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03.08.2008 | 盜墓迷城

又係暑假黃金時段另一強勢鉅片, 《盜墓迷城三•龍帝之墓》上星期四開畫(比美國仲早一日添), 其實都預咗會好多人爭住睇架喇, 所以諗住熱潮稍退後先打算去睇.. 點知前晚JY人突如其來咁摟我話不如禮拜六晚去睇, OK啦咁, 一貫先上網訂飛以免到時向隅.. 不過網上訂購竟然早就full晒(難怪同事KL早一個星期就已經行動咗啦), 得返子夜場於是就有理冇理book咗先, 到時先決定睇唔睇..

噚日朝早去銀行辦完事, 經過KLCC戲院, 反正得閑就不如學人排隊撲飛啦, 唔想睇子夜場咁晏, 所以希望可以撲到早幾場嘅飛.. 當時條龍排到出戲院門口, 一番掙扎上唔上馬之後, 最後依然屈服.. 廿分鐘之後, 終於排到去中間位置, 結果見到咩吖哪你估?? 原來最篤有兩個專為呢齣戲而設嘅express counter!! 個notice得半張A4紙咁細, 重要張貼一二角, 鬼知咩大佬?? 我頂@#$%^&*.. 於是即刻離隊, 排過去個express lane, 都尚要排成十分鐘, 好彩都仲買到飛, 如果唔係實滿肚火去鏟死個票務經理呀我話你知..

夜晚會合JY入場, 竟然滿座, 啲人連前排位都唔放過, 真係佩服佢哋對呢齣戲嘅擁戴.. 對於上兩集嘅印象已經係非常模糊喇, 不過知道O'Connell太太換咗人, 同埋Alex O'Connell竟然咁~快高長大(同Branden Fraser演父子好似欠缺說服力).. 戲中有不少熟悉香港明星擔大旗演出, 而且仲係關鍵人物添, 覺得原本應係主角嘅O'Connell家庭, 好似淪為佢哋嘅配角咁.. 對白加入不少笑料, 特技場面仍然有睇頭, 梁洛施戲內好鬼靚, 楊紫瓊梁洛施普通話好「甩咳」(汗顏), 女巫師楊紫瓊最後一幕竟然用英語嚟施咒(傻眼), 李連傑死得太兒戲(嫌唔夠打斗場面), 最後大戰一幕啲甩頭甩骨鬼戰士好搞笑.. 總括嚟講, 我覺得唔錯囉, 雖然超越唔到第一集但係都OK囉..
another big movie for the summer slot, "Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" was showing since last thursday (and yet another day earlier than US).. knowing that it will be a big hit, so i didn't plan to watch it that soon, but JY suggested to watch it on saturday night.. well, ok then we go do online ticket reservation, and not surprised at all, all tickets were fully booked.. we could only manage to get the midnight show tickets (book first and decide whether to go ahead later), no wonder colleague KL has already did his booking a week ago..

was in KLCC doing some banking business on yesterday morning, walked passed the cinema and i thought why not try my luck to get tickets for an earlier show?? the queue was dreadfully long, but after a good struggle still i decided to hit on it.. was queuing patiently there and after 20min, guess what i saw?? the last two ticket counters were opened specially for this blockbuster!! @#$%^&*, but the notice is just half the size of an A4 paper and was posted in an easily missed out corner.. d*mn, i immediately switch queue to join the express lane, still have to wait another 10min before getting my tickets!!

met up JY for the movie at night, and it was full house, really salute the passion of those patrons on the front rows towards the movie.. can't really remember well the previous two sequel, but i know Mrs O'Connell is another actress, and Alex O'Connell has grown up so amazingly fast (a bit not convincing acting as Branden Fraser's son).. quite a few familiar HK actors and actress faces in the movie, and they play relatively important roles, as if they have the supposedly-leading-role O'Connell family turned supporting role, hahaha.. humour has been added to the lines, CG scenes were great enough, Leung is pretty, Yeoh and Leung's Mandarin really s*cks, Yeoh surprisingly used English to cast spell in the end, Li died a little to simple (too little solo fighting for him), the handicapped mummy warriors in the last battling scene were cute.. overall, i did enjoy the movie, although it still cannot beat the first sequel, yet it's not a bad one at all..


  1. for me.. this movie just so so... i was hoping it will be better than IJ4.. but too bad... it didn't turn up tat way.. just a duplicate of mummy1 from egypt to china.. sigh

  2. haha, maybe i didn't have high expectation on M3, so it just came out better than IJ4.. can't really remember M1 and M2, so can't really compare also..

  3. is so so only...

  4. well, i didn't have high expectation and somemore i've spent lots of hardship buying the tickets - so i must tell myself the movie is nice!! hahaha..

  5. 哈哈﹐uncle 呀﹐ KLCC TGV 係咁架﹐每逢一有超強戲勢嘅戲哽會特登擺幾個 counter 出嚟。。

    不過我朋友仲勁﹐為咗唔要同人逼﹐去 MV GSC Signature 度睇﹐廿蚊張飛架。。佢仲話嗰度真係烏蠅都唔多隻囉。。

  6. uncle通常都係網上購票, 邊鬼知咁多排隊撲飛嘢吖?? 個GSC Signature廿蚊張飛咋?? 咁平?? 我仲以為係gold class價添??