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22.12.2010 | 牙齒髮膚

我諗我對腳前世梗係做太多壞事.. 之前大腳趾受傷, 跟住就衍生而嚟嘅甲刺, 而家左腳板又學人生雞眼.. 已經貼雞眼膠布超過一個月, 但係粒雞眼仲唔捨得離開, 仲搞到我有時仲隱隱作痛添!! 唔該變位有獨們秘方可以即刻剷除雞眼呢??

i guess my feet are not lucky.. after my toe injury and the following ingrown nail, now i am having a corn right below my left big toe.. have been putting on the corn removal plasters to try to get rid of it since more than a month ago, but seems like it's too stubborn to be removed, and sometimes cause a little pain too!! anyone has effective remedy to get rid of corn quickly??

有冇計過自己有幾多隻牙咁呢?? 一般成年人會有32隻, 但係我仲未有智慧牙生得出嚟, 所以我得28隻.. 唔係講笑, 我一把年紀竟然冇智慧牙, 難道代表我冇智慧?? 不過見好多人畀智慧牙搞到痛不欲生, 其實冇都唔係唔好嘅, 啱唔啱??

have you counted how many teeth you have?? common adults should have 32, but since none of my wisdom teeth has emerged yet, i only have 28.. this is no joke i still don't have a wisdom tooth yet at this age, does that mean i am dumb?? well, i've heard too many bad experiences with wisdom teeth from friends, i'd rather to have none to save all the sufferings, don't you think so??

我諗好多見過我或我張相嘅朋友, 都會覺得有啲怪, 好似爭咁啲嘢咁.. 係唔係眼眉嘅問題呢?? 點解?? 冇得解, 我一生出嚟眼眉就係咁疏架喇, 冇辦法喎.. 眉疏好似對男人唔好吖呵?? 不如我試下植眉, 睇下可唔可以幫自己增加好運?? :p

i think many of you feel strange when you see me or my photo, because there seems to be something missing right?? yeah, my eyebrow that is.. nope, i can't explain what happened, i did not do anything but i was just born like that with very loose eyebrows.. doesn't look nice on a guy right?? maybe i should consider eyebrow implant and hope that will give me better fortune?? :p


  1. whoah got the chop again yehey

  2. okay back to post.. lemme read it first

  3. what is corn... never heard of that... or maybe i will know it if it's being tagalized... let me check my translator

  4. oh i see we called it "Kalyo" here... how about oil or other moisturizers?

  5. don't have wisdom teeth too... but if that wisdom teeth will bring nothing but trouble i would rather not to have those teeth too

  6. oooh yeah... this is my first time to notice it... but it isn't bad at all.... good morning Sk have agreat day ahead

  7. Use blade to cut it off. LOL :D

    Just kidding...hmm...you can get a scrapper.

  8. Where have your wisdom tooth gone? Perhaps the tooth fairy has taken them away. :p

  9. Loose eyebrow? Why bother bro? Don't need to care at all. :p

  10. I've one upper molar left...plus a wisdom but no problem from mine, thank goodness. Sometimes, I wish I could just shave away my bushy eyebrows... :(

  11. Don't have any solution for corn removal. See a doctor.

  12. about you and your eyebrows - have to see you first before I make judgement. :D

  13. all my teeth are in place but luckily my wisdom tooth didn't give me much problem other than the fact that they are not straight and nicely aligned way back in my mouth.

  14. 生雞眼,系唔系出街冇着鞋造成?

  15. 依家好似有鐳射紋眉。。。

  16. why would anybody need well defined eyebrows? i remember on my wedding day the beautician trimmed mine too cos it was untidy n unsightly she said :)

  17. what a coincidence! I'm having a corn too!

  18. 我嗰喺偏方,信不信由你。


    再唔喺,去搵啲蹊錢抹三吓患處 (好似天方夜譚,不過做咗,過一陣子之後又真喺會唔見咗。好邪呀~~~



  19. My son has a corn too on his sole.. he bought some medication the other day but it was still there.. stubborn old corn already! i let you know if it works later on..

  20. Think the cheese or the volcano massage can rid you of your stubborn corn..~;)

  21. You win some you lose some, got corn but no wisdom tooth..contra! sorry got no solution for you on your corn 1001 apologies!

  22. Some buddhist monks in Thailand shave them off dunno reason why maybe Khengsiong got an answer to this? Sure can give better fortune? Which fortune teller told you that, certainly not panda huh? haha.

  23. Happy Dong Zhi! eat more tangyuan gives you more fortune lah bro.

  24. Ouch! Corn is painful. Lets hope this one will be gone soon.

  25. haha. corn... apply the cream persistently lor. else last time i used some acidic droplet.

  26. 鸡眼,智慧牙,眉毛...

  27. Hope the others blogger's suggestion may get rid of your corn. Last time i grew wisdom tooth very painful it would not pop up,so surgery and pulled it out away.After that,the cut also make me so painful.So better don't grow any wisdom tooth.

  28. I remembered there is this liquid in the pharmacy that might help.. but wait.. i think that is for warts! u better consult the pharmacist.

    if only u r a lady, u may opt for eyebrow embroidery.. hehe.. nvm lah. saw ur pics before.. cute wat!

  29. Ehh.. I never noticed your 'missing' eyebrow! LOL! In fact, I'm the opposite case from you.. too much hair on my brow that I have to pluck them every so often! Tiring process! :P

  30. 生鸡眼很痛的,你有去药房买药水滴在鸡眼上吗?手要洗干净,不要一直摸鸡眼,不然它以为你sayang它,久久都不舍得离开呢!



  31. lol!
    how about consider this
    about the corn. see doctor perhaps?

  32. 哈哈。。。你很搞笑。。。鸡眼啊,要保持脚板干爽,医生有给药擦吗?要经常擦咯。



  33. poor feet of urs! mannn, dats gonna be very pain. :(

  34. ohyeah, my fren last 2 months suffered a lot when her wisdom teeth grow. n she actually spent almost 1k for it. :(

  35. hahah!! i dint realize it leh!! maybe u shud consider eyebrow tattoo?? :p

  36. 哈哈...哈哈...叔叔果然是多事之秋呀..沒事沒事...過完就沒事啦.. ^^


  37. 我的智慧牙也是长一半而已...

  38. i once went to the doctor for corn thing.. gave me some cream.. very effective ler... but forgot whats the name liao...lol ;p

  39. To remove corn, very easy. Go see a doctor! Hahaha!!

  40. No I have not counted how many teeth I have but I suspect it is not 32.

  41. Haha, about the eyebrow thingy, maybe you should do the implant. Definitely better fortune for you : )

  42. Btw, I have sent you your prize. Just a small prize this time, so don't get disappointed yes? Hope it arrives before Christmas.

  43. 哈哈。。。鸡眼哦,我之前也有生过,我是涂了一种鸡眼药膏才好的,都忘了什么名字,它会直接脱出来的。。。



  44. 不知道鸡眼有什么良药呢,医生的要不行吗?
    只要无副作用就可以考虑了 ^^

  45. what's up with the body issues? lol

    my eyebrows aren't perfect too, quite short =P

  46. @ bluedreamer27:
    hehe, you call it "kaylo" there?? hmmm, sounds very funny, "kaylo" actually sounds like "gay man" in cantonese, haha!! hmmm, yeah, i guess i'd rather don't want any wisdom tooth as they are really redundant right??

    @ Tekkaus:
    #1: what?? use blad to cut it off?? i don't think it work, because you'll still leave the "root" behind..
    #2: hmmm, i don't know where they've gone.. haha!!! maybe i lied too much and they won't grow?? kekekeke~~
    #3: well, i never care about that, just that there are people who are curious about it, haha!! :D

  47. @ suituapui:
    good for you that your wisdom teeth never give you problem, means you have a healty set of teeth.. haha!! maybe you want to consider sharing your eyebrow with me?? haha.. :D

    @ Mei Teng:
    yeah, i think if it's still there i might want to go see a doctor to see if there's any better and quicker and more efficient way to get it removed..

  48. @ lina:
    haha, actually that photo in the blog still not so noticeable, well, think of a guy without eyebrow and you'll know, haha!! well, i guess as long as your wisdom teeth never give you any problem, that should be good enough, about the alignment, well no people can see that right?? :)

    @ khengsiong:
    哈哈, 我都唔知點解會無啦啦生粒雞眼囉.. 紋眉?? 唔好啦, 好唔自然架睇落~~

  49. @ Bengbeng:
    i guess a pair of well defined eyebrow actually makes you look more energetic and refreshed.. it gives a livelier eye i guess?? :)

    @ wenn:
    oh really?? so how's your corn?? got it removed already??

  50. @ 海市蜃樓:
    #1: 嘩, 用香去炙粒雞眼?? 痛唔痛架?? 而且要自己做好似又做唔落手喎, 一唔覺意手震辣親咪弊傢伙?? 真係得咩?? 可以一試嘅, 如果真係走投無路.. 不過你話用溪錢去抹, 我就覺得好邪囉, 呢個真係冇膽試..
    #2: 哈哈, 其實你應該同我年紀相若啦係嘛?? 其實多一齒就不如少一齒啦, 橫掂智慧牙都冇乜用處架啦..
    #3: 紋眉?? 好肉酸!! 唔好~~

    @ reanaclaire:
    hmmm i guess corn are really stubborn and difficult to removed.. unless you really can pull out the "roots", then i guess it will disappear automatically.. of course, it'll be pain and bleeding as i just pulled out one the other day, wonder how many left..

  51. @ Bananazஇ:
    hahaha, how do you know those massage can get rid of my corn?? hmmm, you must have tried that before yeah?? hahahaha.. hehe, i think it's absolutely ok without wisdom tooth at all, as i don't think they really function right?? hmmm, i think the monks shave all hair on their body, maybe to mean a cleaner body as if they are just born?? don't know.. but what i heard is that, a neat and thick pair of eyebrow is good to a man though.. :)

    @ Small Kucing:
    yeah, it's painful especially it's on my sole.. have difficulty walking also leh..

  52. @ Medie007:
    hmmm, so i bet this is what doctors will advise right?? just keep on applying cream or droplets, but really it take a long time to get rid of it right??

    @ bluecloud:
    #1: 多囉, 恨不得快點把那粒雞眼剷除..
    #2: 其實沒有智慧牙也未必不是好事哦..
    #3: 也對喇, 不過如果有好看的眉毛, 我想我會英俊點吧?? 哈哈~~ :D

  53. @ Wai Kitt:
    hmmm, so far only one blogger giving some traditional remedy and i'm yet to try it.. hmmm, i guess wisdom tooth really can bring a lot of pain and problem huh, but i think my first one is popping out now..

    @ Merryn:
    actually i really have no idea what's the difference between corn and warts, and if mine is a corn or warts.. hmmmm, of course i'm not going for eyebrow embroidery lah, so ugly on a guy, hahaha!! :D

  54. @ iamthewitch:
    haha, maybe this photo on my blog isn't that noticeable, but my eyebrow is really "missing".. haha, why not you share some of your eyebrow with me?? kekekeke~~ :p

    @ edward:
    #1: 呵呵, 我之前一直貼膠布, 發現都沒有好轉, 現在索性不貼了.. 看來真的要用藥水比較好吧??
    #2: 其實看人喇, 有人會痛, 有人一點事也沒有.. 不過既然智慧牙是沒有用處的, 就不如不要生出來好了..
    #3: 眼眉毛粗點, 人看起來也比較有殺氣很比較精神嗎.. :D

  55. @ goldflower86:
    haha, cannot lah, if want me to draw my own eyebrow i rather not do anything and be natural lor, hahahaha!!! hmmmm, maybe will go and see doctor if really everything can't help..

    @ Casendra:
    沒有看醫生喇, 只是去藥房買那些雞眼膠布來貼罷了, 但是沒有效果, 看來買藥水比較好吧?? 當然可以自己數牙齒啦, 用你的舌頭囉.. :D

  56. @ Caroline Ng May Ling:
    #1: yeah, it really gives me pain sometimes even can't walk properly..
    #2: oh, some people just extracted the tooth out so that it won't give them trouble anymore..
    #3: haha, don't want lah.. where got guys go for eyebrow tattoo one?? so ugly..

    @ bluesky:
    希望如此啦, 這粒雞眼真是的, 有時走路都有問題哦.. 哎呀, 畫眉?? 哪裡有uncle去畫眉的??

  57. @ 古克石屋:
    哈哈, 張一半不要緊, 最重要是沒有痛就好了..

    @ Danny:
    oh really?? which doctor you go and see?? i keep on trying those plaster but seems don't work well..

  58. @ foongpc:
    #1: yeah, i guess if i cannot stand anymore i'll just go and see doctor to get the fastest way to remove the corn..
    #2: haha, so you also don't have any wisdom tooth yet?? or you have all 4 wisdom teeth but some other teeth are missing?? :D
    #3: yeah, i'm considering that, but don't know how's the price leh?? :p

    @ 发白日梦^^:
    #1: 你那個雞眼藥膏那麼有效?? 我也想試一下咧, 是在pharmacy可以買到的嗎??
    #2: 哈哈, 其實智慧牙也沒有什麼作用的喇, 乾脆沒有也未免不是好事哦.. :)
    #3: 哈哈, 我覺得如果有眉毛, 我應該會英俊多點囉, 哇哈哈哈哈~~ :D

  59. @ Ashley:
    #1: 我沒有去看醫生喇, 小事罷了, 只是自己去pharmacy買那些膠布來貼, 但是看來沒有效哦..
    #2: 哈哈, 其實沒有智慧牙也不要緊喇, 反正也沒有什麼用處的, 而且多了牙齒反而還得照顧它們..
    #3: 有天生好看的眉毛是好事呀.. 對呀,植眉就是種眉, 自然點, 肯定會比紋眉好看啦.. 我真的有想過哦~~ :)

    @ Ayie:
    hmmm, no idea at all, looks like my feet are not in a good fortune this year, haha!! hmmm, but i think for ladies, you still can use makeup to make your eyebrow look nicer right?? :)

  60. I remember you have always been been prone to corns. You once had a stubborn and disgusting one on your finger (?thumb).

  61. ouch!! that must be very painful i guess.. i've had corn on my finger but never on the sole of my foot.. hmmm, maybe can try those droplets or cream if the plasters are not working??

  62. hahaha, don't really go and count how many teeth i have.. errr, how do you count btw, i find it not easy unless i have to open my mouth big in front of the mirror.. hahaha!! :D

  63. hmmm, didn't notice your eyebrow because the photo in the blog looks quite normal to me actually.. maybe you want to try those eyebrow tattoo?? hahaha :D

  64. nail clipper - clip it off slowly over 4 weeks - change your shoes too.

  65. @ MH POON:
    wow!!! you still remember that?? if i didn't remember wrongly, that was exactly on my right thumb!! you are superb man, you remember things more than 20 years ago!!! @_@

    @ victor:
    #1: yeah, it can sometimes be very painful especially when i step on it accidentally.. so really have to be very careful when i walk..
    #2: hahaha, you can actually use the tip of your tongue to count your teeth, tried that?? it works..
    #3: haha, yeah, maybe this photo is not obvious.. but no no no, i'd never try those tattoo, it looks very ugly~~ :D

    @ kc:
    yeah, i think that is great, use the nail clipper to remove it little by little.. :)