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29.11.2010 | 經濟雜飯

我哋馬來西亞其中一種最普遍同經典嘅"美食", 實係非經濟雜飯莫屬啦, 而我好肯定大家都必定喜愛過嘅.. 我有時肚餓飯癮起嘅時候, 就會好想食碟雜飯, 因為菜式多得眼花繚亂, 見到眼前幾十款餸我會好興奮莫名..

講起食雜飯, 我其實有個習慣.. 首先肯定要少啲飯, 跟住撈啲汁, 然之後就例牌三樣(拎得有啲貪心嘅)餸.. 一肉一菜一蛋, 包保營養均衡呀.. 唔知大家食雜飯嘅時候, 又有啲咩規矩咁呢?? :p
one of our most common and classic "delicacies" must be the economy mixed rice (or known locally as chap fan) and i'm sure many of us just love it.. i'm a fans of chap fan especially when hungry and craving for rice, as the variety of dishes you can choose from is just amazingly vast..

when it comes to having chap fan, i tend to have a habit to first ask for less rice, then scoop some gravy on the rice and finally pick three (big piles of) dishes, 1 meat and 1 vege and 1 egg which is rather balanced and healthy yeah?? do you have any particular habit when it comes to eating chap fan?? :p

27.11.2010 | 全新環境

返新工一個星期喇, 首個星期其實都係orientation所以都無驚無險, 加上我老細又放緊假, 下星期佢返嚟恐怕就會吊頸唞唔到氣喇.. 大致上都幾唔錯, 同事都好友善, 不過需要畀時間自己習慣吓美式管理制度.. 同埋晨早8:30開工哩, 每日(瞓到最後一秒鐘都)晨七就要起身, 真係覺得每日都缺少睡眠, 冇陰公呀~~ 好啦, 下邊影啲相大家睇下啦.. :)

it's one week after i started my new job, the first week is basically orientation hence nothing bad really happened.. furthermore my boss is on vacation, but guess when he comes back next week, there will be lots of things to do already.. generally everything is good and colleagues are friendly too, but guess i need time to get used to the American management style.. also it's really a pain for me to start work at 8:30am as i need to wake up early at (and latest by) 7:00am which make me feel so deprieved of sleep everyday, gosh~~ anyway, have snapped some photo of my new office to share with everyone here.. :)

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公司入口同埋會客室.. 見唔見角落個水晶風水陣?? 呵呵~~
Office main entrance and meeting rooms.. see the fengshui crystal placed at the corner?? haha..

24.11.2010 | 閱前讀後

發覺自己從來未似最近咁頻密地閱讀, 唔知係唔係人老咗, 生活習慣都會有啲改變咁呢??

以前從來都唔喜歡閱讀(話係嗜好其實都係敷衍老師啫), 除咗教科書之外, 唯一會睇書係因為需要交閱讀報告.. 但係最近就好似睇上癮咁, 睇完一本再接一本, 睇晒又繼續入貨.. 早幾日仲好豪氣咁一次過買四本書(個人記錄呀), 不過呢一系列19世紀經典文學作品, 一本只係RM9.90, 非常之值得買噃~~
i realised i have never been reading so much like i did recently, really wonder as you get older, your lifestyle will also have a little change??

i remember i never like reading that much (even to say reading as a hobby was rather to please the teachers), other than academic textbooks, the only reason i read was because of the reading report.. however recently i found out i've been quite fond of reading, one book read after another, and new books bought after another.. few days ago, i even bought four books one shot (my very personal record), the series of 19th century classic literature for only RM9.90 per book, quite worth for money i thought~~

21.11.2010 | 美食中心

每次路經啲商場嘅美食中心, 都會不經意咁往一往啲人食緊乜嘢, 睇到檯上嘅食物就會一笑置之.. 點解我話一笑置之呢?? 大家有冇發覺到家吓啲所謂嘅美食中心, 其實已經不再美食喇??

家吓啲美食中心都極之商業化, 價錢貴不特止, 而且好多時候都係冇誠意(又或者過份有創作誠意), 成pat嘢畀你咁唔開胃.. 仲有呀, 有冇發現啲嘢都係外籍人士整畀你架?? 雖則話受過訓, 但係大家知我哋唐人通常都唔會傳授真功夫, 肯定有幾分保留架啦.. 就係咁, 你話啲嘢會好得去邊??

就算打出個「布袋食神」嘅面子, 號稱網羅城中所有美食於一屋檐下, 乜都係假.. 我始終覺得回歸最基本, 品嘗應有嘅人情味, 先至係最正宗嘅美食..

whenever i walk passed foodcourt in shopping malls, i will unintentionally look at what the patrons are eating, and most if the time i'll just have a laugh and walk away looking at those so-called delicacies.. why did i say so?? but don't you think the foodcourt now are not really selling nice food at all??

i would say they are all very commercialised, pricey food and worst thing is how not sincere (or perhaps too sincere in "creative fusion") the food are being prepared.. other than that, have you noticed your food are now all prepared by foreign workers, though skilled and trained, but we know us chinese will not teach everything and always reserved some so-called deadly skills.. so tell me, how will the food taste authentically nice under such factors??

sorry to say even with the guarantee from that famous "sling bag gastronome" that all great food brought under the same roof, i still think the best food would be those cooked in the most authentic, most original and heartiest way..

18.11.2010 | 溝通方式

科技發達, 而家你要同人溝通實在係簡單又方便.. 但係又因為有太多渠道嘅關係, 搞到有啲人往往貪方便用錯車鈕(channel), 而唔係最基本最直接了當嘅方式.. 其實點樣有效溝通, 都係一門學問也~~

  • [案例一: SMS] 明明一機在手, 請願你來我往發送幾廿個短訊, 攘咗大半日先搞清楚大家嘅意思.. 都唔明點解唔直接打個電話當場講清楚呢??
  • [案例二: MSN] 個同事明明就坐係隔離, 伸個頭埋去就可以講到嘢啦.. 都唔明點解係都要用MSN又或者電郵呢?? 跟住就叮來叮去, 沒完沒了, 幾惱囉~~
  • [案例三: FB] 有心約朋友出嚟見面就撥個輪或者發個短訊啦.. 都唔明點解係都要通過面卜event等人回應呢?? 唔係個個人都登入都會睇到架喎..

the advanced techology nowadays allow us to communicate with others in simple and easy ways.. perhaps there are too many channels available, till some people seem unable to use the most efficient path to communicate.. really, effective communication is one kind of skills to learn~~
  • [case 1: SMS] the cellphone is on their hands, instead of calling directly to talk and resolve issues on the spot, i can't understand why some just like to send rounds of SMS and only able to sort things out after half a day has passed..
  • [case 2: MSN] the colleague is just sitting in the next cubicle and instead of poking your head over and talk, i can't undestand why some just like to use MSN or send emails and then enjoy the frustration of repititive ding-dong's..
  • [case 3: FB] having the thought of inviting friends out for a drink, give a call or SMS would be the best channel i supposed.. i can't understand why some just like to use FB event and wait for response?? but not everyone will login often and will notice that invitation right??

15.11.2010 | 百思不解

上星期去移民局總部更新護照, 啲服務有幾快捷有效大家心知肚明啦, 我無謂嘥口水多講.. 今日個重點係, 我張相被拒收, 理由係唔可以用返同樣嘅相更新護照!!

大家睇睇下邊兩張相(如果我副尊容嚇親你, 唔好意思:p), 左邊係護照上五年前影嘅, 右邊係前一日啱啱影嘅.. 明顯睇得出肥咗又老咗啦係嘛?? 但個職員話: 樣差唔多, 件衫又一樣, *為咗安全理由*, 唔可以接受..

大家幫手評下理喇.. 我都三張幾啦, 個樣仲可以點變呀?? 件衫五年後仲keep得住著係好事喎.. 有咩理由唔畀用呢張「睇落一樣嘅」相先??!! 嘩, 真係百思不得其解囉, 佢惡晒得啦咁~~
went renew my passport at the immigration HQ last week.. no, i'm not blogging about how "efficient" their services are (since everybody would have already known) but about my photo being rejected, reason being not allowed to use the same photo for renewal..

look at the two photos above (sorry if my look give you a nightmare :p), on the left was taken 5 years ago and used for my passport, on the right was taken just a day ago.. you'll obviously see that i'm older and fatter right?? but the staff just said, "same look and same clothes, *for security reason*, we cannot allow that in your new passport"..

everybody just speak a word for me.. i'm already over 30 and to what extent does she expect me to change?? and having able to wear the same clothes after 5 years is a good thing too.. why must this (look the same) photo be rejected??!! i really don't understand, she just didn't give any room~~

12.11.2010 | 休業狀態

我家陣可以話係無業狀態, 一個星期後先正式返新工.. 唔好以為我好他條喎, 其實返工之前我需要完成新公司兩個網上certification training囉.. 冇日冇夜咁對住部電腦成個星期之後, 前日終於全部趴士晒, 任務完成!! 總算可以暫且放下心頭大石喇.. :)

i'm considered "jobless" now as i only report to new job after next week.. don't think i'm very leisure now, because i need to complete two online certification training from the new company before i start.. after a week of almost-sleepless days, i finally am done with it and pass all the day before.. now i can say i can shed off some pressure on myself for a temporary moment.. :)

新工作需要經常出國, 所以趁放緊假就快快脆去更新本護照.. 移民局服務大家都有所避忌架啦, 但係誓估唔到噚日去到, 個工作人員淨係講咗另外一間分行(兩個字咁多), 拗晒頭啦我梗係, 直到我旁敲側擊佢先冇好氣咁話: 系統故障!! 咩態度呀真係~~ @_@

new job requires me to travel, so i take opportunity to renew my passport while in a break.. i'm sure we've heard about the notorious services from immigration, never have i expect the staff to just say the name of another branch (just that two words) without explaining, until i asked further only she said indifferently: system down!! oh gosh, what an attitude~~ @_@

唔駛返工之前, 除咗金睛火眼對住部電腦training之外, 其實週末都會唞一唞嘅.. 不過同樣係金睛火眼對住部電腦--追劇集!! 哈哈.. 最近睇緊無記重頭劇《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》, 越睇越覺個故事結構同第一集一樣樣, 只係轉咗個年代同背景咋.. 不過都幾好睇喎其實.. :p

while still in a break, besides looking at the monitor for the certification training, i actually let myself rest during weekends.. still keep looking at the monitor, but watching drama series!! haha.. am watching TVB drama "No Regrets" now, the more i watch the more i think the storyline is similar to the preceeding one, just a change of time and background.. still, an interesting one to watch.. :p

08.11.2010 | 越大越靚

前日喺某個"海鮮級"商場見到有位叔虎身穿一件令我覺得好不安好反感嘅恤衫.. 佢整件衫哩, 係寫滿Armani Exchange字樣架, 而且仲係98pt嘥士嘅Arial Bold!!! 嘩, 好響囉~~

如果係我, 肯定唔會買呢一類衫囉.. 我認為著咩牌子嘅衫, 唔駛大聲高調話人知係嘛?? 畀我見到, 唔係覺得係假嘢, 就會以為你係員工, 一唔係就覺得好bad taste囉.. 要著住咁大隻logo喺身上, 我唔覺得威水, 反而覺得尷尬噃, 畀幾百蚊做人肉廣告板咩?? 老實講, 呢款設計靚咩?? 唔好衝住個牌子做名牌奴隸, 唔卡士喎~~
i saw an almost-middle-age guy wearing a shirt that made me feel so uneasy the other day in a "seafood grade" mall.. you know what?? his whole shirt was fully filled up with the word Armani Exchange, and to my horror, in Arial Bold and font size 98pt!! OMG, that's so disgracefully loud~~

i will definitely not buy this kind of clothes, i mean why the hell tell everyone loudly the brand you are wearing?? to me, if i see people wearing it, if not think they are fake, then would thought you are the staff, else i will think they are very bad taste indeed.. i won't feel proud wearing huge logo on me, in fact i'll feel embarrassed, why are you paying few hundred to look like an advertising board?? frankly, do you think this kind of design is nice?? come on, don't just buy because of the brand, it's just brand-slave to me, that's quite unclass right??

03.11.2010 | 金睛火眼

呢幾日閉關, 由晨早至凌晨十幾個鐘, 都係眼金金望住以下呢位先生.. 哈哈, 唔好以為我哋有姦情呀, 其實係個網上課程, 我必需要喺返新工之前上完呢個課程同埋考到張證書架..

been staying at home from morning till midnight for the past two days, all i did was just watching this Mr below.. haha, don't mistaken we have something fishy going on, but it's actually an online training that i need to complete and get certified before i join my new company..
原本四日半嘅課程, 我將佢兩日完成, 所以咪搞到自己金睛火眼兼頭腦就快爆炸囉.. 今朝膽粗粗去考試, 皇天不負有心人, 結果趴士咗噃, 而且仲係滿分嗰隻喎!! 哈哈, 好開心架, 不過仲有一個課程要考囉, 悶~~ @_@

it's a 4.5 days course but i squeezed everything into 2 days, and that explains why i've been so exhausted till my brain is in the verge of explosion.. this morning i boldly took the certification exam, thank god i pass it and surprisingly even with a full score!! haha, i'm very happy, but then there's another certification to go, how boring~~ @_@

01.11.2010 | 叮噹手信

最近有兩位朋友出國旅行, 可能因為之前寫過幾篇多啦A夢, 所以佢哋都不約而同咁帶咗叮噹返嚟畀我做手信.. 好鐘意呀, 多謝晒!! :)
two of my friends went vacation overseas recently, and maybe because i've written a few post on Doraemon, they both brought back Doraemon toys for me as souvenirs.. i really like them very much, thanks a bundle!! :)
博友藍天小君由香港帶畀我嘅多啦A夢寶物帶, 入邊有支迷你香水, 迪迪尼魔術毛巾, 同埋多啦A夢鎖匙扣一個.. 呢個寶物帶好趣緻, 好有心架~~ :)
blogger bluesky brought me a Doraemon goodies bag from HK, there is a mini perfume, a Disney magic towel and a cute Doraemon keychain in there.. a very thoughtful goodies bag indeed~~ :)

友人JY由台灣帶返嚟, 特別版蘋果綠色多啦A夢時光筆.. 除咗原子筆功能之外, 特別之處在於多啦A夢面珠登旁邊有個掣, 㩒一㩒就會將時間投射出嚟, 個鼻仲會發光添!! 係唔係好盞鬼?? :p
friend JY brought back from TW, a special edition apple-green Doraemon time pen.. besides the pen function, the special feature lies on the button beside Doraemon's cheek.. when you press that button, the current time will be projected and his nose will lit too!! isn't that amazing?? :p