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2014.07.31 | 尋找不同

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1924]
Spot the Differences
大家好呀, 啱啱過去嘅開齋節假期, 大家過得如何?? 希望大家都過得很開心啦, 我知大家都很努力咁恢復心情嘅, 哈哈!! 其實我一直都聽聞好多讀者話好喜歡同埋想念呢個「尋找不同」游戲喎, 係唔係呀?? 所以今日呢個post就唔駛大家用腦喇, 用大家嘅眼力玩游戲啦.. 係呀, 我話唔駛大家用腦, 亦都表示大家唔需要動腦筋留言喇(因為我已經關閉呢個post嘅留言), 我想大家盡興地享受呢個游戲!! 下一次全新月份我哋再見~~ :)
hello folks, how was your raya holidays?? hope it was great.. well, i guess most are still "recovering" from the holiday mood, haha!! i heard many of my readers saying they like and miss this "spot the difference" game huh?? as such, let us not have something mind-blogging today but this little game indeed.. BTW, when i say nothing mind-blogging, it also means you do not have (scratch head) to leave any comment (yes, commenting for this post has been deliberately disabled), i want everyone to just enjoy the game and i shall see you again in the new month~~ :)
請找出8個不同之處 | Spot 8 differences
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2014.07.25 | 惹人生厭

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1923]
How Good A Customer Are You??
Difficult Customers
嗯, 我哋之前都討論咗好多關於我哋身為顧客所面對嘅服務, 由找錢保安職員態度, 我哋都討論過.. 我就覺得講緊人哋之余, 其實我哋都好應該檢討下身為顧客嘅自己, 究竟喺其他人眼中係個好人定係個惡搞的人.. 係時候懺悔喇, 各位朋友!! 如果你曾經又或者做緊以下提到或讀者提及嘅事情, 應該好好三思喇, 呵呵.. 預先祝家有個愉快嘅佳節!! :)
好喇, 如果我係負責服務嗰個, 我會討厭遇到以下幾種顧客:-
  1. 自以為是兼冇禮貌嘅顧客, 成日都以為自己啱晒其他人錯晒..
  2. 堅持自己騎呢又冇理由嘅要求, 其實唔知道自己要乜嘢, 你講到佢唔喜歡嘅地方就潑婦罵街嘅掩尖顧客..
  3. 俾錢嘅時候, 將錢一張張/將散銀一個個咁掟落檯面, 要你逐張逐個執上嚟.. 喂, 你對乞兒都唔駛咁樣啦係嘛??

咁如果我自己係眾多顧客其中一個, 我亦會討厭見到其他以下呢幾類顧客:-
  1. 十五十六扭扭擰擰揸唔定主意, 又要問東問西, 阻住條對後面所有顧客嘅人.. 喂, 麻煩你扑咗錘先排隊啦好唔好??
  2. 一家人浩浩蕩蕩排喺快速結帳櫃檯, 跟住將所有30件物品平均分配, 每人最終少過10件物品..
  3. 最後當然少不了嘅係 -- 打尖的人!!
hmmm, so we have been discussing so much about the services rendered to us as the customers, from exact change to security expectations to attitudes of the personnel.. i guess it is also fair for us to talk about ourselves being the customers, whether we have been nice or fussy in the eyes of other people around.. time to confess, folks!! and if you are or have been doing what are listed or suggested by other readers here, better think twice about it, haha.. have a great festive weekend ahead everyone!! :)
okay, if i am one who offer service, i would be very unhappy to serve the following groups of customers:-
  1. rude and arrogant customers who treat you like no one but think they are always on the right side
  2. fussy customers who insist on their weird and unreasobaledemands (yet do not really know what they want) but only raise up their voice if you are giving negative response
  3. pay me by throwing the notes and coins to scatter on the table and expect me to pick up one by one.. come on, you don't even treat a beggar like that right??!!

and if i am one of the customers, i would hate seeing other customers of the following groups too:-
  1. undecisive people who cannot make up their mind, asking tons of questions and holding up the line.. please decide first before even queuing up lah!!
  2. one whole family queuing up at the express check out lane, splitting their 30 items into several bills of less than 10 items..
  3. last but not least, QUEUE-JUMPERS!!

2014.07.23 | 惹人反感

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1922]
Some Acts and Attitude Can Be Irritating..
Irritating Sales Personnel
大家仲記唔記得上個星期兩篇關於找少五仙同埋實Q封袋嘅博文?? 由各位讀者嘅回應睇來, 呢個系列似乎唔應該止于兩篇文咁少喎.. 好喇, 多謝讀者提供靈感, 今日呢篇係呢個系列嘅第三篇博文(雖然中間夾住一篇關於我嘅腳傷, 當係俾大家抖下氣, 呵呵!!).. 我覺得大家都應該會有好多嘢回應囉 -- sales嘅態度以及動作, 希望係個有趣嘅題材, 可以帶來好多討論啦.. :p
大家眼中有啲乜嘢態度或動作, 會令到閣下對某個sales產生反感呢?? 以下係我個list, 當然應該會有更多, 不過呢個時候只係諗到以下呢啲:-
  1. 由你踏入嗰一刻開始, 就一路喺後面(就嚟貼住你背脊咁)跟實你, 直至你踏出為止.. 好, 我明白佢哋咁樣做, 好有可能係工作上指定需要, 不過眼金金望實你嘅一舉一動, 好似當你賊扮咁, 我覺得非常唔自在囉..
  2. 延伸上面個point, 你掂親乜嘢, 就算完全冇郁過半分, 佢哋都要隨手整理返.. 我覺得咁樣係對顧客嚴重冇禮貌囉!! 好喇, 咁鍾意做, 不如就等我哋成全, 搞亂佢之後行開, 得你慢慢執啦~~
  3. 我其實真係唔需要有人招呼我, 我自己慢慢睇, 啲sales自己做自己嘢, 我係極之冇問題.. 不過當我有需要幫手嘅時候, 我就會expect有人可以迅速給予友善服務喎, 而唔係擺埋副西口西面, 整埋晒「唧!!」咁嘅聲..
  4. 超市內嘅好hardsell, 同埋銀行信用卡嘅促銷員, 句號.. 好, 或者我應該更詳細說明.. 唔該唔好死纏爛打要我試你啲產品.. 唔該唔好批評我決定買嘅產品唔夠你啲好.. 唔該唔好同我講你唔係賣嘢, 不過最後又係要有說我買嘢..
still remember the two posts last week on 5-sen shortchange and hypermarket security seal?? well, from the responses given by readers, seems like this series deserves more related posts to go with it huh?? okay, inspired by the responses, here comes the third post for this series (after a breather on my leg injuries, haha!!), and i am sure you will probably have a lot to say about this - acts and attitudes of sales personnel or promoters!! an interesting topic i hope, that would invite discussions.. :p
so, what kind of acts or attitudes from sales personnel or promoters that you find most irritating?? here comes my list, of course, could be more but at this moment i can only think of these:-
  1. keep following behind you as close as possible, from the moment you entered the shop till the moment you stepped out.. okay, i understand this may likely be the job requirement for them, but keeping close monitor on whatever you see or touch (as if you are going to steal things from the shop) is just making me feel so uncomfortable..
  2. extending from the point above.. for whatever you have touched, they will want to rearrange the items albeit they have not even been moved a single micrometer away.. i seriously find this very rude.. okay, since they like to do that, how about we make a big mess and then just walk away huh??
  3. i really do not need people to serve me and i am totally fine with the sales personnel to do their own work around.. but when i ever call for help, i would expect prompt and friendly service.. not one who would make that f*cking "tsk!!" noise and show me that grumpy CB (okay, CB stands for vagina in Hokkien, don't ask again!!) face..
  4. aggressive and hardselling promoters in supermarkets/hypermarkets and credit card roadshow, period.. okay, maybe i shall elaborate more.. please don't push me to try your products.. please don't condemn the items i have chosen is not better than yours.. please don't tell me you are not selling but in the end try to persuade me to buy..
what other irritating acts or attitudes are there in your list??

2014.07.21 | 傷痕纍纍

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1921]
Injuries After Injuries
Sting Like A Bee
噢, 呢隻肥嘟嘟嘅蜜蜂真係好得意呀!! 不過如果蜜蜂針人就一啲都唔可愛喇.. 係喇, 你估啱喇, 我就係俾蜜蜂針喇!! 話說上個星期某一個晚上, 我上完廁所返去繼續瞓嘅途中, 一片漆黑之中, 不知何故腳踏某東西, 隨即感覺右邊腳板一陣刺痛!! 自然反應下, 我當然舉起隻掃走腳底隻東西, 開燈之後, 見到地上有隻死去的蜜蜂.. 冇錯, 我就係俾蜜蜂針在腳板底正中間!! 好搞笑嘅一個位置呵?? 好, 大家可以有咁大聲笑咁大聲, 我知㗎!! 不過唔好問我要相睇啦, 邊有心情去影唧??!! 第二朝腫到連行路都有困難, 不過不幸之中的大幸, 晏晝打後就漸漸好轉 第二日就消腫了.. 講到我對腳, 記得都發生好多意外引致傷痕纍纍呀.. 如果你有興趣八卦, 請繼續睇落去, 如果唔係就預祝你有個完美的一周啦.. 呵呵!! :p
1981*由床上條落嚟, 唔小心踩到(以前用嚟插住蚊香嘅)鐵片, 一聲大叫之後即刻被帶去附近嘅診所..
1983*由碌架床上面(扮超人)直跳地下, 結果碎咗個菠蘿蓋, 足足包紮咗兩個月
1984*喺屋企亂跑, 結果唔小心跣親, 膝頭仲撞落坑渠邊
1986*懶係有型要幫手搬石氣桶, 搬不遂之余結果仲要俾石氣桶擲親大腳趾公, 即刻流血同埋趾甲脫落
1989跑一百米跨欄嘅時候叉錯腳, 結果扭傷腳裸, 仲要跌倒兼手忖壓落地
1995同同學完嘅時候互相推撞, 結果佢一下子用過咗力, 我有突然平衡唔到, 踩落地面個階, 又再扭傷腳裸
2009喺健身院內嘗試替換weight plate嘅時候, 唔覺意跣手, 結果成個跌落我隻大腳趾公上面.. 即刻流血不止, 數日後先完全止血, 腳趾甲脫落, 用兩年時間先生返完整腳趾甲.. [在此處詳細閱讀]
2012著住我對新波鞋, 跨過路墩嘅時候, 一個唔小心踩落個凹凸位, 一下平衡唔到, 成個人跌低.. 又再次扭傷!! [在此處詳細閱讀]
2014唔覺意踩親一隻蜜蜂, 結果腳板的正中被針咗一嘢!! 就係今日呢個post喇..
[後註] 以上事件係憑記憶列出, 帶*者為大約年份
awww, this "fatty bom bom" bee is so cute!! but bees are definitely not cute when they sting.. okay, you guess it right, i was stung by a bee.. one night last week i was returning to my bed to continue sleeping after a loo trip, in the darkness, i somehow stepped onto something and instantly i felt a little stab on my right foot!! i raised my foot and swept away whatever it was (this is natural reflective response right??), turned on the lights and saw a dead bee on the floor.. yes, i was stung right on the middle of the sole of my foot!! hilarious spot huh?? now, laugh as loud as you want it to be, i just knew.. and, aiyah, didn't take photo so don't me to show it lah!! my foot was swollen the next morning i barely could walk, but lucky was it started to get better by afternoon and the swell went off the next day.. come to talk about my legs, i remember i really had many accidents that they got hurt.. continue if you are interested to kaypoh a bit, else have a wonderful week ahead.. hehe!! :p
Chronicles of My Major Leg Injuries
YearIncident & Injury
1981*Jumped from bed and stepped on a metal stand (those used to hold mosquito coil last time), yelled and immediately brought to nearby clinic
1983*Jumped from the upper bed of a double-decker (pretending to fly like Superman) and broke my knee, bandaged for two months
1984*Running around in the house and fell down on the slippery floor and knocked knee on the edge of the drain
1986*Trying to help move a gas tank but got it hit the big toe instead, bleeding immediately and nail torn off
1989Mistaken a step during the 100m hurdle race, sprained my ankle and fell down hitting the ground on my elbow
1995Was joking with a classmate by pushing each other, suddenly he used too much force and i could not balance myself, tripped at the edge of a slightly elevated platform and sprained my leg
2009While changing the weight plate in the gym, it slipped from my hand and fell right onto my big toe.. Bleed profusely immediately and took days to completely stop bleeding, nail torn off, took like two years for the new nail to grow to normal.. [read it here]
2012Wearing my new pair of shoes, stepping down the road pavement, accidentally stepped on an uneven surface and fell down after failing to balance myself.. sprain again!! [read it here]
2014Stepped on a bee in the dark and got stung right in the center of the sole of my foot!! This post it is..
[PS] incidents listed based on memory, years with * are approximate

2014.07.18 | 咪當賊扮

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1920]
Have Your Bags Sealed Before You Enter
Have Your Bags Sealed Before Entering
上一篇博文我寫咗單找少五仙嘅事件.. 因為好事成雙嘛, 所以今日以一個迷你系列嘅形式, 加馬多單事件啦就, 哈哈!! 好喇, 今日呢單最近發生嘅事, 我相信好多人都曾經領教過, 我記得都寫過一篇類似的博文.. 想睇下大家的意見, 無論你讚同與否, 祝大家有個開心的週末!! :)
話說某日想去呢個"Let'sGo"霸級市場買啲嘢.. 當時因為剛做完gym所以孭住一個大袋, 而手上就拎住另外一個裝運動鞋嘅戴.. 臨近門口, 結果俾個(唔肯定孟加拉或尼泊爾籍嘅)實Q截停, 佢有禮貌地問「先生, 我可以封實你個袋嗎??」.. 我拒絕咗佢, 掉頭走人, 根本冇興趣入去幫襯!! 本人當時嘅感受如下:-
  1. 無啦啦做乜要封實我個袋?? 根本就係當我賊扮, 認定我會偷嘢!! 乜個個有個袋嘅顧客都會偷嘢咩??!!
  2. 如果我真係一個通天大盜, 如果我真係有心要偷嘢, 難道會在乎一個隨身袋, 難道你一條一剪就斷嘅膠繩就阻止到咩??!!
  3. 我明白你係要增強保安, 不過麻煩你搞好內部嘅保安措施同程序, 而唔係向客人開刀, 認定每個人都係賊!!
  4. 咁樣做係對顧客不敬, 係先入之見, 係未見官先大三十大板!! 咁樣做唔係增強保安系統, 而係趕客!! 因為俾人封實個袋入去, 係一種無形奚落..
i blogged about getting a 5-sen shortchange in the previous post.. and things are often merrier when they come in two's right?? let's make this a series then, haha!! so here's another incident i guess many of you must have experienced before, and i remember i've blogged about something similar too.. looking forward to your opinions, no matter how you agree or disagree with me, happy weekend everyone!! :)
there was one day i wanted to go to the "Let'sGo" hypermarket to buy something.. if was after my gym so i was carrying a big bag on my shoulders and another shoe bag in my hand.. while near the entrance, i was stopped by the (not certain whether a bangladeshi or nepali) security guard, asking me politely, "sir, can i tie your bag??".. of course i rejected him right away and turned back without any interest to go in to shop!! these were what i was thinking:-
  1. why would my bag has to be sealed without reason?? it's indeed treating me as a shoplifter, prejudicing that i am going to shoplift inside the hypermarket!! does everyone carrying a bag steal??!!
  2. if i were a real shoplifter, and if i were going to steal something, do i care to bring a bag this size?? and does that frail plastic band, that could do nothing once cut, able to stop me at all??!!
  3. i understand they are trying to stringent the security system, but please do it on your own security procedures and infrastructure, and not push the blame on every customers that they are going to shoplift!!
  4. this is such a disrespect to customers, it's prejudice and offend!! they are not doing things to enhance the security level, but driving away customers!! it feels humiliated to carry a bag that is sealed in the hypermarket..

2014.07.16 | 五仙是錢

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1919]
5-Sen, How Negligible, Is Still Money..
Five Sen Change
嗯.. 一系列嘅模仿貼文, 完成.. 一系列嘅生日貼文, 完成.. 六月以及第二季嘅留言榜, 完成.. 突然間覺得當要做返自己嘅時候, 又好似冇頭緒要寫啲乜.. 哈哈!! 我話做返自己嘅意思係, 通常我都會寫帶點議論性嘅話題.. 好喇, 今日就寫一單最近發生嘅事, 希望可以睇到大家嘅意見, 無論你有幾讚同或不讚同我.. :)
我有多次去快餐店找少五仙俾我嘅經歷, 同一間AFC分店三次, 同一間BurgerSing兩次.. 如果係事先講明冇晒五仙可以找, 問我介意介意, 我當然係唔會介意啦.. 不過個問題就出在於個收銀, 一粒聲都唔出, 轉頭去準備你嘅柯打, 跟住就若騖咁嗌下一位!! 本人嘅觀點如下:-
  1. 我覺得喺任何情況之下, 商家都唔可以收多顧客錢或者找少錢俾顧客.. 呢樣嘢應該有法律根據, 有冇律師可以解答?? 各商家有必要確保有足夠錢找俾顧客, 或者至少同顧客一齊制定其他方法解決問題, 而唔係若無其事當冇事發生一樣!!
  2. 試下想象如果個收銀真係有心咁做(三次經歷之後, 我有理由相信), 佢一日可以收起幾多個五仙?? 一個月來積少成多, 儲起一筆可觀嘅糧外錢真係一啲都唔難喎!!
  3. 或者區區五仙真係微不足道, 我哋每日都有可能跌咗都唔察覺到.. 但係幾咁小意思, 說到底, 都係錢喎, 大家同意嗎?? 一次找少錢當然無傷大雅, 不過接二連三地發生同樣事件, 我覺得係非常之不能接受的..
  4. 一次係經營上的弱點, 兩次係唔專業, 三次係不合乎道德!!
hmmm.. a series of mimic posts, done.. a series of birthday posts, done.. comment charts for June and Q2, done.. was like suddenly run out of topic to blog when i am switching back over to my usual style, haha!! i mean my usual style of posting topics that invite discussions.. okay, here's an incident probably many of you may have experienced before, i look forward to reading your opinions, no matter how you agree or disagree with me.. :)
i have many times being shortchanged for 5-sen at fast food chains, three times at the same AFC outlet twice at BurgerSing.. if they had told me earlier that they have run out of 5-sen and asked if i mind, i certainly do not mind at all.. but the problem was that the cashier did not even inform about the shortchange, turned away to prepare your order and then shouted for the next customer as if nothing happened!! my points here:-
  1. i think under no circumstance a merchant shall overcharge or shortchange a customer, it is in the law right?? any lawyer to enlighten?? it is their sole responsibility to have enough instruments for the exact change, or at least work out other alternatives but not just play ignorance and indifference!!
  2. imagine if the cashier did that on purpose (i have valid reasons to believe it since this happened for three times on me).. how many 5-sen can he/she collect a day, and accumulate in a month?? probably a good percentage of his/her wage!!
  3. probably 5-sen is such a small amount many of us won't mind and even drop a few without realizing it everyday.. but even how negligible, it is still money, agree?? shortchanged once is fine, but repeatedly is something very unacceptable to me..
  4. once is incompetent, twice is unprofessional, thrice is unethical!!

2014.07.14 | 次季成績

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1918]
Second Quarter's Commenter Chart
已經係年度第三季喇, 本來我係應該(一如既往咁)揭曉六月份留言排行榜嘅同時公佈第二季嘅成績嘅.. 以為唔會有人留意或記得, 不過竟然有一位博客問我第二季留言排行榜去咗邊?? 呵呵, 我冇忘記, 只不過係處理禮物嘅事, 所以暫時hold住先啫.. 好喇!! 帶俾大家本年度第二季留言排行榜, 同時本人非常高興宣佈, 十強讀者每位會收到一份價值RM10嘅折扣禮券, 由FoodPanda特別贊助(如下面樣本所示)!! 我知, 唔係咩貴重禮物, 係本人小小的心意答謝各位支持, 況且我呢種「芝麻博客」要搵贊助係難如登天啦.. 想知道自己會唔會有份得到禮券?? 點擊下面圖像就自有分曉.. :)
it's Q3 of the year already, and i was supposed to announce the comment chart for last quarter together with the monthly chart (like i usually do).. i thought nobody would notice or remember, but there's one blogger who asked me where is the chart for Q2?? hehe, nope, i didn't forget that, just that i held this up while working on the gifts.. so, here you go the comment chart for Q2, and i am excited to announce that the top 10 commenter each receives a RM10 discount voucher specially sponsored by FoodPanda (as shown in the specimen below)!! okay, i know this is nothing expensive but my little token of appreciation to my top readers, it's sky-high difficult for "sesame blogger" like me to find sponsorships lah.. want to know if you are entitled for the voucher?? click image below to find out.. :)
■ 點擊圖像查看排行榜 | Click image to view chart ■
FoodPanda Voucher

2014.07.11 | 生日餐點

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1917]
My Birthday Treats
好好好, 我知大家肯定喺度鬧緊我, 有冇搞錯呀, 仲未寫完生日咩?? 難得一年一次, 就由得我啦, 哈哈, 我保證呢一篇係最後一篇!! 上兩篇博文我就同大家炫耀我嘅生日禮物以及特別早餐啦, 今日就講下其餘嘅餐點啦.. 咁一日如果只得早餐, 冇午餐同晚餐又係幾騎呢嘛, 雖然嗰兩餐就冇乜特別, 呵呵!! 就同大家分享一啲美食相片(全部都係用我部手機所拍的), 我今年嘅生日就係如此過喇, 多謝~~ :)
[後註] 請大家毋須客氣再次恭賀本人(遲來的)生日快樂, 接待一早已截至!! 呵呵~~
okay okay, i know you are cursing me for yet another post about my birthday, but it's once in a year thing so just let me do it lah, i guarantee this is the last one!! haha.. in the previous posts, i bragged about my birthday presents and my special breakfast, so this post will be all other birthday treats, i mean a day with breakfast is not complete without lunch and dinner right?? though both may not be anything special also, haha!! so here you go, some food photos (all taken using my handphone) to be shared and that was my birthday.. period :)
[PS] please don't wish me (belated) happy birthday anymore, reception is already closed!! hehe~~
Click or tap image to view more photos
Birthday Breakfast

2014.07.09 | 生日早餐

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1916]
A Special Breakfast on My Birthday
仍然係繼續寫本人的生日.. 其實生日冇禮物收, 我係冇乜所謂嘅, 不過咁多年來, 我就堅持生日當天要放自己一日假!! 正所謂一日之計再於晨, 所以生日呢一日嘅早餐當然要特別啲啦.. 可能對大家嚟講係普通嘢, 不過今次對我嚟講係第一次.. 第一次去咁樣一個地方食早餐, 第一次去食所謂「私房式」早餐.. 究竟點樣嘅所謂「私房式」早餐?? 睇一睇下面啲相片就知喇(當然唔係呢一碗Cheerios啦, 要click入去睇啲實際相片㗎), 如果你覺得平平無奇, 唔好笑我噃~~ :p
still about your sincerely's recent birthday.. when it comes to presents, i am actually fine with not getting any.. but all these years, what i must do on my birthday is to pamper myself with a day off!! as people say, a good day starts with a good morning, hence breakfast on my birthday must also be a good one.. maybe nothing special to many, but this year i had a special one, my very first time having breakfast in such a settings, my very first time having breakfast so "homely".. how homely you wonder?? take a look at the photos below (of course not this bowl of cheerios lah, you have to click in to see the real ones), but don't laugh at me if you find it just meh~~ :p
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Birthday Breakfast

2014.07.07 | 生日賀禮

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1915]
Thank YOU for My Birthday Presents
雖然個標題係話生日, 不過今日其實唔係我生日啦, 過咗差不多有三個星期喇.. 因為上一個月集中火力寫模仿貼文, 所以將呢一篇答謝貼文托到呢個月先出街.. 我真係好開心有咁多朋友送禮物俾我, 雖然我(一貫作風)唔會透露係邊幾位朋友, 不過我係真心感謝呢啲驚喜㗎, 尤其係非常珍惜大家嘅心意, 俾我再一次喺呢度公開多謝大家!! 你們都是最好的, 好貼心, 我全部禮物都非常鍾意, 所以先特別喺度炫耀一番嘛, 呵呵!! :p
well well well, though the title says birthday, it's not my birthday today but somewhere three weeks ago.. because i was all focused on writing mimic posts last month, so i delayed this thank-you post to be published this month.. i was so happy being showered with presents received from friends all over the places, though i am not revealing the sender's identity (my usual style that is), i really felt so grateful with all the surprises, especially the thoughts i appreciate a lot, and once again i would like to thank everyone of you publicly here!! you folks are indeed sweet and i love all that you have given me as presents, that is why i am showing-off them here, haha!! :p
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Birthday Present

2014.07.03 | 夢想道具

[Volume 9 Issue 7, #1914]
What Would Your Doraemon Gadgets Be??
今日係個美麗的星期四, 所以我哋唔講埋啲嚴肅話題, 嚟啲超現實嘅如何?? 開始今日嘅題材之前, 我首先要問兩條好簡單嘅問題:-
■ 你知唔知多啦A夢係乜水(又或者係乜嘢)??
如果你係答知道嘅話, 請前進去下一條問題.. 如果你係答唔知道嘅話, 請你即刻立即離開我嘅部落格啦!! :D
■ 假設你可以有三個多啦A夢嘅道具, 你會揀邊三個??
多啦A夢有上千個道具, 每個都有不同嘅特有功能.. 我就會揀下面呢三個(相片於年頭的一個展覽中所攝), 你又會如何選擇呢?? :)
it's a beautiful thursday, so let us have something surreal rather than a serious topic today, shall we?? allow me to start the topic for today with two simple questions:-
■ Do you know who (or what) Doraemon is??
if you answered yes, please proceed to the next question.. if you answered no, then please get out of my blog right now!! :D
■ If you were granted three gadgets from Doraemon, what would they be??
Doraemon has got thousands of gadgets each with different functions.. I would choose the three gadgets below (photos taken when i was at the exhibition earlier this year), what about you?? :)
■ 點觸相片顯示敘述 | Click or tap image for description ■
Doraemon Gadget Takecopter Doraemon Gadget Time Machine Doraemon Gadget Dokodemo Door