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28.10.2011 | 高低立見

[#1259 @ 2011年第100篇post] 我唔係要話咩KFC同McD大鬥法, 不過明眼人都可以清楚睇到McD嘅經營方式確實係比較優秀嘅, 尤其喺本地就簡直贏足九條街.. 撇開管理/服務/市場規劃呢啲商業範圍, 就講一個好簡單嘅牆紙設計吖, 大家睇睇下邊張對比圖, 有咩感想??

[#1259 @ 100th post in year 2011] i'm not focusing on the fight between KFC and McD, but it's quite obvious the strategy and managing style of McD is a lot better, especially in our country it just wins a big gap.. put aside business management areas like operations, services and marketing but tiny thing like the wallpaper design, looking at the comparison picture below, what did you feel??

26.10.2011 | 搖身一變

[#1258] 前日晏晝去咗更新吉之島會員卡(J-Card), 凡係呢個月內更新或申請者都會獲送獨家水樽一個.. 嗱, 就係下邊左手邊呢個水樽囉.. 我對呢啲大大個嘜頭嘅設計圖案通常都非常抗拒, 見佢呢副尊容我已經打算送俾人架喇..

返到屋就靈機一觸, 細心檢查之下, 原來底部青色部份一擰, 打開咗就可以將張娘爆design紙抽出嚟.. 於是我咋咋臨去摷幾本雜誌搵靚相, 剪裁之後將張紙攝返入去.. 嘩!! 果然係另舍唔同!! 有成就感!! 我覺得我自己DIY嘅水樽醒神過原版九條街囉, 所以最後都係決定留返俾自己用, 呵呵~~ :p
[#1258] went to renew my J-Card the afternoon the day before, and was given the tumbler shown on the left above for free (note: renewal or application within this month are entitled for that).. i usually am reluctant to use things with obvious logo design, so i have actually planned to just pass this tumbler to anyone who wants it..

back home i suddenly came up with an idea, i examined the tumbler carefully and found out turning the green portion at the base actually allows me to take out that J-Card design sheet.. so i quickly went searching for some nice prints from magazines, trimmed and slotted back into the tumbler, here's what i got!! wow, it definitely looks different and a lot nicer!! *proud* i think my DIY tumbler is so much better than the original design yeah?? hence, i finally decide to keep it with me, hehe~~ :p

23.10.2011 | 久違雜記

[#1257] 上個星期咁啱得咁巧寫咗多篇對有關當局宣泄嘅不滿, 似乎悶親讀者們添.. 我諗我啲多者應該比較鐘意睇一啲輕鬆嘅題材喇, 今日就嚟個久違嘅雜記篇啦~~ :)
[#1257] last week i coincidentally wrote a few posts complaining some authorities, most probably bored my readers.. guess most of my readers prefer to read topics that are less serious?? well, i'm coming back with a random post today then~~ :)
公共電話 ■ 大家老實話我知, 有幾耐不屑一顧公共電話先?? 某日我就不經意見到一個令自己覺得嘖嘖稱奇嘅公共電話, 除咗有好多(類似電腦嘅)功能鍵之外, 原來依家啲公共電話係可以發 短 訊 架!! 其實應該係自己未見過大蛇屙尿啫, 少見多怪真係失禮~~ :p

public phone ■ now please tell me how long have you not even bother to look at a public phone already?? one day i found one that really got me overwhelmed, besides lots of function keys (just like those on your keyboards), i didn't know it actually allows us to send SMS too!! or maybe it's just me who have been too outdated, luckily there wasn't anyone to notice my "priceless" expression due to my ignorance then~~ :p

RM24香水 ■ 你冇睇錯, 我真係用RM24買咗呢支(原價RM177嘅)香水呀!! 不枉我晨早企喺門口等開門, 好彩冇咩人, 順利成為第三個買到嘅顧客, 哈哈!! 不過就見到另一間商場首日大減價, 門口排晒長龍等住入去掃貨.. 其實一年有十個半月都大減價啦, 咁緊張做乜呢啲人??

RM24 fragrance ■ you didn't misread this, it's truly a RM24 fragrance (50ml NRP: RM177) i got!! really not wasted my effort waiting outside the mall early in the morning, luckily not many people and i was the 3rd customer to grab this perfume, haha!! but saw long queue outside another mall on its first day of sale, i was thinking since there are already 10½ months with sales out of 12 months in a year, need to be that serious??

奶中有魚 ■ 我平時都有飲開乳酪嘅習慣嘅, 某日飲開個牌子賣晒, 所以就試下呢個做緊特價嘅牌子啦.. 結果詳細睇咗成份之後, 發現呢樽乳酪裡邊原來加咗啲由魚中提煉出嚟嘅骨膠原!! 有趣吖呢?? 我都眼大咗一陣, 不過冇有怕, 味道一啲都唔腥, 仲好好味好有營養添~~ :)

fish in milk ■ i have a habit of having some yoghurt drink after meal, one day the brand i usually consume was sold out, so i tried this brand that was on promotion.. after reading the ingredients composition, i found out that it was added with collagen from fish!! interesting right?? i was also surprised for a moment, but no worries, it doesn't taste fishy at all but instead quite nice and i believe is very nutritious~~ :)

20.10.2011 | 我愛濕威

[#1256] 撞鬼, 最近唔知點解忽然愛上咗濕威添.. 我好犀利呀, 記得星期一係BMT, 星期二係tuna, 星期五係chicken slice.. 呢幾日尤其係我鐘意嘅sub of the day, 如果有經過濕威我個胃有八成機會被呢啲包淪陷!!
  • 對於三文治, 其實我只會當佢係snack而唔會係正餐.. 總係覺得一份三文治就係滿足一時食慾咁簡單, 過咗一陣我好快又再肚餓要搵其他嘢食架喇.. 咁我又唔係cheena到餐餐要食飯, 就係三文治呢家嘢我冇得解~~
  • 某日網上見到啲快餐店為迎合地道口味, 喺唔同國家都會有獨一無二嘅menu.. 譬如話印度濕威有咖哩雞sub可以揀, 我覺得好有趣, 但係點解我哋嘅menu咁standard冇啲創意嘅?? 如果有個nasi lemak sub, 你覺得你會唔會試下咁呢?? 呵呵~~
[#1256] die lor, i'm in and unexplainable crave for subway sandwiches recently.. i'm so good that i can remember BMT on mondays, tuna on tuesdays and chicken slice on fridays, and these are especially my favourite "sub of the day".. hence if i happened to pass by, there will be 80% chances that my stomach will be invaded by these (heavenly tasty) sandwiches..
  • actually sandwiches to me are always just some snacks and i never treat them as a proper meal.. i always think sandwiches are just to briefly satisfy my appetite, but very soon later i will feel hungry again and wanted to eat something else.. not that i'm so cheena that i need to have rice for every single meal, but i really cannot explain for the case of sandwiches~~
  • saw from internet that fast food chains in order to suit the local tastes, will come up with some uniquely localized menu in different countries, for example the chicken tikka and chicken tandoori sub in subway india is something i find interesting.. i wonder why our menu is so standard and not exotic at all, given one day they came out with a nasi lemak sub, would you dare give it to try?? hehe~~

17.10.2011 | 守護茨廠

[#1255] 本地英文報章The Star連同漆油公司Dulux發起嘅呢個「守護茨廠, 保存古跡」活動 本人中午時分都有去湊下熱鬧, 雖然未見熱烈人潮, 但係對於烈日當下仍然細心作畫嘅畫家同支持者, 大家無分彼此背景嘅一份熱情, 頗係感動..

親愛嘅"能夠國"政府從來都不懂得珍惜歷史古跡, 可能有感歷史並不屬於佢哋啩?? 往往拾取其他國家面臨淘汰嘅科技, 為圖利益欠缺妥當計劃就誓意執行, 而且仲要以呢啲所謂(慢咗人家二十年)嘅發展為榮.. 喺"能夠國"政府嘅思想裡邊, 發展就等同追新棄舊, 難道唔知佢哋爭相學習嘅對象, 其實都已經視歷史古跡為國家一財富?? 咁又係嘅, "能夠國"政府就係鐘意將血汗錢揼落鹹水海都面不改容架啦~~
[#1255] local paper The Star in partnership with Dulux paint ran a "love jalan sultan, preserve our heritage" campaign i was there at noon to witness that activity, though not seen any overwhelmed crowd, the passion of the artists and supporters under the hot sun was enough to inspire that harmony spirit of treasuring heritage regardless of their backgrounds..

dear bolehland government may never appreciate heritage, or shall i say this is because they think the history does not belong to them?? most of the time bringing in technologies that are almost obsolete from other countries, determined to execute for bottomline profit albeit the lack of comprehensive long-term plannings, and still feeling proud of themselves for running such (already 20-year late) projects.. in their thoughts, development equals going for the new and demolishing the old, but haven't they realized countries that they are learning from has long treated heritage as their most valuable assets?? well, not surprisingly, bolehland government just like to dump hard-earn money into nowhere mercilessly and expressionlessly~~

14.10.2011 | 大家富都

[#1254] 噚日喺中環廣場(KL Sentral)轉車嘅時候, 絕對冇因為之前喺度返咗幾年工而有任何"故地重游"嘅感覺, 反而覺得點解呢個耗資一億馬幣嘅吉隆坡交通樞紐, 竟然變成另外一個富都車站+大家樂商場?? 予人一種毫無貴格, 龍蛇混雜嘅感覺.. 就好似我哋嘅(本來個名跌落地都鏗鏘作響嘅)時代廣場變成另外一個金河(喇啦)廣場一樣~~ @_@

我覺得就係呢個"能夠國"嘅一個通病, 下下都只係睇到未來幾年嘅發展, 而完全唔將眼光放大做更長遠嘅計劃.. 所謂嘅長遠計劃就係更多嘅工程(即係話更多血汗錢), 一個蓋一個嚟到彌補之前嘅不足.. 結果就係怨聲四起之下都仍然堅持繼續, 仲要高調執行再嚟個引以為榮(即係自我阿諛咁解), 弊唔弊你話??
[#1254] i was at KL Sentral yesterday for a transit, but absolutely felt nothing rendezvous though i have been working there for the past few years, instead i wonder why this multi-million transportation hub for KL is suddenly getting so puduraya + so kotaraya now?? it just feels so messy and low class, just like our timesquare (by right with its name alone clangs even falling onto the ground) becoming another sungei wang plaza~~ @_@

i think this is just a common problem in our bolehland, always plan for only the few years ahead but never want to see further and plan for long term.. the so-called long-term plan, is none other than more resulted projects (and hence our hard earned money) to cover one shortcoming over another due to poor planning and maintenance.. the endings are always executions albeit complaints and objections, yet doing things high-profile and creating lame reasons to feel proud of those projects (or put simple, shyok sendiri).. that's not good right??

12.10.2011 | 先勞後逸

[#1253] 假設喺屋企你係負責洗碗, 你會選擇飯後即刻將全部碗碟洗乾淨, 定係到第二餐需要用到時先即洗即用呢?? 我就肯定即刻洗囉, 硬係覺得眼前一大堆污糟邋遢嘅碗碟好礙眼.. 廚房大戰一輪之後, 見到全部嘢都乾乾淨淨企企理理我先會舒服囉..

其實好簡單, 我就係鐘意將手頭上嘅嘢咋咋臨做好晒, 先會安心享受過後清閑嘅時間.. 譬如話以前學校假期, 與其將假期作業堆到臨開學一日先(趕)做, 我都係假期頭幾日就快快做晒, 就可以唔駛心掛掛咁, 可以真正嘅假期吖嘛.. 唔知大家又係點架呢??
[#1253] let say you are responsible to wash all dishes at home, will you choose to wash them up right after your meal, or leave them aside and only wash them if you need any for your next meal?? for me i will surely wash up immediately, i just think leaving the dirty dishes in the sink is kind of irritating, because after a "battle" in the kitchen, i would just like to see everything back to clean and tidy again lor..

it's simple, i just like to get things on hand sorted out quickly so that i can really enjoy the rest of the time freely.. just like during school holidays last time, instead of rushing homework on the last day of holidays, i always finished them on the first few days.. with that only i could enjoy the holidays care-free and not worried i could never complete the homework on the eve of the new term.. how about you - before or after??

09.10.2011 | 嗚乎哀哉

[#1252] 噚晚如常搭輕鐵返屋企, 嚟到離我目的地嘅前一站, 當列車準備開駛前進時, 車廂內突然傳出"啪"一聲, 跟住就聽見有其他乘客引起小騷動!! 原來引擎輕微爆炸, 濃煙即見, 焦味即聞!! 幸好列車尚在車站, 大家可以即刻離開車廂, 可算係有驚無險..
  • 由各位乘客行動所見, 我發覺我哋嘅災難意識好低.. 好多乘客都猶疑緊要點反應, 有啲就勢不探個究竟不罷休.. 如果真係(大吉利是講句)大禍臨頭, 怕且都真係死得人多..
  • 輕鐵慣性地發生故障, 今次仲要離譜到引擎燒著兼爆炸, 好彩係有驚無險啫.. 我真係懷疑有關當局其實有冇每晚都檢查維修每一列列車?? 真係要認真檢討囉..
  • 大概十五分鐘後先消防車嚟到, 雖然應該唔係發生好大件事, 但係見到啲消防員啱啱瞓醒個樣, 好似事不關己咁蓮步姍姍行入車站, 嘩!! 點指意呢啲火祝鬼救火救人呀??
[#1252] was commuting by LRT home as usual last night, one stop away from my destination, when the train was about to move, there was a sudden and loud "paaakkk" heard from within the coach.. followed by a little chaos caused by some other passengers.. it was a little explosion from the engine, luckily the train was at the station and we were all able to evacuate the train safely..
  • from the reactions of the passengers, i realized how we are not sensitive to disasters.. some were confused and wondered how to response, others were so keen to gossip what has happened.. if (touch wood) there's really a disaster, i can imagine how few could actually escape..
  • it seems like the LRT is perpetually having technical deficiencies, and this time as worse as engine burnt and explosion but lucky it's just a scare!! i really wonder if the authority is doing maintenance on the trains every night?? this should really be seriously looked into..
  • the fire brigade arrived about 15 minutes later, though i do not think there's any major accident, seeing the look-like-just-woke-up firemen walking into the station slowly and sluggishly, you will wonder if we can expect them to save any life when needs come..

06.10.2011 | 尖中衰人

[#1251] 雖然由我嘅水桶身形, 大家睇唔出我係去尖之人, 不過我其實得閑時真係有去操一操架.. 之所以咁, 眼見尖中好多衰人真係非常之乞我憎嘅..
[#1251] though from my "oil-tank" body many may not expect i am a gym goer, i do actually go workout when i have the time.. and hence, i've seen many mean guys in the gym that i really hate their attitude..

03.10.2011 | 博客大賞

[#1250a] 嘩.. 九月份留言數量下跌25%, 各位讀者係唔係覺得厭倦喇?? 哈哈.. 不過留言榜就好有趣, 超級大洗牌而且大部份都係新上榜, 可喜可賀呀真係!! 點都好, 仍然都係要感謝各位鼎力支持, 新一季又開始喇, 大家要努力喇!! :p

[#1250a] wow, the number of comments for september dropped by 25%, dear readers are you all getting tired already?? haha.. however the chart is instead interesting with a big shuffle and most of them are new entries, that's something exciting right?? anyway, still the same old appreciation from myself on all your support, the new quarter has started, everyone must be more motivated ok?? :p
[#1250b] 另外, 引頸長盼終於嚟到終結第三季嘅留言成績喇!! 本季兩位得獎者: Twilight Man獲最多產留言獎, bluedreamer27獲最頻密留言獎, 恭喜晒兩位, 你嘅獎座(如下圖顯示)送往府上途中!! :)

[#1250b] also, after a long wait finally we can conclude the result for the third quarter.. the winners are: Twilight Man for the Most Productive Commenter and bluedreamer27 for the Most Frequent Commenter.. congratulations folks, your award (as shown in the picture below) is on its way to your doorstep.. :)