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16.12.2009 | 好寶里活

你知唔知生產最多電影嘅, 唔係荷里活, 而係印度嘅寶里活?? 咁你又有冇睇過寶里活嘅「必屬佳品」?? 點樣為之佳品呢又?? 我觀察之下, 就係俱備以下四個特點喇..

do you know the most movies produced are not from hollywood, but the indian's bollywood?? have you ever watched any masterpiece from bollywood then?? how do you regard one as a good bollywood movie?? it's the four characteristics of a masterpiece under my observations..

[俊男美女] 男主角一定要高大威猛英俊瀟灑, 女主角一定要千嬌百媚婀娜多姿.. 呢一個係吸引十億印度人口入場睇戲嘅先決條件..

[hunk & beauty] the lead actor must be someone handsome and hunky, the lead actress must be someone pretty and elegant.. this is the first most important factor to attract 1-billion indian population to watch that movie..

[歌舞昇平] 電影一定有歌舞片段, 男女主角需要親身上陣, 又唱又跳, 穿梭於唔同景色之中, 仲要互相追逐添架!! 你話唔能歌善舞, 個肺細啲都唔得啊..

[sing & dance] there are always compulsory sing and dance scenes in the movies, both actor and actress must be able to do so with no substitutes, traversing between scenes and chasing after each other!! if they are not talented, i guess they just can't qualify the role..

[刀槍不入] 男主角喺戲裡邊一定係強悍威猛, 「逢逢聲」打斗音效之下, 拳拳到肉, 點打都絲毫唔會受傷架!! 你話喇, 呢副金剛身軀, 除咗寶里活, 邊度搵吖??

[invincible] the lead actor must be potrayed as someone stronger than hercules, under the deafening sound effect, not even a single punch and box on his body would ever hurt him!! so tell me, where else other than bollywood could you find the invincible?

[出人意表] 故事結構一定要晴天霹靂, 出人意表!! 當中最經典嘅係, 男女主角墮入愛河, 卻又不幸發現 (1) 佢哋係失散多年嘅兄妹 (2) 男主角係殺父仇人!! 嘩, 呢種橋段, 幾得吖你話~~

[tragedy] the plot of the movie must be tragic and unexpected, like the classic storyline when both actor and actress fall in love, only to find out (1) they are long lost siblings (2) the actor is the one who killed her father!! gosh, don't you think these are very stunning plots??


  1. 美女我认同不过那些靓仔不是我的style
    以前小时候也跟外婆一起看rtm在咽炎午后播的印度戏 坏人最终得恶报 是我们最乐见其成的 结局

  2. 在印度當藝人

  3. 一样的俊男美女,一样的剧情, 一样的歌舞,
    一样的......我和你, 呵呵!

  4. haha..you've got all the plots in place for a bollywood movie! :)

  5. hmm .. my life is ALMOST a bollywood movie.. except for the 1st criteria..:(
    if i EVER go to India... i'll make a bollymtv .. with thousands of dancers dancing with me on the streets... lol ;p

  6. Bollywood?
    not my cup of tea..
    [SK] , you should watch korean or japanese instead.

    Bollywood porn? maybe got to get some of those to evaluate.

  7. 哈哈……其实我最受不了印度戏又唱又跳的剧情!几乎每一部都有!哈哈……^^

  8. i still remember vividly one of the indian movie, i forgot the name, but is about Kalima... very nice... ur last pic recalled me this movie. I still remember the girl turned become Kalima and sucked the enermies bloods.... really nice...

  9. hahahaa... u r very good... u got it all right! i have not watched these for long time liao kekeee

  10. 回复你:

    opss~~~你不讲我还没发觉我真的那么会怨天气!哈哈……^^ 惭愧惭愧~~~


  11. ohhhhhhhhhhh u reminded me...if u havent watched, then go to youtube,key in "indian nipple song" and have a blast haahhaaha and also if you want more laughs, key in "touch my body" and listen to it in korean...:)

  12. Was just thinking about it sometime on the plot of it. Wowie very true agree 101% can add another indirect 5th part, the [joker] of course not by the hunk himself, haha. Namaskar!

  13. 幼幼﹕
    哈哈, 當然不是你的style, 不過在他們之中, 這些男主角應該算是上等貨色喇.. 你那麼乖, 陪外婆看RTM的印度戲啊?? 呵呵, 我沒有囉, 就算是, 我也選擇做其他東西~~ :p

    對啊, 除了要好看之外, 肯定還是要百般武藝才能夠當藝人的.. 小時候你也有看咩?? 我如果有看, 也不會超過5套, 而且5套裡面也不會是完整的.. 哈哈!!

    哈哈, 可能現在比較先進了, 沒有那些失散兄妹或者殺父仇人的劇情了吧?? 人家現在是翻拍好萊塢的賣座大片哦~~ :D

  14. Mei Teng:
    hahaha, i supposed everyone knows that those are classic bollywood plots!! xD

    oh?? i didn't know you like bollywood so much woh.. and why did you say your life is almost bollywood?? those tragedy sure are not one of your plots right?? btw, i've seen once the bollymtv outside lot 10 last year, very bollywood lor.. haha!!

    haha, not my cup of tea also, but i just enjoy gossiping about their signature plots lor, all of their movies are the same!! haha.. hmmm, i don't really fancy korean and japanese series also, but i watch lots of HK drama series lor.. bollywood porn??!! ooopsss, you have?? :p

  15. 穷光蛋市长:
    那些大型歌舞場面是指定動作啊, 所以不到你不喜歡囉, 哈哈!! 而且你看男女主角又要唱又要跳又要演又要互相追逐, 多辛苦呀, 你當捧場囉~~ :)

    oh you are quite an indian movie expert woh, haha!! what is Kalima btw?? you seem to know a lot about that woh.. the only bollywood film i know is the world famous "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" only, and yet i have not watched that.. :D

    the happy go lucky one:
    haha, of course i know lah, i am SK Thamby!! you forgotten?? well, i wonder if the movies still have all these four factors in now?? :D

  16. 穷光蛋市长:
    對呀, 我們隨遇而安好了, 那麼會埋怨也無補於事的, 不如就讓自己心情保持開朗吧.. 是囉, 真的很久沒有去了, 很想在去relax一下身心~~ :)

    huh?? indian nipple song?? what kind of MV is that?? hmmm, i think only people like you will go to search for such clips, hahaha!! too bored in japan is it?? maybe you should try to watch one bollywood hits i suggest :p

    yes and i think these four features are compulsory in all bollywood movies right?? haha, so classic.. oh?? got the joker role?? i can't remember any.. namaskaram~~ :)

  17. Talk about Bollywood ar, I only have 1 comment, they like to "luk-lei-luk-hui" on the grass...hahahah!

  18. but then bolly one alsways end happy one wor. u kill la i kill la in the end the good man sure win, or the couple sure married. remember they'll burn down the cinema just because the actress died?? LOL

  19. SK分析得好精彩,证明你真係有做足功课!而我只能补充两个字————浮夸!连财雄势大的荷里活都拍不出嘅神髓,寶里活已经一早将“浮夸”搬上神台,玩到出神入化,难怪家阵荷里活啲片商要向寶里活取经啦!哈哈!

  20. 小的時候 我很喜歡在星期六的時候看metrovision的印度戲劇:p不錯看的~除了舞蹈部分:)

  21. Back in my childhood days,I always wondered why the sarees never fell off even after long rigoruos dances and why my mom chose not to serve tosai and chapatis for breakfast! hehe

  22. Goood point!

    What you mentioned here... i angkat kaki support!

    Girls look sexy when they dance... woo..

  23. 嘩,連印度片你都撈埋。我印象中最經典就喺唱歌跳舞,滾草地,喺樹幹後偷望談情。

  24. Kalima is an indian god.... she is a wife of Shiva, avatra of guan yin, according. She helps good people, kill a devil and suck their blood with long long tongue....

    Mid Valley got one indian temple, rite? inside the temple, they pray to Kalima.....

    i still remember Kalima dancing in front of the statues.....

  25. can't run away from singing and dancing..

  26. 他们的五官都好美,鼻子好挺的说~~


  27. very observant of you. got to agree with you too :)

    how come your cantonese so good one?
    you are from Hong Kong?

  29. uLi.佑莉:
    do you know why they have to roll?? because rolling is faster than running around mah, hahahaha!!

    i think all movies have happy ending.. just that perhaps the bollywood ones are far more fairy tale like.. the good man is invincible and sure win, and the couple sure can live happily ever after.. and really the audience burned down the cinema if not happy ending??

    哈哈, 其實都唔駛做功課啦, 呢四個特色街知巷聞, 係人都知啦!! 其實我覺得"浮夸"都未必可以正確形容寶里活, 我係諗到"誇張"兩個字咋囉, 因為浮夸好似高級過誇張囉, 哈哈!! 不過而家人哋有貧民富翁, 已經今時唔同往日喇..

  30. summer:
    哈哈, 你還很捧場這些印度戲喎!! 真的是少見.. 那你有沒有發覺他們的故事都是大同小異呢?? :p

    haha, because that is their compulsory skill and talent!! if their saree is gonna fall down, i'm sure the audience are gonna burn the cinema!! hehe.. and why did your mom not serve tosai and chapati for breakfast?? i don't get it~~

    CH Voon:
    haha, these four features are the most classic bollywood plots, no one will deny!! hmmm, you like watching the dancing scenes for sure, hehehe.. :p

  31. 海市蜃樓:
    梗係啦, 我對印度片情有獨鐘架嘛, 你唔好以為我淨係睇咸片至得架.. 哈哈, 係啊, 追追吓仲要喺片草地碌嚟碌去, 好專業架!!

    haha, i think you are bollywood movies fans huh?? i have not watched that movie before woh, haha!! hmmmm, is it?? i just know there's a temple in MV but i didn't know they are offering to Kalima.. huh?? Kalima dancing in front of the statues?? you can see the Goddess??

    haha, singing and dancing is only one compulsory plots in the movies.. :p

  32. bluesky:
    當然囉, 一定要是俊男美女才可以做男女主角的.. 哈哈, 你也知道他們喜歡躲在椰樹後面玩捉迷藏?? 果然是大家熟悉的經典囉.. :D

    actually it's not about observant or not.. it's because those classic plots are too obvious that everyone will notice.. hahaha!!

    hahaha, yes i think the last one is really interesting, all movies have the same storyline!! errr, no woh, i am from KL woh, why must i come from HK to be able to speak in cantonese leh??

  33. 最难忘的是他们喜欢躲在树后,然后一面唱一面摇头!!!!哈~~~哈~~~

  34. 婆婆超爱看的,小时就常陪她看。我最喜欢看他们在草地上滚来滚去。同时脑在想不痒的咩、不痒的咩?!haha

  35. I don't quite like Bollywood movies! What's with all the singing and dancing? Not my cup of tea! : )

  36. But if they remove the singing and dancing part, I think I might just watch it!

  37. I like Slumdog Millionaire! But that's not a Bollywood movie, it's a Hollywood movie! And they danced in the end - oh NO!!

  38. I never really watched any from bollywood =P

  39. looks like you just mention all the indian moves out :P.

    I watched some before... they are definitely getting better to be honest. More drama... more action.. though it is always about the same plot but still good. I remember watching one about a young girl who was sold off to be a whore... can't recall vividly but it was really good.

  40. I love Indian movies when young.

    Love how the lead actor and actress can start singing and dancing out of any conversation, and then out of nowhere, the passerbys will start dancing in sync.

    Didn't know there were more Bollywood than Hollywood movies.

  41. yes u are right i like see they danci wooo... but nowaday no time to watch ...

  42. sk,你都形容道几贴切喔,系咪Bollywood既忠实fan屎啊?

  43. blogging in cantonese is not about know how to talk ma.. coz cantonese words very hard one leh.. plus malaysia only teach mandarin wor, a lot of my friends can talk but when coes to writing, it's in andarin, not canto lo.

  44. Gosh! I haven't even watched ANY one of the movies you listed! Am I outdated of what? :S

  45. 哈哈哈!I love Bollywood !! 因为真是很好玩,有好笑的啰!小时候我很讨厌,现在却又有点喜欢,嘿嘿。

    你知道吗?在墨尔本,Bollywood有一群cult追随者。因为很酷嘛。有一次,我去戏院看(对啰,我是会给钱去看的啰).你知道bollywood有些“大片”会三个小时的哟。所有,中间会有个小break, 给人去上厕所。有些老外会high到在小break时,在戏院内歌舞升平的啰!我看到也很high leh !!! 哈哈哈哈哈!

  46. OMG, you really have got everything in the bollywood movies there huh??? i still remember watching them in RTM in those good old days, hahaha!!

  47. haha well true enough! but i think that nowadays a lot of the new bollywood movies are pretty modern, just that we can hardly see them because all we wanna watch in malaysia is Hollywood!

    gotta start researching on Bollywood sometime. :P and yes it's true that Bollywood produces more movie than Hollywood each year!

  48. 我不喜欢看印度戏,来来去去都是那几个人做男女主角。还有几乎全部都是爱情片,好闷呀。我比较喜欢看三/四十年前的马来片,很多都是鬼片或是因果报应的教育片,从小到大,已经看了大概有三十年。

  49. 哈哈~

  50. Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 其實除了躲在椰樹後面, 他們還很喜歡在草地上滾來滾去的哦!! 你記得沒有?? 哈哈~~ :D

    你真是乖孫囉, 還會陪婆婆一起看!! 我記得以前婆婆看的時候, 我請願找其他東西做囉.. 哎呀, 他們癢也沒辦法, 因為是指定動作沒有得埋怨的.. :p

    hey, those singing and dancing plots are a must in bollywood movies, maybe during that time you can have an excuse to go for toilet break and then make yourself a nice cup of tea, come back and it's just the right time to continue with the movie lor, hahahaha!! yeah, i also like slumdong millionaire, oscar's best picture of course.. and i was excited because they purposely do a dancing scene at the end, fuyoh, that was so bollywood!! they make that as an intention i'm pretty sure.. :D

  51. Ayie:
    hmmm, maybe you should really watch some bollywood stuffs, and you will agree with what i have written here.. haha!!

    yes i gotta agree with you, they are getting better now, and sometimes you could see hollywood plots too.. but one thing for sure that they will make remain in ALL the movies are the singing and dancing part, it has been a compulsory plot, else it's not called a bollywood movie, agree?? haha.. :D

    Shingo T:
    hahaha, and yeah you got that right!! out of nowhere the passers-by will join in and dance in synch, haha, that's a great one!! thanks for reminding about that~~ :D

  52. CH Voon:
    oh?? i guess you are the only one who would like to watch all those singing and dancing.. i remember i'll just skip that part if i ever watched one.. :p

    Rebecca Kheng:
    梗唔係啦, 我係TVB重頭劇fans咋.. 其實唔駛係bollywood fans先會知嘅, 呢四個特點咁經典咁明顯, 好多人都知啦, 哈哈!!

    well, actually it's somehow related one lah.. because when you write you are like telling a story mah, then i tell the story in cantonese so very naturally i'll write in cantonese.. but another reason is i try to be different from other chinese blogs lor.. so it's kind of special to have both cantonese and english in a blog.. :p

  53. iamthewitch:
    errr, i was not specifying any movies but just the four very signature plots in all bollywood movies.. :p

    哈哈, 為甚麼bollywood在墨爾本會那麼cool的?? 很難想象, 這裡我看除了比較出名的幾部大片, 其他的都只有印度朋友會去捧場囉.. 哈哈, 你現在反而會喜歡?? 是不是在墨爾本的時候受到週圍朋友的熏陶?? 其實我知道bollywood的片子就只有Kuch Kuch Hota Hai這一部, 真的很hit囉當時..

    haha, not that i am a fans of bollywood, but i guess because those features are too obvious that everyone would easily notice.. you were a fans?? hahaha :D

  54. conan_cat:
    yes i agree with you, they are improving and getting more modern.. but one thing i find still remain is the singing and dancing part!! as if this is a compulsory plot in all the bollywood movies.. hmmmm, the most famous bollywood movie all times should be "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" i supposed, and there are lots of nice songs in the movie.. love them actually.. :p

    哈哈, 可能就是那幾個比較出名的男女主角拍的, 那部電影才會比較出名和賣座吧.. 嘿, 你說的那些馬來片, 我覺得不錯哦, 尤其是有P.Ramlee的那些, 以前學校有給我們看, 還真的蠻好看的.. :)

    我不知道啦, 不過那個出名到爆的Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 電影裡面的歌曲其實很好聽一下囉.. :)

  55. hehe yeah true, the indian movies have quite some nice music leh! i did a college project with indian song before, it was fun xD indians love their dance and music, thats why they can be such happy people at times i guess :P

  56. E一篇够抵死。我钟意!

  57. conan_cat:
    yes, i think "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and "Koi Mil Gaya" are both very nice songs indeed.. so did you score big for your project that uses the indian songs?? haha.. hmmm, yeah, i wonder why indians love dancing and singing huh?? do they really like that, or it's just because the love the see such thing in the movies??

    阿叔我食鹽多過你食米, 印度片係點嘅樣, 我梗係瞭如指掌啦~~ :p