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25.08.2008 | 一肚苦水

噚日心血來潮同朋友上咗去雲頂玩.. 諗住幾年都冇上過去(記得以前逢學校假期, 我哋成棚人一定上去3D2N, 超瘋狂), 又冇乜地方好去就是但啦.. 諗住最近天氣鬼咁熱, 就上去涼一涼啦.. 諗住有專巴上去, 貪方便唔揸車啦.. 點知, 點知成肚苦水咁落返嚟, 真係不知所謂..
  • 去到車站買車飛, 下兩班都爆滿, 要等多一個小時先有位.. 再等就有啲晏, 所以逼住搭黃牛的士上山, 司機每人狠狠收取RM15(單程車飛只需要RM7.60), 我認係願者上吊..
  • 上到去雲頂, 週圍都係人, 醒起係學校假期喎, 我認係一時疏忽, 不過人家都十幾年咁耐冇做學生啦..
  • 身處雲頂, 想話揾啲嘢食揾啲嘢飲, 但係全部商家都以為你老豆開金礦咁唔怕殺你一頸血, 最後揀食至平嘅麥當當, 都比平時貴四成咁誇張, 我認係背脊骨落..
  • 入去賭場, 我其實係唔掂呢家嘢, 不過既然一場嚟到就玩玩積寶機啦.. 點之啲錢一眨眼就唔見晒, 實係program咗去食錢啦啲機器, 我認係心甘命抵送錢畀佢..
  • 選擇搭纜車去半山再搭專巴返市區.. 纜車站忽然出現成群結隊百幾個孟加拉人(傻眼!!), 最後重要同佢哋逼埋一架纜車, 其中一位仲過份到用手機播放孟加拉歌添!! 我認係爭啲想鬧佢息咗部機架喇..
  • 纜車到站轉搭巴士落市區, 豈有此理所有當日車飛竟然售罄!! 有關單位竟然無動于衷, 完全忽視其他落難旅客.. 結果唯有又搭黃牛的士落山, 水浸船高叫價RM20(落山車票只需RM2.60!! 十倍!!), 我認係犯賤上咗嚟呢個呃錢嘅地方!!
went to genting with friend unplanned yesterday, was really impromptu because thinking that i have not been there for years (i can still remember a 3D2N stay whenever there's school holidays back then - crazy), and thinking that maybe we could chill out up the hill, and thinking that we don't have to drive all the way up since there are express coaches going.. but, but it all went extremely wrong, was really frustrated when we got down back town..
  • at the terminal to get tickets to go up the hill, only to find out we have to wait another hour for the next 3rd coach.. didn't want to be that late, we decided to take tout taxis, paying the driver a good RM15 each (coach ticket is only RM7.60).. yeah, i admit i was willing to pay that for a reason..
  • arrived in genting and it was packed with people, only to realised it's school holidays and that tells why.. yeah, i admit that was a mistake, but pardon me i have not been a student for more than 10 years..
  • wanted to get something to bite and drink, and all food and drinks are sold in the-vendor-thinks-my-dad-owns-a-gold-mine prices.. can't help, finally lunch at the cheapest place (McD) but still about 40% more expensive than normal.. yeah, i admit i was there to burn money..
  • went to the casino, not something i will do to gamble, but since i was there then why not just play jackpots?? only to find out the money goes in seconds before you can realised, the machines must have been programmed to cheat money.. yeah, i admit i was there to contribute to the casino..
  • chose to take cable car and then coach to get back to town.. too shocked to get surrounded by groups of bangladeshi tourists (??), and finally gotta share a car with them.. one of them even switch on his mobile phone to play his favourite bangladeshi music!! mind him, it's never my favourite, and i admit i'm on the verge to shout at him to get it switch off..
  • alight cable car and rush to get coach ticket back town, and DAMN it all tickets for the day were already sold out!! can you believe that?? the authority wasn't doing anything to cope with the overwhelming response on a holiday, stupid stupid!! can't do anything, we were forced to take another tout taxi trip, and this time RM20 each (the coach ticket is just RM2.60, that is 10 times!!!) i really gotta admit, yeah, i was putting myself into shit to go up there..


  1. 千企唔好发MANG争,心静自然凉,况且身边有重视的人陪,当是共患难过啦,好浪漫蒂克啊!!

  2. Only go Genting during weekdays and when you feel you have a lot of money to spend. But I still like the weather there.

  3. aiyuh.. then u shld tell me earlier.. i was up there on saturday nite for alan concert.. i can tumbang u on saturday(not sunday.. sorry).. :P

  4. fookong:
    我唔係「猛憎」啊, 之不過係成肚苦水想訴一訴啫.. 咩浪漫蒂克啊?? 火燒心情就有啦, 哈哈!!

    hmmm, i think i will not go to genting for the next 5 years if not neccessary.. and mind you the place is getting totally commercial, so the air might no more be fresh.. :p

    cheh!! i was up there on sunday not saturday.. anyway it was unplanned and ghost know you were up there to watch concert meh?? hahaha..

  5. 听起来都觉得恐怖

  6. aunty 我从明年开始就要在学校假期和人挤!真担心!

  7. No wonder the share of Genting has dropped before the election and prior to the high rises of everything.

    Have not been there for years as well though only 45 min drive from home to the top,

  8. chloe:
    最恐怖就是在一群孟加拉人海中求生!! 感覺不再雲頂, 哈哈..

    auntie不是已經習以為常了嗎?? 這些年來應該已經練得一身好武功了吧??

    well, the share drop is not because of these reasons laa.. haha!! there are many people contributing to the casino still..