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30.04.2012 | 繼淨選盟

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1400]
唔好意思, 又係另一篇關於淨選盟3.0嘅貼.. 大集會之後, 我呢兩日來再次活躍於面卜.. 因為要得到最正確嘅消息, 真係要上網睇下身歷其境嘅當事人親自上載嘅短片/照片/文章.. 國內主要報章或電視台, 出晒名精于剪接, 務求以最表面嘅報導誤導群眾, 所以我都一概懶理..
■ 以下同大家分享我喺面卜嘅一啲updates
sorry for another Bersih 3.0 post.. after the rally, i became active in facebook again these couple of days.. because in order to get the frankest facts, we just have to get into social network and see insider updates through clips/photo/writings from those who were really involved.. local mainstream media are so well know for their skillful censorship, often reporting only superficial incidents to confused the audience, hence i never even given them a d*mn..
■ sharing some of my facebook updates below

29.04.2012 | 記淨選盟

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1399]
冇錯, 噚日我去咗淨選盟3.0嘅大集會.. 本來就係一心志在參與支持, 所以就冇去到最前線位置.. 因為所在位置偏離獨立廣場, 所以無驚無險安然度過和平嘅幾個小時, 慶幸冇受水炮同催淚彈攻擊, 慶幸冇見到任何暴動受傷事件.. 雖然不能夠話自己真正遊行抗議, 但係能夠與其他廿五萬人秉持同一精神, 嗰一刻, 我覺得親歷其境係值得驕傲嘅.. 你註冊投票咗未??
yes, i went to the Bersih 3.0 Rally yesterday.. i've always wanted just to attend and give support, hence i did not go to the very front line.. and because i was staying at peripheral locations, the few hours there have been peaceful, i was lucky that i wasn't hit by the water cannon and teargas, and there wasn't any violence and brutality seen.. though i may not consider this as practically participating, to be able to hold the same spirit with the other 250,000 people around me, at that moment, i felt that being there is something worth to be proud of.. have you registered to vote??

28.04.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1398]
第17週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 17
[00:01HRS 21.04.2012 - 23:59HRS 27.04.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger得分 Score
1(1)yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE
★★★ 連續四週第一位!! Four consecutive weeks at #1!!
2(5)Sheoh Yan @ Blog with Yan10.9
3(10)Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole10.8
4(3)wenn @ Experiences10.7
5(2)lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard9.8
6(4)Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone8.6
7(7)Small Kucing @ Small Kucing8.5
8(6)suituapui @ Still crazy after all these years!8.2
9(9)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓7.6
10(8)edward @ 乐天小筑7.4
四月份最新走勢 Latest standing for April
(截至 Up to: 08:00am 28.04.2012)
#1. yvonne (66.9)... #2. lina (47.8)... #3. wenn (41.8)... #4. edward (39.7)... #5. Sheoh Yan (37.4)... #6. Twilight Man (36.4)... #7. Kian Fai Koh (35.8)... #8. suituapui (32.3)... #9. Small Kucing (31.1)... #10. 海市蜃樓 (27.7)...
其實每次去到星期六, 我都有一種期待.. 期待見到本週嘅排行榜, 睇下邊幾位讀者(雖然都心中無數)可以金榜題名, 仲有更加有趣嘅係位置嘅調動.. 除咗有兩位讀者激升入三甲之外, 本週似乎有好多下跌情況喎, 要加油喇.. 恭喜各位金榜題名嘅讀者, 希望大家週末愉快~~~ :)
come every saturday i have something to look forward to, that is looking forward to see the weekly comment charts, to know who (though quite predictable) has made it to the chart and also the changes in the ranking position.. besides two readers who leap huge into the top 3, it seems like there are many who dropped in this week, gotta work harder lah.. congratulations to all who made it in the chart, wishing everyone a happy weekend~~ :)

27.04.2012 | 電話鈴聲

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1397]
除咗電話牆紙之外, 電話鈴聲我都係自己一手一腳包辦㗎(從來未下載過).. 自己做嘅好處係可以好個性化, 唔怕一出街聽到某個鈴聲, 就有99個人同時以為自己個電話響啦, 哈哈!! 剛剛下載咗呢個免費軟件, 可以將電腦/YouTube/CD里面自己喜歡嘅歌直接轉換成長達30秒嘅鈴聲.. 本人覺得簡單又實用, 介紹俾有興趣自制鈴聲嘅讀者們.. 我咪就係用呢首超正歌曲整咗我個鈴聲囉, 嘩, 型爆到哩~~
besides phone wallpapers, i DIY all my own ringtones (never downloaded any before).. the good thing about DIY ringtone is that you can really personalise it, so that when you heard a common ringtone you won't be one of the 99 people who are there searching for their phones, haha!! i just downloaded this free software, able to convert directly your favorite songs from PC/YouTube/CD into ringtones of up to 30-second long.. i think it's simple yet handy, recommend to readers who are interested to DIY their own ringtones.. guess what?? i just used it to make my ringtone from this nice song, oh gosh, it is so cool~~

26.04.2012 | 超級漢堡

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1396]
我雖然住喺呢個地方超過15年, 但係對與鄰里間發生嘅事, 可以話係矇然不知嘅.. 直到噚日髮型師話我知, 屋企附近有個賣漢堡包嘅檔攤每日大排長龍, 上網搜下先發覺原來係咁大支嘢!! 平均要排兩個小時, 呢個超級漢堡包, 隨你喜歡要幾多層.. 成吋厚嘅肉餅疊成座塔咁, 果然綽頭十足, 難怪個個耐心排隊都爭住要試啦.. 價錢每個RM7.50起, 每加一塊肉就另加RM5.50, 都非常之唔平.. 我未試過亦有意思想試, 不過見條人龍已經冇晒心情, 再見到咁多肉, 其實已經有少少唔開胃囉~~ :D
i've been staying here for more than 15 years but can be very ignorant about the happenings in this neighbourhood.. until my hairstylist told me yesterday about this burger stall that attracts huge crowd everyday, i googled a bit and only to realise how overwhelmed this news is in the neighbourhood!! two-hour of queuing in average, you can order as many layers of patty for your super burger.. the almost-a-inch thick patties stack to form a "tower" as a really interesting gimmick, no wonder so many are willing to queue up patiently just for a try.. price starts from RM7.50 and each additional patty is charged at RM5.50, really not cheap at all.. i have not tried and would like to, yet when i see such a long queue my mood subsided, and when i see such a huge pile of meat i actually lose my appetite~~ :D

25.04.2012 | 沙爹魚片

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1395]
大家仲記唔記得呢啲沙爹魚片?? 其實我以為佢哋絕晒種㗎喇, 點知俾我喺間罨罨耷耷(讀:up dup)嘅迷你市場見到, 興奮到即刻買咗兩包!! 仲記得以前5仙一串有4片咁多, 依家10仙一串得返兩片.. 咁耐冇食, 雖然覺得冇以前咁好味, 但係都叫做勾起少少童年回憶.. 係嘅, 我又再喺度話當年喇~~ :D
do you still remember this satay fish?? i thought this snack has already extinct, but i accidentally saw them in a very rundown mini mart the other day, so thrilled that i bought two packs for myself!! i still remember it was 5-sen a stick with 4 slices but now it's 10-sen with only 2 slices.. it's such a long time i've not eaten this before, though not as "yummy" as they were before but bring back some childhood memories.. alright i know i know, i am reminiscing the good old days again~~ :D

24.04.2012 | 今時唔同

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1394]
噚日喺gym入面見到兩位學生, 原來依家啲學生(嘅家長)咁有錢.. 想當年我都係同其他人爭個球場玩咋, 依家啲學生高尚到放學去gym運動添!! 如果要比較以前同依家啲學生, 佢哋用iPhone我哋就四週圍搵電話亭, 佢哋飲星巴克我哋飲茶檔拉茶, 佢哋食最貴嘅麥當當套餐我哋喺街邊啃雞飯.. 但係就從來唔會知足噃, 今時唔同往日呀~~
saw two students in the gym yesterday, so it suggests that students (and their parents) nowadays are so rich.. i remember i still fight for the field to play after school, and now they are so posh to be working out in private gym!! simply comparing the then and now students, they use iPhones while we hunted public phones up and down, they drink starbucks while we could only afford teh-tarik, they order the most expensive McD set while we were eating chicken rice by the roadside.. yet they don't appreciate what they are given, time has really changed and so do students~~

23.04.2012 | 超級戰艦

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1393]
發覺自己好耐都冇寫過自己去睇戲嘅貼, 原來以前我所寫嘅貼, 好多都係睇戲同食飯, 哈哈!! 其實對於呢一類嘅貼, 我已經興致缺缺喇, 我又唔係好識得點評嘅人, 所以其實冇咩好寫, 覺得自己寫得超悶!! 不過霎時間冇乜頭緒要寫啲咩, 所以就寫「噚日去咗睇呢齣《超級戰艦》, 享受連場嘅戰鬥, 本人覺得非常唔錯」.. 就係咁啦, 祝大家有個愉快嘅一週.. :p
i realised i've not been writing about watching movie for a long time, and found out my older posts were a lot about movies and food, haha!! actually i think i'm already bored of writing about food and watching movie, furthermore i'm not good in critiques so i really do not know what to write, hence i wrote them so boring!! but i do not have any other things in mind to blog about today, so maybe i'll just write "i went to watch the movie 'Battleship' yesterday, enjoyed the waves of combat scenes, a nice movie i think".. that's it and have a great week ahead.. :p

22.04.2012 | 甚麼道理

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1392]
每次去屈臣氏買嘢, 啲職員一定冤鬼纏身咁叫你申請會員卡.. 經過無數次不勝其煩之後, 為免夜長夢多, 日前終於妥協拎咗張!! 本來以為有價值RM200優惠固本可以值回入會費, 點知發現全部都係唔等駛嘅垃!!圾!! 好啦, 再上網啟動張卡, 結果死都要我接受「本人同意讓屈臣氏使用本人所提供的資料與選擇渠道聯絡本人」呢個條款(仲有屎到流嘅文法我都未講)!! 咩道理呀?? 我想保留私隱唔要被聯絡都唔俾?? 真係買張垃圾返嚟阻掟~~ @_@
every time at watson's, the staff will sure hard-sell their members card to customers.. after many times of decline, i got irritated and to stop those further nagging i finally gave up and took one.. at first i thought with the RM200 worth of vouchers it's worth the fees, but only to find out all vouchers are useless rubbish!! ok, and when i wanted to activate the card, the website won't get through unless i accept the "you agree watsons to use the information provided by you and the chosen channels to contact with you" clause (not to mention the lousy grammar they use)!! WTF??!! can't i have my privacy and not to be contacted?? it feels exactly like buying a piece of rubbish for nothing~~ @_@

21.04.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1391]
第16週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 16
[00:01HRS 14.04.2012 - 23:59HRS 20.04.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger得分 Score
1(1)yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE
★★★ 連續三週第一位 Three consecutive weeks at #1
2(2)lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard15.2
3(3)wenn @ Experiences13.0
4(9)Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone10.3
5(6)Sheoh Yan @ Blog with Yan10.2
6(5)suituapui @ Still crazy after all these years!9.3
7(7)Small Kucing @ Small Kucing8.9
8(18)edward @ 乐天小筑7.9
9(9)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓7.5
10(4)Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole6.1
四月份最新走勢 Latest standing for April
(截至 Up to: 07:30am 21.04.2012)
#1. yvonne (53.1)... #2. lina (38.0)... #3. wenn (31.1)... #4. Twilight Man (27.8)... #5. edward (27.0)... #6. Sheoh Yan (26.5)... #7. Kian Fai Koh (24.8)... #8. suituapui (24.1)... #9. Small Kucing (20.3)... #10. 海市蜃樓 (20.1)...
恭喜本週榜上有名嘅讀者, 呢個星期果然又係女士們三甲鼎天下嘅局面!! 男士們, 你哋去晒邊樹呀??!! 本週排名參差, 有大躍進由第18位飛降第8位, 亦都有人掉出榜外.. 下週大家再次努力喇, 祝各位有個愉快嘅週末~~~ :)
congratulations to those who made it to the chart this week, again the ladies grabbed the top positions this week!! where have all the gentlemen gone??!! it's a mixture of rise and fall for this week's chart, there's one big leap from 18th landing at 8th, as well as some falling out of the top 10.. anyway, let's work harder next week, have an enjoyable weekend everyone~~ :)

20.04.2012 | 打字效果

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1390]
係唔係開始覺得互動貼有點悶喇?? 好啦, 今日星期五, 就搞搞新意思, 嚟篇有動畫效果嘅貼啦!! 請按右邊的鈕開始:
bored of interactive posts?? well, it's friday and let's do something special with an animated post today!! click the button to start:

19.04.2012 | 手機游戲

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1389]
每日搭輕鐵嘅時候, 見到10個乘客當中, 有7位係攞住部手機喺度玩嘅, 當然我係其中一個啦.. 最近比較常玩嘅係以上兩個游戲.. 呢一種色彩繽紛, 可愛又cutie嘅游戲就最啱我喇, 因為唔駛用腦(齋靠眼力就得), 娛樂性豐富又唔會有壓力.. 所以唔好攞我同嗰啲玩游戲玩到會大呼小叫兼鬧人祖宗嘅宅男比較喇, 哈哈..
everyday when i commute in LRT, i can see out of 10 passengers there are 7 who are playing with their phones, of course i am one of them.. the games above are two i played more often recently.. such kind of colorful and cute games are most suitable for me, because i don't need to use my brain (only with sharp eyesight will do), and they are very amusing yet not pressurizing.. but then do not compare me to those geeks who will uncontrollably shout and scold people when they are playing games, haha..

18.04.2012 | 奶茶危機

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1388]
最近坊間爆紅嘅珍珠奶茶, 一間接一間開完再開.. 見到啲人排晒長龍, 手上拎住一杯所謂嘅「潮流飲品」, 一副「阿媽我得咗喇」嘅亢奮神情, 我覺得幾可笑.. 昨日於面卜睇到一篇關於珍珠奶茶嘅寫作, 個人認為一針見血, 寫得非常之好.. 好慶幸我從來一杯都未飲過..
bubble milk tea has become so popular recently that shops open one right after another.. i always think it is utterly amusing to see that priceless "mum, i finally did it" expression on the face of those who managed to grab a cup of this "stylish drinks" after a long queue.. read an article on facebook about bubble milk tea, and i personally think this is so well written, right to the dot.. i am so happy that i have not tried a single cup of them..

17.04.2012 | 飛甲傳說

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1387]
[本貼不含恐怖怪談] 剛才隻左眼覺得怪怪地, 以為係眼睛乾澀啦, 滴咗啲眼藥水, 不過都好似冇幫助.. 於是不停眨眼又捽眼, 點知捽捽下捽到樣嘢出嚟.. 仔細睇, 原來係指甲屑!! 點解無端端有忽指甲屑喺我眼入面??!! 梗係噚晚剪指甲嘅時候飛入隻眼度.. 點解當時冇感覺, 仲要喺我眼內安然投宿一宵??!! 大吉利是, 下次要戴返副泳鏡穩陣啲~~ 囧
[this is NOT scary movie] i felt something weird in my left eye just now, thought it was dry so i dripped some eye-drop, but didn't help.. so i blinked and rubbed a bit, and something came out.. i looked carefully and to my horror it was a sliver of fingernail!! why the hell there's fingernail in my left eye?? must have been flung into my eye when i cut my nails last night.. gosh, why didn't i feel anything then but it just stayed overnight in my eyes??!! scary, must wear goggles next time~~

16.04.2012 | 週末廚房

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1386]
大家週末過得如何呀?? 我見悶悶地, 於是學下人家玩下煮飯仔啦.. 點呀?? 呢碗瑤柱海鮮湯底全蛋麵, 伴香味四溢嘅烤肉片, 再灑上蔥花+粟米+海苔.. 就睇個賣相, 各位認為如何?? 我整碗清底, 當然係非常好味啦, 感覺好滿足~~ :)
how was your weekend?? it was pretty dull so i decided to do some cooking.. so that's this bowl of egg noodles in scallop seafood soup, with delicious roast pork slices, garnished with spring onions corn kernels and seaweed.. by just looking at the photo, what do you think?? i cleared the bowl "bottoms up", it was surely very yummy and satisfying~~ :)

15.04.2012 | 好熟咁噃

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1385]
我好少收到朋友嘅來電或短訊(可能我唔係咁受歡迎, 有時電話成日都唔響一次), 所以我收到嘅短訊有九成以上都係啲廣告短訊.. 咁多廣告短訊之中, 我唯一唔收到即delete嘅係麥當當啲短訊, 唔急進(所以唔討厭)而且明確通知佢哋即將有嘅優惠, 非常好呀, 包我冇走雞, 呵呵!! 就係咁, 感覺上好似麥當當係我位最好朋友咁, 發最多短訊俾我, 哈哈, 好搞笑(地可憐)囉!! :D
i rarely get calls or SMS from friends (maybe i'm not popular at all, sometimes my phone doesn't even ring), so i can say 90% of the SMS i receive are marketing stuffs.. of all it's only from McD that i don't delete-once-received, not aggressive (thus not irritating) and give me heads-up of their upcoming promotions.. good that i don't miss any opportunity, haha!! so because of this, it looks as if McD is my best friend that sends me the most SMS, hahaha, what a (pathetic) joke!! :D

14.04.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1384]
第15週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 15
[00:01HRS 07.04.2012 - 23:59HRS 13.04.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger得分 Score
1(1)yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE
★★ 兩週第一位 Two weeks at #1
2(3)lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard13.2
3(5)wenn @ Experiences10.5
4(4)Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole8.6
5(8)suituapui @ ...Still crazy after all these years!8.3

Tekkaus @ Tekkaus
Sheoh Yan @ Blog with Yan
7(15)Small Kucing @ Small Kucing8.0
8(17)小雪 @ 小雪の札記7.7

海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓
Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone
10(13)Isaac Tan @ eXperiences6.1
四月份最新走勢 Latest standing for April
(截至 Up to: 02:30am 14.04.2012)
#1. yvonne (32.7)... #2. lina (22.8)... #3. wenn (18.1)... #4. Twilight Man (17.5)... #5. Kian Fai Koh (17.4)... #6. Sheoh Yan (15.2)... #7. Tekkaus (15.1)... #8. suituapui (14.8)... #9. 小雪 (13.1)... #10. 海市蜃樓 (12.4)...
恭喜本週榜上有名嘅讀者, 呢個星期女士們霸氣!! 似乎有好多變動, 有人大躍近9個位置亦有人大跌7個位置喎.. 有讀者問, 如果呢個星期嘅留言係公佈週榜之後, 分數點計算?? 其實週榜都係俾大家知道戰況啫, 只要同一個月份內有留言, 到時月榜一定唔會少.. :)
congratulations to those who made it to the chart this week, the ladies rule this week!! seems we have quite some movements, there's an 9-rank improvement as well as 7-rank drop.. some readers ask how is the points calculated if their comments are left after the weekly chart is announce?? no worries, the weekly chart is just to reveal the current standing, as long as you comment within the same month, you will still earn points for the monthly chart.. :)

13.04.2012 | 快餐大戰

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1383]
McDonald's Burger King Wendy's Popeye's Kay-F-Cee
最近各快餐店各司其法, 不斷推出超值套餐(請按上面option button查看), 有啲真係平到難以置信.. 不過都好嘅, 佢哋咁樣競爭法, 最終得益都係我哋消費者, 繼續啦咁, 哈哈!! 其實寫呢篇貼, 係要示範如何用option buttons寫個互動貼文嘅.. 有興趣嘅讀者, 可以去呢度閱覽教材.. :)
recently fast food chains are competing to attract more customers by slashing price (click on the option buttons above to view), and some value meals are so cheap till it's quite unbelievable.. anyway if they continue to compete then i guess consumers are most beneficial, so just keep it up, haha!! actually the reason for this post is also to demonstrate how to use option buttons in an interactive post.. if you are interested, you can view the steps here..

12.04.2012 | 美食與我

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1382]
三年前攝于巴塞隆納某pintxos餐廳... www.bilbaoberria.com
taken at a pintxos restaurant in barcelona 3 years ago... www.bilbaoberria.com
我曾經相當沉醉于為自己眼前嘅食物影相, 唔理醜有影錯冇放過!! 不過依家過咗呢個level, 只會有興趣影低特色美食.. 不過我仍然一貫作風, 貼上blog嘅, 我從來都唔會扮晒專家評論食物味道, 反而喜歡敘述因為美食而聯想到關於自己嘅故事.. 所以大家偶而會喺我呢個blog見到美食, 但係就唔會知道到底有幾好味, 反而會由食物故事中更加了解我本人.. 仲有, 可以知道邊啲留言係齋睇相唔睇文字嘅!! 哈哈~~ :D
there was once i was so into taking photos of just any food that appear in front of me, no matter how nice or common they are.. but i guess i'm over this level and only interested to snap photos of food that are special to me.. still my style have not changed, for food photos posted on my blog, i never critique the food itself but instead i only like to bring out stories that i relate to these food.. that's why you sometimes see nice food on my blog, but rarely know how they taste, instead understand me more from the "food story" itself.. and yes, can also know which comments are placed by only looking at photos without reading the contents!! haha~~ :D

11.04.2012 | 草莓麵包

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1381]
雖然我甚少入廚房亦都唔識煮嘢食, 不過我其實都幾喜歡睇啲烹飪節目㗎.. 今日同大家分享一個非常簡單又得意嘅士多啤梨夾心朱古力麵包.. 各位家長, 聽朝花點心思整俾你哋嘅仔仔囡囡帶去學校, 肯定惹來不少羨慕目光呀.. 返到屋企, 實要求再一個安歌!! :p
although i rarely goes into the kitchen and do not really know how to cook, i do love to watch culinary show or programmes.. saw this simple yet cute way of preparing chocolate bread with strawberry filling from youtube and thought of sharing with everyone.. especially to daddies and mommies, spend an extra 3 minutes to make this for your kids to bring to school tomorrow, and i'm sure they are going to grab the limelight of the day.. reaching home later and ask for encore!! :p

10.04.2012 | 報夢請教

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1380]
幾日前見到呢個報導, 「祭祖燒紙iPhone, 祖父托蒙不會用」, 青年因為咁樣嚇親而病咗兩日.. 我覺得果真係奇聞一宗, 前所未聞囉, 玩嘢到連國外報章都要報導一番.. 家下紙紮行業都與時趨進, 最新科技產品應有盡有, 或者應該考慮附送使用手冊或光碟先得喇.. 不過都有人開玩笑話, 燒部電話俾祖先, 唔怕佢哋夜晚喺陰間打電話上嚟搵人?? :p
saw this in the newspaper the other day.. the title says "offered iPhone to ancestors, grandpa appeared in dream saying he doesn't know how to use" [note], a guy hence freaked out and fell sick for two days.. i think this is a rather rare news until it was reported in some foreign papers.. traditional chinese paper offerings industry has been coping so well with technology, they have all the latest gadgets available, maybe it's time for them to consider attaching the user manual or visual aids with the products.. but there were also jokes saying if ancestors are offered mobile phones, are they going to call up at night from "down there"?? :p

09.04.2012 | 花名相稱

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1379]
以前讀緊書嘅時候, 被同學起花名係幾咁等閑之事.. 最近同幾位識咗好耐嘅朋友, 大家無端端摷返以前啲花名互相稱呼.. 俾著以前就好可能會反面, 不過依家食到卅幾歲人, 以咸豐年前嘅花名互相稱呼, 反而增添一份親切感.. 話時話, 人老咗都真係經常懷愐過去呀呵?? :D
i believe during our schooldays, given nicknames by classmates was really a norm.. recently among few close friends known for many years, we like to address each other using the old-time nicknames.. if it was back then for sure we would get irritated with the nicknames, but now that we are already 30-something, we instead find that sweet and bring us closer.. hmmm, i guess it's because that we are aging hence we just like to always reminisce things in the olden days?? :D

08.04.2012 | 香餅狂魔

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1378]
我好喜歡食香餅, 特別係崑崙喇叭32號出品, 每次朋友去怡保都會托買.. 不過我其實唔係好知道佢裡邊係咩樣㗎, 事關我食香餅都係成個咁擺入口㗎(可以想像我個口都唔細!!).. 你知食親都會搞到成身餅碎㗎啦, 所以索性一口一個慢慢咬, 乾手淨腳, 唔駛麻煩, 哈哈!! :D
i love to eat heong peng especially those from 32 gunung rapat, everytime my friend goes back to ipoh i will get him to buy me some.. i don't actually know how it looks like inside the biscuit, because i pop the whole biscuit all at once into my mouth (now you know my mouth is never small!!).. well, you know how awkward it is when the crumbs drop everywhere on your body, hence i rather pop the while thing into my mouth and chew slowly, guaranteed clean and tidy and hassle-free, haha!!

07.04.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1377]
唔知各位最近有冇留意到本blog置頂之處有啲唔同呢?? 係喇, 由今日起, 將會有三個排行榜(每季, 每月, 同埋最新產品嘅每週).. 各位可以按藍色button顯示或關閉相關排行榜, 按綠色button就會跳出一個視窗顯示相關完整統計.. 仲有, 搞搞新意思, 每個星期六我都會為大家報導過去一週嘅十大留言讀者㗎.. 咦?? 成個billboard排行榜咁喎, 幾專業?? 呵呵~~ :D
wonder if you've noticed there's some differences at the top of this blog recently?? yes, starting today, there will be three charts (quarterly, monthly and the new weekly "product").. click on the blue button to show or close the respective chart, and click on the green button to pop-up another window showing the complete statistics.. what's more, new features is coming, there will be a weekly chart every saturday for the top 10 commenters.. hey, so professional like the billboard charts huh?? haha~~ :D

06.04.2012 | 容易瞌着

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1376]
有感最近好容易坐坐下就瞌着, 尤其中午同夜晚食咗飯之後, 坐低對住部電腦或電視, 不知不覺竟然瞌着咗!! 唔知係飯氣攻心吖, 定係開始年老嘅先兆, 定係最近又肥咗??!! 剛才**就係昏昏欲睡, 所以即刻搵啲嘢嚟做, 提一提神, 就誕生咗呢個貼文喇, 呵呵!!
** 註: 呢篇貼係預先寫好嘅, 所以當時覺得昏昏欲睡係噚日食咗晏之後.. :D
i realised i can easily doze off recently, especially during afternoon and late evening after meals, i can just doze off while sitting on the chair watching my computer or tv.. hmmm, i wonder if that's sugar rush, signs of getting old, or maybe i gained weight again??!! was feeling so sleepy just now** and hence must find something to engage myself to keep me awake, hence the birth of this post, haha!!
**note: this is a scheduled post, hence the then-time when i felt sleepy was after lunch yesterday.. :D

05.04.2012 | 廿五年來

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1375]
同友人閑談之際, 提到我哋以前幫襯開嘅一檔板麵, 不過小學畢業之後就冇再食喇.. 其實係以為隔咗咁多年, 有可能結業或搬遷.. 週末心血來潮突然想食, 於是戰戰兢兢故地重游, 見到竟然仲喺度賣喎, 真係喜出望外!! 嚟碗大嘅, 果然同25年前一樣咁好味, 好懷念呀~~ 
was chatting with a friend and mentioned about a ban mien stall we used to go, but have not been there since we graduated from primary school.. we thought after so many years, it may have ended business or moved to another place.. felt like having it during the weekend, i travelled to this old place with uncertainty, and was so thrilled they are still there!! ordered a large one to savor, and it tastes just as yummy as it was 25 years ago, oh sweet memories~~ 

04.04.2012 | 首季排行

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1374]
今日公佈第一季留言成績, 總結一二三月嘅所有留言, 正式喺度恭喜晒yvonne成為第一季嘅鑽石博客!! 以上係本人贈予佢嘅一份小小心意, 好鬼cheap嘅禮物但心意十足㗎, 呵呵~~ 多謝各位嘅鼎力支持, 大家再接再勵, 你哋全部都好勁!! 加油, 睇下邊為能夠成為下一季嘅鑽石博客?? :)
i am announcing the results for the first quarter, concluding all comments from january to march, i hereby congratulate yvonne for being the diamond blogger of quarter one!! a little appreciation from me in the photo above for her, very cheap prize but then with full sincerity, hehe~~ thank you everyone for your continual support, you all are super!! let's give more power and we shall see who is gonna be the diamond blogger for the next quarter!! :)

03.04.2012 | 三月排行

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1373]
三月留言排行榜 March's Comment Chart
#(#)博客 Blogger得分 Score
1.(4)Twilight Man @ Twilight Zone77.1
2.(2)yvonne @ From TAIPING with L♥VE69.5
3.(3)lina @ Life, In My Own Backyard64.5
4.(1)Kian Fai Koh @ kianfai87 on PlayRole57.8
5.(5)edward @ 乐天小筑42.4
Top 10Sheoh Yan (36.2), wenn (34.6), suituapui (34.0), Small Kucing (31.9), 小雪 (31.5)
Top 15HappySurfer (25.5), 海市蜃樓 (24.6), Isaac Tan (21.4), foongpc (19.1), Christopher Lay (18.0)
二月過得好快, 三月都係多嗰兩日啫, 唔知點解感覺上過得特別慢?? 點都好啦, 三月結束嘅同時都係第一季嘅結束, 所以跟住落嚟仲會有一兩個排行榜等住揭曉㗎!! 恭喜晒三月份嘅霸主.. 敬請密切留意, 好精彩㗎~~
february ended rather quickly, while march has only two more extra days but why did i feel like it takes ages to end?? anyway, the end of march marks the end of the first quarter and coming up we will have a couple more charts to announce the winning commenters!! congratulations to the kings and queens for march.. stay tune and it will be very exciting~~ :)

02.04.2012 | 我有冤情

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1372]
請問有冇核數師/會計師/律師等專業人士, 可以話我知呢張出自某快餐店嘅單, 究竟有冇計錯數, 因而額外多收每位顧客5仙?? 問題就係源自6%政府稅, 究竟0.621仙可以唔可以進位成0.63?? 如果每位顧客都多收5仙, 咁佢一日之內咪賺多咗至少幾百蚊, 長遠嚟計, 豈不是發過豬頭炳?? 專業意見唔該, 法律上可有錯??
is there any accountant/auditor/lawyer etc professionals that can enlighten me, whether this receipt from a fast food chain has done the correct maths, and charged 5-sen extra to every customer?? the problem emanate from the 6% government tax, can 62.1-sen be rounded up to 63-sen?? if they overcharge every customer by 5-sen, then i supposed they earn at least few hundred extra everyday.. accumulating all those extras, that is a huge fortune!! professional opinions please, are they legally wrong??

01.04.2012 | 越細越樂

[Volume 7 Issue 4, #1371]
唔知大家點睇, 不過我就覺得年紀越大, 對生日蛋糕嘅要求就越簡單.. 當然我生日未有耐(趁機宣傳6月17日先係, 哈哈!!).. 最近就係好少可成個蛋糕咁嚟買, 而係簡簡單單買件好精緻嘅蛋糕仔, 取其一個意思.. 之不過細件還細件, 大家攞起支叉一齊叉嚟食, 細細啖分享反而比起自己食一大舊蛋糕來得快樂.. :)
i don't know what you think, but i realize as we grow older, our expectation on birthday cakes get simpler.. of course it's still way before my birthday (take this opportunity to tell everyone it's 17th June, haha!!).. just that recently instead of getting a whole cake, i like to buy little pieces of cake, for just a symbol.. though small but i think when everyone gather around it and fork a little bit by bit out of that little piece of cake, the sharing makes things felt even merrier than enjoying a slice of the big cake alone.. :)