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28.02.2010 | 談素說齋

同事之中有個係唔食肉嘅, 所以前日破天荒搞搞新意思, 我哋去齋館食咗圍齋宴作開工酒..
● 我: 「我哋要個三文魚生, 蟹肉魚翅, 臘味炒飯, 酥炸田雞, 亞參魚..」
● 侍應姐姐: 「請問個亞參魚要鯧魚定鱈魚呢??」

突如其來嘅呢個選擇, 令我遲疑咗三秒鐘之久..
● 我: 「咁要鱈魚啦, 我怕鯧魚味腥..」@_@"

we have a fellow colleague who doesn't eat meat, so for the very first time we all went to a vegetarian restaurant and have a totally meatless CNY dinner..
■ me: "we'll have salmon yee sang, shark's fin soup, sausage fried rice, assam fish.."
■ waitress: "for the assam fish, would you prefer a pomfret or a cod??"

i was stunned for three seconds by this sudden available choice..
■ me: "ok, give us cod then, i'm afraid of the pomfret fishy smell.." @_@"
相信大家都聽過「齋口唔齋心」呢句說話, 以上一番對話就係最佳例子.. 我自問係個絕對食肉獸, 偶然間食齋係可以接受.. 但係對於一啲口口聲聲話食素, 但係喜好偏就向呢啲肉類齋料嘅朋友, 我就有啲唔認同囉.. 唔該分清楚素同齋嘅分別, 我個人認為食素係更高層次, 唔係止于口慾上, 而係連心態上都一樣要奉行..

i'm sure many have heard the saying "vegetarian at the mouth but not from the heart", the conversation above is definitely a good example.. i admit i am a very devoted carnivore, hence an occasional meatless meal is totally acceptable for me.. to some people that claim they are vegetarian, but inclined at eating meat-resembling vegetarian food, i somehow feel not right.. i think there's a difference between meatless and vegetarian, to me vegetarian is of a higher level cultivation - not about what you eat, but more importantly about what you choose to eat..

24.02.2010 | 熱朱古力

朋友由倫敦郵寄過嚟畀我嘅兩支朱古力.. 好有心啊, 多謝晒!!
my friend sent me these two sticks of chocolate cubes from london.. sweet!! thanks a full bucket..
起初我仲以為就咁當糖食, 直至我見到包裝紙上個靚女如何享用時, 先恍然大悟..
i thought i just eat them like lollipop, until i saw what the lady on the packaging is doing with it..
唔係呀!! 唔係就咁食架.. 係要將支朱古力浸入杯熱鮮奶入邊架喎.. (本來舊朱古力好靚架, 不過郵寄途中壓扁晒, 唉!!)
NOPE!! you don't eat it just like that!! but get yourself a cup of HOT MILK, and then dip in the chocolate.. (the choc should be in a perfect cube, but was unshaped during postage transit, haiz!!)
攪拌支朱古力直至完全溶解, 一分鐘後, 就係杯香濃美味嘅熱朱古力架喇!! 正呀~~
stir well, and look!! it's now a cup of yummily rich HOT CHOCOLATE drink!! heaven~~

**************************************係唔係想試吓咁呢?? 咁就去Choc-o-lait網頁睇睇啦..
like to try this?? visit Choc-o-lait website here then..

22.02.2010 | 面卜惡人

面卜又再改版, 呢次有個新增功能我十分鐘意.. 之前一登錄就見到水蛇春咁長嘅無謂news feed, 蓋過晒自己要睇到嘅updates, 十分反感.. 不過而家終於可以用上呢個新功能, 將所有--游戲成績/是日幸運指數/星座預言/煮過咩嘢/唔見咗咩動物/捉咗咩魚/撲緊咩食材--等等等等無聊訊息, 逐一過濾, 果然係眼根清靜!! 好啊~~

facebook has again updated the interface recently, and this time there's a new feature that i love it so much.. before this, i always complained about being bombarded with loads of annoying news feed once logged on, overriding the ones i really am interested in.. but now, we can finally use this new feature to filter off down to application level.. from now on, we won't be flooded by friends' games results/ daily lucky index/ which animal is missing from the farm/ what was cooked in the cafe/ what fish was caught/ which ingredient is needed in the restaurant etc etc etc.. isn't this cool??

順便一提, 除咗過濾application, 你亦可以針對個人, 實行完全封殺行動喎.. 從此你唔會再見到任何關於某人嘅updates, 盞鬼呀哩?? 我諗我將要封殺犯下以下大罪嘅「無啦啦add咗我」嘅朋友:
  • 上面卜淨係玩游戲, 每次都要公告成績嘅朋友.. 關我鬼事咩??
  • 一味upload自己嘅大頭照, 自以為好英俊好美麗嘅朋友.. 睇得多都厭啦係嘛??
  • 每隔幾分鐘就update毫無建設status嘅朋友.. 駛唔駛一舉一動都要報告啊??
  • 求其一張相, 硬係要tag晒全世界朋友嘅朋友.. 想點唧??
  • 是但乜叉group都要做fans嘅朋友.. 做咩唧?? (已經詞窮..)

[後記] 又唔駛驚, 我暫時仲未封殺任何人, 係block咗啲application啫.. 其實寫緊嘅時候, 我都有擔心自己係唔係都犯下同樣嘅錯, 仲大聲夾惡喺度鬧人呢?? -_-"

i might as well mention here, besides filtering applications, you can actually totally blocked somebody too.. with that you'll never see any updates pertaining that person again, cool huh?? i think i'll do this to those i-don't-know-they-why-added-me "friends" who did either one of these:
  • friends who login to FB only to play games, and must announce every results detail.. none of my business right??
  • friends who contantly uploading their camwhoring photos, thought they are most handsome or pretty.. but get bored to see too much right??
  • friends who update crap status every few minutes.. don't have to report your every whereabout and whatabout right??
  • friends who likes to tag friends from all over the place onto one tiny little photo.. why the hell doing this??
  • friends who joins whatever available group as fans.. why?? (already don't know how to ask..)

[NOTE] no worries, i haven't blocked anyone yet, just blocked some applications.. actually while writing this, i am suspecting if i am doing all these "sins" too, and still being so mean over here?? -_-"

19.02.2010 | 美食公司

發覺自己越來越鐘意影美食靚相, 雖然係部傻瓜相機唔係專業嘅DSLR, 但係每次都好滿意出嚟嘅效果.. 之前經常post上blog, 因此啲人將我貼上食家標籤, 實屬尷尬之事.. 所以今後, 除非係十分值得推薦嘅, 否則我都唔會擺上blog架喇..

所以我喺度諗哩, 究竟可以用咩管道同大家分享呢啲美食靚相呢?? 最後靈機一觸, 我要喺度同各位朋友宣佈, 登登登登, 我喺面卜嘅《美食公司》正式開張!! 得閑去幫襯吓啦, 啲相好靚架喎真係~~ :p

歡迎光臨我嘅[美食公司1] [美食公司2] [美食公司3] (不斷更新中..)

i realised i am loving food photography so much, though i just own a dummy digicam and not professional DSLR, i'm still very satisfied with the outcome of the shots.. have been frequently posting food photos to my blog previously, and thus people label me as a gastronome, which is rather embarrassing.. hence in days to come, i'll not blog about food unless they are really worth recommendations..

so i've been thinking of which channel to share those photos.. and finally, i proudly announce the opening of my very own "FOOD INC." in facebook, taaadaaah!! do pay a visit when you are free, the photos are very nice really~~ :p

welcome to my [Food Inc., Part 1] [Food Inc., Part 2] [Food Inc., Part 3] (kept updating..)

17.02.2010 | 開工大吉

過年期間真係冇乜搞作, 就係足不出戶, 喺屋企度迆(讀作hea).. 我覺得基本上就係得以下呢三種活動:
  • 吃喝: 年貨唔係食好多, 反而係年菜由除夕開始一連食咗三日先清晒, 好滯~~
  • 睇電視: 減除瞓覺時間, 對眼應該都冇離開過部電視囉, 好誇~~
  • 瞓覺: 天氣悶熱令人昏昏欲睡, 原來可以瞓晏覺, 真係人生一大樂事囉, 好爽~~
係喇, 就係咁多喇, 呢啲咪就係叫過年囉!! 哈哈..

而當我正在開始要感受農曆新年之時, 原來四日假期話咁快就已經結束, 今朝擘大眼又要逼自己起身返工喇.. 點都好啦, 始終都要祝自己(同大家)開工大吉, 順順利利嘅.. :)
there is really nothing much to do over the CNY holidays, all i did was just stay at home without even stepping out of the door.. guess there were basically only three activities i've done:
  • eat and drink: didn't eat a lot of CNY junk food, but i guess for three consecutive days since CNY eve, we have been eating the same dishes left over, and finally have them cleared off (i hope)..
  • watch tv: i guess other than the time i use to sleep, my eyes have not move away from the tv at all.. perhaps this was the time i've 100% utilised my payment for the forever-increasing-subscription-fees Asstero..
  • nap and sleep: the hot weather makes people feel sleepy, and now i realised being able to have a nap in the afternoon is something so contented..
and that's it!! that's all i did, and right, this is what we call CNY huh?? haha..

and when i was just about to start feeling a little bit of CNY, the 4-day break was already over, waking up early this morning and *again* dragging myself to work.. anyway, i still need to wish myself (and everyone) an auspicious start-work day, and everything sails smooth in the days to come.. :)

14.02.2010 | 恭喜發財

庚寅年大年初一, 為大家揀嚟以下應景嘅懷舊賀年歌曲, 祝各位新年快樂 萬事如意 心想事成 一帆風順 身體健康 龍馬精神 如意吉祥 東成西就 步步高昇 一團和氣 招財進寶 福祿壽喜 一本萬利 財源廣進 歲歲平安 身強力壯 生意興隆 笑口常開 迎春接福 年年有餘 萬福臨門 福星高照 扭轉乾坤 大富大貴 豐衣足食 平步青雲 青春美麗 百尺杆頭 更進一步 蒸蒸日上 事事順利 事業猛進 家肥屋潤 橫財就手 豬籠入水 盤滿缽滿 恭喜發財!!! 哦, 仲有情人節快樂喎~~




on the 1st day of the 2010 CNY, year of the golden tiger.. i heartfully picked the above few nostalgic CNY greeting songs for everyone, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and wealthy chinese new year!! and oh, happy valentines' day too~~

[note] you notice the english translation is so much shorter than the chinese.. in chinese tradition, it is good to say all those auspicious words (normally comes in phrases of 4 words), to wish everyone luck, happiness, health and wealth.. these four elements precisely summarize all those phrases in chinese :)

10.02.2010 | 四三二一

最近真係冇咩特別嘢要寫, 所以就繼續貼多個4x4 random notes囉.. 就連個標題我都好是但咁"一二三四", "四三二一"咋囉, 哈哈!! 不過呢, 我其實都幾enjoy以呢個形式嚟寫架, 感覺上好玩啲, 而且同一貼多款選擇, 大家都唔會咁悶囉.. :)

there's really nothing special that i wanted to blog about recently, so i'll just continue doing another 4x4 random notes here.. and even the title of the posts are just simply "1234" and "4321" only, haha!! anyway, i actually enjoy writing post in this style, quite fun i personally think, and at least more diversify in a single post for my readers to choose to read on.. :)
我有位朋友逢親去旅行都會顯得好期待, 甚至乎三個星期之前就已經執好晒行李!! 我覺得誇張囉.. 我通常都係前一晚先執架, 除咗一次係要出國讀書我先一個星期前開始執咋.. 就過年喇, 大家都應該準備緊返屋企過年啦呵?? 咁執好晒行李未啊??

a friend of mine is ever so excited about travelling, till she can finished packing her luggage three weeks before departure.. it's a bit too unbelievable right?? i normally do that a night before, other than that only time i started packing a week earlier to go study overseas.. i believe everyone is preparing to go back hometown for CNY, so are you done with your luggage already??
節日佈置對於大小商場嚟講, 係個指定動作, 農曆新年更是重要一環.. 去過城中幾間大商場, 當中最令人津津樂道嘅係呢個招財貓主題.. 巨型招財貓最大去到兩層樓高, 而且衣著光鮮穿金帶銀, 一派富貴look, 大家見到都覺得富貴迫人來.. 啊, 仲有粒銷魂痣, 見唔見啊??

festive decorations is always compulsory for shopping malls, be them huge or tiny, and CNY is sure one of the major ones.. been to few major malls in town, and the most interesting should be this pawsperity cat theme.. cats as huge as two storeys, glamorously dressed up with jewelleries, can you feel the prosperity and auspiciousness?? and oh, saw that sexy mole on her??
最近炎熱天氣真係搞到人人叫苦連天.. 噚日同同事一齊食飯, 唔係冷氣餐室, 但係都有大大個風扇吹住, 就係靜坐我都會留汗!! 夜晚又因為天氣悶熱搞到瞓唔好, 導致第二朝昏昏欲睡.. 不過我知近農曆年天氣係咁嘅, 好正常, 我唔會乜嘢都賴溫室效應嘅..

the warm weather recently is just killing us.. was having lunch with colleagues yesterday, though not in an air-conditioned place but still there was a big fan facing us, yet i was sweating even though sitting still.. and because of the weather, i couldn't sleep well at night, and hence a bit drowsy the next day.. anyway, i know this is normal during CNY period, i just won't go blame global warming for everything..

08.02.2010 | 一二三四

最近覺得個腦有啲塞, 完全冇靈感要喺個blog度寫咩, 再加上自己懶啦, 所以搞到最近隔好幾日先有一個post.. 另外, 覺得最近好似少咗好多朋友留言本支持, 我好嬲呀, 你哋去晒邊啫?? 整緊過年餅啊?? 好嗱嗱聲蒲頭喇噃!! :p

i felt recently that i have a blogged mind, totally have nothing to blog about, and furthermore due to getting lazier, hence i only update my blog once every few days.. also, i notice that the comments on my blog are getting lesser, i'm no happy, where has everyone gone?? baking cookies for CNY?? quick, show up yourselves!! :p

某日喺個商場度聽見身後一位男士同佢嘅囡囡講: 「嘩!! 甚麼東西那麼臭??!!」.. 其實我想話佢知, 唔好意思, 因為兩秒仲之前, 我咁啱喺度放咗篤陰濕屁, 臭到連我自己都頂唔順要行開.. 怪就怪你唔好彩, 係都要行埋過去囉, 哈哈!! :D

one day while in a mall, i heard the gentleman behind me curiously asking his daughter: "wow, what's that stinct smell??!!".. i actually wanted to tell him, sorry, two seconds ago i just farted there, so smelly that i myself have to walk away.. blame it on you for being so unlucky and insisted to walk over there, hahaha!! :D

農曆新年就快到喇, 大家梗係一揪二lung瘋狂買新衫喇.. 我呢幾個週末都嘗試要買新衫嘅, 但係買嚟買去都買唔到.. 最後得到個結論, 咪就係自己肥獅大隻, 著咩都唔好睇囉!! 件衫靚極著喺我身上都變醜樣啦, 唉~~ :(

CNY is coming very soon, i'm sure everyone is busy shopping for new clothes for the festive.. i have been trying to get myself some new clothes over the past weekends too, but unfortunately i got nothing.. the conclusion i realised is, because i'm fat and nothing looks good on me!! be it how nice, once worn on my body the clothes become ugly, haiz~~ :(

最近喺youtube睇咗一系列《當地球人遇上詹瑞文》短片, 對於詹生反串扮演嘅Gag姐, 我只能夠講句, 好掂啊!! 仲有Gag姐教導新詞彙, 卸膊tivity, 白痴lization, 騎呢ology, 厲啤rian, 是但lism, 真係好抵死囉!! 不妨去youtube呢個playlist睇睇喎..

watched a series of "when people on earth meet jim"clips on youtube, i am totally impressesd by Jim Chim acting as Sister Gag, thumbs up!! and the new terms she taught (you'll need to understand cantonese though), sebog-tivity, kele-ology, bakchi-lization, zedan-lism are just hilarious!! you can watch her here in this playlist on youtube if you are interested..

04.02.2010 | 保險知識

有位舊同事轉行賣保險, 噚日見面, 佢傳授咗啲(通常啲經紀都唔會主動話你知嘅)保險知識過我, 等我唔好任由保險公司設下嗰啲蚊滋咁細, 文法曲折離奇, 誓要令人混淆嘅種種苛刻條款而蒙蔽..
  • 要索償就一定要拎出正本保單, 冇保單就一切免談.. 所以記得要將保單收好呀, 而且仲要畀你個受益人知道收喺邊喎..
  • 購買卅六種疾病保險者, 請記得如果患病, 必須能夠捱過三十日先可以要求賠償.. 如果咁唔好彩三十日之內瓜咗, 唔好意思, 就係咁先..
  • 某些儲蓄保險話明期滿你會得到一筆數目, 而且若干年後就可以停止供款.. 當你停止供款之後, 其實保險公司係由你所累積嘅保險金度扣錢還供款.. 所以期滿之後, 你所得嘅會比你想像中少咗一大忽!!
保險業競爭激烈, 各式各樣個人保險搞到大家花多眼亂.. 好彩嘅你會遇到有良知有專業操守嘅經紀, 唔好彩嘅你就會遇到旦求hit target而不擇手段嘅經紀.. 你嘅保險經紀有冇主動同你分享行內知識, 有冇繼續保持聯絡呢??
met up with an ex-colleague of mine who is now doing insurance business, and of course he told me some insurance knowledge that most agents would not take the initiative to tell.. and i am sure many of us would not really bother to read those fine prints on your policies, so grammatically and vocabularily twisted that you will most probably be confused by the terms and conditions..
  • if you want to lodge a claim, you must be able to produce the original copy of your insurance policy, failing to do that you will not be entertained.. so it's a must that you keep your policies safely and let your beneficiary aware of where they are kept..
  • if you are insured on the 36 critical illness, please be reminded that you have to suffer at least 30 days from the inception of the illness before you can make any claims.. if *touch wood* you left this earth within 30 days, then that's the end of the story..
  • there are those endowment insurance saying you are able to get an amount of money after the tenure, and a number of years after inception you will not need to pay premium anymore.. least of us actually know that, the premium for the following years are paid from the money you earned from the endowment.. so when the tenure is completed, you will only get an amount which is a lot less than what you've been expecting..
it's rather competitive for the insurance business nowadays, and hence you see hundreds of types of different insurance available to you.. if you are lucky, you will have a professional agent who do the best for you.. if you are not, you will just end up spending money on a "product" from an agent who only cares to hit his/her sales target.. did your agent ever share with you any insider knowledge on their industry, and still keeping in touch??