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29.10.2010 | 我的新腦

其實我從來未擁有過一部屬於我自己嘅電腦, 咁耐以嚟都係用緊公司畀我嘅手提電腦.. 因為最近辭工嘅關係, 所以就覺得係時候要擁有一部真正屬於自己嘅電腦喇!!

本來就想話扮吓高級買部蘋果嘅, 不過左敲右度之後, 充咩唧?? 都係經濟實惠啲好, 於是扑錘買咗以下呢一部喇.. 都非常之無錯架其實, 仲有噃, 你知唔知買電腦係可以扣稅架噃, 哈哈~~ :p
i have not really have my very own laptop so far, all the while the ones that i've been using belongs to the company.. due to my recent resignation, i thought it's time for me to have a laptop that is of my genuine ownership..

my initial urge was to go a higher standard to own an apple, but after serious thoughts, well it's just for casual use, so it's rather wiser to get a more economical one, hence i finally decided to pick this one above.. very not bad at all indeed, and do you know, you can also get tax exemption from buying computers?? haha~~ :p

27.10.2010 | 五年走來

我喺01.12.2005加入咗而家呢間公司, 大大話話都有成五年咁耐喇.. 當中同過好多同事合作過, 大家好似一個大家庭, 正如大家見到啲相咁, 係一個非常之融洽嘅工作環境..
i joined this company on 01.12.2005 and it has come to almost five years now.. have been working with many colleagues and it's like working in a big family, just like the photos you are seeing now, the working environment is really a harmonious one..
當我仍然好enjoy呢份工作嘅時候, 我做咗個離開嘅決定, 因為人都係需要往唔同層面發展.. 今日27.10.2010係我喺呢間公司最後一日喇, 好感激同我共事嘅每一位, 多謝大家一路以來嘅合作同支持.. 祝每一位同事前途無量!! :)
while i really enjoy working here, i've decided to leave for a better prospect.. today 27.10.2010 is my last day with the company, and i am really thankful to everyone who has worked with me, thank you for all the cooperation and support.. wish everyone all the best in the future!! :)

25.10.2010 | 浮上水面

我從來都唔避忌談屎尿屁呢啲嘢, 而且仲會越講越興奮, 哈哈!! 所以如果你有所避忌, 請勿繼續睇落去喇..

話說前日食buffet狀態大勇導致便便太多嘅關係, 一次沖水竟然沖唔晒全部!! 我就諗, 企喺廁所入邊等水滿好似好戇居, 所以就丟啲廁紙落去以為可以瞞天過海一陣, 反正我間房就喺廁所隔離, 等多兩分鐘再入嚟沖過啦.. 當我以為全屋人都開開心心喺樓下睇緊電視嘅時候, 誓估唔到~~
i never avoid talking about poo pee and fart, instead will get even more excited when the topic gets to the point, haha!! hence if you think these are gross, please leave and do not continue to read on..

it was that day after buffet that i pooed a lot till i wasn't able to get everything down the drain with a single flush.. i thought standing there waiting for the tank to be filled up again is rather stupid, so i just dump some paper into the toilet to cover up the poo, thinking of returning to flush a second time two minutes later since my room is just next door.. while i thought the whole family was happily watching TV downstairs, to my unexpected shock..

22.10.2010 | 車立人憎

首先為大家解釋標題個車立係咩意思.. 其實[車立]應該睇作一個字, 讀作lip, 即係大家平時上樓落樓所搭嘅乘客昇降機咁解..

相信大家每日都會搭[車立]啦係嘛?? 以下呢幾種乘客係我覺得好鬼[車立]人憎嘅, 唔知大家可有同感??
  1. 大大件頂住個門口, 禮貌嗌佢讓路都仍然係企定定, 係咁意側個膊算數嘅朋友.. 唔該死開啦, 阻住條路~~
  2. [車立]內已經逼爆人毫無郁動空間, 係都要自己㩒字, 粗身粗勢整親人嘅朋友.. 唔該開下把口叫人幫手㩒啦, 呢種人情唔駛還喎~~
  3. 慢條斯理蓮步姍姍行入嚟等門閂嘅朋友.. 成[車立]人趕時間, 唔該你最後一個入嚟, 就順手㩒埋個閂門掣, 慳返大家3秒鐘時間啦~~

before i start, i'd like to explain what is meant by 車立 in the title.. it should actually be seen as one word [車立], pronounced as "lip" (mis-pronunciation of lift actually) which means elevator in cantonese..

i believe everyone of us take elevator to office or to home everyday.. among the different passengers, i found the following very annoying, do you also agree with me??
  1. those who block the door, even if you politely seek for excuse, still standing there like a steady rock without giving way (maybe just slightly move the shoulder to response).. oh please f**k off will you?? you're blocking the way~~
  2. those who insist pressing the button (not knowing they actually clumsily bump other passengers) even if the elevator is packed with no extra inch to move.. come on, just speak up and get someone to help you press the button, you don't have to repay for this~~
  3. those who take their own sweet time entering the elevator and then waiting for the door to close.. i mean, the whole lot of passengers (who are also in a rush to work) are waiting, can't you just do us good by pressing the "close" button to save everyone a 3-second time??

20.10.2010 | 燙衫精神

曾經聽好多精明家庭主婦話過, 平時燙衫點樣可以慳電慳時慳精力..
  • 如果你係有攝衫嘅話, 咁你可以唔駛燙件衫下半截
  • 如果你係習慣將衣袖捲起嘅話, 咁你可以唔駛燙衫袖
  • 如果你係會著住件褸嘅話, 咁你可以唔駛燙衫袖同背面

以上方法係就係幾精明, 但係我就覺得好搞笑囉.. 我雖然唔係咩專業人士, 但係由中學開始到而家都係自己燙衫囉.. 我覺得將件衫完完整整咁燙到直一直係理所應當喎, 燙啲唔燙啲感覺好怪囉.. 可能我屬於腳踏實地型, 又或者因為我係個完美主意者??
heard quite a number of ways you can actually save electricity, save effort and save time while ironing your clothes..
  • if you tuck-in your shirt, then you can leave the bottom half of your shirt not ironed
  • if you used to roll-up your sleeves, then you can leave both sleeves of your shirt not ironed
  • if you are wearing a coat, then you can leave boths sleeaves and the back of your shirt not ironed

the methods might seem very smart, but to me they are a bit funny.. though i'm not any professionals, i already started to do my own ironing since high school and still doing that till now.. i would think it's a "should" to completely iron your shirt, leaving parts not ironed somehow just doesn't seem right.. or maybe it's just because i'm a perfectionist??

18.10.2010 | 蔬菜與我

[壹] 幾日前同某位朋友MSN, 無端端傾到話去買菜.. 我就話一列菜擺晒出嚟, 除咗包菜椰菜西蘭花之外, 其他菜我肯定分唔清邊樣打邊樣.. 譬如話我要買芥蘭, 你畀棵菜心我, 我都會毫無疑問畀錢囉.. :p

[ONE] was chatting with a friend on MSN one day and we suddenly talked about buying vegetables.. i frankly told her, if there is a whole stretch of vegetables, other than cabbage and brocolli, i'd definitely not able to differentiate other vegetables.. for instance, if i wanted some kai lan and you gave me choy sum instead, i'll still pay happily without suspicion.. :p
[貳] 記得細個嘅時候我係至憎食菜嘅, 每次屋企炒親菜我都淨係挑食伴碟啲肉片或銀魚仔, 哈哈!! 但係中學以後, 我竟然可以咩菜都食得落肚, 連我自己都解釋唔到.. 可能真係人長大咗口味會變啦.. :)

[TWO] i remember i hate vegetables when i was a kid, whenever there're vege on the table, i'd definitely pick only the meat or anchovies that were cooked together to eat, haha!! but things changed after high school, i now eat all types of vege regardless, that i can't even explain.. or perhaps it's true that you tend to change a little while you're growing up?? :)

15.10.2010 | 鷸蚌相爭

自從麥當當推出超值午餐大受歡迎之後, 其他快餐連鎖店都不甘人後陸陸續續加入呢個行列, 甚至推出更加平嘅全日超值套餐.. 身為消費者嘅我哋就當然係鼓掌叫好, 坐享漁人之利啦..

呢種薄利多銷嘅手法, 經濟效益上嚟講, 一旦深入民心, 就冇得返轉頭架喇, 除非佢哋想生意即刻跌幾成囉.. 所以我覺得呢種促銷應該係無限期嘅, 大家可以儘管放心食, 除非佢哋聯手還擊啦, 哈哈~~
after McD became the pioneer in value lunch and gained overwhelming response, other fast food chains slowly join in the trend to offer value meals, even cheaper and all-day-long.. of course we being consumers will strongly welcome the competition, as we are apparently the ones who get the advantage..

i actually think this strategy to boost sales with cheaper price is a no-way-back, unless they are fine with immediate drop of sales.. hence, for econimical benefits, these would most probably be indefinite promotions and we can happily enjoy the cheaper price, unless they ally and fight us back, haha~~

13.10.2010 | 兒童套餐

唔知大家平時去快餐店, 會唔會買兒童套餐嚟食架呢?? 我就唔會囉, 除非係有特殊原因啦.. 就好似上星期去食KFC, 無意中見到有多啦A夢玩具, 喜出望外情況之下, 就咁買咗我生平中第一份KFC兒童套餐喇, 哈哈!! :D
i'm curious if you'll buy kids meal when you go to a fast food restaurant?? i never, unless there's a reason for me to do that.. last week in KFC i accidentally saw these Doraemon toys, was so excited that i then bought my first KFC Chicky Meal ever, haha!! :D

一共有四款玩具, 我同朋友每人買兩份, 所以輕而易舉咁一次過收集齊全部款式!! 哈哈.. 其實兒童套餐係成人套餐一半, 所以一人啃兩份實屬係正常呀.. 四個多啦A夢樂也融融, 睇下佢哋幾開心~~ :p
there are 4 designs in total, another fried and i each bought two meals, and easily collect all 4 toys!! haha, actually kids meal is just half a portion of the adult meal, so having two kids meal is absolutely normal lah.. look at the 4 Doraemon, see how happy they are~~ :p

2010年第100篇貼.. 100th post for year 2010..

10.10.2010 | 一零故事

今日係10.10.10, 一個日期好特殊嘅普通日子, 因為每一百年先有咁嘅一日咋.. 如無意外, 今日會有好多人結婚, 貪呢日易記而且三個10又可以代表樣樣嘢10全10美吖嘛.. 唔知大家今日又有冇咩特別值得紀念嘅事呢??

it's 10.10.10 today, a normal sunday with a special date, as there it only appears once in a century.. as expected there will be a lot of couples getting marrid today, since the date is easy to remember and three 10's means everything's perfect 10.. so is there anything special that you have today that's worth commemorate??

令人百般期待嘅城中最新商場, 我噚晚終於有幸一遊喇!! 外表就非常吸引喇, 但我只逗留短短10分鐘, 因為裡面都尚係好吉.. 其實問題在於八成以上都係店舖仔, 我覺得係繼成功廣場之後, 另一個升級版金河咋囉.. 老實講, 係10.10級嘅失望呀~~

last night i finally have the chance to go to the much anticipated newest shopping mall in town.. the outer design is very nice, but i just spent like 10 minutes inside as it's still very empty.. actually the problem i found is that more than 80% are little shops, which i just think it's another upgraded Sg Wang after Berjaya Timesquare.. frankly it's 10.10 grade of disappointment~~

講到商場, 其實有感自己唔再有以前嗰一種購物嘅心態喇.. 以前係逢減價必定行動, 懶高尚揀牌子, 洗錢唔眨眼.. 而家就係要物有所值, 而且仲會格價後先決定買唔買.. 與其揮霍, 不如見到戶口啲錢不斷增長, 睇住月結單陰陰嘴笑, 我覺得個滿足感大10倍囉.. :D

talk about malls, i actually feel i've lost the kind of shopping attitude i used to have last time.. it was compulsory action for every sales, choosy on brands, numb towards spending money.. but it is now about comparing prices and never will buy if things are not worth the price.. instead of spending, i think seeing the account balance growing and able to grin when looking at the statement actually gives 10 times more satisfaction right?? :D

07.10.2010 | 閱讀因由

唔揸車嘅朋友, 你哋平時搭巴士/搭的士/搭火車嘅時候, 通常會點樣打發時間呢?? 我最近就係趁搭輕鐵返工放工嘅時候, 爭取時間睇書喇..

其實哩, 我唔係真係咁鐘意閱讀咋.. 學生時代, 為免夜長夢多, 通常都會話「我的嗜好」係琴棋書畫其中一項.. 點解?? 因為如果唔係嘅話, 實畀老師質問, 係屬於身不由己.. 而家點解又會閱讀呢?? 係因為買咗一大堆書擺埋一邊唔睇, 感覺好折墮.. 但係點解又要買一大堆書呢?? 講到底, 咪就係因為可以扣稅囉(呵呵!!), 係屬於逼不得已..
if you don't drive, what do you normally do to kill the time while commuting?? recently i have been filling up the time reading books while commuting to and from work..

but in fact, i don't really think reading is my cup of tea.. when i was a student, i'd claim that my hobby is one of the standard "instruments/ chess/ books/ drawings".. why?? because most teachers will question and challenge you if it doesn't fall into any of the categories, this is called inevitable.. so why do i read now?? it's because i don't feel good leaving the books i bought aside without reading them.. and why do i buy books then?? to the root cause, it's because we can get tax rebate from buying books (haha!!), and this is called unavoidable..

04.10.2010 | 電話語障

今時今日應該都冇乜邊個係冇手機架喇, 諗返起以前連電話都冇嘅日子, 每次都要同對面屋借電話, 又或者要專登踩單車去街口個電話亭, 畀著而家都真係唔知點樣生存??

但係呢, 我又唔係個鐘意打電話搵人傾偈嘅人噃.. 可能真係唔擅長講嘢啦, 我平時喺個blog度可以長篇大論, 或者MSN我可以一輪咀打成段嘢飛過去.. 但係一講到電話, 我就好似個泄了氣嘅氣球, 顯得有心無力, 所以咪畀人話我冇咩誠意要傾落去咁囉.. 其實唔係架, 你熟悉我就覺得唔係架喇..

不過講開又講, 與其喺電話度傾得咁辛苦, 不如約出嚟見個面, 把膝長談咪仲更加之好?? :p
i guess nowadays there is rarely anyone who doesn't own a handphone.. i still remember back in my kids time when we don't even have a phone at home, we will always need to borrow from the neighbours, or even purposely cycle to the street for the public phone.. i wonder if we can survive like that nowadays??

but then, i'm really not someone who likes to chit-chat over the phone.. maybe it's because i'm not good in that, i can type long story in my blog or even send one long paragraph to you in MSN, but when it comes to talking over the phone, i'm like a balloon loosing its air.. most of the time i go short and sweet, and hence gives the other end an impression that i'm not interested to talk any longer.. actually no, it's really not the case, if you know me well enough then you'd know it's not the case..

by the way, i always wonder since it's such a hassle talking over the phone, why not just meet up to have a good catch-up over a cup or tea?? :p