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06.04.2009 | 魅力巴黎

講到巴黎, 第一樣嘢你會諗到嘅當然係巴黎鐵塔啦, 唔駛我多作介紹.. 喺巴黎嘅第一日, 天氣非常之好, 藍天白雲, 綠草如茵, 再加上春天盛開嘅櫻花, 更能襯托出巴黎鐵塔嘅美.. 我覺得哩, 自己影得好靚囉啲相, 夠資格拎去參賽嘛你話?? 哈哈~~
when you mentioned about Paris, the first thing that comes to mind must be Tour Eiffel no doubt, so really not necessary for me to describe more here.. weather was superb on my first day in Paris, blue sky and white clouds, generous lush of green grass, blooming cherry blossoms everywhere, the Eiffel just seemed to be more stunning with them together.. i suddenly think the photos i have taken look so good, do you think they qualify for some contests?? hehe~~
巴黎有個鐵塔令人神魂顛倒之余, 仲有呢個凱旋門同埋香榭麗舍(Champs-Élysées)大道.. 入夜燈光亮起之時, 散發出一種越夜越美麗之神態.. 人潮熙攘嘅香榭麗舍大道, 兩邊目不暇接嘅購物天堂, 我見唔到張曼玉喺度濕平, 都有些少失望 :p
besides Tour Eiffel, Paris has the equally fascinating Arc de Triomphe and one of the connecting avenue Champs-Élysées, both looks especially splendid at night when lights are on.. was strolling along the avenue packed with people, shops along two sides of the avenue makes this area a shopping paradise, but was a bit disappointed i didn't bump into Maggie Cheung doing her shopping there :p
之前兩個地方掟落地都會唪唪聲, 之後去咗呢個算係少咗點鉛華嘅蒙瑪特(Montmarte), 小丘上嘅聖心堂(Basilique du Sacre Coeur), 同埋附近個紅磨坊(Moulin Rouge).. 呢個地區狹窄嘅斜坡小路, 週圍係露天咖啡座, 教堂可以俯瞰巴黎全景, 難怪就連《珠光寶氣》都要千里迢迢嚟取景啦.. 我喺度一邊嘆咖啡一邊寫明信片, 突然間覺得好上等囉~~
compared to the loudness of the previous two spots, went on later to the less bling-bling Montmarte, Basilique du Sacre Coeur on a small hill, and the nearby Moulin Rouge.. small streets and almost coffee shops everywhere, full view of Paris from the church, no wonder HK drama series "Gem of Life" came over from far to shoot.. i had a cosy evening here, writing some postcards while sipping my cup of cappucino, i suddenly felt myself so upgraded~~
原本諗住巴黎啲嘢貴, 所以死慳死抵, 不過最後終於忍唔住, 豁出去喇終於, 食咗兩餐稍為似樣嘅, 以慰勞自己幾日來嘅「辛酸」, 當然少不了法國麵包同法國蝸牛, 求其有法國呢兩個字就必試咁囉.. 仲好懷念份好味到不得了(可能係當時相當之餓關係)嘅牛扒囉其實~~
things are quite expensive in Paris, thinking of trying my best to save, but ended up irresistably had two slightly better meals, kind of to compensate the hardship for the past few days.. not to miss baguette and escargot and french fries, or i should say actually anything that is signature to the French.. still remember how delicious my medium well filet mignon was (or perhaps i was too hungry that time?) done..


  1. 有没有觉得在巴黎浪漫啊?


  2. I'm so envy you dude... nice picture in Paris :)

  3. 怎么这篇文章都充满喜感:

  4. SK Thamby I so jeles you no bring me there! BTW your pixs are lovely and you looked so hansem like Parisian dude. Sure Amah & Kamala would be delighted to see your pixs. LOL...

  5. :) How did you get to Paris from London? You crossed the channel via Eurostar or ship?

    Glad you made this trip. Pairs is juz beautiful esp at night.


  6. did u go to the LV headquaters?!!

    dats like the holy land for us! ;P

  7. Nice Eiffel Tower shoot !! i love that 1 which cover with the blossom flowers ! gorgeous...

  8. 巴黎铁塔,你从早上待到晚上?

  9. looks like u really enjoy your trip... GOOD!!

  10. 朋友们没在你写名信片、喝咖啡时偷偷拍摄下来吗?如有一定满诗情画意的说~~

  11. Wow !!! 我好期待呀!Ed同我很快就要去London & Paris 两个星期! 接着,Ed要回Toronto做工,我可以留下来继续玩! Yay ! 可能会照你的行程哟 :) 早知你们去,就join 你们啦!

    hey, 人人话你靓仔喔!咁我都来一句啦 - 哇!你真是好鬼死靓仔咗!

    (ps: I think my cantonese is getting better ;))

  12. did u went up the tower to see Paris city view? cos it was really nice to see from up there...a bit romantic oso la..;p
    the food there are expensive and big portion.. i was teased by the waiter for not finish the food..

  13. The Eiffel tower reminded me of Stephen Chow and Maggie Cheung wo. Hehe. Nice trip you had. Lots of camwhore and food...

  14. 境靓人更正 真系羨慕又妒忌

  15. Blossom Paris~~!! That's nice ... really nice place and nice food. sweet sweet memory.

  16. Wois:
    其實一點也不覺得浪漫囉.. 尤其當那些法國人堅持和你用法語交談那種雞同鴨講的情景, 你imagine一下~~

    hehe, nothing to envy about, waiting for you to post your nice nice uganda pics.. hehe :p

    哈哈, 這樣都給你察覺?? 真的很細心哦.. 人開心自然寫的有喜感吧??

    Twilight Zone:
    haha, next time bring arumugam together to varanasi, we bath in the ganges together laa.. keke!! thamby not handsome at all leh, cos there's no amah and kamala coming to approach me woh~~ :D

  17. Anton:
    wanted to take eurostar, but then after doing some maths it was more expensive, so we took a short flight over instead.. yeah, paris is definitely fascinating and stunning especially with the lights on a night.. :)

    Queen B:
    err, yeah i went to the one in Champs-Elysees.. well i din't really see people carrying LV there, except for tourist and especially mainland china tourists, hahaha!! :p

    yeah yeah yeah, that was also my favourite shot of the eiffel tower.. i love looking at the cherry blossom, no wonder the japanese can spend whole day under the tree.. :)

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    沒有喇, 我住在鐵塔附近嘛, 走路就到了.. 所以早晚各去一次, 看看白天和夜晚不同的景色啊..

  18. Pooi Tyng:
    yeah, it was indeed a great holiday.. almost don't feel like coming back, haha :)

    沒有喔, 朋友那時在看他的八卦雜誌, 沒有時間幫我拍照, 哈哈!! 露天咖啡座看八卦雜誌, 幾沒有品呵?? 哈哈 :D

    沒有甚麼好羨慕的喇, 也是去旅行罷了啊, 哈哈 :p

    雪芬 Shirls:
    嘩, 兩個禮拜還不夠?? 你打算在倫敦住一個月嗎?? 要很多錢哦~~ hey, 你很「行」囉, 這樣來贊人家靚仔, 一點誠意也沒有, 唉!! 你那麼漂亮大方美麗, 說話應該有誠意一點嘛, 哈哈~~

  19. Danny:
    too many people queuing, didn't went up this time, but i did during my previous visit.. haha, you cannot finish your food?? i can leh, OMG, so malu~~

    haha, at first i have that intention to write about them 巴黎鐵塔翻轉再翻轉, but second thought this is too hilarious, not that suitable for my theme maa, hahaha!! it's not camwhoring laa, just photo-shooting, hehe.. of course gotta take more photo in such beautiful places right??

    哈哈, 人真係仲靚過景?? 你老實啊你, 我鐘意~~ 我見你個北京遊都非常之好玩喎..

    sweet blossom, nice place, nice food.. the person in the photo got nice or not?? kakakaka :p

  20. wow~ eiffel tower is my dream ... so envy...

    by the way hows the escargot taste?

  21. 我去巴黎鐵塔 时很急。。都没有机会好好@享受那边@浪漫=.=

  22. 北京冇鐵塔 冇得濕平

  23. nice picture.
    I went to Paris once in 2003. The place is lovely, but not the French people :)

  24. aiyoyo..i so envy you lah...

  25. ~LeuMas~:
    so have you been to the eiffel tower already?? that escargot taste not bad, buttery and lots of herbs..

    Shell (貝殼):
    其實你覺得它浪漫咩?? 到處都是遊客包圍, 好像沒有喇.. 我住的酒店就在鐵塔附近, 所以很方便也可以待很久..

    北京有天壇, 北京有王府井有秀水街.. 你唔好以為我未去過啊..

    yeah, i couldn't agree with you more.. the place is nice but not the people, and especially when they insist to communicate in French..

    aiyoyo, what's to envy leh?? paris only maa.. :p

  26. Really nice photos of Paris! I love the Eiffel Tower. Hope can go there one day!

  27. Excellent pics you got there! I'm still looking through, lol.

  28. foongpc:
    haha, don't just hope!! start to act now, and perhaps next month you are already there taking your own photos with the Eiffel :p

    haha, thanks!! does the photos make you want to go to europe more already?? :p

  29. 照片都好漂亮哦~:)


  30. summer:
    謝謝過獎.. 真的很不錯, 加上是春天, 天氣涼涼的, 到處走到處拍照真的很開心哦.. :)

  31. uiks...didnt know you have been to Paris