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09.04.2009 | 一日英倫

呢一次嘅歐洲之旅, 掛名係去倫敦, 不過我其實以一日時間就將倫敦搞掂, 犀利!! 其實真係以遊客身份遊倫敦, 將10年前(好醜樣)啲相重新再影多次, 所以算係走馬看花.. 其他時間我做啲咩呢?? 下回自有分曉..
i told many people that i went to london for this trip, but i've covered more places and actually just spent one single day for all spots a tourist should have been in london.. as a tourist in london, mainly just to re-take all those (ugly looking) photos i've taken 10 years ago, i consider this a camwhoring trip, haha!! what have i done for the remaining time then?? find it out in upcoming entries..


首站係呢個橫跨泰姆士河(Thames River)嘅塔橋(Tower Bridge).. 如果你一路都以為佢係倫敦大橋(London Bridge)嘅話, 麻煩你要改口喇, 倫敦大橋只不過係塔橋隔離一條毫不起眼嘅橋囉..
first stop was Tower Bridge over River Thames.. if you have mistaken this as the London Bridge, please be enlightened here that London Bridge is just a nothing-special bridge next to this Tower Bridge..
算係倫敦地標嘅國會大廈同鐘樓(House of Parliament and Big Ben), 同埋佢對岸嘅倫敦眼(London Eye), 當然唔會錯過啦.. 你問我有冇登上倫敦眼?? 對唔住, 我志在影相亦都唔想嘥啲無謂錢..
considered the landmark of the city of London, i for sure will not miss the Parliament House and Big Ben, as well as the London Eye on the opposite bank.. have i gone up the Eye you ask?? sorry but i just intended to take some photos and not wasting unnecessary money..
之後去咗呢個Westminster Abbey同埋白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace), 用zoom-in偷偷影咗女王個守門兵, 佢個頭戴個毛省省嘅帽好鬼趣緻喎.. 你睇下我喺皇宮前整蠱做怪, 影相影得幾好心, 完全忽視女皇嘅莊重, 果然如黃歪文一詞「王朝外的伊麗莎白, 誰人跪拜她??」
continued with the Westminster Abbey followed by the Buckingham Palace, used my zoom-in function to secretly snap the Queen's soldier, i really love that plushy hat he put on his hat, cute!! look at how happy i'm camwhoring in front of the palace, totally ignoring the solemn of the Queen, just like a saying "who respects Elizabeth if she is not from the royal family??"..
都仲有去其他地方嘅, 呢度一齊講啦.. 由左至右Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, 唐人街, 街頭(好英國feel嘅)電話亭.. 成個倫敦好似就係咁喇, 當然仲有其他地方係值得去嘅, 如果你有時間嘅話, 譬如大英博物館, Westend睇場歌劇, 去Hyde Park野餐等啦..
some other places that i've covered on the same day, from left to right below, Covent Garden, Trafalgar, Square Picadilly Circus, Chinatown, a (very British) telephone booth on a random street.. basically that's all for me in london, but of course there are more places worth going if you have got the time, for example the British Museum, Westend for musical performance, picnic at Hyde Park etc..


  1. is there really a london bridge there? U know..the song london bridge is falling down...falling down...haha

  2. 一天旅行,不会觉得去不了很多地方吗?

  3. 一天搞掂?你得的啦!哈哈!我这个小姐不可能一天跑那么多地方。会慢条斯理地走啰!

  4. 两天没来,就上了新贴,几勤力呀!
    我比较有兴趣看的,是10年前后的照片对比。呵呵。干嘛没有? :p

  5. 旧照片,我也有兴趣咧 :p

  6. 看了你的部落格,

  7. we wish that one day Queen E would invite us for a fabulously royal high tea! ;P

  8. Hi SK!!!
    thanks for dropping by my blog!!!
    and here is my turn!!! :)

    have a nice weekend ahead!!!


  9. ah .. you have to come back agin ga, you've only covered some of the zone 1 landmarks jar, there's a lot to see ga, but then the purpose of your london trip is to camwhore and of course to visit me mah, ha ha so you've totally covered that lorr, well done!

  10. 不知道几时我可以去啊!

  11. 看了很怀念以前在那里读书时的生涯。很多地方都很熟悉呢。。。好想再次踏上这个地方。。

  12. bluesole:
    yeah of course there is a london bridge in london, but it's not as famous as the tower bridge, perhaps because it's "falling down"?? haha..

    哈哈, 不會喇, 其實都沒有甚麼地方去, 一天算是足夠啦..

    係翻得好的定翻得唔好先?? :p

    可能以前都到過倫敦, 所以這次真的是走馬看花吧.. 你倒可以隨心所欲慢條斯理地走, 慢慢的欣賞每一個景色.. 那麼多朋友, 住宿應該不成問題吧?? 很多backup, 哈哈.. :D

    哈哈, 別小看我哦, 我可以每天都有一個post的哦.. 十年前後對照, hmmm, 這個點子也不錯喎~~ 哈哈!!

  13. chrisiew:
    哈哈, 你也有興趣?? 好吧, 等我去把舊照片找出來scan一scan先~~

    心癢癢想要做甚麼啊?? 呵呵 :D

    沒有很多地方喇, 普通而已, 失禮失禮 :p

    Queen B:
    haha, perhaps Queen E will invite only Queen B.. waiting for your post on the tea with Her Royal Majesty anxiously.. muaaahahahaha :D

    thanks for the compliments, hehe :p

  14. ernloy:
    thanks and you have a nice weekend ahead too~~ :)

    mai jao hai laa.. my intention to london is to meet up with you and do something not so touristy maa.. that's why just spent one day doing camwhoring around those spots, and then spend other days together with you doing some "lifesyle" things in london maa.. all these were absolutely more fun lorr, don't you think so?? hehe.. and never forget eating the CH and GLM i cooked for the very first time after knowing each other for more than 25 years.. :p

    只要你踏出計劃的第一步, 很快就可以去到的了.. 可能很快就在你的blog看見這些照片了喔~~

    哦, 你以前也在英國唸書嗎?? 畢業之後有到回去過嗎?? 那種重臨故地的感覺是很特別的.. :)

  15. wow...nice! love london =p i spent the whole day slowly seeing the things in british museum :D

    i still cant get my europe trip posted out...anyway... hopefully next mth =)

  16. 以你既身手要几番有几番啦

  17. 我是路过,看到你写的中文是粤语式,你是香港人?你也挺厉害,一天就游完伦敦?你是背包旅行?

  18. How fun to take pics of London, I suddenly remember Mr Bean taking pics in London also :p

  19. wow london! how i wish to be there one day! envy envy! hahaha..

  20. 毕业后已经没回去过了,已经人事已非了吧。最不一样的就是心态了。

  21. fufu:
    didn't go to the museum because time wasn't enough, cos the visit to london is to visit a friend, hence doing less touristy things.. looking forward to your euro trip posts leh..

    我身手唔好喎, 都係你勁啲, 有諗過向你拜師學藝架其實~~

    哈哈, 不用香港人才寫粵語喔, 我是地地道道的馬來西亞人.. 其實這次去倫敦志在探朋友聚舊, 所以這些遊客事項我只是略略帶過就算了.. :)

  22. JL:
    haha, to be frank, actually all the tourists look like Mr Bean taking photo i'd say, perhaps without the brown teddy bear only.. and the locals are looking fun at you too, hahaha!!

    nothing to be envy about leh.. you can take AirAsia there, for as low as RM499 one way.. finger cross you'll also be camwhoring like i do soon.. :)

    也對喇, 再次回去那種心態和心情也截然不同的.. 不過我覺得那種重遊舊地的感覺真的很好.. 遺憾因為時間不足, 這次沒能到再到大學一次..

  23. 甘你就爽D手啦~嘻嘻...

  24. chrisiew:
    仲要去櫃桶底摷, 要啲時間喎!! 仲有考慮緊要唔要將自己個豬扒樣公諸於世喎!! :p

  25. Filem was very precious during tour in last decade, perhap restricted photos were taken.

    Hope u had covered some u missed out before. I spent about 3 days (not full days) to revisit those important landmarks in last November, still missed am important historical place --Britsh Meseum & Madam Tussaud

  26. SK, these trip pictures are awesome. All are nice, esp the ones of the Eiffel Tower amid the blossoms and all. Great sharing.

  27. 我一直以为那是london bridge, 见识少,paiseh,hahahaha! 果然百闻不如一见,人生真的必须亲身体验每样事物,读书万卷也不过是枉然。哈哈,我和你一样,有时真的是拍拍照算了,给自己一个交代 ~ :P

  28. Jasin Ker:
    yeah gotta agree with you about the film era, not as convenient as the digital cam.. nope, i still didn't manage to go to British Museum and Madame Tussaud.. anyway, the intention of this visit is not the touristy thing but more on visiting friends.. :)

    yeah, i love that pic a lot too, was quite proud of my shot, hehe.. very happy to see the blooming cherry blossom everywhere, that's just something and feelings that you couldn't find it in malaysia..

    Kai and Baobei:
    哈哈, 那這次真的是百聞不如一見了哦, 要好好感謝我幫你糾正你一路來的觀點喔, 哈哈!! 如你所說, 其實有太多地方要去, 沒時間停下腳步慢慢欣賞, 就只有拍兩張照片對自己有個交代囉..

  29. 几时要上10年前后的残忍比较贴呀?呵呵。

  30. ky_sky:
    你要等我去抽屜底把照片找出來scan嘛, 哈哈!! 人家現在euro trip系列還沒寫完, 突然殺出一個10年前後對比, 有點大煞風景咧.. :p