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14.08.2009 | 同事與我

噚晚睇返自己啲相嘅時候, 從中摷到幾張同事大合照.. 2005年12月我加入宜家呢間公司, 都就快要4個年華喇.. 人來人去, 喺度同大家分享代表每一年嘅一張相啦..
was looking back at my photos last night, and found these group photos taken with colleagues.. joined the current company in Dec 2005, and wow, it has been nearly 4 years.. people come and people go, let me share with you one photo for each of the year here..

[2006] 被派去香港公司工作, 住咗成年咁耐, 一個好難得嘅經驗累積.. 香港同事, 你哋好嗎??
[2006] was sent to HK office to work on a project, staying almost a year there, it was a good experience.. hi all HK colleagues, how do you do??

[2007] 好難得嘅一次company trip, 中港星馬所有同事齊齊去泰國玩, 好開心喎..
[2007] a very rare occasion that all CN/HK/SG/MY colleagues went on a company trip to Thailand, it was a very happy one..

[2008] 年年例牌都會有聖誕交換禮物架喇, 呢一年應該係最鼎盛嘅一年.. 奈何我只係非常夠運地抽中曲奇餅乙包 :(
[2008] we have christmas gift exchange every year (ritual), this year should be the year with most people around.. but unfortunately i only got a bag of cookies :(

[2009] 最近勞師動眾再影低嘅一副齊齊整整大合照.. 覺得自己越來越老喇, 不過我要再次同某位朋友重申一點, 年紀最大嘅唔係我~~
[2009] a recent group photo we took rather cumbersomely.. really think i'm getting a lot older, but i'd like to to stress once again to someone, i'm not the eldest one here~~


  1. Whoa! So many leng people..

  2. while browsing through your blog, u actually remind me that today is my 4th year anniversary with my existing company!! haha...

  3. For gift-exchange, in my office, we have a ruling to exclude food. There's always a minimum amount too.

  4. mmmm... I have lots team pictures too... the most valuable one was the one which we took on the last day of work... :)

  5. so god.. can take group pic.. now i only can take my own pic as the COMPANY's group pic..lol

  6. Photos with friends, colleagues and loved ones bring back fond memories isn't? :)

  7. 歲月催人,正所謂由年輕影到老! 哈哈哈...

    點解你地都咁好命有company trip?我做咗十幾年,都要自己嘔出嚟。

  8. 點解我前面放左個3級logo?

  9. wah~ so many happy moment together...u must be enjoying ur working life...tats a good thing

  10. u made the photos so cute le...keke! nice to have so many "good" colleagues working together. Luckily I have a bunch of nice colleagues too ;)

  11. What a nice looking bunch of peeps. ^_^

  12. You have the cutest eyes.....

  13. 笑得很灿烂,很开心。

  14. 哈哈……那么久了,相信一定有感情了!看来做到很开心哦!^^

  15. Kanchanaburi 好玩嗎?有無住水上旅館?

  16. haha great memories huh.. looks like im gonna experience working life soon.. =D


  17. HappySurfer:
    haha, your leng actually means beautiful or young?? i presume it's the former one, hehe.. yeah, you are right, next time must set the rule that no food allowed.. i really hate to received chocolates, cookies etc etc :D

    Pooi Tyng:
    hahaha thank god you still have time to browse through my blog, and get reminded.. so you must celebrate this day, though you have been so busy till no time for lunch and staying back late everyday.. make today a special one!!

    yeah, group photos are always full of memories.. hmmmm, i don't think i took any photo on my last day with my ex-company.. i was too excited to leave maybe, hahaha!! :D

  18. Danny:
    haha, yeah one thing you miss in your life is a team of colleagues that work together with you.. well, you can play different roles take different photos, then use photoshop to bring all of them together.. this will be a "group" photo lor, at least you don't seem to be alone mah... LOL

    Mei Teng:
    yeah, actually photos really bring back memories.. still remember my days when i newly joined, when i was seconded to HK, when people left and new people joined.. lots of flash back..

    哈哈, 由年輕影到老, 好句好句!! 我哋公司細, 所以咪可以有company trip囉, 不過我做咁耐都係得嗰一次.. 之前佢哋去台灣, 我係一個月之後先join, 擦身而過, 走寶..

  19. JC:
    因為你著低胸裝, 成個心口打晒出嚟, 所以我咪放個三級logo遮住囉.. 呢個blog老少咸宜架嘛.. 哈哈哈哈!!

    well it's always fun working together with a bunch of young people, who has the right attitude and close mindset.. yeah, i'm still happy working in here.. :)

    yes, i would say nice colleagues is a very important factor in your working life.. i am lucky to have them working together with me throughout the years.. really appreciate them.. :)

  20. Gratitude:
    hahaha, are you telling the truth or just to be polite with that statement?? hahaha.. :D

    i know what you actually want to say.. cutest eyes means the smallest eyes right?? hmmm, yeah, that is my signature feature.. haha :p

    拍照當然是開開心心的好嘛.. 開心就自然笑得燦爛囉.. :)

  21. 穷光蛋市长:
    甚麼事情對久了都會有感情啊.. 還不到4年, 我之前那份工也做了超過5年啊.. 還好喇, 幸好有一班那麼好的同事.. :)

    其實沒有甚麼囉, 只知道從曼谷坐火車坐了很久才到.. 然後住的水上旅館, 哈哈, 不能說是旅館喇, 是很簡陋的水上木板長屋囉.. 不過一大班同事去, 還蠻好玩的..

    haha, of course those photos brings back lots of good memories.. yeah, so when are you gonna get to work?? all the best luck to you dude.. :p

  22. 四年?!哗,好忠心哟。我好像没full time 在一间公司做超过两年。哈哈!

  23. hey SK, btw, 我的feedburner 不work leh。我部落这几天都有updates,我的你部落的feeds却没更新。

    Blog 王,你知道如何fix this problem 吗?

  24. hey, 刚看到你在我部落的留言。You know, 你留言那个[post是两个月前的post. 我的feeds都是旧的!!!

    Aiya,scratching my heads still can't find solution to fix it !! Anyway, I thought you might know a thing or two to fix it. So frustrating !!

  25. Nice. I love to look back those group photos as well sometimes, recall all those old sweet memories. Nice bunch of coll you have. And you are getting more handsome wo....:)

  26. 风彩依然 笑容不变 身形照旧

  27. ooo i like it that u put on the red hat on everyone

  28. Hey, thought just let u know, I fixed the problem !! now the feeds are fresh and happy ! :)

    Oh my, losing my hairs with all sort of blogging problems. Sorry for whining here, haha.

  29. 第一张相,上面果排左2果个男仔系咪怡保人?


  30. You still keep their photos? haha :D It's been so long already huh. Yep! People come and go.

  31. Anyway this is my first time leaving comment here. Wow! Your posts are all bilingual huh! :D

  32. Just wanna let you know that I'm following your blog and I have added you to my blogroll! :D

  33. 雪芬:
    對囉, 其實我也蠻長情的, 4年確實是蠻久的, 尤其是IT這一行.. 我上一份待了超過5年囉.. 不過現在這一把年紀, 再加上會的東西有不是很update, 所以要跳槽也不是容易的事情啊, 哈哈哈哈!! 哎唷, 是囉, 我comment你那個post, 好像就有點似曾相識的樣子, 好像曾經看過了.. anyway, 我出去回來之後你就把problem solved了嘛, 很厲害哦, 我說你才是BLOG女皇!! 哈哈~~

    yeah, i occassionally look back at my photos to refresh my memories, this is something very nice to do.. hmmmm, i'm sure you have nice colleagues too right?? aiyoh, you so sweet talk, getting more handsome?? no lah, you are more handsome and more fit lor.. hehehe :D

    咁多年都不變, 證明我失敗囉, 因為講咗要減肥keep fit講咗好多好多年囉~~ 唉!!

  34. Medie007:
    haha, the original photo we are all not wearing any except the girl in the center.. so i think why not everyone wears a red hat and that should be fun?? haha.. :p

    Rebecca Kheng:
    唔係喎, 上排左一係吧生人, 上排左二係香港人啊, 我當時去香港做嘢嘛, 呢張相係同香港同事一齊影架.. 錢家樂?? 冇人講過喎, 人哋講我似988個DJ阿KK黃咋, 陰公!!! :(

    haha of course i still kept them, now with the digital technology it's so convenient to keep them in your PC right?? 4 years not really long laa, it's was just like yesterday when i look back at those photos.. yeah, i also read your blog and noticed you leaving comments everywhere in other friend's blog leh.. hahaha!! and thanks for leaving some over here too, really appreciate that :)

  35. work in the same company for 4 yearS? @@ wow so loong timeeeeeee

  36. Nice team photos! You are not the eldest one there meh? OK, just kidding : )

  37. Florence:
    yeah, coming to 4 years already, quite long hor?? hahaha.. but still haven't qualified for the long service award leh~~ :p

    hmmm, of course lah, all the nice people are under the same roof.. YES, I AM NOT THE ELDEST!!! :p

  38. 哇。。。你去过香港工作啊??人来人往,每间公司必经之路!

  39. 发白日梦^^:
    是啊, 那是2006/2007的事情了, 好懷念那一段日子, 雖然很多時候是忙得不可開交.. 對啊, 人來人往, 有時後都已經開始要"免疫"了, 呵呵~~ :p

  40. everybody so happy! so envious...my office is a small private office but it was fun too =P

  41. wah!! purposely take the photo for year 2009?! hahaha :)
    everyone is soooo happy..

  42. Ayie:
    yeah, it always get merrier with a small company because everyone tends to get closer to each other..

    yalah, long time never take a complete group photo already mah, that day we purposely took for Iris farewell one.. if you were here, we are more happy~~ :p

  43. i agree with that but more happenings with a larger company =)

  44. Ayie:
    hmmm i actually prefer to work with a smaller company, cos i guess if a company becomes bigger there will sure be more politics and problems, and people are less bond together.. just my very personal thought.. :)