [烤雞] 一定會叫雞胸嗰part 啖啖肉(因為我至憎食肥膩嘅雞肶同上肶), 電腦控制烤得僅僅夠火喉, 淋上烤汁, 其實係幾美味架.. 烤雞點都健康過炸雞, 相對地比較低脂低鹽低卡(正如佢哋打廣告話齋), 所以可以食得安心啲..
  • [沙律] 套餐一律可以自選三款沙律, 做得都唔錯架, 通常都會要coleslaw(呢個比起「崎eh芙屍」嘅簡直好食200倍囉), 薯仔沙律(好簡單嘅parsley加調味品), 螺絲粉沙律(加啲蔬菜一起整)或者鮮果沙律(水果切丁後用稱鮮橙汁做dressing)..
  • [鬆糕] 佢哋其中一個poupular menu item, 有三種口味(香草, 朱古力, 香蕉)可以揀, 睇心情有時會揀香草, 有時會揀香蕉, 不過一定唔會揀朱古力.. 每次送嚟都係熱辣辣, 出邊帶脆入邊軟綿綿, 對於咁鐘愛蛋糕嘅我, 一定係無話可說啦..
met up with a friend for lunch last friday, only to realised that i've long time never been lunching with friends, everyone's busy and it's actually not easy to find a time to gather anyway.. it was a prayers' friday (yeah, u know what i mean with this intended pun) and everywhere is packed with people, was looping around to decide what to eat and to find a seat.. finally settled down at Kenny Roger's Roasters, kind of like it actually, though it's very common i think the food is not bad at all for a chain restaurant.. the only complain is the slightly expensive price, or else i think i can frequent it more often, as i think the food served are rather healthy..
  • [chicken] i will always asked for white meat instead, as i really hate eating the fat and oily tigh meat.. computerised roasting has made the chicken just nice and succulent enough, with the sauce ontop, i would say it's actually quite tasty for me.. as compared to fried chicken, for sure this is more healthy - less fat, less salt, less calories - like what they advertised..
  • [salad] three salads of your choice with the set meal menu.. i will normally go for the coleslaw (i can say this is 200 times better than that from "Kay Eff See"), parsley potato salad, fresh fruit salad with orange juice dressing or fussili salad with garden crisps..
  • [muffin] one of their popular menu item, available in three flavours (vanilla, chocolate, banana), depending on the mood i will normally go either vanilla or banana, but never chocolate.. always served warm, it's crispy outside and soft inside, for a cake-lover like me, there is just nothing i can complain about really..

18.08.2008 | 一派胡鬧

噚日去睇咗呢齣極之胡鬧嘅電影, 由Adam Sandler主演嘅《特勤沙龍》.. 唔好問我好唔好睇, 因為呢出電影同好唔好睇就係大纜扯唔上關係; 不過如果你問我個娛樂性程度, 就可以好肯定話你知, 極之豐富可以畀五星, 全場笑到停唔到嘴.. 故事好簡單, 敘述一個隻身去到美國嘅以色列特務, 一圓佢成為一個享名勝負嘅美髮師嘅夢想.. 當中當然係一貫地笑料百出, 天馬行空大拋笑彈啦(尤其鐘意用主角勁大包嘅下半身嚟開玩笑, 呵呵!!).. 跟住背後隱藏住一個希望世界和平, 唔好再有戰爭嘅訊息, 不過呢個對白好高調咁repeat咗好多次, 確實覺得同個胡鬧場面格格不入.. 令我諗起周生近期作品都極力擺脫無厘頭, 硬係要喺胡鬧中攝個嚴肅訊息, 不過笑料往往蓋過訊息, 最後咪就係no effect之嘛.. 而呢齣電影手法更差, 我只可以用鬧劇嚟看待佢囉, 如果你想有個開心忘懮嘅兩個小時, 都可以不妨一睇嘅.. 順便一提, Sandler模仿以色列人講英文嘅口音, 我要豎起拇指大贊, 好神似啊.. went to watch this extremely hilarious movie "You Don't Mess with Zohan" (starring Adam Sandler) yesterday.. don't ask me whether this is a good movie to watch, because i can tell you there is no link between this movie and whether-it-is-good.. but if you ask me whether this movie is entertaining, yes i can assure you a 5-star rating, you will be laughing non-stop through the whole movie.. a very simple storyline, an Isreali assassin flying to USA, to fulfill his dream of becoming a world famous hair stylist.. no surprise, jokes and hilarious gags were all around the movie, especially on Zohan's eye-poppingly huge groin (hahaha!!).. but of course, while keeping it hilarious the movie did actually mean to bring out a message for world peace and stop war.. anyway, i think the jokes just outshine the message, and the message just seem quite awkward being high-profilely repeated few times in the movie, not wise at all.. anyway, i will treat this movie as a hilarously entertaining movie, and if you think you need a happy stressless 2-hour this movie is actually not a bad idea.. finally, i gotta put two thumbs up for Sandler, his imitation on Isreali's English accent is simple superb!!

17.08.2008 | 一中一西

又係普通不過嘅一日, 冇乜特別嘢好寫, 所以唔好意思喇咁多位, 我又嚟折磨大家對眼, 睇睇我今日食咗啲咩?? 呵呵.. 其實都冇乜特別啦又, 咪就係食咗兩餐一中一西咁囉..
today has been another more normal than normal day again, got nothing special to write about, so i'm gonna torture your eyes again by writing about what i've eaten for the day, hehehe.. well actually nothing special though, just one western and one local that's it..

下晝gym完過後唔想食得太飽, 求其食個包咁就算喇, 反正我一路都係認為lunch可以隨意啲, 唔駛太過豐富嘅.. 去咗食Delifrance, 幾廿年都未幫襯過, 今日久別一顧, 啲嘢比起以前整得精緻好多, 而且presentation都有啲講究喇喎.. 食物味道同水準就不過不失啦, 其實簡簡單單一個包, 只要材料新鮮, 都好難整得唔好食啩?? 食完之後急急腳去咗廁所(因為汽水任飲, 貪小便宜心態作祟之下係都撐咗兩大杯落肚子, 哈哈), JY負責埋單所以唔知道食咗幾多錢, 嘿嘿..
didn't want to bloat my stomach after gym, so just just had something light to bite after gym, afterall i always think that lunch can be simple and doesn't need to be sumptuous at all.. went Delifrance for sandwiches that i have not been to for many many years, after a long absence the food tend to be more fine and presentation is greatly improved.. food wish still the standard it should be, however for a simple sandwich as long as the ingredients are fresh, i don't see any problem with it at all.. rushing to the loo after the meal (free flow drinks, so had two big glasses as a result of the i-will-get-what-i-have-paid-for attitude, kekeke) and left JY alone to settle the bill, so not sure how much we paid for the meal, hahaha..

晚餐都係好隨興咁去舊吧生路邊一間露天排檔解決, 其實一啲都唔求其架, 因為去到嘅時候檔嘢已經係八成滿喇, 搵到張檯坐低之後即刻開始有人等位喇.. 呢度最出名(JY話嘅)係各式蒸魚, 唔怪得見到每一檯都有啦.. 我哋叫咗一個亞參醬蒸魚, 肉骨茶+油炸鬼同埋油菜心, 當然仲有白飯同嘢飲啦.. 好中意個蒸魚, 亞參醬好開胃, 條魚蒸得啱啱好魚肉都幾滑, 唔錯唔錯!! 講到亞參醬蒸魚我就諗起小春流晒口水個樣, 好啦好啦, 你下次返嚟帶你去喇.. 肉骨茶普通啦因為唔係強項, 油菜新鮮做得幾好.. 埋單RM40.90, 條蒸魚佔咗一半價錢, 可以再去幫襯試試其他款式嘅蒸魚..
went to a open-air stall in Old Klang Road for dinner, nearly full house when we got there, found a nice table sat down and started to see people waiting for tables.. famous for its steam fish (as what JY told me), it's not uncommon to see steam fish on every table there.. we ordered a assam steam fish, bak kut teh and vege, of cos plain rice and drinks.. love the fish very much, the assam sauce was really appetising and the fish is very well steamed, the flesh was tender.. and i can imagine csws drooling on the dish already, ok ok let me bring you there when you're back next time, hohoho!! bak kut teh was so-so maybe because that is not their speciality, the vege is fresh and taste good.. bill came at RM40.90, the steam fish took half of it, will go back again to try different types of steam fish..

16.08.2008 | 盲人按摩

早幾日同部落友阿江兄要咗個盲人按摩師傅嘅電話, 見佢話經常都會幫襯, 自己都好想試吓.. 今朝打咗畀個按摩師傅約時間, 之後再問清楚個地點, 佢話跟住會發個短訊畀我.. 結果數分鐘後真係收到, 我覺得好奇怪, 盲人點樣發短訊啊?? 唔通佢一早已經有個template或者特制電話, 定係個老細其實係睇到嘢, 只不過係聘請盲人按摩師傅工作呢??

傍晚時分上咗去間按摩院, 都幾up-dup囉, 冇我想像中嘅企理.. 見過老闆後, 原來佢係一隻眼睛失明啫, 難怪可以同我互通短訊啦.. 實不相瞞喇, 其實我成三十歲人今次都係第一次去玩按摩, 之前去過兩次曼谷做泰式傳統按摩唔算(因為係唔同方式), 所以都有啲緊張.. 入咗去間燈光較昏暗嘅房, 跟住要寬衣解帶剝晒光豬咁瞓喺張按摩床上, 有啲尷尬, 不過按摩師傅係睇唔到嘅, 所以都OK啦..

開始喇, 按摩師傅首先係咁意簡略按摩一下幫肌肉熱身, 跟住就用按摩油搽喺身上慢慢推拿按摩, 整體上嘅感覺就係好舒服, 雖然係有某些部位覺得略痛.. 間中都有做啲扯手扯腳擰腰之類嘅動作, 基本上都忍受得到, 雖然係有某些動作我爭啲嗌出聲.. 一個半鐘嘅body massage, 之後覺得成個人都鬆晒, 個感覺好好, 不過呢, 左腳小腿就覺得隱隱作痛, 我諗呢個部位一定有啲唔妥喇..

因為同友人一齊去, 所以阿江介紹個按摩師傅(i.e.老闆)就讓咗畀佢, 自己個按摩師傅就係比較年輕嘅.. 比較起來當然係老闆好啲啦, 經驗豐富而且手勢亦都較好, 不過我都幾滿意自己個按摩師傅喇.. 90分鐘RM60, 唔係咩高級按摩, 不過覺得OK囉, 下次應該會再幫襯, 到時我就唔讓個老闆畀友人喇, 一於要試吓佢手勢..got the contacts for body massage by blind people from fookong few days ago, knowing that he is a regular, and hence feels like giving it a try.. called the masseur this morning to make appointment, and when i asked for the exact location of his shop, he told me that he will send me an SMS on that.. and to my surprise, i really got that couple of minutes later, i wonder how can a blind do SMS, perhaps he has a template or he has a special phone to use, or could he just be a normal sighted person that owns the massage parlour??

arrived the massage parlour in the evening, quite crappy and not really up to my expectation anyway.. meet the owner of the parlour, and only to find out that he is only partially blind, that explained why he could communicate with me using SMS.. frankly, this is my virgin massage so far (i don't consider the traditional thai massage i had in bangkok, cos they are different in style), and so was a bit nervous about how things will go.. was brought into a dimmed room, striped off lying on the bed, was a bit embarrassed with the naked body, but then the masseur could not see me, so that really didn't matter much..

the masseur started with some brief massage to warm-up my muscles before he apply some oil and start doing the real business.. overall that was relaxing and nice, although some parts did feel ticklish and little pain.. he also did some stretching and bending, well i could take it, although there were just some pose that i really almost shouted out for help, hehe.. 90min of body massage, finished up feeling fresh and relaxed, but my left calf is feeling a bit of aching, i supposed there is some problem with it..

because was there with another friend, and hence the masseur that fookong recommended (also the boss) was doing for the friend, and i was massaged by a younger guy.. of course to compare, the boss is more experienced and massage better, but i think my masseur has done quite fair enough too.. RM60 for a 90min body massage, not those fancy high-end type, i think it's quite ok with the money.. will sure come back for another session, but the next time, i will have the boss for myself instead of letting him massage my friend, haha..

15.08.2008 | 八十年代

八十年代嘅時候我都仲係細路一名, 讀緊小學啦.. 當時因為上有兄姐, 所以有機會接觸時下流行歌曲, 尤記得當年係一餅餅嘅膠盒卡帶買返嚟, 喺幾唱機內日播夜播.. 當年除咗卡帶, 仲可以租睇無記啲劇集同埋歌唱節目, 劇集主題曲多數係顧家輝+黃霑+羅文+甄妮陣容(至今仍然印象深刻), 歌唱節目係無記台慶同埋勁歌金曲頒獎典禮(當時係得呢個頒獎典禮咋).. 嗰陣時香港粵語樂壇開始蓬勃, 競爭未及而家嘅局勢, 但係屈指一數都記返起好多歌手噃, 特意將其中四位歌手相片轉黑白並排喺開頭, 以示致敬..
  • 羅文: 日日夜夜見種種關懷, 親情無處不現, 就像春風吹遍身心, 去我滿懷倦..
  • 梅艷芳: 今天今天星閃閃, 剩下我漆黑中北風中帶著淚, 當天的心歡欣再也再也再也不見..
  • 張國榮: thanks thanks thanks thanks 張國榮, 誰能代替你地位..
  • 陳百強: 情義已失去, 恩愛都失去, 我卻為何偏偏喜歡你..
  • 譚詠麟: 幻像似的愛情, 埋藏我心深處, 叫我每一個晚上, 也可抱擁著你..
  • 甄妮: 同你披荊斬棘, 為你衝破前途路障, 獻出千般愛心與痴情, 一切都奉上..
  • 羅文+甄妮: 但我知論愛心找不到更好, 待我心世间始终你好..
  • 徐小鳳: 不知道在那天邊可會有盡頭, 只知道逝去光陰不會再回頭..
  • 蔡楓華: 絕對空虛, 無人觸摸似廢堆, 絕對空虛, 情人這晚你屬誰..
  • 林子祥: 一於努力, 一於努力, 留下印象, 一於記住, 一於記住, 每天向前望..
  • 關正傑+雷安娜: 前路渺茫請君三思, 問你可曾心生悔意, 要退後也恨遲, 人在旅途洒淚時..
  • 黃凱芹: i'll love you more than anyone, 就算夜裡風吹凜凜..
  • 陳慧嫻: 明日似在遙遠, 世間正在轉, do you wanna dance tonight..
  • 呂方: 誰願意講出一些自欺的說話, 妳叫我以後忘掉妳..
  • 張學友: 月半彎, 倚於深宵, 晚風輕飄,一張俏臉泛著半點的醉意..
  • 林憶蓮: 但現在心中只有灰色, 碎的追憶, 冰冷空隙, 心中絞痛就如長刀衝擊..
  • 達明一派: 紛紛擾擾作嫁, 春宵戀戀變掛, 真真假假, 悉悲歡恩怨原是詐..
  • Raidas: 就讓一枝煙, 點起一張很想見的臉, 冷冷車廂裡, 只得這口煙..
為以上諸位歌手寫低幾句經典歌詞, 是否掀起你嘅記憶, 跟住歌詞哼一哼曾經熟悉嘅旋律呢?? 其實呢個list之外, 都仲有好多其他歌手其他經典, 不能盡錄.. 八十年代, 你又記得幾多呢??

was still a kid in the 80s, in primary school still and thanks to my elder brothers and sisters, i've got a chance to come across HK music industry then.. still remember the records were all in cassette then, and once a new one was bought, we will play in continuously day and night in the player (till mum get annoyed and scolded us, hehe).. the HK music industry has just begun to bloom in the 80s, although competition not as fierce, but still there were loads of singers and songs i can recall.. how many can you remember from the list above?? how many of their classics can you sing?? or did i left out any you can name??

14.08.2008 | 打個邊爐

噚日放工之後成班同事走去打邊爐, 去咗大城堡呢間「好好火鍋店」, 未去之前MY上網搵到佢個網站, 好impressive囉, 竟然有網站喎, 而且仲整得唔錯添架, 中日英三語, 對於一間如此up-dup嘅店可以做成咁確實係很好囉.. 不過最搞笑就係佢個網址係www.steamboat.com.my, 有冇留意到, 區區一個steamboat就好似代表晒全國火鍋店咁, 呵呵..

上個禮拜六晚剛去過同一間不過唔同分店, 噚日去呢間所謂嘅HQ, 果然係比較非同凡響(其實係多咗冷氣房設備, 同埋用咗較為先進嘅電爐), 嘢食價錢服務都一律一樣.. 在此不多作介紹, 可以參考幾日前寫過嘅舊貼.. 當然呢次成棚同事一共13人墟墟陷陷坐埋一檯, 個感覺係熱鬧好多, 大家有講有笑, 互相揶腴作樂, 雖然嗰兩位同事由三個月前加入呢個大家庭至今, 都仍然係如此怕醜不發一言, 只係拋個傻笑過嚟做反應 {-_-}", 確實要好好加油喇.. 食咗兩個鐘, 埋單一共RM256.40, 多謝同事DV, SG同埋自己齊齊作東請客, 嘿嘿.. went to have steamboat dinner with colleagues yesterday after work, at this "Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant" in Sri Petaling.. before that, MY found their website from the internet, was somehow impressed by that, and this website with Eng/Chi/Jap languages is not bad at all considering such a normal shop like theirs.. but what's more interesting is their URL www.steamboat.com.my, if you ever noticed, just a simple word "steamboat" and it's like representing all the steamboat restaurant in the country, haha!!

was in another branch last saturday night, and this time visiting the so-called HQ, relatively more "exquisite" with air-conditioned room and more advanced stove for the hotpot, but food price service are standard.. not going to describe here again, but to refer to the older post written few days earlier.. more and of course, with a total of 13 of us sitting together, the dinner was more joyous with chats and jokes flying around.. though that two colleagues are still as shy and quiet as the time they joined us three months ago, not talking but just responded with smiles {-_-}" hmm they should workout something then.. a good 2-hour dinner, bill came out to be RM256.40, thanks DV, SG and of course myself for the treat, hehe..

13.08.2008 | 豈有此理

上兩個星期去申請間超市嘅會員優惠卡, 其實好多年前經已擁有, 但係近兩三年過期之後就冇再用過.. 最近都經常幫襯佢, 見會員優惠都唔錯, 所以諗住再申請啦.. 記得嗰日填晒表, 個職員查到我已經原有一個account, 所以係唔可以(再睇清楚係唔可以)重新申請一定要更新, 而且要更新嘅話就要收返之前兩年嘅會員費!! 我聽到後碌大對眼啦梗係, 呢個咩policy啊?? 再問多兩次, 答案依然, 好, 我暫且妥協唔同你拗..

返到屋企, 我已經盤算要整封投訴信, 白紙黑字寄去總部.. 有咩理由我白白畀呢兩年lapsed咗嘅會員費架?? 要我畀錢, 但係呢兩年又唔見你畀我繼續享有會員優惠?? 豈有此理, 真係講唔通!! 結果無意中畀我讀到佢哋會員守則第6條, 說明:「會員卡若過期, 會員有權選擇重新申請或更新..」哈哈!! 天助我也, 於是即刻打咗封投訴信(我仲影印埋個守則一齊寄), 指名道姓畀個卡務經理, 信中用咗我一貫笑裡藏刀, 客氣但係凌厲嘅書寫能力, 今次你仲唔死??

數日後, 個卡務經理終於私底下撥個輪畀我, 話經過調查之後, 確實係佢哋職員嘅疏忽.. 同我道歉, 兼且同意退還我當時白畀嘅兩年更新會員費.. 當晚我即刻去返間超市, 填晒一輪表格之後, 終於得返我應得嘅.. 所以話, 客戶永遠係最重要, 如果有咩不滿, 一定要投訴唔好goot聲吞落肚.. 其實顧客嘅投訴就係佢哋進步嘅原動力啊, 哈哈~~went to apply for the privilege membership of a supermarket couple of weeks back, i actually was a member long time ago, but rarely use the card and it has expired since three years ago.. frequent the supermarket recently and think the member privileges are actually quite good, hence thought of re-applying it.. went there fill in all forms, and the staff told me that she found an existing account in their system.. and to my surprise, she told me that i can only renew but not apply for a new one, and furthermore if i choose to renew (well, that's my only choice, do i have an option?) i have to re-pay the renewal fees for the lapsed two years.. this is ridiculous, i've double confirmed with her on the policy and yet she gave me the same answer.. alright, i gave in and not going to argue with her anymore..

back home, i have already planned to write a complaint letter to their HQ on this matter.. it's really absurb for me to backdate the payment, just for having not utilised any privilege or benefits from them for the past two years?? by accident i read their terms and conditions on membership, and delighted to find the clause number 6 stating "In the event that the CARD expired, CARD members shall have the option of applying a new card or renewing the CARD..", bingo!! straight away i type the letter, attaching a photocopy of this evidence as well, and sent it straight away to the HQ, attention to the Card Department Manager..

few days later, the Manager gave me a call personally, admit that after investigation she found out that her staff has made a mistake, and agree to refund me the two years renewal fees i've paid for nothing.. that night i spare some time to drop by the supermarket again, fill in all necessary forms and get my money back, no questions asked, hehe!!! so i always advise to send in complaints or feedback on any unsatisfaction, afterall these feedback from customers are always their best motivation for improvements, agree??

12.08.2008 | 數字游戲

曾幾何時, 呢個源自日本嘅數字游戲Sudoku, 無聲無息喺度咁掀起一股熱潮, 又出電動游戲, 又出書, 報紙日日連刊, 幾咁平地一聲炮啊.. 當時覺得呢個游戲好複雜, 太多嘅數字睇到我眼都花埋, 曾經試吓去玩玩嘅, 但係始終都未能完成[係, 我認我資質差囉~~].. 手上呢部手機其實都有裝咗個Sudoku游戲, 擱置好耐最近先開始嘗試玩玩.. 由beginner level開始玩, 因為得嗰廿四個格, 所以慢慢玩落覺得原來都幾OK噃.. 所以玩吓玩吓開始捉到其中竅門, 難怪有啲人會玩上癮啦.. 於是每逢搭車或者有空余時間, 一機在手就會玩吓過時間, 一步一步慢慢玩到advanced level, 之後仲屢破自己記錄, 哈哈, 好玩喎.. 我個人呢就比較唔中意啲暴力游戲, 啲得意白癡游戲就最係啱我口味喇.. 所以呢個算係智力游戲嘅Sudoku我幾OK囉, 不過已經玩咗幾百個game set, 開始有啲悶喇.. 喂, 打蛇隨棍上, 有冇咩好玩嘅Nokia游戲可以同我分享架?? 哈哈..
i remember this game of numbers called Sudoku from japan, was a big hit some time ago.. business minded people has came out with all kinds of Sudoku electronic games, books, and even newspapers were (and still are) having a section on this game daily.. i was then trying to play this game, but found it complicated because of all those confusing numbers (yeah, i admit i'm not good with figures~~).. my handphone (or cellphone, mobile phone, whatever u call it) has been preloaded with this game, have been ignoring it for quite some time until recently i started to play the game again.. started with beginner level, and the 24-only-boxes-to-complete has got my butt kicked-up for the game, pretty interesting by the way.. and the more i get with it, the more tricks i learnt, and from level to level i progressed to now the advanced level.. will hook on to it whenever i'm commuting or have some time to kill.. i personally don't like those violent games, but cute and silly games are my flavour.. i would say this Sudoku is considered kind of intellectual games, that's why i enjoyed it quite much.. anyway, have completed hundreds of the game set, and started to get a little bored with it though.. hmmm, any nice Nokia games you have to share with me?? hehe..

11.08.2008 | 飄洋過海

好開心, 又有新CD聽喇.. 耐不耐都會托同事JC幫我買CD, 要佢大肚臨dum幫我去買, 真係有啲過意唔去, 不過大肚婆當係適量郁動啦, 總好過佢同朋友去行山安全啩?? 講起嚟呢幾隻碟到我手都算係飄揚過海, 由JC交畀新加坡一位舊同事AL(因為佢去香港玩), 再由佢交畀一位新加坡同事LF, 最後由去新加坡公干嘅同事MO由帶返嚟畀我.. 麻煩到咁多位, 喺度講聲多謝先!!
  1. 鄧健泓《Pat's Trick》新曲+精選: 沉寂多年後, 忽然一個志雲愛將, 於早前推出呢張新曲+精選.. 佢以前有一排都撈得幾掂, 聽佢首「朋友二號」後每次落K都會點唱喇, 終於都等到佢呢張精選集..
  2. 莫文蔚《就i 》精選集: 個人色彩濃烈嘅莫文蔚, 唔係美若天仙但係就有股攝人魅力, 唔係天籟歌聲但係就有把獨特性感唱腔.. 呢張精選集有齊晒佢新舊東家所有佳作, 豈能錯過呢??
  3. 南拳媽媽《南搞小孩》新曲+精選: 呢個周傑倫徒弟, 論聲勢絕對比唔上師父, 不過都係一個唔錯嘅團體.. 佢哋第二張專輯有頗多佳作, 呢個新曲精選應該可以見證佢哋實力..
  4. 胡彥斌《音樂斌潮》精選集: 呢個中國音樂奇才可能你未聽過, 不過如果話係側田「男人KTV」原唱者, 你是否忽然對佢肅然起敬?? 佢有首叫「和尚」嘅歌令我驚艷十分, 呢張精選碟正好讓我更能認識佢嘅音樂..
  5. 潘偉柏《未來式》新曲+精選: 呢位超靚仔嘅台灣歌手人稱「潘帥」, 行經典ABC hiphop路線, 但係比較中意佢啲抒情冧歌.. 同時下一眾靚仔唱歌比較, 我覺得佢係幾掂而且都幾buy佢, 呢張新曲精選梗係要囊括啦..
got a few new CDs to add to my collections, thanks JC for getting them for me.. feel a little sorry to ask a pregnant lady to run the errand, but wouldn't this be better than she going hiking with friends?? haha.. the CDs finally reached me from few hands, JC passed it to AL who went HK for vacation, he then pass it to LF my singapore colleague, and finally get MO (my colleague on business trip to singapore office) to bring it back to me.. thanks a million folks for the CDS!!
  1. Patrick Tang "Pat's Trick": this new songs + best-of collection album from him after a long absence.. he has been quite a hit, and i remember i will sure sing his "Friend No. 2" whenever going to karaoke (hehe!).. finally there comes his best-of collection..
  2. Karen Mok "Just i": a very unique lady, not pretty but attractive, not really sings well but just captivating voice.. this album gathers all her hits from her current and previous recording companies, i'm just not gonna miss that!!
  3. Nanquan Mama "Difficult Kids": always not as famous as their sifu Jay Chou, i still think this group of youngster is not bad at all.. and it's time to proof how good they are with this new songs + best-of collection album..
  4. Anson Hu "Music Tide": you might not heard of him, but if i'm gonna tell you he is the composer of Justin Lo's recent hit "Men's KTV", you should be jaw-dropped.. i was impressed by his earlier song "Monk", and now this best-of collection just give me the chance to know his music a little more..
  5. Wilber Pan "Futuristic": i would say this handsome guy sings a lot better than all those cuties available in the market nowadays, going typical ABC hiphop music, i actually thinks he can sing love ballad quite well too.. and so, i think this best-of collection is a must-have for me..

10.08.2008 | 吃喝玩樂

新山友人HS同YU嚟吉隆坡玩, 今日一盡地主之誼帶佢哋去吃喝玩樂.. 朝早佢哋嚟車我, 去谷中城途中, 見到大馬眼摩天輪, 佢哋話未去過, 咁趁住呢個摩天輪8月31日遷移馬六甲之前, 於是就好即興咁兜過去睇一睇喇.. 日頭嘅大馬眼少咗燈光襯托, 其實魅力大減, 只係求其影番兩副相有所交帶就走人喇..

去到谷中城, 我先自己去健身院郁一郁, 由得HS同YU自己喺商場自由活動大肆購物.. 兩個小時之後, 再會合佢哋, 原來兩條友仔只係行咗部份商店, 不過時值下午二時個肚嗌餓, 所以就急急腳去The Gardens間「蓬萊台灣料理」食晏[見下圖].. 三個人叫咗魚肉番茄蛋湯套餐, 三杯雞套餐, 鴨肉扁冬粉套餐同埋飲品, HS同YU似乎覺得味道過重所以覺得麻麻, 不過我個鹽勳鴨就非常之唔錯, 就連厚厚肥肥嘅鴨皮食落去都唔覺得肥膩.. 埋單RM87, 對於呢啲喺台灣普通得週街都有嘅料理, 我就覺得貴囉..

食飽飽之後會合JY四人行繼續血拼, 見到HS同YU買得咁興奮其實都戥佢哋開心架.. 讀到呢度, 你係唔係想問我又買咗啲咩呢?? 個答案係: 冇, 哈哈!! 我個人就係咁怪喇, 每次陪人血拼, 我一定係負責慫恿朋友洗錢而自己通常都係空手而歸, 要我真正血灑金錢就一定係我自己一個人癮起嘅時候, 呵呵.. 當HS同YU心滿意足滿載而歸之時, 又係dinner時間喇, 於是就同JY帶咗佢哋去食韓國料理喇, 之咪又係嗰間韓國餐廳囉, 哈哈!! 已經係我呢三個月內第四次到訪, 食物+烹調+服務水準依舊, 所以今次唔影相喇, 純粹係帶朋友嚟品嘗美食嘅心態囉.. 埋單一共RM68, 同頭先餐晏比較, 真係覺得好平囉..

食飽之後見時間尚早, 於是就提議不如再去大馬眼睇夜景啦, 一拍即合驅車前進.. 個摩天輪果然係越夜越美麗, 今日因為HS同YU嘅關係, 我終於都第一次坐上咗個摩天輪喇.. 好無厘頭咁轉咗五圈, 都冇乜特別嘢睇, 而且得個60米高, 咁就每人盛惠RM15喇, 好易賺錢.. 轉完之後已近10時, 於是就各自歸家, 因為明天星期一仍需返工啊, 陰公~~
HS and YU came to KL for a short trip, hence was making them company today for shopping and food.. they came pick me up in the morning, and on our way to midvalley, they saw the eye on malaysia ferris wheel from far.. saying that they have not visited the wheel, and since it will be relocated to malacca after 31st august, so we just spontaneously turn in to pay a visit.. nothing special in the day time, and so we just took a bit of ritual pictures and left..

reached midvalley and i excused myself for my gym workout while giving them free time to shop about in the mall.. met them up after 2 hours, and the guys have just only done with part of the shops, but it was 2pm and stomach was rumbling, hence we quickly went to the Fong Lai Taiwanese Restaurant in The Gardens for lunch.. ordered the food in the picture above, a bit too sweet for HS and a bit too salty for YU, but my smoked duck was just nice for me even taste nice having the thick fat skin down my throat.. the bill came to a total RM87, a bit pricy for these food commonly and easily found on the streets in taiwan..

after re-energised met up JY and there we continue shopping again, was happy for HS and YU for the things they have bought.. and are you wondering what i have got for myself?? the answer is: nothing, haha!! well, whenever i make a company with people to go shopping, i will most of the time finish empty handed, the only time that i would have dropped is when i'm alone and when the urge rises with my soul, hehehe.. after being satisfied by their goodies, we went to THAT Korean Restaurant for dinner, my 4th time being there in the past three months.. food, quality and service are still promising, hence i have not taken any photo this time.. the visit this time is purely to bring friends to savour such nice food.. the bill came to a total of RM68, compared to the lunch just now, this is just so worth the money!!

after dinner, the night seemed young still, and i suggest why not visit the eye on malaysia again, for the night charm?? and there we go, having seen it in the day, it's certained that the ferris wheel looks more charming at night.. and because of HS and YU, i finally have a ride on the wheel for my very first time, hehe.. was inside the they-called-it gondola and we have 5 full rounds, nothing really special at all, and afterall the wheel is only 60m tall.. there goes our RM15 each for the ride, pretty easy money huh?? done with the wheel and it's near 10pm, decided to call the day off, as it's monday again tomorrow and it's another working day again, booo~~

09.08.2008 | 鮮味火鍋

我其實都頗鐘愛火鍋嘅, 雖然大熱天時成30度, 但係仍然好享受嗰種感覺, 解釋唔到箇中原因, 就係情有獨鐘.. 頭先晚餐就忽然想食火鍋, 於是就掹咗JY去火鍋.. 叫咗兩人份(都係啲例牌魚旦, 肉丸, 豆腐, 蝦, 魚片, 伊麵米粉, 時蔬之類囉), 再另加薄片豬肉, 魚鰾, 同埋吉隆坡好難可以搵到嘅紅毛沙梨酸梅汁(你聽到佢個名都已經流晒口水啦係嘛)..

湯底好清甜唔會落咗太多嘅味精, 啲火鍋料全部都好新鮮.. 覺得今次同JY呢個(食得有要求嘅)人一齊火鍋, 食得十分企理兼有次有序, 唔係平時成棚人一鍋熟嗰種囉, 所以每一樣嘢都漉到啱啱好, 食得十分滋味十分享受.. 全晚最開心最滿意就係杯沙梨酸梅汁同埋啲薄片豬肉.. 沙梨酸梅汁冰涼沁心, 好解渴, 每人加碼飲咗兩杯添.. 至於薄片豬肉, 我哋係等食晒鍋中嘢之後, 叫適應再添湯底, 就用筷子一片一片夾起(片得好薄, 厚度少于一毫米), 以涮涮方式漉熟佢(5秒鐘就可以熟透喇), 再用碗稍為攤凍嘅湯底「過冷河」(JY創新食法, 又好似真係比較爽口喎), 最後沾上辣椒醬送入口, 簡簡單單就已經係人間美食喇~~ 埋單二人一共60大元(唔係平), 環境一般, 不過食物新鮮而且服務幾好, 可以再去嘅.. 呢間「好好火鍋」, 位於Jalan Ipoh往Jalan Duta方向一間獨立古屋改造嘅餐廳, 早市釀豆腐, 夜市火鍋, 相信大家都熟悉啩..
dear english reader: frankly i have difficulties in translating this entry into english, because this is just so CHINESE, haha!! well, to summarise it all, this steamboat experience was a good one - a meal for two at RM60 (a bit expensive), soup was clear and less MSG compared to others, food was nice and fresh, service was good.. must try the sliced pork, and must do it the shabu-shabu way to fully appreciate this simple yet delicious delicacy.. also don't miss out the kendongdong juice with sour plum, hardly found in KL, it's refreshing and sure a great thirst quecher for your steamboat session.. located in a renovated bungalow along the jalan ipoh to jalan duta direction, it goes yong tofu in the day and steamboat at night, perhaps you might know this restaurant already well..

08.08.2008 | 舉世矚目

[08:08 AM] 今晚8時8分, 強勢出擊!! tonight at 08:08pm, the world is watching..

[08:08 PM] 其實一路以來都對京奧冇乜感覺, 但係唔知點解, 當佢漸漸逼近之時, 我開始有點期待, 尤其係開幕典禮, 今日放工已經急不可待嗱嗱聲趕返屋企喇.. 今日許家上下都於八時前陸陸續續返到屋企, 個個都準備就緒迎接京奧來臨..

終於喺呢個時刻安坐電視機前, 同全球關注奧運嘅朋友一齊見證呢個歷史性一刻.. 成個開幕典禮由張藝謀導演全權指揮, 睇得出張導演嘅用心同埋野心.. 整個開幕表演帶著濃烈張式電影嘅感覺, 可圈可點.. 各環節表演都動用至少一千名表演者, 覺得大家都好合作做足一百分, 原來中國真係有咁多人, 求其揪個幾萬人嚟做個開幕表演都不成問題.. 各環節由一副畫貫串, 非常一氣呵成, 而且視覺效果做得實在很超水準.. 不過如果要講到感染力, 是乎又爭咁啲嘢未去到牽動人心, 可能係齋睇電視嘅緣故??

主題曲方面, 由中國資深歌手劉歡同英國天籟Sarah Brightman中西合璧.. 個形式同埋個架勢做得唔錯喇, 本應係可以掀起高潮, 不過到頭來卻係開幕禮一大敗筆.. 二人擦唔出火花不特止, 帶動全場觀眾澎湃激情嘅奧運精神都欠棒, 就連聽都聽唔清楚佢哋唱乜.. 最後令人期待嘅燃點聖火儀式, 個人認為呢個做得好出色, 個構思做得非常好, 體操王子李寧凌空繞著鳥巢體育館奔跑半圈, 背後緊隨而來係之前聖火傳遞嘅片段, 未係震撼但係十分切合「同一個世界, 同一個夢想」呢個主題, 為2008北京奧運揭開一個完美序幕..have not been paying real attention to the Beijing Olympics all the while, until only recently that i get excited about it, especially the opening ceremony tonight.. was rushing home after work for not missing the show, and all family members were already home sitting in front of the tv waiting for this historical moment..

finally at eight, we were all watching the opening ceremony of the 29th olympics together with the people from around the world.. wholy directed by the famous chinese director Zhang Yimou, i can see the effort and ambition of his work, it brought me the feel of a very Zhang style movie.. thousands of people were involved in every of the performance track, and each of them were linked by a painting, pretty smooth and well connected that you won't see a abrupt change of theme.. the visual effects was an absolute spectacle, brilliantly blending technology and human movements, and yeah, i finally see how big the chinese population is - there is just no problem to have thousands of people involved in a single performance.. however, i just feel there's something lacking, perhaps it really just did not flow into my heart though, or maybe it was just because of watching telecast??

theme song, they have Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman, the presentation on the huge globe (yeah, it roused up from the ground) was great, but not the crossover performance of them both.. the song however was not as passionate as i would have expected, and both singers hardly create sparks to the audience.. and finally the flame cauldron ignition part, a truely impressive performance.. they have the gymnast Li Ning running in the air with the flame on his hand, following him was the video of the worldwide torch relay, i kind of like this idea, not jaw-droppingly amazing but it was just as meaningful as the theme "one world one dream".. with that ends the opening ceremony and there goes the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics!!

07.08.2008 | 依時生活

撇開禮拜六日吃喝玩樂唔講, 發覺自己嘅每一日原來都係好規律咁渡過.. 日常生活分兩大類, 咪就係返工同埋放工囉, 好悶哦呵?? 再諗諗佢, 原來規律到呢, 每日差唔多同樣時間都係做緊同樣嘅嘢, 好dull哦呵??
[08:10] 瞓醒準備起身返工..
[09:15] 返到公司, 食完早餐check完email開始做嘢..
[12:30] 放飯喇!! 通常都喺公司解決, 趁機寫blog..
[18:45] 如無意外一日就咁完畢, 放工喇!! 會去健身院workout..
[21:30] 返到屋企.. 沖涼, 食晚飯(咁晏食飯可能係致肥原因), 睇電視..
[23:00] 上房上一上網, 通常都係上blog回comment, 睇朋友啲blog
[24:00] 上床睡覺會周公..
** 以上時間±10分鐘

realised i live a very routined life, excluding the weekends, i think i would split my life into two major categories - work and afterwork, hahaha, what else?? and come to think about it, life is so boring that i am even doing similar things everyday at the same time, pretty dull huh??
[08:10] wake up and ready for work
[09:15] reached office.. have breakfast, check email and start to work
[12:30] lunch time!! will normally get it done in office, take the time to update my blog
[18:45] if no hiccups, it's calling off for the day.. will go workout in the gym
[21:30] finally home.. shower, dinner and watch a little bit of tv
[23:00] back to room for some internet thingie, more on reading blogs and commenting anyway
[24:00] turning in for sweet dreams and recharging sleep
** ±10min for the clock above

06.08.2008 | 年老先兆

以下種種發生喺我身上嘅跡象, 係唔係代表年長邁老呢?? mentally同physically有跡可尋, 你話係唔係頗恐怖啊?? {>_<}"
  • [mentally] 頭先去pantry斟水, 點知個water dispenser冇晒水, 於是就換過支水啦, 換過之後好自然咁拎隻空杯返埋位, 坐低拎起個杯想話飲啖水, 先發現頭先原來冇斟到水..
  • [mentally] 有時驚自己忘記, 所以就猛咁remind自己一定要做呢樣做嗰樣.. 結果到頭來做得呢樣就唔記得做第樣嘢, 心掛掛硬係應住有樣嘢未做, 又醒唔起係乜喎.. 結果要隔段時間先醒起原來漏咗呢樣嘢未做..
  • [physically] 覺得自己日漸贅肉橫生, 日漸肌肉鬆跨, 啲褲頭開始覺得緊緊地, 啲衫開始覺得窄窄地.. 同樣有去健身房workout, 但係而家嘅衝勁同效果都大大大不如前.. 感覺自己就好似健身房內嘅一個超低代謝率嘅老人家..

noticed the following signs of aging on me recently, both mentally and physically, rather threatening yeah?? {>_<}"
  • [mentally] intended to take some water from pantry just now, but to find out the dispenser was empty.. hence i change a new drum of water, and then grab my empty mug back to seat, wanna take a sip of water and just to find out i have forgotten to fill in water..
  • [mentally] sometimes will keep reminding myself of tasks just in case i ever forget.. and there i do them one by one, but could most probably left out something.. feeling uneasy about something incomplete but just could not find out what that matter is.. until quite a while that i can remember what was missed out..
  • [physically] getting more flabby flesh on my body, and muscles starting to droop with gravity.. frequent the gym for workout as usual, but the motivation and hence the result were never as good as before.. am like an old fat fart with low metabolism rate "zombie-ing" in the gym..

05.08.2008 | 密碼網絡

科技與網絡嘅進步, 驅使今時今日多種快捷簡易嘅網上查詢於交易.. 由於呢個緣故, 最基本嘅私隱安全就係要你擁有個用戶名稱夾埋個密碼.. 所以去親呢啲網站, 一定要你輸入用戶名稱同密碼, 確定準確登陸後先可以執行任務.. 暫且勿論呢啲用戶名稱+密碼組合有幾安全(呢個最基本嘅方法其實都好vulnerable), 單係要記得晒你所有嘅用戶名稱與密碼, 就已經係一件苦差啦.. 唔好以為可以統一用埋一個用戶名稱同密碼, 因為唔同網站有唔同要求, 有啲要求純數字, 有啲要求純字母, 有啲要求字母加數字(等等等等組合), 所以真好難如願..

所以話, 唔單止係咔多, 呢樣嘢都一樣係咁多, 而且比較上來更加係難搞.. 頭先求其一諗, 就已經可以迅速列出以下15個經常會登陸嘅網站.. 人老喇, 好多時候都會唔記得自己個用戶名稱同埋密碼, 於是數日前, 落手落腳整咗個excel記錄低所有嘅用戶名稱+密碼組合.. 記於忘了前, 如有一日醒唔起, 呢個excel會係天賜嘅恩物喇..due to the ever advancing technology and internet world, we can now do basically anything online over the internet.. and as a result to this, security issues has pushed us to possess username and passwords for access verifications.. not considering whether the username+password combination is strongly secured (i think it's rather vulnerable actually), the effort to remember all the combination you possess is actually sky high.. never expect you can standardize all your username and password across, because different entities have their own unique requirements (numeric, alphabet, alphanumeric etc etc), that is pretty impossible..

so i would say, besides plastic cards, username and password is another towering "assets", and it got even more troublesome.. just a quick flash, and i can easily list down the 15 more frequently logged-on websites above.. admit getting older, and there are times where i could not even remember anyway.. hence, few days ago, i open an excel file and started to record down all the username and password pairs, just in case one day i forget, this would really save my world..

04.08.2008 | 不如所聞

噚日慕名而去食咗兩餐頗出名嘅嘢, 但係食過之後發現都係不過如是, 認真係不如所聞囉.. 印象中從未喺呢個blog度彈過所食啲嘢, 不過經過噚日雙重打擊之後, 決定喺度吐一吐大失所望之感.. 唔好以為我成日都去食好嘢啊, 其實都偶有失手嘅~~
  1. 甲洞區有個出晒名嘅蝦麵[見圖1], 最近擴充營業喺我家附近開設新分行, 分行採取摩登cafe概念經營, 開張數星期內果然引起轟動, 成功吸引一眾慕名而來嘅食客, 日日門庭若市.. 兩個月後, 終於踏進呢間蝦麵cafe, 做低後二話不說就叫咗慕名而久嘅蝦麵一份.. 端來嘅時候, 賣相果然係吸引, 睇到即刻流晒口水.. 滿懷歡喜拎起支艇羹, 捌咗啖湯送落口.. 味道似乎比想像中爭好遠, 再捌多啖試真啲, 點解係甜嘅?? 啲粉又淥得太稔, 咦.. 都完全唔係嗰回事!! 好鬼失望囉, 對於我, 佢唔會再有翻身之余地喇..
  2. 舊飛機場路有間賣雲吞麵嘅, 都周不時聽到有食客對佢啲雲吞麵讚不絕口, 噚晚同JY去一嘗其味, 去到竟然高朋滿座, 果然係名不虛傳啊吓.. 叫咗個客家炸肉雲吞撈麵[圖2a]同水餃湯[圖2c], 外加Rojak一碟[圖2b].. 眼利嘅JY離遠就見到啲麵色澤過黃, 一定係用咗好多鹼水, 當時我只不過係一笑帶過, 咁出名應該冇理由啩?? 好喇, 等候良久終於捧嚟喇, 又係滿懷開心筷子一夾往口裡一送, 真係成陣鹼水味, 果然冇錯!! 其實啲麵同水餃都不過係麻麻地啫, 都唔知有咩特別, 出邊仲有好多雲吞麵好食過佢囉真係.. 跟住係個Rojak, 味道OK但係都冇乜幾款水果嘅, 仲賣五個半, 超貴啦.. 失望+打擊, 唔會再山長水遠去幫襯喇..

went for popularly recommended food yesterday, only to find out there are just overrated.. i remember i have never write bad comments about the food i had so far, but after the double disappointed yesterday, i think i'm gonna express my disappointment today.. don't ever think that i always go for good food, but instead there are times when i just got badly banged, hehe..
  1. the famous prawn noodles [Fig 1] from kepong recently opened a branch near my place, doing business using the cafe concept.. and yeah indeed it successfully attracted people to savour this famous delicacy during the first few weeks after opening.. two months later, i finally went to give it a try, ordered their signature prawn noodles without hesitation once i got my seat.. when it was served, yummy, looks promising with all the rightful condiments.. immediately i spoon myself a mouthful of soup, taste a bit weird though.. helping myself with the second go, the soup is OMG SWEET.. and the noodles is overcooked, absolutely dropped my appetite for it, it is totally out of my expectation.. would not come back anymore i'm telling myself..
  2. have been craving for the famous wantan mee at jalan sungai besi since everyone is somehow recommending.. went there for supper with JY, and yeah, it was indeed packed with people when we reached there.. ordered the wantan mee with braised pork hakka style [Fig 2a], dumpling soup [Fig 2c] and an additional fruit rojak [Fig 3].. discerning JY saw the yellowish noodles and claimed that they must be made of overdosed "alkaline", i just thought it could not be since this is so famous.. when the noodle was served, excitedly i taste a big mouthful of it, and only to find out JY is absolutely right!! the noodles and dumpling just taste so-so, nothing to shout about, another over-rated food for the day!! as for the rojak there isn't much fruit varieties (only turnip and cucumber d*mn), taste just OK but selling at RM5.50 it's indeed very expensive.. well well well, no more purposely travel to this place again i would say..

03.08.2008 | 盜墓迷城

又係暑假黃金時段另一強勢鉅片, 《盜墓迷城三•龍帝之墓》上星期四開畫(比美國仲早一日添), 其實都預咗會好多人爭住睇架喇, 所以諗住熱潮稍退後先打算去睇.. 點知前晚JY人突如其來咁摟我話不如禮拜六晚去睇, OK啦咁, 一貫先上網訂飛以免到時向隅.. 不過網上訂購竟然早就full晒(難怪同事KL早一個星期就已經行動咗啦), 得返子夜場於是就有理冇理book咗先, 到時先決定睇唔睇..

噚日朝早去銀行辦完事, 經過KLCC戲院, 反正得閑就不如學人排隊撲飛啦, 唔想睇子夜場咁晏, 所以希望可以撲到早幾場嘅飛.. 當時條龍排到出戲院門口, 一番掙扎上唔上馬之後, 最後依然屈服.. 廿分鐘之後, 終於排到去中間位置, 結果見到咩吖哪你估?? 原來最篤有兩個專為呢齣戲而設嘅express counter!! 個notice得半張A4紙咁細, 重要張貼一二角, 鬼知咩大佬?? 我頂@#$%^&*.. 於是即刻離隊, 排過去個express lane, 都尚要排成十分鐘, 好彩都仲買到飛, 如果唔係實滿肚火去鏟死個票務經理呀我話你知..

夜晚會合JY入場, 竟然滿座, 啲人連前排位都唔放過, 真係佩服佢哋對呢齣戲嘅擁戴.. 對於上兩集嘅印象已經係非常模糊喇, 不過知道O'Connell太太換咗人, 同埋Alex O'Connell竟然咁~快高長大(同Branden Fraser演父子好似欠缺說服力).. 戲中有不少熟悉香港明星擔大旗演出, 而且仲係關鍵人物添, 覺得原本應係主角嘅O'Connell家庭, 好似淪為佢哋嘅配角咁.. 對白加入不少笑料, 特技場面仍然有睇頭, 梁洛施戲內好鬼靚, 楊紫瓊梁洛施普通話好「甩咳」(汗顏), 女巫師楊紫瓊最後一幕竟然用英語嚟施咒(傻眼), 李連傑死得太兒戲(嫌唔夠打斗場面), 最後大戰一幕啲甩頭甩骨鬼戰士好搞笑.. 總括嚟講, 我覺得唔錯囉, 雖然超越唔到第一集但係都OK囉..
another big movie for the summer slot, "Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" was showing since last thursday (and yet another day earlier than US).. knowing that it will be a big hit, so i didn't plan to watch it that soon, but JY suggested to watch it on saturday night.. well, ok then we go do online ticket reservation, and not surprised at all, all tickets were fully booked.. we could only manage to get the midnight show tickets (book first and decide whether to go ahead later), no wonder colleague KL has already did his booking a week ago..

was in KLCC doing some banking business on yesterday morning, walked passed the cinema and i thought why not try my luck to get tickets for an earlier show?? the queue was dreadfully long, but after a good struggle still i decided to hit on it.. was queuing patiently there and after 20min, guess what i saw?? the last two ticket counters were opened specially for this blockbuster!! @#$%^&*, but the notice is just half the size of an A4 paper and was posted in an easily missed out corner.. d*mn, i immediately switch queue to join the express lane, still have to wait another 10min before getting my tickets!!

met up JY for the movie at night, and it was full house, really salute the passion of those patrons on the front rows towards the movie.. can't really remember well the previous two sequel, but i know Mrs O'Connell is another actress, and Alex O'Connell has grown up so amazingly fast (a bit not convincing acting as Branden Fraser's son).. quite a few familiar HK actors and actress faces in the movie, and they play relatively important roles, as if they have the supposedly-leading-role O'Connell family turned supporting role, hahaha.. humour has been added to the lines, CG scenes were great enough, Leung is pretty, Yeoh and Leung's Mandarin really s*cks, Yeoh surprisingly used English to cast spell in the end, Li died a little to simple (too little solo fighting for him), the handicapped mummy warriors in the last battling scene were cute.. overall, i did enjoy the movie, although it still cannot beat the first sequel, yet it's not a bad one at all..

02.08.2008 | 人山腦海

一年一度嘅電腦促銷展PC Fair又嚟喇.. 雖然我係IT人, 但係我其實唔係個科技產品迷(英文叫做gadget geek), 所以從來都唔為呢個年度促銷展而感到興奮.. 今日係閒來無事, 咁啱去銀行辦完啲事, 身在該處所以就既管去湊吓熱鬧.. 因為聽聞呢個促銷會能夠以比平時平啲嘅價錢執到筍嘢, 而且新產品都會喺呢度率先登場, 不妨去睇睇吖..

促銷展喺城中城會展中心舉行, 數百參展單位包晒所有展覽聽, 確實係大陣仗.. 仲未去到現場, 已經見到三五成群嘅各階層人仕朝著會展方向前進.. 由於人流眾多, 主辦單位預先劃定單向出入路線, 所以一入到會展, 見到洶湧人潮, 我已經萌生退堂, 因為我一向都係個容易屈服於人群嘅人.. 不過已經冇回頭路喇, 唯有一路向前, 用手機拍攝當時墟撼情景同埋部份參展單位.. 經自己評論後SONY個攤位最正, 搭起一個小小樓閣畀有意購買產品嘅顧客, 頗有新意就畀個冠軍佢啦..

其實我只不過係一路向前行, 如果有停落嚟都係影相嘅時候, 就係因為得一個入口一個出口, 所以被迫要穿梭所有展覽聽, 擠迫於洶湧人潮中, 姍姍蓮步超過40分鐘之後, 最後終於喺第九個展覽聽搵到出口.. 嘩, 阿彌陀佛大慈大悲, 終於甩難喇!! the annual PC Fair is back again, though i’m in IT line, however i don’t consider myself as a gadget geek, and hence i have never been excited about the PC Fair at all.. today is a coincidence whereby i was there after some business with the bank in the morning.. since just few steps away from the PC Fair, i thought why not just have a look since i have time to spare.. and heard that one can always get cheaper price and perhaps the latest gadgets from the Fair..

the PC Fair is held in the KLCC Convention Centre, hundreds of exhibitor fully occupied all the exhibition halls, was a real gigantic event.. before reaching the convention center, already saw crowds walking towards the venue.. because of the overwhelming crowds, the authority has drawn one-way-only passage ways in and out from the exhibition halls, and when I entered the venue, i was a bit dizzy to see the blasting exhibition-enthusiasts, always disgracefully possessing the so-called crowd phobia, i really felt like turning back but due to the event planning, there is only ONE SINGLE entrance and ONE SINGLE exit.. no choice, i would have to participate in this big march into the halls.. rather to feel the dread, i took out my mobile phone to start taking photo of the crowd and exhibitor.. i personally think SONY should be given the two thumbs up, for being the best exhibitor stall - the two-storey setup definitely is the most unique and eye-popping of all..

well, i actually just keep walking ahead (the only time i stopped by was just to take photo), and it took me more than 40 minutes to fight through the crowd and finally at the 9th (yes, because of the single in single out thing) i finally found the exit to the outsider world!! thank god, that was just a relief for me..

01.08.2008 | 百咔齊放

整理銀包嘅時候, 發現自己持有一大堆嘅咔, 身份證, 信用咔, 銀行提款咔, 儲值咔, 各式各樣會員咔.. 一共十幾張咔, 疊埋成吋厚, 真係難以想像我每日都帶住咁多張咔喺身邊.. 其實呢度都唔係全部, 仲有其他幾張係平時冇乜用到, 所以索性擺喺屋企一二角.. 撇開身份證, 提款咔呢啲基本需要唔講吖, 其他如信用咔同會員咔其實佔咗九成以上, 真係唔明點解有咁多?? 今時今日, 信用咔係送畀你咁濟(阿豬阿狗都可以擁有, 已經冇乜信用可言), 商場內往往有銀行搞信用咔roadshow, 啲職員猛咁喺度拉客, 如果你稍為把持唔住, 一定會因為佢開出嘅一籮籮優惠而申請至少一張.. 其他各式各樣會員咔也是如此, 往往申請過後會質疑自己究竟要嚟做乜?? 無時無刻帶住咁多張咔喺身, 其實都好纍贅, 我開始要清減啲咔量架喇..

while tidying wallet just now i realised how many plastic cards i am holding, ID card, credit card, ATM card, money card and all sorts of membership cards.. pile them up all together and it gave me a whooping inch tall!! actually this is not all of them, i still have some rarely used cards still lying peacefully in a corner in my room.. put aside the essential ID card and ATM card, other cards make up 90% of the collection, i start to wonder why do i need that much of them?? nowadays credit cards are almost free for everyone to use (anyone can own a credit card now, no stringent qualifications or requirements at all), you can easily see credit card roadshows in shopping malls everywhere, and once you can't withstand, you sure will apply for more than one card after being psycho-ed by the bank staff with all the benefits and privileges offered (mind you, those are gold-plated marketing stuffs).. similar to all those membership cards out there, and most of the time after getting one home, you start to wonder why you have done so?? haha.. am carrying too many plastic cards, somehow sluggish, i think i am gonna cut down the number of cards soon..