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03.08.2009 | 數你罪狀

早前去咗J超市買嘢, 遇到三件令我好唔滿意嘅事, 我竟然忘記咗要投訴.. 都過咗一排, 算啦, 就當我大發慈悲, 係咁意喺度噏吓算數喇..
went to J supermarket days earlier, and encountered three unpleasant experience.. strange is i've forgotten to lodge a complaint, but since it's quite some time already, i think i'll just show my mercy and casually rant about here anyway..


[罪狀一: 不懂變通]
唔知幾時設立咗個長者與孕婦優先收銀處, 我見其他counter排晒隊得呢一個冇人, 梗係直接行過去畀錢啦.. 個收銀竟然拒絕服務, 話係長者或孕婦先可以過嚟.. 嘩!! 想點啊?? 係長者與孕婦優先, 唔係專用喎, 其他counter排滿隊, 係得你一個冇嘢做企定定喺度.. 佢個腦梗係塞咗, 講唔通囉..[wrongdoing 1: inflexible service]
i have no idea when there is a "priority lane for elderly, handicapped and pregnant women" at the cashier, and since i see no one is queuing there, instinctively i just proceed to that lane.. but the cashier just refused to service me, "sorry but this lane is for elderly, handicapped and pregnant women only" she said.. but i thought this is so wrong, priority does not mean dedicated, while other cashiers are busy and you're there standing idly, is there any wrong that you service other customers?? her brain must have been stuffed with only operating manuals, totally inflexible!!


[罪狀二: 策劃有問題]
好, 費事拗, 我排第度.. 原來其他counter全部都係實習收銀, 個個手腳都慢過你阿嬤, 唔怪之得全部都大排長龍啦.. 我嚟幫襯, 仲要我嘥時間排隊送錢畀你咩, 咩天理啊?? 邊鬼個篇嘅更表啊, 點解會全部實習收銀架, 明知禮拜日人客多架啦..[wrongdoing 2: inefficient roster]
ok, i gave up, i'll go to the normal queues.. and i realised that all counters are manned by trainee cashiers, they are doing things at ultimate grandma pace, no wonder the long queues were created.. i can to bring you business, and yet i have to waste time queuing to make payment, isn't this ridiculous?? and i really wonder who plan the roster table, knowing weekends must be packed with customers, i have no idea why there isn't a single experienced cashier to help speed up the queuing time??


[罪狀三: 多餘要求]
等咗成15分鐘先輪到我, 雖然我顯得好唔耐煩, 但係我唔係怪新人手腳慢, 我明每個人都有起步嘅時候.. 不過呢個收銀, 當我畀錢嘅時候, 佢竟然問我有冇散紙!! 喂, 大姐, 我有就一早畀咗你啦, 駛你問?? 就算我鐘意畀大鈔你, 你都應份要找錢啦, 乜找錢好勞煩你咩?? 真係問嚟都多鬼餘..[wrongdoing 3: inappropriate request]
finally my turn after 15-minutes of waiting.. i'm very impatient at cashier queues, but that does not mean i'm mad with the trainee cashiers, i know everyone has a slow start, i just blame the one who did the roster.. but this trainee cashier, when i tender my payment, she asked "do you have smaller notes?".. i was like immediately gone mad, if i had the smaller notes you asked for i would have given it to you earlier!! and even if i purposely give you a big note, it's your obligation to give me the exact change, does that make a difference?? and please, don't even ask this stupid question again, it's just so inappropriate and a nonsense..


  1. Adoi, so panas on a beautiful Monday! Next time, the trick is to approach the "priority" counter with a massive limp (leg har, not the other thingy :P).

  2. I agree with complaint 1 & 2 but disagree with the last complaint.

    It is not wrong just to ask for smaller notes especially by a trainee....you must have gone mad over incidents 1 & 2 and vent it on the poor trainee....:-)

  3. hmm i agree with u on first and second lor, J sometimes are very poor with the crowd management i must say, even tesco is doing better than them nowadays.
    the last one, *cough cough* i have no comment, i do tat to customer many times when im running short of smaller change *innocent look* lolll...

  4. and gratitude: wat is other thingy u tried to imply here?

  5. For the first case, maybe they should have also included people with less than so and so number of items, can pay at the priority lane?

  6. I would say, the priority lane should handle those folks. They should have to serve other group too.

    The management used the WRONG BRAIN

  7. 其實唔需要priority land,畀長者、孕婦用fast lane咪得囉。


  8. 罪狀三應該情有可原啦;問o下唧,答句冇咪算囖。

  9. so much complains.. i agree to ur first complain, PRIORITY doesn not mean ONLY FOR....

    xxx xxx xxx

    u r mercy? you thought u r guanyin ar? :P

  10. I guess all the people just got their gaji so long long Q in supermarket. Sometimes some of the supermarket really have lousy cashiers and they work damn slow. Hate that.

  11. jusco member day 总是那么人潮汹涌的哦~呵呵,第一个还真得有点离谱:)

  12. wow... chill bro chill. ;)

  13. Interesting topic and unfortunate experiences you had. I hard crowded places. Most of the time I see long queue, I will give up and not to shop. LOL

  14. Gratitude:
    haha, no la, this is a scheduled post, so to be precise it was a panas sunday instead :p hmmm, i think i'm more suitable to be "pregnant" with my huge tummy, hahaha!! :D

    hmmm, maybe i was too mad with the queue till i vent the anger on her.. but still she is able to give me the exact change for the big notes i gave.. imagine RM50 to pay for RM23.10, is my RM50 too huge for that??

    the happy go lucky one:
    the supermarket J and hypermarket C are always with long queues, Tesco is doing very good, new counters opened if there are more than 3 customers in a line.. see?? hmmm, the thing is she was not running out of change, after i said no to her, she's able to give me back my change in smaller notes.. RM50 for RM23.10, reasonable right??

  15. Mei Teng:
    oh, for that they have the express lanes for maximum 8 items.. but believe me, even that also will have loads of people queuing up.. haiz, i think it's the efficiency of the cashiers really..

    that is why i complained.. i only proceed when i see no one in the priority lane, cos the cashier was so idle looking around doing nothing.. haiz, i have no comments whether they are using the wrong brains, or they totally are not using any brains.. hahaha :P

    唉, 我都唔知究竟係咩policy, 我係見根本冇人先行過去, 做少少嘢都唔得.. 唔係喎, 佢唔係找晒啲散紙喎, 最後佢都仲可以找返廿幾蚊畀我喎.. 其實咪就係個個都懶, 唔想做多啲嘢囉, 佢哋呢族人咪就係呢啲思想囉..

  16. 海市蜃樓:
    咁我又冇畀面色人家睇, 我咪直頭講冇囉.. 五十蚊找廿幾蚊, 好合情合理啫係嘛?? 佢個錢盒其實一大堆散紙架..

    haha, i am a 憤世嫉俗 people, of course a lot of complaints mah!! yes, they have misused the word "priority", if they really want to dedicate, then please change the signage..

    yes, i always hate the cashiers that are always taking their own sweet time.. there is no KPI and to them, it's just like "i have a long day sitting here scanning barcodes, every customer is the same, so no hurry".. and also those customers who pay slowly, never prepare the money beforehand, wait till everything is packed only they happy dig their purse and wallet for coins to make the exact amount!! hate those!!

  17. summer:
    就是管理不週到囉, 沒有甚麼可以blame了.. 還有那些員工的思想, 很不積極..

    haha, i am very cooled down laa, just some casual rantings that doesn't affect my mood at all.. :p

    haha i am also afraid of getting caught up in crowd and packed places, try to avoid if possible.. but sometimes situation just make you deal with people, and that was my bad experience.. :(

  18. why so long the line? Jusco sales again?? hahahaha.....cool lar brader.....this is malaysia....nothing is flexible.....only straight can do....hhahaha..

  19. i must say~ i kinda' disagree though... human have many complains~ if they were to allow people to use that lane, then everyone will WANT to use that lane. and the pregnant, handicap will complain pulak. So it's a never ending complaining world we live in. nothing will ever be good enough.

  20. is that some kind of jusco member sales???

    i got frustrated easily on those member sales day. but no choice if wanna get stuff at cheaper price.

    and the for priority lane, really have no idea why they make for it.

  21. The Priority lane is there for a purpose - for the handicapped, the pregnant and senior citizens. If anyone can be allowed to use the lane, then where is the priority for these people leh? They would have to stand in line behind the string of young and able-bodied customers.

    Whoa! Those sure are long queues. To avoid queues, the trick is to pay early or don't go shopping during sales. Sigh, not always possible, hor?

  22. i totally agree with u because J market too many trainee cashier.
    make people lost patience.

  23. 現在的百貨公司都是這樣的~~ 很討厭哦~~

  24. nice to meet you!
    thx for visiting my blog..
    mind to link each other up and follow too? hehe~

  25. manglish:
    i have no idea whether it's jusco sales or not, but come to think of it, it's like sales everyday now during economic recession?? haha.. it's not that it's not flexible, it's just that they don't even want to think about flexibility and just reject..

    Fable Frog:
    yeah i understand what you're trying to say.. but i only proceed when i see no one in that lane.. if i would have seen anyone who is "qualified" i would have gone to the normal queue.. well, come to the base, blame it all on being Malaysian, hahaha!! :D

    ai wei:
    it's not member sales day but just a normal sunday, if it's sales then i think it could be worse!! hmmm, yeah i get frustrated easily under such sitation, that's why i try to avoid the crowd.. the intention for the priority lane is good, but then i think i don't see that anymore after the last visit..

  26. HappySurfer:
    yeah, i was trying to steal time while seeing the lane is totally empty and the cashier is doing nothing.. the situation that day was bad, i think only slightly more than half of the counters are opened, and there's long queue in every lane.. well i always tried to avoid the crowd, but sometimes just unavoidable, that is the time when i have to test my own patience on having to wait..

    凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    yeah i don't understand why all counters are trainee cashiers on a sunday?? that is such a strange arrangement.. i mean i don't blame the trainee for being slow, but at least the one who plan please bear in mind of their inefficiency comparing to experience ones.. creating queues will upset the customers really..

    唉, 只能說的是管理不當囉.. 不過我只有週末才有時間去買東西啊, 很難避免人潮呀老實說.. 如果要的話, 可能一大早吧, 沒那麼多人..

    Xing Tells You:
    nice to meet you too, you are welcome :)

  27. some people only know to follow the "straight road"...hahaha!

  28. i can get so impatient with lousy service. u have a right to b pissed off

  29. they're juz simply stupid..
    haha...don't too angry....lolz

  30. Er, I saw the priority lane thingy when I went to that J supermarket nearby my area. And I saw a lot aunties queued at there also wo, which I don't they are either handicapped, pregnant or elderly enough lo. Think that cashier was just being lazy. That's what I hate about shopping on weekend, queue for fitting room and cashier.

  31. wow i oso face tis probs b4.. SALES time always like tat..so smtms make me rather dun go buy things while sales..(if really too crowded)...mayb i dun hv d patient

  32. sk你米得饶人处且饶人咯。。首先个priority,如果他接你这个顾客,其他就会跟住排过来,到时孕妇想俾钱就要排队咯。。




  33. uLi.佑莉:
    hmmm, maybe you are right.. when they come to long and winding road, they will usually get bumped, haha~~

    yes, i am very particular about a decent and reasonable level of service.. if i get lousy service, and especially when i feel not being respected, i will sure screw them up!! haha..

    errr, i won't say that they are stupid, or perhaps they are just too smart not to do too much of work instead?? hmmm, this is their mentality problem i supposed..

  34. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    hmmm, i think the priority lane should practise flexibility.. the cashier should be flexible enough, then there is no queue, she could ask other customers from the other lanes to proceed, one by one, of course not creating a queue.. when there's any eligible patron, then they will be given the priority.. hehe, crowd is really something that turns off.. :p

    yah, i will go to try my luck during sales, but then if i see too many crowd, i will sure back-off then trying to avoid getting into trouble.. i am also not a patient person, that's why long queue will really upset me.. hehe :p

    Rebecca Kheng:
    咁我又冇話發晒爛咋, 係覺得有少少唔高興啫.. 個priority lane應該係醒目囉, 見冇人就可以serve其他客, 見有傷殘人士, 老人家同埋孕婦就要畀佢哋先, 唔係淨係企喺度咩都唔做架嘛.. 我記得係15分鐘, 不過可能仲耐架, 一間超市仔要排咁耐隊, 都頗係問題喎.. 至於散紙, 我通常梗係會畀啦, 但係冇就梗係大張嘢啦.. RM50畀RM23.10, 你話過份咩??

  35. 仲有呀﹐啲收銀員成日黑口黑面架﹐做嘢慢吞吞﹐塊面仲要黑過我。。 $^%&*^#@

    仲有呀﹐成日亂咁 pet 我啲嘢落個袋度﹐驚死啲嘢唔爛咁﹐斯文啲啦唔該﹐啲嘢我俾錢買架。。 &%$#$%

  36. hehe~ small case la...so next time dun wait till have sales only do ur shopping lo~ :P

  37. 花罗汉:

    哈哈, 唔好咁激動, 唔謂為咗佢哋大動肝火啦.. 不過講開又講, 有啲真係亂劈一輪, 我索性企喺個counter度, 當場拎晒啲嘢自己執過囉.. 算係狠狠送佢一巴掌.. :D

    this is grocery shopping, so it's very constant one mah, whether sales or no sales also need to buy things woh.. but i'll try my best to avoid the crowd lor..

  38. this is why i dun shop at J! :)

  39. wah...
    where shopping center?
    so sad oh....

  40. Queen B:
    errrm i normally goes to J for groceries, i think the queue is a lot better than C lah.. haha!!

    Sam Wong:
    which shopping center?? you don't know meh?? that J lor, so obvious.. hahaha!!

  41. 罪狀一: 其實係應接受你俾錢既, 如果真係冇長者與孕婦排隊。
    罪狀二: 呢個問題係關于operation, 的的確確係策劃有問題
    罪狀三: 收銀員在非不得已之下, 不能与客人問有冇散紙!!


  42. 你是在那間jusco看到哦
    還是只有member day才有的?

  43. tagnan:
    嘩, 好多謝你啊, 好感動啊, 終於都有一個人係完全讚同我嘅睇法喇!! 果然係"自己人"囉, 而且仲係做呢一行業嘅添.. 哈哈!! 唔駛麻煩啦, 就算feedback都唔會有效架啦, 慳番啖氣暖肚啦不如.. :D

    在很多TARC學生的那間囉, 哈哈!! 可能你對, 只有特定日子才有那個priority lane, 因為我上次再去, 又好像沒有看到了..

  44. 好多時候我都睇唔過眼

  45. So many times I was soooo tempted to abuse the handicap parking lot at california gym but so worried on cause and effects! Adoi Thamby! You dont have parking problems at MV?

  46. They should have opened cashiers with regular trained employees already so that qeues won't be too long like that. the smaller notes thingie is somehow annoying i admit... coz if i have that i use it instead of giving the big amount. just another tough day at the grocery =)

  47. tagnan:
    睇唔過眼, 咁你有冇採取實際行動呢??

    Twilight Zone:
    aiyoh, Arumugam, you are Grandma but not handicapped laa.. that one is really BAD thinking lah, how can you exploit the handicapped parking lot?? this for sure Thamby won't do even if there's no space left..

    yeah i agree they should have well trained cashiers to speed up the queueing time, the long queue is really a bad experience for the customers.. haha, yeah, i would certainly give smaller notes if i have, that is why i get quite annoyed being asked for that.. :p

  48. hmm yeah.. i agree with you.. priority means giving then advantage of being served first when paying.. but since no one using it.. why can't offer it to others? weird..

    and about the small change.. haha.. some ppl do give big bucks altho they have small change.. coz they wanna "break" it into smaller amounts.. =)


  49. kenwooi:
    yes, give me five!! you totally understood what i'm trying to say and supporting me, hahaha!! well, small change, sometimes if i think i need the small change (eg: going to hawker stall, going to take taxi), i will tell lie that i don't have while i give the cashier big notes.. haha :D

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