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31.08.2010 | 國慶特備

[第一章] 國慶感想
八月卅一國慶日.. 以前我仲會感受到一份高漲情緒, 會早啲起身睇電視直播國慶遊行.. 不過而家莫講話睇直播, 就連任何同國慶有關嘅嘢我都懶理.. 唔係我欠缺愛國精神, 而係話因為種種原因, 產生咗一種XX嘅態度.. 國慶對我嘅意義?? 就係一日假期咁簡單..

[Part 1] Merdeka Thoughts
31st August is our National Day.. i still remember i used to have some kind of looking-forward feeling, i would wake up earlier to watch the livecast of the parade on TV.. but now, don't even talk about watching the livecast, i'm not even interested in anything merdeka related.. not that i am not patriotic, it's because of many factors that caused me these XXX attitude towards our dear land.. what does this day mean to me?? as simple as another public holiday..


[第二章] 國慶鉅獻
見最近冇咩人留言, 一於借此機會旺一旺個場啦.. 係喇, 我有本書要送出去噃, 係Alice Sebold著作"The Lovely Bones" (按此鏈接看點評).. 如果你想得到呢本書, 又唔介意非常新淨嘅二手書嘅話, 就請你出手留言啦.. 04.09.2010 11:59pm 截止, 留言必須與本貼有關而且超過12個字.. 最多合格留言嘅朋友將會得到呢本書.. 大家畀面支持吓哩~~ :D

[Part 2] Merdeka Giveaway
i realised less people come leaving comments recently, maybe i should (learn from the Panda blogger to) do something to boost up my comments then.. yes, i'm giving away this book "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold (see book review here).. if you want this book, and don't mind a first-hand condition second-hand book, just leave as many comments in this post.. closing 11:59pm 04.09.2010, comments must be related to this post with at least 12 words.. reader with the most qualified comments will win the book.. please give face to support me leh~~ :D

28.08.2010 | 人在江湖

星期四晚由於突發事件, 放工返到屋企, 沖個涼食個飯之後, 就匆匆忙忙趕去某個顧客度補鑊.. 結果慢慢長夜頭埋首苦幹, 搞掂之時已是凌晨四時卅分.. 返到屋企, 略略嗑兩個鐘之後, 又要喺九點鐘前趕返去standby..

做我哋呢行, 如果衰起上嚟都真係要經常捱更抵夜, 甚至通頂架.. 試過連續幾個星期, 每日都做到凌晨兩三點(第二朝仲要準時返工), 最犀利係連踩卅六個小時不眠不休.. 有時會覺得, 點解要咁喎?? 尤其我呢個不復當年勇嘅年紀, 都係為咗餐溫飽啫, 唔辛苦咩?? 但係為咗餐溫飽喎, 人在江湖如何由己呢??

[題外話] 本來因為突發事件, 都經覺得「點解上天咁樣作弄我」架啦, 點知仲要畀我遇著個「行錯路仲要反過嚟怨乘客冇幫手睇路」嘅的士司機!! 嘩, 咩世界啊呢個??

due to some urgent issues that happened on thursday night, when i reached home from work and after a quick shower and dinner, i straight away rushed to the client's place to resolve the problems.. and it was an all-night-long of troubleshooting work, and when things were finally settled it was already 4:30am.. got back home for some two-hour power sleep, rushed back to there again as we have to be there by 9:00am to standby for the business..

it's not uncommon for such incidents to happen in our industry, and when things really get bad, you could expect yourself to even stay overnight to get things done.. i've had experience where i need to work till 3am everyday (and report to work as usual next day) for continuous few weeks, and the best record was a 36-hour of non-stop hardwork.. sometimes i really think, why is this necessary?? and especially at this age that can no longer be as energetic as 10 years ago, for just a living, is this a little too hectic?? but again for a living, no choice right??

[off-topic story] because of the sudden issue, i was already feeling like "why must god treat me like this??" then, but didn't even expect to get worse when i met a taxi driver who missed the turning and would turned back to blame the passengers for not helping to direct!! god d*mn it, what kind of world is this??

23.08.2010 | 無心之失

呢個月係回教徒齋戒之月, 太陽昇起後到太陽落山前都唔可以飲食.. 今日放工去谷中城辦啲事, 就大喇喇做咗三件稍為「無心之失」嘅事, 不過我真係唔係有意架噃~~
  • 前日買咗條皮帶, 返到屋企發覺太長, 於是放工去間店要求剪短.. 點知個sales使盡吃奶之力, 搞到隻手紅晒都冇辦法撬開個扣.. 可能成日冇食飯, 我話算啦, 你幫我打兩個窿算啦, 搞到佢以為我嫌棄佢辦事不周添..
  • 之後行過subway聞到烤麵包鬼咁香, 就忍唔住行入去買隻包食啦.. 原本我都想話尊重已經坐喺度嘅馬拉同胞, 等開齋時間一到大家一齊食嘅.. 不過飢餓嘅我始終把持唔住, 嗱嗱聲食晒(頭都唔擰)鬆人囉.. :D
  • 再去超市買嘢, 嘩, 個員工好陰公囉.. 餓咗成日連開齋時間都要穩守崗位, 趁冇客人先踎埋一二角食飯盒.. 我原本都想等佢安安樂樂食飽飯先, 但係竟然畀佢裝到我, 要暫停食飯嚟serve我添.. 衰就衰在, 我淨係買兩蚊嘢咋囉~~ :p

this month is the fasting month for the muslims, after sunrise and before sunset they are not allowed to eat or drink.. today i went over to midvalley after work, and at one shot did three things which i regard as rather "embarrassing" (i really can't find a good word actually), but i really didn't mean it ok??
  • bought a belt the other day and found out it's too long for me, so i went to that shop again and asked to shorten it.. no matter how hard the sales tried, even till his hand turned swelling red, he still didn't manage to open the buckle.. oh well, i think maybe he hasn't eat for a whole day?? so i said just punch two more holes on it will do, but he might think i complained he's not good..
  • passed by subway, can't resist the smell and just walked in to grab a 6-inch.. initially i wanted to respect the other muslim patrons to eat with them together upon the break-fast time.. but in the end i couldn't take it any longer, quickly (but quietly) gulped the sandwich in big bites and left without turning back.. :D
  • went to the supermarket and gosh, i so pity the cashier at the counter.. having starved the whole day and yet need to stay on duty though it's already break-fast time, she can only secretly squad down to munch something when there're no customer.. i actually planned to wait till she finished, but then she saw me instead and immediately stopped eating to serve.. the unglam thing was, i only bought less than RM2 worth of things~~ :p

20.08.2010 | 網上相簿

之前用javascript寫咗幾次所謂嘅「(面卜格式)網上相簿」, 之後有博友問我點樣砌出嚟.. 其實我都好樂意分享架, 不過左諗右諗始終搵唔到個最有效嘅途徑.. 唔好以為我忘記喎, 其實我都諗咗好耐架, 今日終於畀我諗到個絕世好蹺, 即簡單又快脆, 我可以功成身退喇, 哈哈!! 希望有興趣嘅朋友趁呢個週末試下噃.. :)

i've written some javascripts to build a few so-called "facebook style online albums" earlier on, and there were some blogger friends who get much interested and asked me how did i do that.. actually i'm more than happy to share, just that i've been thinking of the most efficient way to do this.. don't blame me for putting this aside ok?? the fact is that i've been thinking all these while, and today finally i see the lights.. it's quick and simple, and i'm sure all can do it, so i consider myself "job done", haha!! hope interested bloggers give it a try over the weekend.. :)


18.08.2010 | 被撞事件

1. (差點)被撞事件
公司外面條路突然由雙向改做單向, 呢五年嚟行過呢條路不下九百次.. 就係突然轉向, 害我過第二段路嘅時候, 習慣性地望另外一個方向.. 好, 冇車, 過得!! 其實身後已經有架車駛緊過嚟!! 好彩架車駛得慢(應該都係被突然轉向混淆咗)咋, 真係爭啲就撞親架喇.. 好險好險~~ @_@"

2. (狠狠)被撞事件
噚日踏出火車往出口方向行去, 轉彎處忽然有個巨型物體兜口兜面撞埋過嚟.. 清醒後, 原來係個近六呎高近百公斤重嘅肥佬, 跑住撞埋嚟嘅!! 佢居然可以若無其事咁, 繼續跑前去暱埋車廂內, 一句對唔住都冇, 而且連頭都唔望返嚟!! 好彩我最近身形「健碩」咗唔少, 先不至於畀舊龐然大肉撞倒咋!! 真係吖, 好鬼冇品囉佢~~
1. (almost) got banged
the road outside my office suddenly changed from two-way to one-way, have been crossing the road not less than 900 times within these 5 years, and because of a sudden change, that day when i cross the second half of the road, i still habitually look at the other direction.. ok, no car at all, can cross!! but didn't realised that there's actually a car driving towards at my back!! luckily it's still slow (maybe the driver was confused of the change too), really almost got knocked down if i crossed another second late.. it was really, so close~~ @_@"

2. (harshly) got banged
came out from the train and was walking towards the station exit yesterday, when there was a sudden huge object banged on me at the corner.. after i gained back consciousness, i realised it was actually a big guy towering 6ft and weigh almost 100kg, ran and hit harsh on me!! but nope, he just continued running (and hidden) into the train as if nothing happened, never stop to apologise or even look back at all!! lucky is that my body(shape) got more "sturdy" recently and not being knocked down by that huge pile of meat!! oh, he is so blardy unclass~~

16.08.2010 | 最近的事

最近睇某人演唱會, 因為唱咗梅姐同哥哥生前最後一次合作嘅《芳華絕代》, 而令我又再重新喜歡呢隻歌.. 香港樂壇兩大神話無懈可擊嘅合作, 留低嘅係好比刀光劍影嘅比試, 超正.. 最近腦袋一直盤旋隻歌嘅旋律: 顛倒眾生/吹灰不費/得我艷與天齊, 好懷念那一股舞台上嘅霸氣..

recently i am liking this song by Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung *again*.. titled "Lasting Glamor", it was their last collaboration before they both departed.. the two legends of HK pop music sang as if they were clinking their sword-like voices, sparks everywhere.. the tunes runs in my mind all day long, and i really miss their imperative on stage..
最近上面卜, 仿彿又再次墮進呢個游戲嘅圈套中.. 可能係好勝心作怪, 見到朋友得分比我高, 硬係想再撼贏佢哋咁.. 所以搞到隻手不聽使喚, 係都要click入去.. 唔好睇佢一分鐘時間, 其實癲起嚟玩到不眠不休都唔係冇可能架.. :D

recently i guess i'm trapped by this game *again* once i logon to facebook.. just feel like competing with friends whenever i found them scoring better than i did.. hence, the fingers seems uncontrollable and very much wanna click in to play the game.. don't look down at this 1-minute game, most probably you end up playing hundreds of them without intending to retire.. :D
最近狂食好多柯利奧餅, 其實平時都甚少食架, 不過上一篇都講過啦, 為咗得到個餅形容器, 冇辦法喎.. 結果係咁食, 搞到第二日啲便便全部黑掹掹.. 幾嚇人架, 不過有網友告知有同樣經驗, 所以應該係正常啩??

recently i've been eating a lot of oreo cookies, i actually seldom eat oreo, but as mentioned in previous post, as i wanted to get the oreo-shaped container, i just have to stuffed myself with them.. so i eat and i eat, till the poo next day become totally dark in color.. quite scary actually, but then i've heard few bloggers telling me their same experience, so i can assume this to be normal right??

13.08.2010 | 柯利奧餅

[這是我的第1,111篇貼] 大家鐘唔鐘意食柯利奧餅架??
[this is my 1,111th post] hi there, do you like oreo cookies??
最近對柯利奧有一股近乎瘋狂嘅喜好.. 你睇吓你睇吓, 朱古力餅同雲呢嗱夾心, 幾咁美味可口??
recently i have a near-insane crave for oreo.. look at that look at that, chocolate sandwich and vanilla cream, don't you find them delicious??

哈哈, 呃你咋!! 其實嗰兩舊餅係假架!! 真嘅邊有咁完美啊?? 嗱, 比較吓啦, 上邊黑掹掹兩件仔先係真嘢, 下邊係餅形容器咋!! @_@
haha, you're fooled!! the real one can't be so perfect right?? come compare, only the smaller ones on top are real cookies, the ones at the bottom are just oreo-shaped containers!! @_@凡購買兩筒137克裝柯利奧, 送餅形容器一隻.. 我超鐘意個容器囉, 趣緻到哩, 忍唔住要獨攬兩隻!! 連我兩個姪仔, 都係一人得一隻咋, 哇哈哈哈哈~~ :D
one oreo-shaped container free with purchase of two 137g packs of oreo.. i love that container so much, so cute that i can't resist to grab two for myself!! even my two nephews only have one each, wakakakaka~~ :D

11.08.2010 | 貨真價實

上一篇投訴食咗人生中最貴一餐雞飯, 搞到背脊骨落.. 隔日立即搵間可靠又貨真價實嘅嚟平衡一下心理.. 呢間位於Amcorp Mall三樓(麥記隔離)嘅「海雲軒」主打中日韓餐, 以前公司喺同一棟大廈時, 都經常會幫襯.. 服務未算超好, 但係食物味道係有誠意同水準架, 普遍上叫一份套餐加一杯綠茶都唔會超過RM20.. 而且呢間係我見識過芸芸餐廳之中, 整出嚟嘅食物係同餐牌上張相冇分別架.. 誠意推介!!

my previous post complains about the most expensive chicken rice in my lifetime, hence the next day i ensured i go for something reliable and worth the money in order to balance my emotion.. this restaurant Haeun Khon located on 3rd Floor Amcorp Mall (beside McD) specialising in chinese, japanese and korean food was my choice.. while my office was still in the same building, i frequent the restaurant a lot.. no superb service but i think the food is of sincere quality, and it won't cost more than RM20 if you order a set and a cup of green tea.. furthermore, this is the only restaurant i've seen that has their food look exactly the same as featured on the menu.. sincerely recommended!!

我點嘅日式炸雞套餐.. 有白飯, 海帶湯, 三個小菜同飯後果 (RM12.90)
my wakatori karage set.. comes with rice, seaweed soup, three sides and fruits (RM12.90)

韓式燒烤牛肉(套餐RM16.90), 泡菜湯(套餐RM15.90), 小菜, 人參雞湯(半隻雞套餐RM16.90).. 全部都好味~~
korean barbeque beef (RM16.90/set), kimchi broth (RM15.90/set), sides, ginseng chicken soup (RM16.90/half-chicken set).. yummy~~

09.08.2010 | 背脊骨落

[聲明: 本篇純屬個人意見, 絕不含任何教唆之意]

本來都唔願再提起件激氣事, 但係偏偏又不吐不快.. 我好少寫食物劣評, 但係食餐雞飯要六十幾蚊(!!), 超貴!! 你話我係唔係應該肉赤, 係唔係應該心理不平衡先?? 咪就係一般連鎖鋪頭仔, 稍為有啲裝璜之嘛..
  • 孟加拉籍侍應一味hardsell所謂嘅"鎮店之寶", 完全唔理份量其實已經超出兩個胃可以承受嘅地步, 好唔professional囉..
  • 結果柯打咗半隻雞, 一碟燒味拼盤, 一碟芽菜, 半打豬肉丸, 兩個飯, 兩杯涼茶.. 兩個人喎, 係唔係好多先??
  • 拼盤有8舊叉燒, 10舊燒肉.. 叉燒稍為比20仙大啲啲, 淨係食到超甜味.. 燒肉每舊約0.6cm×0.6cm×4cm, 食得出唔係新鮮出爐.. 係我食過最冇誠意嘅燒味..
  • 最後賣單連服務費銷售稅, 一共RM63.55, 比預料貴多成倍!! 係呀, 其實最恐怖嘅係餐牌上完全冇標價錢, 擺到明就係明屈啦..
你話好食我都畀得甘願, 但係水準極之普通(尤其燒味完全唔掂)就爭唔落囉.. 呢間喺谷中城嘅[新怡保雞飯店], 我會永遠將佢打入我嘅黑名單中..
[disclaimer: this is purely personal opinion and does not intend for any instigation]

i actually don't want to mention about it again, but yet i feel so frowned if i don't share it here.. i rarely write bad review about food, but for the chicken rice i have to pay for more than RM60(!!), that's extremely expensive!! don't you agree that i should go mad and complain, for it's just nowhere but a chain restaurant with maybe a little decoration..
  • the bangladeshi waiter kept hardselling their so-called speciality, never consider nor advise if the amount has actually exceeded the capacity of two normal stomach, very unprofessional right??
  • and because of that we ordered half chicken, a plate of bbq and roasted pork, a plate of beansprouts, half dozen of pork balls, two rice and two drinks.. for just two person, don't you think it's a little too much??
  • the plate of bbq and roasted pork came with 8 pieces of char siew slightly bigger than a 20sen coin, i can only taste "sweet".. 10 pieces of siew yoke each about 0.6cm×0.6cm×4cm, i can only taste "not fresh".. i guess they are the lousiest i have ever had..
  • the bill (with service charge and government tax) came to a whooping RM63.55, almost double our expectation!! and oh, the scariest thing is that they don't even put down the price in the menu, very obvious they are trying to slash you don't you think??
if given the food are tasty, i'm willing to pay the price.. but it's so so normal (and especially bad for the bbq and roasted pork) standard, can't justify with the price right?? this is the [new restaurant ipoh chicken rice] at midvalley, i'm gonna put it in my blacklist..

06.08.2010 | 如廁時候

因為實在係太準時嘅關係, 所以搞到同事見我咁上下鐘點唔喺個位度, 就知我肯定係正在如廁啦, 哈哈!! 我覺得如廁係一段非常之私人嘅時間嚟架, 咁你如廁嘅時候(除咗便便之外)通常或慣性會做啲咩呢?? 剔後請按"遞交"..
it's always so punctual everyday, that whenever colleagues don't see my at my place around that time, they know for sure i must be in the toilet, haha!! i actually think the toilet-time is a very personal time, so when you are in the toilet what do you normally or habitually do (besides just pooing)?? please tick and click the "Submit" button..
read books/ paper/ magazines
play with phone/ talk on phone/ send message
pick ears/ dig nose/ squeeze acne
thinking/ dazing off/ doing nothing
listening/ singing/ humming songs/ whistling

04.08.2010 | 幸運抽獎

上個星期同大家介紹咗一本書, 仲應承會將本書送畀其中一位幸運嘅留言者.. 而家隆重宣佈, 經過電腦抽籤之後, 個得獎者係~~[請去片]~~ 希望呢位朋友睇完可以送畀下一位博友, 幫手將本書永遠咁流傳落去啦.. :)

last week, i introduced a book to everyone, and promise to giveaway the book to one of the lucky commenters.. and now i would like to announce, after the random pick by computer, the lucky one is~~[watch the clip]~~ hope the winner will be able to pass on the book to another blogger after finished reading, and let the book circulate in the blogsphere forever.. :)

係啊, 呢個抽籤又係我自己用javascript寫架, 邊個有興趣想知點做架呢?? :p
yeah, i did the random draw using javascript again, anyone who is interested to know how to do this?? :p

02.08.2010 | 簡單最美

有時候唔需要山珍海味, 簡單如炒米粉/咖喱雞/炸雞翼等例牌趴地食物, 我同樣覺得好好味, 可以食得好滋味好開心.. 就噚日, 同識咗十幾廿年嘅舊同學一聚, 雖然大家甚少見面, 但係有講有笑, 個感覺都仍然係好close嘅..

之不過唔經唔覺一坐就五個鐘, 一邊傾一邊不停咁食(明明嗌飽都仲忍唔住口要食!!), 所以而家見到以下呢啲食都有啲怕怕.. 唔好意思, 真係得啲食物相可以show咋, 因為大家都覺得自己「中年發福」所以唔敢上鏡喇~~ @_@"

炒米粉/咖喱雞/油菜由JL大廚親自下廚; 炸雞翼/南乳炸肉from品香; 冧酒櫻桃朱古力蛋糕from Awfully Chocolate
fried beehoon, curry chicken and vegetables cooked by JL; fried wings and deep fried pork in fermented beans batter from Pan Heong; rum & cherry chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate

sometimes it doesn't have to be fine delicacies, but simple as our typical party food like fried beehoon, curry chicken and chicken wings can be nice, and i think i enjoy having them very much.. just yesterday, had a gathering with some fellow ex-classmates known for nearly 20 years, though we rarely meet up, but i guess with all the chats and laughters we are still as close..

it was a good 5-hour sitting around the table eating while chatting, and still munching around though already pretty much stuffed up.. hence for the time being, i'd have a little phobia towards all those food above.. anyway i only have the food photos to show, as everyone thinks they are near "middle-age overweight" and did not want to be caught under the camera.. @_@"