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29.04.2009 | 甜甜登場

引頸長盼, 喺一片冬甩狂潮助陣之下, Krispy Kreme呢個冬甩鉅頭終於登陸大馬.. 某位喺裡頭工作嘅朋友話, 頭幾日大排長龍喎, 啲人幾打幾打咁買.. 果真令我費思不解, 馬來西亞人幾時開始會咁鐘意食冬甩架??!!

after much anticipation, under the nationwide effect of the donut fever, the donut tycoon Krispy Kreme has finally landed few days ago.. a friend who works for them told me, the queue for donuts was loooong for the opening days, people bought in dozens and satisfactorily walked away.. this is always something i find amazing, since when the hell we Malaysians love donuts so much??!!
今日帶著興奮嘅心情去試佢一試, 去到未見所講嘅人潮, 排個5分鐘隊就輪到喇.. 同友人合共買咗半打(其實花款同選擇唔多), 沾沾自喜(好似執到寶咁)上咗二樓雅座嘆冬甩.. 第一隻擺入口嘅係招牌original glaze, 噢賣葛!! 此刻只有兩三個字可形容: 超甜!! 甜到吖, 杯iced chocolate都變淡而無味囉.. 老實講, 論口感我覺得非常好, 勝過等件冬甩/積高/碧丫蒲, 但係就死在超甜(唔係嚟到馬來西亞特登加多兩斤糖係嘛??).. 好唔好食?? 見人見智囉..

was very excited to give it a try, went there this afternoon but didn't see crowds as was told, queued for about 5 minutes and it's our chance (yeah, that's what the waiter said, chance but not turn).. with another friend we bought half a dozen, happily we went upstairs to feed our mouth.. the first ones into our mouths were the signature orignal glazed.. OMG, only two words could describe the moment: SUPER SWEET!!! it was so sweet that our iced chocolate turned tasteless.. frankly, i would think the texture of the donuts is very good, beats DD/JC/BA, but the sweetness defeats it all (don't tell me the extra sweetness is for the Malaysian market).. are they nice?? well it depends on your taste..

25.04.2009 | 喪失理智

噚日有位blog友話我知今日有個碧歐泉(Biotherm)清倉大平賣.. 都唔抱任何希望可以買到嘢架喇, 你知啦, 好嘢點會拎出嚟拋售吖, 咁大只蛤乸隨街跳咩?? 就打算去睇睇無妨, 打個白鴿轉出嚟..

結果點啊?? 結果咪就係大出我所預料之外, 跌到成地眼鏡碎囉!! 竟然有好多筍嘢, 而且仲係跳樓價拋售添喎, 譬如呢個全效煥膚霜只售RM60!! 於是連一向來好淡定嘅我, 竟然老貓燒鬚, 霎時間喪失理智咁, 狂掃8件只不過300蚊, 係原價三成咋!! 呢次真係搽到塊面甩晒皮都仲喺度不停偷笑囉, 哇哈哈哈哈~~
was told by a blogger friend that there is a Biotherm Warehouse Sale today, didn't really expect much from such event, as you know, how would good things be thrown out for clearance at super cheap price?? and so i thought maybe just spend a 3 minutes to go look around, just for the sake of not missing that out..

and then what?? i have to say it totally caught me by surprise, there were just loads of items on clearance selling at very unbelievably cheap price (for example this Anti-Ride Line Peel Cream is just RM60)!! the usually very calm me suddenly went crazy and could not control my buying desire, i swept a total of 8 items and only pay RM300 for them, it's just 30% of the original price!! oh my, i think i could even laugh away that apply-till-my-face-deskin risk for this super deal (as compared to Granny Twilight's RM500+ for his 5 pieces plus freebies, hahaha!! read his story HERE)

21.04.2009 | 搾乾搾淨

今年依舊準時報稅, 但係驚覺需要繳交近一個月薪水嘅稅, 好鬼肉赤, 真係極唔願意click個submit button囉.. 年年都要交咁多, 我覺得一啲公益回報都冇, 樣樣嘢起價, 去到邊都話要畀錢!! 咁交稅嚟做咩啊?? 唔好同我講「莫問國家可以給你甚麼, 反問你可以給國家甚麼」, 呸!! 講真我絕對唔係個效忠國家嘅人, 我好現實架喎, 有付出當然希望回報嘛, 你以為係共產國益晒嗰一族人咩??

唯一可以安慰自己嘅係, 唔駛一次過嘔咁多錢出嚟, 每個月自動繳稅都有畀多咗, 稅收局爭我錢啊!! 速速磅唔好兩頭望!!
just did my income tax filing before the deadline as usual every year, but was shocked to find out that i have to pay tax close to one month my gross salary!! that is just too much, i was so reluctant to click the submit button actually.. why am i paying so much every year, and yet i didn't see any social benefit returns?? things are getting more expensive, fees and tolls everywhere we go, i just wonder what is the purpose of paying tax?? don't ever come to bulls**t me about "never ask what the country can give you, but ask what you can give the country", frankly i am never a patriotic person, but a realistic me would expect returns after i have paid something, this ain't a communist place and why do i have to give benefit to THOSE people??

the only thing i could think of the comfort myself is that, i don't have to come out with a whole lump of money one short, the monthly payment scheme actually pays more than i have to pay, and now the inland revenue board owes me money, quick quick pay me back my money!!

17.04.2009 | 十年難得

我識唔識煮嘢食?? 記得十幾年前喺外地留學, 迫不得已餐餐都要自己落手落腳.. 畢業後返到嚟至今, 有阿媽坐鎮, 所以已經成十年未落過廚房.. 十年後嘅今日, 陰差陽錯竟然由我包辦呢次旅行嘅最後兩餐, 的確意想不到.. 雖然只係簡單不過嘅炒飯同埋撈麵, 但係同我廿幾年老友, CY/CC/KH, 你哋有幸食到我煮嘅嘢, 簡直係三生有幸啦, 要珍惜呢十年難得一役啊, 哈哈!!
can i cook?? when i was still studying overseas more than 10 years ago, i remember i had to cook every meal by myself.. after graduation and back home, because i have mum who did all the cooking, i have not gone into the kitchen for like 10 years already.. today, after 10 years, very impromptu i cooked the last two meals for the trip, really unexpected i'd cook.. albeit only simple fried rice and noodles, but being my friends for more than 20 years, CY/CC/KH, you guys just have the very best luck to taste my cooking, must appreciate that once in a decade ok?? haha..
企喺我身後嘅, 係紓尊降貴甘為是日助廚嘅CY, 鼓掌~~
at the bakground was CY who was willing to downgrade as my sous-chef for the day, applause~~

雖然係好簡單不過嘅炒飯同埋撈麵, 但係我用咗成份誠意落去整架.. 點啫, 色香味俱全, 連我自己都意想不到嘅寶刀未老, 係唔係靚到唔知要點食啫?? :p
be it just very simple fried rice and noodles, but i have put in all sincere effort in preparing the meals.. so what do you think?? impressive presentation and smell and taste, not even i myself have expected that, wasn't that too nice a piece of art to have it stuffed into your stomach?? :p

16.04.2009 | 富貴倫敦

行完歐陸三個城市之後, 返到去倫敦, 當然要tea一tea佢啦.. 今個下晝懶洋洋, 去咗市中心一間叫做Sketch嘅嘆tea.. 下午茶應該係英國人發明嘅, 果然講究囉, 一個hi-tea set其實可以貴過出邊食一餐.. 難得幾位朋友一聚, 當然要扮上等扮富貴去嘆tea啦, 拎茶杯要用三隻手指跟住翹起無名指同尾指, 呢個手勢叫上等喇朋友, 哈哈!! 啲鬆餅真係好好味囉老實講..
after three cities in continental europe, back to london again, and of course we wanted to have afternoon tea.. a lazy afternoon, we chosed Sketch in the city for tea.. i supposed English people created the afternoon tea culture, it's interesting to see how particular they are into it, one hi-tea set can be more expensive than a meal you have elsewhere.. it's great we, few close friends, can spend the afternoon having tea, of course we acted upstream and rich, held teacups with three fingers and have the remaining tilt - hey, that's call posh, ok?? haha.. and i gotta say the scones with clotted cream were superb..

嘆完tea之後繼續富貴, 因為之前多日慳慳洗仲淨低唔少外幣, 費事帶返去所以就索性血灑倫敦(血汗錢個血), 短短數小時之內, 就已經滿載而歸喇.. 當時真係一揪二楞, 不過而家睇返其實都唔係買咗好多啫~~
we continued "rich and famous" after tea, because have been saving for the past days hence we still have quite some money left, not intending to bring the foreign currencies back, might as well just spend them all in shopping (boosting UK's economy eh).. in just couple of hours, we have got ourselves bags of clothes shoes and accessories.. seemed loads of stuffs then, but looking again at what i've bought, it's not a lot actually~~

15.04.2009 | 遊里斯本

比較起倫敦嘅莊重, 巴黎嘅鉛華, 巴塞隆納嘅豪邁, 里斯本簡可以話係簡朴.. 里斯本冇乜令人嘩然嘅地標或者勝地, 有嘅係純純歐陸小國嘅味道, 自有佢另一番美麗.. 一輪勞碌之後, 放里斯本為最後一站, 其實都算係個令身心平靜落嚟嘅行程..
compared to the solemn London, the glamourous Paris, the passionate Barcelona, i can say Lisbon is a very cosy little city.. there's fewer than few landmark or attractions that make you jaw-drop, what they have are typical european flavour, but of course that is another kind of beauty.. putting Lisbon as the last in our itinerary, it's actually kind of letting myself layback after the exhausting trips to the previous cities..

我覺得葡萄牙飲食同西班牙好相似, 不過喺里斯本食嘢當然係平過巴塞隆納多多聲.. 呢度多數係食碳烤海鮮, 佢哋都有海鮮燴飯(濕嘅, 似潮州粥個texture).. 去到記得要食好地道嘅碳烤沙甸魚(sardinha assadas), 鮮蝦燴飯喇.. 仲有, 去葡國點可以錯過葡國蛋撻呢真係?? 周街啲餅鋪就有得賣, 唔駛一歐元就一件大大件熱辣辣架喇..
i think the portugese cuisine is very similar to the spanish, but of course dining in Lisbon is hell lot cheaper than Barcelona.. most of the dishes are grilled seafood, and they have their own version of paella too, which is more soupy (just like the texture of teochew porridge).. if by chance you are there, don't forget to try charcoal-grilled sardine (sardinha assadas) and shrimp rice (center below), they are delicious!! and yeah, never missed out the signature egg custard tart (pasteis de nata), easily purchased in bakeries almost everywhere, for just less than an euro you'll get a huge one to munch..

之前巴黎同巴塞隆納都住得非常之budget, 同樣價錢, 嚟到里斯本終於可以住得好啲, 好開心囉!! 呢間Living Lounge Hostel係個boutique hotel, 設計行簡約風格, 每間房都唔同主題, 撞正我條路..
accommodation has been very "budget" in Paris and Barcelona, with the same price, we finally had a very nice hostel to stay in Lisbon.. the Living Lounge Hostel is a boutique hostel run by a group of young people, simple and trendy interior design, each room has their own theme, that is just exactly my taste..

臨走前無端端學啲明星玩狗仔隊大追蹤游戲.. 影咗呢一連串嘅狗仔相, 你睇我幾好戲吖.. 超搞笑, 扮嘢嘅時候仲忍唔住笑添, 哈哈!! (特別鳴謝友人KH不辭勞苦拍攝)
just before leaving Lisbon, suddenly played the paparazzi game like a celebrity.. see how good i was acting to take the following series of paparazzi shots.. that was really hilarious, couldn't even control laughing when doing the shots, hahaha!! (special thanks to friend KH for the shots)

13.04.2009 | 巴塞隆納

整理歐洲之旅啲相時, 發覺原來喺巴塞隆納係影咗最多相嘅.. 其實都有原因, 因為自己都真係好鐘意呢個地方, 有好多地方可以去, 有好多嘢可以睇, 仲有好多好嘢食物添喎, 覺得玩三日真係唔夠.. 呢次嘗試唔寫咁多文字喇, 因為揀咗太多相同大家分享, 嚟個photo-post啦就..
when tidying up my euro trip photos, i realised i have taken the most number of photos in Barcelona.. not surprising, as i quite like this place, lots of nice places to go, lots of things to see, and lots of nice food to eat, a mere 3 days there was just not enough i think.. try not putting too much words here, cos have choosen too much photos to share here, let this be a photo-post then..

必定不可錯過嘅遊覽地點 places of attractions you cannot miss:
Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia, Barri Gòtic

巴塞隆納有個建築鬼才高迪(Gaudí), 喺佢嘅影響之下, 呢個城市啲建築物都好特好創新好大膽.. 隨街一望就實會見到好嘢, 我覺得好靚囉.. 啊, 仲有啲錯綜複雜嘅窿罅小巷同廣場, 我覺得好特色喎都..
the spanish has a great talend Gaudí in their architecture, under his influence, buildings in the city are always so unique and contemporary.. simply a stroll and the street and you can find some nice building, i really like the all these uniqueness.. and yeah, those little lanes and squares hidden behind the main streets like maze, i really think they are a great fun to walk along..
一啲比較舊嘅建築物 some of the older buildings

一啲比較摩登嘅建築物 some of the more modern buildings


嚟到西班牙, 點豈能錯過佢哋啲小食(tapas), 燴飯(paella), 水果酒(sangria)呢?? 有間餐廳叫做Le Quincy Nuit (Plaça Reial 內)嘅, 三顧此地都大排長龍, 與他冇緣, 你有機會去巴塞隆納一定要幫襯啊.. 不過都食咗好多好味美嘅嘢, 個人首推正中間同右下角啲串串tapas(pintxos, 尤其係烤豬肉pintxos morunos), 真係正到哩~~你唔介意肥多2kg架, 到而家我都仲好懷念個味道囉..
how would you have missed out tapas, paella and sangria in Spain?? there's a little restaurant called Le Quincy Nuit (in Plaça Reial) that we wanted to try so badly, but of all three times that we went, the queue was so jaw-dropping long, we gave up, and if you had a chance to go there, please try for us!! anyway, we still manage to get nice food elsewhere, i personally recommend the tapas skewer (pintxos, especially the grilled pork pintxos morunos) featured in the center and bottom-right of the photo below, heavenly awesome, still miss that so much now~~

11.04.2009 | 書卷牛津

有冇曾經夢想過自己係個威風凜凜嘅牛津大學生?? 有冇曾經幻想過自己係哈理波特(Harry Porter), 於牛津上空度肆無忌憚咁飛來飛去??
have you ever wished yourself being an Oxford graduate?? have you ever imagined yourself being Harry Porter, flying care-free across the sky of Oxford??

我就冇咁嘅能力喇, 哈理波特我都唔係咁鐘意佢.. 所以今日行程輕鬆一啲, 淨係去牛津呢個小小古鎮.. 我特意著到一身學生look, 來襯托牛津鎮嘅書卷氣息, 個feel真係幾好囉.. 驟眼望囉去, 我係唔係成個牛津大學生咁呢?? 成個人後生咗10年呀, 哈哈..
well i don't have that ability to get to the Oxford university, nor i fancy Harry Porter that much.. so we just had a light itinerary today, only visited Oxford town.. i purposely wear a shirt with my campus look sweater, to match the academic ambienece Oxford projects, a really true good feel that was.. by just looking at the photos, don't i just look like a student?? hey, i looked like 10 years younger, hahaha..

09.04.2009 | 一日英倫

呢一次嘅歐洲之旅, 掛名係去倫敦, 不過我其實以一日時間就將倫敦搞掂, 犀利!! 其實真係以遊客身份遊倫敦, 將10年前(好醜樣)啲相重新再影多次, 所以算係走馬看花.. 其他時間我做啲咩呢?? 下回自有分曉..
i told many people that i went to london for this trip, but i've covered more places and actually just spent one single day for all spots a tourist should have been in london.. as a tourist in london, mainly just to re-take all those (ugly looking) photos i've taken 10 years ago, i consider this a camwhoring trip, haha!! what have i done for the remaining time then?? find it out in upcoming entries..


首站係呢個橫跨泰姆士河(Thames River)嘅塔橋(Tower Bridge).. 如果你一路都以為佢係倫敦大橋(London Bridge)嘅話, 麻煩你要改口喇, 倫敦大橋只不過係塔橋隔離一條毫不起眼嘅橋囉..
first stop was Tower Bridge over River Thames.. if you have mistaken this as the London Bridge, please be enlightened here that London Bridge is just a nothing-special bridge next to this Tower Bridge..
算係倫敦地標嘅國會大廈同鐘樓(House of Parliament and Big Ben), 同埋佢對岸嘅倫敦眼(London Eye), 當然唔會錯過啦.. 你問我有冇登上倫敦眼?? 對唔住, 我志在影相亦都唔想嘥啲無謂錢..
considered the landmark of the city of London, i for sure will not miss the Parliament House and Big Ben, as well as the London Eye on the opposite bank.. have i gone up the Eye you ask?? sorry but i just intended to take some photos and not wasting unnecessary money..
之後去咗呢個Westminster Abbey同埋白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace), 用zoom-in偷偷影咗女王個守門兵, 佢個頭戴個毛省省嘅帽好鬼趣緻喎.. 你睇下我喺皇宮前整蠱做怪, 影相影得幾好心, 完全忽視女皇嘅莊重, 果然如黃歪文一詞「王朝外的伊麗莎白, 誰人跪拜她??」
continued with the Westminster Abbey followed by the Buckingham Palace, used my zoom-in function to secretly snap the Queen's soldier, i really love that plushy hat he put on his hat, cute!! look at how happy i'm camwhoring in front of the palace, totally ignoring the solemn of the Queen, just like a saying "who respects Elizabeth if she is not from the royal family??"..
都仲有去其他地方嘅, 呢度一齊講啦.. 由左至右Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, 唐人街, 街頭(好英國feel嘅)電話亭.. 成個倫敦好似就係咁喇, 當然仲有其他地方係值得去嘅, 如果你有時間嘅話, 譬如大英博物館, Westend睇場歌劇, 去Hyde Park野餐等啦..
some other places that i've covered on the same day, from left to right below, Covent Garden, Trafalgar, Square Picadilly Circus, Chinatown, a (very British) telephone booth on a random street.. basically that's all for me in london, but of course there are more places worth going if you have got the time, for example the British Museum, Westend for musical performance, picnic at Hyde Park etc..

08.04.2009 | 文藝巴黎

夢蘿麗莎只是一幅畫, 為何艷壓天下?? 有睇過《達文西密碼》嘅朋友, 相信對於羅浮宮(Louvre)同玻璃金字塔唔會陌生.. 10年前因為人潮洶湧, 我逼唔到埋去睇幅驚世奇畫, 10年後呢一次我用盡渾身解數終於都畀我影到佢喇, 其實同出邊買啲仿製品冇咩分別囉.. 羅浮宮實在係有太多嘢睇喇, 一日都未必可以詳盡睇晒(仲有唔好忘記排隊都花時間噃)..
Mona Lisa is just a painting, why has it stunned the world so surprisingly?? for those who had watched or read "Da Vinci's Code", Musée du Louvre and the glass pyramids shouldn't be of any stranger.. 10 years ago i couldn't even get near to the painting because of the crowd, 10 years later today, i just gotta use all my power to get near, and finally i was able to take a shot of it.. well, compared to the prints on souvenirs you can get everywhere, there's just no difference at all, haha.. there's just too much to see in the museum, it might have taken you a whole day if you are going to be detail (ah, and don't forget the queuing time)..

一個羅浮宮盡顯法國嘅財富, 另一個凡爾塞宮(Versailles)盡顯法國嘅奢華.. 呢個夏宮處處都係黃金打造嘅物品, 仲犀利過頤和園囉.. 個宮殿其實無甚看頭(除咗個Hall of Mirrors), 凡爾塞宮最令人津津樂道嘅係佢個後花園, 真係大到~~一眼望去見唔到盡頭囉!! 聽講係畀皇后由房間窗口望出去睇日出, 佢都應該唔會踏足花園架喇, 駛鬼整咁L大咩真係??
the wealth of the French is seen from Musée du Louvre, the luxury of the French is seen through the Château de Versailles.. you can see gold almost everywhere in the palace, this can really beat the Yiheyuan (Summer Palace of Beijing).. other than the jaw-dropping Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors), there is really nothing much in the palace, the pride of Versailles goes to the estate garden i supposed.. this is such a huge landscape that you don't even see the border, heard that it's just for the Queen to view the sunrise from her room, i don't think she ever stepped into the garden, why built it so d*mn H-U-G-E??

巴黎聖母院(Notre Dame)建喺聖河(River Seine)一個小島上, 係巴黎中心發源地.. 由呢度沿住條河一直向西行到佐治五世大道(Avenue George V), 一路上有好多好精彩嘅地標同建築物, 市區主要遊覽地點大多數集中兩岸旁.. 如果當日氣溫稍為涼些少, 我應該會覺得更完美囉..
the Notre Dame sits on a tiny island on the River Seine, it was the centre of Paris where all development radially stretched from.. from here i walked along the river till Avenue George V, there's just so much to see on both the banks, surprise after surprise, all major attractions are all situated in this area.. but if the temperature is slightly lower that day, i think i would enjoy the walking more..

最後一日臨走前去咗呢個叫做La Défense嘅地方, 應該鮮為人知.. 呢個地方係巴黎嘅商業地區, 有好多好特別好靚嘅建築, 喺巴黎多日來來去去都係睇歷史, 呢一顆就睇下佢現代繁榮嘅一面.. 見到個色彩繽紛嘅噴水池同埋棟色彩繽紛嘅大廈, 好鬼保羅史密夫(Paul Smith)囉, 我鐘意~~
went to this place called La Défense before leaving Paris, should be a place less known by tourists.. this is actually Paris's business district, you can see lots of unique and nicely designed buildings here.. having just visiting history in Paris for the past few days, it's just a nice time to see the modern and trendy Paris before leaving.. i spotted a colorful fountain pond and a colorful building, so Paul Smith, i really like~~

06.04.2009 | 魅力巴黎

講到巴黎, 第一樣嘢你會諗到嘅當然係巴黎鐵塔啦, 唔駛我多作介紹.. 喺巴黎嘅第一日, 天氣非常之好, 藍天白雲, 綠草如茵, 再加上春天盛開嘅櫻花, 更能襯托出巴黎鐵塔嘅美.. 我覺得哩, 自己影得好靚囉啲相, 夠資格拎去參賽嘛你話?? 哈哈~~
when you mentioned about Paris, the first thing that comes to mind must be Tour Eiffel no doubt, so really not necessary for me to describe more here.. weather was superb on my first day in Paris, blue sky and white clouds, generous lush of green grass, blooming cherry blossoms everywhere, the Eiffel just seemed to be more stunning with them together.. i suddenly think the photos i have taken look so good, do you think they qualify for some contests?? hehe~~
巴黎有個鐵塔令人神魂顛倒之余, 仲有呢個凱旋門同埋香榭麗舍(Champs-Élysées)大道.. 入夜燈光亮起之時, 散發出一種越夜越美麗之神態.. 人潮熙攘嘅香榭麗舍大道, 兩邊目不暇接嘅購物天堂, 我見唔到張曼玉喺度濕平, 都有些少失望 :p
besides Tour Eiffel, Paris has the equally fascinating Arc de Triomphe and one of the connecting avenue Champs-Élysées, both looks especially splendid at night when lights are on.. was strolling along the avenue packed with people, shops along two sides of the avenue makes this area a shopping paradise, but was a bit disappointed i didn't bump into Maggie Cheung doing her shopping there :p
之前兩個地方掟落地都會唪唪聲, 之後去咗呢個算係少咗點鉛華嘅蒙瑪特(Montmarte), 小丘上嘅聖心堂(Basilique du Sacre Coeur), 同埋附近個紅磨坊(Moulin Rouge).. 呢個地區狹窄嘅斜坡小路, 週圍係露天咖啡座, 教堂可以俯瞰巴黎全景, 難怪就連《珠光寶氣》都要千里迢迢嚟取景啦.. 我喺度一邊嘆咖啡一邊寫明信片, 突然間覺得好上等囉~~
compared to the loudness of the previous two spots, went on later to the less bling-bling Montmarte, Basilique du Sacre Coeur on a small hill, and the nearby Moulin Rouge.. small streets and almost coffee shops everywhere, full view of Paris from the church, no wonder HK drama series "Gem of Life" came over from far to shoot.. i had a cosy evening here, writing some postcards while sipping my cup of cappucino, i suddenly felt myself so upgraded~~
原本諗住巴黎啲嘢貴, 所以死慳死抵, 不過最後終於忍唔住, 豁出去喇終於, 食咗兩餐稍為似樣嘅, 以慰勞自己幾日來嘅「辛酸」, 當然少不了法國麵包同法國蝸牛, 求其有法國呢兩個字就必試咁囉.. 仲好懷念份好味到不得了(可能係當時相當之餓關係)嘅牛扒囉其實~~
things are quite expensive in Paris, thinking of trying my best to save, but ended up irresistably had two slightly better meals, kind of to compensate the hardship for the past few days.. not to miss baguette and escargot and french fries, or i should say actually anything that is signature to the French.. still remember how delicious my medium well filet mignon was (or perhaps i was too hungry that time?) done..

05.04.2009 | 溫莎泰姆

第二朝瞓醒(好彩都冇jetlag喎), 我哋就揸車去CY屋企附近個溫莎(Windsor)鎮, 著名嘅英國溫莎堡就喺呢度喇, 附近個伊頓公園(Eaton Park)一片綠草如茵景色非常怡人.. 去到當然只係出邊行行影下兩張相就鬆人啦, 遊客都係咁架啦..
woke up next morning (for god's lucky sake i didn't have jetlag) and we drove to Windsor town nearby CY's place, the town where the famous Windsor Castle laid of course.. also i would like to mention about the beautiful Eaton Park, a big lush of greens which is very breathtaking.. of course we just had a short walk outside taking couples of photos, that is what tourists normally do right??


影夠相之後就去食晏, 星期日當然係要去食傳統Sunday Roat啦.. 揀咗泰姆士河邊(River Thames)一間pub, 可惜去到Sunday Roast已經賣晒喇, 唯有食其他嘢囉, 朋友叫咗好肥膩嘅烤腩肉, 我好慶幸自己叫咗其他嘢囉其實, 唔係真係要肥死.. 仲有嘆咗呢杯好英國feel嘅earl grey tea, 對住條河, 感覺的確好唔錯..
after enough of camwhoring, went to a pub by the River Thames for the traditional Sunday Roast (for it was a Sunday!!).. but only to find out all have been sold out when we reached there, no choice we have to order something else.. two friends ordered Roast Pork Belly, was really grateful that i had something else, if not i would sure gain another 3kg.. and oh, sipped this cup of very british earl grey tea while looking at the river, definitely a very good dining ambience..


第一日去玩就take it easy啦, 食完嘢下晝就返屋企, 準備晚餐之前, 去CY屋企附近個泰姆士河畔散個步.. 兩岸屋子都種咗好多樹, 驟眼望落去個景色真係好靚, 仲有天鵝添喎靚到.. 同我哋講咗20年要進行美化嘅吧生河比較, 真係贏盡九條街有多囉..
we took it easy for the first day outing, went back home after the lunch, before preparing for dinner, went to have an evening stroll along the Thams Riverbank just nearby CY's house.. the trees planted in the gardens from houses by both banks add lots of credit to the river bank, it was a very beautiful and serence scenery, and i saw swan swimming happily in the river too.. just beat our dear Sg Klang (which is supposed to be beautified for the past 20 years of talk) with a big load of shame..

04.04.2009 | 到步首日

乘搭亞洲航空X班機D72006前往倫敦, 食物要錢, 水要錢, 娛樂要錢, 揀位要錢, 樣樣都要錢.. 長途機, 逼於無奈畀咗RM36買兩餐殺你一頸血兼背脊骨落嘅食物, 自己帶書帶MP3帶video解悶, 呢13個鐘頭簡直好似13日咁長, 真係冇咩事都唔好再去歐洲囉我話~~

took AirAsiaX flight D72006 to london, pay for your food, pay for your water, pay for your entertainment, pay for your seat selection, everything is about money.. it's a long haul flight, under no-choice circumstances, paid RM36 for two absolutely overpriced and totally awfully tasted onboard meals, brought own books and entertainment to kill time, i really feel like this 13 hours is forever, i really have to tell myself don't simply fly to europe if not necessary~~


落機成個梅菜樣仲要畀啲「西口西面」嘅入境官查家宅咁問咗連串「公式上需要問嘅問題」, 我係專業人士唔稀罕去你國家跳飛機喎阿嬋, 一入境就對呢個高傲嘅國家印象不佳喇.. 不過去到老友CY屋企, 一切怨氣都一消而散, lam-lam脷嘅豐富晚餐(你睇下邊一堆餸啦該煨), 再加上貼心嘅高床暖被, 正好為我呢個旅途作好一個豐足嘅開始.. 隆重感謝CY~~

touched down with that record breaking worn-out face, but still have to be interogated by the f**king-faced immigration officer, asking a whole bunch of the so-called official and compulsory questions.. well, i am a professional IT consultant, i really am not interested to work illegally in your country actually, Ah Sim.. the very first unpleasant image i have over this old monarchy kingdom.. luckily upon arriving at my old friend CY's cosy house, bad experiences sort of flushed off, with her always smackingly tasty meals (look at the photos below or shall i say a banquet instead??), and the warm beddings she offered.. really a good and luxury start for my two weeks trip.. many many thanks to CY~~

03.04.2009 | 西歐之旅

今年嘅年度重頭戲, 明日四月四號, 我將會展開我嘅西歐春節之旅.. 倫敦/ 巴黎/ 巴塞羅納/ 里斯本, 你哋好, 我嚟喇~~
my greatest show of the year, tomorrow April 4th, i will be kicking off for my western europe trip.. to london, paris, barcelona and lisbon, here i come~~
兩個星期後, 再與大家見面.. :)
will see you after two weeks time.. :)

01.04.2009 | 四月一日

今日四月一日, 喺你印象中會係個咩日子呢??
it's 1st April today, what have you got in your mind about this day??

[愚人節] 以前讀緊書仲會認住呢一日, 唔去整蠱人嘅話都千其唔好畀人整蠱.. 不過大個咗就當然都係一個普通不過嘅日子啦.. 其實哩, 我想知究竟係邊個發起呢個愚人節架?? 我覺得好無聊囉佢, 哈哈..
[April's Fool] i will always remember this back in the good old days, if not to make a fool of other classmates, i would make sure that i was not being fooled.. as i grow older, this day is just another normal day for me actually.. i am very curious to know who that hell to make up this day, i really think it's kind of nonsense, haha..

[某人生日] 多年前認識某位同事, 佢話佢係四月一號生日, 我當時就係覺得非常之搞笑囉, 點解揀會呢一日生日架, 因為係唔係都聯想到愚人呢樣嘢囉.. 係唔係每次都要擔心會畀人整蠱而唔去慶祝生日架哩?? 西門兄, 祝你生日快樂, 嘿嘿~~
[Someone's Birthday] i came across a friend few years back whose birthday is on 1st April, i really think this is something very funny, how could he "choose" to have his birthday on such a day?? it just make people link it to Fool i would say, i wonder if he try not to celebrate his birthdays just in case people are just making a fool on the celebration?? happy birthday to you, simon, hehe..

[哥哥忌辰] 六年前嘅今日, 發生咗件令所有認識佢嘅人都覺得惋惜嘅事情.. 15年前拍嘅《東邪西毒• 終極版》最近上映, 仲以為佢復活添.. 「哥哥, 你喺嗰邊過得仲好吖嘛?? 」
[Leslie's Death] it was 6 years ago, when everyone who knew him would have mourned over his sudden suicide.. saw the remake of the movie "Ashes of Time: Redux" filmed 15 years ago recently, thought he resurrect!! anyway just hope he is doing fine over there..