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30.09.2011 | 眼力考驗

[#1249] 上個月喺度同大家玩過十處不同游戲, 意想不到竟然咁受歡迎.. 九月最後一日, 就同大家玩多一次啦.. 雖然我仲未要放時間限制, 不過呢次會睇你click幾多下計算實際得分架(六十分為合格).. 大家慢慢玩啦, 祝大家週末愉快!! :)

[#1249] we played the very first " find the difference" game last month here, and i didn't expect so many readers like the game.. september is coming to an end, so let's play this one more time.. though i still do not want to put in time limit, instead your effective score will be calculated based on the number of clicks this round (60% is the passing mark).. enjoy the game everyone, and have a great weekend ahead!! :)


28.09.2011 | 藍色精靈

[#1248a] 想問最近係憤怒鳥紅, 定係藍精靈紅?? 原本以為可以開開心心收集麥當當全套十隻藍精靈, 誰知竟然有好多人都矢意收集, 搞到要左頻右撲先可以得到手, 好多連未正式推出就已經售罄添.. 我收集到九個, 仲爭一個就完滿團圓, 不過都好滿足嘅.. 話是話, 大家睇下我幅桌面牆紙, 好得意呀~~ :)

[#1248a] i am curious to know between angry birds and smurfs, which are more popular today?? i thought i could happily collect all 10 smurfs figurines from McD, but never expected there are so many people collecting, making me hunt up and down for just one toy, some were even sold out before they are officially on sale.. i'm just able to collect 9, short of 1 to perfection, but am happy enough.. BTW, look at my wallpaper, isn't it cute?? :)
[#1248b] 星期日趁電影仲未落畫, 咋咋臨去睇, 不得了, 我非常之喜愛!! 姑且勿論電影如何, 大家求其google就有好多影評.. 我想話嘅係, 戲院有好多小朋友一起睇, 聽到佢哋天真無邪嘅歡笑聲, 我覺得當時真係置身於一個(如電影所講嘅)開心樂園咁, 非常之有氣氛.. :)

[#1248b] on sunday i quickly went to watch the movie before it is withdrawn, OMG, i love the movie so much!! not going to talk more about the movie, you can simply google and there you go tons of reviews.. what i wanted to say is, there were a lot of kids watching together and when i heard their innocent and sincere laughter, i really felt as if i was in the happy land (as mentioned in the movie), that was really the best ambiance i could feel, thumbs up.. :)

25.09.2011 | 虛情假意

[#1247] 噚日去食KFC, 見到告示牌上有個特別套餐, 每買一份佢哋就會捐出RM0.50俾世界飢荒救濟計劃.. 好有意義喎, 不過再睇真啲, 點解價錢比平時同樣嘅套餐(下圖右邊)貴咗RM0.50嘅??

本來我都好想支持, 但係諗真啲, 佢哋大可以由原本收益直接扣除, 點解要消費者補貼呢RM0.50呢??!! 擺到明係毫無誠意, 虛情假意啦.. 我哋要捐款有大把途徑, 為咩要幫佢哋買呢個慈善套餐唧?? 雖然顧客可以要求買普通套餐(我認為), 但係KFC咁大間集團, 既然要搞慈善就不如做得大大方方, 何必用埋晒呢啲低裝嘅旁門左道呢??
[#1247] went KFC yesterday and saw a special set on the billboard, saying they will donate RM0.50 to the World Food Programme for every such set sold.. i find that very meaningful, but looked clearly again, why is that special set exactly same as the normal set (right of the picture above) but RM0.50 more expensive??

i initially wanted to show my support but giving it a second thought, they could have just donate that RM0.50 from the normal sales, why should they ask the customers to top up that RM0.50 instead??!! this clearly see how untruthful and not geniune they are to make the donation.. if i want to donate, there are lots of other channels and why should i buy that charity meal from them?? although we can request to just get the normal set (i think), but being such a big corporation, if they want to do charity, then why not really do it and do it with heart, it's just so ironic to use such a trick don't you think??

22.09.2011 | 我愛浦飛

[#1246] 我鐘意食浦飛, 因為見到四週圍都係嘢食, 成個人會另舍開心.. 早幾日突然鋪癮起, 所以相約友人日式浦飛一番.. 開始嘅時候狀態大勇, 但係兩碟魚生頭盤之後, 開始有飽意.. 再繼續兩碟主食之後, 已經埋堆甜品.. 計過其實唔係食好多嘢啫, 不過就飽到想嘔~~

同以前(後生時候)叱吒浦飛場嘅我相比, 簡直就係力不從心, 不復當年勇!! 或者以後我應該學啲「精名」嘅食客咁, 好似前世未食過生蠔同凍蝦咁博晒老命食, 同埋唔介意任斟唔嬲嘅廉價紅酒(精)咁博晒老命飲.. 哈哈!! 唔好意思, 最後兩句說話又確實係好有骨呵?? >.<
[#1246] i love having buffet because i will get extraordinary excited seeing lots of food surrounding myself.. so i was craving for buffet the other day and went for a japanese buffet with friends.. started absolutely wild, but after two plates of sashimi and appetizer i kind of felt a little full.. and two more plates of main dishes, i went to savour the desserts.. roughly estimated how much i've eaten, not a lot but then i was feeling so bloated at the verge of vomiting..

compared to last time (when i was young) how "buffet-conquering" i was, i realized i am just nothing now, not even half of what i was!! maybe i shall learn to eat like some "smart" patrons, to eat only oysters and prawns like they've never eaten any food before, and to drink only those cheap bottomless alcohol like they've never drunk any wine before.. haha!! sorry, but i think the last two sentences are a little too sarcastic right?? >.<

19.09.2011 | 蝸牛郵局

[#1245] 星期六早上去咗城中城間郵局寄郵包, 隨你話我冇耐性, 不過我真係忍受唔到佢哋蝸牛般又低效率嘅服務態度..
    想知道究竟發生咩事, click下啲冧巴睇睇詳情啦:
我頂佢個肺!! 啲所謂嘅綜合服務職員全部癱晒呀, 連售賣郵票咁基本都做唔嚟?? 仲有, 好地地點解請個咁唔醒目嘅實習職員, 而且仲要擺佢服務(當時)全部嘅顧客?? 如果再俾我等多5分鐘, 你睇下我會唔會大鬧天庭吖嗱??
[#1245] i was at the post office in KLCC on saturday morning to send a parcel, call me impatient but i really cannot stand their slow and inefficient service..
    click the numbers to read in details what had actually happened:
i was like WTF!!! are those so-called multi-purpose staffs so capable that they are not able to help serve customers who just want stamps and send parcels?? and why was such an incompetent staff being placed at the counter to be responsible in serving (at that moment) all customers in the office?? if i were to be made waiting for another 5 minutes, i'll yell to see the manager!! pos mariah-shia~~

15.09.2011 | 巴曲解碼

[#1244] 最近周圍都可以見到下邊呢種巴曲, 是但用部智能手機一掃就可以解碼, 真係有趣囉我覺得!! 今日等我嚟個東施效顰啦, 有手機掃瞄程式嘅不妨一試, 冇嘅(又或者係懶嘅)就click下個巴曲睇下內裡乾坤啦!! :)

[#1244] i'm sure you noticed the type of barcodes below almost everywhere you go, simply scan it with your smartphone and the hidden message is decoded, i find this rather interesting!! so i'll do the same thing today by encoding my message in the barcodes below, please give it a try if you have the barcode scanning apps, else (or if you're just too lazy) just click on them to reveal the hidden message lah!! :)
barcode generated by Adobe® LiveCycle® PDF Designer ES2

12.09.2011 | 黑色白鞋

[#1243] 今日係中秋, 我知擺對「鹹魚」喺度實在有礙各位賞月食月餅嘅雅興.. 不過見到我侄仔對校鞋, 我真係忍唔住要同大家分享一下.. 都係著咗一日咁耐啫, 為乜可以搞到咁鬼污糟?? 真係匪夷所思!!

唔係喎, 我對鞋都從來唔會咁污糟過架噃!! 我以前好照顧對鞋架, 一啲污糟都好在乎, 估下最經典動作係乜嘢?? 哈哈, 咪就係偷用課室啲粉筆, 擦喺污跡上即刻乾淨晒!! 仲有, 以前係自己洗鞋架嘛(邊似依家啲細路有媽媽同工人幫佢哋洗??), 有時懶得洗, 就直接搽一層白鞋粉上去, 即刻白雪雪好似新買一樣咁囉, 哈哈!! 所以叫我著住呢對黑色嘅白鞋返學, 我會覺得好醜囉~~ @_@
[#1243] i know it's mid-autumn and posting this pair of shoes here will sure make everyone loose their appetite for the mooncakes.. i really can't help but to share with everyone how "clean" my nephew's pair of shoes even just after one day wearing it to school.. i am totally puzzled how he did it!!

i remember my shoes had never been so dirty before as i really took good care of them, even a little dirt will make me uneasy.. guess what's the smartest thing i did?? haha, used white chalks in the classroom and rubbed them over the dirt and instantly the shoes were cleaned!! unlike kids nowadays (who get their mummy or maid to wash their shoes), i had to wash my shoes myself, and sometimes when i was lazy, i just spread a layer of shoe whitener on top (of that dirty shoes), and immediately they looked snowy white like brand new pair, haha!! that is why if you get me to wear this pair of black-colored white shoes, i will feel very embarrassed indeed~~ @_@

08.09.2011 | 善忘先生

[#1242] 最近有感自己對於一啲小事特別善忘, 應該係同年紀有關囉, 唔認老都唔得喇, 哈哈!!
  • 平時搭車嘅時候, 我偶然都會諗諗下一個post要寫啲乜嘢(因為大家知道我唔係求其寫今日食過乜做過乜嘅人), 一陣返到屋企即刻可以落筆.. 不過每次呢頭記住, 嗰頭落車返到屋企即刻就唔記得晒!! 激唔激氣你話~~
  • 嗰日喺屋企煲劇, 有個演員飾演嘅警察喺劇中死咗.. 劇情轉眼就當然唔再睇到佢啦, 不過迅間五秒鐘之後, 我竟然絞盡腦汁都完全諗唔返佢係邊個!! 非常恐怖~~
所以依家呢, 諗到咩計仔都會mark低部手機, 以防日後忘記咗可以睇返.. 不過五秒鐘之後竟然可以完全唔記得見過嘅一個人, 呢方面有咩補救?? 可以針灸幫手增強記憶??!! 呵呵~~ :p
[#1242] i felt myself being very forgetful recently especially one some small mattes.. guess must be related to aging, no way to deny i'm not young anymore, haha!!
  • usually when i commute home, i think about what to blog in my next post (cos you know i don't simply blog about what i ate and what i did for the day :p), so that i can immediately type it out when i reach home later.. but most of the time, after i got an idea in the train, it will get flushed off my brain when i reach home!! don't you find that frustrating??
  • the other day i was having my drama marathon at home, there's an actor who was playing as a police and died in the drama.. of course he won't be seen anymore in the plot, but it's like immediately 5 seconds later i totally can't remember who he was albeit how hard i try to think!! don't you find that scary??
so, nowadays as soon as i got an idea what to blog about, i'll quickly mark it down in my phone, in case i forget i still can refer back.. but for the case of immediately forgotten somebody seen 5 seconds ago, any remedies for that?? maybe acupuncture can help to strengthen the memory??!! haha.. :p

05.09.2011 | 留言榜訊

[#1241] 好唔容易八月先過咗去, 不過我覺得最後一個星期過得特別快.. 可能係假期嘅原因, 點解開心嘅時間都過得特別快?? 哈哈!! 大家上個星期長假過得點呀?? 本人繼續埋首苦趕assignment都冇休息, 好可憐~~ 好喇, 八月份留言排行榜出爐喇, 好開心見到一啲新面孔.. 呢個月會總結第三季留言成績, 大家加油喇.. :p

[#1241] august passed by so slowly, but i feel the last week ends unexpectedly quickly.. maybe it was because of festive week, why must happy times passed by more quickly?? haha.. so how was everyone's raya break?? i was rushing my assignments and thus not really a break for me, how pity~~ ok, the chart for august is finally out, happy to see some new faces.. remember this month will conclude the result for the quarter, everyone needs to work harder then.. :p
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01.09.2011 | 認親認友

[#1240] 某日同朋友提到面卜有個功能, 就係當你喺其他國家login嘅時候, 需要你認出朋友啲相嚟確認身份.. 呢個功能係就係幾有創意, 不過就唔係好行得通囉, 點解呢??
  1. 唔係個個人都將自己個樣擺上網架嘛.. 好多人鐘意將自己身邊嘅嘢當自己幅profile相, 難到見到一隻狗, 我可以認得出係邊位朋友咩??
  2. 好多人喺面卜上都會立亂add朋友又或者俾人立亂add架嘛.. 所以好大可能有一半以上所謂嘅朋友, 你連佢係乜水都唔知啦, 仲要認人?? 認謝檸檬張白枝就話啫~~
  3. 最後一個point亦都係我至討厭嘅, 就係家下好多無良商家用面卜嚟tag人!! 唔通見到一對胸圍我就認出係阿蓮, 見到一支雀仔增大器就認出係阿明咩??
另外, 針對第三點我有嘢要講.. [繼續 >>]
[#1240] was with friends the other day and one topic we chat was a security feature in facebook, in which you are required to recognise your friends through their photos when you login from another location.. i find this feature quite innovative, but then not really feasible, why??
  1. not everyone likes to place their face on the web, and many will just use objects around them as their profile picture.. so does that mean i may need to know which friend that is when i see a dog??
  2. there are many people who simply add friends and are being simply added in facebook.. and i can say most probably there are more than half of them in the friend list whom we do not even know, don't even mention about recognizing them.. unless you are shown Bread Pitt and Angelina Jollibee that is a different story~~
  3. the last point and also what i hate most, all those nonsense tagging on merchandise and promotional materials!! does that mean once i see a bra i can tell that's Mary, and when i see a penis enlargement pump i can tell that's Dick??
before i end, allow me to say something regarding point #3.. [show >>]