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04.04.2009 | 到步首日

乘搭亞洲航空X班機D72006前往倫敦, 食物要錢, 水要錢, 娛樂要錢, 揀位要錢, 樣樣都要錢.. 長途機, 逼於無奈畀咗RM36買兩餐殺你一頸血兼背脊骨落嘅食物, 自己帶書帶MP3帶video解悶, 呢13個鐘頭簡直好似13日咁長, 真係冇咩事都唔好再去歐洲囉我話~~

took AirAsiaX flight D72006 to london, pay for your food, pay for your water, pay for your entertainment, pay for your seat selection, everything is about money.. it's a long haul flight, under no-choice circumstances, paid RM36 for two absolutely overpriced and totally awfully tasted onboard meals, brought own books and entertainment to kill time, i really feel like this 13 hours is forever, i really have to tell myself don't simply fly to europe if not necessary~~


落機成個梅菜樣仲要畀啲「西口西面」嘅入境官查家宅咁問咗連串「公式上需要問嘅問題」, 我係專業人士唔稀罕去你國家跳飛機喎阿嬋, 一入境就對呢個高傲嘅國家印象不佳喇.. 不過去到老友CY屋企, 一切怨氣都一消而散, lam-lam脷嘅豐富晚餐(你睇下邊一堆餸啦該煨), 再加上貼心嘅高床暖被, 正好為我呢個旅途作好一個豐足嘅開始.. 隆重感謝CY~~

touched down with that record breaking worn-out face, but still have to be interogated by the f**king-faced immigration officer, asking a whole bunch of the so-called official and compulsory questions.. well, i am a professional IT consultant, i really am not interested to work illegally in your country actually, Ah Sim.. the very first unpleasant image i have over this old monarchy kingdom.. luckily upon arriving at my old friend CY's cosy house, bad experiences sort of flushed off, with her always smackingly tasty meals (look at the photos below or shall i say a banquet instead??), and the warm beddings she offered.. really a good and luxury start for my two weeks trip.. many many thanks to CY~~


  1. 你会写这两个星期的行程对吗?

  2. 平安到步,好好休息!期待你的旅途喜悦!

  3. 好似“撩”的好有怨言咁,到底好唔好玩先?有无艳遇啊?

  4. 座aa去欧洲会舒服吗?




  5. Taking 4hrs to HK in an AirAsia plane already can die... wanna stuck in there for 13 hrs ah.... haihz...

  6. 期待你的贴文,好好休息后,努力分享你的旅游经历喔..哈哈
    welcome back KL

  7. Hope you will not have to suffer the erratic changes in weather happening there in recent times.

    Have a great trip dude, and go stuff yourself with those meat pies. ^_^

  8. Dei Sk Thamby came back liao! Wah your 2 weeks like 2 years and I so miss ya! Welcum back Thamby! Got any pressies for me?
    Back in 90s they also asked me so many similar donkey questions & it was tougher coz I was still a student! Try to fly to East Coast USA which takes you close to 33 hours using cheapest connections!

  9. 哇。。亚洲航空啊,肯定腰骨都要断了。。。


  10. ha ha .. i noticed your new profile pic worr ... you are efficient neh and i noticed you grouped all the photos for me nicely ... so thoughtful ~~~

  11. uncle, 學你話齋﹐見到餐咁豐富嘅晚餐﹐咩氣都消嗮呀。。

  12. wow~ finally u r back !!!
    miss ur blog~ :P

  13. 許哥哥,您回來啦?您終於回來啦!
    although its much cheaper, but i dun think i will take AA for long distance flight lo..can die ..
    mat salleh's face are naturally slightly 臭er than ours la.. luckily last time she didnt ask me lots of things..maybe bcos i helped her to translate question to another chinese grandma...

  14. 短程乘坐亚航还可以,远程就比较惨囖.


  15. Ah, you're back finally. Miss you so so much. Haha.
    Looking at those food photos, bet you enjoyed the trip very much lo apart from the bad flight and custom.

  16. 哇~期待着您的西欧游记~~

  17. 那一piet是咖喱饭吗?geli~
    哗,晚餐才像话,看起来好好吃 :)

  18. i understand how u felt about the 13 hours flight !! when i fly from Toronto to KL, it takes, including stopover, at least 24 hours, hate it hate it !

    wow ! the food looks so good at chunyein !! Chun Yein, I wanna come too ! I am serious, hubby and I will go sometimes in July ! :) Hope to see ya there !

  19. god! the food looks so yummy!

  20. As long as economic class, you will not get any relax lor. Last time i sit in Air Asia flight for 2 hours only, beh tahan.

  21. That My Goal:
    對啊, 終於回來了.. 放心吧, 我一定會把這兩個星期的遊記和照片post上來喔, 記得要多多捧場哦~~ :)

    Chris Chia:
    今天特意請了一天假好好休息之後才上班.. 會慢慢把這兩個星期的照片和遊記補上, 記得要來看喔~~ :)

    Rebecca Kheng:
    係嗰幾個西口西面嘅入境官乞人憎啫, 我旅途的確愉快好玩, 實在係無謂講佢哋記喺身上囉.. 艷遇?? 梗有啦, 你想知咩?? 哈哈!! :D

    其實還好喇, AA長途用的也是一般的大機, 我覺得不會辛苦.. 小白是朋友的, 我才沒那麼有興致去帶囉.. 那一餐是朋友盛意拳拳弄的晚飯, 都是我喜歡吃的東西耶..

    it's not the plane, i don't find any problem with the seats actually.. it's the long hour flight, stranded too long inside the plane is actually very terrible.. :)

  22. yee:
    當然當然, 會慢慢的把照片和遊記補回去的, 看你有沒有幸成為第一個留comment的?? 哈哈..

    errmm, i am actually back to KL now already, it was a 2 week holiday since 4th.. weather wasn't really bad, despite raining almost everyday.. meat pies?? hmmm, i think i had more tastier food while i was there, hehe.. :p

    Twilight Zone:
    pressies?? of course i got you one arumugam.. my pressie for you is my updated blog, since you have been missing it so much, hahaha!! yeah, 33hours is terrible, even think about it already is a nightmare.. luckily our homeland is only 5 hours away, you've been back there recently?? kekeke :p

    其實還好, 不會講超級辛苦那種, 我覺得也是普通長途用的大機喇.. 就第一天你就覺得不錯, 好戲好有在後頭喔~~ :p

    haha, you've known me for how many years already leh?? of course you know i'm always efficient and thoughtful maa, just like you loh, correct?? hahaha~~ :D

  23. mynicole:
    哈哈, 當然啦, 我朋友成擔心機整咗成個下晝幫我哋洗塵架.. 飛機上啃埋D不知所謂, 突然間見到全部你鐘意食嘅嘢, 你梗開心架, 啱唔啱??

    yeah, back yesterday.. will update my blog with photos and travel stories slowly.. keep coming back for more :)

    是囉回來喇黃弟弟.. actually if you have more buffer i really suggest other airlines lor, haha.. i've bring back some barcelona maps for you laa, see when we meet up then i can give you some travel tips when you are there later.. :)

    Eric Wong:
    唉, 有頭髮誰要做瘌痢?? 有多點錢我當然不會選坐廉價航空囉.. 我看以後連按燈叫空務員都要RM1一次了, 哈哈!!

    haha, really miss me so much meh?? now that i'm back, no need to miss already laa?? yeah, totally forgotten all the bad experience once i reached my friend's place, nice dinner and cosy beds already awaiting us when we stepped in.. :)

  24. 安德生:
    好好好, 我會慢慢把之前的照片和遊記補上的, 記得要來看看囉~~ :)

    那一pet是所謂的chicken nasi briyani囉, 給RM38就是吃這樣的東西, 你講~~ 晚餐是朋友100%盛意煮的, 而且還是免費的, 當然不錯啦..

    hahaha, of course i know it took longer to fly to toronto, pity.. but only 24hours?? i thought it was longer?? btw, if you are going to visit CY, better make earlier "booking" as her place and time is really hot, haha..

    Queen B:
    haha, of course, my friend is a very good cook.. basically there's almost nothing that she couldn't cook.. :)

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    haha, of course lor, if i have got that extra little money, i will not choose AA, and if i got more money i will choose business class lor.. 2hours is still ok for me laa, but 13 is really a bit long..

  25. Hai la, birds of feather mah ... tt's y we so ngam key for so long mah .. ha ha ...
    Hey Shirley ... Ah, we may be travelling in July but keep in touch and let us know your plan .. by the way it is Choon Yeen, I get many spelling combinations (including various pronunciations) to CY but yours is ha ha one of a kind!

  26. finally you are back... immigration staff suck, i hate it whenever i enter US after summer break. With my innocent student look, they still have to question me so much, so blind.

  27. 一定会的

  28. Just like I never missed the 'random security check' in Sydney when I left the country.


  29. csws:
    haha, burung yang sama bulu maa, mai jao hai lor, hahaha!! going to where during july jek?? so nice one??

    i think all the immigration officers around the whole suck laa, just don't understand why, i thought they gave the first impression of the country and yet they have those kind of face.. well, innocent student look?? you thought only~~ hehehe :p

    That My Goal:
    哈哈, 看別人的遊記就可以當自己去玩了一趟?? 那你應該省下不少的旅遊費用了吧?? :p

    Chloe (蔻依):
    haha, and you are definitely very LUCKY to have not missed those random check?? hmmm, perhaps you should worry what in mind the custom officers looked at you, maybe you should be more subtle, keke.. :p

  30. WOW SK, you're back? Kesian you, having to endure all the custom nonsense. If you have the Arab look I don't know what will happen, I think the check will be even longer. @@

    Anyway have a good rest, if you're uploading some holiday pics I'll come back to take a look. :)

  31. welcome back! heh. looking forward for more posts o... and photos! :P

  32. 是啊

  33. JL:
    haha, i am typical chinese look laa, no problem at all that's just a little hiccups so uncomparable with my happy and enjoyable trip lor.. i'm updating my blog with the photos, do come back to peep ok?? :)

    hehe thanks, am slowly updating this blog with the photos i took.. difficult to choose from more than 1500 i took leh.. :p

    That My Goal:
    哈哈, 電費是你媽媽給的吧?? 你就只付出一點的時間囉, 呵呵 :p

  34. 不是妈妈哦


  35. 哗,你朋友的厨艺“得得地”wo~

  36. That My Goal:
    哈哈~~ :D

    她的確是很厲害的, 基本上她是沒有甚麼東西是不會煮的囉.. 還好她先生是吃極都不胖的人, 哈哈..

  37. 哇!CY 果然身手了得, 听说过她在地铁里giap 野嘅功夫,估唔到她煮野都有一手.This chinese lady is really amazing!有机会我也要脸皮厚厚去试下。

  38. wowww ur fren really can cook! so lucky of u to have a nice fren to accomodate u over there :)

  39. 慧沁 Wai Sum:
    咪就係, 你唔好睇佢細細粒咁, 其實佢真係好amazing架!! 係芒果有福氣, 娶到呢個老婆, 哈哈~~ :D

    the happy go lucky one:
    yes, there's virtually nothing that she can't cook.. hmmm, we have been friends for more than 25 years, she will must accomodate me.. :p