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17.08.2009 | 豬原肉潤

我記得七八年前嚟過呢間瑞士-德國餐廳一次, 當時係食餐甸拿嘅心情去, 加上事隔多年, 所以已經印象模糊.. 噚晚心血來潮再次光顧, 發覺範圍擴大咗, 而且比較試正同埋光猛, 唔似得以前咁噏遝..
i remember dining in this swiss-german restaurant 7-8 years ago, was just bringing with me a having-dinner mood that time, furthermore it was so long ago, thus my impression on it has already gone blurred.. went there again last night, i found out they have extended an outdoor section and somehow the renovation looks more appealing, not as run down as last time..
食物方面, 首先presentation大有改善, 唔似得以前求其一pat嘢豪邁上桌.. 附送每人餐包一個, 另外點咗煙肉煎薯餅(rösti)一份, 唔錯喎, 不過略嫌薯仔切得太幼細缺少嚼勁..
food wise, the presentation is more refined as compared to the butch style they served when i first visited.. each one of us was served a complimentary dinner roll, and we ordered a potato rösti with bacon, quite nice, but i think the potato is too finely cut, a coarse texture would be better..

友人JY點咗呢個招牌菜德國鹹豬手, 伴碟有薯蓉同埋德國酸菜(sauerkraut), 我好似第一次見佢食嘢食得如此開心囉.. 事後, 佢竟然話皮脆肉嫩非常好食, 注意佢好少用到『非常』呢個字眼.. :p
friend JY ordered roast pork knuckles, served with mashed potato and sauerkraut.. i think this was the first time i've ever seen him eating so happily.. he commented on the crispy skin and tender juicy meat was very nice, and noticed he mentioned the term "very" that he rarely use.. :p

友人CY對於餐牌上嘅呢個燒腩卷一見鐘情, 五花腩肉卷住香腸質地嘅肉塊再拎去燒, 果然食到佢神魂顛倒.. 最後見佢淨番一大舊皮原封不動, 仲以為佢怕肥, 點知係要將最好嘅留到最尾先食!! :p
friend CY saw this rolled stuffed pork belly ont he menu and without hesitation he has decided to have this into his stomach.. a whole piece of tender belly roasted to perfection, absolutely heaven for him.. we saw him leaving the entire piece of crispy skin aside, thought he might be afraid of the greasiness, but according to him, he's just saving the best for last!! :p

我自己就因為花多眼亂, 又想試呢樣又想試嗰樣, 衰貪心, 點咗呢個拼盤.. 一網打盡令人流晒口水嘅香腸/火腿/豬手, 而且仲有spätzle(德國煎年糕??)同rotkohl(紅椰菜), 所以你話我有咩理由唔滿足至得架?? :p
because there are too many choices, i can't decide but wanted to try a bit of everything, i ordered this platter.. you got all the succulent sausage/kassler ham/pork knuckles in a plate, plus the german spätzle with bacon and rotkohl (red cabbage), how could i ever deny being very satisfied with this?? :p

呢一餐甸拿, 我好滿足啊, 網上好多blog都有呢間餐廳review, 我唔多講喇.. 埋單每人平均RM40, OK喎.. 我講明會再幫襯架, 因為難以取舍情況之下, 我放棄咗我的至愛香腸呀, 下次要個香腸main dish~~ :p
i was very satisfied with the dinner, loads of reviews of this restaurant from blogs everywhere, so i'm not going to further comment.. the bill came up to average RM40 per person, i think it's reasonable.. i will certainly come back, as under the situation of deciding after can't-decide-what-to-eat, i dropped my favourite sausages, it will be my main dish next time~~ :p


  1. Have you eaten at Euro Deli (D'sara Kim)? They are popular for pork knuckles and sausages.

    Nothing against german food but I just don't enjoy sauerkraut. Till today, the mere mention of that dish makes me shudder.

  2. 嘩,咁豐富,肥死囖!

    上面嗰句形容得真係貼切,可以借嚟用嗎?兩萬人死於H1N1流感,個個人爭住帶口罩.. 九百萬人死於愛滋病,反而沒人要帶安全套!!

  3. 食甘多,小心fit佬变肥佬。

  4. Glad you enjoyed the meal. Not only me, but many others have shared the same view that their food is not as good as it used to be, esp at the D'sara Kin outlet.

  5. I love pork, the photos are tempting......but need to control my high cholesterol.

  6. 你这样吃不肥都难啦. Roast pork knuckles!! Killer!

    btw sk can I have youremail?

  7. wow, they all look so delicious !!!
    sure expensive right?

  8. I've heard good reviews on the food here and your pictures certainly do justice. Psst... I know one of the chefs.

  9. 這樣一餐平均每人40塊

  10. 德国餐,真系好少听讲咯。。德国咸猪手就听过咯。听你咁讲都唔系好贵。。有机会都想试下

  11. I wanna try it too...but too bad in Malacca we don't have this restaurant. How come malacca is so out-dated huh? LOL :D

  12. My bro said the pork knuckle is really good. My...I think I should try it one day. Your culinary photos are flawless. :)

  13. it looks so oily and fattening.. luckily i'm not a fan of pork ( esp the fat fat one ;p )

  14. 面包,面包,吃肥你啊!

  15. 油膩膩的~~我想我不會去的~~

  16. Wow! Nice food! Looks like you had a great time eating! : )

  17. Give me the full address... i could not resist to pay a visit :p

  18. hey 这个餐厅看起来好啊!我还没试过正宗的德国餐。才RM40??!!!好便宜喔!!

    上次我和Jess去吃那个猪肉餐厅,两个花了RM300 !!!可能我们叫乳猪吧,所以超贵。这个比起来,便宜多了。

    下次我回马,你一定要提醒我去吃这个餐馆的!! :)

  19. wow those food looks like delicious ~
    nx tm i shd go try for it :D...
    look so attractive la those food..lol

  20. 叔叔,看起来很油腻勒~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  21. i started to hate ur blog liao...u always make me so hungry after reading ur blog :P

  22. Germans are not so into presentation, so it was no surprising that this restaurant did poorly in this respect in the past.

  23. u really know how to enjoy life hor... so good to enjoy eating to the fullest kekeee....

  24. Your photos made me hungry now...Heard German Pork Knuckles is the best.

  25. Mei Teng:
    i went to the Jln Yap Kwan Seng outlet instead, maybe will try the D'sara Kim outlet one day.. hmmm, no comments on sauerkraut, i don't love it and i don't hate it.. but i would say sausages is always my favourite.. :p

    耐耐食一次好嘢, 唔過份啦.. 況且我已經咁肥, 再吃肥少少應該唔覺嘅.. 哈哈!!

    我已經唔係FIT佬啦, 好耐之前就已經變成FAT佬架喇, 哈哈!!

    yeah, that is why i don't have to comment more about the food.. hmmm, i went to the Jln Yap Kwan Seng outlet, the D'sara Kim outlet is better really??

  26. Grass:
    i think it's ok to indulge yourself with nice (and unhealthy) food once a while lah.. hmmm, when you come to KL must go and try this.. it's superb nice i can tell you~~ :p

    haha, by the way, that whole roast pork knuckles was not mine.. i ordered the platter, the meat are all lean ones instead.. 哎唷, 久久吃一次不用緊喇~~ :)

    yes they really taste delicious, i think the price is quite reasonable, not expensive.. we pay RM40 per person average, you should go try.. :)

    wow, you know the chef!! but have you really try the food there?? hmmm, if you never and you know the chef, then there must be something not nice to know~~ kekeke :p

  27. 十六夜真人:
    我是覺得價錢可以, 再來份量剛好, 不會說特地賣大大碟要收你比較貴.. 我也是最喜歡吃豬肉的, 可以千變萬化, 美味美味啊.. 哈哈!! :D

    Rebecca Kheng:
    德國鹹豬手咪就係德國菜嘅代表囉, 你唔駛理佢咩餐啦其實, 好食就得架啦, 係唔係先?? OK架價錢, 你下次返嚟有機會應該去試試囉..

    yes their pork knuckles are nicely done, crispy skin and tender juicy meat, looks fat but really you won't think so when put inside your mouth.. hmmm, Malacca has other nice food also mah, so they don't need German food, hehehe.. thanks for your compliment ont he photos, i'm still learning and sure there's lot of rooms for improvement though.. :)

  28. Danny:
    looks oily maybe but i can tell you it doesn't taste oily at all when you have it in your mouth.. this is the essence of the cooking, hahaha!! yes, i know you don't like 豬扒~~ :p

    你覺得那個麵包夠那些豬肉肥沒有?? 還有那些豬肉夠我肥沒有?? 呵呵~~ :D

    樣子看上去是肥膩啦, 不過告訴你, 吃進嘴裡一點也不肥一點也不膩哦~~ :)

    yes yes yes, very nice food!! i always get very happy if i can have nice food, i really enjoy that moment :)

  29. TZ:
    they have two outlets, the older one in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, the newer one in Damansara Kim.. i'll link you to their website here for the address..

    我也不知到這正宗沒有, 不過好吃就不應該理那麼多啦.. 你和Jess去的那個在Bukit Bintang那一帶吧應該, 我也去過, 那個是意大利+西班牙比較地中海style的, 不是德國菜, 而且我覺得很貴.. 你下次回來真的要去這間吃, 好吃又不貴.. :)

    yes they are very delicious, even my chosy friend also say VERY nice, haha!! yeah, should go and try one fine day, the price is affordable also..

    美眉, 看是油膩啦, 不過叔叔沒有騙你, 吃在嘴裡真的一點也不會油膩的!! 你一定要吃哦, 然後我們一齊可愛可愛才開心嘛.. 呵呵!! :D

  30. Leu:
    don't lah, don't hate my blog lah.. i introduce nice food to you woh, how could you hate my blog?? :p

    yeah you got the point there, they are more butch like i mentioned in the post, haha!! anyway, it's not important, the more important thing is the taste of the food, right?? :)

    the happy go lucky one:
    haha, once in a while indulge yourself with nice food mah.. so you're staying at home only to finish up your food stock?? :p

    hmmm, it's just past lunch time when you see these photos woh, so fast you are hungry again?? haha.. yeah, they are famous for their pork knuckles, but i'm not really a fans, i prefer sausages!! :)

  31. Yoh~ super yummy la. I tried the one at Jln. Yap Kwan Seng before. Like the pork knuckles...yummy! Great post ya~

  32. will definitely try....tell u how i feel abt it after tat hehe :)

  33. (摇头摇手退后~)我!不!要!


  34. uLi.佑莉:
    haha, did you wrote an entry about this in your blog before, i somehow have read that before i think.. i went to the Jln Yap Kwan Seng outlet too, they have another one in Damansara Kim, should go and try there one day..

    hehe, sure sure sure.. i think they must have been very publicised after all the blogger's review on them huh?? must suggest them to give discount for us who has blogged about their food.. :p

    不是不是, 我一路來都覺得應該大讓小的.. 所以可愛這回事還是比較適合小妹妹啊.. 叔叔老了, 可愛不襯我喇.. 乖乖, 來, 藍天小妹妹去可愛吧.. 呵呵!!!

  35. 听起来好像很有道理这样,将不用紧啦~~~下次吃爱死机灵你记得让我~~哈哈哈哈!

  36. no wor...I haven't started to blog when I visit EuroDeli...hehe!

  37. so you had another feast! from the looks of the pictures, i can tell the richness of the sauce and nice presentation =) yumyum

  38. SK said: wow, you know the chef!! but have you really try the food there?? hmmm, if you never and you know the chef, then there must be something not nice to know~~ kekeke :p

    Hey, of course not! The food there is to-die-for, right? Right?

  39. bluesky:
    叔叔說的話當然有道理啦, 不然你以為我"流"啊?? 哈哈, 你既然那麼喜歡吃sikiling的話, 好吧, 就讓你吃到可可愛愛囉, 我也不會和你爭的~~ :p

    oh really?? then must be somewhere else hahahaha.. hmmm, maybe the next time you go there you will have to blog about that already.. :)

    hahaha, yeah, once a while i indulge myself with a feast.. ain't nice food just something so heavenly in earth?? i bet you must agree with me, hahaha :D

    hahaha, and i guess your chef friend must have done food with extra care and extra taste specially for you.. wow, next time must go with you, i bet there must be extrassssss!! hahaha :p

  40. i also do indulge once in a while =)

  41. Ayie:
    yeah, i think we should indulge ourselves once in a while, at least to spice up life a little.. haha!! :p

  42. ohh.. yummy! but kinda costly right? haha.. =D


  43. kenwooi:
    err, yes it's yummy!! but i think the price is quite reasonable woh.. average RM40 per person..