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21.08.2009 | 國家代表

雪櫃啲乳酪食晒未添置, 所以今日早餐可以食其他嘢.. 突然間好想食好耐好耐好耐都冇食嘅nasi lemak, 所以今朝唔駛多諗, 即刻去買咗包.. 我最鐘意就係加魷魚, 仲係要魷魚鬚嗰個.. 嘩, 好好味啊, 好似好耐都冇食咁豐富嘅早餐喇..

have finished consuming my yoghurt in the fridge but not yet replenish, so i can have something different for breakfast today.. suddenly craving for nasi lemak, something i have not been eating for a very very very very long time.. so without any hesitation, i just went to buy a packet as my breakfast.. i always like to add on the sambal sotong, and it has to be the tentacles to be specific.. wow, this is really delicious, i think i have not had such a scrumptious breakfast for quite a while already..
其實我覺得nasi lemak係一種好馬來西亞嘅食物, 如果首選國家食物, 我會話係佢囉.. 如果要你揀一樣食, 你又覺得邊樣可以代表馬來西亞呢??

i think nasi lemak is a very signature alaysian food, if i were to choose one kind of food to represent our country, it will sure be the chosen one.. if you were to choose one kind of food, which do you think best represents malaysia then??


  1. I agree nasi lemak is one of our national dish. Thumbs up for nasi lemak. I like having it for breakfast!

  2. Don't forget teh tarik to go with the nasi lemak :)

  3. that is why obesity in malaysia become serious day by days.

    sotong lagi....... malaysian boleh!!!!

  4. I have to vote for nasi lemak as well!

  5. Nasi Lemak的確好經典,不過你揀咗,唯有揀Penang Laksa。

  6. Hmm.... why can't other food? Why must be Nasi Lemak?... there are so many variety of food in Malaysia from various ethnic... How about create a 1Malaysia food eh~

  7. So usually you take Yoghurt as your breakfast? War...very healthy huh! :D So today have to makan other stuff lar?

  8. I agreed. Nasi Lemak could really symbolize our country you know. Wow! You haven't had them for a long time? You are not very patrioritic huh! :p

    I eat Nasi Lemak..like at least once a year. That's my mum used to say, "You banyak lemak!" :p

  9. it's definitely nasi lemak. it was what i had been craving for the most while i was abroad. erm, kangkung belacan can be a second choice too.

  10. hidup nasi lemak !!!
    dun forget to eat with LOTS of sambal oooo....
    hmmmmmmm..... enaknya tidak terhingga...;p

  11. malaysia will never have anything significant because we're so rojak. if anything, we never know which people brought nasi lemak into the country eons ago, just like how the chinese are still claimed to be 'orang asing'.

  12. 我也是很久没吃辣死你妈了。


  13. I also love nasi lemak, but not all nasi lemak is nice. In general I believe nasi lemak from the north is better.

    Still searching for a nice nasi lemak in J.B.......

  14. food represents malaysia???....... i also vote for nasi lemak leh...and satay

  15. Those lil' RM1.20 packets are simply the best! Cheap and delicious, especially with a cup of hot kopi-o kau kau ^_^

  16. 辣死阿妈你选了哦~~将我选肉骨茶咯~~
    我吃辣死阿妈只放荷包蛋的哦~~and 一堆三巴~~


  17. i just bought nasi lemak from ss14....if u can, try. the fried chicken is to die for :) and yes nasi lemak is the Prada of our malaysian cuisine. :)

  18. I'll have to go with nasi lemak as well. It can be addictive.. but what an addiction, eh?

  19. nasi lemak要很多料才好吃的

  20. 呵呵,肯定投这个一票的~

  21. 我至怀念既食物啊~唔好再引诱我har..

  22. 你真是好衰啊!
    我刚刚吃了闷到发烧的cereal 早餐。怎知看到了这个nasi lemak!!!好想吃啊!!

  23. i totally agree with u, its something most malaysian can accept as breakfast kekeee... and i also like to add sotong and telur goreng with it, so yummy kekeee... :)

  24. nasi lemak!!
    once upon a time is my favorite food..but now not anymore..haha but indeed tis food can represent our country. :)

  25. Mei Teng:
    hmmm, i think nasi lemak is something we can have at any time, breakfast lunch tea dinner supper.. yeah, teh tarik is a good match especially with those readily packed nasi lemak in mamak stall :)

    i don't think nasi lemak and sotong is the cause of obesity, they just give you higher colesterol.. what causes the obesity is the scary high intake of sugar..

    yeah, give me five!! and i supposed you are having it everyday in your uni?? kekeke~~ :p

  26. 海市蜃樓:
    我又唔係話要一個list, 係問大家心目中最能夠代表馬來西亞嘅食物, 你都可以揀nasi lemak架喎.. :p

    just personal opinion, i am not forcing you to agree with me.. if you have other things in mind, then of course that would be your national food.. hmmm 1Malaysia food?? i also think nasi lemak will do, since all races have it, and it can be eaten at anytime.. :)

    hmmm, i have also sate and roti canai in mind.. but at last i still choose nasi lemak.. haha!!

  27. Tekkaus:
    yes my daily breakfast is very routine for many years, that is muesli + yoghurt, hahaha!! so running out of yoghurt i can then have some other things lor.. yeah, nasi lemak is something so signature to malaysia right?? i mean all races eat that, and eaten at any point of time too.. hmmm, at least once a year?? that is quite a small measurement to base on woh.. if you say at least once a week, then i can see how much you like it.. hahahaha!!

    hmmm, i guess most of us who have been staying too long abroad will crave for nasi lemak.. so i guess you can have plenty of chances to eat it now lor.. actually kangkung belacan goes well with nasi lemak too.. yum yum~~

    haha, i know this must be your favourite.. every Saturday's routine is to have nasi lemak with extra sambal right?? haha.. :D

  28. Medie007:
    haha, yes you are right!! though we have no idea where the origin of nasi lemak is, but it has since been such a symbolic food to us, so truly malaysian.. this is just like another food version story of the "bumiputera" thing lor.. agree?? haha~~

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    那麼久沒有吃, 是不是應該和茶小姐暗示一下, 叫她得空弄給你吃呢?? 呵呵.. 對, 夜市的確也是一個國家的縮影.. :)

    wow, you are quite demanding i supposed.. still cannot find a nice nasi lemak in JB?? oh my god, but how many nasi lemak have you eaten so far in JB?? i'm sure there're some decent ones at least.. :)

    Shell (貝殼):
    yes yes yes!! nasi lemak is the national food for malaysian!! haha.. we should proudly introduce to foreigners.. :p

  29. Gratitude:
    oh yes i gotta be agree with you!! those ready packed at mamak stall, i guess most of the time one is never enough!! haha.. i love that with hot teh tarik actually.. :p

    我選了你也可以選啊, 就是問大家心目中最最最最能夠代表馬來西亞的食物啊.. 其實簡單的nasi lemak也很好吃了, 最重要是那個sambal嘛.. 呵呵, 快點去吃啦, 希望你吃了可可愛愛的回家, 一副滿足的樣子.. 呵呵!!

    yeah, i think i sort of heard about the nasi lemak in SS14.. hmmm, normally i will like to add on sotong, or cockles, and the spiced fried chicken.. haha, Prada of malaysian cuisine?? hmmm, but nasi lemak is very down to earth kind of thing woh~~

  30. HappySurfer:
    yes, give me double five!! don't we just love that nasi lemak, with addictive sambal on that fragrant rice in coconut milk?? hahaha.. but luckily i'm not addicted to it lah.. haha!!

    Chi Leong:
    其實那些簡簡單單的也不錯, 最重要還是那個sambal嘛.. 有些mamak檔賣那些小包的已經很好吃的了.. :)

    而且我也覺得nasi lemak是最受各族人民歡迎的首選食物囉.. 哈哈, 學校的大型活動, 除了nasi lemak, 我想一定也會有mee或beehoon goreng的, 對嗎?? 呵呵~~

    Rebecca Kheng:
    哎呀, 容不易啦.. 阿Becca姐你既然咁想食, 就自己DIY啦.. 我相信以你嘅手勢, 煮出嚟嘅nasi lemak一定有番咁上下水準嘅~~

  31. 雪芬:
    哈哈, 你不是剛剛去了Restoran Malaysia吃了他們的Nasi Lemak咩?? 還是你沒有order到?? 哎呀, what a waste!! 我是覺得如果我要介紹大馬美食, nasi lemak一定是top choice囉, 呵呵~~

    the happy go lucky one:
    hmmm, and i would say it's not only for breakfast!! nasi lemak is eaten at anytime anywhere, don't you think so?? haha, yes i like sotong especially the jangut!! so are you going to get one now?? :p

    haha, maybe because you ate too much while it was still your favourite food, now that you feel a bit bored with it already?? hahaha.. yes, most people do think it can really represent our country huh?? :)

  32. 我也认为nasi lemak是国家食物代表!还有sate...

  33. SK, of course there are some decent ones around, I have simple and basic demand on nasi lemak such as the one near PLUS highway @ Gunung Semanggul. The basic nasi lemak with just ikan bilis and telur with proper chili is what I craze for.

    I hate the type of chili used on Singapore nasi lemak though.

    If you know of any nice nasi lemak in JB please let me know. Thanks.

  34. Gosh thamby you kena FoongPC virus and became a comments spammer! LOL.. Over 10 years ago, i was shocked to know there was no Chinese New Year "Yee Sang" dish in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Much later it made its entry into their 5 Star hotels as a popular dish! I found out Yee Sang originated from Malaysia! Next, Nasi Lemak actually started from Thailand if I am not mistaken but we greatly improved them!!

  35. 除了nasi lemak,暂时还没想到其他的食物。kari puff ??

  36. sure nasi lemak la!!!

  37. 辣死你妈其实是很不健康的食物,所以不会推荐!我会选rojak和popiah。

  38. 保佑你:
    其實我們真的有太多美食了, 真的很難選擇.. sate也不錯, 如果和ketupat一齊的話, 更加完美.. :)

    haha, you are right, sometimes the basic ones are already the best.. for example those readily packed ones in mamak stall, albeit simple but i do find them nice with a cup of teh tarik (kurang manis).. i would say the sambal is the most important thing for a nasi lemak, it decides how well the whole thing is.. hmmm, i really have no idea about JB, but i know there are some very famous nasi lemak here in KL.. nasi lemak chili in SG?? hmmm, i have no idea how that is, i just know all the sides are deep fried, not really my cup of tea..

    Twilight Zone:
    of course i'm spamming my own blog, cos i'm replying to the comments from readers mah, hahaha!! hey, arumugam i always know "yee sang" is wholely created in malaysian, but i really have no idea you can find it now in HK?? oh really nasi lemak is originated from Thailand?? didn't know that, i thought even if then it's from Indonesia.. another PENDATANG we are so proud of huh?? kekekeke :p

  39. Chris:
    Rojak都幾得嘅其實, 夠晒反映我哋多元種族文化啦.. The Very Unique Malaysian Salad!! 哈哈~~

    如 意 阁~ 美 食@ 保 健:
    curry puff我覺得其實不怎麼地道, 反正這些pastries的東西, 我是覺得已經融入了西方文化了.. 還是覺得nasi lemak最適合吧?? :)

    原來你都係nasi lemak粉絲一名!! 哈哈.. 嘩, 睇你形容到吖, 我即刻就想要一碟囉.. :p

    老實說, 其實我們足以覺得驕傲的美食, 大多都是不健康的囉, 同意嗎?? 哈哈.. Rojak的醬也是不很健康, popiah的話我覺得向中國人的spring roll, 所以不會推薦囉.. :p

  40. I think I'll choose nasi lemak as the best food to represent Malaysia too!

    For my nasi lemak, I must have petai and of course, eggs. I don't quite like squids, though : )

  41. The only problem with nasi lemak is it's not very good for your waistline, so eat it sparingly. Stick with your yoghurt for breakfast : )

  42. foongpc:
    yeah, looks like a lot of people agrees that nasi lemak is the best choice huh?? yuckss, i don't like petai leh, still prefer my jangut sotong, haha.. i seldom eat nasi lemak one lah, just once in a blue moon.. i have been sticking with my muesli + yoghurt breakfast for quite some time lor, surprisingly..

  43. Nasi lemak? Boleh tahan la. Let me think...I would say...roti canai? satay? All oily 1 lor

  44. hahaha i can't get by your suggestions! ,aybe when i go there in malaysia you guys better show me where to eat such treats!

  45. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    i really think nasi lemak is the best choice.. roti canai i think the indian's roti are more famous lor.. well, come to think of it, isn't most of our nice food oily?? :p

    haha, get any malaysian and they will know what nasi lemak is!! literally means "rice in fats", but really the fats here means the rice cooked in coconut milk, served with chilies..

  46. i see, nice to know that fact. =)

  47. Ayie:
    and another fact is, most of the malaysian who has been abroad too long will be missing this nasi lemak like hell~~ :p

  48. hm.. there are many food that can represent malaysia.. the only food i can think of now is chendol!! =P


  49. kenwooi:
    of course when it comes to food, there are a great variety that can represent malaysia.. but my first choice is nasi lemak lor.. chendol can also fit into the list laa :p