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31.12.2010 | 一年回顧

嚟到2010年最後一日, 好多人都會玩回顧, 我都唔執輸湊下熱鬧啦.. 每個月揀一篇我認為最精彩嘅post出嚟翻讀, 果然帶返起好多回憶.. 如果你都想回顧我過去一年所寫嘅事跡, 隨手點擊個別月份就可以鏈接喇.. :)

it's the last day of 2010 and i supposed many people will do a review of the year, i'll follow this trend and select one post i think most interesting for each of the month.. reading these posts again really brings back all the memory, if you'd like to know what i've been writing for this whole year, just feel free to click on the individual month and get linked to the post.. :)
2011新年快樂 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011

28.12.2010 | 聖誕大餐

好好好~~ 相信大家都渡過咗個開心聖誕啦, 係唔係期待緊新年又一round狂歡呢?? 哈哈!! 其實在下就冇點樣慶祝聖誕喇, 因為我拜觀音(呵呵!!), 最大肆慶祝應該係一個星期前嘅公司聖誕大餐囉.. 同大家分享幾張當晚影嘅相片啦..

hohoho~~ i believe everyone just had a very merry christmas, looking forward to another round of fun during new year?? haha!! well i didn't really celebrate christmas because my family devote to guan yin (hehe!!), the biggest celebration would have to be the company christmas dinner a week ago.. just share a few photos taken that night over here..

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早咗一個星期嘅公司聖誕聚餐, 喺damansara heights一間叫做nero fico嘅意大利餐廳舉行..
an early company christmas party and dinner at trattoria nero fico, damansara heights..

25.12.2010 | 聖誕快樂

每年聖誕我都會花點心思, 送禮物仔畀同事.. 今年可以話係逛咗好多店, 絞盡好多腦汁, 終於喺最後一分鐘完成艱巨任務..
every year i'll think of what christmas gift to give to my colleagues, and this year after lots of shopping and cracking my head, finally i managed to accomplish this mission at the very last minute..
今年送嘅禮物就係呢六個親手做嘅禮物包喇.. 每個禮物包有公仔一隻, 禮物裝飾一個, 迷你朱古力一塊同埋小型賀卡一張.. 係唔係好精緻呢?? :p
so these are the six handpacked christmas present bag that i gave away this year.. inside each bag there's a plush toy, gift-box shaped ornament, mini chocolate and a small greeting card.. so lovely aren't they?? :p

22.12.2010 | 牙齒髮膚

我諗我對腳前世梗係做太多壞事.. 之前大腳趾受傷, 跟住就衍生而嚟嘅甲刺, 而家左腳板又學人生雞眼.. 已經貼雞眼膠布超過一個月, 但係粒雞眼仲唔捨得離開, 仲搞到我有時仲隱隱作痛添!! 唔該變位有獨們秘方可以即刻剷除雞眼呢??

i guess my feet are not lucky.. after my toe injury and the following ingrown nail, now i am having a corn right below my left big toe.. have been putting on the corn removal plasters to try to get rid of it since more than a month ago, but seems like it's too stubborn to be removed, and sometimes cause a little pain too!! anyone has effective remedy to get rid of corn quickly??

有冇計過自己有幾多隻牙咁呢?? 一般成年人會有32隻, 但係我仲未有智慧牙生得出嚟, 所以我得28隻.. 唔係講笑, 我一把年紀竟然冇智慧牙, 難道代表我冇智慧?? 不過見好多人畀智慧牙搞到痛不欲生, 其實冇都唔係唔好嘅, 啱唔啱??

have you counted how many teeth you have?? common adults should have 32, but since none of my wisdom teeth has emerged yet, i only have 28.. this is no joke i still don't have a wisdom tooth yet at this age, does that mean i am dumb?? well, i've heard too many bad experiences with wisdom teeth from friends, i'd rather to have none to save all the sufferings, don't you think so??

我諗好多見過我或我張相嘅朋友, 都會覺得有啲怪, 好似爭咁啲嘢咁.. 係唔係眼眉嘅問題呢?? 點解?? 冇得解, 我一生出嚟眼眉就係咁疏架喇, 冇辦法喎.. 眉疏好似對男人唔好吖呵?? 不如我試下植眉, 睇下可唔可以幫自己增加好運?? :p

i think many of you feel strange when you see me or my photo, because there seems to be something missing right?? yeah, my eyebrow that is.. nope, i can't explain what happened, i did not do anything but i was just born like that with very loose eyebrows.. doesn't look nice on a guy right?? maybe i should consider eyebrow implant and hope that will give me better fortune?? :p

19.12.2010 | 按摩傳奇

最近見到好多按摩街招, 個個都手法新穎, 簡直令人佩服.. 我個人認為, 如果你用好正直嘅觀念去睇, 肯定一頭霧水.. 但係如果你用邪念去睇, 我覺得應該能夠理解多少箇中奧妙.. 果然係好有趣嘅綽頭呀, 哈哈!! [先此聲明: 本人絕對冇做過呢啲按摩!!]

saw quite some massage service "advertisements" recently, and all are rather creative indeed.. i personally think that, if you see them using honest thoughts then you might most probably be confused.. but if you see them using kinky thoughts then i guess you'd easily read what's between the lines.. don't you think they are interesting?? haha!! [disclaimer: i didn't try any of those massage!!]

歡樂按摩.. 應該係最保守嘅促銷手法, 可以過目即忘..
happy massage.. i guess this should be the most conservative of all, seen and immediately forgotten..
芝士按摩?? 呢個我其實唔係好明, 有冇人可以幫手解釋下咁呢??
cheese massage?? err, i can't really get this, anyone who can help to explain??
火山按摩??!! 嘩嘩嘩, 搞到火山爆發咁激??!! 哈哈!! @_@"
volcano massage??!! oh my, as thrilled as a volcano eruption??!! haha!! @_@"
曖昧指數: ★☆☆☆☆
kinky level: ★☆☆☆☆
曖昧指數: ★★★☆☆
kinky level: ★★★☆☆
曖昧指數: ★★★★★
kinky level: ★★★★★

16.12.2010 | 歡迎嫁到

最近收到美國總公司快遞過嚟嘅禮盒, 係畀每位新同事嘅小小心意.. 入邊有一件T恤, 一個咖啡mug(為咗安全起見我當然已經擦走公司名同logo啦)同埋頂頭老細簡涵一封, 包裝都頗精緻架.. :)

received a box from our HQ in US recently, a welcome gift for all newhires.. a company t-shirt, a coffee mug (of course i've smudged off the company name and logo on the photo for security reason) and a short note from our CEO, all nicely packed inside a shoe box.. :)
後記: 其實有感轉工之後, 真係少咗好多上網時間, 因為咁樣就冇咩時間可以經常更新我呢個blog, 今日就算係簡短啲同大家分享啦..

p/s: i actually found out that after switching to this new job, i'm kind of deprived of time for surfing net, as such i can't really find enough time to update my blog more regularly.. anyway, just a short post to share with everyone today..

13.12.2010 | 相架與相

仲記唔記得以前收埋收埋一大堆相片嘅菲林年代?? 當時好多人每逢過年過節, 都好鐘意買埋啲相簿相架送禮畀人.. 老實講, 我就最唔鐘意收到呢啲禮物囉, 同樣地我都唔鐘意收到朱古力/曲奇/糖果之類嘅禮物(除非係特別名貴, 又或者當係小小手信), 所以閣下如果要送禮畀我, 留意下喇噃, 哈哈!! :D

話說回頭.. 記得多年前有某某男同學, 喺某某女同學生日嗰日送咗個相架畀佢.. 本應冇咩問題, 直至女同學暗地裡八畀大家知, 男同學竟然放咗自己張個人相喺相架入邊!! 未夠震撼?? 好, 再激爆啲!! 嗰張相哩, 原來係男同學自己影嘅赤裸上身沙龍藝術照!! 嘩, 簡直係"OH!"大嘴囉, 想點唧??

話時話, 閣下有冇試過將自己張相放入相架送畀人咁呢?? 又或者我更好奇嘅係, 假如閣下收到呢啲咁親熱嘅相, 會有咩反應呢??

still remember those days when we still use films and kept lots of physical photos?? well, that was the time when many people like to buy photo albums and frames as present.. BTW i hate receiving those as presents as much as i hate chocolates/cookies/candies (unless branded expensive and delicious, or just as little gifts or souvenirs), so please bear this in mind if you want to buy me a present, haha!! :D

back to photo frames.. i remember one particular classmates of mine, many years ago, bought another classmate a photo frame for her birthday.. nothing's wrong until she showed us what he's put in - a photo of himself!! and to shock you more, a topless photo of himself taken "rather" artistic-salon style.. OMG, we were like jaw-dropped and couldn't understand the rational behind..

have you ever put your own photo in a frame as present to others?? or rather i'm more curious to know, what will you do if you receive such an "intimate" photo as present?? :p

10.12.2010 | 掠水牙醫

我咁大個人, 應該係第一次牙痛!! 幾個月前開始有過敏症狀出現架喇, 但係自己又衰懶理, 結果噚晚終於發作喇, 搞到成晚冇覺好瞓, 真係慘絕人寰!! :(

一晚折騰之後, 今朝即刻打電話預約, 中午咋咋臨去睇牙醫.. 原來下頜右邊最後第二只臼齒有三個窿, 牙醫話補下就好.. 結果求其一補, 再畀包抗生素同止痛藥, 前後唔到半個鐘, 就咁承惠三百大元喇, 真係O大嘴一頸血囉當時, 唔好去搶?? 嘩, 原來牙醫咁好賺, 早知我都做牙醫好喎~~
i guess this is my very first time suffering from toothache.. actually already felt the symptoms of sensitive teeth couple of months back, but my bad, i just ignored it.. for goodness sake, it finally attacked me yesterday and made me sleepless for the whole night long!! :(

after a night of torture, i quickly make an appointment with the dentist and went over to the clinic during lunch time.. it was because of the three little holes on my bottom-right last-second molar tooth, and the dentist just said it'll be fine after filling them up.. so she did and prescribed me some antibiotic and painkiller, in just less than 30 minutes.. and holy j, i was charged RM300 for that (eye-popping and jaw-dropping)!! gosh, i didn't know dentist can make such easy money, else i think i'd want to be a dentist already~~

08.12.2010 | 廁所趣事

唔錯, 今日我的而且確係要寫廁所.. 不過放心, 絕對唔係啲核突嘢, 而係我經歷過同廁所有關嘅趣事啫.. 所以你可以好安心繼續睇落去而唔駛鬧我核突噃, 哈哈~~ :p

[趣事 1]
仲好記得我間小學嘅廁所, 因為又黑有污蹧, 所以我非常之抗拒, 可以嘅話請願忍都唔去架喇.. 其二, 以前上廁所一定要得到老師同意, 我又好細膽連問都唔敢問喎.. 所以哩, 一年班嘅時候試過有兩次, 實在係忍唔到, 竟然坐住喺課室裡邊賴屎!! 嘩, 你想像下當時週圍都係"溶漿", 老師措手不及個樣~~ 哈哈!! :D

[趣事 2]
上到中學當然冇再有類發生啦.. 不過假如你上緊課半途上廁所, 稍微耐啲, 實會畀同學(甚至某啲老師)笑你去屙屎.. 非常無聊囉, 不過為咗唔畀人笑到面黃, 我都儘量等到休息時間或者快快完事.. 仲有, 記得以前個清潔女工, 係個不折不扣嘅惡阿嬸, 最好就係避開佢, 千其唔好阻住佢或者整污蹧廁所呀, 如果唔係實畀佢鬧到你狗血淋頭冇鞋挽屐走, 好恐怖架~~ @_@

today i'm writing about toilets again, absolutely nothing disgusting but funny stories i encountered.. so you can read on without having to curse me, hehe~~ :p

i still remember how reluctant i was to use the toilet in my primary school.. it was so dark and filthy that most of the time i choose to skip until i reach home.. secondly, i was quite intimidated to even ask for teacher's permission to go to toilet, as such, there were two times during my first year that i couldn't hold on anymore and straight away "lao sai" on my seat in the classroom!! oh, imagine "chocolate lava" everywhere in the class!! hahaha~~ :D

during high school of course it never happened again lah.. if we went toilet and return after a while, we'd be laughed at by the classmates (or even some naughty teacher) for shitting so long.. that's quite a nonsense but in order not to be laughed at, i always tried to be fast and do it only during break.. also i remember the cleaner was a very stern old lady, try to avoid her or else if you blocked her way or did something wrong (in her opinion), you would undoubtedly be scolded loud enough everyone hears and that's really no joke.. @_@

05.12.2010 | 河內足跡

新工作第二個星期, 去咗一趟河內.. 上一篇都有提到我係第一次去越南, 不過因為工作關係, 三日兩夜其實都冇機會四週圍睇吓.. 下邊啲相都係臨走前一個早上, 喺酒店附近匆匆影低嘅, 至少叫做有見識到啩?? 哈哈..

in my second week of the new job, i went to hanoi for a business trip.. as mentioned in the previous post, this was my first time to vietnam.. but because this is a working trip, i really did not have a chance to go around the place.. the photos below were taken hastily around the hotel on the morning before i left, at least i've seen a little of the city?? haha..

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呢個trip有幾個第一次: 第一次去越南, 新工作第一次出國, 新護照第一次蓋印..
there are a few first-times for this trip: first time to vietnam, first business trip for the new company, first two stamps on the new passport..

02.12.2010 | 雜談三則

當你睇緊呢篇scheduled post嘅時候, 我已身在河內.. 呢次係新公司第一次出國公干, 我未去過越南, 所以心情都有啲興奮嘅.. 仲有, 我而家其實係個百萬富翁噃!! 因為身上有百萬越南盾, 哈哈!! 感覺如何?? 你自己去越南感受下啦~~ :D

by the time you read this scheduled post, i'm already in Hanoi.. this is my first business trip with the new company, kind of excited as i've not been to Vietnam before.. pssst, i am now a millionaire i tell you.. because i'm carrying a million Vietnam Dong with me, hehe.. how does that feel being a million-"dong"-aire?? hmmm, just book your trip and then feel it yourself!! haha~~ :D

早幾日喺某個商場撞到位舊客戶.. 仲記得同佢共事嘅時候, 係我巔峰肥時期, 係之後先瘦咗啲落嚟.. 佢好遠見到我就一眼認得出係我, 言談之間佢完全對我個身形冇任何評語.. 難道我而家真係肥到好似舊陣時咁?? 嘩, 真係冇陰公喇~~ :(

bumped into an ex-customer couple of days ago.. i still remember the time when i worked with her, it was during my peak fat period, i only started to slim down a little after that.. she saw me from far away and just recognised me immediately, as we talked she didn't comment anything on my appearance.. haiz, guess i've just gone back to as fat as that time?? sigh, that's so disgraceful~~ :(

之前同大家講過我公司個座位, 原來哩, 背對住窗口係唔好架喎, 風水學上話咁樣代表背後冇靠山, 冇貴人扶持喎.. 所以星期一返工, 第一件事就係將窗帘拉落嚟, 希望可以助我實業一帆風順啦.. 唔係迷信風水, 但係咁做都冇壞嘅~~ :p

updates from previous post on my seat in the office.. found out that a window behind you is actually not good, as in fengshui term this symbolises that there is no one you can rely on and no one to render help.. so very first thing i did Monday morning was to draw the window shades down to minimise the impact, hope this gives me good luck?? i'm not superstitious, but no harm doing this right?? :p