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22.11.2009 | 議論紛紛

網上睇到英國BBC Radio 4越洋嚟到馬來西亞, 探討族群課題嘅兩個專訪.. 我覺得呢個課題雖然係個甚俱爭議性嘅話題, 不過身為[一個馬來西亞]公民嘅我哋一定要認真睇一睇..

the following two clips are found from internet, on British BBC Radio 4's exploring the race relations in Malaysia.. i think this is rather a highly controversial issue, but being [1-Malaysia] citizens we really ought to seriously take a look..

"... 我哋馬來人應該得到呢啲特權, 因為馬來人係呢片土地上土生土長嘅族群.. 基本上我哋享有特權係因為我哋畀咗其他非馬來人(華裔同印裔)國家公民, 所以佢哋得到公民嘅回報, 就係馬來人可以享有教育, 獎勵, 貸款同買土地擁有上嘅特權"

[backward conservative]
"... the Malay should have the special rights, because basically the Malays are the son of the soil of this country.. and basically we are given this type of rights because we have given up the citizenships to the non-Malays, the Chinese and the Indian, and for that in exchange, we get the privilege of such as education, scholars, loan from the bank and some land for the Malay reserve"

"... 特權唔應該同族群背景有任何關係.. 我最近學識閱讀可蘭經同埋先知嘅生活守則.. 我而家認為族群唔應該係規劃人民嘅一個課題, 老實講, 如果要以族群背景去看待一個人, 我覺得係非常之唔公平嘅一件事, 就係咁簡單"

[forward thinking]
"... privileges should not be based on your ethnicity.. i've just learned to read the Quran and the practices of the Prophet.. now i believe that race should not be an issue from one man to another, it's unfair honestly a person to be based on their racial background, as simple as that"


  1. malay is not a son of this land. they originally from Batam, Riau, or Java....

    the originally son of malaysia is native, the group which is isolated long long time ago..

    i guess that guy didnt know well where is his ancestor came from... quite pity, thou... and stupid thinking... if wanna give priority to malay, how about the real native? no people give a powerful right to those real native, even concern...

  2. 尊重每個人的發言 因為這是個言論自由的年代

    號稱代表我們的政党 只為了個人利益而內亂不停 淪為少數民族的我們 只能無語望天
    悲乎 哀哉

  3. quite obviously that the lady has obtained some western education. "race should not be an issue... unfair to base a person based on their racial background" very enlightening.

    pity the guy tho... they're the ones who cause so much problems and blamed the others for the problems they caused.

  4. Will 1Malsysia be successful in this lovely land... i think most of you got the answer...

    Why our lovely PM still huha about 1Malaysia which his own race not even support it... what a big jokes... hahahaha....:p

    1Malaysia with Malay rights ... this is call 1Malaysia... i think 3 yrs old kids, cats and dogs will laugh. :p

  5. lol well... i think it's impossible for now but 50yrs later... 1malaysia would be realised.... just pity it cant be fully implemented right now ><

  6. Youtube2 ~ kudos to the gal. She certainly has got a more mature mind than the blardy politicians.

  7. what a joke it is when an individual insists on being a superior race due to ethnicity and whatever reasons he choses to give valid or invalid ..

  8. If you know what students have been taught in national schools, you will understand why there are people with backward conservative thinking. It all starts young.

  9. 唔係乜新鮮嘢。。。

  10. 上樑不正下樑歪 "shàng liáng bù zhèng xià liáng wāi". [When the top beam of the house is not straight the lower beam 'senget' is not in proper alignment]. {I got the 'liang' wrong lucky my cikgu is around}. So have been reading the Quran? No Potong..ah. ക

  11. 鸵鸟思想乌鸦嘴, 何时了...

  12. we already talked abt the unfairness between races since our study time when most of us didnt got to enter the local U even though we score 3A in stpm~ so unfair...

    Now?!? we're even lazy to bother abt it~ let them boleh by themselves

  13. I have read about this too earlier on. Yeah...we should have been treated equally instead of being sidelined for this and that... :(

  14. get the privilege for eduction, scholars....!!!! without this kinda of privilege, malay still able to survival?? if yes, did those privilege still such a very big issues to them??? of cz, if no, should be shameful on this!!!

  15. SK,有啲嘢我同你大家心照好嘞,呢个话题即使100年后都会有人继续攞出嚟讲。能改变佢哋一般观念嘅,就要靠佢哋思想比较开明嘅下一代嘞!至于我哋,唯有靠自己争气,千祈咪俾人哋睇死!!

  16. 简直就系人头猪脑, 读屎片. 有本事就公平竞争..

  17. People should stop arguing who was here first. Work together regardless of race, colour and creed and not against each other.

  18. 口头上的言语~

  19. A documentary from NatGeo indicates that we (black, white, yellow, red, etc) all originate from one source, one race in Africa. Over time and the environment, skin colours and other attributes change so that we can adapt to the local environment.

    It is obvious that Malaysia is not ready to be First World with people still having a Third World mentality like that.

    Thanks for sharing the videos, SK. No wonder our country is perceived as having a human rights problem.

  20. oh my god!!! racist!!!
    such a shame, poor guy!!!
    i agree, 读屎片!!!晒米饭养到他那么大 :S

  21. 他们以为自己是土著,就好象我以为自己是梁咏琪般! 自己中意讲乜就讲乜。

  22. Instead of making a bi uff who owns the land and who was here first... they should realize it that the world has change and it is no longer just about them. They should all work hand in hand together to make things better so everyone regardless of race or religion or ethnic will live happier.

  23. Very sad very sad....i am speechless to hear such words come out from an university student leader??!! Oh dear....

    那女子说的才是人话! But obviously, from her English, I think she has been educated in the west. It makes me more sad that our universities produce students like the guy...from the education of a country can predict the growth and future of a country, and I see little hope in ours....

  24. he gave up citizenship??? i am not saying that i speak good english...but come on, it is a disgrace AHHAHAHHAHAAH.....and he is...what? youth leader? and we can roughly guess where we are heading in 2020...

    as for the lady, what's her points anyway? she speaks well, but nampak kosong jee...or probably she didnt have much time to elaborate?

  25. 呢個現實社會係冇公平嘅。醒醒盡快清醒

  26. Controversial eh? But I think as long as the Malays have the mentality that they should have special privileges because it's their right, then 1Malaysia will never be successful.

  27. 現在才知道有這樣的採訪呢~


  28. my Malay colleague says that ofcoz them Malay deserve privilage, because they own this land. So, if other races aka Chinese aka me is not happy with the rules..
    butt out from this country and get lost to China wor..

    what do you think about this?

  29. The Malays maybe arrive here later than Indians and Chinese, I heard that there are some sites that proves early settlements of Indian and Chinese in Malaysia. But was kept secret by the Mal Gov. And even Hang Tuah and friends are chinese Muslims.

    Well, for I personaly think God owns the land and we are just the guardians of the land, just the the Native American Indians. They did not contest with the Whites when they went to North America to steal the Red Indian lands.

  30. ps: dun mind my comments....including this one AHAAHHAHA....just being 38 =p

  31. What the crap is that Malay guy speaking about? Giving up citizenships to non Malays? What's that?

  32. Aiyo! With this kind of attitude and thinking, how will 1Malaysia succeed?

  33. Does it matter who got here first? Why look into the past? Work on the now!

  34. I don't think any race should be superior to the other. We should all be equals. To be otherwise is to be a racist.

  35. Now even the Quran support the view that race should not be an issue (as stated by the girl). Are Malaysians willing to accept this or do we still want to deny and continue bickering over special rights? When are we going to move forward?

  36. Hmmm...1Malaysia wor...??!!

  37. Wois:
    yes!! the true son of soil of this land is the orang asli, the aborigins!! i was totally upset to hear what that guy has said, it's really very backward thinking of him.. and i'm "impress" with your thoughts too, haha :)

    我是絕對尊重他和她的發言, 你看我也沒有下甚麼其他的評論.. 問題是在於我們怎樣去看待所說的, 尊重言論並不代表認同言論, 是兩回事.. 漸漸成為少數民族是可怕的, 所以你應該生多一點!! xD

    yes very obvious she has been given education somewhere in a western country.. and now i am wondering perhaps the funds that put her there is something you would think controversial too.. right?? anyway, glad to know at least those money is not wasted :)

  38. TZ:
    i think it's something like Vision 2020 which is merely so "slogan" for the political policy for the current PM.. well, it might have heat impact in the initial stage, but being Malaysians you know we are always very forgetful about the aims and goals of the country.. maybe next year, nobody will ever remember this 1-Malaysia thing..

    well, we will never know, but to me this is just something very temporary, it's like evanescence which will not last long, but dies off fairly quickly..

    yes of course we go thumbs up for that girl, obviously she is educated in some western country, and thinks more forwardly..

  39. Bengbeng:
    it is a SAD JOKE i would say, not to mention race but even none should feel him/herself more superior than any other individuals.. everyone lives in this earth are just equal in general - though with different aspect of strength and weakness..

    well i didn't know, perhaps i've never been brought up from a single-racial studies.. but i guess i know where's your point is.. there are still extremists around..

    雖然唔係新鮮嘢, 但係每次聽到咁樣嘅嘢, 都一定會扯火囉..

  40. Bananaz:
    haha, thot you don't know Chinese?? where did you copy & paste this from?? :p or you've bought yourself a little book to teach you on Chinese proverbs??

    我覺得是沒完沒了囉, 很悲痛啊..

    it's actually now their turn to seriously think about this unfairness.. i've seen articles in a chinese newspaper on how lucky some Malays felt for being sent for Chinese education - i wonder if these articles were also being published in other newspaper..

  41. Tekkaus:
    yes, after the country being more than 50 years of age, we still do not see significant improvements.. they are really being over-protected - just like a bird can't soar high if being fed in a cage..

    that is why!! too much privileges and over-protected, and that makes them too dependent.. i really wonder what would happen if those privileges are retreated from them, can they survive??

    係就係心照不宣, 但係都唔可以話一直都屈在心內架.. 你講得啱, 路越係難行, 我哋就要越堅強, 唔畀人睇死之余, 都要威畀人睇囉.. 我覺得呢一點, 其實我哋一路都扮演住呢種角色囉..

  42. Chris:
    就係冇本事公平競爭, 所以先咁多籍口要求咁多特權囉.. 唉~~

    Mei Teng:
    absolutely agree, what is the point about who arrive on this land first?? it's already more than 50 years of independence, those who arrived hundreds of years ago were all DEAD!!! i really don't understand, if one is capable to survive under all environment they they don't really need any prerogatives, right??

    我們一路以來都是在這種環境中成長啊.. 真的是見怪不怪了..

  43. HappySurfer:
    yeah i heard that too, we all were from the same piece of land, just seperated and get evolved.. you are totally right!! we are really not ready to be first world with people still having third world mentality and thinking, or perhaps it's even worse than a third world thinking huh??

    yes, really upset to hear such statements from a tertiary educated person!! how can both of them be so extremely different??

    Chloe (蔻依):
    哈哈, 就好像我以為自己是吳彥祖那樣囉!! 不過我還會覺得不好意思, 他們大喇喇地講出來, 卻一點也沒有感覺到慚愧!! 至少從這一點就看出高低..

  44. ladyviral:
    yes, and the world is changing, there is really no point to keep standing firm on addressing oneself as the native of the land, where really they are just "comers" like us.. and with this stalemate, there is just no forward advance to see..

    it would be the frustration type of speechless i would say.. and now you see why our once very glorios "Vision 2020" has now gone missing under the sea.. everything happen for a reason, and the reason is something we all know so well..

    well, the weaker ones would not hope for equality - but privileges.. :p

  45. manglish:
    haha, yeah, you heard "gave up" right?? but i really don't think there's anything that they have really gave up, they only take and never give.. the lady speaks well, and she's only got one point - perhaps this is where she finds some contrary between what she has to say to the public and what she really has in mind??

    所以話, 適者生存呢個道理係永遠都咁著駛嘅..

    yes, it's a perspective and paradigm they really have to change.. without the breakthrough, i think we will still be marching on the same spot, no way to advance..

  46. summer:
    其實一路來都有, 只是沒有人會把他們公開吧?? 現在除了我們自己, 外國人更是大開眼界吧??

    i will not talk to this kind of narrow minded, backward thinking people.. they are just 食古不化!! the real people who owns the land are the orang asli, we are all pendatang!! get them to go back and have a good research on the history of their so-called boleh-land!! think before they talk loud..

    oh yes!! that is what i've heard too, and that's why the schools never teach about Hang Tuah and Friends anymore now.. be it Malay or Chinese, the real native that owns the land are the Orang Asli!! if they really want to count on race so dearly, then orang asli are not Malay and Malay are not orang asli.. it's that simple..

  47. manglish:
    errr, nope, i think you've got your point there.. every comments count!! :p

    i think he wanted to say "gave" instead of "gave up" but with the wrong English grammar.. yes, i never expect the 1-Malaysia concept will succeed, it's just a "slogan" to me actually, two more months down the road, this will be totally put behind our mind.. you are true, what's the point we look back into the past?? does it help to bring anything good to the future?? the world has changed, and we too have to change our mindset to get better and improved.. put simply, he is just a racist..

    you won't see this term being mentiond three months down the road lah.. no worries..

  48. SK, I love to learn Chinese proverb and idiom. Got a very good dictionary to assist me and a great Chinese teacher to guide me:

    mdbg dictionary


  49. 第一个睇到我真系想斗巴星巨啊!以为自己是祖先感伟大喔,到而家仲以为我地拿便宜啊?如果唐人返晒唐山,大马无了!

  50. 猪即系猪, 唔识长进..

  51. Bananaz:
    yeah, that's cool!! i remember we used to memorize all those classic Chinese idioms and proverbs, and they took 20% in the exams.. but guess i've given back most of them to my teacher :p

    哈哈, 係囉, 真係想兜巴兜巴咁星佢!! 你講得啱啊, 如果我哋全部走晒得返佢哋, 睇怕到時佢哋會喊住囈我哋返嚟囉.. :D

    豬淨係識得食飽瞓瞓飽食物, 而且係要人喂添架..

  52. a: 危险……丢进垃圾桶吧!

    b: 很好,希望内外合符……

  53. "impress"??? hahaha


    tak ada otak, memang tak ada otak. bodoh betui betui...

    要说original native,叫他先滚。不只羞耻地说自己的祖先是这块土地的主人。。。和colonialism没有什么分别

  54. -KeO-:
    a) 危險?? 幹嘛會危險??
    b) 我其實也有質疑到底是不是說一套做一套..

    哈哈, 是因為平時看你的blog都覺得你很emo很多愁善感, 這次竟然撩起了你把火, 罵得字字鏗鏘有力, 果然是讓我刮目相看囉.. 對啊, 我其實看了也很生氣, 我覺得現在還有人這樣的思想, 真的很要不得!! 看他樣子也受過教育, 但偏偏思想就是那麼守舊和偏極.. 唉, 好像和你在高原的那些"朋友"一樣的, 呵呵~~ :p

  55. wow with student leader like that, even if they open up UITM to other races, would it be SAFE for them to study there? and WHAT would they be studying? Racial polarization?

  56. blue:
    well, isn't it sad to hear such a student leader talking about racial issues like that?? hmmm, that is why other races do not like them - if they can have something like that, we can have that too..