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29.06.2009 | 納棺樂師

當大家都滾水淥腳一窩峰去睇變形金剛之際, 我噚日週末選擇去睇呢一齣日本片.. 得獎無數嘅呢齣電影, 係今年奧斯卡最佳外語片, 老實講, 比較起同樣係奧斯卡最佳外語片《臥虎藏龍》嘅刻意賣弄, 我覺得呢齣電影刻劃出嚟嘅親情/愛情/希望, 實在係高深內斂好多.. 我會推薦呢齣電影, 鐘意睇電影嘅朋友, 必睇, 千其唔好錯過噃..
when everyone is rushing to watch "Transformer" the movie at their soonest convenience, i chosed to watch this Japanese movie yesterday during weekend.. this is a multi award winning movie, including the best foreign language picture for this year's Oscar.. frankly speaking, compared to the also best foreign language picture "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", i think this movie is more subtle and witty, and in a way more acclaimed, to bring out the message of family, love and hope.. i recommend this movie, to all movie lovers this is a MUST in your list..
有一幕係我印象深刻嘅: 痛失愛兒嘅爸爸喺納棺儀式完成之後, 感激地對禮儀師話:「佢在生之時, 我每次見親佢男扮女裝, 我都覺得好丟假, 我哋一定大嘈一輪.. 今日多謝你哋達成佢個心願, 將佢化得好靚.. 剛才重見佢展開笑容嘅樣, 我終於明白無論佢變成咩樣, 佢都依然係我嘅親生骨肉!!」說罷, 即刻聲淚俱下..
there was one scene that i remember most clearly: a father who has lost his beloved son told the morticians after the encoffinment ceremony, "when he's alive, everytime when i see him putting on his drag outfits, i would be very angry and we would certainly be quarrelling very fiercely.. but i really want to thank you for fulfilling his dream, you have made him look absolutely beautiful today.. i saw the long lost smile on his face, and i finally understood that, no matter how he has become, he is always my son no doubt!!" the father burst into tears after this..

最近一齣令我感動嘅電影.. 《おくりびと》(送行者: 禮儀師的樂章)
a movie that touches me recently.. "Okuribito" (Departures)

28.06.2009 | 翩翩起舞

其實有好耐一段時間係冇再去健身院嘅跳舞class喇.. 噚日呢位朋友客串代堂, 之前應承佢話捧場嘅, 所以破天荒第一次連踩兩堂, 真係畀足面囉.. 好彩第一堂跳拉丁舞, 第二堂跳懷舊的士高舞啫, 如果係要跳肚皮舞嘅話, 睇我搵唔搵碌棍拗佢吖嗱, 哈哈!!

have not been attending the dancing classes in the gym for a very long time.. this friend of mine was doing replacing classes yesterday, and since i've promised him earlier to join him in the class, for the very first time i attended two classes back to back, i really gave full support to him see?? thank god the first class was latin and the second retro-disco dance, if he ever wanted me to do belly dancing, i will sure beat him with a huge stick, haha!!
個標題「翩翩起舞」就梗係冇我份啦, 我自問唔係跳舞材料.. 跟唔上又跳得鬼咁輪盡, 去上堂盞激親導師啫, 係唔係?? 其實我又矮又大件, 手短腳粗攬住舊肥腩肉, 肉騰騰跳咩舞都好肉酸啦係咪?? 大家見過河馬跳舞未吖?? 哇哈哈哈哈 :D

the title of this entry translates to "dancing gracefully" but of course i didn't mean myself, as i always know i am never a dancer material.. not able to follow the steps and can never dance well, i think the instructor must be mad at me, haha!! well, actually my short and stocky physics, trunk-like limbs, wobbling flabby body, it just can never be possible for a piece of clumsy meat to dance gracefully right?? it's just like a hippo dancing, you get me?? muaahahaha :D

26.06.2009 | 巨星隕落

今朝喺面卜見到有個朋友話「再見米高積臣」, 之後又見到有人喺個blog度寫米高積臣逝世.. 當然係半信半疑啦, 所以即刻上網查證, 真係喎, 而且同事都同我確認呢一件事.. 電台十年都唔播佢啲歌, 今朝全天候播放呢一位天王巨星嘅經典作品, 啊, 佢真係離開我哋喇..

米高積臣可以講係我接觸西洋流行樂壇第一人, 當時首《Beat It》同《Billie Jean》簡直係街知巷聞.. 雖然佢嘅逝世未及哥哥同梅姐帶畀我嘅震撼, 但係不得不承認佢係流行樂壇一個傳奇!! 永遠都唔會忘記, 願佢喺天國安息..

Michael Jackson left us at 2:26pm 25th June 2009

saw a friend updated his facebook status as "goodbye michael jackson", and later on saw another friend blogging about the departure of him.. of course i was between believing and suspicious about this news, so i hooked online to find out the truth, yeah it's real, and my colleague has also confirmed the news.. even on radio, you will seldom here DJ playing his songs for like 10 years, but this whole morning all his favourite classics were being played on air, aahh, he has really left us already..

i consider MJ as the first person i got to know about the pop music industry, his songs "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" were absolute big hit back then.. although his departure didn't bring me much shock like Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui did, but i don't deny he is really the Legendary King of Pop!! he will never be forgotten, may he rest in peace..

23.06.2009 | 生日著落

今年破天荒嘅三個生日終於都過完喇!! 係啊, 係三個你冇睇錯啊.. 不過你梗係覺得奇怪, 拗爆頭都唔明點嚟三個生日啊?? 嗱, 等我解釋你知喇:
  1. 5月24日: 農曆五月初一, 呢個正常吖..
  2. 6月17日: 西歷正日, 食到100歲年年都走唔甩..
  3. 6月23日: 又係農曆閏五月初一!! 係因為阿媽過咗端午節仲一味叫我食粽, 我先察覺今年閏五月噃, 哈哈!!
my three birthdays for this year was amazingly over finally, and yeah, you are right, it's three!! and you must be wondering how could i have three birthdays in a year?? well, i'll explain this to you here:
  1. May 24th: according to the chinese calendar, i was born on the 1st day of the 5th month, this shadow birthday is normal to the chinese..
  2. June 17th: my actual birthday, and this will always stay true even if i'm 101 years old later..
  3. June 23rd: yes!! the 1st day of the 5th month in the chinese calendar again.. if you wonder why, the chinese months are only 28-30 days, hence we have one repeated month yearly to make up the total number of days in a year..
同往年一樣, 生日都冇大事慶祝架喇, 仲細咩係唔係?? 求求其其食番餐好嘅咪算數囉, 蛋糕都係買一兩件嚟食, 蠟燭都係吹得一次咋(同事幫手搞嘅).. 老實講, 係冇幾個人幫我慶祝生日嘅, 我人緣唔好吖嘛!! {>.<} 不過短訊, 面卜, 部落格都有頗多朋友祝賀我嘅, 喺度好有誠意咁一次過多謝晒大家!! 大家有心已經足夠喇.. :)just like previous years i didn't really celebrate my birthdays, well not young anymore to do this.. just simply went for nice meals, bought couple slices of cakes (not whole ones with candles), and the only time i made a wish and blown a birthday candle was when colleagues gave a surprise treat.. frankly speaking rarely anyone to celebrate for me, perhaps i am not welcome?? {>.<} anyway, still got SMS, facebook message and blog comments from friends, i hereby sincerely thank everyone for the birthday wishes.. those blessings are precious enough.. :)

21.06.2009 | 加州會咭

呢張黑色會員咭啊, 一用就用咗四年咁耐, 我見到張咭甩頭甩骨(你知啲咭用耐咗, 個名甩晒色睇唔到, 張膠膜飛晒上嚟), 幾咁失禮吖你話.. 於是年頭renew嘅時候, 順便要求換張新嘅, 結果個職員竟然要我畀錢, 仲話係健身院行政政策!! 大佬, 我每年都renew架喎, 而家第四年先要求換一次, 唔過份喎, 唔通一張咭用成世人咩??

結果我同個朋友講, 佢即刻怒氣衝沖落去幫我出頭, 聲大夾惡鬧到個職員冇晒佢符, 最後個經理知衰就應承免費換張新咭過我.. 但係佢話要彈過去新加坡整, 需要成個月時間喎, 一搞掂就會call我去取咭喇咁.. 啲人係唔係犯賤吖, 要鬧過先變鵪鶉架囉, 好彩我個朋友佢夠巴辣夠火爆, 呵呵!!

年頭嘅事, 到而家一直都冇聲冇息, 大半年啦, 咩咭都整好啦係嘛?? 於是我就去接待處問個究竟, 結果乜咭都冇, 個臭H經理竟然擘大個窿得把口, 乜都冇做到!! 正當我要發火嘅時候, 個接待員話可以即刻幫我整張新嘅.. 就咁, 「雪」一聲張新咭就出現眼前喇, 雖然睇落冇黑色張矜貴, 但係都叫做即時服務吖.. 同之前個臭H經理講嘅嘢, 簡直就係天南地北!! have been using the black card for like 4 years, seeing it already so worn out (well you know, when a card is old, the printed name gets washed out, and the protective film flips out from all edges), i try to request for a new card when i renewed my membership early this year.. and to my surprise, the staff on duty told me that i would need to pay for the new card, and that was the club's policy.. d*mn it, i pay my renewal fees every year, and i only made this request on the 4th year, this is more than reasonable right?? and do you expect we use the same card for the rest of our lives??

and so i told my friend about this, he got more angry than i was and straight away he went down with me to fight for my rights!! he scolded the staff loudly as if no other's business, and finally the manager agreed that they should have replace my worn out card at their own waiver, but she told me they would need to send the request to Singapore and it will take a month, she will personally call me when the card is ready.. luckily my friend is stern enough, they just need to be yelled at before they backed off, i really wonder..

and that was sometime in january, but till now i still have not heard from them., it's like half a year and i supposed everything would have been settled.. so i went over the reception and ask for a status, and to my shocked the staff did not find my new card!! WTF, that blardy manager just talked and did not do anything on my card replacement!! but the staff was helpful enough to have my new card printed straight away on the spot, though the new card doesn't look exclusive but at least this is call immediate service, that was so different from that that bitch has told me earlier!!

19.06.2009 | 恐怖人群

我房個窗望出去可以見到輕鐵站月台.. 每朝起身望出窗口, 見到月台企滿晒人, 我就開始覺得好有壓力, 究竟一陣應該點樣同呢一班對手逼呢?? 又要顧及形像, 又要用去推人但係又唔可以畀人發覺你推佢, 又要企定定唔畀人推.. 唔講真係唔知, 搭車原來咁考功架囉..

每日放工滿懷憧憬想話去健身院減肥, 結果去到見到每架機器無時無刻都逼爆人, 要企喺度等, 好喇, 終於輪到你喇, 又到人家眼金金等你.. 嘩, 大佬, 成個人謝晒啦, 好似成盆冷水兜頭淋落嚟咁, 邊度仲有心情去操至得架?? 所以我咁肥, 又成日畀人講我淨係認得行行企企, 都唔係冇原因架喎, ..

最近好多大減價, 雖則我知間商場一年大減價十次, 每次都係拎番同樣嘅嘢嚟拋, 但係我都係好興奮咁去捧場架喎.. 弊就弊在所有人都同我一樣諗法, 結果又係寸土萬人情況, 我咁斯文邊夠人爭噃?? 所以好多時候大減價, 我都只係買到超市兩支特價橙汁咋囉, 都相當之失敗呀呵?? :p
i can see the LRT platform right from my room's window.. every morning after wake up, i saw passengers flooding the platform and i started to feel the pressure, how am i supposed to compete with them in order to squeeze into the train to work?? i need to take care of my image, try to push other passengers and yet cannot let them know i push, and at the same time be strong so that i'm not pushed by the others.. wow, now i only realised it's never easy taking LRT - but of course hell lot easier than taking KTM i would say..

almost everyday after work, i rush to the gym so ambitiously for my trim-down plan, reach there and only to find out every machine is occuppied (not to say some hogging).. gotta wait for my turn, and finally my turn, and other people are eyeing on you while waiting for their turn.. i say, come on, give me a break!! it's like pouring cold water onto a burning flame, where can i still find motivation to workout?? so you see why i couldn't trim down, and somebody says he only sees me walk walk stand stand in the gym, there's not no reason ok?

sales everywhere now, and though i know this mall is having sales like 10 times a year and everytime they have the same items on price shall, i still am very excited to go and try my luck.. but too bad, guess many people think alike, everytime i'm going for sales shopping, there must be like 10,000 people on a 1-inch floor, and due to myself being such a soft guy, how can i fight against them?? and so most of the time, i just manage to bring back two bottles of orange juice on promotion.. really a loser yeah?? haha :p

17.06.2009 | 零六一七

it's June 17th year 2009 today..
happy birthday to me

14.06.2009 | 好靚豬腩

正所謂一樣米養百樣人, 有啲人點食極都係唔會生肉, 而有啲人就算係飲一啖水都會肥.. 鬼整, 我正是後者一類人.. 所以我好羨慕可以食好多嘢, 但係身形仍然可以保持不變嘅朋友.. 當然, 我唔會希望自己係嗰啲奀挑鬼命骨杉杉, 又或者大隻壘壘週身肌肉起晒枕嘅身形嘅..

今時今日呢一把年紀, 再加上自己又咁鬼為食(其實我都唔想嘅), 但求能夠摔掉呢舊纏住我身軀多年嘅肥豬腩肉, 其實我已經覺得好安慰囉there are many kinds of people in this world, some can't grow any fatter even stuffed with loads of food, but some can just simply gain weight even only drinking water.. unfortunately, i belong to the latter category.. that is why i always envy friends who can eat like an incinerator and yet there is no change to the shape of their bodies.. anyway, i of course never wish myself to look like those anorexic spare ribs, nor anything like those bulky beef cakes..

to me, with my this number of age nowadays, and being somebody who likes (but that's not something i've asked for) to eat so much, if i could just get rid of my fat tummy and love-handles that have been accompanying me for years, i think i would be very thankful already..

12.06.2009 | 流晒口水

當初買相機嘅原因, 完全係因為去旅行嘅時候可以影相留念.. 但係漸漸發覺到, 自己部相機唔係淨係去玩嘅時候先派上用場.. 尤其係開始寫blog之後, 週圍任何物品情景我都照影不誤, 目的就係可以post上blog同大家分享.. 因此漸漸對攝影產生咗啲興趣, 不過當然未至於去到發燒階段..
i remember the reason i got myself a camera was absolutely for the purpose of taking memory shots while go travelling, however i started to realised that my camera is now being used more frequently than i've ever expected.. especially after i have started blogging, i would take opportunity to snap a photo for most of the things or scenes around me, thinking of posting them to my blog perhaps.. and because of this, i think i have slowly developed some interest in photography, of course not addicted yet..
你估吓, 或者都真係唔駛估喇, 食物相片其實佔咗一大部份囉.. 我而家哩, 一見到美食就好自然咁會影番幅相, 搞到啲人要等我擺好個陣, 嘁唰嘁唰影夠喇, 先可以開動.. 喺度真係要講聲唔好意思先囉, 我會繼續影多啲架喇, 哈哈.. :p
and guess what, or perhaps no guess necessary actually, photos on food are certainly one major portion of all photos i've taken.. and now whenever i see nice food, i will very instinctively take photos of them, making people waiting for me to set up the best angle and chik chuk chik chuk till i'm satisfied before they can start eating.. i really have to apologize for being such a nuisance first, no worries i will continue to take more photos, hahaha :p
嗱嗱嗱, 你係唔係流晒口水咁呢?? 呵呵~~
and so, are you drooling now?? hehehe~~

10.06.2009 | 李媽炒蟹

[18SG][聲明: 此貼文含粗俗語言, 如果恐怕引起情緒不安, 請勿繼續]

今日時運低遇著一個極度冇禮貌嘅的士司機, 同事話我同佢講嘢好似嗌緊交咁.. 其實我和止想鬧佢, 根本就好想兜巴星佢添啦.. 食到60歲都仲係呢個態度, 唔好怪我唔敬老啊, 真係"李媽炒蟹"得佢吖~~

司機: 你哋call的士又唔講明邊一座, 我入嚟要畀錢架嘛!!
阿伯, 講好喺出邊實Q亭等啦, 你無啦啦自己駛G入去關我L事啊?? 仲要唔見你打鑼咁去搵.. 家吓係你畀錢咩?? 到時咪又係加G入我個車資?? 一上車就聲大夾惡, 我都有火架喎!!

司機: 邊度啊?? 係咪KL Sentral嗰度? Jalan Ampang同Jalan Sultan Ismail都有架嘛!!
阿伯, Plaza Sentral梗係喺KL Sentral啦.. 你揸幾年的士啊, Jalan Ampang間叫Wisma Central, Jalan Sultan Ismail間叫Central Plaza啊.. 唔好以為有個Sentral音就爛G醒咁嘅L樣啦!! 返去睇多幾次吉隆坡地圖先好嚟揸的士啦!!

司機: 呢度唔轉得返去, 你就唔好叫我喺度停車啦!!
阿伯, 我要喺度落車梗係叫你停喺度啦, 邊有人停喺路邊架?? 你梗係要駛G埋一邊架嘛.. 而且你無端端整L個u-turn, 盲嘅都睇到呢條路係one way啦, 人哋叫你落客跟住駛去前邊掟個彎返去, 你又心火躁硬係要即刻掉G轉頭.. 你唔G識交通規則架??

司機: 爭嗰五毫子你都要找返畀你!!
阿伯, 第個我多多貼士都肯畀, 唯獨你呢個西口西面態度惡劣, 我就偏偏要同L你計到足!! 法律冇規定要畀貼士呢回事架喎!!

[18SG][WARNING: this post contains vulgar language, do not proceed if you find uncomfortable]

was so unfortunate to bump into a terribly rude CCB taxi driver today, even my colleague said we were like quarrelling with each other when i talked to him.. anyway i not only felt like quarrel with him, but instead wanted to give him a good slap on his blardy face.. even he is 60 years old, with his hell attitude i really won't respect this old man at all, he is truly a big sarker, really pissed me off..

driver: why didn't you tell which block? i have to pay for coming in you kow?
hello uncle, have already told the control center that we are waiting at the security booth, you just drove in like nobody's business, and make us searching for you.. do you think you are paying?? nope, you will be charging that into my fares won't you?? just got in the taxi and got treated so badly, don't blame me for being fussy..

driver: where?? that one in KL Sentral? don't you know there are also two in Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail?
hello uncle, we have already told you Plaza Sentral of course it's in KL Sentral.. and for your dumb info, the one in Jalan Ampang is Wisma Central and the one in Jalan Sultan Ismail is Central Plaza.. don't just know the word Sentral and thought you f**king know everything!! go back study the KL map more before you come to drive around in the city!!

driver: i can't go back from here, why did you ask me to stop here??
hello uncle, i'm dropping off here so of course i ask you to drive into the lane and stop here, you aren't just stop by the roadside right?? why the hell you wanna f**king make an immediate u-turn here, even the blind could see this is a one-way road!! have told you well to stop here, then go further down to make a turn back, it's you who just don't listen and wanted to turn back straight away!! don't you f**king know the traffic rules??

driver: only fifty sen and you are asking me for that little change?
hello uncle, if it were not you i would even be very happy to give tips.. but looking at your farking face and sarking attitude, i purposely want to be calculative like i've never been before!! there is no law here to state that tips is mandatory, so just shut your f**king mouth up!!

07.06.2009 | 滋粥常樂

話說當日為咗兩隻多啦A夢頻扑數地, 無意中畀我發現好耐都冇幫襯過嘅「老友記」靚粥.. 之前好似消聲匿跡一段好長日子, 當日見到佢重新開張真係喜出望外.. 好記得以前讀學院時候, 一個星期都會幫襯一兩次, 覺得真係好滋味架.. 今次有種"老友重聚"嘅感覺, 而且個老闆態度竟然180°轉變, 變得好聲好氣喎, 實屬小小驚喜一個..

was getting here and there for the two Doraemon figurines the other day, while i accidentally saw this "Low Yau Kei" (cantonese, means old friends) porridge that i have not been eating for a long time.. i think this stall has not been running business for quite a long period, seeing it coming back i actually felt rather thrilled.. i still remember my days back in the college time, i sort of patronising one to two times a week, i really think the porridge was nice.. this time the feeling was like "meeting an old friend", the owner's attitude is a 180° change, from rude to now quite friendly, and this was a little surprise i got that day..

*********************************************************************以前每次都會食豬雜粥嘅, 不過而家"健康"少少食炸腸粥就夠喇.. 粥底依然係香滑順口, 配上脆卜卜嘅炸腸, 好滿足, 當年讀學院嗰個情景百般滋味湧上心頭..
i would always go for porridge with mixed pig organs last time, but to be "healthier" this time, i opted for only the intestines.. the rice porridge is still smooth and tasty, together with the crispiness of the deep fried intestines, oh my, absolutely delicious.. kind of bring me back memories during my college days, haha..

通常都會加多碟白切雞送粥, 嘩嘩嘩, 有咗佢簡直就係完美啦.. 我絕對係屬於雞胸幫嘅, 今次覺得佢整得"鞋"咗啲, 但係啖啖肉我仍然覺得係好好味喎.. :D
i will normally ask for an extra serving of steamed chicken, wow wow wow, it really is perfect serving the chicken with the porridge.. i am a fans of the chicken breast meat, though i think it's a bit overcooked this time, but still quite satisfied with mouthful of tender chicken in my mouth.. :D

[後記] 訓眾要求, 補上位置地圖, 就喺頌記牛肉麵後邊, 隔離係Maybank對面係RHB..
[post-note] due to popular demand, attached herewith the location map, the stall is just behind Soong Kee Beef Noodles, next to Maybank and opposite to RHB..

05.06.2009 | 考你眼力

大家都知我有成座山咁多嘅玩具啦, 話是話都佔咗我張檯八分一位喎, 唔好意思.. 今日同大家玩個游戲啦, 考吓你有幾好眼力, 順便試探吓你仲保留幾多童真.. 以下四幅圖, 猜唔猜得出係吖?? [點擊提示旁邊鏈接查看答案]
you should know i have loads of toys, and just realised they actually take up one-eighth space of my desk, oopss.. so i'm gonna play a game with you, to test how good your vision judgement is, and at the same time to see if you still have some sense of childhood with you.. there are four pictures below, can you guess what they are? [click on the link beside the hint to reveal the answer]
提示: 呼之欲出啦呢兩個經典卡通人物.. [答案]
hint: this is so obvious of the two classic cartoon characters.. [answer]

提示: 佢有個大嘴巴, 兔仔同雀仔都同佢一間公司架.. [答案]
hint: he has a big mouth, same company with bunny and birdie.. [answer]

提示: 我最近有個為佢瘋狂嘅舉動喎.. [答案]
hint: i've done something rather crazy for him just recently.. [answer]

提示: 其實唔係出名, 不過最近週圍都可以見到佢喎.. [答案]
hint: not very famous, but recently seen almost everywhere.. [answer]**********************************************************

即係點啫, 究竟猜中幾個啊?? 係童心未泯, 定係經已老態龍鐘喇?? 呵呵~~ :p
so what's your result, how many did you get right?? still bear a little naiveness or already a big old elephant?? hahaha~~ :p

02.06.2009 | 直入直出

人會老人會變, 呢句話係冇錯架.. 仍然記得我以前(做仔嘅時候)可以食得好辣都完全面不改色, 但係而家真係唔掂喇, 少少辣我都頂唔順.. 尤其係以下兩種食物, 我因為唔信邪, 所以搞到百試百靈, 每次食親呢兩樣嘢, 消化之後都必定要去廁所嗌救命!! 命中率係百份之一百, 真係好鬼邪囉~~

我覺得應該係辛辣加上肥膩, 我矜貴嘅腸胃抵受唔住.. 所以呢兩種美食, 我真係無福消受, 唯有食唔辣嘅囉.. 有冇人係同我一樣厄運呢??
it's always true that when years gone by, you get older and get changed.. i still remember the good old days (when i was still young) when i had no problem at all with spicy food, but it's totally different now as i would think the food is too spicy though others think it's nothing.. i would especially say the two kinds of food above, it happens to me that each time i have them in my stomach, i would need to go to the toilet for help later on.. i thought it has always been some coincidence, and so i tried many more times, until the probability turns to be 100% i concluded this is true.. isn't that very scary??

i would suspect most probably it's the spiciness plus the oiliness that causes the problem, my stomach just cannot stand the heat.. well, no choice but i have no fate with them at all, perhaps just opt for the non-spicy version then.. i wonder if there's anyone out there suffering the same misfortune likewise??