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2014.04.30 | 慳水妙計

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1888]
我哋喺上一篇博文討論過最近嘅配水行動, 我就覺得乘勝追擊講一講慳水妙計會係一個幾恰當嘅延續題材.. 當大家遇到冇水嘅日子, 有咩方法慳水咁呢?? 閣下又有冇心得想同大家分享咁呢?? 應該都離不開減少使用同埋再使用, 同意嗎?? 大家不妨㩒一㩒下面啲按鈕, 睇一睇我有何妙計..
in my previous post we talked about the recent water rationing exercise, and i think to have a topic on saving water would be quite an appropriate continuation.. when you experience water disruption, what would you usually practice to minimize water usage?? any great idea that you would like to share with everyone?? it's none other than reduce and reuse, agree?? click the buttons below to see what i would do.. :)

2014.04.28 | 配水日子

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1887]
我哋喺上一篇博文討論飲品, 今日呢篇博文, 就將飲品課題延伸去到水供課題啦.. 相信有不少朋友喺呢兩個月內, 經歷過兩日有兩日冇嘅配水日子, 如果你冇嘅話, 就應該謝天謝地喇!! 聽聞呢個配水政策仲會維持多幾個月?? 我哋暫且將「點解有關當局可以計劃未來數月嘅配水活動, 而唔去計劃下能夠解決問題嘅有效方案」呢個疑問擱置.. 至少呢次嘅配水, 教識我節省用水同珍惜水源, 每月水費應該都會減半?? 最近用水真係好小心, 絕對唔會可以浪費.. 平時沖涼兩桶水減成八嘜水, 洗衫由每日減少至每隔兩日, 冇水的日子都係儘量煮最簡單方便嘅嘢食.. 係有少少唔方便, 不過反而逼使大家節省用水同更加珍惜水源, 絕不以為自來水供應係必然嘅.. 不過始終有一件事都幾閉翳, 就係大小二便急call時, 會三思是否真係需要, 因為沖廁真係用好多水嘛, 哈哈!! 各位朋友呀, 水源珍惜不過開始供不應求喇, 大家真係要好好愛惜呢個天然資源, 唔好搞到最終後悔莫及呀.. :)
we discussed about drinks in the previous post, in this post let us extend the topic to water supply.. i believe some of us have been experiencing the water rationing exercise for the past two months, for those who are not, you are so blessed!! heard that this will still go on for months?? anyway, let's put aside the issue "if the authority can plan for water rationing for coming months, why could they not plan ahead a solution to the problem".. at least i think i learned to save and appreciate water during these days, and possibly water bills reduced to half?? the use of water has been very careful and there has been no deliberate wastage.. two tubs of water to shower reduced to eight scoops (of course every inch of body cleaned lah), laundry reduced from daily to alternate days, cooking are most basic and minimum on days with no water supply.. a little inconvenient but it gets us to be more cautious of water usage, appreciate water more and not taking the supply for granted.. though one thing actually bothers me, whenever the nature calls, i have to think twice if it is necessary, because flushing the toilet is very expensive of water, haha!! dear folks, water is precious and is getting less, let us all treasure this resource before it's too late.. :)

2014.04.24 | 超貴飲品

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1886]
上一篇博文以一碗很美味嘅魚旦粉嚟帶出食肆態度嘅課題.. 今日, 就用呢兩杯消暑解渴嘅酸梅桔仔汁同沙梨汁帶出一個(可能帶有爭議性嘅)課題.. 大家對於現時食肆或擴大至市場上所售賣嘅飲品有何看法?? 我覺得有一個字可以貼切形容我嘅睇法-「貴」!! 其實我哋都知啲嘢越來越貴, 但係好難避免所以我接受, 我所不能夠接受嘅係, 飲品價錢同食物價錢相若, 甚至可以貴過食物.. 如果你話用五個鮮橙榨杯果汁跟住收我RM10, 我係覺得OK㗎.. 不過你用濃縮果汁或者沖調粉末整杯超稀果汁跟住收我RM6.90, 我覺得好過份, 我碟炒麵都不過RM7.90咋噃!! 好喇, 或者呢啲係(年輕人同有錢人有能力常去的)比較有規模嘅食肆, 對於我哋平時去嘅餐室或檔攤, 你覺得RM2.00一杯青檸水, 或者RM1.60一杯用調味沖出嚟嘅涼茶, 值唔值得你俾呢個價錢?? 物價上漲, 操作成本昂貴, 通貨膨脹?? 更有機會同時間提高利潤率添.. 嗯, 一向都知慳識儉嘅我, 可能齋飲水或茶算喇, 更何況感覺上更加健康同解渴喎!! 或者根本都唔駛叫嘢飲, 咁樣就唔會跌入商家圈套啦~~ :p
in my previous post, i used a bowl of yummy fishball noodles to bring up attitude issues of eateries.. today, let's get these two refreshing glasses of calamansi and ambra juice to start a (probably debatable) topic.. so, what do you think of beverages sold in eateries or generally in the market now?? i think one word describes what i would say - OVERPRICED!! okay, we know things are getting expensive, this is inevitable and i also accept such economic trend, but what i cannot except is price of drinks close to the price of food if not more expensive.. i am fine if you use 5 oranges to make me a cup of pure juice and charge me RM10, but not selling me a cup of juice diluted from cordial or artificial flavoring at RM6.90, while my fried noodles only costs me RM7.90.. okay, that's probably higher end eateries (that youngsters and rich people can afford to go often), but back to the down-to-earth shops or stalls we more often patronise, how is it justifiable for a RM2.00 glass of lime water and a RM1.60 glass of herbal tea from concentrate?? hiking ingredients price, increasing operating cost and inflation?? likely a very handsome profit margin too.. well, being quite thrifty, maybe i'll just settle with water or teh cina ais, which seem to be healthier and more thirst-quenching too!! or sometimes i don't even order drinks, so that i don't fall into the trap~~ :p

2014.04.22 | 熟食小販

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1885]
本人相信, 每一位非素食馬來西亞人, 應該都食過如圖嘅魚旦粉.. 如果你或者你認識嘅人係從來都未食過嘅話, 麻煩通知本人, 我好像見一見如此傳奇的人, 哈哈!! 好喇, 魚旦粉到此為止, 大家知我唔係食家, 呢張相都係為了帶大家進入今日嘅話題啫.. 好喇, 提到熟食小販, 你最討厭係咩呢?? 我就覺得呢, 食物同地方都係其次, 服務同態度先係我最著重嘅..
  • 你係咁等又或者係咁嗌, 但係個個都好似好唔得閑, 冇一個人要幫你落單.. 就咁戇居居企喺度好耐, 忍無可忍之下決定離開, 都完全冇一個人在乎..
  • 你嘗試落柯打, 但係個老闆唔揪唔睬, 幾秒鐘之後, 跟住望你一眼都嫌麻煩, 低頭繼續做嘢並說道, 「等下啦, 我依家唔得閑」又或者「要等半個小時, 你等得就等」..
  • 你終於搵到個人幫你落單, 不過夥計冷言回答, 要呢樣冇呢樣.. 你繼續問有咩提議又或者又咩可以叫, 佢又好唔耐煩咁是但噏兩味餸, 之後催你快快決定..
  • 你落咗單之後, 等到個肚咕咕作響, 原來有幾樣係漏咗落, 又有落錯單嘅.. 同老闆反映之後, 佢若無其事咁同你講「如果堅持要加要改, 就要再等」..
[聲明] 以上各情況唔係發生在我食以上魚旦粉嘅地方, 佢哋食物同服務都唔錯嘅.. :)
well, i suppose every non-vegetarian Malaysian must have eaten this fishball noodles before.. if you or someone you know who have not, please let me know, i would like to meet such a legendary person, haha!! okay, that's it for fishball noodles, you know i'm not a foodie, that's just a photo to lead in the topic for today.. okay, when talked about having hawker food, what do you hate most?? to me, food and place are secondary but the service and attitude bother me the most..
  • you were waiting there or keep yelling but everyone seems so busy.. no one came over to take order, you stood there for minutes like an idiot, walked away and nobody ever cared..
  • you tried to place order but the boss did not care to respond, seconds later mumbled without even looking at you "wait lah, i'm busy now" or "need to wait for half an hour, if can wait then wait"..
  • you finally got hold of someone to take your order, you ordered some dishes but coldly replied unavailable or sold out.. you continued asking for suggestion and what were available, but impatiently entertained and rushed to decide..
  • you waited until your stomach was rumbling, yet some orders were forgotten and some went wrong.. you complained and were told "need to wait if you insist to add on extra or change your dishes"..
[PS] the above cases did not happen to the place i had this nice fishball noodles, i enjoy the food and service.. :)

2014.04.18 | 護膚香身

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1884]
上個週末喺城中某warehouse sales購得以上產品(係呀, 我專等將品牌從相片中擦走, 因為我唔係要賣廣告嘛), 一個我每年都好期待嘅一個warehouse sales.. 除咗衫褲同鞋之外, 護膚品同香水係我一向喜歡購買嘅嘢嚟㗎.. 雖然以上全部係兩三年前製造嘅倉底舊貨, 不過呢啲化學產品理應都唔會過期㗎呵?? 就算係會過期, 應該都唔會變質得太過犀利㗎呵?? 不過比較出面零售價仲要平至少四成, 呢個價錢太吸引啦, 好大可能到明年都買唔到, 所以抗拒唔到要補倉.. 不過呢次有少少失望, 因為唔係好多選擇, 所以同上一次比較, 我淨係買咗呢度少少咋.. 點都好, 我其實都幾滿足嘅, 因為低價購買係幫自己慳返好多, 咁嘅想法就係由另外一個角度去諗嘢喇, 所以唔會因為自己洗錢買嘢而感到內疚, 呵呵!! 各位朋友, 生命短暫呀, 大家應該做個開心人, 唔好一味埋怨啦~~ :)
got these stuffs (yes, i purposely erased the brands from the photo because i am not advertising here) for myself last saturday at a warehouse sales, a warehouse sales i've always been looking forward to every year.. besides clothes and shoes, skincare and perfumes are something i like to shop.. albeit being old stock manufactured 2-3 years ago, i suppose cosmetics and chemicals don't expire huh?? if they do, they don't degrade badly right?? with such attractive price at least 40% off the retail, i cannot resist but to stock up because i probably won't be getting them at these price until the next event next year.. but i was a little disappointed that they did not have more choices hence i only got these few compared to the last round.. anyway, i am still happy that i saved money from getting them at cheaper price, that's seeing things from a different angle so i don't feel bad for spending money on them, haha!! life is short my dear folks, let's choose to be happy and stop being grumpy~~ :)

2014.04.16 | 熟口熟面

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1883]
首先, 我要自認自己嘅認人功力實在係差強人意, 所以如果有日大家喺街上見到我, 唔好以為我高竇得唔識你呀, 我只係認唔出你咋, 唔好意思, 呵呵!! 吉隆坡有約二百萬人口, 我認識嘅人唔會多過萬分之一, 有時候識得嘅人唔認得, 反而唔識得嘅人就會一眼認出.. 尤其係經常於同一時間同一地點撞到嘅人, 譬如話每日朝早返工搭同一班車嘅人, 平日放工去同一間gym見到嘅人, 經常去返同一間食肆嘅老闆同夥計.. 大家都係互不相識, 但係見得多, 就算係個陌生人你都認得出啦.. 其實我生活中係好多呢一類嘅「熟悉的陌生人」, 雖然好多都仍然係擦身而過, 不過都有幾個係漸漸熟落而變成(所謂嘅hi-bye)朋友嘅.. 人與人之間嘅關係, 確實係好奇妙, 一切都係緣份牽引, 所以我真係好高興能夠喺呢個虛擬嘅博客世界認識到大家!! 同時間, 都希望將呢一篇post獻給所有「熟悉的陌生人」~~ :)
first of all, i would like to admit that i am pathetically poor in recognizing people, if one day you see me somewhere and i didn't notice you, please don't misunderstand that i am an arrogant person, it's just that i cannot recognize you, sorry, keke!! there are about 2-million people in KL, those i know would not be more than 0.01%, sometimes i can't recognize people i know, but on the other hand, i could recognize people i do not know.. especially those whom you see often at the same place and at the same time, for example those who catch the same train every morning, those who hit the same gym after work, the boss and workers of the same eatery you frequent.. you don't know each other but seeing them all the time, even strangers become familiar.. there are actually a lot of such "familiar strangers" in my life, many still remain strangers but some have eventually become (so-called hi-bye) friends.. it's something rather amazing between humans, it's all about fate and destiny i believe, hence i am truthfully glad that i know all of you here in this virtual world of blogging!! of course, i would also like to dedicate this post to all "familiar strangers" out there~~ :)

2014.04.14 | 獨自一人

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1882]
我知身邊有人非常之害怕自己一個人, 做乜嘢都一定要同其他人一齊.. 亦都有人反而選擇自己一個人, 甚至好享受獨自一人嘅空間同自由.. 有人會認為自己一個人就等於係孤獨寂寞, 覺得一個人做咩都係好可憐, 點解冇人陪嘅?? 對我嚟講, 我唔會將自己一個人同孤獨寂寞劃上等號啦, 我重來歡迎有人陪, 同時都會歡迎自己獨處嘅機會, 當然要視情況或活動而言啦.. 一個人食飯我冇問題(雖然一個人嘅時候, 我唔會選擇去fancy嘅食肆, 為填飽個肚啫, 求其一餐得啦), 一個人睇戲我冇問題(雖然有人陪會更加理想, 尤其係睇喜劇), 一個人行街買嘢我冇問題(因為如果同朋友一齊血拼, 我會慫恿朋友買多啲, 自己通常空手而歸).. 不過有一件事我係唔會一個人做嘅, 就係去旅行.. 我覺得既然去到一個陌生嘅地方, 我希望有自己熟悉嘅人喺身邊, 可以一齊分享美好時光(同埋有人幫我揸機影相, 哈哈!!).. 你又如何呢?? 你有幾多機會或時間係自己獨自一人, 又會有幾能夠應對得到呢??
i know people around who are so uneasy of being alone and everything must be done in a company, while some prefer doing things alone and enjoy the freedom.. some would perceive that alone means lonely, and find it so miserable to do things alone, you have no one to keep you company?? well, as for me, i surely do not think alone equates to lonely, i enjoy both the company of others as well as being alone but it would depend on the activity or situation.. i have no problem eating alone (though when i'm alone i don't go to fancy restaurants but just fast-food or something quickie as i just need to feed myself), i have no problem watching movie alone (though would be nicer to have company especially watching a comedy), i have no problem shopping alone (because i usually end up buying nothing if i shop with friends).. but one thing i surely would not do alone is to travel for leisure, i mean i'm heading to a place i am not familiar with, i hope to have people i am close with to share the moments together (and also people to take photos of me, haha!!).. how about you?? how often are you doing things alone, and how well can you cope with being alone?? :)

2014.04.11 | 首都游戲

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1881]
有讀者話好掛住我啲游戲, 問我點解咁耐都冇俾游戲大家玩?? 唔好睇個游戲簡簡單單咁, 其實要整都好花時間㗎, 加上我又每次希望搞搞新意思, 所以就更加需要大家見諒.. 不過大家玩得多都厭啦, 都係物以希為貴好, 呵呵!! 好啦, 見今日星期五, 就玩個猜國家首都游戲, 幫大家重溫地理科啦.. 今次又有新意思, 唔駛麻煩大家打字(兼可避免串錯字)喇, 淨係用個隻老鼠drag and drop(或click)就可以玩喇.. 至於點玩, 就請大家自己睇下游戲指示啦.. 係咁先!! 祝大家有個開心又愉快嘅週末~~ :)
some readers said they miss my games so much, and asked why i have not been posting one lately?? hmmm, the games may look simple but actually took me time to create, furthermore i always hope to introduce new ideas, hence i really seek for your pardon.. but played too often and you'd get bored with them, better to make the games rare huh?? hehe!! okay it's Friday, so let's play a country-capital game and brush up your geography today.. i'm happy to say there is something new today, you are not required to type (thus avoided spelling mistakes), but just use your mouse to drag & drop (or click) to play.. how to play then?? read the instructions here lah!! hehe, that's it for today, have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :)

2014.04.09 | 臭屁游戲

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1880]
天呀!! 大家快睇下呢隻壞蛋Fing-Fing, 睇下佢對可憐的Julius做緊乜??!! 真係衰格.. 不過Daddy又話, 其實以前佢同家姐仲係細個嘅時候, 都係玩呢個「臭屁游戲」㗎喎!! 係唔係難以想象?? 根據Daddy親口證實, 當然要兜口兜面放屁俾人聞唔係件容易嘅事, 因為你個屁股稍微靠近一啲, 人家都會即刻彈開啦, 所以整個屁股對住人家放屁, 成功率唔會超過三成.. 咁可以點樣呢?? 好簡單, Daddy話大家其實可以用手捉住自己篤屁, 揸實拳頭, 不動聲色咁行過去對手身邊, 然後一個出其不意, 趁屁仲係「新鮮」嘅時候, 一嘢將手臭屁掟去佢塊面上!! 保證對手完全冇閃避嘅余地, 殺佢一個措手不及, 呢個方法相當有效, 可以話係幾乎萬無一失㗎!! 哇哈哈哈哈~~ 咁大家有估下通常係邊個贏呢?? 係Daddy定佢家姐呢?? 嗯, Daddy就話其實都算係打成平手嘅, 直至到某一日..
OMG!! look at this naughty Fing-Fing, see what he did to poor Julius??!! so bad.. but the Daddy says he used to play this "game of fart-fighting" with his sister when they were still young, can not imagine that?? according to the Daddy, of course it won't be easy to fart right onto the face, because when your butt tried to get closer, your mate would have run away, so the probability of a successful attack like this is less than 30%.. what you could do is, catch the fart with your hand, grab it firmly, walk calmly to your mate and then without a warning, quickly throw the gas onto his/her face while it is still "fresh"!! your mate is sure left with no time to respond and nowhere to hide, so this is always almost 100% successful!! muahahaha~~ guess who always won?? the Daddy or his sister?? well, the Daddy would say it has been quite a tie, until one day..

2014.04.07 | 面書的贊

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1879]
你打開部電腦又或者拎住部職能手機, 入咗去Facelook, 跟住開始scroll同埋不停咁LIKE.. 係唔係覺得呢個動作很慣常, 不經意其實已經LIKE咗無數嘅留言, 相片, 短片又或者轉貼鏈接咁呢?? 我個人就覺得Facelook呢個LIKE, 去到今時今日, 已經被大量濫用喇, 佢可以有九千幾個意思, 唯獨就唔係like囉!! 其中一個很好的例子, 相信大家都見過, 當某人話病咗或發生意外之類不幸事, 竟然有個茂李去LIKE佢!! 係唔係好想星個茂李一巴?? 我唔知各位會認同我幾多, 不過我自己就可以結論出Facelook個LIKE其實只不過係表示:-
■ 請點擊個別顏色區域以查看(或關閉)解說 ■
you turned on your PC or holding your handheld gadgets, went into Facelook, and then you start scrolling and clicking LIKE.. something so routine and you are doing this without realizing how many status, photos, videos, comments or shared links you have LIKEd on Facelook.. i actually find that the LIKE on Facelook has way been misused nowadays, it may just mean 1001 other things but like!! one good example you may have seen is, some morons LIKEd a status of their friend who reported sickness or accident etc, how the @#$%^%& right?? i do not know how you will agree with me, but i conclude that a LIKE on Facelook may just mean:-
■ Click on color zones to view (or close) elaborations ■

2014.04.03 | 恐怖油膩

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1878]
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係係係, 我知道上面張相係好核突.. 不過如果你仲記得嘅話, 兩個星期前我曾經寫過我嘅所謂「清淡健康食物」, 當中都略略提過下家父所煮嘅晚餐係何等恐怖的油膩.. 所以今日就俾大家見識下究竟咩叫做恐怖的油膩, 睇到上面張相就知啦.. 只需要稍為墊起隻碟嘅一邊, 而另外一邊就即刻可以「集油」, 即係收集到相當份量(以湯匙作單位)嘅油咁解.. 不過我冇作任何投訴啦, 家父成副心機煮一餐俾大家食, 我通常係最後一個食晚餐嘅, 所以盡可能清晒全部餸以示感惜囉.. 當然每次食晚餐, 我都需要做呢個動作去隔油, 有時候甚至需要用湯或熱水過一過, 洗去多餘嘅油.. 哈哈!! 所以大家依家知道咩係恐怖的油膩, 同埋點解我每朝都需要食麥片做早餐啦?? :D
okay okay, i know the picture above is rather disgusting.. but if you can still remember, i blogged about my "healthy food" a fortnight ago and slightly mentioned my dad's very horribly oily cooking at home?? so i am showing you what "horribly oily" means now, just look at the picture above.. just tilt the dishes and i can easily "collect" this amount of oil (in units of tablespoon) at the corner of the plate, but i'm not complaining since my dad cooked with all his heart.. being the last one to have dinner, i usually clear up all the dishes if possible to show my appreciation.. of course, i really have to tilt the dishes so that i can get rid of the excess oil, and sometimes i even have to rinse the dishes with soup or hot water to wash away the oil.. haha!! oh my, now you get what i meant by "horribly oily" and why i gotta have oats for breakfast everyday?? :D

2014.04.01 | 三月金榜

[Volume 9 Issue 4, #1877]
嘩嘩嘩, 眨下眼已經過咗三個月, 依家四月天, 進入本年度第二季, 時間過得真係快得驚人呀!! 今日我哋有兩個留言榜睇(好嘢!!), 一個係三月份嘅戰績, 而另一個係第一季嘅總結.. 天呀, 睇嚟又係眾多女士嘅天下喇, 各位男士你哋去晒邊呢?? 呵呵.. 點都好啦, 恭喜晒所有榜上題名嘅朋友, 更加要感謝留言俾我嘅每一位朋友, 你哋通通都好sweet哦(雖然今日係愚人節, 不過我係講真心話哦)!! 最後, 祝大家有個愉快的一天~~ :)
well well well, three months have already passed so quietly, it's april and we are now in the second quarter of year 2014, how scarily fast!! today, we have two charts to see (yeah!!), one for march and another for the first quarter of the year.. oh my, looks like the ladies rock again in placing themselves in the chart, where have all the gentlemen gone?? haha.. anyway, congratulations to all who made in to the chart and most importantly thank you everyone who dropped me a comment, you all are so sweet (it's April's Fool Day but i am not joking at all)!! wishing everyone a wonderful day~~ :)
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三月份留言排行榜 Comment Chart for MARCH
#(#)博客 Blogger留言
1(1)  LouizYee @ Breathe a little Slow down
★★ 三個月冠軍!! 3rd month at #1!!
2(2)  Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING26111/1142.0-
3(-)  angeline @ Angeline's Side of Story22811/1131.91
4(4)  小影 @ As An Unrest Life18611/1125.05
5(3)  Hayley @ Hayley and Herself5911/1124.0-
6(5)Twilight Man @ TWILIGHT ZONE8711/1120.1-
7(11)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years9111/1118.61
8(6)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard6011/1115.8-
9(9)wenn @ Experiences2611/1113.6-
10(10)Somewhere in SG @ Somewhere in SG Blog4111/1113.1-
11(13)reana claire @ Caring Is Not Only Sharing1811/1112.8-
12(23)Phong Hong @ Phong Hong Bakes
★★ 最大躍進!! Biggest Leap!!
13(17)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓1211/1111.0-
14(14)ChrisAu @ times of refreshing2310/1110.3-
15(16)HappySurfer @ From where I am169/1110.14
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第一季留言排行榜 Comment Chart for FIRST Quarter
#(#)博客 Blogger留言
1(6)  LouizYee @ Breathe a little Slow down63431/31133.67
2(3)  Small Kucing @ SMALL KUCING55631/31103.62
3(5)  Hayley @ Hayley and Herself18131/3172.1-
4(7)  小影 @ As An Unrest Life44831/3166.88
5(1)  Twilight Man @ TWILIGHT ZONE26231/3165.41
6(8)suituapui @ Still Crazy All The Years17131/3143.84
7(2)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard14931/3142.9-
8(9)wenn @ Experiences12130/3138.3-
9(11)Somewhere in SG @ Somewhere in SG Blog11431/3136.82
10(13)reana claire @ Caring Is Not Only Sharing4430/3134.3-
11(4)angeline @ Angeline's Side of Story22811/3131.91
12(10)Yan @ Blog with Yan6122/3131.7-
13(14)Libby @ My Blog, My World, My Memories9326/3131.2-
14(22)mNhL @ An On-line Diary to Share
★★ 最大躍進!! Biggest Leap!!
15(12)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓2926/3126.0-
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