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29.04.2011 | 紙紮科技

過咗冇耐嘅清明, 相信大部份朋友都一盡孝義, 抽時間去先人墓地拜祭.. 眾多祭品當中, 房車, 衛星電視, 按摩椅等等其實都已經過時喇, 今年你估我見到啲乜嘢?? 就係蘋果最火紅產品, 新到連登陸本地市場都未有嘅iPad2同埋iPhone5呀!! 真係不得不佩服商家緊貼高科技嘅頭腦..

某日同友人傾開呢兩樣「驚為天人嘅新科技產品」, 結果佢出其不意地俾咗個冷笑話我: 係就係先進, 不過我諗我唔會燒俾佢哋囉, 我驚佢哋三更半夜打電話俾我呀~~ @_@"
it was the Qing Ming period two weeks before and after 5th April each year where the Chinese (generally Taoist) visit the cemetry to pay respect to their deceased relatives.. one of the traditional ritual is to burn offerings in the form of paper, so that the deceased can "received" them in the afterworld.. amongst the offerings, limousine, satelite TV, massage chair are already very common.. what i found really impressive is how quickly the industry is coping with technology - mimics of iPad2 and iPhone5 even though they are still not in our market yet, fuyoh!!

was chatting with a friend on these two "impressive innovative products" and he caught me by unexpectation with a good joke: no doubt very high tech, but i don't think i'll burn them, because i'm worried if they got it and call me in the middle of the night~~ @_@"

27.04.2011 | 智能手機

智能手機嘅普遍性, 已經去到一個人有我有嘅程度.. 唔知大家有冇留意到最近嘅一種現象呢?? 就係當大家開開心心坐埋一檯食飯嘅時候, 當中總係有啲朋友, 一屁股坐低就拎起部手機, 與世隔絕咁用手指喺個熒幕度不停掃動.. 全程就係嗰一種極度忘我, 視若無人聽若無者嘅零交流境界..

我覺得其實大家一起食飯, 應該就有交流架嘛, 一味喺度玩手機我就覺得有啲唔禮貌囉, 而且將人與人之間嘅距離拉得好遠呀.. 又唔係幾十億大生意等住你去搶救, 唔係嗰幾分鐘都騰唔出嚟係嘛?? 麻煩各位, 食飯時間請將手機收起, 多謝合作~~ :)
i guess smart phones are getting very common nowadays to an extent that everyone would just want to have one on their hands.. and have you noticed a very funny scene recently?? when everyone happily sits around a table waiting for food to be served, there will always be some friends who so instinctively take out their phone, and then start sweeping their fingers vigorously on the screen.. so isolated as if they are putting themselves into a total trance, where they see and hear no other people around them..

to me if we are gathering around i would expect some kind of interaction, but if someone just keep on playing with handphone i guess it's a bit rude and somehow creates a communication gap.. i don't believe there's a multi-billion business to be handled that it's not possible to spare just a few minutes right?? it's time to enjoy the time and food shared with your friends, please keep your phones aside~~ :)

24.04.2011 | 禁售零食

最近政府見小童肥胖指數上昇, 通過教育局禁止學校食堂業者售賣高脂高糖冇營養嘅垃圾食品.. 何謂高脂高糖冇營養嘅垃圾食品?? 其實該局都冇一個明確答案, 淨係好搞笑地舉咗椰漿飯呢個例子!! @_@

基本上我認為應該係指市面上林林總總嘅零食之類囉.. 講起零食, 我以為呢啲嘢一早就已經絕跡學校架啦?? 事關我以前個校長都已經下令食堂唔可以賣零食喇噃, 可見呢位校長早在廿幾年前就已經咁有遠見.. 所以當隔離鄰舍朋友仔話可以喺學校買到好多好好食嘅零食, 我就覺得好酸.. 仲有順便一提, 我小學係返全日制, 即係早上七點半到下午五點架, 可見我係少咗幾多童年樂趣哩你話..
in view of the overweight index in school children, our government through the Ministry of Education recently banned the schools from selling unhealthy food.. so what's meant by unhealthy food?? i guess they do not yet have an answer but just very "jokerly" blamed nasi lemak as the culprit!! @_@

i guess they are basically referring to those "junk food" (potato chips, crackers, carbonated soft drinks et al) you can get in the market.. but come to this point, i thought they were already banned in school?? because my (then) principal has already did that to my school more than 20 years ago, seems like he's such a principal with a vision huh?? that was why when neighbourhood friends told me how nice those "junk food" they can get from school canteen, i can only feel sourish.. and yeah, if you've not known, during elementary school i studied whole day from 7:30am till 5:00pm, so you can see how deprived i was from the fun of childhood during that time huh??

21.04.2011 | 棋壇高手

前日喺某商場見到呢兩盤彩色巨型西洋棋, 當時真係有兩位朋友玩緊(或者話用個抬字恰當啲呢??), 覺得非常之盞鬼..

其實我都好羨慕識得捉棋嘅人, 尤其當棋手沉思冥想應該點樣部署下一步棋嘅時候, 我會覺得佢哋好叻好有修養.. 點解?? 因為本人除咗黑白棋同動物棋可以呃下人之外, 其他一概一竅不通!! 唉, 講出嚟都覺得慚愧, 如果我係識得捉棋嘅話, 我應該會比較深謀遠慮??
saw these two colorful giant chess sets in a shopping mall the other day, and there were two guys really playing the game (or maybe saying them carrying the chess is more appropriate??), find that rather impressive..

i actually admire those who know how to play chess, especially when they are thinking deep on how to take the next step, i really think they are very smart and cultivated.. why?? because other than othello and the childish animal kingdom chess, i do not know how to play any other chess at all!! haiz, i sometimes feel so ashamed in this area, if i can play chess then i guess i might be more of a visionary and tactical person??

18.04.2011 | 生日派對

唔係, 今日唔係我生日, 仲有兩個月先係, 其實係同位朋友傾閑偈講到生日派對咁啫.. 我哋講到話而家多數生日派對唔係餐廳就係卡拉OK, 非常之懷念以前細個時候哩, 阿媽幫我哋喺屋企搞嗰啲家庭式生日派對囉..

仲記唔記得屋企搞生日派對, 例牌一定會有炒米粉, 咖哩雞, 炸雞翼, 炸春卷, 蛋菜糕, 西瓜籃同埋沖調橙汁呢?? 當然仲有紅雞蛋同大蛋糕一個, 仲要係唧滿流到滯嘅牛油忌廉, 同埋點都要加埋嚟裝飾嘅兩隻餅干玫瑰花.. 非常之經典, 但係卻非常之令人懷念, 有邊位朋友咁樣搞, 我肯定應邀出席, 哈哈.. :)
no, it's not my birthday (still two more months to go anyway) but actually a topic on birthday party that i had with a friend the other day.. we realised birthday parties nowadays are mostly done in restaurants or karaoke, we really miss those days when we have birthday parties at home all directed by the all-rounded mothers..

still remember those typical malaysian home style birthday party, where you will have the default fried beehoon, curry chicken, spring rolls, fried chicken wings, rose syrup jelly, watermelon basket and cordial orange juice?? or course not to miss some red eggs and birthday cake, covered in fattening butter cream and not forgetting that two pieces of biscuit rose to decorate.. so classic yet makes me miss those days so much, if any friend is throwing such party i sure will accept the invitation, haha.. :)

15.04.2011 | 指環留香

大家鐘唔鐘意食香噴噴嘅印度煎餅呢?? 以下呢個關於印度煎餅嘅故事, 係我聽聞唔係親身經歷.. 不過如果你繼續睇落去嘅話, 可能以後都唔敢再食架喇..

話說某人於某「馬嘜檔」叫咗兩件印度煎餅, 擺落口細細咀嚼, 突然覺得有異味, 於是向檔主投訴.. 檔主都好老實, 承認頭先上過廁所, 不過斬釘截鐵話已經將雙手洗好得乾淨, 絕對冇問題.. 某人於是要求檔主攤開雙手驗明, 真係好乾淨喎.. 之後再睇清楚, 原來檔主左手戴住隻戒指, 有啲類似便便嘅物體殘留喺戒指刻紋度!! 阿彌陀佛!! 某人當時都唔知應該嘔定應該暈好~~ :D
do you like roti canai, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside?? the following story about roti canai is what i heard and not my own experience, but if you continue reading i may not guarantee you'll still eat them in the future..

there was once a guy patronising a mamak stall somewhere in KL who ordered two pieces of roti canai, when he popped in a piece into his mouth and started chewing, he tasted something weird in the roti and hence he complained to the stall owner.. the owner was frank and admit he's just back from toilet before this, but swear he has already cleaned his hand thoroughly.. the guy ask to see both his hands and really didn't find any dirt, till he looked a little closer and found out the owner was wearing a ring on his left hand.. to his horror, he found some sh*t stucked in the carvings of the ring!! holy goodness!! the guy didn't know if he should just puke or pass out~~ :D

13.04.2011 | 視像用途

大家偶然都會去快餐店解決兩餐架啦, 相信食快餐都唔應該有咩expectation嘅, 求其食得飽就得啦.. 不過有時真係爭唔落喎, 啲員工求其到呢, 可以(秉持「供視像用途」呢個原則)整個漢堡包整到完全走晒樣, 同廣告上嗰隻漢堡包完全match唔到囉..

唔係話我挑剔, 之不過見到一劈嘢咁, 胃口點都欠佳啦係嘛?? 不過既然係快餐店就算喇, 畀著係高檔少少嘅食肆, 我唔唱通街都肯定將佢列入黑名單囉..
i believe everyone occasionally goes for fast food to settle a meal or two, and i guess we should not have much expectation on fast food other than to get our stomach filled up.. but many times the workers are so casual (thanks to the term for illustration purpose only as a strong excuse) that the burgers they prepared can be so out of form till we hardly find similarity to match with those featured on the advertisement..

i'm not trying to be fussy but when you see one "smash" of burger in front of you, will that turn appetising to you at all?? well, no complaints since this is fast food, but given slightly established eateries, if not criticising them everywhere i could then i will for sure put them in my blacklist..

11.04.2011 | 首都游戲

星期一係唔係monday blue感覺好憂鬱呢?? 呵呵.. 醒神啲, 同大家玩吓呢個猜國家首都游戲啦.. 玩法非常簡單, 於國旗下空格填上首都名稱(請以英語作答), 然後按國旗檢查, 綠色表示正確, 紅色表示錯誤.. 預祝大家有個愉快一周啦!! :)

it's monday and you feel the monday blue?? hehe.. well, to get you started with the week, let's play this capital game.. it's simple, just type the name of the capital in the box under each flag, then click on the flag itself to reveal the answer, green means bingo and red means try again.. have a great week ahead folks!! :)
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07.04.2011 | 談三文治

你鐘唔鐘意食三文治架?? 對於鐘意吃麵包嘅我, 三文治絕對係我喜歡嘅食物之一.. 各式各樣三文治, 尤其餡料豐富色彩斑斕嗰啲, 我肯定無任歡迎..

好多人可以三文治當正餐食, 不過三文治在我眼中絕對係屬於小食類.. 對我嚟講, 正餐我一定要係粥粉麵飯, 一份小小三文治食落肚, 感覺硬係爭咁啲嘢, 未能滿足到我囉.. 所以見人可以一個三文治就係一餐, 好羨慕架, 有眼睇點解人哋可以咁瘦我就永遠咁肥囉~~ :(
do you like sandwiches?? for a bread lover like me, sandwich is definitely one of my favourite food.. any kind of sandwiches especially those with loads of stuffings and varieties of colors, are sure very enticing to me..

many people can have sandwich as a meal, but in my thinking sandwiches are always under the finger food category.. to me, i must have either rice or noodles for a meal, one small sandwich just seems lacking of something and can never satisfy me.. that is why, i always admire those who can take just one sandwich as a meal, very obvious why they can stay fit while i always have to be so fat~~ :(

04.04.2011 | 嶄新一章

唔係, 呢個所謂嘅嶄新一章唔係話我結婚生仔, 而係工作上嘅一個重要轉捩點, 因為上星期五四月一日係我喺公司最後一日.. 絕對唔係個容易嘅抉擇, 但係經過多個月不停嘅反思同衡量, 我終於扑錘暫停工作一年, 重返校園攻讀MBA課程..

可能好多人會覺得就咁放棄事業好草率兼可惜, 但係我個人認為有捨先有得, 就當係超過十年不停工作後, 自己能力範圍內給自己一個身心休憩嘅空間.. 可以從而翻新同提昇自己, 認真思考前面條路要點樣行, 何樂而不為呢?? 我唔知咁樣做係啱定錯, 不過一年後我還是一條好漢, 祝福我~~ :)
nope, this new chapter in life is not about me getting married or having a child, but about a turning point in my career, as it was my last day in the company last friday 1st april.. it was absolutely not a peanut decision but after months of thinking and considerations, i finally decided to stop working for one year and go back to school for an MBA..

many might think giving up a good job so abruptly is wasteful, but i see this as emptying my cup to get more fresh water.. afterall if i could afford a physical and mental hiatus after more than a decade of tiresome work, why not?? this one year is important for myself to reset and rejuvenate, to value-add and seriously plan for my path going forward.. i don't know if i'm right but decision made and there shan't be regret, bless me~~ :)