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02.12.2010 | 雜談三則

當你睇緊呢篇scheduled post嘅時候, 我已身在河內.. 呢次係新公司第一次出國公干, 我未去過越南, 所以心情都有啲興奮嘅.. 仲有, 我而家其實係個百萬富翁噃!! 因為身上有百萬越南盾, 哈哈!! 感覺如何?? 你自己去越南感受下啦~~ :D

by the time you read this scheduled post, i'm already in Hanoi.. this is my first business trip with the new company, kind of excited as i've not been to Vietnam before.. pssst, i am now a millionaire i tell you.. because i'm carrying a million Vietnam Dong with me, hehe.. how does that feel being a million-"dong"-aire?? hmmm, just book your trip and then feel it yourself!! haha~~ :D

早幾日喺某個商場撞到位舊客戶.. 仲記得同佢共事嘅時候, 係我巔峰肥時期, 係之後先瘦咗啲落嚟.. 佢好遠見到我就一眼認得出係我, 言談之間佢完全對我個身形冇任何評語.. 難道我而家真係肥到好似舊陣時咁?? 嘩, 真係冇陰公喇~~ :(

bumped into an ex-customer couple of days ago.. i still remember the time when i worked with her, it was during my peak fat period, i only started to slim down a little after that.. she saw me from far away and just recognised me immediately, as we talked she didn't comment anything on my appearance.. haiz, guess i've just gone back to as fat as that time?? sigh, that's so disgraceful~~ :(

之前同大家講過我公司個座位, 原來哩, 背對住窗口係唔好架喎, 風水學上話咁樣代表背後冇靠山, 冇貴人扶持喎.. 所以星期一返工, 第一件事就係將窗帘拉落嚟, 希望可以助我實業一帆風順啦.. 唔係迷信風水, 但係咁做都冇壞嘅~~ :p

updates from previous post on my seat in the office.. found out that a window behind you is actually not good, as in fengshui term this symbolises that there is no one you can rely on and no one to render help.. so very first thing i did Monday morning was to draw the window shades down to minimise the impact, hope this gives me good luck?? i'm not superstitious, but no harm doing this right?? :p
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  1. Yay! I am the first to comment??? Strike lottery!

  2. SK Thamby gone to Hanoi??? SO lucky deh! Now a jet setter huh! Good for you. Kamala so proud of you too.

  3. Now my slum dog millionaire SK Thamby is really a millionaire in Vietnam! Make sure you treat Arumugam ok.

  4. Go enjoy your work there and relax after work! Eat all their exotic yummy food till fat fat!!

  5. Come back to KL and then start to exercise and starve! Be fat and happy is okay. I know too many sad and thin friends!

  6. It is true that without a wall behind your work place, you don't have a solid back or mountain to support you to be a superior hence no promotions and success as all the good luck may fall out of your window. Close the window with bamboo blinds is the best temporary remedy. The feng shui master who checked your office probably only concentrated at the main entrance and boss' rooms!

  7. wow..business trip..that's nice!

  8. so fun. but you are there for work, any chance going visiting around?

    Are you really that fat? as comfy as a bolster?

    Don't let the superstitious influence your life. Your life is in your hands. :)

  9. 我去過胡志明市幾次,但系未去過河內。。。

  10. 有時間趁機去下龍灣啦。。。

  11. 原來背對住個大窗口樣代表背後冇靠山,學到啲嘢啦。。。

  12. i got 2 million cash leh...


  13. 风水这回事略懂一些没坏,不要太过于迷信就好~

  14. Enjoy Hanoi and enjoy being a million-"dong"-aire!

    No way to relocate your desk to a wall? Anyway, this is not as bad as poison arrow position.

  15. 哇,刚开工就出国公干啦。。。

  16. haha. sama sama gambateh in losing weight lor. though i thought u look fine...

  17. Millionaire ah....terror.

    enjoy your trip. Remember to drink the coffee there

  18. Really?? But I am also sitting with the windows behind my back!! :(

    PS: Have fun in Hanoi!

  19. U always travel for work....good and bad hor....

  20. 头一次出国公干,祝你事事顺利:D

  21. hanoi!!! a nice place...enjoy ya!

  22. Wah! So syiok travel to Hanoi.

  23. Some more become millionaire for a few days. Envy!

    I got to feel like a millionaire whenever I hold Rupiah! LOL

  24. Other than drawing the shades, are you planning to put anything else to enhance luck at your place?

  25. he lady didn't comment on your weight loss maybe because she felt not nie doing so?

    I like people commenting on how "less chubby" I look but after 10 comments from the same person, I was like - was I that fat before for you to harp about it over and over? XD

  26. oh my... you're a millionaire now haha... okay don't forget to buy us some souvenirs huh haha

  27. have a great day Sk and happy blogging

  28. Wow new job and now an instant million-'dong'-aire..

  29. Wonder will you meet Hanoi Dong Woman instead of Honky Tonk Woman..? haha..

  30. Maybe your ex-customer was not that observant to see you slimmed down or you really put on fat again..

  31. As for wind water not too sure this is true though have heard about it. Maybe can hang a big poster of a mountain behind you. Request from Manglish to send you his Mt Fuji pix so that got mountain supporting you from behind. ~;)

  32. 那你就好好享受如何当个百万富翁啊,别忘了成为百万富翁的真正目的啊!呵呵...

  33. sooo nice! just started work n now flew to Hanoi dy! not bad not bad! :D

  34. wait.. r we gonna expect more scheduled post from u after this?? :p

  35. hahha!! millionaire at thr only?? :P how bout when u back to msia?? :P

  36. aiyo! maybe she oso shy shy leh?? summore she's a lady wat! mwahahaha!! or y dnt u ask?? :PPP

  37. aiyo! maybe she oso shy shy leh?? summore she's a lady wat! mwahahaha!! or y dnt u ask?? :PPP

  38. but actually horr, from ur pics, u doesnt look fat worr. ;)

  39. am not too superstitious too but u noe this thing sometime better just believe in it n try to improve it. ;) nothing wrong to do so.

  40. 哈哈!越南哦,有什么美食吗?

  41. Why not try turning your table so that you get to enjoy the natural lighting from the side. Wish you a great trip to Vietnam….:-)

  42. 1.咪幾好,返工冇幾耐就有得出差。

  43. 出國公幹哦... 你就好啦..好羨慕哦..



  44. 好爽哦!

  45. My sis is there now too~

  46. 哇……百万富翁~不要忘记小小的手信!哈哈哈XD


  47. I would like to visit Hanoi one day...for leisure. I don't really like business or working trips.

  48. 你老细咁睇得起你,返工一个礼拜就派你出差见下世面,都算唔错啦!



  49. Better to use USD, Dong you will loose a lot when you exchange back to RM, Vietnam has high inflation rate.
    Have a nice trip Bro. Vietnam is a nice place!

  50. back from vietnam already?
    LOL! fatter? cham lor. nevermind. i love fat ppl coz im fat too
    fengshui? i hv uncle who change his house arrangment ev year according to fengshui. LOL!

  51. Good luck in your overseas assignment. May you have a smooth and save journey!

  52. Oh! You're in Hanoi? I haven't been there before!

  53. Business trip? Wah! So nice get to travel in your new job! But is business trip nice? I think holiday trip is much better right? Haha

  54. Yes you are a millionaire! I was a millionaire too when I went Bali! Sadly when I return to Malaysia, my millionaire status disappeared! Boo hoo!

  55. Fat is good. Look at Mariah Carey! Muahaha!!!

  56. But just because she didn't comment that you look slimmer does not mean you are as fat as last time. Maybe you are instantly recognizable whether fat or thin! LOL

  57. Yes, yes, never sit with your back facing the window. Very bad feng shui position!

  58. I assume you could not adjust your seating position? In that case, drawing the shades would be the right thing to do! Won't be 100% effective, but better than nothing : )

  59. No you are not superstitious! Feng shui works and it's nothing to do with superstition!!

  60. Million dong! LoL!

    Apalah this Panda.. "Fat is good. Look at Mariah Carey" Hahahhahaha...

  61. hahaha, congratulations on being a millionaire.. so how long did that status actually last?? hahahaha~~ so how's your trip to hanoi??

  62. errr, i don't think your ex-client will talk about how your appeance is right?? most of the time will just chat a while on your whereabouts, that's what i think..

  63. hmmm, don't really know much about fengshui.. it's ok to believe but i guess don't overly believe till you become too superstitious.. all the best in your work anyway, am sure you can do a great job!! :)

  64. @ Twilight:
    no lah, still not yet a jet setter like Arumugam.. Arumugam goes everywhere in the world but not back to motherland to see Letchumi, haiz!! haha, exactly a millionaire before i went, but then came back the status change back to a slumdog already.. errr, it's a waste i didn't have the chance to taste those exotic food in hanoi, my colleagues said they went there and were brought to eat silk worms.. hmmm, i only draw the ready shades down lor, but then how can i install the bamboo blinds, cannot lah.. of course the fengshui sifu only will be more particular to the boss, those peanuts won't care much one lah.. but then we don't have any rooms also woh.. hmmm, so what other alternatives huh?? does that building behind me consider a mountain?? :p

    @ wenn:
    haha, business trip is never as nice as your personal leisure trip lor.. :p

  65. @ Ghosty Nana:
    #1: it's just a very short trip, really don't have the chance to go visiting around - not even the city center~~
    #2: yes, i am fat.. like a pillow, fat and square.. :D
    #3: i'm not overly superstitious, but then i do believe that if there is luck, it can help you to go further.. :)

    @ khengsiong:
    我都係第一次去越南架, 聽講過下龍灣, 去越南一定要去.. 但係呢次只逗留三日, 連市中心都冇機會去, 又何來下龍灣呢真係?? 係啊, 窗口空嘛, 所以背後一大幅牆先係好風水啊..

  66. @ Wois:
    haha, wow, then you are richer!! you are multi-millionaire~~ :D

    @ nons:
    其實我沒有太過迷信, 只是這些基本的, 我是覺得有道理, 所以還會有些什麼似的.. 謝謝你, 其實我昨天已經安全回來了.. :)

  67. @ HappySurfer:
    haha, i went there as a million-dong-aire, but came back as a slumdog.. errr, i don't think can relocate my desk, as you can see the office is already occupied with all the furnitures and fixings, unless i change seat..

    @ Casendra:
    哈哈, 不錯喇, 開工第二個星期就有機會出國.. 上一份工好像也是~~ :p

  68. @ Medie007:
    haha, you thought i look fine?? but that was quite some time ago since you last saw me right?? let's ganbateh together lah..

    @ Small Kucing:
    errr, i don't like coffee, so i didn't try that.. anyway, i tried their beef rice noodles, really nice woh.. :)

  69. @ iamthewitch:
    yes, you can always google that and many fengshui sifu commented a window behind you is not good.. the best is you have a big wall behind, meaning you have a solid support (literally and figuratively)..

    @ uLi.佑莉:
    errr, not really always lah.. actually i'm quite ok with travelling, just that it has to be moderate lor..

  70. @ Wai Kitt:
    不是第一次, 以前也常有出國, 這次是新工的第一次罷了.. 對囉, 背後有個靠山才叫好, 我以前那份工就是這樣, 難怪啦~~

    @ fufu:
    yeah, it's a nice place and the weather is cooling when i went there.. didn't have chance to see the place though..

  71. @ lina:
    #1: haha, yes, i went there as a millionaire but when i came back, i'm no longer one already, how sad, haha!!
    #2: errr, i only know drawing the shades is the most straight forward.. you know any nice gadgets that will help??
    #3: hahaha, but i really don't mind people telling me i'm less chubby now.. it feels good, a lot better than you heard people commenting you look MORE chubby right?? :D

    @ bluedreamer27:
    hahaha, millionaire just for couple of days.. after i spent the money on food, already no more such status already.. one meal can cost you about 100K ok?? hahaha~~ :D

  72. @ Bananazஇ:
    #1: haha, not bad lah, able to go to Vietnam on my second week of work.. haha, i actually don't even have the time to see around the place lor, how sad..
    #2: no, i am very definite that i have put on a lot of weight since then.. haiz~~
    #3: hahaha, that's a good idea huh?? maybe i can just put a postcard of Mt Fuji on the window, then that actually symbolises i have a solid support already~~ cool.. :p

    @ bluecloud:
    哈哈, 其實這個百萬富翁也只不過是一兩天的事罷了.. 吃了一餐過後就不再是百萬富翁了, 因為那邊的消費都是千千或萬萬聲來交易的~~ :D

  73. @ Caroline Ng May Ling:
    #1: haha, you are right, only millionaire for couple of days only.. after having one meal, then no more such status already.. because everything is paid in thousands, hahahaha~~
    #2: errr, i know myself lah, i have been putting on quite some weight since then already.. sad sad.. :(
    #3: i'm not superstitious also lah, but then there are some of the fengshui things that i think is quite reasonable lor.. :)

    @ 发白日梦^^:
    #1: 越南美食, 應該是牛肉河粉, 越南春卷, 甘蔗蝦那些囉.. 這裡也有啊..
    #2: 哈哈, 不要喇, 看到自己那麼肥, 我哪裡敢獻醜於人前呢??
    #3﹕ 這個背後靠山的, 我是覺得有道理哦, 所以你有什麼可以給我參考的嗎?? :p

  74. @ bluesky:
    哈哈, 出國公干都說是要工作啦, 怎樣都不會比自己出國去游山玩水來的好玩的.. 哎呀, 但願如此啦, 也不要太過去想那麼多風水的東西喇..

    @ Ashley:
    #1: 第一次當然是OK啦, 不過如你所說, 久了之後肯定會覺得累的.. 所以希望不用太過頻密吧, 久不久一次還是可以接受的..
    #2: 其實我真的很努力想要減肥的, 但是每次就是意志不夠堅定, 唉~~
    #3: 其實我也覺得很多人背後都是窗口, 應該也要看個人吧.. 風水小擺設其實也有幫助, 有時間可以去"參考參考"一下Lilian Too或Joey Yap~~ :)

  75. @ Kelvin:
    oh, she is there working or travelling for leisure??

    @ 穷光蛋市长:
    哈哈, 其實百萬富翁只是一兩天的事喇, 在那邊買東西, 都是千千或萬萬聲的.. 是囉, 風水的東西, 有時你說迷信又不是, 你不相信也不是的~~

  76. @ Mei Teng:
    yeah, i think Hanoi is actually a nice place but too bad i really didn't have a chance to see around for this trip..

    @ edward:
    #1: 其實越早帶我過去就表示越早可以幫到佢啫, 你以為真係咁好死?? 哈哈~~
    #2: 而家唔係地心引力嘅關係喎, 而係一直向橫發展嘅問題喎.. 哈哈, 原來你都係三張幾?? 係近3定近4先?? :p
    #3: 其實都OK舒服嘅, 不過我已經將窗帘來落嚟, 就當係已經趨吉避凶架喇.. 美國公司又點?? 呢度始終都係亞洲人嘅地方嘛..

  77. @ Pete:
    i brought more Dong and also a little USD over, and since they have high inflation rate, of course i'll try to finish off the Dongs i have first mah.. yeah, it's a nice place and hope i can visit there again..

    @ goldflower86:
    #1: yeah, i just came back yesterday..
    #2: hahaha, i don't want to be fat anymore, i want to be fit~~
    #3: wow, every year need to change?? then your uncle really believes in fengshui very much woh..

  78. @ Autumn Belle @ KDP:
    thank you very much, i have just came back from hanoi yesterday.. :)

    @ foongpc:
    #1: i already came back yesterday, it was a nice place to go.. so you must plan for it.. and you can also be a millionaire too besides the bali trip, hahaha!!
    #2: errr, if Mariah Carey is still happy with how fat she is, then it's really up to her.. but to me, i really want to loose weight lor.. haha!!
    #3: yeah, that's what i did, i just draw the shades and hope this will bring me good luck lor.. so you have other things to advise me other than the shades??

  79. @ Merryn:
    hahaha, i am very frank, i was really a millionaire for the few days ok?? haha.. hey, don't you know Panda is MC's super fans, so MC is always perfect in his eyes.. :p

    @ victor:
    #1: haha, it just lasted for one day and that's it, because you just need to spend in thousands.. anyway, hanoi is a nice place though i didn't have chance to see around..
    #2: haha, true also, unless you changed a lot, else just normal chat on the current whereabouts.. :)
    #3: yeah, i've draw the window shades and i assume that to be done.. hope luck will always be my side and i'll have a bright career~~ :)

  80. 出门要小心哦,越南治安应该还可以吧.

  81. and by the time i am reading this you might be back already! haha! how's the trip?

  82. @ 山城大熊:
    還可以啊, 不過這次去也沒有什麼機會去哪裡, 只是酒店公司之間來回罷了.. :)

    @ Jifdc/Ayie:
    haha, yeah, already back for a week.. errr, nothing much really as i only spent time in either office or hotel, haha~~ :D