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2014.02.26 | 行快啲啦

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1865]
我記得曾經寫過我有時會好急躁, 可以因為冇人㩒摯閂𨋢門要等多一秒鐘而唔耐煩.. 同樣地某啲行得慢嘅人都會惹我討厭, 當然我知我不能就此抨擊人, 因為每個人都有自己與生俱來嘅步伐, 不過近日遇著幾宗事件, 我今日又不吐不快..
i remember i blogged about being impatient at times, even waiting for another second if no one pressed the close door button in a lift, i could get a bit irritated.. same to some people who walk slow, of course i know i can't condemn just like that as everyone has their own speed born with them, but some incidents people may get a little inconsiderate made me write this post for today..

2014.02.25 | 有屁就放

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1864]
我搭輕快鐵嘅時侯, 通常都唔會要坐, 除非車廂真係冇乜人, 因為... 所以車廂內有呢一處空間係我好喜歡攝入去嘅, 因為... 當我話我喜歡呢個位時, 我亦要懺悔有時做咗啲壞事.. 你實八卦想知咩事啦.. 試下想像, 坐喺呢個位旁邊嘅乘客, 佢個鼻就啱啱同我個籮同一水平缐.. 有時咁啱我腸胃內的乳酸益菌太過勤奮, 製造大量氣體我都束手無策.. 見到位乘客第一時間用手蓋往個鼻, 一副委屈非常的樣子似係想揪出原兇但又苦無對證, 我都深感內疚㗎.. 呵呵, 真係好對唔住, 我只可裝作若無其事, 查實我暗笑之余, 都真係由衷感到慚愧㗎!! 不過放屁又的確係我控制不了, 係好自然一件事嘛~~ :D
when i commute in LRT, i don't usually sit unless the train is really empty, because... so there is this spot i rather love to squeeze in because... while i admit i love this spot, i must confess i sometimes committed sin too!! and you are trying to gossip what.. imagine the person sitting next to this spot, his or her nose is probably at the same level as my "hump".. and so there are times that the bifido-bacteria (i consumed in my daily yoghurt diet) in my stomach perspire too much and i couldn't help.. i really felt guilty when i see the poor passenger covers his or her nose immediately, the innocent face trying to find out the source of the stinky smell yet has no proof to do anything!! haha, sorry but i just have to pretend nothing happened, though i may want to laugh i still feel guilty for doing so!! but one cannot control farting, it's something very natural right?? :D

2014.02.21 | 一日三餐

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1863]
如果我冇錯, 喺呢個部落格世界內, 應該係最多人寫關於食物嘅post啦.. 諗諗下, 我都有好長一段時間冇寫過我一日三餐食過咩喇, 今日就(假扮)做一日美食博客, 唔理好醜, 食咗咩就寫咩!! 呵呵, 就睇下我呢個food post有幾悶或幾吸引?? :p
if i am not wrong, i think in this blogsphere we have been entertained, the most written topic must be all about food.. come to think about it, it's been ages since i last blogged about what i ate in a day.. so let me (pretend to) be a foodie blogger for a day, fret not good food or bad food, once eaten and must blog about it!! haha, we shall see how boring or how interesting this food post of mine can be.. :p

2014.02.19 | 連鎖電郵

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1862]
相信大家都曾經收過無數嘅連鎖電郵... 有啲係無聊到, 睇咗開頭兩句就唔想再繼續, 隨手就將佢刪除.. 有啲就好有意思, 我會由頭到尾逐個字睇, 而且仲會要高調forward俾所有朋友(當然唔係個個都會應酬).. 不過有些時候, 我會覺得很掃興, 就係當我要㩒forward嘅當下, 見到一個咁美麗嘅訊息竟然以「請轉發給X個朋友, 你就可以...」或「若不轉發給X個朋友, 你就將會...」收尾!! 睇到都眼冤啦, 就算之前有諗過要轉發, 都即刻刪除咗佢啦.. 我個point好簡單, 有麝自然香, 好嘢唔怕冇人要, 唔好嘅就唔好怪冇人鍾意囉, 係唔係先??

繼續睇落去, 你會話我mean, 之不過..
i am sure we have received many chain mails before.. some are so lame that after reading just a sentence or two, i would straight away delete them.. some are nice and meaningful and inspiring that i read from head to toe, and i would do a mass-forward to friends (though i know some may not care).. but there are times that these mails turned me off when i am about to click the forward button, imagine such beautiful message being ended with things like "forward this to X people and you can..." and "if you do not forward this to X people you will..."!! if i ever read these, i will do nothing but delete the email even if i had the intention to forward it earlier.. my point is, if your work is good then fret not no one likes it, but if your work is lame then blame not no one cares about it, agree??

you'll find me mean if you read on, but then..

2014.02.17 | 我博風格

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1861]
我由2006年開始學人玩寫blog, 不經不覺就快滿8年.. 累積咁多年, 我覺得自己已經建立起自己嘅一套風格, 有人話透過一位博克經營佢自己個blog嘅風格, 可以睇到佢個性格.. 我依家就列出我自己所見到嘅所謂風格, 你又能夠從中了解到我嘅性格嗎?? :p
  • 我啲post個標題, 從來都係有一個日期帶頭, 跟住先係一個四字標題, 只有中文個長度係固定, 咁樣我個post archive先會見到個list整齊出現.. 仲有, 如果你有留意到, 每個post我都會有一個流水號碼噃!! :)
  • 每一個post我都儘量做到精簡, 最怕就係長篇大論, 相我都通常放一兩張就夠(如果需要放多張相, 我一定會用slideshow或click-through album).. 不過我一個post要寫兩種語言, 真係唔好以為我寫得短就唔駛嘥咁多精力呀, 哈哈!!
  • 近呢幾年, 我發覺自己甚少寫啲我每日做過啲乜嘢, 我每日食過啲乜嘢, 今日發生咗啲乜嘢事之類嘅post.. 可能我自己都覺得我嘅生活就係平反納悶到, 連我自己都唔想再悶親多一個人!! 囧~~ :p
  • 我每個月都會幫我個blog換上新裝, 即席新banner同presentation, 其實就好似月刊雜誌換新封面一樣.. 我覺得咁樣呢, 至少比起每次到訪都見到一樣嘅背景來得稍為有些少新鮮感啩?? :p
  • 仲有乜嘢係你發覺到而想要補充㗎呢?? :)
i started (to follow my friends to play with) blogging since 2006, and soon it is coming to a full eight years.. i think i have established my very own style of blogging throughout the years, and some said you can read a blogger's personality from the way he/she runs his/her blog.. how true?? let me list a few style i can see from my blog, wonder if you could see deeper into my personality from there?? :p
  • the title for each of my posts starts with a date before the 4-word title in chinese, only chinese gives fixed length and this way i can see them lined up neatly in my posts archive.. and yeah, i labelled my posts with a running number you realized??
  • i try to keep my posts short and sweet possible with minimum photos (slideshow or click-through album in use if i have a lot to share).. but i write in two languages, hence the effort may not be as minimum as you expect, haha!!
  • in recent years, i hardly write about what i do or what i eat in a day, or what has happened in a typical day of mine.. my life is probably too boring hence i hope not to bore more people, geez!! :p
  • i change the presentation and banner of my blog on a monthly basis, it's shooting a new cover for a monthly magazine.. i guess it's a little more exciting than seeing the same old layout all the time huh?? :p
  • any other things that you noticed and want to add on?? :)

2014.02.14 | 快樂叮噹

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1860]
多啦A夢攻陷吉隆坡, 大家梗係覺得奇怪, 點解咁喜歡佢嘅我遲遲都未有行動?? 一大盛事, 我又豈能錯過?? 其實係等個好時機啫, 十二月學校假期就當然唔駛諗啦, 一月假期連連當然儘量迴避.. 直到年初七嗰日, 學生要返學, 好多人都已經開工, 繼續放假嘅我終於都同幾位朋友去一齊面聖喇, 呵呵!! 因為之前有過一次不甚愉快嘅經歷, 所以呢一次唔係有好高期望, 因為期望放低, 所以最後才能盡興而歸!! 本人覺得呢一次俾RM25係值得嘅, 唔似得上次咁, 又貴/又多人/又冇嘢睇/又限時間, 呢一次完全自由, 都好多嘢睇呀.. 所以我哋足足喺入面逗留四個小時, 合共影咗成千張相, 呵呵!! 唯一要怨嘅係, 商品不甚吸引, 而且超級貴!! 不過一心去探多啦A夢, 同佢影相, 我已是個很開心的小朋友喇(估下我今年貴庚?? 哈哈!!).. 希望以下啲傻瓜相片, 能夠令到大家都開心啦, 祝各位元宵節快樂, 情人節快樂, 週末愉快!! :)
doraemon is in town, and you may wonder why i, the fans, have not visited him yet?? it's one big and important event of Doraemon, how would i have missed it right?? i was actually waiting for the right timing, it was school holidays in december so didn't even think about it, there were lots of holidays in january so better avoid.. until the 7th day of CNY, students gone back to school and many has started working, while i was still on holiday i finally went there to "worship" the cat with a few friends, hehe!! because of that quite disappointing experience i had before, i didn't want to have too high an expectation this time, and maybe because of the lower expectation, it ended a very nice one!! i think the RM25 paid for was worth, unlike the last round which was more expensive/ more crowded/ less things to see/ time limited, this time we were free to roam within the venue, and there were more things to see.. hence we stayed in there for 4 hours, and collectively took almost 1000 photos, haha!! the only thing to complain was that the merchandise were not interesting enough yet very expensive!! anyway, i was there to pay Doraemon a visit, took photos with him and i was a happy kid (guess how old i am?? haha!!).. i hope the silly photos below will also make you feel happy, Merry Chap Goh Meh, Happy Valentines' Day and have a great weekend ahead!! :)
點擊圖片觀賞相片 | Click image to view photos

多啦A夢秘密道具展覽 @ KL

2014.02.12 | 新鞋創傷

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1859]
之前(因為農曆新年意思意思)買咗嘅嗰一對新鞋, 我都冇拎出嚟著, 反而係拎咗一對舊年喺東京買嘅「新」鞋嚟著.. 著慣咗一對鞋, 冇咩事我都唔會換對新鞋著, 因為每次著親新鞋, 就一定賴嘢!! 大家睇下, 我一著呢對新鞋, 行都冇幾步路, 兩隻腳就搞成咁喇!! 聽啲前輩講, 一對鞋如果擺喺檯上, 就一定會打腳, 不過去買鞋俾錢嘅時候, 一定係擺喺counter個檯啦, 避免不過喎.. 又聽人話, 新鞋未著之前, 咬一咬鞋頭, 再用拳頭揼一揼佢, 咁就唔會打腳.. 我都有照作, 不過完全冇效, 每次都係兩隻腳呢一個位磨到損晒, 仲會流血添!! 但係我知再著多幾日之後, 佢就會冇事, 所以忍住痛我都唔放棄, 唯有自己貼膠布繼續著住對鞋.. 嗯, 請問各位有咩好方法可以防止新鞋打腳呢?? 感激不盡呀~~ :)
i bought a pair of new shoes earlier for CNY but didn't wear it at all, instead i took out the other pair of "new" shoes i bought from Tokyo last year to wear during CNY.. getting used to a pair of shoes, i rarely want to change to a new pair of shoes, because whenever i wear new shoes, my legs are surely going to get hurt!! look at the photo above, i was wearing this pair of shoes the other day, and just after a few steps of walking, my legs ended up like this!! i heard the elderly said, if shoes are placed on tables, they are going to hurt our legs, but when we pay for the shoes, they are surely to be placed on the counter table, it's unavoidable.. i also heard, before wearing your new shoes, bite them on the front and then punch them with your fist, then they will become "good" and not hurt you.. i always do that, but doesn't seem to work at all, instead every time my legs hurt at these spots, the friction cuts and sometimes makes the wound bleed.. but i know i have to keep on wearing for few more days and the shoes will become "good", hence i have to take up the pain, put on plasters and continue wearing them.. hmmm, anyone with good and clever ways to prevent new shoes from hurting our legs?? appreciate that~~ :)

2014.02.10 | 豪開支票

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1858]
如果閣下尚未知曉, 由今年四月一日起, 每張支票將被徵收RM0.50手續費(連同印花稅一共RM0.65), 所以建議大家使用每項交易只徵收RM0.10嘅過帳服務.. 我一路來每個月都會開兩張支票支付信用卡賬單, 眼見仲有廿幾張未用過嘅支票, 肯定唔會喺截止前用得晒啦.. 所以與其白白浪費啲支票唔用, 我就好玩嘢, 每張卡我開三張支票付款, 哈哈!! 又因為新春期間, 所以銀碼上我都寫上大吉大利嘅數字, 取個好意頭嘛!! 我諗銀行嘅職員會好憎我囉, 因為同樣嘅嘢要重複做三次, 不過我都用咗三倍時間去入支票喎, 事關佢哋嘅入票機一張卡係預咗一張支票咁大把咋喎, 哈哈.. 四月前尚有兩輪付款要俾, 或者我應該再開多幾張, 一張卡俾夠佢四五張好唔好?? 咁喺我轉用線上過帳之前, 應該都可以將啲支票用得七七八八啦?? :p
if you are still unaware, starting 1st April this year, all cheques will be charged a processing fee of RM0.50 (total RM0.65 including stamp duty), hence it's recommended that we all use fund transfer instead which cost only RM0.10 per transaction.. all these while, i write two cheques to pay for my credit card bills every month, and considering i still have more than 20 pieces of cheques left, i am sure unable to finish using them by the deadline.. instead of having too many left unused and wasted, i am writing three cheques for each payment, haha!! and considering it's CNY season, i am writing the amount in auspicious figures, shyiok sendiri lah.. i think the processing staff will hate me, because they have to do three times the same work but then i also spent three times more effort to bank in the cheque, since your machine takes for granted only one cheque for each card, haha.. well, two more cycles to go before April, i guess maybe i shall rack up to 4 or 5 cheques for each payment?? then i shall nicely finish using all my pieces of cheques before i switch to fund transfer.. :p

2014.02.07 | 再度重遇

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1857]
大家放完年假返咗工未?? 年卅晚除夕, 稍為清理下自己間房, 結果摷到呢幾樣連自己都已經唔記得有佢存在嘅嘢, 十幾廿年前嘅收藏品, 今日再度重遇.. 由左上角開始, 順時方向同大家分享一下..
  1. 1998年端午節, 朋友寄俾我嘅明信片.. 猶記得當時仲係興書信來往, 差不多每隔幾日就收到朋友嘅信, 回信嘅時間分分鐘多過上堂時間, 呵呵!! :D
  2. 1998年回歸之前, 由英國去咗幾個歐洲國家旅行, 當時未有通用歐羅, 所以去每個國家都要暢定不同貨幣.. 我就每個國家收一張, 唔知道16年後嘅今日, 昇值幾多呢?? :p
  3. 1996年影嘅證件相, 重複又重複咁用喺不同證件上.. 嘩, 個髮型吖, 係想鄭伊健定郭富城先?? 哇哈哈哈哈!!! 真係幾想刮自己一巴, 該煨~~ :D
  4. 1992年買嘅一餅音樂卡帶, 22年喇, 應該都算係古董啩?? 雖然我冇個cassette player去聽, 不過保存得很好, 睇落都仲好新淨喎.. 有冇收藏家要高價收購?? :p
are you back to work after your CNY holidays?? on the eve of CNY, i was spring-cleaning my room a little and found these things i don't even remember they ever existed, things i've kept since over 10 years ago, are now lost and found.. starting from top left and in a clockwise direction, let me share with you my "collection"..
  1. on dumpling festival in 1998, a friend sent me this postcard.. i still remember we were still commonly writing letters to correspond that time, almost every couple of days i would get a letter, and i guess the time i spent on replying was more than the time i went for lectures, haha!! :D
  2. before i came back home in 1998, i traveled to a few european countries from UK, there was no Euro yet that time so for every country that i went i have to exchange different currencies.. and i kept one piece from each, i wonder after 16 years, how much have they appreciated?? :p
  3. the photos i've taken in 1996 and kept using them repeatedly on different identity cards.. wow, my hairstyle back then, was it Ekin Cheng or Aaron Kwok wannabe?? muahahaha!!! really feel like slapping myself, OMG~~ :D
  4. a music cassette i bought way back in 1992, it's already 22 years old now and can be considered an antique?? though i do not have a casetter player now to play it, it is very well kept and still looks new.. any collectors to buy at good price?? :p

2014.02.05 | 一月金榜

[Volume 9 Issue 2, #1856]
恭喜發財!!! 甲午年第一篇post, 新年期間第一篇post, 二月第一篇post, 為大家帶來今年第一個留言金榜!! 嘩, 好多個第一, 好似好重大意義噃, 其實咪又係大家見慣見熟嘅爛鬼金榜一樣??!! 哈哈.. 好喇, 廢話少說, 大家細細研究一月金榜, 呢個月有個來勢洶洶嘅全新冠軍人馬, 好犀利呀~~ 恭喜所有榜上題名嘅朋友, 多謝各位嘅鼎力支持, 你們都是最好的!! :)
GONG XI FA CAI!!! the first post of the new lunar year, the first post during the chinese new year, the first post of february, i am bringing you the first comment charts for the year!! wow, so many first's and it sounded like so prominent, but actually it's just nothing more than that crappy little chart you have always been seeing!! haha.. okay let talk no more nonsense but examine the comment chart for january, we have a very bionic brand new champion who rocketed right up to top the chart, awesome~~ congratulations to all who made it to the chart, thank you for the support from everyone, you are all the best!! :)
一月份留言排行榜 Comment Chart for JANUARY
#(#)博客 Blogger留言
1(7)  LouizYee @ Breathe a little Slow down21110/1043.9
2(6)  Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING12910/1030.4
3(2)  Twilight Man @ TWILIGHT ZONE10210/1024.1
4(4)  Hayley @ Hayley and Herself5410/1019.5
5(3)  小影 @ As An Unrest Life12410/1016.9
6(10)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years5310/1013.5
7(5)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard3910/1012.7
8(9)wenn @ Experiences4110/1012.4
9(11)Somewhere in SG @ Somewhere in SG Blog2210/1011.6
10(12)reana claire @ Caring Is Not Only Sharing1110/1011.0
11(8)Yan @ Blog with Yan207/1010.3
12(14)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓1210/1010.0
13(15)Libby @ My Blog, My World, My Memories278/109.2
14(-)mNhL @ An On-line Diary to Share
★★ 最大躍進!! Biggest Leap!!
15(17)HappySurfer @ From where I am77/108.1
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