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08.04.2009 | 文藝巴黎

夢蘿麗莎只是一幅畫, 為何艷壓天下?? 有睇過《達文西密碼》嘅朋友, 相信對於羅浮宮(Louvre)同玻璃金字塔唔會陌生.. 10年前因為人潮洶湧, 我逼唔到埋去睇幅驚世奇畫, 10年後呢一次我用盡渾身解數終於都畀我影到佢喇, 其實同出邊買啲仿製品冇咩分別囉.. 羅浮宮實在係有太多嘢睇喇, 一日都未必可以詳盡睇晒(仲有唔好忘記排隊都花時間噃)..
Mona Lisa is just a painting, why has it stunned the world so surprisingly?? for those who had watched or read "Da Vinci's Code", Musée du Louvre and the glass pyramids shouldn't be of any stranger.. 10 years ago i couldn't even get near to the painting because of the crowd, 10 years later today, i just gotta use all my power to get near, and finally i was able to take a shot of it.. well, compared to the prints on souvenirs you can get everywhere, there's just no difference at all, haha.. there's just too much to see in the museum, it might have taken you a whole day if you are going to be detail (ah, and don't forget the queuing time)..

一個羅浮宮盡顯法國嘅財富, 另一個凡爾塞宮(Versailles)盡顯法國嘅奢華.. 呢個夏宮處處都係黃金打造嘅物品, 仲犀利過頤和園囉.. 個宮殿其實無甚看頭(除咗個Hall of Mirrors), 凡爾塞宮最令人津津樂道嘅係佢個後花園, 真係大到~~一眼望去見唔到盡頭囉!! 聽講係畀皇后由房間窗口望出去睇日出, 佢都應該唔會踏足花園架喇, 駛鬼整咁L大咩真係??
the wealth of the French is seen from Musée du Louvre, the luxury of the French is seen through the Château de Versailles.. you can see gold almost everywhere in the palace, this can really beat the Yiheyuan (Summer Palace of Beijing).. other than the jaw-dropping Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors), there is really nothing much in the palace, the pride of Versailles goes to the estate garden i supposed.. this is such a huge landscape that you don't even see the border, heard that it's just for the Queen to view the sunrise from her room, i don't think she ever stepped into the garden, why built it so d*mn H-U-G-E??

巴黎聖母院(Notre Dame)建喺聖河(River Seine)一個小島上, 係巴黎中心發源地.. 由呢度沿住條河一直向西行到佐治五世大道(Avenue George V), 一路上有好多好精彩嘅地標同建築物, 市區主要遊覽地點大多數集中兩岸旁.. 如果當日氣溫稍為涼些少, 我應該會覺得更完美囉..
the Notre Dame sits on a tiny island on the River Seine, it was the centre of Paris where all development radially stretched from.. from here i walked along the river till Avenue George V, there's just so much to see on both the banks, surprise after surprise, all major attractions are all situated in this area.. but if the temperature is slightly lower that day, i think i would enjoy the walking more..

最後一日臨走前去咗呢個叫做La Défense嘅地方, 應該鮮為人知.. 呢個地方係巴黎嘅商業地區, 有好多好特別好靚嘅建築, 喺巴黎多日來來去去都係睇歷史, 呢一顆就睇下佢現代繁榮嘅一面.. 見到個色彩繽紛嘅噴水池同埋棟色彩繽紛嘅大廈, 好鬼保羅史密夫(Paul Smith)囉, 我鐘意~~
went to this place called La Défense before leaving Paris, should be a place less known by tourists.. this is actually Paris's business district, you can see lots of unique and nicely designed buildings here.. having just visiting history in Paris for the past few days, it's just a nice time to see the modern and trendy Paris before leaving.. i spotted a colorful fountain pond and a colorful building, so Paul Smith, i really like~~


  1. 又再沙发。。。



  2. 喂,museum 可以影相咩?多伦多的艺术馆不给人拍照喔!你还可以摆 ‘普士 ’。没给人充公相机咩?服你啦!

    暂定,会去London一个星期,Paris一个星期。接着,该会去Dublin 找 Ah Boon 几天。还想再跑多一两个城市。err...我这种人不习惯看得太快,至于钱,如果可以住朋友家,就可省很多。London的国家艺术馆都是免费的嘛!

  3. did mona lisa close-up look like a 16th century drag queen to u? ;P

  4. not sure about paintings & statues.. but i love the architecture and buildings a lot....:)

  5. 我听听过她的名

  6. 很羡慕!


  7. Wow, Paris! Lucky you can go and visit there. Look at the photos you posted make me remember the Tom Hanks and the Da Vinci Code movie. the second movie Angels and Demons going on screening soon. Can't wait to watch it.

  8. 谢谢你的留言~欢迎回来!

  9. 你回來了哦
    爲什麽他那麽出名?那就應該看看他的美術史,你就了解了~~~ 能夠看到達文西真跡畫是一種幸福耶,我也好想去~~

  10. Wois:
    我一點也不文藝喇其實.. 蒙娜麗莎, 沒有感覺, 只是覺得很擁擠, 要看她一眼必須費很多精力.. :p

    雪芬 Shirls:
    歐洲的都可以啊, 裡面的人每人手拿一架相機呢, 只要不用閃光燈就可以了.. London可以不用一個星期那麼久喇, 沒甚麼的, 不過大英博物館可以花上一天哦..

    Queen B:
    actually i have to zoom in from like 20ft away.. first it's protected by glass barriers, secondly there's always a big crowd in front.. can't really get near to see her clearly..

    yeah, buildings and architecture are more interesting.. glad that you are going to barcelona end of next month, you'll be impressed for sure.. :)

  11. That My Goal:
    就是不知道為甚麼她那麼出名, 天下第一名畫喔.. 真的要看一看美術史了.. :p

    haha, you are a big fans of Tom Hanks if not mistaken?? hmmm, maybe one day you might want to be in the Louvre Museum to have a feel of the movie plots.. :)

    還好喇, 沒有覺得幸福, 只是覺得要花很多力氣才可以擠進人群看蒙娜麗莎一眼, 我覺得人人到羅浮宮就是為了這樣.. 有計劃甚麼時候去嗎?? :p

    ~Keric 盶禕 & 杰胜:
    別客氣.. :)

  12. 哇,很多很美的地方。



  13. oh! 神秘的蒙娜丽沙,恕我文艺气息浅薄,我想我大概不会欣赏。但是倒有兴趣去挤一挤,凑凑热闹。
    有一天,等我的三个猴子再大一点,我要和Ben 去二人世界!哈哈!

  14. wowww so nice can go there :) and did mona lisa wink at u? hahaaa

  15. Notre Dame should be a good place to visit for the structure design and artworks.

  16. Oh, missed so many posts of your Europe trip! Wait, let me backtrack...

  17. I would love to visit the Louvre Museum!

  18. 四月:
    難得飛去, 兩個星期儘量去多一點地方囉, 一次過嘛.. :p

    慧沁 Wai Sum:
    也很難可以慢慢站在哪裡欣賞囉, 因為人是多到~~ 站久一點都會給人推走囉.. 現在開始儲蓄, 兩年後孩子長大了, 就可以整個月去歐洲二人世界啦..

    the happy go lucky one:
    haha, nope she didn't!! bet she must be very tired to stay there being taken photo of by thousands of people everyday.. :p

    yeah, you've been there?? it is a very nice cathedral.. but really there are more spots that actually steal her limelight in paris..

    the Louvre museum is one of the best one in the world.. lots of precious being kept inside this museum.. plan yourself to stay one whole day there, and you will be able to see a lot.. :)

  19. i am also planning to have a europe trip! maybe you can give me some tipes ;)

  20. nice photos! never been to france. so can't comment much. dun have much knowledge about the french also ler.

    but i like the Eiffel pics from the previous post, esp the first and the middle one. :D speaks of a thousand words really. 4th one looks really nice too. :D

  21. The Louvre is a must see in Paris. Very scenic photos! :)

  22. Ah Paris, walking and having coffee along River Seine feels just so romantic. Did you manage to hold someone's hand there? ^_^


  23. rokh:
    hmmm i'd be glad to do that.. so which countries are you planning to go to??

    didn't plan our trip, just arrived at the airport, get the map and there we go to explore the cities.. haha!! hmmm, basically you think the photos without me is much nicer right?? hahahaha :D

    Mei Teng:
    yeah, there are just a lot to see in the Louvre, but haven't got much luxury time for me to go into every details.. queuing to get in alone already spent me an hour.. :(

    yeah, i manage to hold on to my own hands, hahaha!! didn't have coffee by the Seine, but have it in Montmarte facing the Basilique Sacre Coeur.. nice view and good feel.. :)

  24. I love the pics even though they are a bit small. I love this post the most, because I want to see the architecture in Paris one day. That means I also have to learn some French too, lol! xD

  25. Heyyy your birthday is June 17th? =D

  26. JL:
    oh yeah, if you want to see the architecture, go to the La Defense area and am sure you'll jaw-drop there, haha!! some basic French will really help a lot, they don't like English :p

    yeah, smart you, can see from my blog title obviously right?? same as yours too?? :)

  27. YUP!! same as mine =)

    (Yes! the French dont like English! if you speak english to them they tend to ignore you, despite our Asian look!)

    are you still in europe? or back to ms edy?

  28. 咁L大???
    甘粗鲁的 =.="

  29. huibee:
    oh, i finally found someone having birthday on the same day as me, yes!! i'm now back in malaysia already, can't afford to stay that long there, furthermore the french look down at english speaking people, haha~~

    咩粗魯啫? 你又知個L代表乜嘢?? :p

  30. 画公仔不用画出肠吧~

  31. chrisiew:
    L=LARGE, 我咪就係話咁LARGE大囉, 好粗魯咩?? 你覺得係咩喎?? 呵呵~~

  32. 你的巴黎行很充实,重要的地方都到访了。当时的心情一定感触良多,毕竟看见十年前所经历的 :)

  33. Kai and Baobei:
    10年前到過, 所以要走也是駕輕就熟, 一早就把itinerary計劃得好好了.. err, 沒有甚麼特別感覺喇, 10年前10年後還是到處拍兩張照就走, 呵呵!!! :D

  34. ha!! 性格十年不变 :) 如果是我,感触会很深,而且旅途中会回想很多事情。以前重游旧地时心情很沉重,拍了两张照片就开始发呆了,尤其是在冷天的季节里,特别想念。

  35. Kai and Baobei:
    hmmmm, 看不出你是那麼感性, 那麼多愁善感的人喔.. 我真的不會對巴黎有甚麼特別印象喇, 就是到過旅遊的一個城市罷了.. 因為真的沒有在哪邊發生過甚麼事情啊.. :p