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31.03.2011 | 我恨小強

唔記得我之前有冇寫過我係極之憎恨曱甴, 係恨之入骨嗰一種, 係見一隻就想殺一隻嗰一種.. 阿彌陀佛, 恕我心懷殺牲之念..

其實事出必有因, 仍然清晰記得廿年前, 瞓瞓下覺突然覺得耳朵入邊有隻嘢.. 可能係爬咗入去又爬唔返出嚟, 所以喺我耳朵入邊恐慌亂捐, 搞到我痛不欲生.. 最後把心一橫滴啲驅風油入去, 終於焗暈咗佢.. 嗱嗱聲將佢挖出嚟, 天啊, 原來係隻拇指咁大隻嘅曱!!甴!! 你話啦, 我有咩理由唔憎恨曱甴先得架??
can't remember if i have blogged about how much i hate cockroaches, hate to the level that i wish to kill each and every cockroach that i see.. amitabha, forgive me for having this cruel thought of killing..

it all came with a reason, i still vividly remember about 20 years ago, i was awaken from sleep by something crawling inside my ear.. perhaps that something cannot come out after crawling in, hence it was crawling randomly in fear INSIDE my ear which made me feel so painful.. after much courage, i dropped some oilment into my ear and finally able to faint it.. i quickly dig it out and holy jesus, it was a COCKROACH as big as my thumb!! YUCKS!! so tell me, is this a valid reason why i hate them so much??

28.03.2011 | 薯仔先生

上兩個星期不停咁喪質咗好多「薯仔先生」落肚.. 梗係唔係增肥啦, 減肥都未成功學咩人增肥先?? 其實咪就係為咗貪小便宜希望有機會贏取iPad或iPhone或現金一千蚊囉..

本來都對呢啲比賽冇咩興趣架喇, 某日見家樂富做緊跳樓特價, 買兩包只需三蚊咋.. 食下食下又上咗癮咁, 就咁(唔小心)的起咗心肝, 一不做二不休, 誓要贏個獎返嚟!! 所以咪密密食薯片囉.. 請大家幫我祈禱祝我好運, 就畀我中部iPhone啦, 空媽哩媽哩空~~ :)
have been stuffing myself with Mr Potato chips for the past two weeks, why?? definitely not that i wanted to gain weight, i've never been able to loose any weight so it can never be gain weight right?? it's actually because i'm buying my luck to be able to win either an iPhone or iPad or RM1000 cash..

initially i wasn't interested in the contest at all, but one day i saw the "buy 2 for RM3" promotion in carrefour, bought two packets and since then got a bit addicted.. out of a sudden i was very *accidentally* determined that i do it once for all and i want to win something from this, hence all the potato chips stuffing.. please everyone, wish me best of luck that i can win an iPhone for myself, hom mali mali hom~~ :)

25.03.2011 | 街頭睡衣

上星期寫咗篇關於睡衣嘅post, 雖然我冇明顯將睡衣同「屋企衫」分開, 之不過我係絕對兼且非常否定將屋企衫當出街衫嚟著嘅!!

我平時不至於身光頸靚要谷衡晒行頭, 但係講到出街點都會執得企理啲啦.. 絕對冇可能著住套睡衣一副「我就嚟要瞓覺look」就咁出街架噃.. 有幸見到以下幾位前衛睡衣擁躉(尤其中間位女士睡衣配皮鞋仲行得颯颯有風), 我真心要擊掌佩服佢哋囉~~ @_@
wrote a post about pyjamas last week, though i don't draw a clear line between pyjamas and "house clothes", i am very particular about what i wear at home should never be what i wear out of the house!!

i don't require myself to dress up glamorously, but at least if i go out, i will make sure i am neat and tidy, and definitely not going to be in a i-am-going-to-bed-soon look with pyjamas on me.. it's really an "honour" to see the above pyjamas fans in the street (especially the lady in the center wearing leather shoes with pyjamas who walks so "attitudely"), i really want to give a big clap and salute to them~~ @_@

23.03.2011 | 辦公桌面

大家放眼望一望自己張台, 有冇擺咗好多私人物品喺度?? 還是企企理理得部電腦同埋幾份文件咁呢?? 其實由一個人張台可以睇得出兩個極端..
  • 越係多私人物品, 就表示呢個人已經喺公司做咗好耐, 對公司已經有一種歸屬感, 而且你會發覺佢張台係越來越唔夠用嘅..
  • 如果台面完全唔擺任何私人物品嘅, 一就係新同事, 一就係非常嚴肅嘅工作狂, 一就係可能隨時準備離開公司嘅同事..
聲明: 呢張台唔係我嘅, 不過呢位朋友應該都好鐘意份工噃.. :pnote: this desk is not mine, but this person must be very happy with his/her job :p
take a break and look at your own desk.. have you got a lot of personal stuffs scattered on it?? or is it only your computer and a few documents laying on the table?? from a person's desk, we can easily see two extremes..
  • if there are lots of personal stuffs, that means this must be someone working long enough in the company and felt the sense of belonging, and most probably the desk space will be come lesser over time..
  • if there isn't a single piece of personal stuff, that might be a new colleague, or a very serious workaholic, or most probably someone who is thinking of leaving the company anytime..
wonder what is your view on the two points above??

21.03.2011 | 星座生肖

好多人都認為由星座或生肖可以了解一個人嘅性格, 每日運程可以預測當日將會發生嘅事.. 有幾準確呢其實?? 我個人就認為天下間幾百萬人同一個星座或生肖, 難道每個嘅性格都一樣, 每日都會遇著同樣事情發生咩??

每個人都係個別個體, 自然會有唔同性格同運程, 就咁用十二個星座或生肖嚟到囊括, 我覺得過於general.. 要了解一個人, 至少生辰八字或面相或掌紋會比較specific囉.. :)
many people believe that from the horoscope we can know the characteristic of a person, and the daily prediction can tell what will happen to a person that day.. how accurate can that be?? i personally thinks that there are millions of people with the same horoscope, it just can't be everyone shares the same characteristic and fate right??

everyone is a unique individual and hence never identical, merely using 12 horoscopes to include all is rather too general.. i would say to get to know a person, at least go down to the seconds when he or she was borned, or maybe by physiognomy and palm-reading which sound more specific to me.. :)

18.03.2011 | 清潔女工

男廁清潔工人可以係男人, 亦有好多時候係女人.. 通常廁所清潔進行中我都儘量避免用廁所, 尤其清潔工人係女人嘅時候..

但係如果無可避免情況之下, 我一定會棄用尿兜選用廁格囉.. 我覺得有個清潔女工喺度, 用尿兜其實個感覺好怪好唔自在.. 雖然個女工洗得男廁都預咗見到, 不過我覺得佢哋在場嘅時候, 唔用尿兜其實係避免雙方尷尬, 同埋係一種尊重女士嘅態度.. 各位男士, 唔知你又如何呢??
the cleaner for gents can either be a man, or most of the time a woman.. i always avoid using the toilet if it's in the process of being cleaned, or especially when the cleaner is a woman..

under some "urgent" situation that i need to use the toilet, i will surely not use urinals but cubicles.. i think with a female cleaner in the toilet, it really is awkward to use the urinals.. of course the female cleaner shall expect to see man urinating while cleaning the toilet, i always think that not using urinals while she's in there is to avoid embarrassment and also is some kind of respect to her profession.. so gentlemen, how do you usually act in such situation??

15.03.2011 | 睡衣標準

唔知大家平時瞓覺會唔會著衡晒成套睡衣呢?? 又或者至少換上「專門」用嚟瞓覺嘅一套衣服呢?? 我就冇喇, 喺屋企就係著住啲甩晒色, 穿晒窿, 橡筋鬆晒嗰一類「屋企衫」.. 就係一件爛tee加一條短波褲, 所謂最唔見得人但係又最鬼舒服嘅「睡衣」喇, 大家想像到吖嘛??

所以如果某日我參加睡衣派對, 唔好驚訝我一身爛tee短褲出現, 因為呢一套真係我嘅睡衣好唔好?? 呵呵~~ :D
i wonder if you are wearing a proper set of pyjamas to bed?? or at least you change a specific set of clothes just for sleeping?? for me definitely none, while at home i wear those really worn-out, color-faded, loose-band, so called "house clothes".. that's a piece of old tee and short pants, the most embarrassing yet most comfortable "pyjamas" for myself, errr, able to imagine that??

so if there is one day i'm attending a pyjamas party, don't be surprise that i just turn up with worn-out tee and short pants, because those are really my pyjamas ok?? hehehe~~ :D

13.03.2011 | 繽紛五年

不經不覺, 原來我呢個blog已經有五年喇.. 當年開始都係跟風, 曾經一度爭啲放棄架, 不過估唔到今日可以依然活躍.. 五年來1182篇貼, 我覺得應該未去到句點嘅.. 我要畀掌聲自己, 同埋支持我嘅讀者們, 係呀, 係你呀!! :)

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it feels like time's flying that my blog is already 5 today.. i still remember i started this blog just for fun and almost gave up some time ago, but never expect i'm still blogging quite actively now.. 1182 posts in 5 years, i guess it's still not coming to an end yet.. i'll like to give myself a big applause, and of course to all readers, and yes, that's you!! :)

bloggiversary reviews: 1[2006] 2[2007] 3[2008] 4[2009] 5[2010]

10.03.2011 | 大呼小叫

由輕鐵站行返屋企途中, 我多次見到某個後生仔, 對住同一間屋叫門, 仲係大大聲由地下嗌到二樓嗰隻[聲明: 唔係下面相中人].. 本來都唔關我事, 之不過今時今日每人都有一部手機啦係嘛?? 嗌得咁辛苦, 做咩唔打電話呢?? 我唔明囉..

畀著係我, 肯定唔叫門啦, 我就一定先打個電話:「喂, 我到喇, 你落嚟啦!!」.. 我覺得大聲叫門搞到隔離鄰舍(尤其係當朋友個名係周街人皆有嘅情況), 有啲尷尬囉, 唔知大家又點睇呢?? :p
many times when i walk home from the LRT station, i saw a young guy shouting for his friend from outside the house, and yes, from ground floor loudly to first floor [disclaimer: not the one in the photo above].. none of my business actually but i just wonder since almost everybody is carrying a handphone nowadays, isn't it more efficient to give a call rather than just shouting??

given that's me, i will definitely not shout but always make a call, "hey, i'm down here, get out!!".. i personally think it's a bit awkward and embarrassing when you shout for your friend and caught the neighbours' attention (especially when your friend's name is very common like tom dick harry).. do you think the same like i do?? :p

07.03.2011 | 師奶本色

無可否認, 有時候我覺得自己都幾師奶架.. 身材肥胖唔在講, 尤其貪小便宜呢家嘢, 我就覺得自己頗"稱職"囉, 哈哈!! 譬如話超市買嘢嘅時候..
  • 我有種偏向格價嘅喜好, 貴一角幾毫我都情願兜個大圈去第間買, 就係唔畀奸商賺..
  • 見到有贈品, 無論盞鬼/多餘或平庸/實用, 我對眼會即刻雪亮一閃, 好有可能係因為買贈品而買..
  • 見到產品比平時平嘅時候, 我往往會心大心細, 考慮究竟要入幾多貨, 可以慳幾多.. :D
i have to admit that, i sometimes do find myself quite "auntie".. not to mention being plump, but also being a little cheapskate on tiny benefits actually, haha!! especially when i'm doing grocery shopping..
  • i always have a tendency to compare prices, even if it's only little more expensive, i'd still prefer to go somewhere else to get the cheaper one..
  • whenever i see free gifts with purchase, i definitely will get eyes wide-opened.. be it nice/useless or useful/not-so-nice gifts, will most probably make me buy the products because of the freebies..
  • when i find things sold cheaper than mormal, i can always be undecisive on how many i want to stock up while calculating how much i can save.. :D