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28.09.2010 | 立體電影

各位有冇留意到最近啲電影全部都有3D版本咁呢?? 就連《肉蒲團》都要開拍史上第一部III-D三級片添呀!! =.= 唔知囉, 係唔係真實啲呢?? 可能我仲未拍得住呢架3D列車, 通常我都會選擇睇普通2D版囉..

睇3D要成場戲帶住副紅綠眼睛, 我覺得幾唔舒服囉.. 再加上最近啲所謂3D電影其實一啲都唔3D, 好似係齋為3D而3D咁, 完全係毫無誠意可言嘅隨波逐流.. 又可能係3D已經唔再吸引到我啦, 除非2D完全被淘汰, 否則我都應該會繼續支持睇2D嘅我諗~~
have you noticed recently that many movies come with a 3D version?? even the movie "Sex and Zen" is in the remaking to become the very first 3D porn in history!! =.= i really have no idea or perhaps i'm still not on par with the 3D trend, i still choose to watch the normal 2D versions of the movies..

i think it's quite unenjoyable having to wear that red-and-green-lens glasses throughout the whole 3D movie.. furthermore i think the most of the 3D movies are not 3D enough, as if just hopping on the 3D bandwagon and that's it.. or perhaps 3D is already nothing new and interesting to me, unless 2D gets eliminated, else i think i'll still continue supporting 2D movies in the future..

24.09.2010 | 閑情一日

通常過年過節, 我都唔會好似大部份人咁一窩蜂請假.. 反而我鐘意平日無啦啦請一日假, 唔係為咗咩特別節目, 而係想好好咁享受一日嘅清閑.. 當世界正在忙碌嘅時候, 唯我可以暫且放慢步伐, 確實係一大樂事也..

例如自己一個人靜坐咖啡室內, 喺完全不受干擾嘅情況之下, 嘆杯熱茶食件蛋糕, 再加一本書消磨整個下晝.. 如是悠閑嘅生活, 邊個(闊太少奶奶除外)話唔係人生一大高尚享受呢??
i don't usually take leaves during festive seasons like many out there do, instead i like to sparingly take a day off on a normal day, not for any planned trip or running errands, but just for the sake of enjoying a no-string-attached day.. when the whole world is busy but i can slow down my pace and watch the word spins, this is considered something blissful to myself..

for instance, have myself sitting alone in a cafe, under a totally relaxing ambience sipping a cup of hot tea and eating a slice of cake, reading a book to kill a whole afternoon's time.. who (excluding posh-class housewives) wouldn't say this is some kind of luxury lifestyle??

22.09.2010 | 中秋快樂

八月十五, 公司每年都會有個小小中秋慶祝會, 大家一齊食月餅猜燈謎.. 左邊係同事MY親手整嘅上海月餅, 有進步喎.. :)
it's mid-autumn, and our company has the ritual of little celebration where we gather to eat mooncake and guess riddles.. the mooncake on the left is baked by colleague MY, it tastes very nice.. :)

每一年呢個時候哩, 我哋都會喺同一個位置用一個構架影番幅合照, 指定動作咁囉.. 同往年啲相拍埋一齊睇, 原來我係一年肥過一年呀該煨~~ :(
every year during this time, we will take a group photo at the same location in the same arrangement, as if it's a procedure.. i put the photos from previous years side by side, only so sadly to find that i'm getting fatter each year~~ :(

每年都會有猜燈謎助興, 我好似連續三年都係贏家, 實在係愧對各位同事喇, 哈哈!! 今年獎品係個錢罌, 特別之處係, 你要搞掂個迷宮先可以開蓋拎返啲錢出嚟, 好玩喎~~ :p
there'll always be riddle guessing game every year, and if not mistaken i've won the prizes for 3 years in a row, so sorry to other colleagues, haha!! this year i got a piggy bank, the special thing is, you can only open it to take out the money after you solve the maze, interesting.. :p

happy mid-autumn to everyone!!

20.09.2010 | 日計於晨

平日返工趕時間, 求求其其就解決咗早餐, 好多人都係咁意飲杯嘢食幾塊餅, 椰漿飯或炒粉之類啦係嘛?? 老土講句吖, 一日之計在於晨, 我個人認為早餐係好重要架, 一定唔可以唔食, 所以我唔介意好heavy嘅早餐.. 尤其西式早餐, 大大兜又腸又蛋又豆又肉又菜咁, 好味之余又營養均衡, 絕對係我理想中最愛嘅早餐囉..

一輪嘴講咗咁多, 其實哩, 我係想話為大家介紹以下(我又再次下廚嘅)醒神早餐唧, 哈哈!! :p
in normal days we often have pathetically simple breakfast due to the rush for work, and i'm sure many have a drink with some biscuits or nasi lemak or fried noodles just to fill up the stomach.. there's an old chinese saying "a day starts with the morning", hence i always think breakfast is important and we can't skip it, that is why i also welcome heavy breakfast.. especially a plateful portion of sausages bacon egg beans and vege, they are undoubtedly delicious and nutritionally balanced to me, i would vote them as my most ideal and loved breakfast..

sorry for digressing, but i actually wanted to introduce the above (yet another meal i cooked by myself again) energising wholesome breakfast to everyone, haha!! :p

17.09.2010 | 砌圖游戲

最近我哋買咗幅1000塊砌圖放喺公司, 平時就會三幾個同事聚埋一齊喺度砌.. 其實咁樣幾好架, 大家有個共同目標要砌好幅圖, 一齊分享成就, 無言中增加聯繫機會添喎..

噚日喺某日本廉價店見到下邊呢幅砌圖, 可能係砌上癮關係, 二話不說買咗落嚟.. 返到屋企竟然有一股好強烈誓要砌好佢嘅意志, 結果花咗一個鐘多啲將佢砌好兼且鑲好!! 雖然係個130塊迷你砌圖, 不過始終係自己一手一腳包辦嘅, 我覺得有成就感喎, 因為幅圖砌出嚟真係幾靚架. 哈哈~~ :p
we recently bought a set of 1000-pieces puzzle for the office, when free there will always be a few of us gather around for the puzzle.. i think this is something good, as we have a common goal to complete it and share the accomplishment, in a sense this actually helps in a better bonding between each other..

saw the puzzle above in a japanese convenience shop yesterday, maybe due to the recent addiction, i just bought it without hesitation.. went back home and there was a strong urge in me to complete this puzzle, hence i spent a little more than an hour to get it done and also frame it up!! though it's just a mini 130-piece, but still i did it all by myself, kind of proud actually, as the finished puzzle really looks gorgeous, hehe~~ :p

15.09.2010 | 博客留言

曾經有讀者問, 點解有某部份讀者鐘意一次放多個留言.. 其實冇咩特別嘅, 只不過係在下同呢幾位博友嘅互動啫, 我哋習慣以咁樣嘅方式喺對方嘅地頭留言, 其實係一種樂趣嚟嘅.. 有人話咁樣屬於灌水效應唔健康, 對我嚟講其實冇乜所謂嘅, 反正無傷大雅, 大家開心就好..

呢個"留言游戲"其實都幾好玩嘅, 我就因而由其他博客手中得到唔少著數添, 哈哈!! 例如最近得到博客嘉露送出嘅書, 博客巫婆送出嘅MFM固本, 博客熊貓送出嘅藝術畫, 同埋噚晚啱啱到手嘅呢本(又係由博客熊貓度贏返嚟嘅!!)書, 多謝晒~~ :D
there are readers who asked me why some of my readers like to spam lots of comments in a single post.. actually nothing special but just my interaction between these few bloggers, where we use to spam comments in each other's blog.. to some readers they might think this is not healthy but come to think about it, i don't really mind at all as there's nothing harmful, furthermore as long as everyone's happy, why not??

actually this "spamming game" is not without fun, because of that i actually won quite some freeebies from other bloggers!! for example book from blogger Carol, MFM voucher from blogger Witch, artistic painting from blogger Panda, and the book above (yeah, from blogger Panda again) just received last night, thank you very much~~ :D

12.09.2010 | 經濟便飯

平時出街食, 限限地都要十幾廿蚊一餐係嘛?? 趁呢個長週末, 心血來潮學人去街市買餸, 發覺原來自己整一餐可以好平架噃.. 譬如話,嗰日我煮(係啊, 我親自下廚呀!!)嘅簡簡單單一餐, 就係唔駛十蚊搞掂!! 有少少嘅成就感, 哈哈..

when dining out, it can easily cost you RM20 for a decent meal.. during the long weekend, i had a whim to shop for dinner at a local wet market, i realised how cheap a meal can be if you cook it at home.. for example this simple meal that i cooked (yes, me!!!), was just less than RM10!! i feel very contented, haha..
豉油皇干煸四季豆, 仲有配角洋蔥同甘筍絲, RM1.90咋.. 對於食米唔知米價嘅我嚟講, 兩蚊都唔到係好驚訝哦..
stir fry french beans with onion and carrot in superior soy sauce, cost only RM1.90!! for someone who seldom buy vegetables like me, less than RM2 is just surprisingly cheap eh..

椒蔥雞柳, 五件雞柳RM2.20, 其他佐料係買四季豆時候菜攤送架!! 街市買餸就係人情味呢度好, 可以搭兩條辣椒一棵蔥, 哈哈~~ :D
stir fry chicken filet with spring onion and chilies, five pieces of chicken filet for only RM2.20, spring onion and chilies were free with the french beans from the vege seller!! perhaps this is the nicest thing about wet market, you always can tag along some little freebies~~ :D

洋蔥炒蛋, 一道非常之經典嘅家常餸, 原來RM1.80就有得食!! 出邊酒樓一份大概都要五倍價錢啦係嘛?? 我呢個仲係少油少鹽靈味精好健康噃~~
onion and spring onion omelette, a very classic and common home-cooked dish, and it's done at only RM1.80!! i guess the same dish if dining in a restaurant would cost you more than five times the price right?? still my version is more healthy with less oil less salt zero MSG~~

09.09.2010 | 電子郵件

  • 發電郵嘅時候, 我每次都會稱呼對方開始, 自己署名結束.. 有啲人發電郵就完全冇呢回事嘅, 一唔係就連名帶姓稱呼人, 感覺上都幾冇禮貌囉.. 雖則話收到電郵都明白自己係個target啦, 不過始終都係感覺好咩囉~~
  • 發電郵嘅時候, 我都儘量唔想牽連太多唔關事嘅人.. 但係偏偏就有好多人鐘意每次都cc晒全世界, 唯恐天下不知咁.. 其實我覺得有啲反感架, 所以啲cc我又同我無關嘅電郵, 我都一律刪除..
  • 發電郵嘅時候, 尤其商業電郵, 我絕對避免用i或you呢兩個字, 因為有時呢兩個字出現會令到個內容感覺好自我好責備對方.. 其實好多人都有呢個毛病, 所以寫電郵其實都係一門唔簡單嘅學問哦~~
以上幾點純屬同大家分享嘅個人意見, 多謝收睇.. :)
  • when sending emails, i will always start with salution and end with my own sign-off.. but there are many people who are not doing this, or else they address people by the full name, i feel it's a little not so polite.. although emails already specify the recipients and sender, but still don't you think missing the salutation and sign-off a little something??
  • when sending emails, i try not to involve to many unnecessary parties.. but there are many out there who like to put the whole world in the cc list, as if it's a global announcement, i find that rather irritated.. hence whenever there's any email copied to me but non of my business, i will sure delete that off immediately..
  • when sending emails, especially business emails, i always avoid using the two words i and you.. because i think sometimes there two words make the whole email sounds very self-centered and as if you are blaming the other party, still i see many people doing this.. writing emails is actually a big knowledge and skills to learn, agree??
the points above are totally my personal opinions, thanks for reading on.. :)

06.09.2010 | 錢銀的事

所謂錢財不可露眼, 通常我都唔會帶好多現金喺身, 身上越多錢就越容易惹賊上身..我銀包最多都係二百五蚊左右, 夠洗夠用就好啦.. 如果需要繳付大數目, 就用信用卡囉, 而家信用卡咁普遍, 碌多啲賺積分都好吖嘛..

the chinese says "don't show-off your wealth to others", i normally don't carry a lot of cash with me because the more cash you have the easier you attract snatchers.. i normally have around RM250 in my wallet, just enough and not too much.. if i need to pay off larger amounts, i'll just use credit card since it's so common nowadays, in addition no harm to swipe and earn more points right??
我每次去提款機㩒錢, 都係一次過㩒一筆指定數目(足夠我用至少半個月)嘅錢.. 因為銀行規定每個月用提款機超過四次, 之後每次都收取服務費.. 係小數目, 但係我就偏唔畀佢哋白賺!! 所以寧願每次㩒多啲放屋企慢慢搣..

each time i withdraw money from ATM, i will make sure i withdraw a specific amount of money (at least enough for half a month).. this is because the bank will charge a fee for each withdrawal after the 4th time in each month.. it's a small fee, but still i don't like them earning my money so forcefully!! hence, i rather withdraw more at a time, keep them at home and be my own cash dispenser..
最近經常有銀行打電話問我要唔要"信用卡餘額轉帳服務", 我每次都一口拒絕.. 個人認為信用卡係一種方便而唔係財產, 我始終唔贊成大洗大用到冇能力找咭數嘅程度.. 我會制止自己而且會準時還全數, 所以對於銀行嚟講, 我一定唔會係個"好顧客", 哈哈~~

recently a lot of banks call me up to offer "credit card balance transfer facility", but i will always politely decline.. i don't like to overspend my credit and i always make full payment on time.. to me, credit card is just a convenience but not a financial aid, i don't agree spending and owing the bank to a stage that one cannot repay.. so to the Banks, i am actually not a "good customer", haha~~

03.09.2010 | 唔該借借

各位睇到以下呢張相之後, 當然我唔係話張相touch-up之後嘅喜劇感, 而係當你喺火車上見到咁嘅情景, 有何感想呢??
when you see the photo below, of course i don't mean the funny touch-up, but if you see this situation in the train, what would you think??

前日偷偷哋影低對坐我面兩位八十後小朋友, 由我上車到落車, 始終都係雞啄唔斷交談.. 嗱嗱嗱, 你睇下, 兩個人坐三個位, 而且仲要面對面細聲講大聲(發姣發燉)笑.. 其他乘客想話坐低都嫌awkward啦, 見有位坐都得個望字.. 兩條友仔仲唔識醒目, 繼續忽視旁人, 時下年輕人係唔係咁冇品啊??

i secretly snapped the two late 80s youngsters sitting opposite when i was in the train the other day.. since i board until unboard the train, they have been chatting non-stop.. did you notice they are taking three seats instead, still happily facing each other laughing loudly while talking sweetly?? due to that, other passengers who wanted a seat gave up feeling awkward to be sandwiched in between that little available space.. but both of them still being ignorant as if they are all alone in the train.. well, youngsters nowadays, never think and never considerate is it??