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29.04.2009 | 甜甜登場

引頸長盼, 喺一片冬甩狂潮助陣之下, Krispy Kreme呢個冬甩鉅頭終於登陸大馬.. 某位喺裡頭工作嘅朋友話, 頭幾日大排長龍喎, 啲人幾打幾打咁買.. 果真令我費思不解, 馬來西亞人幾時開始會咁鐘意食冬甩架??!!

after much anticipation, under the nationwide effect of the donut fever, the donut tycoon Krispy Kreme has finally landed few days ago.. a friend who works for them told me, the queue for donuts was loooong for the opening days, people bought in dozens and satisfactorily walked away.. this is always something i find amazing, since when the hell we Malaysians love donuts so much??!!
今日帶著興奮嘅心情去試佢一試, 去到未見所講嘅人潮, 排個5分鐘隊就輪到喇.. 同友人合共買咗半打(其實花款同選擇唔多), 沾沾自喜(好似執到寶咁)上咗二樓雅座嘆冬甩.. 第一隻擺入口嘅係招牌original glaze, 噢賣葛!! 此刻只有兩三個字可形容: 超甜!! 甜到吖, 杯iced chocolate都變淡而無味囉.. 老實講, 論口感我覺得非常好, 勝過等件冬甩/積高/碧丫蒲, 但係就死在超甜(唔係嚟到馬來西亞特登加多兩斤糖係嘛??).. 好唔好食?? 見人見智囉..

was very excited to give it a try, went there this afternoon but didn't see crowds as was told, queued for about 5 minutes and it's our chance (yeah, that's what the waiter said, chance but not turn).. with another friend we bought half a dozen, happily we went upstairs to feed our mouth.. the first ones into our mouths were the signature orignal glazed.. OMG, only two words could describe the moment: SUPER SWEET!!! it was so sweet that our iced chocolate turned tasteless.. frankly, i would think the texture of the donuts is very good, beats DD/JC/BA, but the sweetness defeats it all (don't tell me the extra sweetness is for the Malaysian market).. are they nice?? well it depends on your taste..


  1. i tot there would b a long queu one, tats why nvr bothered to buy, since the queu is short, then i will go and try out kekeee :)

  2. 我觉得绝对系,新shit坑,三日香,之前big apple唔系咩,排队排到啊。。见人排队,就觉得一定好好食!依家赖晒野咧?Big apple既唔会两斤糖啦,都几好。

  3. muy bueno tu blog
    espero que entiendas español
    me gusta que sigas mi blog
    saludos desde Argentina

  4. The last picture looks wow! Malaysians (unfortunately) are now beginning to be fed with the same toxins that the west has been fed on.

    I read that doughnuts are one of the worst foods that we can take. Like you mentioned, it's super sweet - and full of calories that we will end up obese and diabetic. So sinful yet so attractive! That's life. LOL!

  5. 好久沒吃了。。。

  6. 那天在一个博客的部落看到了

  7. hmmm~ look yummy,.... but if its too sweet, then its not my cuppa tea

  8. so many doughnuts shops here ....
    lucky i only love cheese cake =)

  9. still remember how me n frens laughed at those ppl qho q long just to buy donuts from JCo when they just opened in Pavilion.. guess i'll do the same this time...

  10. It's the same thing with JCo. And the donuts all look almost the same!

    I have since had enuff of JCO and Big Apple. Am staying away from both.

  11. fable frog6/5/09 3:17 PM

    Homer Simpson love donuts~ LOL too bad i can't eat these no more~ must make myself not tempted by all these photos~

  12. The Krispy Kreme donut is Malaysia is too sweet to be nice. I ate those in Korea and Japan, they were nicer.

    And due to hot an humid weather of Malaysia, the Donut became soggy very fast. Not crispy as those I tasted before.

    The employee also very the 吝啬. In other country, one free donut for any one who are Queing, and free glaze donut for every purchase if there are no Q. Here they are selective to give out the free ones.

    The employee here is not hygenic enough, they did not wear mask and speak to customer while preparing the donuts.

    I believe Kripy Kreme will be the 1st failure in Boleh Land

  13. 还是喜欢吃那种洒幼糖简单不花巧的donut.. Krispy Kreme 这类看到就觉得牙疼了..哈 :)

  14. 印尼的J.CO把美国的Dunkin压到了,现在有冒出美国的另一个老字号donut。。。。


  15. Oooooo you had donuts with the added flavours from Ah Lian, Ah Mat and Babu.


  16. 我这里(times square)不见什么人潮,顶了之前咖啡彬(好像是)。哎,死角来的。等我那一天心情好也去买个来试吃~

  17. aiya ~ 你骗我过来你家,哈哈哈!我还以为你放‘honey'的照片 (o.o)" 我不喜欢KK Donut的,感觉很松脆,没有咬口 (个人意见)。kekekeke ~

  18. Uncle SK(惨了,越叫越顺口!)

  19. Oooo...where is the Krispy Kreme shop now? Maybe I can go there when I get to KL? :D

  20. we wonder why lately the donut-craze culture seem to be on the top of things~

    unless eating donuts on top of a naked body...now, dats something ;P

  21. I tried this when I was in US last time, and it was too sweet for my taste but those american just love it so so much. Anyhow, I will be able to try this on Friday as my company will have a donut day. :)

  22. i quite like to eat donut..but i dun like if it is too sweet...but did u feel this is better than others brand donut ?like big apple all that?

  23. the happy go lucky one:
    not exactly long queue, i think i spent just about 5 minutes queuing and got my donuts.. i mean compared to JC/BA, which purposely create the queue, KK is more "humane" on this lor..

    Rebecca Kheng:
    我唔係見人排隊就覺得好食喎, 因為以前外國食過係覺得佢好正喎.. 不過嚟到KL, 就變相加多兩斤糖, 太甜喇, 好惡啃囉..

    CaPiTaN bUsCaPiNa:
    gracias por visitar mi blog, pero no entiendo español .. simplemente utilizar "Traductor de Google" para ayudar a aquí .. le deseo un buen día :)

    hmmm, yeah i gotta agree that donuts are one of the worst food - high sugar, high fats, high carbohydrates, high calories.. well, i don't often eat them though, at least after trying KK i have no urge to eat donuts in near future at all, so should be ok laa.. :D

  24. tom:
    哦?? 你時常吃Krispy Kreme嗎?? 我那天吃了第一個, 覺得超甜, 第二個勉強吃也用了我五分鐘才啃完.. 恐怖~~

    That My Goal:
    很多人都覺得它超甜的囉.. 我想feedback他們, 但他們沒有comment box.. :(

    hmmmm, if you think JC is sweet, then KK is like two times sweeter.. anyway, just give it a try, who knows you will like it?? :p

    hmmm, they have new york cheesecake flavor!! that is the only one i don't think it's too sweet, because the cheese is a little salty, quite ok lor..

    hey, don't you ever let me catch you secretly queuing up for donuts oooh.. i'll take video of my laughing at you and post that up to youtube!! kekekeke~~~ :D

  25. Mei Teng:
    frankly, they all look the same, just that JC/BA are more colorful, other than that, they are all sweet donuts.. hahahaha!! but i really wonder why there's such a donut fever here??? people are buying dozens of them in one go leh!!

    fable frog:
    hehe, not only homer simpson, but i guess the whole of malaysia!! well, don't refrain yourself from nice food, life would be too miserable without nice food woh!! :p

    hahaha, that is a very good analysis on the quality of the donuts.. well, i gotta agree with you it's like extra sweetness for the Malaysian market, i really don't like that idea.. but come on, this is Malaysia, don't expect there to be any freebies ok?? everything needs MONEY!!! well, Krispy Kreme has ended life in HK already, and i think soon in Malaysia, together with the other counterparts, after the donut fever has gone..

    huh, 你說的對, 其實最好吃的就是那些最簡單最原始的sugar ring.. 真的是百吃不厭的哦.. :)

  26. Wois:
    我覺得其實DD還有一班忠實的老顧客喇, 畢竟已經是根深蒂固.. 反而覺得那些曾經大排長龍的JC/BA, 都已經不再見人潮了, KK在這個時候登陸, 我是覺得有點慢了.. 這個熱潮很快就要過去了吧??

    haha, and what do you call that?? Seafood Donuts they are, filled with lala and sotong, muahahaahah!!! LMAO :D

    Tsubasa a.k.a 滑翔翼:
    就只有BTS一間啊暫時, 可能MV開了之後會比較多人潮吧?? 哈哈, 你那麼近水樓臺都還沒有機會一嘗它的甜滋味咩?? :p

    Kai and Baobei:
    哈哈, 我的blog又不是SK and Baobei, 所以我的寶貝是不會公諸於世的, 哈哈!!! 我是覺得口感還可以, 可能這裡天氣潮濕所以donut會軟得快, 不過是太過甜了喇..

    藍天妹妹, 我覺得你應該去買來試一試, 要不然你是不會了解uncle所說的甜到那種程度的.. :p

  27. JL:
    at the moment the first shop is in Times Square.. they are opening two more in MidValley and OneUtama soon.. haha, you want to try ah?? can take the sweetness or not?? :p

    Queen B:
    yeah, that is exactly what i've been wondering.. is donut so delicious?? or perhaps like what you mentioned, it's a brilliant idea to run that donuts-on-naked-body business huh.. hmmm, can consider!! hahaha :D

    i supposed the US one should be better, because i suspect they add more sugar for the Malaysian market.. hmmm, that is something interesting woh, donut day?? so your company are going to get you all donuts from all over Malaysia?? fattening yoooh~~ :p

    errr, KK is actually too sweet for me.. if you say the dough i think KK is good, but if you want to compare sweetness, i would choose the less sweet one - DD/BA..

  28. 大马人就是喜欢跟风,人家排他也排。。真是的。。

  29. 车轮有这样的好卖么?

  30. anyway can send comment on their website so that they can improve.

  31. 好多朋友都说超甜~

  32. I don't like Krispy Kreme loh !! LIke you said, too sweet. Australia has it but I only tried once and never wanted to try again. In Canada, it is ' cheap stuff' here, you buy them from petrol stations !

  33. 古克石屋:
    我覺得比起新加坡我們算是還好喇, 就是因為大集團往往把馬來西亞市場放在最後考量之下, 變得我們樣樣都比鄰國遲囉..

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    茶先生你有所不知喇, 下次來KL的時候, 請到這些車輪專門店看看, 排隊的人隨時比JB的一間麥當勞還要多人哦.. 其實我也不明究竟囉 :p

    hmmm, wonder anyone will go there to read the comments.. anyway, just tell your good friend about it, and most probably it would be a faster track.. hehehe :p

  34. Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 那些都說超甜的, 都是KK的"受害者".. 幸好我和朋友只是買了6個, 不會那麼jialat, 我看見有人買2打4打的, 真替他們捏把冷汗~~ :p

    凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    要買來吃吃看哦, 沒有吃過方知其味道?? :)

    雪芬 Shirls:
    haha, you gotta know all those cheap stuffs from overseas, once landed in Malaysia will be "upgraded" and become more expensive that not most of the people can afford.. but it's too sweet for my liking though..

  35. ah chehhh ~ ! 太甜?用你的honey口水冲淡它啦,咬一口donut,kiss一下她咯,哈哈哈哈!

  36. So Malaysian's version is even sweeter? Wow, then dont think I will like it lo though I like dessert. Yeah, we had donut day(s) previously from DK, JC and BA. SO this time will be KK lo.

  37. Kai and Baobei:
    嘩, 那麼肉麻的你, 我看你和寶貝肯定是那樣的囉.. honey的口水更加甜哦, 才不要甜上加甜啊我, 哈哈哈哈!!!

    yes, Malaysian version is sweeter.. anyway you gotta chance to try it tomorrow, see what you think about it.. hmmm, is donut really such a charm?? till your company is declaring numerous donut days.. haiz~~ :p

  38. I don't quite like donuts. But I think KK (Krispy Kreme, not Kota Kinabalu) is the best donut in town right now!

    The worst donut is Dunking Donuts - and I don't understand why they are still around! Their quality sucks!

    Too sweet? I guess better not eat so much then. Anyway, I think donuts are unhealthy and I don't recommend eating it at all. Sorry to all those in the donut business! : )

  39. 我深信它嘅命運將會同珍珠奶茶一樣。

  40. 海市蜃樓, 不要将酱啦,我很喜欢珍珠奶茶的啦 XD

  41. 人家妈妈那天才提起这家店,我们马上摇头,等其他人拍完队我们才去买。好的东西没有这么快关店,如果我们还来不及买就关店的,肯定不是好东西,吃不到也无所谓。哈哈!

  42. foongpc:
    haha, of course cannot expect on DD anymore, it has become a locally run business for so long, already bumiputera-ized, hehe!! at first i have that anticipation that KK would be the best, but came out it's too sweet for me lor.. hehe, not to say not eating anymore, but perhaps eat less laa.. :)

    我覺得像葡式蛋塔囉, 剛開始一片搶購熱潮洶湧, 到現在無人問津, 呵呵~~

    Kai and Baobei:
    這樣不是更好嗎?? 沒有人和你搶~~ 哈哈!! :D

    慧沁 Wai Sum:
    不會那麼快就關門大吉的, 通常店面租約都會至少兩年吧?? 可能下個星期你就可以去買了, 大概也不用大排長龍了, 呵呵~~

  43. 我十分重意甜食 但是咁既冬甩 我so so...
    最愛是巴剎"蛋糕鳳"賣既最原始的sugar ring

  44. Haha, I always think insane to queue hours for food, just waste of time.. But of course, if the food is good, I will be more than glad to taste, but not to queue.. :p

  45. tagnan:
    我知你鐘意甜啦, 尤其是ROYCE-Chocolate喎~~ 我都係咁話, 啲最古早最原味最簡單嘅sugar ring永遠係最好食嘅!! :)

    hahaha, so are you trying to say there's just too many insane people in Malaysia?? hahahaha.. well, i didn't queue much, just 5 minutes laa, bearable?? :p

  46. @SK
    If I cannot take it then I say to the waitress "sorry missy tai kor tin, hou nan sek" hehe.

  47. JL:
    no point telling the waitress.. you should tell the others queuing there, so that they would give up and then you can get all from them!! hehe :p

  48. i miss these donuts...i can clearly remember the taste of the regular glazed. Yummy!