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31.03.2012 | 地球小時

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1370]
它由一個概念開始, 由概念演變成訊息, 由訊息演變成行動, 一個團結人類保護我們地球的行動.. 135個國家和地域, 5251個城市和鄉鎮, 18億個人口.. 我們可以一起跨越這個小時, 每個人都有能力改變這個我們共同生存的世界..
2012地球一小時.. 3月31日星期六, 晚上8時30分至9時30分.. 大家一起關燈, 我們都能夠做到一些改變..
it started with an idea, an idea that became a symbol, a symbol that became a movement, a movement that unites people to protect our planet.. 135 countries and territories, 5251 cities and towns, reaching 1.8 billion people.. together everyone of us can go beyond that hour, everyone has the power to change the world we live in..
EARTH HOUR 2012.. Saturday 31st March, 8:30pm to 9:30pm.. switch your lights OFF and we can make a difference..

30.03.2012 | 社交網路

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1369]
死喇, 我棟公寓火祝呀!! 不過咪住, 等我影番幾幅相再post上facebook先!! 有冇搞錯?? 不過真係有咁嘅可能性.. 時下年輕人過份依賴社交網路嘅一個經典例子, 話唔定佢哋唔係但心火災而係擔心因為火災而冇得上網, 呵呵!! 祝各位有個愉快嘅週末~~ :D
OMG, there's a fire in my apartment!! but wait, let me snap a few photos and post them onto my facebook!! am i kidding?? well, there's actually such likelihood i supposed.. an epic example of how youngsters nowadays are hooked to social network, most probably they worry not because of the fire but deprived of internet access due to the fire, haha!! wishing everyone a happy weekend~~ :D

29.03.2012 | 昇降機內

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1368]
相信大家每日都會搭𨋢㗎啦.. 其實我應該係好唔耐煩嘅如人, 尤其係一下呢啲(唔理有心定無意)阻住架𨋢嘅人..
  • 成架𨋢企滿晒人, 都仲要慢條斯理蓮步姍姍咁行入嚟..
  • 一入𨋢就猛咁喺度搵floor button, 之後又唔順手㩒個close button閂返道𨋢門..
  • 上落一兩樓嘅人, 可以唔可以行樓梯呀?? 應該比搭𨋢快囉..
i think everyone takes lift almost everyday.. i can actually consider myself an impatient person, especially with the following people who (be them accidentally or intentionally) slows down the lift..
  • when the lift is almost full with people but still taking their own sweet time to walk in..
  • get into the lift, busy searching for the floor button, yet never bother to press the close button to close the door after that..
  • those who go up or down for only one or two floors, can you please take the stairs?? i believe it's way faster than taking lift..

28.03.2012 | 不如咁樣

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1367]
以上漢堡包都係麥當當出品, 當然你唔會喺馬來西亞食得到.. 其實我覺得我哋呢度嘅麥當當選擇真係又少又悶得可憐, 尤其同美國比較, 人哋單係雞肉漢堡包就已經多過我哋全部漢堡包!! 睇睇上面分別來自中國, 香港同美國嘅漢堡包, 實在太美味喇(因為我喜歡培根, 蘑菇同排骨), 如果呢度都有你話幾咁好呢?? 話時話, 我覺得我哋嘅發財漢堡包就係得個胡椒味, 一啲都唔好食~~
these burgers are from McD, but of course you won't be able to find them in our McD in Malaysia.. instead i rather find our choices very limited and boring, especially compared to the US menu, even their chicken burgers have more varieties than our entire menu!! just look at the above burgers from China, Hong Kong and US respectively, don't you think it's a drooling idea we have it here (because i love bacon, mushrooms and ribs)?? BTW, i don't like our Prosperity Burger at all, can only taste the pepper and nothing else~~

27.03.2012 | 大未必佳

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1366]
依家啲科技產品, 注重多功能集於一身, 而且仲要高清螢幕.. 大大個螢幕固然之好啦, 老花近視都可以睇得一清二楚.. 但係實際用起上嚟, 要用兩隻手捧影相, 一大舊板貼實塊面度, 我硬係覺得怪怪地老實講.. 就好似螢幕上要你按一個5吋大嘅OK鈕咁, 好idiot囉其實~~
gadgets nowadays put every possible function together, the higher resolution the screen the better.. a huge screen is of course nice, even people with poor sight can see it clearly.. but practically, having to use both hands to hold a camera or a big cold plank sticking on the face isn't something cool i think.. it's just like asking you to click on a 5-inch OK button, feels quite idiot right?? :D

26.03.2012 | 大玩即興

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1365]
平時幫人買嘢都係事先指定要乜㗎啦, 不過日前就好即興咁幫咗位國外朋友買咗兩件衫.. 全程只係靠發短訊(whatsapp)完成呢個任務嘅, 而且仲係我第一次買女裝添!! 我覺得咁即興嘅互動非常刺激囉, 好玩好玩, 哈哈!! :D
when we were asked to buy something for others we usually already knew what specific things to buy, but few days ago i just helped a friend who is currently overseas to get some clothes, all impromptu.. the whole process was driven by merely sending messages (whatsapp) and was even the very first time i buy ladies clothing!! wow, i really think this kind of interaction is very thrilling, nice game really, haha!! :D

25.03.2012 | 週日早上

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1364]
一個美麗嘅星期日早上, 本來以為可以非常幸福地瞓到自然醒, 但係偏偏因為瞓瞓下突然間屎急, 未夠八點鐘就已經醒咗!! 嗚乎哀哉, 真係好急唔急.. 不過都係無聊嘢一宗, 祝大家有個愉快嘅星期日啦!! :)
it's a beautiful sunday morning and i thought i could happily sleep until i wake up naturally.. but instead woke up before it's even 8 because i felt that sudden and urgent (BIG) nature call!! gosh, isn't that such an inconvenient nuisance?? anyway just a little nagging, wishing everyone an enjoyable sunday.. :)

24.03.2012 | 有血有汗

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1363]
按圖中每一冊上, 睇下我讀過啲咩科目??
click on each booklet and see what subject i've done??
剛剛遞交咗再兩份嘅assignments, 意思即係話已經完成全部八份喇!! 四個學期讀晒, 淨低最後一份重量級嘅畢業論文要做.. 尚未有頭緒要做邊一方面嘅題材, 呢幾日趕到無日無夜, 好攰呀!! 唔想諗咁多住, 或者大家有咩提議咁呢?? 我習慣將做好嘅assignment放入自己部電話, 紀念自己所付出過嘅血汗..
just submitted yet another two assignments, meaning i've finally completed all 8 assignments!! done with four semester already and now left with the heavy-duty final dissertation.. still have no idea what topic to pursue, but after these few days of rushing, i am very exhausted!! don't want to think about it first, or maybe you have something constructive to suggest?? i like to load all assignments i've completed into my phone to appreciate all my sweat and blood..

23.03.2012 | 童話故事

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1362]
呢幾日忙於趕起兩份assignments, 所以今日就簡簡單單同大家講個童話故事啦, 等大家可以開開心心迎接週末嘅來臨.. 祝大家週末愉快!! :)
好耐好耐以前, 有兩位小朋友, 佢哋非常非常之頑皮!! 第二日, 佢哋死咗.. [完]
i'm very busy rushing up my assignments for submission.. so let me just tell you a nice fairy tale regarding the photo above to get you ready to wrap up your week.. happy weekend everyone!! :)
once upon a time, there were two little kids, they were very very naughty!! the next day, they died.. [END]

22.03.2012 | 頭髮濕了

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1361]
好多次喺火車內見到長髮濕濕嘅女士, 而且重要有水珠由髮尾滴出嚟.. 對唔住, 我覺得一啲都唔性感, 濕笠笠嘅頭髮睇落成個落湯雞或跑完馬拉松咁, 一個字形容, 惡心!! 係唔係咁趕時間, 頭髮未乾就趕住出門?? 如果咁趕就唔好洗頭啦唔該.. 仲有至憎頭髮濕笠笠, 仲要(以為自己係環球小姐咁)fing晒頭髮, 啲水潑向其他乘客, 好冇禮貌囉!!
many times in the train i see ladies leaving their house with wet hair, even with water dripping down from the tip of their hair strands.. to me this is not sexy at all but so unsightly, wet hair makes you look like you're caught in the rain or after doing a marathon, make it short, FILTHY!! are they so rush they don't have enough time to dry their hair?? if you do not have time to dry your hair, then please don't wash it.. especially hate those who still flick their hair (thinking she is a miss universe) and water splashes onto other passengers, this is so rude!!

21.03.2012 | 畫啲嘢啦

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1360]
閣下係唔係仲玩緊angry birds?? 我覺得近期比較hit呢個叫做DRAW SOMETHING嘅游戲.. 我其實好鐘意呢個游戲, 畫啲嘢叫朋友估估下, 尤其突然接到好耐都冇聯絡嘅朋友投下嘅戰書, 特別開心囉, 呵呵!! 不過以上當然唔係我嘅傑作啦, 我要畫到好似佢哋一成咁好都做唔到啦, 哈哈!!
are you still playing angry birds?? i think the more popular games on smartphones is now this DRAW SOMETHING!! just love this game, draw something and get your friends to guess, it's just drawsome especially interacting with some friends which we have not been keeping in touch often!! anyway those above are not my work, i can't draw even 10% close to these people at all, haha!!

20.03.2012 | 牛仔穿窿

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1359]
該煨, 睇下我條牛仔褲穿咗個咁大嘅窿, 大到可以放入五隻手指頭!! 雖然穿喺呢個咁尷尬嘅位置, 不過唔好想歪, 因為著起條褲時呢個位置係我大髀內側.. 一定係我對又粗又肥嘅大髀, 行路嘅時候摩擦到穿咗個大窿!! 都唔知我點著褲, 定還是係時候減肥??!! @_@
ooopsss, look at this huge hole on my pair of jeans, so huge my five fingers can go in!! though at a very embarrassing part, but please don't think otherwise, when i wear this it actually is at my inner thigh position.. guess must be my big fat thighs that caused the friction when i walk and hence the hole!! really no idea how i wear pants, or should i start to loose some weight already??!! @_@

19.03.2012 | 不捨得睡

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1358]
嗱, 你好老老實實話我知, 到底噚晚你係唔係好夜瞓, 就算係超眼瞓都唔捨得早啲去瞓呢?? 呵呵.. 其實有時候都會嘅, 因為假期意猶未盡, 唔想咁快結束吖嘛, 所以一諗到聽朝又要一早起身返工, 心理上就有些掙扎.. 定還是你會比平時早啲去瞓, 以迎接新一天嘅來臨呢?? :p
so tell me honestly, did you stay up late last night and not willing to go to sleep although you were very sleepy?? haha.. i think it happens sometimes, because holidays are never enough and when you think about having to wake up early the next morning again to go back to work, you are struggling mentally.. or maybe you are instead going to bed earlier than norm to welcome another brand new day in your life?? :p

18.03.2012 | 摩登之符

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1357]
朋友由日本旅行返嚟, 話幫我喺明治神宮求咗道平安符.. 橫睇豎睇, 呢道符又摩登又現代, 印刷精美得似一張書籤多啲.. 同我一路以來印象中嘅(中國道家鬼畫)符, 有好大出入囉.. 請原諒我見識淺窄, 都未去過日本吖嘛我, 呵呵~~
a friend came back from his trip to japan and gave me a talisman he got from the famous meiji jingu shrine.. i examine this japanese talisman and think it's very modern and commercialised, the perfect printing makes it looks more like bookmark to me.. it's really different from the chinese style taoism hand-scribbled talisman rooted in my mind.. please pardon my ignorance, cos i've not been to japan before mah, haha~~

17.03.2012 | 神乎其技

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1356]
我記得之前已經貼過呢條短片, 不過近日再睇返我都依然係要笑到碌地.. 所以真係不得不再次同各位親愛嘅讀者分享一下, 祝各位有個愉快的週末!! :)
i think i've shown this video clips before, but watching it again from youtube, i really had a great laugh so i am going to share this again with all my readers.. have an enjoyable weekend everyone!! :)

16.03.2012 | 新舊比拼

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1355]
數日前喺面卜見到呢張圖片, 即刻勾起我嘅手機回憶.. 之前用過又大舊支接收線又粗嘅手機, 再去到超低resolution嘅cheap彩屏電話, 再去到半touch screen slide手機, 到依家開開心心用住部艾瘋.. 依家啲手機尤其屏幕越來越大, 而且由色彩繽紛塑膠殼到依家單調金屬殼, 的確演變得好快.. 你又係屬於邊款呢?? 現在定過去呢?? 呵呵~~ :)
saw this in facebook the other day and it really makes me recall what phones i have been using this far.. from the bulky one with huge antenna, to the one with cheap resolution color screen, to the semi touch screen slide phone to now using an iPhone.. wow, sure evolved a lot huh, especially the increasing screen size and from colorful plastic to now monotonic metal.. so which one are you?? the past or the present?? haha.. :)

15.03.2012 | 無所遁形

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1354]
發覺面卜最近嘅timeline功能好似踩緊個人私隱條鋼線, 我可以好清楚睇到朋友嘅每一個動作, 包括佢哋comment或like我完全唔識得嘅陌生人啲status同相片.. 嘩, 言下之意真係非常暴露無遺囉.. 我喺度諗, 如果我啲朋友都同樣comment或like我啲status同相片, 豈不是有機會俾其他陌生人睇住?? 不過我都明白一旦上咗網路, 係絕對冇咩私隱可言㗎喇, 所以凡事都應該慎重衡量, 呢一點我通常都會做到嘅.. :)
i find the the new facebook layout is more proned to privacy vulnerability.. with the new timeline feature, i can see all friends' activities, including their comments on statuses or photos from people i do not know at all.. wow, that's very exposed right?? i wonder when my friends commented or liked my photos or statuses, will some strangers in another part of the world also watching me?? anyway, i understand once you're on the internet you can never be discreet.. hence the best thing to do, justify what you wanna share and this i'm very sure i always do.. :)

14.03.2012 | 減用膠袋

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1353]
雖然我平時去買嘢未必每次都記得環保袋, 不過至少我會儘量唔要用咁多膠袋, 可以唔用就最好不過.. 以下見到兩位(睇落知書識禮嘅)人, 我覺得好佢哋連剩餘嘅一啲環保意識都冇, 非常可悲囉~~
  • 某麥當勞內, 職員已經用紙袋將所有食物包好, 顧客竟然同職員要多兩個膠袋, 將全部紙袋再一併打包起嚟!! 嘩, 脫褲放屁囉我覺得..
  • 某霸級市場內.. 顧客買咗四支1.5L汽水, 怕一個膠袋會穿, 就吩咐職員用兩層膠袋包起啲汽水!! 大隻雷雷咁, 用手托住啦唔該~~
though i don't always remember to bring along a recycle bag with me, i try my best to use the least plastic bags possible, better still if i can save any.. but i saw these two (looks very educated) person and i think they don't even have a little sense of environmental awareness, what a pity sight~~
  • in a McD, the staff already packed all food in paper bags, but this customer further requested for two extra plastic bags to for her to bag all those paper bags of food again!! oh gosh, why she need to be so redundant??
  • in a hypermarket, a customer bought 4 bottles of 1.5L drinks, worried that one plastic bag cannot support the weight, he asked the staff to pack them in two layers of plastic bag!! come on, he look so physically strong, can't he just grab them in his arms??

13.03.2012 | 六六無窮

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1352]
六年前偷偷用咗(少少)工作時間開咗呢個blog寫咗第一篇post, 轉眼間六年過去, 估唔到我仲依然持續呢股熱誠.. 多謝各位鼎立支持, 希望嚟緊嘅第七年將會係各位覺得精彩嘅一年~~ :)
■ 默默支持我嘅讀者們, 今日就俾個面, 留個言等我知道你嘅存在好唔好?? :)
six years ago i sneaked from work, secretly started this blog and published my very first post.. thank you for all your support, hope the coming 7th year will sure be an interesting year for all~~ :)
■ to all silent readers, please give me face today, leave a message so that i know you are there ok?? :)

12.03.2012 | 互動發貼

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1351]
一路以來我啲post都儘量保持精簡, 因為我唔鐘意寫長篇大論, 以至讀者需要scroll廿分鐘先可以讀晒全文.. 所以就用比較互動嘅方法, 讀者睇晒摘要之余, 可以自行選擇睇唔睇埋啲詳細故事.. 有讀者建(玩玩下)議搞個blog workshop, 好啦, 今日就同大家分享點樣用buttons嚟顯示額外詳細故事啦.. 我只唔會有(好多)人得鬼閑去試喇, 所以睇下反應如何先決定以後要唔要繼續分享啦.. :)
i always keep my posts short and sweet, because i don't like posting long winded stories that you need to scroll for 20 minutes to finish reading.. that's where i usually have interactive posts to let readers just read the summary and opt whether to continue with the details.. some readers (jokingly) suggest blog workshop and so today i came with this idea to share how to create an interactive posts using buttons to show detailed stories.. well, i know not many will give a d*mn to try, so let's see how's the response and decide if there will be further need of sharing~~ :)

11.03.2012 | 我鐘意大

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1350]
我享受食美國餐, 第一係因為啖啖肉啱晒我呢個食肉獸, 第二係因為份量通常都夠晒(龐)大.. 每次見到好多嘢食喺我眼前, 我就會好興奮.. 雖然到食最後會因為覺得就快飽死而後悔, 不過都係一時之念, 幾日後咪又係開開心心去尋美食?? 有美食嘅人生, 係一種享受~~ :)
i enjoy having american, first because it's all meaty and so heaven for such a carnivore like me, second because normally the portion is big huge.. everytime i see loads of food in front of me, i get excited.. though i get a little guilty and regret for eating too much till i feel like "bloat-dead", yet that's the thought at that moment, few days later we still go hunt for food right?? life with nice food, that's one best thing you would ever have~~ :)

10.03.2012 | 腦袋空白

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1349]
最近習慣前一日將今日嘅貼寫好然之後schedule第二朝publish, 但係依家已經凌晨一點鐘, 腦袋一片空白.. 剛做完一部份嘅paper, 之後慢慢回應前一篇貼嘅留言.. 承蒙各位讀者嘅努力, 昨日一篇貼沖破200條留言大關!! 好驚人, 從來都未試過!! 頭先卯盡腦汁做完功課, 再被呢百余條留言榨干榨淨, 難怪我依家好似感覺唔到自己個腦咁啦~~ @_@"
recently i'm used to write my posts the night before and then schedule it to publish early next morning, but it's already 1:00am now and my mind is blank.. just done with a part of my paper, and then replying the comments on the previous post.. thanks to the everyone's effort in leaving comments, the post yesterday breakthrough the 200-comments line!! a very impressive figure i've never encountered before!! have been using too much brain juice on my paper, and the 150 over comments further drain it out, no wonder i don't seem to feel my brain at all now~~ @_@"

09.03.2012 | 我愛喬裝

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1348]
其實我覺得自己有啲大細路, 好多時候會被麥當當啲玩具吸引.. 當然佢都偶有佳作嘅, 所以噚日就(同小朋友爭)買咗隻玩具嚟玩.. 好的骰好趣緻, 仲可以發光添㗎, 呵呵!! 估唔估到係咩?? 按上邊個紅色三角自有分曉, 祝大家週末愉快~~ :)
i think i am actually a kid inside me, many times i would be attracted by McD's toys.. of course McD does come out with nice toys occassionally, hence i (compete with other kids and) bought a little toy from them yesterday.. very cute and adorable, and can even glow in the dark, hehe!! can you guess who it is?? click on the red triangle above and you'll know, happy weekend everyone~~ :)
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08.03.2012 | 艾瘋牆紙

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1347]
自從有咗呢部「艾瘋」手機之後, 我突然間好沉迷於更換手機牆紙.. 我一得閑就會上網作地壇式搜查, 搵到得意抵死嘅卡通人物/動物, 就會下載當手機牆紙㗎喇.. 不過鑒於自己係個極俱創意+完美主義者(獻醜喇!!), 一張簡單圖片點可以過到我嗰關呢?? 所以我會每張圖片都擺一小張自己個樣同大名上去, 實行將佢哋「私有化」.. 以上係我嘅一啲牆紙, 你可以從中噏得出邊幾個卡通嘅名呢?? :p
since after i have this iPhone, i had a sudden "fetish" to change the wallpaper very frequently.. whenever i'm free, i will search high and low in the internet for cute cartoon characters, and then set those pictures as my phone wallpaper.. knowing how creative and a perfectionist i am (ahem!!), how can i be satisfied with just plain pictures?? so i personalised every picture by putting in a small photo of myself and my big name on them.. above are some of my personalised wallpapers, how many characters can you name from there?? :p

07.03.2012 | 每月啤嗱

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1346]
唔知幾時開始, 我習慣將自己個樣擺入個blog嘅header banner.. 又唔知幾時開始, 我習慣每個月都換banner.. 所以就有讀者問我(嗱, 我有睇留言㗎!!)係用咩軟件?? 冇㗎其實, 網上大把呢啲網站可以幫你張相擺入不同背景㗎喎.. 其中我幫襯開嘅係呢個網站囉, 好多有趣背景, 唔錯㗎.. 至於相片修改, 我係用呢個免費軟件嘅, 都有齊晒好多功能㗎, 美中不足係唔支援中文輸入..
i don't recall since when i start to put my face in my blog's header banner, and i don't also recall sicne when i change my banner every month.. so there are readers who ask (i do read the comments ok??) what software i use for the banner.. none i say, because there are lots of websites that can do that and the one i frequent most is this website.. there are lots of nice backgrounds and it's very user friendly.. as for the photo editing tools, i am using this freeware, lots of nice features just one imperfection it doesn't support chinese input..

06.03.2012 | 阻頭阻勢

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1345]
睇咗呢位朋友嘅一篇貼之後, 我有感而發.. 係喇, 閣下嘅blog係唔係有呢個word verification㗎?? 我知你嘅用意, 不過其實對於你親愛嘅讀者嚟講, 呢個項目一啲都唔型, 要留言係一種不便囉.. 而且blogger仲改用captcha, 依家要打兩個字, 更加係雪上加霜啦.. 查實blogger內設spam detection功能, 我覺得work喎, 所以我一路以嚟都唔用word verification而且仲相安無事.. 如果唔係邊得嚟咁多讀者可以開開心心喺我地盤灌水呢?? 呵呵~~ :p
after reading a post from this friend, i have something to say.. so did you turn on work verification in your blog?? i know your intention but think about it, it's actually not cool at all but so inconvenient for your fellow readers who want to comment.. furthermore blogger has changed to captcha which is now making things worse.. do you know blogger has built in its spam detection feature?? i turned that on and get away with word verification and it works well for me, no garbage spams at all!! else where do you think i can have my readers happily spamming *meaningful* comments here in my blog?? hehehe~~ :p

05.03.2012 | 邊忽雞肉

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1344]
對於我嚟講, 豬肉係豬肉, 牛肉係牛肉, 不過講到雞肉我就好識分辨各個部位.. 我只會食雞胸雞背雞翼三個部位, 反而一般人選擇食嘅雞髀部位我就唔鐘意喇.. 就係鐘意結實啲嘅肉, 雞髀實在太油膩喇, 所以每次食雞肉嘅時候我都會指明要"白肉".. 唔信嘅話, 去買兩舊雞, 比較一下雞髀比雞胸滴出幾多油?? 呵呵~~ :D
in my world, beef is beef and pork is pork, but when it comes to chicken, i discern between the parts of a chicken.. i only eat breast, rib and wing of a chicken but never like drumstick and thigh that most people prefer.. i just like lean meat and the latter are too oily for me, that's why whenever i order chicken i will specifically request for white meat.. don't believe me, go get two pieces of fried chicken and compare how much more oil is dripping out from a thigh than a breast, hahaha~~ :D

04.03.2012 | 坐好啲嚟

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1343]
搭輕鐵火車嘅時候, 其中一種最乞我憎嘅人, 就係好似相中坐到死蛇爛鱔仲要翹起隻豬腿嘅人!! 冇厘貴格不特止(不過係佢個人修養問題, 我管不了), 坐到咁款真係俾企住嘅其他乘客帶來不便.. 成個下半身霸住一個企位, 其他人要企都要繞道或跨過去遷就.. 唔該坐直雙腳貼地, 為下其他人著想好唔好??
when i commute in trains, one of those people i hate most are those who sit like no backbone and crossing their "trotter" as shown in the photo.. first it look so unclassy (but then that's their personal traits i cannot control), it actually causes inconvenience to other standing passengers.. look at the whole bottom half of the body taking up a standing space, when others wanted to stand, they just have to wind or leap over those legs to get some space to stand.. come on, just be considerate and sit upright and both feet down won't you??

03.03.2012 | 濕威曲奇

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1342]
相信大家對subway啲sandwich都唔覺陌生啦, 但係應該唔多人食過佢啲曲奇.. 佢啲曲奇一個手掌咁大, 唔係我哋平時食開脆卜卜嗰啲, 而係soft cookies嚟, 咬落去係稔稔地, 不過就稔中帶啲煙韌, 好唔錯㗎.. 三件四蚊食得好開心, 我就好鐘意喇, 你試過未?? :)
i believe subway sandwiches are quite common and popular now, but i think not many are aware of their cookies.. the size of a palm, not those crunchy type we used to eat, but these are soft cookies.. soft when you bite, but a bit chewy and sticky, not bad at all.. in fact i like it very much, selling at RM4 for 3 pieces, have you tried them?? :)

02.03.2012 | 二月留言

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1341]
二月留言排行榜 February's Comment Chart
#(#)博客 Blogger得分 Score
1.(3)Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole51.5
2.(1)yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE49.0
3.(2)lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard48.5
4.(9)Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone47.3
5.(5)edward @ 乐天小筑41.1
Top 10bluedreamer27 (33.5), Sheoh Yan (32.0), 海市蜃樓 (30.7), 小雪 (30.5), HappySurfer (29.2)
Top 15Small Kucing (26.8), wenn (26.1), Rad Sujanto (25.7), Isaac Tan (25.7), suituapui (24.6), Hayley (14.8)
話咁快二月又悄悄地過去喇, 二月果然係競爭激烈呀, 不過見到有幾位常客喺我地盤度結交朋友, 我覺得係一件好事喎, 邊個夠膽話我啲讀者咁樣灌水法係無聊??!! 我就話係交流!! 呵呵~~ 恭喜晒各位榜上有名嘅讀者, 溫馨提示呢個月尾就係本季結算喇, 唔好鬆懈落嚟呀!! :D
february has just gone away quietly, it was such an intense month for the commenters huh?? but i am happy to see some readers making "virtual friends" with each other through commenting in my blog, now who say spamming is nonsense?? i say spamming is interaction!! haha~~ many congratulations to those on the chart, gentle reminder that end of the month will conclude the quarterly results, don't you dare to relax!! :D

01.03.2012 | 啡哩姑特

[Volume 7 Issue 3, #1340]
有咩事係可以令到一個人完完全全覺得自己係一位學生呢?? 讀書, 考試, 做功課, 成績放榜?? 可能冇咁大impact, 令我真正有感覺嘅, 就係今日見到講師喺我張功課上打咗好多個剔, 然之後贈我一個"very good"埋尾.. 哈哈, 如此事情, 教我如何唔覺得自己係一位真正學生呢?? :D
■ ■ 話時話, 聽日留言榜成績出爐, 你有冇好似學生拎成績表咁緊張?? :p
have you thought of what really makes you feel like a student?? studying, exams, homework, waiting for results?? maybe not a big impact, but what makes me feel that was when i saw the lecturer marking my paper with lots of ticks, and finally gave me a "very good" to end the story.. hahaha, tell me now, how can this not make you feel like a real student again?? :D
■ ■ BTW, the comments chart will be revealed tomorrow, are you very excited like a student getting his/her results?? :p