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21.08.2008 | 部落與我

如果你有留意, 最近我呢個blog經常都會以唔同面貌示人, 頻密嘅話每一日都會換個新banner同埋個色調, 以下收集齊晒過去16個面貌, 果然係色彩斑斕.. 當初膽粗粗學人寫blog, 曾經經歷一段幾乎放棄嘅階段, 不過好彩都係過渡期啫.. 之後唔知點解好似鬼整咁, 搞到每一日都一定抽時間寫blog, 而且越寫越瘋狂添喎, 不過唔駛擔心, 我尚係理智嘅!! 由開始嘅簡略數句完畢, 到今時今嘅日圖文並茂兼雙語出擊, 再到每日更換新面貌, 有冇啲佩服我咁呢??

最近呢, 只要能夠上網, 我就無時無刻都會喺網上blogging, 搞搞自己呢個blog再週圍閱覽其他朋友嘅blog, 咁樣已經可以好輕易地消磨數個鐘頭時間架喇.. 其實每次有人留言, 我就會鬼咁興奮, 因為睇我blog嘅朋友雖然應該唔少, 但係有留言嘅就寥寥無幾囉(嘿嘿, 請恕在下在此有些微言:p).. 每當有朋友貼上新post, 我亦都會好高興第一時間去睇, 跟住就留言以示支持.. 最近沉溺于blogging呢個唔係人人都接受到嘅玩意, 我承認係千真萬確嘅一回事.. 如果你要問我點解可以有咁多時間搞blogging, 我答唔到你, 就好似你點解可以花咁多時間喺你嘅喜好上一樣道理囉, 呵呵..if you have ever noticed, my blog has always been showing different appearance recently, and it could be as frequent as having the banner and color themes changed daily.. showing above is the 16 most recent appearance of my blog, pretty colourful huh?? i still recall i started this blog just because of the trend, although have gone through super-down period where the blog was totally stagnant, i have now picked up intense interest in writing a post everyday for this blog.. i'm getting a little bit crazy on this, but no sweat i'm still sane.. from the then simple lines, to now words and pictures side-by-side and in two languages, not least changing face almost everyday, are you actually impressed with my effort?? hehe..

whenever i hook on to the internet recently, i will certainly do blogging.. running my own blog and also reading other people's blogs, and easily spend few hours doing them.. frankly, whenever i see new comments on my post, i would be absolutely thrilled, as i know my blog has quite a number of readers but those who bother to leave comments are just a handful (pardon me for complaining here anyway :p).. also, when i notice new posts from friends, i would immediately read them at no hesitation, and of course comment to show my support.. going deeper and deeper in blogging?? i gotta admit this.. and if you ask why i have so much time for blogging, sorry no answer, as is the same case why you can spend so much time on what you like to do, no joke, hehe..


  1. 烦就烦在,有时有idea 要写,没有internet access, 当有的时候,就忘记要写什么。难怪一般作家都随身带着笔记本,写下要写的东西。

  2. 你中毒啦!



  3. hey..... but u nvr leave a comment in my blog anymore wor.... (sob sob) i guess it is not interesting le bah...

  4. 怕你看不完那么多comment嘛!

  5. 慧沁:
    沒有idea就不要強迫自己寫啊, 反正你也不是等寫blog開飯, 哈哈.. 你算是中等勤勞留言那個啦, 要多多努力喔, 哈哈!!

    我覺得你中嘅毒比我仲深九千幾倍喎.. 我點同你比呢??

    well, not that i didn't leave comment on your blog.. it's just that you rarely have new post, so the probability of me leaving a comment is relatively low, agree??

    comment是不會嫌多的, 更何況根本就不多囉..

  6. i think i belong to one of the ppl here who follow u blog everyday, but hardly leave any comment here... i try my best to leave more comment next time lah!

  7. 你中毒了...

    continue blogging...

    blogging 万岁...

  8. ET:
    hehe, i'm not forcing you to leave comment laa.. just do it when you feel like doing it, be more intuitive will do, pal.. thanks anyway..

    哈哈, 是中了小毒吧, 不過還是很清醒很理智喔~~ 你也加油啊..

  9. hey... i'm more rajin dis few weeks lo... i have new blogs now & then k...

  10. hehe, rajin blogging then is good girl lor.. :p

  11. Well, noticed your blog has successfully win a constant group of loyal fans compared to other.
    Perhaps they are interested in food, or more precisely they are curious about what you are eating everyday.

  12. hmmm, maybe you are true.. but don't think my blog is a good source to see what i eat though.. there are more blogs out there with nicer food, hahaha!!

  13. 我服了你啦!那么多时间。连我这个量地的师奶都比不上,五体投地 !



  14. 量地師奶可能比我這個枯燥生活老伯伯還要多東西做吧?? 哈哈!!

    其實我也很勤力地在你的blog裡留言啊, 你沒有發現我留的比你多嗎?? 哈哈..