2014.10.24 | お茶漬け

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1958]
Ochazuke - Rice in Green Tea, Office Style
Ochazuke - Rice in Green TeaOchazuke - Rice in Green TeaOchazuke - Rice in Green TeaOchazuke - Rice in Green TeaOchazuke - Rice in Green TeaOchazuke - Rice in Green Tea
我覺得一定有幾次係大家真係唔知道午餐要食啲乜嘢好嘅, 尤其是當你屋企或公司周圍都冇乜選擇時.. 我好彩呀, 因為公司附近都幾多嘢食, 不過有時都會悶㗎嘛.. 所以某日我就決定是日午餐在公司搞掂就算喇, 用我先前喺超市買咗嘅さけ茶漬(三文魚綠茶泡飯)包, 既簡單又方便.. 落樓買盒白飯, 返上公司將全部嘢倒落個碗度, 一餐晏於一分鐘內完成!! 快捷, 方便, 簡單又味美, 不過我呢個低於RM5嘅「辦公室式」, 當然無法同我喺日本食過嘅RM30「居酒屋式」比啦.. 會唔會再有下次?? 當然會啦~~ :p
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i am sure there are times when you have no idea what to have for lunch, especially if there are little choices available around your office or house.. i am lucky that choices are quite abundant in my office vicinity, yet can get bored with the repetitions everyday.. so, the other day i just thought of settling lunch inside office, a simple and very simple lunch indeed with the rice in green tea with salmon (さけ茶漬け sake chazuke) sachets bought from supermarket earlier.. went downstairs to tabao some plain rice and back in office, pour all the things in a bowl and lunch was ready in less than a minute!! simple, quick, convenient and tasty, though this "a la office" at less than RM5 cannot compare with that "a la restaurant" at RM30 i had in Japan lah.. will i do this again?? absolutely~~ :p

2014.10.21 | 飲飲食食

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1957]
Bloggers World Never Leave FOOD Alone..
緬甸籍工人出師有成, 一手包辦的鮮蚶炒貴刁 , 其實都好唔錯哦 (RM5.50 @ 孟沙Lucky Garden全香茶餐室) | Char Koay Teow with fresh cockles, all by the Burmese worker who has learned all things, it was quite good actually (RM5.50 @ Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Chun Heong, Lucky Garden, Bangsar)湯底濃郁的咖哩麵, 再加上成座山嘅料蓋過晒啲麵, 加分不少呀 (RM5.00 @ 茨廠街中華巷三檔麵檔中間嗰檔) | Curry Noodles with thick flavorful broth, and what adds to the scores is that load of ingredients given (RM5.00 @ The middle stall of three noodles stalls at Madras Lane, Petaling Street)啦啦(蜆)湯米粉, 睇落清淡, 其實樣樣嘢新鮮又清甜無比 (RM6.00 @ 怡保路五條石國聯花園88茶餐室) | Meehoon in Lala (Clam) Soup, the soup looks pale and clear but very flavorful, actually everything in it is so fresh and juicy (RM6.00 @ Kepai Kopi 88, Taman Kok Lian, Batu 5 Jalan Ipoh)
我真係覺得, 又或者只係我一人, 喺呢個博客世界中, 最為普遍, 最為受落, 最多人瀏覽, 最容易寫, 最不費腦筋就可留言嘅題材, 非飲食莫屬.. 以上三張係我「僅記得」影低嘅美食照片(請點擊ABC按鈕查看個別照片), 因為我唔係乜嘢都要影餐飽嘅飲食博客, 所以為咗今日呢一篇主流貼文, 我係要「提醒」自己咁做嘅, 哈哈!! 希望大家enjoy啦, 不過唔係咩高級餐廳嘢, 都係一般廉價街邊或茶室嘢啫.. 話我知, 以上食物當中, 你最喜歡又係邊一樣呢?? :)
i actually think, or maybe it is just me, that the most common, the most popular, the most viewed, the easiest to write, the most effortless to comment topic in this bloggers world has to be about FOOD.. above are three photos of food i "remembered" to take photo (please click or tap the ABC buttons to navigate individual photo), since i am not a foodie who usually take photos of every single food, i have to "remind" myself for the sake of this "mainstream" post, haha!! enjoy the food, no high-end restaurant food but just hawker and kopitiam food.. so tell me, which one of the above do you like most?? :)

2014.10.17 | 免費贈品

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1956]
FMCG: Is Marketing By Distributing Free Samples More Effective??
FMCG: Is Marketing By Distributing Free Samples More Effective??
"FMCG: Is Marketing By Distributing Free Samples More Effective??".. 咩呀?? 咁學術性研究嘅話題, 我當然唔會喺度同大家討論啦!! 哈哈.. 我當然係以最師奶嘅角度切入呢個話題啦.. 好嘢!! 我喺輕鐵站拎到呢兩件式用贈品呀, 哈哈!! 我係想講, 身為草根消費者嘅我, 與其見到報章或電視上嘅廣告, 無論幾吸引人, 始終都不及有免費贈品派俾我試用(甚至可能要多幾件可以派街坊添), 嘻嘻!! 感覺上係「做多過講」, 所以比較實際同更有說服力.. 令一方面, 身為商家嘅, 與其將資金全部押在報章及電視廣告上, 如果有另外一個策略去派贈品(完全免費或條件性免費), 獲取試用者嘅親身肯定同口述宣傳, 會唔會更加完善呢?? 大家覺得如何?? 唔好意思, 如果你係想睇產品用後感嘅話, 我其實甚少寫呢一類題材㗎, 不過就無任歡迎有免費贈品俾我試用囉, 哇哈哈哈!! *奸笑*
"FMCG: Is Marketing By Distributing Free Samples More Effective??".. huh?? what an academic research oriented topic, but of course we are not discussing this here!! haha.. i'm getting into this topic from a very uncle perspective.. yeah, i got these free samples at the LRT station, yippee!! i mean myself as a grassroot consumer, instead of just seeing advertisements on newspapers or TV, no matter how catchy they are, i would be more delighted if i'm given free samples to try on (and probably would ask for extra sets to distribute to others too), hehe.. it's something like "done than said" which i find much more convincing.. and to advertisers, instead of spending more on papers and TV advertising (which most Malaysian spend less time on comparing to Facebook), perhaps it is wiser to have another strategy to distribute samples (freely, or free with conditions) to win words of mouth and testimonials from the users.. what do you think?? oopss sorry if you are looking for product review, i rarely do that, but i do always welcome free samples for me to try, muahahaha!! *evil grin*

2014.10.16 | 咖啡香味

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1955]
Free Smell.. How Do You Like Free Coffee Smell??
Machine releasing coffee aroma inside train coach
喺輕快鐵車廂內見到呢個東西, 我諗會唔會係個揚聲器?? 會唔會係個空氣淨化器?? 再諗深一層, 嗰把不停重複「享受你的XXX咖啡」又惹人煩厭嘅女聲錄音, 好似唔係出於此處.. 再者, 我一時醒起我哋嘅輕快鐵服務, 邊有咁好幫乘客淨化空氣呀??(嘩, 我超喜歡呢個咁邏輯嘅結論, 哇哈哈!!).. 於是我就覺得梗係一部將咖啡香味散發於車廂空氣中嘅機器, 幫手把錄音女聲賣咖啡廣告喇!! 的確, 我真係聞到咖啡香味.. 可能呢個橋段在廣告界已不是甚麼新鮮事, 不過卻是本人第一次在輕快鐵內嘅經歷.. 視覺同聽覺之外, 有多一個嗅覺享受, 其實都幾有計喎!! 唯一不完善之處, 味道過於清淡(可能為了照顧到對咖啡敏感嘅乘客), 唔夠蓋過大寶森節時嘅茉莉及椰油味(純屬說笑, 絕不含侵犯之意).. 或者飲食業者會喜歡呢個橋段, 想象自己在很肚餓時, 於車廂內問到椰漿飯同炸雞, 係唔係好打可能會去附近分店幫襯呢?? 其實條橋都幾work喎!! 不過, 當然唔好有榴槤啦唔該!! 呵呵~~ :p
i saw this thing in the LRT coach and thought what could it be - speaker?? air ionizer?? after some thoughts, that irritating recorded voice of a lady who keeps repeating "enjoy your xxx coffee" doesn't seem to come out from there, and i enlightened myself that our LRT service can't be so nice to freshen up the air for the passengers (ah, i love this logical conclusion, muahahaha!!).. so i thought it must be a gadget to release coffee aroma into the air in the train, to promote that coffee the recorded voice is advertising!! true enough, i could actually smell coffee.. maybe this is nothing new in advertising but my first experience in the LRT, good to have another sense triggered besides just visual and audio huh?? how smart!! but a little imperfection, the smell was quite unnoticeable (probably to take care of passengers who are are sensitive to coffee), not enough to cover the jasmine and coconut oil smell during Thaipussam (no offense, just joking).. perhaps the F&B industry may like this idea, imagine smelling nasi lemak and fried chicken in the train while you are hungry, most likely you would rush to the nearby outlet huh?? that would work the trick, agree?? but of course, NO DURIANS please!! hahaha~~ :p

2014.10.15 | 網瀏覽器

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1954]
Which Browser Are You Using??
Web Browsers
係, 我知大家可能已被我突然嘅每日一貼所嚇親, 哈哈.. 不過全部都係好短嘅貼文嘛, 都唔到我寫一篇遊記或互動貼文嘅兩成時間, 所以我先可以咁多產啫, 呵呵!! 提到互動貼文, 其實我係用多咗時間喺顧及舊款瀏覽器嘅額外工夫上.. 所以今日我就想話收集各位讀者所用嘅瀏覽器及版本, 睇下大家是否用緊支援現成互動元素嘅新版瀏覽器, 咁我就可以唔駛做咁多工夫用咁多時間啦..

今日嘅貼文不設留言(大家可以休息下), 大家今日只需去到調查網頁, 不需回答任何問題, 只需㩒一個按鈕咁大把, 就係幫我一個大忙喇, 唔該晒!! :)
okay, I know you are too overwhelmed with my sudden daily posts, haha.. but since all are short posts, not even 20% of the time I spent on a travelogue or interactive post, that explains why I can be more productive, hehe!! talking about interactive posts, I actually spent more time in manual "scripteasing" for backward compatibility of older browsers.. hence, I would like to collect information on what type and version of browsers my readers are using, so that I could probably save time without manual work if most of you are using modern browsers that supports the built-in "scripteasing" features..

commenting is closed for this post (so everyone can take a break), all you need to do today is to go to the survey page, no need to answer any question but click on just one button and that would do me a great favor, thank you!! :)

2014.10.14 | 冇晒胃口

[Volume 9 Issue 10, #1953]
When What You Get Is Not What You See
Messy Jumbo Chicken Frank from Burger King Malaysia
所看見的 | what you see
所得到的 | what you get
點擊按鈕比較照片 | Click buttons to compare
係, 我哋接受宣傳相片只供參考用, 我哋明白只賣區區RM2.95, 我哋知道你哋用足材料準備呢個包.. 不過可唔可以將你哋啲kitchen crew訓練成熱愛工作以及顯示專業嘅職員, 至少將食物整得似返個樣, 以反映貴公司嘅形象?? 所謂色香味, 顧客滿意程度除咗食物嘅香同味之外, 都應該注重色囉.. 唔該!!

大家比較完上面所見到的以及所得到的之後, 都應該明白呢一篇唔係paid post囉..
yes, we accept that the promotional image used is for illustration purposely only, we understand that it's just RM2.95 and we know that you have used all the right ingredients.. but can you please train your kitchen crew to love their job and to show professionalism, at least prepare food that look just a little more presentable to go with the image of your company?? it's the appetite as much as the right taste you are seeking for in your customers' satisfactions.. thank you!!

you will understand that this is surely not a paid post if you compare what you see and what you get photos above..