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29.02.2012 | 畫出彩虹

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1339]
如果你最近有去中央藝術坊一帶, 應該會見到條河兩堤岸, 有一班(市政府請返嚟嘅??)人係烈日當空之下作畫.. 之前處處禁止嘅街頭作畫, 今日終於登上大堂, 我係非常之開心㗎.. 因為我好欣賞呢種極具個人創意嘅藝術, 尤其畫家單憑一支噴漆, 就可以畫出自己嘅一片彩虹.. 呢幅有兩公里長嘅作畫, 喺鬧市中的確係壯觀呀, 鼓掌~~ :)
if you hang around central market recently, you should be able to see some (city hall employed??) people painting on the walls by the river.. those seen as graffiti back in those days are now finally appreciated by the authority, i actually feel very happy about this.. because i really like this kind of creative art, especially salute the artists who can draw a world of their own with just a can of paint.. almost 2km long, this wall of paintings is definitely an awesome sight amidst the bustling city center, claps to those who painted them~~ :)

28.02.2012 | 快熟粟米

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1338]
我鐘意食粟米.. 其實大家平時係點樣煮粟米㗎呢?? 煲一大煲水攞去烚?? 我有個簡單方便嘅方法同大家分享, 如果你仲未知道嘅話.. 首先剝乾淨個皮, 跟住用一張濕紙巾(廚房用嗰種)包實, 放入微波爐, 開高火叮佢7分鐘上下, 就係咁喇!! 快捷方便吖哩??
i love sweet corn.. so how do you normally cook it?? boil it in a large pot of water?? i've got a simple and quick way to cook it, if you do not already know.. just peel your corn, wrap it in a piece of wet kitchen roll, microwave it at high power for around 7 minutes, *ding* and it's done!! no frills..

27.02.2012 | 藍色週一

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1337]
我唔係一個鐘意一成不變嘅人, 所以我會經常換畫(當然係指牆紙啦, 呵呵!!).. 由電腦到手機到呢個blog嘅banner, 睇悶咗我就會狠心一換, 成個人都即刻覺得煥然一新.. 今次呢隻藍色物體係咩呢?? 記唔記得芝麻街嘅cookie monster?? 希望今日唔係大家嘅藍色星期一啦~~ :)
i am not somebody who likes stagnant things, hence i will often change my wallpapers.. from laptop to phone to the banner of this blog, once i feel bored with them, i will change to something anew immediately, and straight away i feel totally different and refreshed.. so what's this blue thing this time round?? still remember cookie monster from sesame street?? hmmm, hope today is not a blue monday to you~~ :)

26.02.2012 | 還我翠綠

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1336]
點解自己有咁大荒廢地方, 偏偏要千里迢迢送去我哋嘅地方?? 點解自己大大聲解釋話非常安全, 偏偏又唔夠膽留喺自己身邊?? 呃鬼食豆腐呀?? 唔該晒!! 我哋要抗衛呢一片翠綠, 請你停止一切, 你唔要嘅嘢都唔好施捨我哋, 帶返你自己嘅家園慢慢享用, 我哋唔稀罕!!
you have so much empty land, but why must you bring them to us from afar?? you announce loudly how safe it is, but why don't you leave them by your side?? don't expect we are that stupid ok?? we want to defend this green pasture of ours, if you do not want what you do not want, then don't give it to others.. stop it, and bring it back to your own home, we don't bother to give it a d*mn!!

25.02.2012 | 不實要求

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1335]
搭輕鐵嘅時候我會慣性地用手機上網.. 而每次上網時, 都會彈出呢個訊息, 就俾我發現原來每列輕鐵都裝咗WiFi㗎噃!! 有少少驚喜, 不過lock住咗連接唔到啫, 我諗應該係控制輕鐵所需.. 其實如果可以開放, 我覺得係幾唔錯嘅一個建議噃, 當然控制用途要繼續lock住啦, 或者另外裝一個係俾乘客使用?? 算啦, 係冇可能嘅事!! :p
whenever i'm commuting i go online using my phone.. and each time i go online, there pops this message shown.. so from that, i realised every train is equipped with a WiFi!! a little surprise on this, but too bad they are locked so i can't connect, guess must be for the purpose of controlling the train.. i actually think it's not a bad idea to make it publicly assessable huh?? but of course the one for controlling is still to be locked, perhaps adding another one for passengers?? well, forget it, it seems very impossible!! :p

24.02.2012 | 人豬並論

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1334]
i came across this set of very interesting hypothetical mathematical equations in facebook..

23.02.2012 | 龜速節奏

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1333]
有時候我覺得連上電梯都要排隊, 有啲諷刺囉, 唔係因為人多, 而係因為我哋嘅龜速節奏.. 有相為證, 鐵證如山呀我~~
  • 九成九嘅人都唔願意行樓梯!!
  • 我哋全國上下嘅電梯速度, 相信用腳行都會快佢九萬倍!!
  • 市民冇養成一種「左邊企, 右邊行」嘅意識, 就算有個告示牌, 都成舊望夫石咁鐘意企邊就企邊, 完全唔理自己阻住地球轉!! 我至憎呢種人!!
sometimes i think it's rather ironic having to queue up to take an escalator, not because of the overwhelming crowd but because of the slug-slow people.. this photo is a strong evidence~~
  • 99.9% of the people are not willing to take the stairs!!
  • all escalators nationwide is so slow even walking can be 9000 times faster!!
  • the people do not have the "stand on the left, walk on the right" awareness at all, even with the signboard, they just stand where they like and never consider that they are blocking people behind!! i hate this kind of people very much!!

22.02.2012 | 一馬書券

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1332]
最近政府週圍派錢討好民心.. 我本來以為呢二百蚊學生書券, 要經過重重擾人程序, 所以都唔想麻煩.. 直至班上一位同學(佢同時係學院職員)話我知, 我先知道原來唔駛申請, 啲書券其實已經根據學生名額派發各學府.. 講開又講, 我之前十幾年不停繳稅, 派我呢二百蚊算係微不足道啦, 唔去攞其實都好笨呵?? :p
the government is happily giving away money recently to please the people.. i initially thought getting this RM200 book vouchers needs long-winded and tedious processes, so i did not take action.. until a classmate (she's also working in the college part-time) told me, then only i know we do not have to apply but the vouchers have already been distributed to all academic institutions.. come to think about it, i've been paying taxes for the past ten-plus years, this RM200 is maybe just a sliver of meat from a whale's body, it's stupid not to get it right?? :p

21.02.2012 | 面卜收檔

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1331]
之前網上廣泛流傳面卜於3月15日關閉, 消息傳得繪聲繪影, 其實我睇過後只係得啖笑!! 好喇, 依家終於叫做有人澄清一下係大大流料一則!! 有咩理由折埋至得㗎?? 人家仲搞緊上市, 一個價值過百億, 每年賺過十億(注:全部係美金!!)嘅公司, 邊個咁蠢要折埋?? 你以為「急流勇退, 光榮引退」咩?? 各位都係乖乖地繼續玩面卜算啦~~ :p
there was a news saying that facebook will be closing down this 15th march, and the news was made so real everyone started to talk about it, but i just think this was quite hilarious!! ok, now that somebody kind-of so-called clarify that it was just a hoax, thank god!! there's just no rationale for them to close down right?? the golden kid is trying to get it listed, an organisation worth more than $10-billion and earning in billions yearly (note: all in US$!!), which dumb is going to close down the business while it's still growing?? ok, let's just get back to our screen and continue playing with facebook~~ :p

20.02.2012 | 又是忙碌

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1330]
又係本人嘅忙碌季節喇, 咪就係(又)趕緊我啲assignment囉.. 最近每日平均都係瞓六個小時, 不過既然應承自己要每日更新, 點都唔衰得, 就用半小時睡眠換取每日可以更新嘅時間啦!! 所以未必有時間回覆大家嘅留言, 敬請原諒.. 不過我仍然會讀各位嘅留言㗎, 而且仲俾我發現有讀者已經喺個留言平台交上朋友, 喺度好多偈仔傾噃, 呵呵!! 放心啦, 我唔會介意嘅~~ :)
it's my busy period again, busy with rushing to complete my assignments (again).. in average i sleep only for 6 hours a day recently, but since i've promised myself to write a post daily, i just can't fail this, hence half an hour sleep in exchange for my time for daily updates!! that's why i may not have the time to reply to comments, sorry for that, but rest assured your comments are being read.. i even found out some readers have already befriend with each other through commenting, and have been using comments to chit-chat right?? haha, no worries, i really won't mind that at all~~ :)

19.02.2012 | 愛炒米粉

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1329]
之前提到我雖然係非飯之輩, 但係就好愛食炒飯.. 其實有另外一樣嘢比起炒飯會令我更加抗拒不了嘅, 佢就係炒米粉!! 唔食又至可, 一食就好大可能收唔到手, 就算係最基本最簡單嘅齋炒米粉, 我都可以啃下超乎合理想像嘅份量, 呵呵!! 證明我係何等地愛佢呀~~
■ [註] 相片係噚晚去瓜拉雪蘭莪食飯時叫嘅BB蜆炒米粉, 好食!! :)
mentioned earlier that although i'm not a rice person, fried rice is something i love to eat.. but there is another thing that has more magic to get me irresistible than fried rice, its fried beehoon!! unless i don't eat at all, else i can never stop eating, even the most basic fried beehoon on its own, i can gulp down an unreasonably amount you can never imagine, haha!! that shows how much i really love it~~
■ [note] the photo shows the fried beehoon with baby clam we ordered for yesterday's dinner at kuala selangor, very nice!! :)

18.02.2012 | 全新硬幣

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1328]
全新一寬嘅硬幣, 大家見過沒呀?? 我集齊5,10,20仙喇, 唯獨50仙就無緣見到.. 其實第一次收到新硬幣, 第一反應就係「點解俾游戲機token我??!!」, 再睇真啲「做乜咁似歐羅嘅??!!」.. 全新設計的確係細啲輕啲, 唔理係為咗方便攜帶, 定係偷工減料, 都係一樣咁用架啦~~
have you all seen the new series of coins?? i have all 5,10,20 sen coins but still have not seen 50 sen yet.. when i first got them as change, my first reaction was "why am i given arcade tokens??!!", took a closer look then and i asked myself "why are they so euro coins??".. well, the new design is smaller and lighter, not gonna comment if the rationale behind is for convenience or cost-cutting, we still have to use them, correct??

17.02.2012 | 靚仔靚女

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1327]
上個星期提到點樣想辦法記住別人個名, 不過有好時候突然有緣喺某些場合撞到, 一時三刻都真係會醒唔起對方姓甚名誰.. 為了避免尷尬嘅最好方法, 就係懶熟懶熱情咁行埋去作狀握手搭膊頭, 然後一句「靚仔」(如果對方係男性)或「靚女」(如果對方係女性)稱呼.. 呢兩個稱呼好universal, 萬試萬靈架!! 如果你發現我咁樣稱呼你, 你大概知道咩事啦, 呵呵~~ :p
i mentioned about trying to remember names last week, but there are times when you just bump into someone at some occasion, and it's quite impossible to recall his/her name instantly.. the best thing to do in order not to get into awkwardness, go forward and pretend to be very friendly, try to shake hands or tap on the shoulders, then say "hey bro!!" (if he is a guy) or "hey pretty!!" (if she is a lady) to address.. i find these terms very universal and works everywhere!! so if you notice i address you this way one day, well you know what happened, hehe~~ :p

16.02.2012 | 百無禁忌

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1326]
今日首先要用「百無禁忌」四個字作開頭.. 事關前日喺鬧市中見到一位鬼婆遊客, 佢手上拎住一個膠袋, 裡邊裝住幾包陰~司~紙!! 唔係農曆七月, 我諗佢又應該唔會買嚟拜拜.. 難道因為色澤鮮艷面額巨大, 好奇之下所以買嚟帶返去當手信派街坊??!! 嘩, 希望佢唔係你朋友啦吓, 啋~~ (=.=)"
today i must say "touchwood" as my opening to the post.. because i saw a foreigner the other day in the city, she was carrying a plastic bag, and inside the bag i saw a few packets of "hell currency notes"!! it's not hungry ghost month, and i don't think she bought those for prayers.. could it be that she was attracted by the vibrant colors and huge face value, so bought them as crafts and bring them back home as souvenirs for her family and friends??!! oh, i so hope she's not one of your friends then, faintz~~ (=.=)"

15.02.2012 | 車厘番茄

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1325]
四眼仔後邊嗰位同學, 點解咁跩將條脷伸出嚟?? 呵呵, 大家估唔估到車厘番茄中間一舊黑色物體係咩呢?? 某日去某台灣料理餐廳食飯, 佢切開一刀塞一小片話梅入去粒車厘番茄.. 本來好怕生食車厘番茄嗰陣味道, 點知擺入口一咬, 竟然如此鮮甜, 完全冇我怕怕嗰陣!! 原來話梅+車厘番茄係咁夾架喎, 小小意外驚喜, 我諗我會自己嘗試咁樣整, 簡單又開胃~~ :)
that naughty student behind the specky guy, why are you pointing out your tongue?? hehe, can you guess what's that black thing poking out of the cherry tomato?? went to a taiwanese chain restaurant and they have this served as appetiser, cut a tomato and put a slice of preserved plum into the slit.. i actually don't quite like eating cherry tomatoes raw but i have to say this combination is really nice, juicy sweet without that raw tomato taste i hate!! never have thought they make such a perfect match, a little surprise for me and i guess i can do this on my own, simple yet appetising~~ :)

14.02.2012 | 問情人節

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1324]
首先澄清一下呢張咁姣嘅圖片, 絕對唔係本人嘅作風!! 不過見今日情人節, 勉為其難貼上一張心心相印圖, 祝賀大家情人節快樂.. 希望有請人終成眷屬, 等愛之人早日找到另一半.. 好喇, 客套話講完, 輪到我問.. 點解情人節要送花?? 點解情人節要送朱古力?? 點解情人節要燭光晚餐?? 有冇人可以解答??!! (-.-)
first of all i'd like to clarify that this sissy picture i posted today, is definitely not my style!! but seeing today's valentine's day, i'll just post something like this for an exception.. wishing everyone a happy valentine's day, couples get enhanced relationships and singles get a perfect match soon!! ok, done with the formality, and now i shall ask.. why must we give flowers on v-day?? why must we give chocolates on v-day?? why must we have candlelight dinners on v-day?? anyone can answer this??!! (=.=)

13.02.2012 | 最新走勢

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1323]
留言榜走勢截至/ Comments chart as at 12:00pm 13.02.2012
Top 5Kian Fai Koh (19.3), yvonne (17.9), lina (17.8), Sheoh Yan (14.2), edward (13.7)
Top 10Small Kucing (13.6), Twilight Man (13.1), 海市蜃樓 (13.1), 小雪 (13.0), Rad Sujanto (11.5), HappySurfer (11.0)
二月已經(在排山倒海而嚟嘅假期後)過咗差不多一半喇, 同大家報告一下截至今日中午12點, 留言榜嘅最新走勢!! 唔知大家有冇留意到我個blog上邊多咗樣嘢?? 好似圖片中所指, 我會定時為大家報導最新走勢, 係唔係好似螢幕上股票走勢咁哩?? 夠晒刺激未?? 大家繼續努力加油喇~~ :p
february has already gone almost half (after a stretch of *too many* holidays), i'll lay down how the comment chart goes as at 12:00pm this noon!! wonder if you've noticed something extra on top my blog?? yeah, like the one in the photo, i'll frequently update the latest current standing of the comment chart, just like the share prices you are watching on your tv, haha!! so, tell me that is not exciting enough?? more juice and "add oil" everyone~~ :p

12.02.2012 | 尊姓大名

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1322]
對於嗰啲成日話「啊邊個, 你咩名again?? 我記性差呀!!」嘅人, 唔該你, 唔好搵藉口怪自己記性查.. 明知自己記性差, 唔該有所行動做啲嘢.. 我覺得記得一個人嘅姓名其實係一種禮貌, 尤其你用方法幫助自己記得一個人個名, 係對人嘅尊重!! 譬如我會寫低對方個名, 或者用聯想法記住佢個特徵, 都會有幫助㗎!! 所以我絕對唔會允許自己當面問人哋尊姓大名超過兩次.. :)
to those who always say "sorry what's your name again?? i'm very bad in remembering names!!".. sorry but i think this is rather rude, since you know you are bad in remembering names, then please do something to help and not just blame on your forgetfulness.. i actually think it is being polite to remember the name of others, and especially if you use ways to help yourself in remembering the names, it shows respect to others!! for example, i will jot down the names or use some linkages to the significant appearance, and this works well!! hence, i do not allow myself to ask for the name directly for more than two times.. :)

11.02.2012 | 贈品陷阱

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1321]
我真係會因為想得到贈品而去買某個產品.. 前日又多一鑊喇, 見到呢個膠桶後即刻眼前一亮, 喺個超市內扭擰多時, 左邊魔鬼慫恿我買, 右邊天使勸我唔好嘥錢.. 結果魔鬼勝利, 因為個桶而買咗兩包朱古力.. OK嘅, 個桶我唔係齋擺喺度, 而係用咗嚟裝我啲早餐麥皮.. 好啱用, 唔駛我每次都要用橡筋綁住個包裝袋咁阿伯吖嘛~~ :D
i am someone who buys a product just because i wanted the freebies, and it happened again the other day.. saw this plastic bucket and was so attracted, lingering in the supermarket for quite some time, the devil on my left kept persuading me to buy but the angel on my right asked me not to waste money.. of course the devil won at last, i bought two packets of the chocolates to get the bucket.. not too bad, i didn't just place it as decoration but instead used it to store my breakfast oat.. it comes quite handy, at least i don't have to use rubber bands to tie the bag everytime (that is so uncle)~~ :D

10.02.2012 | 幽默爆燈

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1320]
最近城中熱門話題, KFC員工攻擊顧客事件, 竟然上咗今日星洲日報頭條!! 應該係有史以來第一單類似事件, 真係"恭喜"晒KFC再次製造新聞!! 唔評論呢件事, 不過就覺得報紙唔知有心定無意, 竟然喺同一版同時登呢個大人事件同埋個(*回家去*享用KFC)廣告, 果然幽默爆燈, 諷刺至極!! 睇咗都真係會心一笑, 呵呵~~ :)
i think the talk of town recently must be the incident of KFC employee attacking a customer, and surprisingly it gets to the headline on sinchew daily today!! i guess this should be the very first incident of the type, really "congratulate" KFC for making news again!! not commenting on this incident but i wonder if the newspaper is intentionally or coincidently putting the news and the (*go home and eat* your KFC) advertisement together on the same page, it is such a good sense of humour for such a big irony!! i really have a good laugh seeing this, haha~~ :)

09.02.2012 | 收埋隻雀

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1319]
事先聲明, 呢張相絕對唔係我影㗎!! 其實係今朝見到一位男士條拉鏈冇拉, 所以有感而發想知道一件事.. 如果大家見到迎面有個陌生人條拉鏈冇拉, 會唔會靜靜雞行埋去同佢講呢?? 我會當見唔到囉, 而且照男女情況分析, 應該會係以下咁:
  • 女×女: 女人同女人通常都冇問題嘅..
  • 女×男: 通常係大方大體嘅女人先會開口..
  • 男×男: 通常唔會, 因為怕被對方誤會係gxx!! :D
  • 男×女: 絕對唔敢, 因為驚女方嗌完非禮後當場賞你一巴耳光!! :D
nope, i disclaim i did not take this photo at all!! just that i saw a gentleman with his fly opened this morning, and suddenly get curious about one thing.. when you noticed a stranger who has his/her zip opened, will you go closer and tell him/her secretly?? for me i won't, and i think most probably the following should be the possibilities..
  • woman × woman: normally there shouldn't be problem between ladies..
  • woman × man: women who are not feeling embarrass would normally not mind telling the man..
  • man × man: usually don't since afraid of being mistaken as gxx!! :D
  • man × woman: surely not dare, since very likely the woman will shout loudly and give the man a lightning slap!! :D

08.02.2012 | 牠在看你

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1318]
大家幾耐冇去動物園?? 我覺得有興致去嘅人, 見到啲動物通常都會好興奮!! 尤其城市人, 可能見到一隻雞都會驚天動地!! 其實換個角度嚟睇, 我哋去動物園睇動物, 係唔係變相成動物睇我哋呢?? 尤其鐘意逗啲動物嘅遊客, 隻馬騮隻山豬查實會唔喺度諗: 「呢隻四眼馬騮整埋晒啲豬咁蠢嘅動作, 究竟想點?? 我都懶得俾反應!!」.. 哈哈!! :D
when was you last visit to a zoo?? i think those who have the interest to go to a zoo, are sure very excited if they see some rare animals.. especially urban people, could have awed in amazement even when they see just a chicken!! from another perspective, we go to zoo to see animals but could it be the animals in the zoo that are watching us also?? especially to visitors who love to tease the animals, i think the chimpanzee and the boar could have been thinking "what the monkey is this guy doing, doesn't he look as stupid as a pig?? what reaction shall i give him??".. haha!! :D

07.02.2012 | 非飯之輩

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1317]
我其實唔係咁鐘意食飯, 如果俾我揀, 大多數我會揀食麵.. 不過有一種飯係我抗拒唔到嘅, 大家有眼睇啦, 咪就係炒飯囉!! 尤其有蛋有臘腸有餐肉有豆角, 我肯定逃不過, 係我死穴呀, 呵呵!!
  • 話是話, 上邊兜炒飯色香味俱全, 大家想唔想知究竟係邊個煮㗎呢?? 
i am not really a rice person, if given a choice i usually will go for noodles instead.. but there is a kind of rice i can never resist, yes you saw that in the photo, it's fried rice!! especially those with sausage/ luncheon meat/ eggs/ french bean, i can never say no to them, my weakest point, haha!!!
  • by the way, do you find the fried rice in the photo above very deliciously tempting?? don't you just want to know who cooked that?? 

06.02.2012 | 年齡秘密

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1316]
我自己嘅年齡從來都唔係個秘密, 有人當面問起我都會好直接告知.. 唔似有啲人死都唔肯講, 又或者懶係情趣咁叫人猜, 對唔住囉咁樣我冇興趣知囉.. 再者, 有啲人非常介意別人稱呼佢哋auntie uncle叫到老晒, 我係OK㗎.. 譬如朋友啲仔女當然係叫我uncle喇, 有啲朋友話未結婚應該叫哥哥, 唔係囉, 如果你啲仔女叫我哥哥, 我係唔係要叫聲你做叔叔或姨姨呢?? 大家現實啲啦~~ :D
my age is never a secret, whenever somebody ask face-to-face i'll be happy to tell directly.. unlike some who defend their actual age too much, or pretend to be humorous to get people to guess, sorry but i'd rather not want to know.. also, some are very particular about being addressed as auntie or uncle (that sounds old) but i'm totally fine with it.. for instance kids of friends should of course address me as uncle, but some friends think since i'm still single i should be addressed as "gor gor" instead.. errr nope, if i'm addressed as "gor gor" that means i should address my friends as auntie or uncle right?? just be practical people~~ :D

05.02.2012 | 叮噹世界(II)

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1315]
繼續噚日講嘅多啦A夢的世界, 其實整個event最能夠安撫自己嘅就只有呢一張附送嘅限量版多啦A夢touch-n-go咭囉, 點解??
continue with the doraemon world mentioned yesterday, the only thing that make me feel most satisfied is this limited edition touch-n-go card with doraemon print.. why do i say so??

04.02.2012 | 叮噹世界(I)

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1314]
今年係多啦A夢出世前100年, 星期三假期嗰日, 興興奮奮地上山去呢個「多啦A夢的世界」嘉年華.. 留返下一篇先寫感想啦, 今日齋由相片說故事, 大家可以按上邊箭咀或字母逐張相睇, 又或者上我個飛士卜度睇全套完整相集.. 祝週末愉快!! :)
this year is 100 years before Doraemon was born, on the public holiday on wednesday, i excitedly went uphill to this "doraemon world" carnival expo.. shall leave my words for the next post but today i'll just let the photos tell the story.. click on the arrow or alphabet buttons on top to view the photos, or browse to my facebook to see the complete album.. have a great weekend!! :)

03.02.2012 | 一月留言

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1313]
一月留言排行榜 January's Comment Chart
#博客 Blogger得分 Score
1.yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE41.8
2.lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard39.4
3.Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole38.4
4.bluedreamer27 @ It's Me! Bluedreamer!35.8
5.edward @ 乐天小筑34.3
Top 10海市蜃樓 (34.1), Sheoh Yan (31.3), 小雪 (29.9), Twilight Man (28.9), wenn (28.6)
Top 15suituapui (27.5), Small Kucing (26.8), Bananazஇ (26.3), HappySurfer (22.4), Hayley (20.9)
恭喜晒所有一月嘅贏家!! 踏入新嘅一年, 我會加緊更新呢個blog, 所以留言榜統計方式都有所改變.. 為咗促進大家更健康更頻密留言(而非只係專注大量留言, 呵呵!!), 留言榜得分計發將會根據以下方程式..
得分 = 本月曾有留言之貼總數 + (本月留言總數 / 10)
係㗎, 我係好認真好專業對待啲留言㗎!! 所以大家記住要頻密啲嚟留言喇~~ :D
congratulations to the winners of January 2012!! in this new year, i will be updating my blog more frequently, hence the scoring for the comments chart is also anew.. to promote healthier and more frequent commenting (and not just focus on spamming, hehe!!), scores are calculated based on the formula below..
score = number of posts you have commented in the month + (total number of comments in the month / 10)
and yes!! i am serious about it and want things to be perfect.. so remember to comment more frequently everyone~~ :D

02.02.2012 | 每日一貼

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1312]
唔好嚇親, 我唔係出日報, 哈哈!! 如果你有留意, 應該會發現本人最近非常勤奮更新, 每日都有一個新貼.. 係嘅, 四年前我都係一樣每日一貼, 今年我都希望可以做到, 向1500貼呢個里程邁進!! 我唔係大家諗嘅咁得閑, 我係一次寫幾篇然之後schedule post嘅.. 所以你都會發現到寫貼形式有所更改, 就係變得比較精簡, 但係熱誠依舊.. 如果每日更新令閣下跟得抖唔過氣, 實在抱歉, 呵呵~~ :)
don't panic, i'm not publishing newspaper, haha!! if you've noticed you will find that i'm recently updating my blog very frequently, that's a new post a day.. yes, i did the same 4 years back and i hope i'll be able to achieve it this year too, marching forward to the 1500-posts milestone!! don't mistaken i'm too free, but i write few posts one shot and scheduled them to publish daily.. hence you'll also notice changes in my writing style, shorter and more concise that is, but the underlying sincerity remains.. if following the daily updates makes you pant, so sorry about that, hehe~~ :)

01.02.2012 | 博客大賞

[Volume 7 Issue 2, #1311]
之前搞嘅年度博客大賞雖已曲終人散, 不過我都絞盡腦汁究竟要送出咩獎品俾啲贏家.. 農曆新年前終於度掂橋, 寄晒出去, 各位贏家應該都收到啦?? 就係相中嘅自制CD喇, 有齊各人所喜歡嘅歌曲.. 睇落又專業又大體, 有少少羨慕自己囉, 哈哈!! 所以如果你都想要嘅話, 就記住多啲頻密嚟留言喇~~ :p
■ 得獎感言?? lina | yvonne | suituapui | Kian Fai | 海市蜃樓 | wenn
still remember the annual bloggers award earlier?? though way past but i've been cracking my head on what prize to give to the winners, and finally just before CNY i managed to get it done and post to everyone and they should all have received it by now.. it's a DIY CD customized for each of the winners and burnt with their favourite songs.. hmmm, looks not bad at all huh?? neat and professional, so proud of myself, hehe!! if you want something like this, do remember to comment more frequently~~ :p
■ winner's speech?? lina | yvonne | suituapui | Kian Fai | 海市蜃樓 | wenn