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30.12.2011 | 一年回顧

[#1279] 新年倒數兩日, 呢一篇亦都係今年最後一個post, 埋尾一貼就玩下一年回顧啦.. 今年寫post都算係有晒計劃, 每個月十個post中揀出其中一篇, 組成下邊嘅縮影.. 如果閣想了解多啲我嘅生活就可以由呢十二個post落手喇.. 將鼠標停喺個別月份圖片上, 可以睇到簡短描述, click入圖片就會連接相關原文喇.. 明年我會繼續為大家帶來更多有趣嘅post~~ :)

[#1279] it's another two days to the new year and this will be my very last post for the year, so let's do a review to close the year then.. i think blogging this year has been quite well planned, 10 posts for every month and i've selected one from each to form the collage below.. if you are interested to know more about my life, then these 12 posts will be good starting points.. simply rest your cursor on the photos to see simple description, or click on the photo to link to the respective original posts.. i will continue to bring more interesting posts to everyone next year~~ :)

27.12.2011 | 火雞聯想

[#1278] 話咁快又過咗聖誕, 大家繼續放假, 定係返緊工(等新年長假來臨)?? 噚晚嘅一餐烤雞, 係抄~~飽~~的, 食到我仲飽到依家!! 我唔係基督教徒, 所以就算有咩聖誕大餐, 呢世人都冇食超過三次火雞囉.. 係就係知道聖誕要吃火雞, 就算冇火雞都要食啲燒雞應下節, 呵呵!! 查實, 有冇人知道聖誕食火雞嘅來源同意義呢??

講到呢度, 今時今日過聖誕嘅真正意義又何存呢?? 好多人(尤其非基督教徒)都係多一日假期, 又或者唔理好醜湊下熱鬧+感染佳節氣氛+搞下派對+交換禮物+通宵狂歡.. 諗深一層, 其實應該係同你嘅至親至愛一同度過, 一同分享快樂喜悅, 係唔係?? 今年嘅聖誕, 你有冇做到呢?? :)
[#1278] can't believe christmas is already over, are you still in holiday or already back to work (but anticipating the new year holiday)?? the roast chicken meal i had last night was really a bloating bomb, i am still so stuffed up till now, it's so scary!! i am not a christian, therefore even if i am feasting on christmas, i don't think i have turkey for more than three times in my life.. yet i know it's a ritual to have turkey for christmas dinner, even if there's none, at least we have a roast chicken, haha!! but anyone cares to share the origin and reason behind why we are eating turkey on christmas??

having that said, how many of us (non christians especially) still know the actual purpose of christmas nowadays?? to many people it may just be another day of holiday, or perhaps join the crowd to feel the festive mood, go down to parties, exchange some presents and get wild whole night long.. but to think a little deeper, it should be a time we share the joy of happiness with our loved ones right?? so, have you done this during christmas this year?? :)

23.12.2011 | 聖誕快樂

[#1277] 大家好!! 相信大家都已經係非常之期待聖誕嘅來臨, 當然今日就已經冇心情要做嘢啦, 呵呵.. 坐喺電腦前百無聊賴, 又要喺老闆面前裝著唔得閑?? 就玩下呢個搵十處不同游戲啦, 哈哈..玩完就好好過個開心(又眼花繚亂)嘅聖誕喇, 在此祝各位聖誕快樂!! :)

[#1277] hello everyone!! i believe many people are already in the christmas mood and not really bother to work today, haha.. nothing much to do but still need to pretend busy in front of your boss?? come, let's play this find 10 differences game then, haha.. after this, you'll sure have a very happy (eye-sore) christmas holiday, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!! :)
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20.12.2011 | 現實理想

[#1276A] 早晨呀各位, 大家有沒有食早餐嘅習慣?? 又或者唔喜歡空肚子食早餐(引用黎先生金句)?? 早餐對我嚟講就越豐富越開心, 尤其是有腸有煙肉嘅一份西式早餐就正合我心意, 哈哈.. 下邊係09年我去倫敦探望友人時, 佢為我整嘅愛心早餐, 至今仍然懷念~~

[#1276A] do you have a habit of eating breakfast?? or you do not like to have breakfast with an empty stomach (quote from Mr Lai)?? to me, breakfast is the more luxury the merrier, especially those with sausages and bacon is definitely my plate of breakfast, haha.. the photo below is the breakfast a friend cooked for me when i visited her at London in 2009, i still miss this a lot~~
[#1276B] 不過現實歸現實, 有幾何我哋真係日日都可以食到咁樣一份早餐吖?? 平時大家趕死趕命趕返工趕返學, 稍為豐富啲都係一碗粉麵一包"辣死你媽"啦.. 不過發覺最近食太多呢啲早餐真係不多健康, 所以上個星期決意改變, 我要開始食返呢一個早餐!! 之前食開muesli加yoghurt, 不過實在太重皮喇, 所以唯有降而求其次啦.. 淡而無味, 不過又精彩萬分嘅麥皮早餐!! 加咗好多嘢(香蕉+杏仁+蔓越莓)囉你睇, 呵呵~~ :p

[#1276B] but back to reality, we don't really have the chance to savor such breakfast everyday right?? in normal days most of us are rushing to work and rushing to school, a breakfast little more luxury means nothing than a bowl of noodles or a packet of nasi lemak.. but i found out having too much of these recently is actually not very healthy, hence last week i decided to make a change, i want to go back to have my healthy breakfast i have not had for a long time!! used to have muesli and yoghurt but they are darn expensive now.. so now i'm downgraded to something bland but equally interesting, oat that is!! look, i've added lots of things (banana, almonds, cranberries) to go with it, hehe~~ :p

16.12.2011 | 天大笑話

[#1275] 唔知大家前日有冇留意到網路間一股風波呢?? 就係呢個KFC嘅免費漢堡包優惠.. 差唔多中午嘅時候, 喺面卜post咗呢張優惠固本, 仲講明有效至一個月後嘅一月十五號.. 結果幾個小時之後, 連坊間都來不及反應, 即刻再次喺面卜話因為反應過份熱烈, 所以宣佈無效!! 果然係本年度最大一宗笑話囉, 仲要臨年尾都俾佢做得到!! 好明顯係玩緊各位顧客者囉, 真係恭喜晒~~

大家覺唔覺得呢個宣傳真係好有問題?? 想做到空前絕后嘅市場效應?? 係就係, 不過係一面倒嘅負面效應囉!! 大佬, 邊有人咁樣做marketing架?? 免費一個月, 傻架?? 想撼低人哋麥當勞嘅買一送一手法, 你都要做好市場調查+分析+風險評估+範圍能力至得架, 唔係話要就要架噃.. 好啦, 家陣未到半日就縮沙, 冇咁大個頭就唔好戴咁大頂帽啦!! 係都要赤裸裸再次證明自己嘅無能, 真係冇眼睇~~

後記 ■ 到一月十五號都冇stock吖嘛?? 好, 我就到一月十五號都唔鬼幫襯你, 睇下點?? 嗯, 讀者們, 不如大家一起響應哩~~ :p
[#1275] wonder if you heard about the stir within the internet the day before, about the free burger from KFC?? just around noon time, they posted this voucher in facebook, stating that it is valid for a month till 15th January.. but few hours later, before we even have enough time to take action, they immediately posted another announcement to discontinue the promotion due to overwhelming response!! i was like WTF, this is no doubt the biggest joke of the year, and they made it just before the year ends!! obviously making fool of its customers, congratulations~~

don't you find this marketing very problematic?? are you trying to make epic marketing effect?? well, for sure you did, but only devastating negativity!! come on, how could there be a whole month long of freebies?? wanna beat McD's buy one free one strategy, but never even bother to do proper marketing survey + analysis + risk assessment + capacity planning, it's not go ahead what you wish!! ok good, now that you withdraw from the game, if you can't afford that then please don't do it!! again nakedly show everyone how incapable you are, really "no eye see"~~

P/S ■ so there's no stock till 15th January right?? ok, then i shall not patronize until 15th January and let's just see!! hmmm folks, why don't you support this deed also?? :p

14.12.2011 | 戰況分析

[#1274] 話咁快十二月已經過咗一半喇, 又或者我應該講2011年仲有半個月, 大家係唔係心境上放晒大假喇?? 點都好, 唔好忘記我哋2012年1月3日嘅SK0617年度博客大賞噃!! 究竟花落誰家, 今日嚟個年度戰況分析先.. 首先公佈由4月4日至12月12日期間累積最多留言讀者五強同最常留言讀者十強(請click按鈕查看), 不過結果尚未落實, 大家仲有半個月時間快馬加鞭架!! 可唔可以扭轉乾坤, 就睇你喇!! 加油~~ :)

[#1274] time really flies and half of december is already gone, or shall i say we still have half of december left?? are you all in the holiday mood already?? haha, anyway, just don't forget our date on 3rd janunary 2012 for the Annual SK0617 Bloggers Award 2011!! while looking forward to know who will be the yearly winners, let's have the statistics today announcing the top 5 readers with the most comments and the top 10 readers with the most frequent comments (please click the buttons to view) aggregate from 4th April till 12th December.. but this is still not final, you have half a month to catch up!! so it rather depends on yourself whether you can change the ending, all the best folks!! :)

12.12.2011 | 錢財管理

[#1273] 唔記得由幾時開始, 我有個習慣就係將每日嘅使用, 一分一毫清楚記低.. 應該係某次驚覺自己手上嘅銀紙好似離奇唔見幾張之後, 我仲懷疑有賊, 哈哈!! 原來真係自己大洗, 一張張銀紙用得快到連自己都唔察覺, 非常恐怖!! 其實養成呢個習慣之後, 雖然唔會幫我慳家好多, 而且好多次都超支, 不過至少(有時候)都會有啲警惕自己嘅作用..

尤其依家零收入負支出嘅我, 就更加應該適當管財, 所以搞到有時都覺得自己好慳妹, 呵呵!! 譬如話每個月一百蚊嘅交通月費, 我更加係用到盡, 開始十日度就可以翻本, 一個月可以用上二百五咁多囉!! 真係好抵~~ :D
[#1273] can't remember since when i have a habit to record all my daily expenses into a spreadsheet, precise to single sen level.. it should be the decision made after i realised the notes on hand seems to have missing by a few pieces mystically, till i thought they were stolen.. but the fact is that, many times we just didn't realise how much we have spent and how fast the notes are given away from our hands - yes, it's that scary!! though this good habit didn't help me to save a fortune, in fact there are many times that i've overspent, at least those numbers (sometimes) really kind of alert me..

especially when i have no income and all expenses now, i definitely need to be more financially managed, till i sometimes think myself being a little too miserly, haha!! for instance the RM100 transport pass i pay monthly, i make sure i make the most use of it, as a result i got my ROI like just after 10 days, and within a month i may use up to RM250 in value, haha!! isn't that just too worth to pay for?? :D

08.12.2011 | 兩下散手

[#1272] 發覺畢中學業之後嘅生涯, 一路以嚟都好多變數.. 曾經有諗過去讀建築, 不過後來跟大隊去咗讀電子工程, 畢業後唔係去做電子工程師反而去做IT人, 到依家輾轉又喺度讀緊工商管理, 哈哈!! 究竟係我適應能力強吖, 定還是我憂柔善變呢?? :D

喺IT界打滾十幾年, 由當時對programming一竅不通到而家都算有番兩下散手, 其實我好慶幸自己有呢一伎旁身.. 雖然我識嘅program算係咸豐年代不能同而家啲高尖科技比較, 不過呢點皮毛已經足夠為平時好多瑣碎事帶嚟方便.. 好似有時我鐘意喺個blog度同大家玩下新意思, 呢啲都係拜我有限公司嘅伎倆所賜咋.. 仲有個個月嘅留言統計, 都係自己寫個程式仔幫手計算架, 慳時慳力又準確.. 所以話, 有何樂而不為呢?? 我好知足嘅~~ :)
[#1272] i realised there are lots of changes in my life since high school.. at first it was a plan for me to pursue architecture, but ended up following the gang to do electronics engineering, later i joined an IT company instead of becoming an electronic engineer, and finally now i am doing my masters in business administration, hahaha!! is it because i'm flexible and adaptive, or is it just me that is so unstable?? :D

having myself immersed in the IT line for more than 10 years, from a perfect programming dumb to now being able to code something, i really appreciate this set of skills i gained over time.. though what i know is already old-fashioned and not comparable to the sophisticated technology nowadays, at least they are sufficient for some convenience in day-to-day life.. for instance, i always like to introduce new catchy features in my blog, and those are the results of scripting.. and for the monthly commenters chart, i wrote a little script myself to do all the calculation and statistics, save time and effort and accuracy guaranteed, so can't see why i'm not happy about it right?? :)

05.12.2011 | 觀點不同

[#1271] 最近讀者啲留言我都冇辦法逐一回覆, 其實唔係我一貫嘅作風.. 不過騰得出嚟嘅時間確係有限, 所以我選擇發新post比較實際.. 所以有啲讀者就話:「睇你經常有新post, 個blog個個月又有新look又統計讀者留言, 咁得閑嘅你??」.. 雖然我明白係無心之失, 不過對於呢句嘢, 我係頗有微言㗎..

大家係唔係唔應該以自己狹窄嘅觀點去評理別人呢?? 每個人都有自己管理自己時間嘅方式, 尤其對於某些自己認為有價值嘅嘢, 相信大家都會儘其量去處理, 更何況每人做事都有唔同效率.. 你眼中所謂芝麻綠荳嘅事, 喺別人心目中可能係非同小可.. 相反你心目中生死存亡嘅事, 對別人嚟講只不過係雞毛蒜皮.. 所以只要唔係咩滔天大錯傷天害理嘅事, 我哋都唔應該質疑別人處事嘅方式, 大家讚同唔讚同?? :)

後記 ■ 如果本人之前有咩說話冒犯到大家嘅話, 都係純屬無心玩笑之意, 本人僅此說聲對唔住.. :)
[#1271] have not been replying to comments from readers recently, but that actually is not my style.. can only afford to spare limited time, so i chose to publish new posts to be more practical.. thus some readers said "i can see regular updates from you, the look of your blog changes every month and you even count the readers comment, so free ah you??".. i know they didn't mean to offend but i do have something to comment about this..

don't you think we should not judge others by our myopic perceptions?? i mean everyone have their own style to manage their personal time, especially for things thought as worth doing, i am sure we all would try our best to accomplish, furthermore the efficiency differs from people to people.. things you regard as unimportant might just be something huge to others, and similarly, things you perceive as larger than life might just be nothing to others.. what i wanted to say is, unless it's something harmful and disastrous, i think we should not doubt the way others deal with it, agree?? :)

note ■ if i have previously said anything offensive to you, i'll like to ensure those are merely unintentional, do accept my apologies if that happened.. :)

01.12.2011 | 時光飛逝

[#1270] 嘩!! 唔經唔覺已經嚟到2011年最後一個月喇, 好恐怖呀~~ 本人非常忙碌, 只能抽時間更新呢個blog, 所以冇時間回覆各位嘅留言, 請大家見諒.. 十一月留言榜出爐喇, 睇落都有頗多變動, 尤其某某人高調重返, 淨返最後一個月競爭是否會更加激烈?? 拭目以待"2011年年度留言之王"最終花落誰家!!! :)

[#1270] wow, can't believe it's already december now, scary how fast time has passed huh?? have been quite busy recently, hence can only spare time to update my blog but really no time to reply your comments, please accept my apology on this.. the commenter chart for november is out, and i can see quite some movements, especially someone has made a high-profile comeback, i wonder will the competition gets more intense in this remaining month?? am so looking forward to see who will be winning the "commenter of the year 2011" title!!! :)
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1.(-)  Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone114128!!
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3.(5)  Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on Play Role4067
4.(3)  yvonne @ From TAIPING with LOVE3974
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** statistics based on the 10 posts in November 2011 till 11:59pm on 30th November

28.11.2011 | 面卜金句

[#1269] 兩份assignment 個 deadline 都落喺聖誕節當日(慘絕人寰!!), 所以家陣個滿腦係assignment都唔知道要寫啲咩好, 就同大家分享下我啲面卜金句啦, 絕對唔輸蝕過黎佬啲金句架!! 哈哈.. :)

[#1269] deadline for both my assignments falls exactly on xmas day itself (tragedy!!), hence my brain is only all about assignments now till i have no idea what to blog about, so just share some of my facebook quotes then, that's as good as a random post right?? haha.. :)

阿叔, 怕且你都要習慣下等埋啲朋友仔影晒相post晒上facebook再tag晒全部朋友先可以開動食嘢架喇~~
uncle, guess you just have to get used to your friends taking photos of the food and post them to facebook and tag all their friends in before you can start eating~~
■ [SK/0617] ■ 04.10.2011 02:27pm ■

嗰啲迅速攝過門罅又唔願意順手幫後邊啲人頂住度門嘅朋友 - 我覺得你好冇禮貌..
for those who purposely hurry through the door without holding it at their convenience for the person behind - i think you are rude..
■ [SK/0617] ■ 09.09.2011 03:37pm ■

養眼美女穿著短裙展露天賦性感長腿, 不過高踭鞋底張標價紙仲未拆 - 大扣30分!!
pretty lady wearing miniskirt to show her gifted sexy long legs, but price tag under her heels not removed - minus 30 marks!!
■ [SK/0617] ■ 20.09.2011 02:22pm ■

每次用自己個購物袋時, 當收銀員額外友善示意"多謝幫我哋慳膠袋"嗰一刻, 我都會覺得另舍自豪..
everytime I use my own grocery bag, I feel proud when the cashier shows extra courtesy with the "thanks for saving our plastic bag" gesture..
■ [SK/0617] ■ 22.08.2011 07:48pm ■

面卜訊息個人分析結論: 潮流趨勢已由一窩蜂登上broga hill, 再一窩蜂玩相機, 再一窩蜂轉戰去跑馬拉松.. 下一個目標將會係什麼??
my trend analysis from observing FB updates: the bandwagon has shifted from everyone climbing broga hill to everyone playing with DSLR to now everyone running in marathons, what's next??
■ [SK/0617] ■ 27.11.2011 09:42am ■

24.11.2011 | 錢不夠用

[#1268] 係唔係受最近泰國水災嘅影響, 搞到啲米起晒價?? 事關最近去買包叉雞飯, 平時RM5依家起價到RM6!! 雜菜飯更加誇張, 由平時RM5起價到RM7, 一肉兩菜一間好up-dup嘅茶室咋噃?? 真係趁火打劫..

講到呢度真係不得不提, 最近啲嘢真係貴到離晒譜, 樣樣都嗌起價, 定係我對物品嘅標價仲停留喺數年前?? 尤其係嗰啲眾人趨之若騖(不過真係平平無奇)嘅甜品/飲品/糕點/麵包之類, 一小份已經足夠貧窮人家一家五口一日三餐喇!!

[後記] 最令人發指係: Brickfields一間叫做麗X嘅茶室, 一包寡得唔再寡嘅青檸水竟然叫價RM2!! 嘩, 你以為自己真係麗都大賓館間咖啡廳咩?? 唔好去搶??!! 自此以後打入黑名單~~
[#1268] was it the influence of the recent thai flood that there's a sharp hike in the price of rice?? cos recently i bought char-siew chicken rice, was charged RM6 instead of RM5.. and worse is the economy rice, charged RM7 instead of RM5 for just 1 meat and 2 vegetables at a very run-down coffee shop!! that's looting a burning house yeah??

right up till here, i just can't stop myself from complaining that things are getting so very expensive today, everything's yelling to increase price, or is it just me that stay with the price perceptions from few years back?? especially those desserts, drinks and confectioneries that are made popular by bandwagon effect (but nothing special indeed), just a little portion of that can already feed a poor family of 5 for three meals in a day!!

[P/S] what most ridiculous was a packet of very plain lime water i bought from a coffee shop named L*do in Brickfields, and was charged RM2 for that!! what?? they think they are the posh coffee shop in the high class Lido Hotel?? that's just as good as robbing our money don't you think?? into my blacklist since then~~

21.11.2011 | 漢堡神偷

[#1267] 最近本人發現一種現象, 尤其係我呢啲七十後嘅人就更加能夠體會到嘅.. 有冇發覺好多當年嘅童年卡通人物都重見天日?? 譬如多啦A夢, 早前嘅藍精靈Smurfs, 到最近嘅丁丁Tin Tin.. 究竟係集體回憶, 定係啲人冇晒創作靈感所以要翻兜呢?? 哈哈..

好喇, 講返下邊呢個漢堡神偷.. 我記得細個嘅時候(超過20年前, 好, 我認老!!), 麥當勞仲未有開心樂園套餐玩具之前, 家姐會買上色畫冊俾我, 裡頭我最鐘意就係呢個漢堡神偷喇!! 上個星期無意中見到佢, 嘩, 果然係驚為天人呀!! 真係趣緻到哩~~ 所以一定要擁有佢!! 就係呢個漢堡神偷偷偷偷走我個漢堡包㗎喇!! 呵呵~~
[#1267] i realized a recent trend, especially making sense for those born in the 70s like me, that many of our childhood cartoons seem to be "resurrected", for example Doraemon, Smurfs and recently Tin Tin.. i kind of wonder, are we really remembering the past, or people started to get mind-block on new creations so they went back to the old ones?? haha..

okay, back to Mr. Hamburglar in the photo above.. i still remember when i was a kid (that's more than 20 years back, ok, i admit i'm old!!), when there was still no McD happy meals toys yet, my sister used to buy me the coloring books, and Hamburglar was my most favorite character!! accidentally saw him last week, and wow wow wow, i was so thrilled!! he is such a cute thing and i told myself i must bring him home!! it's him, it's him, the Hamburglar who has stolen my hamburger away!! hehe~~

18.11.2011 | 又係呢件

[#1266] 如果有日你發覺我嚟嚟去去都係得嗰幾件衫著, 甚至乎連續兩日都係著住同一件衫嘅時候, 請唔好誤會我係個邋遢之人, 其實係有箇中原因嘅~~
  • 其實我衣櫃啲衫算係唔少, 不過好多時候我都只會拎上邊幾件比較就手嘅嚟著, 慢慢就會將底下啲衫淡忘.. 所以感覺上就好似得幾件衫循環著咁囉~~
  • 再嚟係我屋人多衫自然多, 所以每日都至少會洗一次衫架!! 就係咁, 噚日著啲衫通常第二朝就洗好晒乾, 收咗衫懶得折, 所以非常就手咁又著返同一件衫咁囉~~
  • 最後一點, 其實正是主要原因, 唉!! 就係自己好似永無止境嘅橫向發展, 搞到衣櫃睇落大把衫可以著, 其實真正著得落嘅都只不過係寥寥幾件.. 坎坷呀~~
[#1266] one day if you noticed that i only have those few pieces of clothes to change, or even wearing the same piece of clothes for two consecutive days, please do not misunderstand i'm a dirty guy but there are actually explanations behind~~
  • not that i don't have enough clothes to change, just that most of the time i'll just conveniently take those on top of the stack to wear and slowly forgotten the other clothes folded at the bottom.. that's why it seems like i only have those few clothes to wear for a limited cycle span..
  • i have a very big family and hence we produce huge laundry, as a result our washing machine works on a daily basis.. many times the clothes we wore the day before are washed and dried the next morning.. lazy to fold them back into my wardrobe, that's why i just conveniently wear the same thing for the day again~~
  • the last point and perhaps also the main problem, is my seem-to-be-never-stop-to-grow-horizontally-body, haiz!! it may look like i have lots of clothes in my wardrobe to be worn, but pathetically the ones i can really fit in are just those very few, how saddening~~

15.11.2011 | 圖不並文

[#1265] 我有段時期寫好多關於美食嘅post, 後來發覺自己個詞庫只得「好味」同「唔好味」咁大把, 齋靚相但冇令人信服嘅食評, 所以我叫自己冇咩事都唔好再寫喇, 因為讀者睇得多都覺得寡啦, 不過今日就破例貼上三張美食相..

[#1265] there was once i used to blog quite some food posts, but i realized my vocab bank has only got "delicious" and "not nice", just beautiful photos without convincing critics, so i told myself not to simply blog about food as the more readers read about that the more they get bored with my blog but today i just wanna share three nice food photos here..
[早餐] 親手做嘅三文治, 自己喜好自己風格, 健康又好味~~:)
[breakfast] homemade sandwich my preference my way, always healthier and tastier~~:)
話雖如此, 我覺得美食post確實係比較受歡迎同容易引起共鳴, 而且讀者留言都會比較踴躍架喎.. 其實我想講, 要喺美食post留言其實唔駛點用腦囉, 都係嗰啲好模式嘅「好好味, 我又要食」呢一類十常八九嘅文字, 大家睇到呢度係唔係會心一笑呢?? 呵呵..

no doubt i have to say food posts are more popular and easier to interact with readers, and readers are more participative in leaving comments too.. what i wanted to say is, it's because we don't actually need to think to leave a comment to food posts, most of a time the comments are not much digressing from the standard "wow, yummy, i also wanna try!!" kind of words.. so did you actually laugh a little after reading this?? haha..
[午餐] 蝦麵午安!! 睇下啲金黃色嘅蝦, 幾咁誘人你話?? :)
[lunch] good afternoon har mien!! look at those golden shrimps, aren't they just indulging?? :)
又再講啦, 好多人都會太興奮一下子落重手, 一個post放十幾張相, 其實好考讀者耐性架!! 我覺得有八成以上嘅朋友, 開始都仲會逐隻字逐張相睇嘅, 不過一分鐘之後通常都會簡略scroll落去, 大概就會係好籠統咁留個言俾個博主以示支持.. 查實, 由留言就可以讀得出個讀者其實有冇真正去睇你寫啲嘢囉..

furthermore, many people will tend to be to excited and posted too many photos at a time, but that instead will test the readers patience.. i would think more than 80% of the readers will read word by word and see picture by picture but one minute later, they will most probably just scroll down to the end and then leave a general comments to show that they have read and support the blog owner.. anyway, it's very easy to find out from the comments whether the readers has actually read your post..
[晚餐] 有叉燒有餐肉有煎蛋有青菜, 呢啲咪叫做簡單嘅幸福囉~~ :)
[dinner] rice with char siew and luncheon meat and sunny-side up and vegetables, so, this is what we call simple bliss~~ :)
對唔住, 呢篇哩我係有啲囉唆, 不過我係特登寫咁長, 再貼上三張美食相.. 其實目的就係想驗證呢一個point, 睇下到底有邊幾位讀者係有真正睇落去, 邊幾位讀者齋睇相, 邊幾位讀者又係敷衍了事呢?? 真心一句, 本人全無惡意針對, 只係好奇啫.. 有耐性睇到呢度嘅讀者, 請受小弟一拜, 我真心佩服同感激你~~ :)

sorry but i think this post is too length, i actually did this on purpose with three photos to prove the point i am arguing, who really read, who just see photos and who just entertain.. no worries, i'm just being curious and no intention to pinpoint anyone.. for those who have read till here, i really want to show my respect and gratitude to you~~ :)

11.11.2011 | 聽歌品味

[#1264] 以前我都幾經常聽流行曲, 而且只買正版CD, 因為正版嘅包裝設計係翻版所無法做得到嘅.. 仲記得以前托住部大大舊嘅discman不知幾威, 哈哈!! 不過家下電子時代, 梗係下載數碼音樂入部iPod啦, CD就係選擇性購買要嚟收藏嘅..

最近就真係少聽歌喇, 而且發覺自己聽歌品味有所變化.. 已經唔再鐘意聽啲甜到漏或大灑狗血嘅大路情歌, 尤其係啲女人聲線嘅男歌手唱歌, 更係我討厭的.. 呢個階段嘅我反而喜歡聽一啲輕搖滾同另類音樂, 尤其聲線沙啞嘅女歌手, 會更加討好我囉, 哈哈!!
[#1264] i used to listen to a lot of pop songs last time, and i only buy original CDs because i think the design and packaging is something the pirated CDs can't have.. i also remember it was so ego to carry the (now huge) discman, but now coming to the digital era, of course i download digital music into my iPod, CDs are only bought selectively as my own collection..

seldom that i listen to music now, and also i realized there's a change in my taste.. no more lovey-dovey or end-of-the-world love songs that i like, and especially hate those sung by male artists with feminine voice.. instead i start to like some alternative and soft rock music, female artists with edgy voices are just my type, haha!!

09.11.2011 | 大被蓋身

[#1263] 夜晚瞓覺呢, 唔理凍或熱, 我都一定要冚被先可以瞓得著.. 天氣凍嘅時候冚被就理所當然啦, 但係天氣熱嘅夜晚, 我都照樣要用張被將自己全身包到實一實架.. 其實係冚被(同攬枕)所帶嚟嘅安全感, 而且包得實啲嘅話啲蚊就咬唔到我啦, 哈哈~~

某日喺面卜度睇到有位朋友post咗個有趣話題, 男人要冚被其實尚有一個箇中原因, 就係要...
[#1263] when i sleep at night, i don't care whether it's cold or warm, i still need my blanket to go to sleep.. of course it's reasonable when the weather is cold, but even if it's a warm night, i will still get my whole body tightly wrapped up in my blanket.. well, i would actually say i feel more secured with the blanket covering myself (besides hugging my bolster), furthermore tightly wrapping myself can also avoid the mosquitoes sucking my blood, haha~~

the other day i read something interesting posted by a friend in facebook.. have you ever wondered why men need to cover themselves with blanket?? well, this is just to...

06.11.2011 | 不減反增

[#1262] 要買飛睇戲, 網上購票其實係最好嘅一個途徑.. 除咗可以清楚知道時間同座位編排, 最緊要就係快捷方便, 之不過每張飛額外收取50仙費用.. 雖然唔係多, 但係呢個額外費用係唔係應該呢?? 我就覺得與其加, 就不如折扣50仙嚟得合情合理喇~~
  1. 我哋自己揀時間揀場揀位, 其實都同戲院慳返好多人力噃, 係唔係應該要有折扣先??
  2. 依家已經可以掃描barcode入場啦, 所以戲飛都係我哋自己print啦, 同戲院慳返好多物力, 係唔係應該要有折扣先??
  3. 我哋自己招呼自己, 完全唔駛勞煩到戲院任何一位員工, 做乜嘢仲要額外收費呢吓??
憑住以上理由, 大家贊唔贊成網上購票應該有折扣呢?? 定係你覺得戲院要維持網上購票呢個設施, 所以係應該收費嘅呢??
[#1262] getting tickets online is actually one of the best alternatives if you want to watch a movie.. other than clearly having the time and seats under your own control, more importantly is how fast and convenient it is, of course with the expense of an extra 50sen fees.. not significant but have you wonder if it make sense to pay that extra?? i actually think instead of paying extra fees, we should have enjoyed a discount of 50sen indeed~~
  1. we go through all the process of getting the seats on our own, which help to reduce labour costs for the cinema, doesn't this deserve a discount??
  2. with the recent entry by barcode scanning, we are actually the ones who print our own tickets, helping the cinema to save material costs, doesn't this deserve a discount??
  3. we are self-servicing ourselves and never get assistance from any staff, why are we charged extra for this then??
with these reasons, do you think we should have discounts for online tickets?? or you just agree that to maintain the online facility, it's justifiable for the cinema to charge us extra fees??

03.11.2011 | 塞完再走

[#1261] 大家都知touch-n-go係標榜唔駛排隊, 一觸即通架啦.. 不過城中城輕鐵站呢兩日就大排長龍, 噚日仲要嚴重到等咗成半個鐘頭先可以「嘟」張咭入閘!! 真係離晒大譜囉, 十幾個touch-n-go專用入閘, 竟然得三個開住, 其餘因為要更新系統全部關閉!! 下邊張相呢, 其實係一部份人咋..

真係激都冇話可講!! 更新系統就唔該你有完善啲嘅planning啦, 唔好搞到啲乘客同日常組足吖嘛.. 好地地一個touch-n-go系統唔好咩, 係都要推出多幾款新咭(嚟到擾亂我哋), 我真係好唔明解囉!! 個project manager梗係忙於喺屋企數銀紙, 搞到完全唔記得晒個進度同風險喇, 真係非常"能夠國"政府作風囉~~
[#1261] so everyone knows the selling point of touch-n-go is that you don't have to queue long but move ahead smoothly right?? but it's another story the past two days at the KLCC LRT station, there was such a big crowd queueing, as worse as i have waited for 30-minutes yesterday, to just pass through the gate.. absolutely ridiculous, for more than 10 dedicated gates for touch-n-go, only three were functioning with the rest shut down for system upgrade!! and to show you how crowded it was, the people in the photo above is just part of us..

ok fine, so you are upgrading your system, but can't you have planned that more efficiently so that it won't affect the commuters and normal operations?? and why isn't a single touch-n-go system not good, but insistingly introduced a few more ticketing systems (to confuse us)?? i really cannot comprehend that absurdity.. the project manager must have been counting his cash at home and forgotten about the progress and risks, wow that's so bolehland-government-style don't you agree??

01.11.2011 | 唏嚦嘩啦

[#1260] 十月份因為學期啱啱開始, 所以算係比較輕鬆.. 不過眨下眼, 輕鬆嘅日子好似過得特別快咁嘅?? 嚟到十一月, 又要開始埋頭苦幹於我啲assignments之中喇, 真坎坷!! 十月份嘅留言榜出爐喇, 又係老土一句, 多謝各位仍然撐著支持.. :)

[#1260] the new semester started in october and hence last month can be considered a relaxing month for me, but why must good times always seem to end more quickly?? it's november and i have to start burning midnight oil *again* for my assignments, haiz!! the commenter chart for october is out, still the old-fashioned way, thanks a million for your continuous support~~ :)
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