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05.11.2009 | 有碗話碗

每次見到呢則廣告上嘅呢位洗衫板型男, 我就即刻有股衝動, 想要簽購佢哋嘅減肥修身配套!! 25次療程RM1699, 你話我好唔好行動呢??

everytime i see this washboard guy in this advertisement, i immediately have an urge to sign-up for their body sculpting package, 25 sessions at RM1699, do you think i should go for it??

每次見到呢位女士騷首弄姿, 我想話, 唔駛下下都要提醒他家架喎, 乳牛有時都會腰酸背痛啦係嘛??

everytime i see this lady posing in her photos, i would like to say, really don't have to keep everyone reminded all the time, even a milk cow will sometimes feel backache right??

每次收音機聽到呢位仁兄唱歌, 我會即刻轉台, 跟住好想嗌出口, 其實作曲咁叻, 不如專注幕後發展, 唔駛出嚟拋頭露面, 你辛苦我又辛苦.. [演唱實錄]

everytime i hear him singing on air, i will switch to another channel immediately, and then i just wanna say loud, why not just concentrate backstage since you can compose so well?? rather than going forestage and get toiled while i get toilsome too?? [watch the video]

每次見到呢則廣告, 天啊, 仲有三個星期, 我仲未買飛呀!! 冇人同我一齊去睇喎, 唔通自己一個人戇居居入場咩?? 唉, 真係好大機會要錯過喇~~

everytime i see this advertisement, oh my, another three weeks to go, and yet i have not grabbed my ticket!! well, nobody is going with me, i am just not going to watch that alone, so dumbly, right?? sigh, looks like i'm gonna miss this already~~


  1. i got similar issue on the same date - 28/11/09. MY nanny not free to take care of my daughter, my wife can't go, I got 2 tickets (AT + HL)but dunno wut to do...

  2. 圖一: 奉勸你千其唔好上當!
    圖二: 佢嘅招牌就系姣,無法子唔扭。
    圖三: 乜水嚟架?
    圖四: 去咗先算,全場咁多人陪你睇。

  3. 林忆莲唱歌那么好听


  4. 減肥配套RM1699。。。不如加入gym吧啦。

    林憶蓮演唱會 - 買飛比人陪你睇啦。

  5. #1: no lar....better belanja me makan with tat $$$ hahaaha.
    #2: they are so heavy that she almost was casted in the hunchback of notre dame, playing the hunchback lar =)
    #3: duno who tat fella is
    #4: bring me?? hhahhaha

  6. 我覺得做gym會更好


  7. Dreamer:
    haha, that is even worse than my situation here, at least i haven't got my tickets yet!! so, sell them off at 50% to others lor, at least take back some money :p

    圖一:當人去到山窮水盡, 就自然容易上當
    圖二:唉, 真係見到都眼冤囉..
    圖三:so the green, 蘇打綠啊, 唔識??
    圖四:我夠知啦, 不過三唔識七..

    Chi Leong:
    她是我的偶像囉其實, 我也不想錯過的囉.. 不過, 哎呀, 一個人感覺怪怪的囉..

  8. khengsiong:
    我咪就係一早join咗gym好多好多年啦, 但係就越減越肥, 唉!! 幾百蚊一張飛, 我冇咁多錢請人睇喎~~ :p

    manglish said...
    #1: belanja you?? later you want to sign up the plan pulak, haha!!
    #2: hahaha!! maybe the adult version of the hunchback of notre dame?? :D
    #3: well, you don't have to know him also, it's not important as long as you don't listen to his songs :p
    #4: ok ok, come you go buy ticket, then i bring you there, kekeke :p

    我gym了很多年囉其實, 不過就是越來越懶惰, 哈哈!! 想找一些更快的捷徑 :D 哈哈, 說得也對喇, 如果有一天她密密實實那樣, 大家都會覺得不習慣.. 她的乳牛形像太深入民心了, 呵呵~~ :p

  9. ok, u buy sandy's ticket for me... and i will accompany u :)

  10. hahaa the first picture is like so impossible lah, without those hardwork exercise how to gain that, if really promise, no need exercise yet can gain that, i willing to pay lor :P

  11. Waaa don't let foongpc see that advertisement of the back ache comment... his favorite girl leh...


  12. 1) Too expansive!
    4) Good singer, should not miss!

  13. hahaha... if this flash in front of me... my answer would be "Who Cares?" blek~

  14. Soda green i like them, and like the main vocal too, y u dun like?
    he got his way in presenting the song...=)

  15. Go and try the body sculpting then let me know whether it works! Only RM68 per session what. haha!

  16. ladyviral, he can comment anything on MC as long as he does not criticize her singing! LOL!

    Btw, SK, is that all you see in the photo?!!!

  17. Who the heck is that? Sorry for my ignorance!

  18. Oh, my former comment is about your 3rd picture : )

    You are a huge fan of Sandy? If I am a huge fan, I'll go alone if no one wants to follow me. For example, if no one wants to follow me to MC's concert in KL, I'll go alone! Haha : )

  19. 1. PLEASE la! It's just an ad ok! But well, if you're having so much money, go play play and share with us the experience also not bad. :P

    2. HAHAHA, well, everyone is hungry ma. :p

    3. Err... You so dislike him one ah? I am not a fan of his also. :P

    4. If I were in KL, I would lure you to buy for me and I company you go. Danny not free meh? I got friend goes, but you don't know him. Still 3 doesn't know 7. LOL.

  20. 圖一:我也想瘦身,不过那些广告。骗人的!

    圖二:No eye see.



  21. L²:
    haiz, if i can afford to buy another ticket for somebody else, then it won't be you anymore lah.. hahahaha :D

    the happy go lucky one:
    hahaha, it's possible, but i have no idea how much time and how much money you would need to pay lor.. well, money is possible in this industry, agree?? kekekeke :p

    hehe, hope he never come and read this then.. have i been to vain and mean on his favourite girl?? :p

  22. Grass:
    1) Nothing is expensive for desperate people, haha
    4) Yeah, shall i or shall i not??

    which one did you refer to?? the washing board, or the boobs?? haha :D

    errr, i just don't like his voice and the style he sings lor.. and also his outlook, i have been confused about his gender before.. :p

  23. foongpc:
    1) one session sure won't have any results one lah.. if need to go, must go AT LEAST 25 sessions one..
    2) well, it’s not what i only see in the photo, it’s what i only CAN see in that photo, hahaha!!!
    3) errmm, it’s not important whether you know him.. because MC would have sing million times better~~
    4) i’m really tempted already.. i’m not really a huge fans, but i do like her.. so shall i or shall i not??

    C'est la vie:
    1. when people get so desperate, they will do whatever to overcome problem, be it silly.. agree?? hahahaha :D
    2. hahahaha, nope, i am not hungry ok??
    3. yeah, now you know, don't even let me listen to him singing.. and i don't even like to see him also..
    4. haiz, if i am buying another ticket, then it's also not your turn to accompany me lah, hahahaha!! blehhh~~

    圖一:廣告誇張點才可以吸引人嘛, 呵呵.. 不過我想要囉~~
    圖二:哈哈, why no eye see?? 她給你看就看啊..
    圖三:不欣赏之余, 還有點反感囉..
    圖四:有心不怕遠啊.. 很多人還搭飛機過來看呢!!

  24. haha~




  25. if i was in malaysia, i would go with you to watch sandy's concert

  26. You where got fat wor! Not need go la! Just go for lipo suction faster and donate to me. :p

    AND damn!!!!! >_<" Uncle SK is so bad!!!! Cheapskate takpe, but directly say not my turn! Don't want choi you 3 hours!

  27. 林憶蓮的演唱會好啊~~ 你不介意買多一張票,我可以陪你看的~~哈哈

  28. You just buy ticket alone only. When concert time, thousands of people accompany you le fren ^^

  29. RM1699 for a washboard ab??! Would there be money back guarantee if your ab doesn't turn out like that?

    No need la. Just go to the gym and workout! :)

  30. 1.我以为爱靓净系女仔既专利添。。除非你有好多个1699,如果净系得一个1699,可能你会失望而归,因为25次可能瘦唔到你expect既效果,到时顾问会同你讲,你有水肿之类既籍口。我点知?因为我系过来人,而且如果你自己后来唔keep,都会肥返!




  31. 1) i want too.. =.="
    2) i also want.. but 1/2 can already
    3) siapa tu?
    4) u treat me, i go with u.. hehehe...

  32. oh.. read the comment then i know is "su da lu"

  33. read your blog can improve my super lousy cantonese wor. =.=
    coz i actually READ IT LOUD one, else hard to understand..

  34. 1. 暂时不需要这个配套
    2. 有歌听又有身材看,赞!
    3. 是谁来的??
    4. 我要存钱,不能看咯!!

  35. same thoughts too!!!! on the first ad. but the rest i didn't really care la. hahahha

  36. Ha ha, go for it man, washboard tummy...LOL!

  37. 多控制多运动就会瘦,而且健美!那些广告都是骗人的啦~~~

  38. Wow !!RM1699 !!不如去抢!! ;)

  39. This post is so creative...everytime I see this ad..:D Good one!

    Body sculpting? :p Don't need lar. Just be yourself.

  40. I actually got interested in foong's comment since I know he's so much into mariah! hehehehe

    第一副: 我想要雙管齊下, 這個可以沒有啊??
    第二副: 因為已經習慣成自然了??
    第三副: 我會立刻轉囉.. :D
    第四副: 不如你送我票, 我們齊齊去看?? :p

    haiz, but you are not in KL lor, too bad..

    C'est la vie:
    aiyah, i know i am fat, very fat uncle!! don't want liposuction lah, not good one, got side effects!! hahahaha, i'm being honest only, don't want you to have any expectation mah.. :p

  42. venus:
    呵呵, 你們每個都是那個回應的?? 如果我真的買兩張, 你說誰會有幸和我一齊看呢?? 哈哈..

    aiyah, i also know there will be thousands of people watching together with me lah.. but all 3 dunno 7, where got fun??

    Mei Teng:
    of course they promise 100% money back guarantee.. but you know the fact is that, they always have comprehensive and stringent T&C, you think it's that easy to get your money back?? haha..

  43. Rebecca Kheng:
    1. 我唔係愛靚啊, 而係唔鐘意自己咁肥.. 你講得啱嘅其實, 25次唔夠架囉, 一定會再游說你加碼架啦.. 可能加加下250次都似, 都係唔好喇呵??
    2. 我覺得唔係喎, 唔係個個人都鐘意大架嘛.. 而且大得又唔自然, 好易腰酸背痛架嘛..
    3. 你唔識其實仲好, 哈哈!! 我加咗youtube link啊, 你自己去欣賞啦..
    4. 又係喎, 到時首首情歌, 幾浪漫啊呵?? 哈哈, 你想得真係天花龍鳳囉, 係喇喎, 真係咁易喇喎~~

    1) i want that abs, but i think you want that man, correct?? haha!!
    2) yalor yalor, half of them good enough already.. don’t be too big!!
    3) tak tahu tak apa lah, that penting juga lah..
    4) wah, you go concert with a stranger ah?? later your bf scold you ah, hahaha!!
    5) oh?? i thot you read the english version?? =.=

    1. 我很需要這個配套囉, 哈哈!!
    2. 歌是唱得很好, 不過身材太過份贊了吧?? :p
    3. 哈哈, 不認識也不要緊喇, 算是幸運!!
    4. 我存錢要去看哦.. 不過沒有人陪~~ :(

  44. Medie007:
    hahaha, so can i ask Dr Bong, do you think those really help?? i'm so desperate to get rid of my fats!!!

    hmmmm, but i'm worry how much more than RM1699 that i need to spend in order to get that washboard, ooops no more tummy, abs..

    Chris Chia:
    呵呵, 那些廣告不是騙人, 只是可能誇張一點才可以說服人呀.. 我不怕, 你post再多的美食照片我都不怕, 因為我自己也會有post啊, 哈哈~~ :D

  45. 雪芬:
    唉, 這些配套就是分明要搶那些要美不要命的人的囉.. 當你感到絕望無助的時候, 可能就是只有錢才可以幫助你達成願望了, 呵呵!! 不認識蘇打綠不用緊啦, 不認識好過認識, 哈哈!! :D

    hehe, actually not all are ads lah.. hmmm, if that body sculpting can help me to be a better me, do you think i should go for it leh?? :p

    haha, and i'm surprise with what he's stated.. i can comment anything but not on her singing!! haha.. i have to agree, she really sings well.. :)

  46. 1. 25 sessions for RM1699. Better use the money for Sandy concert and see you more at gym ya.

    2. Oh..I'm speechless on this. I think even cow would jealous of her!!

    3. Who is this BTW?

    4. Oh..I love to go and watch this, but I have wedding dinner to attend on that weekend. Like her so so much...在朋友那兒聽說 痴心的你曾找过我...

  47. well..sometimes ad can be real annoying but at times fun..

  48. a) i believe in hard work lo... cos i ratehr use that money to shop...lol

    b) not easy to reach that kind of level ok? need lots of practise and confident... and i adore them ;p

    c) kinda agree with u la.. except 1 or 2 songs that i quite like

    d) HAARRRRRRRRRR?????? lu belum beli ahh? wanna sit with ur TWIN brother or not? cos he is going with the whole SL fans club ppl.. then u can meet more ppl of same interest ma...:)) want or not? ;p

  49. KY:
    1. i'm so desperate mah, haha!! true also lah, i think 25 sessions is never enough for me, most probably 250 lor..
    2. or maybe shall we say the cows are happy they don't look like her?? hahahaha :D
    3. great that you don't know him, it's actually a bliss!! :p
    4. aiyoh, so like her then must go and watch the concert lah.. come come come, we go together!!

    yeah true.. it really depend on the class of the performer and also how well the art director directs right?? :)

    a) yalor, you are the best example of the result of a hardwork.. i'm just too despondent and wanna try any possibility lor..
    b) as long as you got the money, you can implant as much as you like to mah, so why not possible leh?? :D
    c) oh, i love NONE of his songs lor.. once i hear him, i'll switch!!
    d) yes, i have not because nobody is going with me!! huh?? sitting next to my TWIN brother ah?? he got free seats for me meh?? oh gosh, all the fans together?? i'm not that high profile leh, i shy woh~~

  50. 圖一:愿者上钓!即使塑身失败,迷当俾钱揸骨囉!记得要将果个RM1699嘅PACKAGE用到尽,揸到个师傅手起茧!




  51. 我也很想去看林忆莲的演唱会
    不用keep fit啦!

  52. Psst! Did you know there is now something called spray-toning or something like that. I've seen it done. The models are being sprayed with paint to highlight portions they want to highlight and that include abs and all. I think that can of paint will not come up to RM 1699. Maybe it hasn't come to our shores yet. Though it might be a challenge to hide that tummy. haha..

    #2 - maybe without those, her voice would turn out different. :p

    Nice funny post.

  53. i know it's cruel but i have to inform you that i have already bought ah lian's concert ticket. wahaha...

  54. 25次療程二千都唔使,係真唔係?

  55. forget about the body sculpting. at the end of the day, it is you who has to do all the hard work. just follow http://www.mylongkang.com/category/gym/

    if u follow it diligently u will get same results. if u pay the 68.oo u still got to do it diligently. why pay extra?

  56. edward:
    圖一:當你山窮水盡冇晒希望嘅時候, 有時真係會失去理智聽埋晒啲旁門左道架.. :p
    圖二:其實佢以前唔係咁架, 唔知點解突然間咁樣, 真係嚇死人囉.. 不過除咗咁姣斯躉篤之外, 我覺得佢係唱得之人啊, 一把海豚聲就擊敗無數歌手啦..
    圖三:佢大唔大紅大紫, 我冇眼睇囉.. 因為我對佢採取不看不聽不聞態度嘛.. :D
    圖四:好啊, 係唔係先?? 你有興趣我哋齊齊去睇啦.. AA制好公平.. 哈哈!!

    凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    你有興趣嗎?? 有沒有打算看?? 我們一齊去啦, 哈哈!! 我現在很肥啦, 你又沒有看過我, 怎麼知道我好看呢?? :p

    #1: spray toning?? i've never heard of it, so how does it work?? and i wonder how many cans of such thing i need to have in order to have a washboard?? maybe 100 cans, and i think they will cost me more than RM20K, hahaha!!
    #2: hmmm, maybe you are right, without THOSE she might not have been singing so well.. kakakakakaka :D

  57. wayne:
    i know, i know, i knew you've already bought the tickets and going to watch her perform!! never invite me to go together also~~ :(

    Chloe (蔻依):
    你覺得平啊?? 但係唔之一次係幾耐囉, 話唔的定要我sign-up十個配套先有見效喎..

    i'm so despondent with myself in the gym already, that's why maybe i can try something different, and more towards a shortcut?? hmmm, well just an urge and i think i'll not go lah..

  58. Who says go for one session? Of course must complete all the sessions, then let me know lah! Haha. Only RM68 per session what!: )

    What you can only see in the photo? You must be kidding me. LOL!

    Without those, she may not be singing so well? Yeah, right!

  59. 林忆莲 is your generation?? lol i wanna watch beyonce's concert =p

  60. hey, buy me a ticket for Sandy Lam's concert I'll go with you!

  61. 1699太贵啦。不如嗰嗰礼拜去公园跑番几圈,包你一样咁fit。


  62. 圖三: 哦!蘇打綠,聼過。
    圖四: 又唔係做人世,識唱佢嘅歌咪得囖。

  63. foongpc:
    haiz, the problem is 1 session is never enough, 25 sessions are still far from it, 50 sessions and you would want more.. maybe 100 sessions then only i can see the results?? yeah, because they took up the most space on the photo, so the first thing we notice is them!! hahahaha.. :D

    還好喇, 如果我是衝動的話, 我會是告訴大家我已經簽購了!! 哈哈~~

    oh?? surprise!! i always thot you are also her generation!! LMAO :D

  64. Dora:
    haha, it's still too early to dream about having a free treat right?? wake up wake up!!! :p

    淨係去公園跑步好似唔夠喎, 我覺得以我而家呢個狀況, 應該需要多管齊下先得!! 哈哈~~ :p

    圖三: 聼過喇?? 咁有冇作嘔先??
    圖四: 識唱唔夠, 仲要聽, 仲要睇, 跟住全場大合唱先開心嘛..

  65. haha ask ur blogger fren accompany u go watch sandy la..hehe

  66. SK Thamby - I oso wanna sign up lah but you go first and come back to show me ok? We only live once, so JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. ya.. i read the english version first..
    then re-read back the cantonese version..

  68. Florence:
    too bad, everyone wants me to buy another ticket then only they wanted to go with me.. :(

    Twilight Zone:
    eih really ah Arumugam!! we go together lah, i shy to go alone, must get somebody to strengthen my courage.. hehehe!! i'm sure 25 sessions are not enough for us leh..

    wah, you so hardworking one?? guess you are the only one who will read both the english and cantonese version!! haha, must thank you for your support first!! :p

  69. 日本最大級の出会いコミュニティ「スタービーチ」で探しませんか。素敵な出会いを経験して理想の人と楽しい思い出を作りましょう