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22.08.2008 | 飲食雪隆

前晚放工去咗紀伊國屋書店, 無意中畀我發現呢本《馬來西亞大眾美食2》.. 隨手一揭, 不得了喇, 即刻畀入邊所介紹嘅美食深深吸引住添.. 雖然係好簡單嘅介紹, 但係作者就食盡雪隆各地美食, 由大排檔到茶餐室到餐館到市正啲嘅餐廳, 無所不吃.. 鐘意佢夠大眾化消費得起, 唔似得其他食評行高檔路線.. 當我正在猶疑買唔買呢本嘢嘅時候, 竟然有兩個人行過嚟諗都唔諗就拎起本書去畀錢, 仲話「你睇, 出第二本喇」(都唔知係唔係作者畀錢人作戲呃銷量, 哈哈!!).. 就係趨之若騖心態之下, 終於決定買喇, 其實280頁全色彩印刷, 只埋RM15.90我覺得唔貴囉.. 小小錢買本秘笈返屋企掌門口, 以後想食好嘢就可以即時參考啦.. 呢本書是否可靠, 現時暫且保留..

其實呢, 可以好肯定咁話大家知, 我唔係個鐘意睇書嘅人, 更加唔係個會買書閱讀嘅人, 頂多都係偶而買本雜誌過吓日辰.. 不過最近考慮到購買書本雜誌可以用嚟扣稅, 覺得無謂奉獻咁多金錢而得唔到應有回報兼且益埋其他「嗰挺人」, 所以我話自己知, 閱讀係有益嘅, 儘量買多啲充實自己咁啦.. 一開始竟然買咗本飲食指南開頭, 難道我真係咁為食??!!went to kinokuniya bookstore the night before after work, accidentally found this book titled "Popular Food Guide - Malaysia 2".. caught my attention, i grabbed and flipped it on the spot, only to get holy impressed with the food featured in the book.. although with just simple elaboration for each spot, the author has covered hell lot of places within KL and Selangor, from hawker stalls to coffee shops to restaurants, she eats just everywhere.. what i like about the book is that the author drilled into casual dining, common and affordable food, unlike some other food-logue that focus only on fine dining and exquisiteness that i could hardly afford.. while i was doubting whether to buy the book, two person just came by to grabbed one and went straight to pay for it while saying "look, it's number 2 already!" (could this be an acting con to boost sales, hehe).. under such don't-want-to-miss-any-good-thing-by-mistake attitude, i decided to pay RM15.90 for this full color printed 280 paged food guide.. quite worth for this small money i think, as i can always refer to this food "bible" anytime i feel like eating something new.. anyway, i reserve telling whether this book is trustworthy as at now..

frankly, i am not a bookworm and hardly buy any books to read, the most a magazine to kill time.. however recently considering that buying books and magazines is entitled for income tax relief, and in order not to contribute too much but receive nothing in return and yet benefit some other kind of those people, i think i have to start buy more books for myself.. afterall, reading is something good, i can value add myself by reading, so why not?? but rather i've started with buying a food guide, am i really such a glutton?? OMG!!


  1. When bring us along for food.. :P since you have read the book.

  2. 大佬,既然你有秘级在手,咁以后食粥食饭就靠晒你啰!

  3. 有时间,下下厨,弄几道菜来吃也是生活中的乐事!


  4. huh, there's only nasi lemak, nasi goreng & tom yum soup in my world...sad...
    must go out explore more..

  5. Yes, we should find ways to reduce our income tax and not let stupid people waste money on stupid things, which those stupid people always like to do.

  6. Hey... any recomendations on Johor Bahru instead of Kuala Lumpur? Bored of eating the same cheap food lei... hahahahah!!!!

  7. lifebook:
    hmmm, i still have to test out the trustworthability of this book leh.. anyway, if the food is not nice, don't look for me, look for the author!! hahaha..

    細佬, 係就係有本所謂嘅秘笈, 不過我覺得口味呢家嘢都係好個人嘅.. 不過最緊要食得開心, 味道仍然係其次..

    hmm, 我買的這本其實是食肆指南, 介紹哪裡有好吃的, 並不是什麼食譜哦.. 不過就算我買食譜, 也還是懶惰煮吧?? hehe..

    OMG, only nasi lemak, nasi goreng and tomyum in your world?? that is so pathetically little.. no wonder you are so skinny, hehehe.. yeah go out and explore more food, eating is something to enjoy about.. :p

    yes, that is what i am thinking in mind.. whether how much we have paid, we still won't get what we are deserved for, so why pay more??

    haha, are you so sacarstic?? you are asking a KL people to recommend nice food in JB?? i thot your sickening brother knows a lot of nice places??

  8. Errr.. mean you bring us along when you go for food testing. :)

  9. looks like you have to organize a 美食团 so not to let them down

  10. lifebook:
    heheh, no problem.. i always like to eat in a big group, can try more varieties.. but when you mention "us" you mean yourself and who else???

    OMG!! since when i was being regarded as a gastronomer?? i just ain't nothing much more than a normal blogger sharing what he have eaten~~

  11. also hv this book...i also hv their 1st book...

  12. Have you thought about to be a Malaysia 蔡澜 ?But need to do more gyms then.

  13. squall:
    oh really?? so how do you find this book?? is it useful and more importantly trustworthy??

    huh?? i think i'm more of 菜爛 indeed lorr.. i'm not any gastronomer anyway, can't compare..