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30.05.2011 | 不能自拔

最近發覺自己對呢一隻兔子有一種不能自拔嘅喜愛.. 肥短身材又凸眼又冇牙再加埋一個血盆大口, 實在稱得上係奇丑無比, 不過我反而覺得佢係丑樣得極之可愛囉, 解釋唔到個原因, 哈哈!!

搞到我哩, 呢幾日不停上網搜索佢啲玉照, 下載後整咗好多張手機牆紙.. 平時見到手機上佢嗰一副超抵死又賤又衰嘅尊容, 整色整水七情上面咁, 我就忍唔住會心一笑, 心情都自然好啲囉.. 各位朋友, 介紹我最近嘅心頭好Raving Rabbids!! 夠晒可愛啦係嘛?? 呵呵~~ :p
i realised i've been so obsessed with this rabbit recently.. with a fat figure, popping eyes, only two big teeth and a huge mouth, i am sure everyone will say that's ugly, but to me he is just so f**king scarily and uglily cute.. that's something unexplainable, haha!!

see what he did?? he just made me spend time searching for his photos online, and then download them as wallpapers on my handphone.. many times when i see him appearing on the screen, with that exeggerated drama face and a look you feel like throwing eggs on him, i'll just laugh inside my heart and become happier.. ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce my most recent favourite, Raving Rabbids!! isn't him very adorable?? hehe~~ :p

26.05.2011 | 麥記奇遇

最近好頻密地幫襯麥當當.. 第一, 因為我要收集全部六寬可口可樂玻璃杯.. 第二, 搵個正地方做功課, 因為貪佢有冷氣有免費上網有無限量添飲汽水, 呵呵.. 正因為咁所以見到好多人生百態, 其中比較有趣嘅有:
  • 啲漢堡包越整越求其, 一打開個盒, 就係成pet嘢亂糟糟咁[按此查看], 都唔知好嬲定好笑..
  • 見到有學生面不改色咁食緊RM12.95嘅雙層脆辣雞腿包, 我呢個又窮又老嘅學生只能負擔得起RM5.95嘅普通麥香雞..
  • 有個女人一個人拎咗六碟滿滿嘅辣椒醬!! 駛唔駛咁多啊?? 唔係諗住辣椒醬當甜品, 又或者想自創「麥咕嚕雞肉包」係嘛?? :D

i've been patronising McD quite frequently recently.. first, because i am collecting the coca-cola glass.. secondly, i find it a nice place for me to do my assignments, because there is air-cond, free internet and free unlimited refill of drinks, haha.. being in McD i have observed many faces of the people, and here are some interesting ones:
  • i find the way the crew prepares the burger is getting more and more casual, this is what i get for my Big Mac [click here to see], i thought it's their new product called Big MESS..
  • saw some students happily biting their Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe at RM12.95, but me the old and poor student can only afford the normal McChicken at RM5.95..
  • saw a woman taking 6 full plates of chili sauce all for herself, totally jaw dropped!! does she really need that much of chili sauce?? was she having the extra for desserts, or she's trying to invent her very own Mc-"Ayam Masak Merah"?? :D

23.05.2011 | 豈有此理

今日下午喺旺莎瑪珠呢間Alpha Angle商場有個非常不愉快嘅經歷.. 話說我部電腦用到冇晒電, 咁我見凳子下邊有幾個插座, 理所當然就用佢嚟叉電啦.. 點知有個保安人員行埋嚟話唔可以用!!
保安: 先生你唔可以用呢啲插座, 請你收起你部電腦..
我: [頭頂十萬個問號] 吓?? 點解唔可以用啊??
保安: 呢度係商場, 你就係唔俾用啦..
我: 點解?? 唔該你俾個合理嘅解釋我喇..
保安: 總之上頭話唔得啦, 呢啲係商場嘅電..
我: 我都係商場顧客, 唔通唔可以用?? 你經理呢??
保安: [開始轟我] 我都係照上頭意思, 你要記低我個名同上面投訴請隨便[指著佢張工作證]..

踩親我條尾囉, 我即刻打電話去客戶服務中心鬧人!! 結果佢哋話當然冇問題, 仲幫我叫個經理向我解釋, 個實Q(仲要係保安主任喎佢~~)當然發晒爛咋, 非常冇禮貌又毫無責任咁行開咗!! 結果我同經理理論, 佢話為咗顧客安全通常都唔俾用, 但係某些情況之下又準許喎.. 咩意思呀?? 即係話要鬧過人先可以用呀咁?? 顧客安全?? 咁點解唔放個告示或者封起啲插座?? 荒謬!! 真係扯鬼火, 唔該大家幫手評下理喇..
i had a very unpleasant experience in Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju this afternoon.. i was using my laptop and when my battery almost gone flat, i saw a few power plugs underneath thr bench and of course i plug in my power adapter to charge.. who knows couple of minutes later, a security guard came over and prohibited me from using the power..
guard: sir you are not allowed to use the power, please keep your laptop..
me: [a million puzzle] huh?? why can't i use??
guard: this is shopping mall, you're just not allowed..
me: but why?? can you give me a valid reason??
guard: this is instruction from the management, the electricity belongs to Alpha Angle..
me: i'm a customer of Alpha Angle, why can't i use the power plug here?? can i talk to your manager??
guard: [starting to get agitated] i just follow instructions, if you want to complain this is my name [showing me his ID]..

i was totally pissed off and immediately called up the customer care, and they said there is of course no problem for me to use the power.. i asked for a resolution and they helped me to get the manager to come and see me.. the guard (somemore a supervisor!!) knew the manager is going to allow me to use, and very rudely and irresponsibly he walked away.. i then complained to the manager, she explained that for the safety of customers they don't normally allowed that but under certain situations they allow.. what was she trying to say?? implying that the customers need to complain them before they can use the power?? safety of customers?? then put a notice or seal the power plugs!! this is so ridiculous.. i was really frustrated, please can i have some justice, anyone??

20.05.2011 | 努力加油

他他條條享受學生生活一個月之後, 最近有感火燒眼眉, 兩個module兩份assignment下個月尾同時要交喇.. 驚覺剩下時間不多, 所以呢幾日好勤奮, 日日專程報到圖書館, 全日專心瞓身做assignment呀..

大學畢業超過十年重返校園, 發覺真係要重新習慣學術上嘅研究同項目.. 啲assignment都需要去諗下點樣將研究用於真實個案上, 尤其啲企業管理, 帳務, 財政同市場範圍嘅嘢, 對於我呢個IT人嚟講係非常之陌生囉.. 所以我係需要花多倍時間嘅, 不過除咗完成之外別無他選喇, 所以請祝我成功, がんばって!! :)
after enjoying my student life for a month, i suddenly felt some kind of urgency on my two assingments to be submitted together by end of next month.. realised there's not much time left, i've been very hardworking these few days to stay in the library "full time" so that i can fully concentrate on assignments..

i realised it takes a learning curve to pick up academic research and projects again after a more-than-10-year gap.. the assignments require thinking on how to apply research into realistic cases, and i find all those entrepreneurship strategy, accounting, finance and marketing areas that i need to dive into very alien to an IT guy like me.. hence extra effort for me to cope with, but i have no other option than to accomplish, so please wish me success and ganbatte!! :)

18.05.2011 | 有何貴幹

行街買嘢嘅時候, 我不嬲都中意自己慢慢咁週圍睇下.. 如果有好慇懃嘅sales突然行埋嚟招呼, 除非我真係需要幫手啦, 否則我通常都會禮貌笑番下跟住離開, 因為覺得唔自在.. 遇著非常之hardsell又吊住你尾嘅, 我就更加避而遠之啦..

不過我發覺而家我哋好多sales, 行埋嚟唔係「先生, 有咩可以幫到你呢?」咁, 而係失驚無神出現你左右, 兜頭一句「YES??」彈埋嚟!! @_@" 嘩, 大佬, 我俾咩反應你好啊?? 我又冇嘢叫你過嚟, 你一聲「YES??」, 好似係想我幫你手多啲囉.. 今時今日sales都係一份專業, 唔該招呼客人嘅時後, 可唔可以pro啲呢吓??
when i go shopping i normally like to take my own sweet time to browse around.. when there's enthusiastic sales assistant coming over to serve, unless i really need help else i will feel quite uncomfortable and choose to reply with a polite smile and then walk away.. and for the case of hardselling sales assistant who follows me everywhere like a magnet, i definitely will want to leave the place..

and i actually realised many of our sales assistant, instead of asking "how may i help you sir??", would just stand beside you in a sudden and then throw you a simple "YES??"!! @_@" i'm like, WTH, what kind of response are they expecting from me?? i didn't ask for assistant but they just came by and throw a "YES??" to me, as if they need my help more than i need theirs.. in today's world, sales assistant is considered a profession, do they mind to be a tad more professional really??

15.05.2011 | 說謊小孩

前日行去輕鐵站途中, 遇見個大約10歲著住校服嘅小朋友, 以下係我哋嘅對話:
童: 叔叔, 你可唔可以俾70仙我呀??
我: 小朋友, 你要70仙做咩啊??
童: 我要70仙搭輕鐵返屋企, 我啲錢用晒..
我: 70仙夠喇?? 叔叔都係搭輕鐵, 一陣我幫你買飛好唔好??
童: 夠架, 不如你就俾我錢啦, 我想買嘢飲..
我: 唔好, 我一陣幫你俾車錢..
童: 你俾住我先啦, 我等埋朋友一起返..

各位有何意見呢?? 我就認為呢為小朋友好明顯講緊大話囉, 前後口供都唔夾嘅.. 而且普通一個小朋友, 常理上都唔會開口同陌生人要錢啩?? 嘩!! 而家啲細路都真係狼死.. 我懶理佢咁多, 到輕鐵站之後, 我堅持要幫佢買飛, 親眼睇住佢上車返屋企, 就係唔好俾佢得逞..
was walking to the LRT station the other day when i bumped into a schoolboy around 10 in his uniform, below was our conversation:
boy: uncle, do you have 70-sen to spare for me??
me: errr, why are you asking for 70-sen?
boy: 70-sen for me to take the train home, i've finished using my money..
me: is that enough? uncle is taking train too, i'll pay the fares for you later..
boy: yes, that's enough.. but can you give me the money, i want to buy drinks..
me: nope, i will pay your fares later..
boy: give me the money please, i want to wait for my friends together..

so what do you think?? i think the boy is lying very obviously, because he's trying to give different reasons to cover his lies but they don't synch at all.. furthermore, i don't think a normal kid will just ask a stranger for money right?? gosh, kids nowadays are really unpredictable yeah?? but i don't care, i insisted to get him the ticket, watched him board the train going back, rather than allowing him to get what he's planning to get..

12.05.2011 | 我係肉獸

[註: 呢個唔係美食篇] 同友人食經濟雜飯, 見佢拎三樣餸都係青菜, 連老闆娘睇數時都不經意問咗句「冇肉??」.. 俾著我就肯定至少一個肉囉, 我係個絕對嘅食肉獸, 就算一兩餐可以忍受冇肉食, 不過絕對忍受唔到一兩日冇肉食!! 哈哈.. :D

不過講到肉, 我幾揀擇架.. 你俾我啲瘦猛猛骨杉杉冇咩肉食嘅肉, 我最多係話「嗯, 好嘅」.. 如果俾我啖啖肉又去晒骨嘅肉, 我肯定「嘩! 好呀!!」.. 肉扒, 香腸, 火腿, 肉餅呢啲先係我至愛.. 所以話咖哩雞我淨係食薯仔, 雞飯或KFC指定要雞胸, 就係咁解喇, 哈哈~~ :p
[note: this is not a food post] was having "chap fan" with a friend the other day and he picked only vegetable dishes, even the stall owner was a little surprise and ask "no meat??".. for me, i will definitely have one meat, because i am an absolute "carnivore", i can go meatless for couple of meals but definitely not for couple of days, haha.. :D

but when it comes to meat i may be a little picky.. serve me meat with bones more than flesh, i'd just say "oh, ok".. serve me meat with no bones and especially lean ones, i'd happily say "wow, great!!".. i only love things like sausages, ham, steak, meatballs, meat patties.. and that explains why i only eat the potatoes in curry chicken, i specifically ask for breast when i go for KFC or chicken rice, hehehe~~ :p

09.05.2011 | 循環再用

相信大家屋企應該都有好多舊雜誌, 傳單, 公司財政彙報之類嘅印刷品.. 正打算要清理呢啲廢紙之時, 又受內心啲咁多嘅環保意識責備, 但係又得鬼閑攞去環保站, 結果依然係堆滿成間屋積灰塵--俾我噏中晒係唔係呢?? :p

其實呢啲紙好有用, 隨手一摺就摺成一個紙兜仔, 用處就多喇.. 生活小貼士: 餐檯上可以用嚟luer骨頭, 平時食餅兜住可以避免一身餅乾碎(中意嘅話筆啲碎嚟食唔好嘥), 辦公室內可以裝啲小型文具, 油漆是可以當帽戴住避免啲漆滴落頭, 等等等等.. 雖然未算百份百環保, 但係起碼都叫做實際循環再用吖.. :)
i bet we all have printer materials like magazines, brochures, annual reports etc lying around the house.. thought of disposing just like that but being a little environmental conscious we refrain ourselves from doing so, but again too busy to bring them to recycle stations, resulting them collecting dust in the house.. sounds familiar?? :p

actually these papers are very useful, simple fold them into paper "pot" and you can use them in many occassion.. simple tips: on your dining table use them for food waste, while eating biscuits use them for crumbs (and you can scoop the crumbs to eat without wasting), in office use them for small stationery or parts, while painting wear them as hat to avoid paint on your hair etc etc etc.. though not perfectly recycling but at least we are practically reusing right?? :)

05.05.2011 | 簡單幸福

11年前仲返緊第一份工嘅時候, 我每朝都會去呢個經濟麵檔食咗早餐先返工.. 11年後, 機緣巧合下再次嚟到呢度, 憑著昔日線路尋找, 驚喜原來麵檔仲喺度營業.. 嗌咗我最喜愛嘅炒米粉拼碗仔糕再加糖水一碗, 正是11年前嗰一種味道!! 食落肚嘅除咗係味道之外, 就完全係幸福感覺呢樣嘢喇..

老闆依然不拘小節, 今朝仲發生件趣事.. 佢同我講:「阿仔, 米粉響度你自己筆啦!! 唔驚, 筆到你夠為止!!」.. 我當時真係碌大眼吓咗一聲, 完全唔識得俾反應.. 真係從未見過有人咁樣做生意, 不過私底下又覺得好warm好有人情味喎, 現今社會真係買少見少喇.. :)
11 years ago while still with my very first job, i used to go to this noodles stall for breakfast every morning before heading to work.. 11 years later, i was there one morning and i followed the same route i used to go there, surprisingly the stall is still operating.. i ordered my favourite fried beehoon with rice cake and a bowl of sweet soup, they tasted exactly the same old good 11 years ago!! i felt like besides the taste of food, i was also savoring the happy memories..

the stall owner is still as easy-going, and this morning something interesting happened.. he told me "boy, the beehoon is right there, just help yourself and take as much as you can afford to eat, no worries!!".. i was like having the shock of my life, and didn't know how to respond.. partly because i've never come across people who would do business this way, partly because this was so warm and heartfelt that you can rarely find from people around nowadays.. :)

02.05.2011 | 手下留言

有讀者問我點解有幾位讀者係特別鐘意一次留好多個comments, 其實冇咩特別意思嘅, 都唔記得係邊位發起喇, 純粹係我哋之間交流嘅小玩意啫.. 講到留言, 我要衷心感謝各位讀者嘅鼎力支持, 有你哋嘅留言係我繼續努力嘅推動力!! 喺度總括四月份留言數據, 多謝大家賞面, 請繼續加油~~ :)

some readers asked why there are specific bloggers who like to leave multiple comments in a row on my blog.. well, there is actually nothing special, and i can't even remember who started this but this is purely the unique way we interact.. talking on comments, i sincerely thank everyone for the support, your comments are really motivation for me to keep going!! i've just summarise the statistics for the month of April, thanks for those who have made things happened, keep it up~~ :)
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