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31.05.2009 | 怡保一遊

怡保一遊返嚟, 先發覺自己做咗三十幾年人, 原來呢一次都係第一次踏足山城.. 咁啱同事MY日前擺結婚囍酒, 一眾同事浩浩蕩蕩組隊驅車直上, 順便遊覽一下呢個地方.. 多謝友人JY熱情款待, 帶我四週圍去玩..
back from ipoh and only realised that this is the first time i have been there after more than 30 years born to this country.. it was colleague MY's wedding reception yesterday, so we whole gang of colleagues drove up to ipoh, and finally have a chance to pay a visit to this city of hills.. thanks to the hospitality of my friend JY, to bring me up and down in the city..

老老實實喇, 怡保呢個城市哩, 真係冇乜嘢玩喎, 除咗著名嘅幾個山洞(不過我冇去到), 同埋以上幾個重要地標之外, 友人JY就係全程帶我去食食食喇.. 佢話喎, 怡保美食一籮籮, 要空住個肚嚟, 食到飽咁飽離開.. 果然係講得到做得到囉!! 哈哈.. 你哋睇下啲嘢食, 我呢個為食鬼, 有咩可能唔係食得開心至得架?? :p
to be very honest, there is really nothing much to go about in ipoh, besides the few famous caves (which i didn't go at all) and the landmarks above, my friend JY was only driving me here and there for food.. according to him, nice food are everywhere in ipoh, we should come with a starved stomach, and leave the place with a stuffed stomach.. and guess what, he said it and we did it!! hahaha.. look at all these local delicacies, for somebody who loves food so much like me, how could i not be happy and thrilled?? :p
事後: 身軀再加多幾磅肉!! 罪過..
after: added few more pounds of meat to my body!! sigh sigh sigh..

28.05.2009 | 驚為天人

最近多啦A夢好似鹹魚番生咁, 去親邊都見到玩具店有佢蹤影.. 早幾日無意中見到麥當當快樂餐送多啦A夢, 我覺得好靚仔囉佢.. 驚為天人之下, 我下定決心一定要擁有佢!! 不過因為促銷期近尾聲, 噚晚放工一共去咗六間麥當當, 間間都令我失望, 全部都售罄!! 係唔係咁紅啊其實??

i wonder if Doraemon is getting popular again, have seen him in toy shops almost everywhere.. couple of days ago, accidentally saw McD giving out Doraemon toys with their Happy Meals, i really think they are adorable.. stunned by the handsome toy, i have immediately made up my mind that they must be in my collection!! but too bad the promotion period is coming to an end, i tried 6 branches after work last night, but all has been sold out!! i was so disappointed, is Doraemon really that popular now??
行到我身水身汗, 去到第六間嘅時候, 都係賣晒.. 於是把心一橫, 我求個部長不如賣display嘅畀我啦, 我唔介意架.. 開始佢都唔多願意, 最後敵不過我嘅苦苦哀求, 終於以每個三蚊價錢賣畀我喇!! 嘩, 興奮到不得了囉!! 仲以為要啃兩份快樂餐先可以得手, 結果唔駛喎, 淨係齋買個玩具.. 我拎住兩個公仔返屋企, 好似執到寶咁, 臉上難掩興奮嘅表情~~

i walked till i was so tired and sweating like in a sauna, even the last hope i've got didn't give me any good news.. so i stood up with my determination, i beg the captain to let me have the display set instead, i really don't mind.. at first he's a bit reluctant, but after a few more begging, he agreed to sell them at RM3 each to me!! wow, i was like, so D*MN excited!! i thought i would have to gulp in two sets of the Happy Meals to get the toys, but nope, i got it by just paying.. taking the toys with me home, i was like hunted two precious treasure, the satisfaction was so obvious on my face~~
噢, 你睇下佢吖, 係唔係好趣緻啊??
oh my, just look at him, isn't he simply adorable??

26.05.2009 | 無良奸商

八字輩以上嘅朋友, 如果你仲記得嘅話, 以前入戲院睇戲, 係可以肆無忌憚咁鐘意食乜就帶乜入場.. 爆谷汽水唔在講吖, 我哋有咩啊?? 有漢堡包, 魚旦, 燒魷魚片, 紅黑白瓜子, 炸雞蛋等等不能詳盡.. 一路睇一路遞嚟遞去同朋友分享, 係唔係鬼咁開心先??

for those who are born before the 90s, if you can remember well, we were allowed to bring into the cinema any kind of food we like.. not to mention fizzy drinks and popcorns, but we have burgers, fishball skewers, barbequed squid, red/black/white kuaci, fried chicken etc etc, an array so wide i can't even complete the list.. you were passing the food from left to right to share amongst friends, that was something really fun that i've missed a lot..
不過而家冇呢支歌仔唱啦, 大家都知咩事啦, 壟斷院線嘅兩大公司「T豬V」同埋「豬S屍」, 都自設食品部, 禁止一切外買食物入場.. 就咁年中賺唔少啦, 數數無良奸商罪狀:
  • 罪狀(一) 食硬: 售價高出市價兩成, 真係唔好去搶??
  • 罪狀(二) 悶蛋: 嚟嚟去去得汽水爆谷薯片熱狗, 喂, 好悶囉, 有冇炸雞同埋魷雨啫??
  • 罪狀(三) 明坤: 汽水得一個size冇大支裝, 想幾個人share慳錢就慢慢等啦..

but too bad this story is not happening anymore, we know what is the situation now don't we?? the two cinema tycoon "tea-g-vii" and "g-ass-see" has already setup their food & beverage counters, and prohibit anything not purchased from their own counters in the theatre.. i am sure they earn a great deal from here, perhaps let me list down their sins here:
  • sin(1) monopoly: selling things 20% more expensive than retail price, can i say they are trying to rob??
  • sin(2) boring: nothing other than fizzy drinks, popcorn, hotdogs and chips.. don't they have fried chicken and barbeque squid??
  • sin(3) con: only regular size for beverage, no large.. forget it if you wanna share with others to save money..
所以話, 各位親愛嘅朋友, 我建議大家入場前不如預返半個鐘, 去附近超市買齊晒你要嘅嘢, 然後放入自己個袋, 理直氣壯咁入場, 實行瞞天過海!! 哈哈哈~~ :p

and so i say dear friends, why not plan a good 30minutes before show time to go to the nearby supermarket, get all things you crave for, stuff them all into your bags, walk in boldly and proudly.. hide from the usher your delicacies, and enjoy them to your heavenly pleasure while watching the movie?? hahaha~~ :p

24.05.2009 | 芝士級戟

Pavilion有間麵包店叫做The Loaf, 我就經常都會經過, 但係聽聞價錢係殿堂級, 所以遲遲未有去試(我係窮人家嘛).. 今日終於的起心肝楞埋三位朋友陪我一齊去試吓佢哋傳說中令人食咗會笑到"U-hu-hu"嘅Uhu!hu!芝士級戟.. 經過上次個甜死冬甩(你知我講緊咩架啦)一役教訓之後, 雖然係花多眼亂興奮沒及, 最後都係買咗半打啫..
i often walk passed the bakery shop The Loaf at Pavilion, but heard that the things are quite pricy, thus i have not tried anything from them so far (for i am financially poor mah).. finally made up my mind to grab three friends together with me today, to try their Uhu!hu! cheese cupcakes, believed that it would make you laugh uhuhu-ly after eating them.. anyway just bought half a dozen though they're so irresistable, due to the lesson learnt from THAT super-sweet donuts (you know what i'm saying) the previous time..

三位友人唔係嫌太過芝士就係嫌重口味, 不過我個人就覺得幾好喎, 食到我開心到吖.. 係咁不停一羹羹擺入口, 我覺得自己有包辦超過半數以上之嫌疑囉.. 肥死咯今次, 真係罪過!! 同最近風靡全城嘅冬甩相同概念, 鐘意芝士嘅朋友唔好錯過喇!!
friends all thought the cakes are too cheesy and too heavy, but i totally think they taste not bad at all.. i really enjoyed eating and kept feeding myself with the cakes, i actually suspected myself gulping down more than half of them lor.. haiz, that is sickening fattening, what a sin it is!! similar concept to the fancy donuts that strike the city by huge heat, this is something cheese lovers shall never miss!!

22.05.2009 | 難得虛名


原來寫blog真係有人睇架喎, 擺埋張相上去真係有人認得出我呢一副嘴臉架喎.. 之前試過幾次行街食飯有人認得我, 之後就留言話見到我.. 噚日居然連續被兩位朋友叫住, 問我係唔係blog主添.. 我覺得好驚喜囉, 感覺就好似blog界明星仔咁, 呵呵!! 當我孭住呢個微薄虛名, 隨時周街畀人認到之時, 我好多謝各位繼續支持~~ :)

i just realised that there are really people reading my blog, and there are really people who can recognise me by the photo i've posted.. have a few who recognised me in malls and restaurants, and they later left comments that they've seen me.. but what came more surprising was yesterday, where i was spotted back-to-back by two person out there, they asked if i was the blog owner.. feels like i'm a little blogger celeb now yeah, hahaha!! while i'm carrying this little blogger fame and could be recognised by people anytime, i would like to thank all for the support~~ :)

20.05.2009 | 心情雜談

好幾日都冇寫blog喇, 最近因為工作忙碌嘅關係, 返到屋企對住部腦想話寫一寫咁啦, 但係即刻覺得好攰毫無思緒, 所以索性擺埋一邊, 都係去瞓返個靚覺算喇.. [我係唔係懶??]

好唔鐘意啲嘢同一時間一齊堆埋嚟, 我只不過係普通人一個, 唔係咩三頭六臂, 唔好考驗我嘅能力哩.. 何解唔逐個嚟呢?? 呢個世界其實唔係你諗得咁完美.. [我係唔係孱??]

好多時候會因為工作而影響心情, 搞到心掛掛, 甚至半夜驟醒, 早上極唔願意返工.. 成日聽人話要將工作同生活分開, 我出道工作有10年咁耐都尚且未有把握, 其實真係唔容易.. [我係唔係庸??]
have not been updating my blog for few days, really tied up with work recently, back home facing the laptop thinking of writing something, but soon i felt tired and totally no mood to do anything, rather i'll put things aside and go ahead to have a good sleep.. [am i lazy??]

i really don't like things coming all together at the same time, i'm just a normal person and not a superman, there's just no need to test my ability in that way i thought.. why not come one at a time, one after another?? well, i reckon nothings is ever ideal in this earth we live.. [am i not capable??]

may of a time i would be affected by work, not any dramatic emotions but will just get moody, even woke up in sleep and don't feel like going to work in the morning.. heard many advices to have a clear border between work and life, this is really not easy, i've been working for like 10 years and am still learning on things.. [am i not wise??]

17.05.2009 | 不明其因

今日下晝去食雪糕, 就係呢個所謂嘅高級(價錢)雪糕哩, 區區四小球雪糕就索價近40大元喇.. 啲銀紙就好似啲雪糕咁, 不消10分鐘就即刻燒晒.. 老實講, 我成日都好唔明白點解雪糕可以賣得咁離譜貴囉..
went for some ice-cream this afternoon, at this branded (priced) ice-cream shop, just four little scoops of ice-cream already cost near to RM40.. in less than 10 minutes, money just burnt as soon as the ice-cream melts.... frankly, i always wonder what is the reason ice-cream can be so unacceptably expensive..

之後晚餐(舊吧生路88飯店)嘅兩餸一湯, 相對之下就食得好滋味, 而且仲飽到撐唔落咁滯, 埋單都只不過係30大元.. 同頭先食到唔夠喉嘅四球雪糕相比, 我哋每日用嚟裹腹嘅食, 唔通都真係毫無價值??
had two dishes and one soup for dinner later on (at restaurant 88 off old klang road), that was relatively a great meal and almost could not stuff everything into the stomach, the bill came up to be only RM30.. compared to the expensive four scoops just now, and never feel like enough, i wonder if the food that we are eating almost everyday are just so valueless??

講真啦, 我何嘗會有咁多閑錢可以拎去食雪糕吖?? 如果唔係有呢兩張贈卷(買隱形眼鏡清洗液送嘅), 睇怕我都唔會有緣品嘗到傳說中令你一啖欲仙欲死嘅雪糕囉.. :p
to be very honest, i really don't have that extra money to buy such expensive ice-cream.. if not because of these two complimentary vouchers (from contact lens cleaning solution), i don't think i would have the chance to taste this so called feel-like-heaven ice-cream.. :p

15.05.2009 | 大同門宴

前晚成班同事響應MY嘅邀請, 放工後成棚人齊齊去呢間「大同門」日式燒烤蒲飛店食嘢, 等MY佢喺兩個星期後結婚之前, 可以盡情地食番個痛快--之後哩, 我其實噚日晏晝已經見佢開始啃麵包架喇!! :p
we accepted MY's invitation the day before, and one whole gang of us went to "Daidomon" for Japanese BBQ Buffet after work .. the reason of this outing?? so that she could have one final big feast before her wedding two weeks later, and i already saw her starting to eat only bread yesterday :p

呢個日式燒烤蒲飛有乜嘢?? MY好似食過返尋味喎, 其實咪就係因為做緊折頭囉, 每人RM39.90(另加10%服務費+5%銷售稅).. 都係一般熟食+開胃菜+壽司+魚生+任叫唔嬲燒烤料+甜品咁囉.. 雖然唔係話勁好食, 但係都算偶有驚喜, 其實都OK架..
so what's so special about this japanese barbeque buffet, that makes MY come for a second time?? it's because they are having a promotion, at only RM39.90 (excl 10% service charge and 5% tax) per pax.. commonly cooked food, appetizer, sushi, sashimi, up-to-you-to-order ingredients for the barbeque, desserts there were.. not super delicious but still there were surprises, i would say it's OK for a visit..

食飽飲醉之後梗係不忘例牌影返張大合照啦, 當時環境昏暗冇打閃光燈, 所以相片執過後出嚟效果不佳.. 不過你睇下一班同事幾咁樂也融融?? 同事之中年紀最大唔係我, 不過最肥嘅肯定係我囉~~ :(
after stuffing ourselves with enough food and drinks, it's time to take a group photo of course.. didn't use flash under the dim environment, so after touched-up the photo doesn't look too good.. anyway look at everyone of us, so merry and happy together.. among the colleagues, i might not be the oldest, but for sure the fattest~~ :(

13.05.2009 | 㷫㷫烚烚

呢個五月天.. 瞓覺輾轉難眠會流汗, 返工稍為加快兩步會流汗, 廁所冇冷氣如廁會流汗, 下晝出去食飯會流汗, 夜晚沖完涼會流汗.. 除咗歸咎于自己係肥uncle身上攬住一層油之外, 最近天氣真係熱辣辣㷫烚烚係最大禍首囉..

我一路以嚟都係個好學生, 好記得地理老師話過逢五月吹西南季候風, 會帶來大量雨水.. 不過大家都有眼見最近個天氣架啦.. 我哋親愛的地球, 已經病咗好耐, 搞到體溫節節上昇, 而且最近仲染上H1N1流感添..

these days in the month of may.. i sweat while trying hard to get into a good sleep, i sweat even if i try to walk a little faster to work, i sweat while doing my business in the cubile without air-cond, i sweat after coming back from outside after lunch, i sweat after even a shower at night.. besides blaming myself for being a fat uncle with a fat body wrapped over by a layer of thick fats, i think it's the hot weather recently that cause lots of sweating..

i have been a good student all the while, and i always remember what my geography teachers have told us.. the month of may is the month of the south-west monsoon season, bringing ample rain to the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.. but what we all can see now is a totally different weather.. our dear Earth has been suffering from sickness for a long time, causing her body temperature to keep increasing, and what's more she's caught the H1N1 flu recently too!!

have you been caring about our dear Earth??

12.05.2009 | 逼於無情

可能我個樣生得憨厚老實(講得肉算啲係笨七咁解, 哈哈!!), 好多次一個人喺條街行嘅時候, 都有人前來搭訕.. 唔好誤會, 唔係撩我, 而係想坤我啫..

咪就係啲大陸人囉, 個個都幾乎同一個古仔, 咩同朋友失散咗, 冇電話聯絡, 冇錢返酒店, 手機冇晒電.. 又要借電話, 又唔爭在借埋錢咁樣.. 年中真係遇過唔少, 開始我都仲會聽下佢哋where爛塊面扮晒可憐(不過啲戲真係好屎), 再遇多幾個都係千篇一律, 你唔厭我都厭啦..

所以而家哩, 凡係見到呢啲人, 無啦啦笑口舐舐行埋你面前, 「先生, 你聽得懂中文嗎?」, gut起條尾我都知你想點啦, 真係費鬼事嘥我時間睬鬼佢!!喂點先, 真係當我李察啊?? 搵食行遠啲啦..

唔係我冇同情心冇人情味, 呢個係時勢造成, 我要保護自己..
perhaps it's because i look very honest and kind-hearted (well to be precise a geek and dumb maybe), most of the time while i'm walking alone along the street, there shall be somebody approaching me.. errmm, not flirting but instead trying to con me..

thanks to those chinese mainlanders, i would say almost everyone of them are telling the same old story.. lost their friends, didn't have way to contact, handphone battery gone flat, wallet left with friends no money to go back to hotel.. so they'll try to borrow my phone to make a call, or even borrowing some money.. well, i've met this many times before, initially i would still spare some time to listen to them act pity (but frankly, they are really lousy actors), but after a couple more times, i really got sick of the same old tricks..

so i can tell you now, whenever i bump into this kind of people walking towards me, with a smile, for no reason at all, "excuse me sir, do you speak chinese??" i will not even want to waste my time to slow down my steps, i already know what you wanted okay?? i won't give you a damn and please go somewhere else..

it's not that i'm not sympathetic and cold-hearted, but i am doing this under such circumstances to protect my own interest..

09.05.2009 | 九八零九

上次話過去歐洲其中一個原因係要影返之前覺得好醜樣啲相.. 98年我遊過一次, 當時未有數碼相機, 影相係好費神嘅事.. 11年後我再一次歐遊, 我覺得自己除咗老咗肥咗皺紋多咗髮型唔同咗, 其實都冇咩變到喎..
i mentioned one of the reasons i went to europe was to re-take some photos that i found ugly.. in 1998 i went for my first europe trip, there wasn't digital camera back then, hence taking photographs was like cumblesome.. 11 years later i travel there again, i found out besides getting older/ fatter/ more wrinkles/ different hairstyle, i basically didn't change much..

詢眾要求, 唔介意一次過將前後對照show畀大家睇睇啦.. :p
responding numerous requests, here i'm posting the before and after comparison for all to see.. :p
******************************************************************[倫敦塔橋] 依然都係嗰隻雙手插袋甫士喎, 哈哈..
[Tower Bridge, London] still that hands in my pockets pose, haha!!

[倫敦大鐘樓] 就咁隨意一企, 98年濃濃嘅娘味, 09年好好多囉..
[Big Ben, London] simply standing, 98 looks so old-fashioned, 09 is really better..

[巴黎鐵塔] 事前唔知係同樣灰色長袖衫, 認真巧合喎..
[Tour Eiffel, Paris] didn't know beforehand both wearing long sleeves grey tee, what a coincidence..

[巴黎凡爾塞宮] 98年鄉下佬出國鄉土味滿分, 09年在偷偷恥笑..
[Château de Versailles, Paris] 98 is a farm-man going overseas for the very first time, awfully old-fashioned, 09 is giggling behind..

[巴黎聖母院] 同一個地點, 同一個靠欄甫士, 前後11年, 桃花依舊, 人面全非..
[Notre Dame, Paris] same spot and same pose by the fence.. 11 years before and after, the scene remains but the feeling differs..

05.05.2009 | 伍萬開頭

首先我要多謝Blogspot畀我呢個發揮嘅平臺, 多謝我嘅父母同埋屋企人, 仲有啟發我寫blog嘅幾位朋友.. 不過最重要嘅當然係你~你~你~同埋你, 所有一路嚟對我不離不棄嘅讀者同埋fans們, 冇你哋嘅話我諗呢個blog唔會累積到50,000點擊率.. 所以呢個喜悅唔係我一個人獨享, 而係你哋同我一齊分享嘅.. 多謝大家, 我會繼續努力!!
first i would like to thank Blogspot for this a platform to express myself, thanks to my parents and family, as well as a few friends that inspired me on blogging.. last but not least, the most important you, you and you, to all my fans and readers out there who has been hanging on with me all these while, this blog would not have made it to 50,000 hits if there is without you.. hence this piece of great news should not belong to me solely, but shared among all of us... thank you and i will keep up the effort!!
[audience applause]

到目前為止一共寫咗938發貼, 距離我上一次定下落嚟嘅1000大關目標尚有一大截.. 趁呢個機會我要宣佈減產, 而家唔會日日發貼架喇.. 無論如何, 有你哋嘅支持, 我會繼續努力, 向呢個目標進發!! 再一次多謝大家, 多謝~~
up to date i have an asset of 938 posts, still far behind the 1000 target i have set earlier.. i'd like to take this opportunity to announce a cut-down in blogging, meaning i will not write daily posts from now.. anyways, with all your support, i will keep on writing towards this target!! thank you again, and i love you all~~
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02.05.2009 | 音樂宏人

是日傍晚七時正, 我正在KLCC好茲悠咁行緊街, 忽然友人JY來電..
JY:「而家喺邊?? 一陣去邊?? 之後得唔得閑??」
SK:「KLCC, 冇訂去, 好得閑..」
JY:「王力宏演唱會, 我有兩張貴價飛, 完全免費唔駛錢, 啱唔啱??」
SK:「唔駛錢?? 唔駛錢梗啱!!」
JY:「咁你而家搭車去Bukit Jalil, 車站會合.. 即刻!! 快!!」
SK:「哦~~」(仲騰雞緊, 因為個驚喜真係好突然)
it's 7pm in the evening, enjoying shopping in KLCC while i got a call from JY..
JY: "where are you now?? where are you going later?? free??"
SK: "at KLCC, nowhere to go, nothing much to do, free.."
JY: "i have two premium tickets to Leehom concert, absolutely FREE, deal??"
SK: "free?? of course i want to go if free!!"
JY: "then take a train to Bukit Jalil, meet you at the station.. quick!! now!!"
SK: "orh~~" (still trembling with excitement and surprise)

順利到達現場, 真係坐最貴飛嗰一區喎, M字行即係舞台前第14行, 不過場館同舞台都好大, 仍然覺得很有距離.. 現場唔畀影相, 以下照片係網上搜查得到嘅..
  • 呢一區啲觀眾都好多後生仔女, 同JY兩個夾雜於「海鮮雜燴」之中都有少少尷尬.. 我哋會諗: 而家啲細路好有錢, 四百蚊一張飛都睇得起.. 佢哋會諗: 乜有兩件老餅坐喺度嘅?? {-_-}"
  • 老實講我對王生啲歌只係略懂一二, 除咗佢啲嘈冤巴閉嘅自創chincked music, 全晚都叫做幾enjoy佢嘅演出, 成個流程都感覺好smooth..
  • 舞台用嘅LED大螢幕, 雖然唔係咩新鮮嘢, 似乎係最近所有演唱會必用gimmicks, 但係我仍然好鐘意啲graphics effect, 為視覺效果增添唔少分架..
  • 王生是晚狀態未去到最好, 把聲沙沙地不過就未影響到演唱水準.. 但係哩, 高音時見佢頻頻捏住喉嚨, 都真係要戥佢颷冷汗囉..
  • 製作認真嚴謹, 睇得出王生成擔誠意, 值得睇架呢場演唱會.. 多謝JY!! 啜~~ :p
finally at the concert venue, we were really sitting in the premium zone, row M which is the 14th row from the stage, anyway the stage and stadium were so big that we still felt the distance a little far.. photography not allowed in the concert, i managed to grab some from the web to post here..
  • there were quite a lot of youngsters in this zone, JY and i were a little embarrassed sitting amongst them in this pool of seafood.. we would think: youngsters nowadays are rich, so rich they can afford tickets at RM400!!.. and they would think: hey, what are these two uncles doing over here?? {-_-}"
  • frankly, i am not very familiar with Mr Wang's songs, apart from those noisy chincked music (his genre of music that he pro-claimed originated from him) i found myself quite enjoying the entire concert, the flow of rundown was very smooth indeed..
  • i love the huge LED screens used on stage, though not something new - almost every concert nowadays are using this gimmick, but i still love the visual effect that the graphics on the LED could compliment the show..
  • Mr Wang might not be at his best condition tonight, his voice was quite sore yet not affecting his performance anyway.. but it was really scary (for him) to see him kept pressing his throat while going on high pitch..
  • a very finely done production, can really feel the sincerity and effort from dear Mr Wang, this is a worthwhile concert to watch i would say.. thanks a million JY!! muacks~~ :p