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11.11.2009 | 繼續雜碎

無心插柳之下用咗呢個方式寫blog, 估唔到竟然有好多讀者話鐘意.. 開心之余, 我都猶豫緊是否繼續呢個方式.. 最後決定, 見好就收囉, 所以今日寫多次完成三部曲就算喇,下期回復正常 :p

wrote my blog in this new style by accident, but never expected readers to respond with good comments.. while getting excited, i wonder if i should continue with this.. and the final decision is, stop before everyone gets bored.. so i'll just complete the trilogy with today's post, and back to my usual style next post.. :p
最近電台每隔一段時間就狂轟林小姐啲歌, 原本我應該好enjoy, 但係啲歌又令我諗起佢兩個星期後嘅演唱會.. 似乎係要提醒我, 喂, 你仲未買飛喎!! 唉, 我知, 我仲猶豫緊, 一就索性唔去, 一就一支公去.. 超可憐啊~~ :(

the radio is bombarding Ms Lam's songs every now and then, should be enjoying the songs actually, but somehow they reminded me about her concert two weeks later.. telling me "hey, you've not got your tickets!!" ok, i know i know, i'm still deciding - either i don't go at all, or i'll go all alone.. so pity~~ :(
週末去咗睇呢部電影, 睇完之後先發覺佢同一般娛樂性豐富嘅卡通片唔同.. 成齣戲係有一個非常鮮明嘅訊息帶畀觀眾, 就係探討綠色革命呢個話題.. 其實都幾有教育性質架, 仲上映緊喎, 大家不妨去捧場喎..

watched this movie last weekend, and realised it is very different from the conventional cartoons.. the whole movie has a clear message to the audience, that is about going green and protecting our planet Earth.. it's actually a very educational cartoon, still showing in cinemas, why not go and watch it??
係係係, 我知, 一定會有人話我核突, 不過我真係要講放屁喎!! 最近個腸胃應該係好唔健康, 時時放屁連連, 而且仲可以好清脆響亮添喎.. 其實我鐘意咁樣, 覺得好舒服, 毫無拘束, 當然就唔係大庭廣眾之前啦, 哈哈..

alright, i know i know, i'm sure many will think i'm disgusting, but i'm really going to talk about farting here!! i think my stomach is not so healthy recently, have bee farting so frequently, and could be crispy clear and loud too.. anyway, i like it as i feel so comfortable and relax, of course not in front of anyone though, i do it privately in my room, haha..


  1. oh SK you should drink more water & eat more fruits to get rid of farting but I also heard ppl said farting=healthy!

  2. I'm not 1st here! : (

    But 2nd still not too bad right? Haha!

  3. yeah doraemon =p ms lam?? only couple of songs i like... not much...

  4. Really by accident? Not copy me and then improve on it meh? Hahaha!

  5. I think you should post in this style once in a while, not every time. Maybe once for every 3 posts?

  6. If you are a big fan of Sandy, get the ticket and go alone!

    If you are not really a big fan, then forget it!

    There, I have made up your mind for you! LOL!

  7. Watch Doraemon in the cinema? You kidding? I rather stay at home and sleep! Haha

  8. Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting! Eh, your farting got smell or not? If no smell, still can tahanlah, if got smell, I pity those around you. LOL!

  9. Wah! So nice spamming your blog here. Feel so good about it! Hahaha! Happy farting! : )

  10. Btw, juz a word of warning - my spamming has spread from blogs to FB! Enjoy! Muahaha! : )

  11. I love your new style of post. Very concise and "crunchy"! :D

    Yeah! I wanna catch the doraemon cartoon. Read the comic but not the movie yet! Go green. :)

  12. 哗!叮当有上电影院咩??哎呀,好想睇啊!

    嘻嘻,我最近都是放屁连连啰。觉得老liao ....消化好像不是很好liao....

  13. haha.. i like the new way of writing blog oso~

  14. hej! [SK]...great way your new style of posting...few topics in one...and keep farting, it's good for your tummy...;-)

  15. The new style provides freshness, will not get bored so soon. The short articles also are easy to read, 就似一阵微风吹过,呵呵。。

  16. that doraemon movie's out? i like the voice behind the princess..she's a cute jap actress!

  17. 就似一阵微风吹过....was Grass referring to your "wind" ar? hahahahhaahah......so kinky......is it the season or wat? tekkaus was down with cirit birit and u r attacked by the wind? must be the weather =)

  18. Haha..where did you photograph the "do not fart" sign? Have never seen one before.

  19. 我是叮当忠实fans

  20. 1) 都是那句, 如果是近, 可以与你同行看演唱会.
    2) 卡通很多也会感动人心.
    3) 放屁...很舒服哦, 很过瘾, 呵呵.

  21. Doraemon 既戲你係唔係睇DVD?係就借來睇下。。。

  22. 我觉得这个style的久久来一次

  23. i wanna go sandy's concert too~ how much ? how much ? haha~

    doraemon's movie always have some educational thingy inside it... so never stop the kids frm watching doraemon :p

  24. 1)Hehe, I haven't get bored yet.
    2)Oh...Ms Lam is GOOD. The concert's ticket still available? I thought sold out de? What price left??
    3)Doraemon? Hehe, tell you what. I'm watching Thunderdats now..yes yes, the very old 1.
    4)I think it's ok to fart privately. In public, you better control the volume a little lo before people "KUAT" at you.

  25. Farting is like people burping no?

    Just that it goes out a different way :P.

    Doraemon eh? A fan of it, but won't go to a cinema for it.

  26. 1。初初开始係有新鲜感,照你话斋,见好就收嘞,一下贴太多琐琐碎碎嘅嘢,唔止你要逼自己期期“呕嘢”,可能压力仲会大到令你又再开始便秘,而我哋亦都会跟你一样开始消化不良,咁就大问题囉!哈哈!


    3。我前两日一枝公去睇呢部戏,嘻嘻哈哈由头笑到散场!我赞同SK嘅讲法,呢部戏唔单止娱乐性丰富,仲深入浅出咁探讨绿色革命呢个我哋平时都忽略咗嘅课题。SK,原来我哋都係多啦A梦电影嘅Fan屎!Come, give me 5!Yeah!

    4。SK果然透彻有屁就放嘅精神,O yes,当场舒服晒!哈哈!

  27. We have a manager here who does #4 in his office and sometimes down the aisle or waiting for the lift. I wonder if he's aware that people could here his music. hehe..

    Man, it's your blog so you could do whatever style suits you. But short is sweet. I don't fancy reading long posts. They bore me. Oops! That's why my posts are mostly short (and sweet). haha.. Besides, blogging is supposed to be fun, not boring. Right?

    Have a nice day, SK.

  28. Foong is letting off steam (spamming) here for what Tekkaus is doing at his own blog. Eh, Foong?


  29. ur fart must put SURROUND mode lo..
    sounds 1000mile oso can hear~ haha..
    next time put Silent mode lar~

  30. wah.. farting means good thing leh..
    hahaha.. but in public then not good la..

  31. It's the silent killer that you sld proudly let out in the evelator. *winks*

  32. I want your home cook post :p

  33. i'm sure i've seen that last sign somewhere... hmmm wonder where

    ooo btw, ur company has to drs. young dan rakan rakan as panel?

  34. Whichever blog style used, the accompanying pictures always augmentate your stories & make them eye catching. :)

    Apparently (in my laymen's understanding), consuming less meat, sugary, starchy food but more high fibre food, seaweed, probiotics drinks (eg. yakult) helps.

    Alternatively, elevate your farting into an artform - by becoming a fartiste! ;) . U might like
    "Zen Wind & The Art of Farting" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTp-jCIgrgU

  35. 我好想睇嗰套叮噹,不過呢度冇上映。

    既然係響屁,應該唔會臭得去邊...哈哈 (小心搭lift)

  36. Dora:
    oh really?? can more water and more fruits cut down farting?? hmmm, i should really give this a try!! farting is healthy?? haha, any supporting evidence?? :p

    yeah doraemon, nice movie.. ms lam only couple of songs, but for ms knowles sure all the songs you know?? :D

    hehe, i think so, rather than a long story, i think people will enjoy reading more short ones.. hey, you must act fast, cos i think they won't be showing the movie for long~~ :)

  37. foongpc:
    or course not copy you, i've already written random post before you even started to blog!! haha.. yeah, you are right, that's why i'll go back to my normal style, maybe once in a while only i do this..

    so i am between a big fan and not really a big fan, so shall i go alone or just forget it?? hahaha..

    hey, that Doraemon movie is so nice, you cannot just criticise like that hokay??

    hmmmm, guess you would want to smell me far is it?? ok ok, don't be so desperate, wait till we meet in person then i'll give you a big bag of it!! muaahahaha :D

    yeah, just come spam my blog and my FB, i like it, feel so good about it and really enjoy that too!! see?? i respond to your comments in it’s a dedicated single reply.. hahahaha..

  38. 雪芬:
    嘿, 你落後啦, 前前後後我都已經去戲院看過兩套叮噹電影了!! 呵呵.. 你又甚麼事情每天放屁連連呢?? 哎唷, 很難想象你這麼一個美女, 那麼喜歡放屁的?? 哈哈哈哈~~ :D

    hehe, thanks!! but i think i will only do it once in a while, or else people won't appreciate it already.. haha :p

    hehe, thanks, but i've decided to only use this style once in a blue moon, so that people won't get bored of it.. oh, farting is good for tummy?? can slim it down?? :p

  39. Grass:
    hmmm, but i think i just cannot do it until everyone gets bored of it right?? so, decided, will make a temporary stop here.. wow, your "就似一阵微风吹过" means my fart?? hahahaha :D

    yeah, i watched it last weekend.. you are also a doraemon fans?? but the one we have it here is dubbed in cantonese, not the original japanese version..

    haha, yalor, i'm sure Grass meant my fart with that sentence, though beautiful to read but he is using that to refer to something disgusting!! cool eih?? i have no idea why farting so frequently.. some say problem, some say healthy, so????

  40. Mei Teng:
    errr, i didn't photograph that.. i just googled that!! hahaha.. hope nobody will sue me for plagarism.. :p

    我其實覺得這一套的畫法有點不同, 那些顏色和線條都和平常不同.. 而且這次叮噹沒有甚麼大用處, 他的法寶全都送去修理了, 很可惜呢..

    1) 唉, 算了吧, 我看我還是很大可能錯過了.. :(
    2) 平時的小叮噹不會這樣的, 這一次把法寶全收起來, 專注地說環保一事..
    3) 嘿嘿, 看來你也很喜歡放屁吧?? :p

  41. khengsiong:
    唔係啊, 我係去戲院睇架, 唔知有冇DVD喎..

    Chi Leong:
    對囉, 我也覺得不要每次都這樣, 久不久來一次, 才有那種新鮮感嘛, 呵??

    eih, you serious or not?? if you wanna go, we go together lah.. haha, actually when i went to the cinema to watch the doraemon movie, surprise, adults are even more than the kids.. :)

  42. KY:
    1) luckily lor, then i must stop doing this before you get bored already..
    2) huh?? sold out?? i don't think so.. only the RM68 and RM118 sold out, others still available.. so wanna go??
    3) hehe, i'm not a fans of thundercats leh.. i'm more to doraemon, cute mah, look like me right?? kekekeke..
    4) of course i mean when i'm a lone lah.. while in public sure i will control myself mah, else it will spoil my image leh..

    haha, but when you imagine between mouth and butt, which one is more disgusting?? hehe, not going to cinema but i'm sure you'll get the DVD instead??

    1。呵呵, 咁又唔會便秘咁嚴重, 今時今日我唔會逼自己絞盡腦汁諗睇要寫咩嘅.. 好自然有靈感就寫, 冇就算啦.. 唔好強迫自己嘛, 啱唔啱??
    2。咁我約阿憶蓮得唔得啊?? 到時就邊一支公架喇喎..
    3。yeah!! give you 5 first!! 一支公去睇咁寂寞?? 點解唔搵個伴啊?? 有個人同你一齊笑, 會好睇啲架.. :)
    4。係啊係啊, 而且有時放啲連環炮, 仲興奮仲沾沾自喜添架!! 哈哈.. 你都係咁?? :p

  43. HappySurfer:
    oh my!! your manager doesn't feel embarrass for that?? i mean i only do that when i'm alone in my room, but i will always control myself in public.. hmmm, guess no one of you dares to criticise your manager huh?? poor thing.. hahaha, you are true!! i also try to keep my blog sweet and short, because i also don't like to read long winded posts.. straight to the point, and then get it fun and happy would be the most preferred.. haha, welcome all comments spamming, i just love it and don't mind you guys doing it over here!! :p

    haha, no need to put surround mode lah, because it's naturally like that already!! haha, very ochestra feel one also.. no worries, only surround mode in private, always silent mode in public~~ :D

    oh really meh?? farting is good thing meh?? of course lah, i will control myself in public one, got image one mah.. i only do it loudly when i'm alone in my room.. kekeke :p

  44. Gratitude:
    of course must control and let it go silently and stealthily when there are people around, and this is something not easy to learn ok?? you wanna try some of mine next time?? :p

    hmmm, i don't cook that frequently lah.. only once in a blue moon.. so that you will appreciate that more mah, haha.. :)

    hehe, you've seen it in my blog before?? i think i've used the same image some time ago.. errr, panel doctors?? we don't have any, why??

  45. Icy Fire:
    hahahaha!! damn it, FARTISTE!! i love that, you are so funny!! hahahaha.. well, nope, i don't think i wanna be one of them.. hmmm, i had yoghult (so that's probiotic) and muesli (so that's fibre) every morning, and yet i farted so much!! perhaps it's the meat and starch i intake.. ok, let me try to reduce those, and see if i fart less.. and nope, i don't want to be a fartiste.. hahahahaha :D

    哎唷, 真係?? 呢度係廣東版架, 如果你度上映, 應該都係講普通話多啦呵?? 咁就好似冇咩吸引喇.. 哈哈, 我啲屁, 有時後可以係又響又臭架喎, 高啊!! 哈哈~~

  46. Farting too frequent is not a good sign of health. And if your fart is smelly, you better take care of your stomach. Eat less meat, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to detox. Take care SK.

  47. may be u should take fong sar yuen..

  48. Your style is always good Thamby! Hope FoongPC apes you cos his style could make some ZZZZzzzz! LOL

    So you fart a lot lately? No wonder air pollution lah!

  49. 哗!!你叫我美女!!我爱死你liao !! :P

  50. Doreamon is cute...love the opening song!

  51. 我有个idea,你到时去到场外,如果有净飞,应该有平卦?如果无晒飞了窝。。迷向场外听咯,一支公都唔会肉酸啦。。

  52. C'est la vie:
    errr, i don't think my farts are smelly, at least not stinking, but don't know what other people think, hahaha.. yeah, will try to drink more water and eat less meat, detox can also slim me down right?? haha :p

    yeah, i guess there's too much wind in my stomach.. don't really like foong sha yuen, maybe should drink teh halia?? :)

    Twilight Zone:
    shhhhhh, don't let him see this, else he will get very upset!! hahaha.. oh, air pollution?? did you smell it from there?? i think it's air freshening only lah.. LMAO!! :D

  53. 雪芬:
    你不是美女是甚麼?? 大家那麼熟, 不用那麼客氣啦, 哈哈哈哈!! :p

    yeah i love that song also.. but surprisingly another song is sung for this movie..

    Rebecca Kheng:
    我應該唔會囉, 既然要去就買定飛去啦, 淨係企外出齋聽便有隱?? 而且當日有左麟右李同事開場, 我怕到時兩邊開戰, 聽到你一頭霧水咋~~ :D

  54. To be fair, he's careful about it but this thing sometimes cannot be controlled, right?

    Just spotted a typo - the word should have been 'hear'. Oops!

  55. HappySurfer:
    yeah, how can you control right?? it's something very natural and actually we should never be embarrassed about it.. so, let's all fart, and enjoy farting!!! hahaha~~~ :p

    yucckksss!!!! :D