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13.04.2009 | 巴塞隆納

整理歐洲之旅啲相時, 發覺原來喺巴塞隆納係影咗最多相嘅.. 其實都有原因, 因為自己都真係好鐘意呢個地方, 有好多地方可以去, 有好多嘢可以睇, 仲有好多好嘢食物添喎, 覺得玩三日真係唔夠.. 呢次嘗試唔寫咁多文字喇, 因為揀咗太多相同大家分享, 嚟個photo-post啦就..
when tidying up my euro trip photos, i realised i have taken the most number of photos in Barcelona.. not surprising, as i quite like this place, lots of nice places to go, lots of things to see, and lots of nice food to eat, a mere 3 days there was just not enough i think.. try not putting too much words here, cos have choosen too much photos to share here, let this be a photo-post then..

必定不可錯過嘅遊覽地點 places of attractions you cannot miss:
Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia, Barri Gòtic

巴塞隆納有個建築鬼才高迪(Gaudí), 喺佢嘅影響之下, 呢個城市啲建築物都好特好創新好大膽.. 隨街一望就實會見到好嘢, 我覺得好靚囉.. 啊, 仲有啲錯綜複雜嘅窿罅小巷同廣場, 我覺得好特色喎都..
the spanish has a great talend Gaudí in their architecture, under his influence, buildings in the city are always so unique and contemporary.. simply a stroll and the street and you can find some nice building, i really like the all these uniqueness.. and yeah, those little lanes and squares hidden behind the main streets like maze, i really think they are a great fun to walk along..
一啲比較舊嘅建築物 some of the older buildings

一啲比較摩登嘅建築物 some of the more modern buildings


嚟到西班牙, 點豈能錯過佢哋啲小食(tapas), 燴飯(paella), 水果酒(sangria)呢?? 有間餐廳叫做Le Quincy Nuit (Plaça Reial 內)嘅, 三顧此地都大排長龍, 與他冇緣, 你有機會去巴塞隆納一定要幫襯啊.. 不過都食咗好多好味美嘅嘢, 個人首推正中間同右下角啲串串tapas(pintxos, 尤其係烤豬肉pintxos morunos), 真係正到哩~~你唔介意肥多2kg架, 到而家我都仲好懷念個味道囉..
how would you have missed out tapas, paella and sangria in Spain?? there's a little restaurant called Le Quincy Nuit (in Plaça Reial) that we wanted to try so badly, but of all three times that we went, the queue was so jaw-dropping long, we gave up, and if you had a chance to go there, please try for us!! anyway, we still manage to get nice food elsewhere, i personally recommend the tapas skewer (pintxos, especially the grilled pork pintxos morunos) featured in the center and bottom-right of the photo below, heavenly awesome, still miss that so much now~~


  1. 又是沙发?


  2. 问对人了,我老弟迟点要去西班牙,那里有什么值得买回来的东西啊?

  3. i heard tat barcelona is very happening de wo~ so u got any fun at there?

  4. 好美、好美,又充满特色。:)

  5. 真是一個好地方.

  6. 其实hor我觉得你的字体太小了,我看到很辛苦下


  7. love all your travel posts. simple, but just nice. :D
    nice photos!!! makes me long for the eurotrip more and more everyday. :(

  8. makes Medie long more n more? makes me yearn more n more n more n more :)

  9. Oooooo the tapas and seafood paella. Wish you could magnify some of the pics. NIcely arranged neways. :)


  10. 肥到100kg我都不介意er~

  11. Wois:
    你好厲害囉, 好像老遠就嗅到我update blog的味道, 哈哈!! 對, 我也很喜歡Barcelona, 先在還很回味那些串串tapas.. :p

    Rebecca Kheng:
    huh?? 你問我啊?? 我只是到過Barcelona玩三天, 你老弟去西班牙哪個地方, 喜歡甚麼的我還不懂咧~~ :D

    of course happening laa, everyday walking from morning till night, you say happening or not?? :p

    是不是心癢癢要立刻飛過去玩的樣子咧?? 哈哈 :)

    凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    對哦, 其實想去Barcelona很久了, 現在終於實現了, 這個地方真的很不錯喔~~

  12. That My Goal:
    那些有名的當然要給錢囉, 我進去一個自己最喜歡的, 要10歐元, 其他的我在外面拍照算了, 哈哈!! 我覺得字體和你差不多大小, 可能我不是一句一行, 所以你看得比較辛苦吧?? 很多人都有complain我字體小, 不過我還是執迷不悟 :p

    ooops, didn't knew you like my photo posts.. i thot i'm starting to bored my readers with a whole series of similar entries.. hey, doctor-to-be, am sure you'll be going to europe soon laa.. :)

    hahaha, so you must plan to bring Bengsim and Benghui to go there together, enjoy your happy family days loh.. :)

    err, you can actually click on the photos for a larger version, wonder if you have done that?? oh yes, am drooling whenever i think about those tapas~~

    小朋友你有本錢肥100kg囉, uncle可沒有那麼多的buffer囉.. 哈哈!! :D

  13. 一个一个要很多钱


  14. so nice, everytime read ur blog make me feel like take a long vacation break... :)

  15. wahh... you really made me wanna go out travel..
    but oh... malaysia also belum habis travel leh T_T

  16. oh my gaga!!

    just realized that most of the minarets look like a cock! LOL ;P

  17. 欧洲是个挺有特色的地方,我也想去,哈哈~

  18. That My Goal:
    對啊, 加加埋埋真的是不少錢的, 我是budget trip嘛, 所以我是選擇性的去參觀囉.. 哈哈, 讀英文會比較快吧?? :p

    the happy go lucky one:
    haha, it's summer and it's a good time to go on a holiday.. so where are you planning to go after reading all my posts here?? :p

    haha, typical malaysian lor, never been to all places in own country before going to overseas, haha!! so where are you planning your next holiday??

    Queen B:
    hmmm, is it?? perhaps it's just what you thought is what you see.. i just see nice architecture only, kekekeke :p

    Chaos 疯侠:
    歐洲很大, 我還有東歐沒有去過, 還有希臘等地中海的歐洲國家.. 世界真的遊不完哦.. :)

  19. everyone who has been to Europe said Barcelona is 'the best'! umm....i really have to consider seriously to go there but 老公荷包会穿窿!umm....have to pick and choose carefully...

  20. Wow Barcelona! Must be one heck of a place! I've only been to Bar Celona nightclub in Sunway. LOL!

    And ughh... food~ Ur blog's making me hungry in the middle of the night. xP

  21. Aiyorr ... got your card lor, so got heart .. so touched! Why so hak hei jek, we heart shine can already la ... the card now sitting comfortably on my fridge door :)
    How come you didnt post the classic pose we took at the Gaudi Park geh? ha ha .. I miss the tapas cucuk sooo much!

  22. 看了你这么多篇~ 你有没有胖了!!!

  23. hahaha... then i not a typical malaysian? :P
    this coming friday, going to Kenyir lake :D

  24. 是啦

  25. 雪芬:
    yeah, barcelona is actually very nice, you know the spanish 熱情?? haha.. but since you're getting there, might as well go more places one shot, can cut down one or two days from every city you are planning to go to and spend them in barcelona.. :)

    hehehe, i've never been to the barcelona nightclub anyway, bet it must be as happening as barcelona?? haha, so did you go and get anything to eat after reading my blog?? :p

    aiyoh, just a little appreciation maa, i thot you will put the card on your tv shelf tim, haha!! too many photos i wanted to put in actually, but space is limited lor, so i just choose those 大合照 as priority lor.. BTW, i just remembered the tapas cucuk is called pintxos, they are not tapas actually but something else different..

  26. Chris Chia:
    其實我也不敢去秤體重囉, 怕自己會暈倒, 不過應該沒有怎麼大變動喇.. 開心, 當然是玩得很開心啊, 你感受到嗎?? :)

    you are not typical, but a PATRIOTIC malaysian lor, haha!! wow so nice, you are going holiday one after another back-to-back, so envy..

    That My Goal:
    哎唷, 何必那麼說?? 在這個部落格世界, 都是大家切磋錯粗啊, 沒有誰好誰爛的.. :)

  27. Love those buildings and architectures very much. Lovely...

  28. Looking through, I must say very fantastic architecture in Barcelona. I think Paris pun kalah :p

  29. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    yeah, i love those architecture too, they are so unique and fascinating.. just a simple stroll anywhere and you could easily spot one.. :)

    yeah great fantastic architecture they have in Barcelona.. but whether they beat Paris, it's different style i'd say.. Paris is more glamorous, Barcelona is more catchy :)

  30. 如果我去巴塞罗那一定好似只豬咁返


  31. haha, i not a patriotic to my country.... i more patriotic with my home land nature only =P

    haha, not like you been so many country in a row leh...

  32. tagnan:
    你而家成碌材咁, 要變成隻豬返嚟?? 簡直就係妙想天開啦, 呵呵~~

    haha, ok i got it.. so you are planning to go somewhere every long holiday huh?? how nice.. i just gotta go more places, you know the airticket is not cheap and it's tiring flying.. so might as well do it in one shot :)

  33. haha, i try to... still need to depend on my wallet to see that it can support me or not :D

    and of course need to find travel mate too oh...

  34. 我好想去巴塞隆纳呀~!!!你讲的那些食物,我都在书里读了很多次,却没机会吃过。呜呜呜呜呜呜~
    你提起“高迪”,上个星期我才看完《高迪密码》这本书。 :)

  35. Nkw@i:
    hahaha, can go on budgetary trips maa, local excursions won't be that expensive, you are just too humble.. hehe!! :p

    怎會沒有機會去呢?? 來日方長, 而且你又年輕貌美, 實在是不用擔心喎!! 呵呵~~ 我只知道有達文西密碼, 怎麼竟然有一個高迪密碼我不知道的?? 神乎其哉~~ :p

  36. haha, it is.... all my local trip is budgetary one... because i can save $$ on other thing mean while i can relax =D

  37. Nkw@i:
    yeah, i agree trips can be budgetary as long as comfortable, can save the $$ for more trips right?? haha.. :)

  38. interesting photos, very well organized. Thanks for sharing all.

  39. Ayie:
    i gotta say Barcelona was the best during my trip to europe.. love the place and the food.. just superb!!

  40. Thanks for the tip, I'll have it noted for out future trip. =)