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11.08.2008 | 飄洋過海

好開心, 又有新CD聽喇.. 耐不耐都會托同事JC幫我買CD, 要佢大肚臨dum幫我去買, 真係有啲過意唔去, 不過大肚婆當係適量郁動啦, 總好過佢同朋友去行山安全啩?? 講起嚟呢幾隻碟到我手都算係飄揚過海, 由JC交畀新加坡一位舊同事AL(因為佢去香港玩), 再由佢交畀一位新加坡同事LF, 最後由去新加坡公干嘅同事MO由帶返嚟畀我.. 麻煩到咁多位, 喺度講聲多謝先!!
  1. 鄧健泓《Pat's Trick》新曲+精選: 沉寂多年後, 忽然一個志雲愛將, 於早前推出呢張新曲+精選.. 佢以前有一排都撈得幾掂, 聽佢首「朋友二號」後每次落K都會點唱喇, 終於都等到佢呢張精選集..
  2. 莫文蔚《就i 》精選集: 個人色彩濃烈嘅莫文蔚, 唔係美若天仙但係就有股攝人魅力, 唔係天籟歌聲但係就有把獨特性感唱腔.. 呢張精選集有齊晒佢新舊東家所有佳作, 豈能錯過呢??
  3. 南拳媽媽《南搞小孩》新曲+精選: 呢個周傑倫徒弟, 論聲勢絕對比唔上師父, 不過都係一個唔錯嘅團體.. 佢哋第二張專輯有頗多佳作, 呢個新曲精選應該可以見證佢哋實力..
  4. 胡彥斌《音樂斌潮》精選集: 呢個中國音樂奇才可能你未聽過, 不過如果話係側田「男人KTV」原唱者, 你是否忽然對佢肅然起敬?? 佢有首叫「和尚」嘅歌令我驚艷十分, 呢張精選碟正好讓我更能認識佢嘅音樂..
  5. 潘偉柏《未來式》新曲+精選: 呢位超靚仔嘅台灣歌手人稱「潘帥」, 行經典ABC hiphop路線, 但係比較中意佢啲抒情冧歌.. 同時下一眾靚仔唱歌比較, 我覺得佢係幾掂而且都幾buy佢, 呢張新曲精選梗係要囊括啦..
got a few new CDs to add to my collections, thanks JC for getting them for me.. feel a little sorry to ask a pregnant lady to run the errand, but wouldn't this be better than she going hiking with friends?? haha.. the CDs finally reached me from few hands, JC passed it to AL who went HK for vacation, he then pass it to LF my singapore colleague, and finally get MO (my colleague on business trip to singapore office) to bring it back to me.. thanks a million folks for the CDS!!
  1. Patrick Tang "Pat's Trick": this new songs + best-of collection album from him after a long absence.. he has been quite a hit, and i remember i will sure sing his "Friend No. 2" whenever going to karaoke (hehe!).. finally there comes his best-of collection..
  2. Karen Mok "Just i": a very unique lady, not pretty but attractive, not really sings well but just captivating voice.. this album gathers all her hits from her current and previous recording companies, i'm just not gonna miss that!!
  3. Nanquan Mama "Difficult Kids": always not as famous as their sifu Jay Chou, i still think this group of youngster is not bad at all.. and it's time to proof how good they are with this new songs + best-of collection album..
  4. Anson Hu "Music Tide": you might not heard of him, but if i'm gonna tell you he is the composer of Justin Lo's recent hit "Men's KTV", you should be jaw-dropped.. i was impressed by his earlier song "Monk", and now this best-of collection just give me the chance to know his music a little more..
  5. Wilber Pan "Futuristic": i would say this handsome guy sings a lot better than all those cuties available in the market nowadays, going typical ABC hiphop music, i actually thinks he can sing love ballad quite well too.. and so, i think this best-of collection is a must-have for me..


  1. I have listened to Nan Quan, and they are very nice!!!!! and the CD has all the great songs... very very nice!

  2. yeah, i supposed they are, that's why i have them in my collection list, hehe!! will have a great deal of time to spend on the new CDs now.. :p

  3. When is my Faye and Jacky Cheung going to come out with album?

  4. 哗! 全部都有我钟意嘅歌。

    鄧健泓《Pat's Trick》- 阿四
    莫文蔚《就i 》- 回家的路
    南拳媽媽《南搞小孩》- 再见小时候
    胡彥斌《音樂斌潮》- 男人KTV
    潘偉柏《未來式》- 转机(粤语版)

  5. legolas:
    hmmm, heard that faye wong is doing something to earn some "milk powder money", but too bad she's now pregnant and this might be a hindrance.. for jacky cheung, quite impossible, he just does world tour now..

    咦?? 睇嚟我哋口味都幾接近喎.. 真係英雄所見略同喎..

  6. wow...all nice song~~

  7. hmmmm, i'm buying their best-of compilations, i am taking granted that the songs are nice songs!! hahaha..

  8. 莫文蔚《就i 》- 回家的路

    i like this song. haven't listened to the others yet.

  9. huh?? is there a song called 回家的路 in that album?? have read the run-down lots of times but still cannot find it..

  10. Your CDs has luck to travel before reaching your hand.

    In fact, I could not express my comment on these CDs for not being the trendy follower and my timing with them have not been meet.

    However, I learnt those singer's christian names -1st, 4th and 5th.

  11. haha, actually i have not started to listen to those CDs yet.. most of the time i'll just buy to keep into my collection, hahaha!! have this certain crave for CDs, especially nice packaging..

  12. haha i am clearly on a different planet :) isnt pan wei bo a VJ (with that heiren)? and tang kin wang sings???

  13. OMG, my dear friend.. 地球是很危險的, 你快點回去火星吧~~