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30.01.2011 | 手機與錶

有啲人出門覺得帶住部手機就夠喇, 因為手機有時間睇, 所以手錶就可以省卻.. 不過我出門就一定要帶齊手機同手錶, 因為我習慣睇手錶知道時間, 帶住部手機係確保同身邊嘅人有個聯絡, 少咗樣都會覺得唔自在架..

順便一提, 我好想話畀鐘意將手機放入個皮套掛喺腰間, 又或者綁住條繩掛喺心口嘅朋友知道: 對唔住, 手機其實唔係一種accessories, 你可以帶住佢但係千其唔好戴住囉~~ :)
some people think that since they are able to see the time from their handphone, so they just do away with watches.. to me, whenever i leave home, i will definitely have both my phone and watch with me.. because i used to see the time from watch, and phone is mainly to ensure i'm contactable wherever i go..

talking about handphones.. i would like to tell those who put their phones into leather pouch and fixed it on the waist, as well as those who tie their phone with strap and hang it around the neck: sorry, but your phone is not an accessories, you can bring them along but please do not wear them on you~~ :)

27.01.2011 | 雨天撐傘

我絕對係個唔鐘意雨天嘅人, 我鐘意見到陽光, 所以覺得落雨係屬於情緒低落嘅一種天氣.. 好多人話鐘意靜靜坐低欣賞雨景, 又或者擔住把遮喺雨中漫步.. 但係對於我嚟講, 我絕對冇心情去做呢種(咁浪漫)嘅事..

身在室內又至可, 但係受困雨中嘅時候, 我就恨不得即刻停雨喇.. 我絕對冇耐心等雨停, 可以嘅話, 我甚至連遮都懶得擔, 就咁冒雨跑去目的地.. 我唔想將時間嘥喺等雨停又做唔到嘢嘅時間上囉.. 咁你呢?? 你係喜歡雨天定討厭雨天呢?? :)
i am definitely someone who doesn't like raining, as i like to see sunshine, i always think that rain kind of make me feel down.. heard many say they love to sit down quietly and watch the rain, or even walk in the rain under an umbrella.. but to me, i really do not have the same mood to do all these (seem to be romantic) activities at all..

if i'm indoor then perhaps this won't bother me much, but if i'm caught in the rain outdoor, i will definitely hope it stop raining immediately.. i can very impatient to wait for the rain to stop, so i sometimes can even not bother to take an umbrella and just run fast to my destination.. i just think it's not worth wasting time to wait for the rain to stop and do nothing.. so how about you?? do you like raining or do you hate raining?? :)

24.01.2011 | 豁然開朗

我曾經多次公開表示對電動火車服務嘅極度不滿, 今日等我一反常態, 贊下佢最近喺印度教聖地黑風洞開咗個站嘅舉動..

每年嘅大寶森節, 我都感到特別有壓力.. 因為呢一日, 部份印度教教徒都會選擇乘搭輕鐵前往黑風洞朝聖.. 而我返屋企就同佢哋同一方向, 每次喺逼爆車廂內, 眼見四面黝黑膚色, 鼻聞陣陣茉莉椰油, 耳聽印度文八面橫飛.. 多年來困於車廂中嘅壓迫, 今年之後多得電動火車將人潮拉走, 乘搭輕鐵終於可以豁然開朗.. 咁你話, 電動火車救我一命嘅呢個舉動, 係唔係抵贊?? :p
i have many times complained about the KTM Komuter services, but today i'm gonna be different, i'm gonna praise the recent act of KTM to setup a new station at Batu Caves the holy place for the Hindu devotees..

every year on Thaipusam, i feel extra pressure when i'm commuting home in LRT.. because on this day, part of the Hindu devotees choose to go to Batu Caves for prayers by LRT.. and my way home is exactly on the same direction, being stucked in the packed train coach, i only see tanner people surrounding, i only breathe the smell of jasmine and coconut oil, i only hear bombarding tamils flying around.. the same oppression every year until KTM finally pulls them off to take Komuter this year, i can say it suddenly seems so relax while commuting home on Thaipusam.. so, don't you think KTM saved my life and deserves the credit in this case?? :p

20.01.2011 | 十指大動

仲記得以前食KFC, 啲雞係用個碟上嘅, 而且仲會畀買刀叉你用.. 唔似依家咁, 求其用個紙盒托住, 用手食就算架喇..

以前用刀叉嘅日子, 最搞笑係見到有啲人一刀一叉, 成舊雞飛咗出碟外, 落喺自己大脾上.. 不過, 唔係飛入對面小姐乳溝中就算係不幸中之大幸喇, 哈哈!! :D

依家一律用手嘅日子, 我反而會睇下啲人究竟要用幾隻手指去食舊雞.. 我自己就最多四隻喇, 不過都會見到有人全部十隻手指盡用噃, 我覺得好似大細路咁, 非常趣緻囉.. 你呢?? 有冇留意自己其實用到幾隻手指咁呢?? :p
i still remember our chicken were served on proper plates with fork and knife in KFC years back, unlike now that everything are served on paper trays and you just eat with your bare hands..

those days when we were using fork and knife, funniest thing i saw was someone got his chicken flown out of the plate and landed on his lap when he was trying to cut the chicken.. anyway this was considered lucky, as the chicken didn't fell into the cleavage of the girl sitting opposite.. hahahaha!! :D

these days when we are using our hands, i switch to observe how many fingers people need to use to eat their chicken.. for me, the maximum is four, but many times i see people using all their ten fingers and i find that rather amusingly cute, just like a giant toddler.. how many fingers do you normally use to eat your chicken?? :p

17.01.2011 | 陰男陽女

某日同某位朋友喺某商場閑逛, 發覺呢間商場都僱用好多所謂嘅「中性人」, 尤其化妝部就簡直係佢哋嘅天下.. 其實我覺得, 佢哋可以勇敢企出嚟面對社會, 而商場又絕無歧視, 係好事嚟架.. 其實佢哋多數都係心地善良, 比女人仲更加女人嘅「姐姐」, 我都幾敬佩佢哋對於選擇自己生命嘅嗰一股勇氣架..

不過我同友人都有個同樣嘅疑問, 究竟佢哋係去男廁定女廁架呢?? 入女廁會唔會嚇親啲女士, 入男廁會唔會驚啲男士冒犯呢?? 都幾左右為難喎..
was in a shopping mall with a friend one day, where we noticed there are quite a lot of transgender being employed, especially the cosmetic department.. i think this is a good thing, as they stand out bravely to face the community, and that the mall is giving equal employment opportunity without discrimination.. i would think they are actually nice people, more feminine that most females, and i rather respect their courage to be firm on what they choose to be in their life..

but both my friend and i share the same doubt, which toilet do they go?? if they go to the ladies, will the ladies in there feel unsafe?? if they go to the gents, will they feel insecure on the other hand?? hmm, rather complicated yeah??

14.01.2011 | 茄汁辣椒

每次去快餐店, 我都會相信我哋馬來西亞人(應該)係全球消耗茄汁辣椒醬最多嘅民族.. 點解?? 大家有眼見啦, 啲人去麥當當食個漢堡包同薯條要三碟茄汁醬, 去KFC食兩舊炸雞就要食咗人哋半樽辣椒醬, 好誇張囉!! 其實我好懷疑啲人究竟係食嘢定食醬呢?? 係, 啲醬係免費任攞唔嬲, 但係都無駛人出醬你出命架?? 其實食多係冇益架..

[匪夷所思] 仲有, 我唔明點解有啲人食牛扒都係要點辣椒醬呢??
everytime i go to fast food chain, i am quite convinced that we malaysians are most probably the nations that consume most tomato and chili sauce in the world.. why?? very obvious, you can easily spot those who take three sauce plates of ketchup for just a burger and fries in McD, and greedily emptying half a bottle of chili sauce for two pieces of fried chicken in KFC, rather incredible i think.. i really wonder if their main dishes are the food or the sauce.. right, the sauce is free flow but doesn't mean we must have them like there's no more sauce tomorrow right?? afterall, not very healthy if consumed too much..

[bizarre] and i wonder why some people must eat their steak with chili sauce??

11.01.2011 | 一角幾毫

每次買完嘢找咗錢之後, 你會隨手將啲碎銀擺埋一邊, 定係跟手就用咗去呢?? 我係屬於後者, 所以有時去超市買嘢, 我會自己先計下條數, 將手上啲碎銀儘量清晒, 不留半點眷顧.. 發覺身邊都有幾位朋友習慣將啲碎銀儲起嘅, 係等到最後關頭先會拎啲嚟用.. 其實我覺得咁樣都唔錯喎, 以備不時之需吖嘛(例如付款機淨係收銀幣), 唔知大家有冇呢個習慣呢??
after you get your loose change from shopping, do you normally put them aside, or you'll follow up using the coins available?? i belong to the latter type, that explains why i sometimes do my quiet sum-up before paying when i go shopping, so that i can clear off my coins in the exact amount.. i also noticed few friends who used to keep the coins somewhere, and will not use them unless really needed to.. i kind of think this is not a bad idea, save your coins for some unforeseen situations (for instance, pay machine only accepts coins), do you have this habit??

08.01.2011 | 鍵盤規格

前日收到公司畀我嘅新電腦, 因為係部我未用過嘅牌子, 所以有啲唔習慣.. 我以為鍵盤規格係世界大同, 原來唔係完全架喎.. 大家睇下個Ctrl鍵位置, 我經常用到Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Z, 習慣Ctrl鍵喺最左手緣.. 呢部新腦竟然同個Fn鍵倒轉位置, 搞到我每次copy and paste都要再望實個鍵盤重新做多次, 好麻煩.. 不過有新腦喇喎, 我唔係嫌, 係晒命啫~~ :D

[後記] 知唔知呢啲Ctrl+XX其實係咩嘛??
got a new laptop from company two days before, because of this brand i've never used before, i kind of not really getting used to the keyboard.. i thought keyboard is standard worldwide, but it's not totally actually.. look at the position of the Ctrl key, i always use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Z and so used to the Ctrl key at the very left edge.. the new laptop has Ctrl and Fn key switched in position, which most of the time when i want to do copy and paste, i'll have to stare closely at the keyboard and do it again, quite troublesome at times.. anyway, it's a brand new laptop, i'm not complaining but showing off only~~ :D

[NOTE] do you know what are all these Ctrl+XX??

05.01.2011 | 一飯豐順

聽過好多人話佢哋係無飯不歡嘅, 有啲人甚至無飯不歡到咩程度呢?? 就係能夠以薯條/香腸/拿吉餸飯食, 果然係能人奇士囉!! 我個人就認為飯其實係可有可無, 唔食飯食其他粉麵包餃我同樣可以生存.. 我唯一鐘意食飯, 係因為飯本身已經有味道, 例如炒飯/雞飯/滷肉飯之類, 可以就咁齋食唔需要其他餸添架.. 係唔係好怪呀我?? 咁你又係唔係飯桶一個呢?? 哈哈~~
i've heard many people confessed they must have rice in their meals, and some can even go to that "level" that they can eat rice together with french fries, sausages and nuggets (this i actually find it amazing!!).. to me, i personally find rice very optional and i can survive without eating rice but some other noodles or bread.. the only time i will love eating rice is when the rice itself has flavour (for example fried rice, chicken rice, minced meat rice etc), that i can even eat the rice alone without the need of other dishes.. hmmm, am i quite bizarre actually?? so are you a rice addict or not?? haha~~

02.01.2011 | 蒙娜麗莎

2011新年, 你係狂歡慶祝呢, 定係安靜渡過呢?? 逢過年過節我不嬲都係屬於靜態嘅, 除夕夜的起心肝將擱置已久嘅拼圖完成, 呢一個跨年拼圖都可謂意義重大喇, 哈哈.. 完成作品框起之後, 又真係幾靚噃, 就將佢送畀自己作新年禮物, 借寓新嘅一年事事順利, 結局完美.. :)

how did you celebrate 2011?? a crazy countdown or just quietly welcoming its arrival?? i normally don't go wild, so i belong to the latter type.. this time, i was determined to get my long abandoned puzzle completed, spent two nights cross-year to get it up, got it framed and it's a nice one!! so i would say this puzzle is rather meaningful yeah?? haha.. i shall give this as a present for myself, to symbolise all things go smooth and have a perfect ending in the new year.. :)
蒙娜麗莎只是一幅畫, 為何艷壓天下??
mona lisa is just a painting, what is the magic of her charm??