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08.11.2009 | 瑣碎雜談

聽聞有啲人一日唔飲過咖啡, 就會週身唔自在.. 我就完全相反, 只要我午後一飲咖啡, 跟住我就會成晚眼光光瞓唔著架喇!! 可見咖啡因(嘅傷害)對我幾咁有效..

i've heard people who feel uneasy if they have not had coffee for the day.. but for me, once i have any coffee after noon time, i will certainly stay awake at night and never sleep well!! this is how effective caffeine can be (stimulating) on me..
以前返學嘅時候, 曾經作過好傻嘅一件事: 每朝會專登早40分鐘起床, 然後去梳洗, 跟住再返去瞓多30分鐘先真正起身!! 因為感覺上係瞓得比較耐, 比較有瞓飽嘅滿足感囉!! 哈哈..

i've done something quite silly when i was in school: purposely wake up 40 minutes earlier, go wash up, and then go back to sleep for another 30 minutes before i really wake up for the day.. because in this way i felt like i have slept longer, and the crave to sleep is fully satisfied.. haha!!
最近啲歌手翻唱成風, 一個跟住一個毫無顧忌地推出口水碟.. 當中我覺得最出色嘅, 當然係呢位方先生啦.. 由《紅豆》開始, 一波接一波到《狂潮》同《月亮代表我的心》, 果然係波波好歌, 正到哩..

it seems like a trend recently that many singers are doing covers of the past classic songs.. the one that i think who did more outstandingly is Mr Fong with his latest cover album "Timeless".. just love the R&B and Jazzy style he renders those golden oldies, cool!!
突然間好懷念秋吉路嘅「天涯客」板麵.. 廿幾年前, 當板麵尚未普遍嘅時候, 我就經常去幫襯架喇.. 我覺得同而家啲板麵略為唔同, 係偏向家鄉傳統嘅味道, 真係僅此一家.. 十幾年冇去喇, 唔知仲喺唔喺度呢??

i suddenly miss the pan-mee in Chow Kit.. over 20 years ago while pan-mee was still not popular, i've already been patronising that stall very often.. quite different from the pan-mee we normally have, this is more to the homestyle tradition, definitely one and only.. missed it for more than 15 years, i wonder if it's still there??


  1. Love your randomness. Got me thinking of some past silly mistakes , likes and dislikes too.
    I like that spicy pan mee near chow kit, the one where they give u a sunny-side-up egg to mix with the chilli sauce into the noodles. YUMZ

  2. 翻唱风我最近听到几个专业乐评人的
    评语,我蛮agree 他们说的。


  3. SK Thamby - Pan Mee is my all time favourite food outside India. You should shred your chapati and pour soup over, oso same as Pan Mee!

    Ayoyo! You gotcha kopi & sleeping problem ah? I can drink kopi-O kau and sleep right away!

  4. There's a great place in Chow Kit area for chilli pan mee. I don't know the name though but the noodles are very yummy.

    I have to start my morning with a cup of tea. And another one after lunch. That's it. No coffee for me as I don't enjoy drinking coffee.

  5. LOL @ the wake up 40mins earlier and go back to sleep after hahaha!

    I always just sleep in then rush after :P.

    I stop coffee for some time now. So I don't think I would say it bothers me... but I can't sleep after coffee too. Though it some how depends, sometimes I can someties IC an't o.O

    I feel like eting Ngau Kee's Beef nooles haha.

  6. I think if a singer is talented, whatever he/she sings will be good.

  7. i m immune to coffee.. haha..

  8. 哈哈,我还早一个钟头多起身,在床上躺了一下,梳洗后又继续躺个够,才去上学。那时躺在床上觉得很享受呢。原来有人和我一样。

  9. hmm .. new blogging style huh? 4 x 4?

    i can't take coffee.. or else i'll end up vomiting or feel dizzy..
    lu sampat...
    i like his style.. not too over doing the R&B thingy..just nice :)
    i actually crave for anything. cos nowadays dun really eat dinner... crave sampai gila...;p

  10. 哈哈哈!起了来,又回去睡30分钟??你真怪也!我一定不行啦。第一,起了来,就睡不回去。第二,睡得回去的话,我一定再起不了床的!!睡回去又要起身,很苦也!!

  11. hmmm... maybe i should try to wake up early and then sleep for another 30 mins :p

    I must stay with my day with a nice cup of coffee... :p

  12. 我喝了咖啡一样可以睡觉~

  13. 我對咖啡過敏

  14. me too..if i take coffee or tea late, i would be awake till past midnight..

  15. Hey, there are 2 Pan Mee Restaurants at Desa Setapak, just after the mini round about, 1 with Japanese design selling "modern" pan mee while another one selling traditional pan mee.

    Have u tried ?

  16. 果然是个潮男,独特作风,特有口味.

  17. 1) There are many people who are addicted to coffee. I normally keep to not more than a cup a day....

    2) Purely psychological....haha..

  18. SK,
    May I know how do we put a message board on top of the post like the one you are using on your blog?

  19. i cant drink anything caffeinated after 6pm otherwise i end up awake for the rest of the night and the thing is this only happen after my 32nd birthday...haizzzzzz old age ar? hahaaahha....i still do ur #2 now get up earlier, eat breakfast and go back to sleep again hahaha

  20. hmm~ i'm those who needs coffee everyday...try to reject it... but i m so damn addicted to it~ gosh !!!

  21. 我都係癮咖啡,不過最遲5點飲,夜晚飲驚睏唔著。

  22. without coffee, yes, i will feel weird..
    Wake up early to class? noway, i always sleep enough enough, or late..=P
    Mr Fong, yea, he did a very good job, he got his style, like his music too..
    chowkit pan mee..=.= i never been there, but jalan alor also got nice pan mee...haha..

  23. 1. I can drink coffee anytime and still can sleep. Think my level is above the caffein de. Nothing can stimulate me? Hehe.

    2. What a silly young you. I slept till very last min...

    3. Yes yes, I like his songs. Nice and easy to listen.

    4. I love Pan Mee but didn't know there's good pan mee there. Let me know if it's still there ya.

  24. 1)coffee does help me from falling asleep, but i still can sleep if i want to :P
    2) i used to do that last time, but nowadays no more
    3) im not really a music person
    4) i havent try it, but i know theres one fish head rice noodle somewhere there, quite nice and cheap :P

  25. Coffee has no effect on me but tea taken even around 3pm keeps me fully awake at night.

    That 40mins minus 30mins of additional sleep is quite a novel idea. Whatever works, eh?

  26. I kinda like it when new artistes give old numbers a revival and with a new beat. It sort of keeps old numbers alive, very much like reviving clothes fashion of decades ago.

    Pan meen - love the soup mostly.

  27. 我哋口味都幾一致; 一樣係唔飲得咖啡,中意吃板麵聼可啦思刻。唯一唔同嘅,就係我唔到最後一分鐘都唔會起身梳洗返學。

  28. without coffee i cannot survive... hihiiiii... coffee is must have for me everyday... :P

  29. War...this current style of yours...I mean blogging is really great ler! :D

    yeah! I used to craze for coffee like 24/7 too!

    War...that's the way you used to sleep? very funny ler.

  30. Hmmm, your posts nowadays bear some uncanny resemblance to my random posts : )

  31. But I like it!! In fact love it!! Keep it this way, can? : )

  32. Coffee? I'm not a good drinker of coffee! Why? Will have side effects.

    My side effects are
    1. If drink more than 1 cup, will feel jittery. Like shaking all over. Cannot sit and stand still!

    2. After a cup of coffee, must go toilet. Not small one, but big one. Most effective way to cure constipation! : )

    3. Will stay awake for hours after a cup of coffee, so cannot drink at night unless I want to burn the midnight oil! Maybe shld drink some coffee for my night blogging activities. haha!

  33. Yeah, a lot of singers like to do covers but as long as they do it better than the original, I don't mind. If worse than originals, then they should pack shop!

  34. Regarding you purposely waking up then go back to sleep again, yes you were damn silly! But my brother does this all the time! Oops! Hope he's not reading this! : )

  35. Is this pan mee the thick variety? I prefer my mom's version of pan mee. Best in PJ and KL and some say Ipoh : )

  36. Gratitude:
    bcos i've nothing to write, that's why i do randomness :p hmmm, i've been to that spicy pan-mee, not bad but i cannot take spicy food.. i think the original ones is more delicious..

    Chi Leong:
    其實不是所有的翻唱我都喜歡, 就只有那幾首比較出色的.. 呵呵, 所以我也覺得自己很好笑囉, 特地早起然後又再睡回去.. 小孩子嘛那時候~~ :p

    Twilight Zone:
    yeah arumugam, chapati in dhaal, isn't that our version of chili pan-mee?? muaahahahaha!! yalor, i cannot take coffee, or else i really cannot sleep!! you are pig lah, anyhow also can sleep one~~ :D

  37. Mei Teng:
    yeah i've eaten that chili pan-mee too, i think the restaurant is called "Kin Kin".. quite nice but then i cannot take the spiciness, too much for me till i get diarrhoea.. hmmm, me too, i actually drink more tea than coffee, though i'm not fans of either..

    hey, actually you should try to do that, somehow you'll feel recharged and get more energetic after that short nap!! haha, sometime can sometimes can't, so i think that won't be the coffee's problem right?? Ngau Kee beef noodles?? wherabout?? have not tried that before..

    errr, that statement can be 80% true, and another 20% is how well the singer knows what song to choose to sing.. agree?? :)

  38. kc:
    hmmmm, so you must be a coffee addict?? must have coffee everyday else you feel uneasy?? :p

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    哈哈, 原來有人和我一樣, 而且比我還要過份!! 我記得好像也試過早一個小時啦, 呵呵!! 對囉, 起身了再睡回去, 很享受的囉.. :p

    hehe, so what do you think about this 4x4 new style?? maybe i should stick to this huh??
    a) oh, didn't know you can't take coffee, or you need sambal belacan as the antidote??
    b) i understand wise people always do things that normal people think are sampat de.. :p
    c) but i only like that three songs mentioned, others i don't think he is as good as the original singer..
    d) aiyoh!! you are not having dinner now?? must have lost another 10kg lor!! i don't dare to stand next to you already~~

  39. 雪芬:
    嘿, 我覺得趁你現在無所事事, 不如你try一try這樣做.. 起來之後再回去睡片刻, 其實會更加的recharged的囉.. 你一睡就睡到最後一分鐘, 肯定是拖著身體不願起床的..

    yes, it's actually more re-energised you know?? maybe wake up 1 hour earlier, then go back to sleep for another 45 minutes.. haha, everyone knows lah, you are starbucks' loyal customer mah~~

    Shell (貝殼):
    你的身體肯定有抗咖啡因的東西在裡面, 呵呵!! 那麼不喝咖啡你會睡得著嗎?? :p

  40. 凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    哦?? 你的咖啡過敏是說, 喝了會心跳加速?? 我有一個同事也是這樣的.. 恐怖哩!!

    yes yes yes, i realised that when i went mamak with friend at night and ordered teh tarik or teh-o ais limau.. so now i'll never do that, will only order limau ais, haha!!

    Jasin Ker:
    i've tried the traditional one, ok only lor.. have not tried the modern one, but i think won't be any heaven also lah.. i still like the one in Chow Kit, but wonder if it's still there and still as nice, cos the cook should be very old now..

  41. 单身汉:
    獨特作風,特有口味?? 你指的是哪一方面呢到底?? 看得我一頭霧水囉, 呵呵~~ :p

    1) yeah, i know there are lots of coffee addicts around me, they must have at least a cup everyday..
    2) errr, you can say like that, but i really found that useful and more recharging, haha!!
    3) can't really remember that.. i think i edit the template in HTML, copy and paste the sidebar widget onto the top of my blog.. something like that..

    haha, so before your 32nd birthday, you can even have it at 12am?? well, for me i think it's not after 12pm, or else i'll get awake the whole night long.. eih, we are the same ah, get up earlier and get everything done, go back to sleep for awhile, and then wake up and is all ready to go right?? cool~~ :p

  42. L²:
    hmmm, so you must drink at least one cup of coffee a day?? or else you feel uneasy and cannot go to sleep?? :p

    咁至少你係癮咖啡, 仲未至於咖啡癡到連咖啡因都對你完全唔效, 哈哈!! :D

    1) hmmm, then you are coffee addict??
    2) errr, yes lah, last time in school i always do that.. but not now anymore, will sleep till last minute and still not willing to get up!! haha
    3) yes, i love the way he covered that three songs i mentioned.. so differently from the original and so with his own style..
    4) hmmm, this chow kit pan-mee i think was the pioneer of all.. the one in jalan alor, is it in a house??

  43. KY:
    1. not that nothing can stimulate you, it's just not coffee only.. i'm sure there are a lot more other things that can get you highly stimulated one.. kekeke!!
    2. haha, last time in school i did that, but not now lah.. now i will sleep till the very last minute and yet unwilling to get up!! :p
    3. yeah, he is one of the better R&B singer these days.. love the three songs he covered, cool and so with his own style..
    4. hehe, maybe you were still young!! i was studying around that area during my primary school days, that's why i patronise that stall often.. but i wonder if it's still there now??

    the happy go lucky one:
    1) hahaha, maybe coffee can only help you from falling asleep for 5 minutes?? :D
    2) yeah, it was ages ago i did that.. sure not now lor, can't even get enough of sleep every morning now :p
    3) you don't listen to pop music?? oh yeah, you only watch porn, kekeke :D
    4) yeah, i heard about that fish head rice noodles.. there are two actually, one in the morning and one in the evening.. i tried the evening one but not the morning one..

    1) haha, this is kind of strange!! maybe the caffeine in tea is stronger than those in coffee??
    2)eih, that actually works quite well for me, i really felt more energetic after that short 30 minutes nap.. maybe you should try to do that one day.. :p
    3) oh yeah, i think many artists are doing that recently, be it the chinese or english songs industry..
    4) errmm, depend on my mood, sometimes i like it with soup, sometimes i like it dry..

  44. 海市蜃樓:
    呵呵, 你突然間畀咗我一個idea.. 一邊食板面, 一邊飲唔係咖啡嘅飲品, 一邊聽方先生唱歌, 嘩, 都幾享受喎.. 我而家都係可以瞓到最後一分鐘先捨得起身囉.. :p

    ben by benjamin:
    haha, then you've become the slave of coffee already!! so how many cups of coffee must you drink everyday in order to survive?? :D

    hehe, do you think i should continue to blog in this style?? at least for me, it's still new and not so boring lor..
    1) wow, 24x7 craving for coffee?? you don't have to sleep one ah??
    2) haha, to be frank, actually that helps a lot.. you'll feel more energetic after that short nap you know??

  45. foongpc:
    haha, because i have nothing to write, that is why i go into the random mode!! haha, but i think mine is nicer, having the photo and text side by side, kekekeke :D so you think i shall keep that also?? hmmm, can consider~~

    oh dear, can i say you are allergic to coffee then?? so many side effects that you are facing!! haha, so next time if i want to get you into trouble, then i will know what to mix into your drink!! hahaha..

    errr, i supposed on those who are confident with themselves will ever dare to do covers.. so far, all that i've heard are still ok and not too bad.. only the more outstanding ones will get me attention, like Mr Foong (errr, the singer and not you, haha!!)..

    hmmmm, you know what?? wise man always do things that normal man thinks are silly.. i tell you, it can help you to recharge very effectively after that short nap.. maybe you would want to give it a try.. it's proven!! :p

    err, it's not thick and not thin, just nice.. the soup is a little starchy but nice, and the use only pork pieces rather than minced pork, which i more prefer.. haha, so when can we have the chance to taste your mum's pan-mee??

  46. Haahah...the 2nd one really funny wor...gam dou dak meh? Geng ar !!!

  47. hehe.. like your blogging style.. very relaks yet interesting

    1) dont like coffee, not because dont like the taste but because i will have headache after coffee, and need to collapse to bed asap! hahaha.. that's how effective caffeine done to me

    2) hahaha~~ !!! I AM LIKE THAT TOO!!! still practising until now... =.=", coz what is more happy than u have more hours to sleep? hahahaha... so my 1st alarm and last alarm got around 1 hour gap... =.="

    3) Mr. Fong.. dont really like him leh.. hehehe...

    4) hmm.. 20 years ago, i was 4 years old, barely remember about everything.. hahahaha...

  48. 哇,你这写blog,满新鲜的,哈哈



  49. 1。其实,我都戒咖啡好耐咗,你仲话会瞓唔著觉,而我比你嘅后果更严重,喺呢度唔方便讲太多。总之咖啡对某一啲人嚟讲都係少饮为妙好囉!




  50. 是的

    我还没有听到狂潮 和月亮

  51. 我对咖啡应该是过敏,所以不喝。因为喝了咖啡只有两种反应,1.爱睡觉, 2.胃酸!

  52. uLi.佑莉:
    dak gah dak gah, i actually find that quite useful woh.. psychologically, you will feel like you've slept more.. :p

    hehe, thanks!! i also love your blog, you are always so gross and so true!! haha..
    1) yeah, i've heard a colleague of mine, her heart will beat fast and her hands will shake if she drink coffee..
    2) haha, i only snooze for 30minutes nia.. maybe i should try your method, snooze for 1 hour!! muaahahahahaha!!!
    3) i also not every of his song also like one, only the three ones i mentioned here lor..
    4) aiyoh, so young!! but they have been selling for many many years already lah.. you dunno meh??

    呵呵, 突然間覺得這無心插柳的style竟然很多人喜歡.. 不如以後我都這樣啦, 哈哈!! 方大同的翻唱, 我就只喜歡那三首罷了.. :p

  53. edward:
    1。咦?? 有咩難言之隱你咁唔方便喺度講架?? 咖啡啫喎, 會有咩副作用啊?? 唔通你興奮過頭, 構成不便?? 呵呵~~
    2。咁你就唔啱啦, 要學長日日通融, 人家好難做架嘛.. 我以前真係好早就到學校架喇, 因為我唔鐘意趕頭趕尾咁, 而且遲到就一定個個同學睇住你架囉..
    3。我覺得都唔錯啦, 好有佢自己嘅個人風格.. 其實我淨係鐘意嗰三首啫, 其他我就覺得新不如舊喇.. 啊, 仲有一個最近我覺得都幾好聽架, 方炯鑌嘅《遺憾》, 聽得下架..
    4。係囉, 都唔知呢檔「天涯客」仲喺唔喺度.. 其實我唔係食家, 大家錯覺喇, 我淨係鐘意食嘢咋, 呵呵!! :p

    嘩, 你的用詞很厲害, 你是音樂評論人嗎?? 呵呵.. 我只會說一句「好聽」罷了.. 嗯, 其他兩首也好聽, 尤其《月亮代表我的心》有驚喜哦~~ :p

    哈哈, 還是第一次聽說, 喝咖啡還可以那麼愛睡覺, 真的和普通人倒反了!! :D

  54. i dont know chinese, can u google up Mr Fong with his latest cover album "Timeless" video?

  55. Got the message board done. Thanks for your tips.

  56. Bengbeng:
    here you go, the MV in youtube.. enjoy!!
    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOoHLbX2UeA
    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-96qLkNxuk
    3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yR7_2-M9Hc

    wow, cool, you are really smart eh?? 說頭知尾, hehehe~~ :)

  57. coffee is my relaxer, i can even get sleepy once i have a nice warm sip at night =)

  58. SK,
    Not smart lah, but I have ever done some v-basic programming a few years back hence it is easier to understand the editing code of the layout with some tips....

  59. Ha ha, I drink lots of coffee but still can sleep well....cafeine no effect on me liao...he he he!

  60. you are always so gross and so true!!

    so gross ar.. =.="
    should i be happy about that? but that statement made me burst out in laugh in the office la... =.="

  61. 我的身体对咖啡完全没反应.==!!



  62. 老兄又搞新意思喔 几好 我仲意

    1.少吃好滋味 多吃坏肚皮 以前無啡不欢 現在有茶万事足

    2. 你果然係一個有創意之人 always have new idea

    3. 唱到不輸前人 已很難得了 我自己几仲意佢既狂潮

    4. 「天涯客」?! 好熟喔 不過家母的板面 更對係一絕

  63. Yalah yours is nicer. Sure must be nicer lah, after copy mine then improve on it mah! Haha!

    Mix coffee into my drink? Haiya, one taste already know got coffee inside, how to trick me? : )

    I wish I can sing like the other Foong! : )

    I take short power naps every afternoon, if not cannot survive the rest of the day!

    Want to taste my mom's pan mee? Don't know. Depends when my mom wants to cook it - all depends on her mood : )

  64. 那时即使还有5分钟,也可以睡一下才出门。大学时我的室友非常羡慕我的这个‘强项’,因为他是极难入眠的人。

  65. Ayie:
    hmmm, perhaps caffeine is a soother for you?? i can never do that, it's a stimulant for me, never never have tea or coffee after noon time for me.. :p

    oh i see, so you are some kind of IT people also?? haha, no wonder you understand my language.. cool, i love your quotes there, so philosopy.. :)

    you have already got immuned of coffee, or oyu have already got addicted to sleeping?? hahahaha :D

  66. ~dolly~:
    definitely you have to be happy, because i said that as a compliment, very frankly.. this mean you are a happy go lucky person, sure people around you are always happy to hang out with you :)

    哈哈, 可能你已經是咖啡絕緣體了吧!! 好笑哦, 你需要兩個小時準備上學嗎?? 好厲害囉, 其實我兩個字就好了, 呵呵!! 對, 現在的歌手, 甚麼都說個人風格, 就算明明是唱得不好, 也要用個人風格來推卸.. :p

    1) 係?? 我見你上次Delicious仲堅持話要飲咖啡添喎.. 咖啡削啊, 少飲為妙!! 哈哈..
    2) this idea is not new 啦.. 廿年前我就已經practise緊架喇.. 勁哩??
    3) 係架, 珠玉再前, 唔丟自己架就已經非常之好架喇.. 我都鐘意狂潮, 唔通係我哋年代關係?? :p
    4) 「天涯客」咪Chow Kit嗰一檔囉, 你應該有食過嘅.. 點解個個都話自己阿媽煮嘅板麵係第一流嘅?? 幾十嚟個大比拼?? :D

  67. foongpc:
    1) haiz dude, don't make me say something i don't wish to mention.. well, i've already been writing all these random notes way BEFORE you have even started blogging lor, hahahaha!! so now, who copy who??
    2) hehe, you won't realised one, i sure will trick you drink the coffee, hehe..
    3) yeah, you are also Foong, but he is Fong and can sing much better.. :p
    4) you are right!! that is what i wanted to say.. power nap, but maybe people can't get used to the way i did that.. hehe
    5) must make her in the mood of cooking the pan-mee, then you can share with us at least in your blog.. :)

    Chloe (蔻依):
    這些就叫做爭取時間啊.. 有時我也會趁還有數分鐘時間, 來個小眠, power nap嘛, 很有效的!!

  68. SK,
    I am not IT trained but being an engineer I did do some simple v-basic program for own's use, and actually found programming very interesting...

  69. Grass:
    hey, you know what?? actually i'm an E&E graduate, but ended up doing IT now!! haha.. but i don't really find programming insteresting though, at least for a job~~ :p

  70. chow kit pan mee!!! gosh can't believe i can find a fan in the blogosphere!!! yea ate that for solid 13 years and still lovin it!